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Jeffery Comes Home


"We aren't finished with the discussion, but it appears to be going more smoothly once they understood Emilie was scared and upset," Sarah continued. "Emilie's father wants her to live with his sister in Chicago for the rest of the school year so the family reputation can be saved. Emilie needs her parents support, Jeffery, or this will be one horrible eight months until the baby is due next July. Her mother and I are going with Emilie to see Dr. Grace next week."

"Sending Emilie to Chicago would be devastating, don't you think?" I asked.

"Yes," Sarah replied. "She needs her support system here. She has friends here. She would probably feel totally alone without familiar surroundings."

"Is there any way around sending her to Chicago?" I asked.

"I have agreed to talk to them once a week for the next several weeks to sort out issues," Sarah replied.

"Who else knows?" I asked.

"Her parents, Jerrod, Trevor, you, and me," Sarah explained.

"What about her brother?" I asked.

"Not yet," Sarah continued. "He is coming home this weekend. I suggested Emilie and her brother go somewhere out to lunch so they can talk privately."

"Good idea," I said. "I suspect Emilie will get more support from her brother than she does from her parents. Where does the brother live?"

"Chicago," Sarah said.

"Married?" I asked.

"Nope," Sarah added.

"Gay?" I asked again.

"Emilie suspects he is gay," Sarah continued. "Why?"

"Another firestorm brewing!" I suggested. "You might be caught in the middle of another devil discussion!"

"I know!" Sarah sighed. "Do you want to go with me?"

"No!" I replied with a smile. "The parents would assume we were ganging up on them. Please tell Emilie to talk to me after she and her brother have their talk."

"I will!" Sarah said as she stood up to leave. "I need to go home and feed two men who cannot cook. I will also keep you posted, Jeffery!"

Chapter 13: Another Complication

Shortly after New Year's Day, I was sitting in my office on Wednesday afternoon. My phone began to ring.

"This is Jeffery," I said as I answered the phone.

"Jeffery," the voice said. "This is Sarah. Do you have some time to talk with me this afternoon?"

"Sure," I said. "What's up?"

"I'll explain when I see you," Sarah replied. "It's complicated. I can be at your office in about 10 minutes."

"I'll see you in ten minutes, then," I said as we ended the call.

I continued with my work until Sarah arrived.

"Jeffery," Sarah said as she settled into a chair in front of my desk. "This has been one fucked up day."

"Spill," I replied.

"Emilie, her mother, and I just finished with a visit with her doctor," Sarah said gloomily. "We have a situation brewing here and I don't know exactly how to handle this. I thought you might be able to help me."

"I'll try," I said. "I take it this concerns Emilie and her baby."

"Yup," Sarah began. "Dr. Grace unleashed a firestorm yesterday. She was just doing her job, but we have a situation and it will become volatile. Dr. Grace ordered a series of standard blood tests. We were told of the results. Emilie tested, for the first time this visit, HIV positive."

"Oh! Shit!" I said.

"The story gets uglier," Sarah said. "It appears Jarrod is not the father of Emilie's baby. Yesterday in Dr. Grace's office, Emilie broke down crying—almost wailing. She admitted to having sex with another guy in Chicago when she was visiting her cousins in Chicago. He is African American. He is bisexual. He has admitted he is HIV positive—he didn't know he was HIV positive at the time he and Emilie were intimate."

I sat in silence for several moments. "Now what do we do?"

"I'm not finished yet," Sarah replied. "Dr. Grace, after some further testing, believes Emilie is carrying twins."

"What else?" I asked.

"Nothing," Sarah replied. "Dr. Grace wants to consult with an HIV specialist in Chicago about the appropriate course of action. Hopefully, the baby—or babies—can be born HIV negative. Apparently, with the right course of action now, there is a strong possibility the HIV infection will not be transmitted to the baby—babies. Medication is involved. There are risks to both the mother and the child."

"How did Emilie's mother react?" I asked.

"She wants Emilie out of her house," Sarah explained. "'She is a disgrace to the family and is a product of the devil.' This statement is a direct quote from her mother who stormed out of Dr. Grace's office."

"Where does this leave Emilie?" I asked.

"Homeless," Sarah replied. "Emilie! Can you please come in here?"

Emilie stood at my office doorway. "Hello, Reverend."


"Hello, Emilie," I said as I gestured to the empty chair in front of my desk.


"Sarah has been filling me in about you situation," I explained. "So, we have some new issues to discuss."


"Yes," Emilie sad quietly. "I feel so ashamed."


