This posting is an official alert to the readers that this story will be continuing this week.

I became very fond of the two main characters. Drew Reichardt, the guest services manager for Nero's Resort and Casino, found a special friend in Bob Harrington. They experienced some exciting moments in Chapter Four that only formed a deeper initial relationship. How real is this romance and where will it go? At the time the first four chapters had been written, I was unsure.

The delay is also due to some hectic business pressures that I needed to balance with a personal life during the winter months. Stepping back to take second look at this story gave me time to formulate a satisfying concluding journey.

I hope returning readers enjoy the rest of the Drew and Bob's adventures. I recommend that you skim through the posted four chapters to re-familiarize yourself with the story. If you are a new to this story, please take the time to enjoy the beginning chapters of "It Stays in Vegas".

Las Vegas is an intriguing place to base a story and with 1.6 million people in the metro area, there are many possibilities to tell a tale. Look no further than the original "C.S.I." television show and "Las Vegas" on NBC. In addition to the 60,000 people who move to Las Vegas annually, the 125,000 hotel rooms are generally filled to capacity every weekend.

It is truly the 'entertainment capital of the world'. From Barry Manilow, to Celine Dion, to the various Cirque Du Soleil shows among others, the 26 show rooms delight the gaming and vacationing guests nightly. It is also a Mecca of culinary venues. To quote the august New York Times:
"Las Vegas has become America's hottest restaurant market. During the past several years the number of restaurants in the city has nearly doubled to more than 1,000. On average, a new dining establishment opens every week. Each new mega resort brings its own multiple dining options, with celebrity chefs adding clones of famous signature restaurants and newborn establishments to the mix. And while bargain buffets and coffee shops still abound, the arrival of the super chefs has left its mark on the steak houses and buffets -- many of the latter of which have gone upscale.
The restaurant explosion has been partially geared toward satisfying high rollers, who are fed for free as a reward for their often-astronomical bets at the blackjack and baccarat tables, but the city's new reputation as a culinary capital is also drawing attention from those who simply enjoy fine dining. Las Vegas's tendency to do everything to an extreme creates the possibility that too many spectacular restaurants will starve each other, but there's no sign of that yet."
New resort hotel development shows no sign of abatement. While the George Clooney/Brad Pitt project is dead in water, Maxim - a British-owned lad's magazine - just announced a 1.2 billion dollar 2300 room resort on the strip.
I'm sure that this community will be revisited as the inspiration and location for future stories.