"There is no reason to feel ashamed, Emilie," I said trying to reassure her. "I understand your mother did not react positively to the yesterday's events."


"An understatement," Emilie added.


"Do you, Sarah and Emilie, believe your mother will give us a chance to change her mind?" I asked


"No," Emilie replied. "Anyone else, possibly. But, not my mother or my father."


"Any suggestions, Sarah?" I asked.


"We need to find Emilie a temporary place to stay. She stayed with us last night," Sarah suggested. "Any suggestions?"

"I can make a few phone calls," I said. "We will definitely find something. In the meantime, Emilie, how do you want to handle the new issues you are facing?"

"What do you mean?" Emilie asked.

"HIV status for you, the father of the baby, adoption, and abortion," I said as calmly as I could.

"Dr. Grace suggested with proper treatment for me and the babies," Emilie explained. "We could continue with the plan. Why?"

"I just wanted to get everything out in the open," I replied. "And, Dr. Grace is correct, with current treatment options, the risk of living with HIV is not as serious as it once was. Where would you like to stay, Emilie? In town? With a relative? In a foster home?"

"I haven't talked with him yet," Emilie replied. "But, I am hoping my gay brother in Chicago will help me. He was very supportive when he and I talked when he was here."

"Call him," I suggested. "You can talk in the conference room across the hall."

Emilie left my office and headed toward the conference room.

"In the meantime," I said. "She can stay with Philip and me if necessary. Of course, I will need to speak with Philip."

"I believe it would be good for her to be away from here," Sarah explained her point of view. "Originally, I thought her support system here would help, but I am beginning to believe going away would be more beneficial."

"Probably," I agreed. "In the meantime, I will look into the ramifications of how to care for an HIV infant AND the possibilities of adoption."

"You mean the child might not be adoptable?" Sarah asked.

"Especially in this area," I continued. "Not only will the health status come into question, but also the baby—or babies—are biracial."

"Oh!" Emilie said. "I hadn't thought of the racial angle."

"Reverend LeBlanc," Emilie said as she returned to my office with the phone in her hand. "My brother, Edward, wants to speak with you."

I took the phone from Emilie, "This is Jeffery Harris-LeBlanc."

"Reverend," Edward said. "I'm Edward Sager, Emilie's brother. I want her to come and live with me until the babies can be put up for adoption. I can come down and pick her up, but I won't be able to get down there until Saturday. Does she have a place to stay in the meantime?"

"Please call me Jeffery. We will find somewhere for her to stay," I said. "I need to ask something else. I hope you don't mind me being blunt."

"Please," Edward replied. "Ask away."

"How is your financial situation," I asked.

"I am employed in the IT field," Edward replied. "I know where you are heading with this. I make decent money, and can provide a home and support for Emilie. How do the medical costs work? I don't believe I can put her on my insurance policy."

"How sound are your parents financially?" I asked.

"They make excellent money," Edward replied. "Emilie also has a trust fund set up by our grandparents before they passed away. My father is the trustee until Emilie turns 21."

"Do you believe your parents would appoint you as trustee?" I asked.

"Not on a bet," Edward replied. "I am in the same boat as Emilie. I am banished from the family because I am gay. Fortunately, I turned 21 before my parents found out I was gay. So, I control my trust fund."

"Would you be willing to be legally appointed as her guardian?" I asked.

"Of course," Edward replied.

"Let me talk with an attorney," I explained. "We may need to sue your parents for the control of the trust fund."

"Thank you, Jeffery," Edward replied. "May I please speak with Emilie again?"

"Of course," I said as I handed Emilie the phone. "Edward wants to speak with you again."

"Edward," Emilie said as she went back to the conference room.

"I need to speak with Philip about Emilie staying with us," I said. "Then, I need to contact Ms. D'Angelo at DCFS about custody rights until Edward can get down here."

I dialed Philip, "Hello Jeffery! To what do I owe this honor?"

"I need to ask your permission about taking in the girl Trevor brought in to see me a few months ago," I explained.

"You know you already have my permission," Philip said. "Consider it done. You can explain later. I have this feeling you need to accomplish a few tasks before I see you next."

"Yup," I said. "First is Ms. D'Angelo and then Devon Wright."

"I'll let you go, then," Philip replied. "I'll see you back at the house."

"Love you," I said.

"I love you, too!" Philip replied.

"That was quick," Sarah said with a smile. "I'll bet he said you didn't need to ask."

"How did you know?" I asked.

"I know you two all too well," Sarah added. "Make your calls. I will check on Emilie."

The first call was Ms. D'Angelo, "Ms. D'Angelo. This is Jeffery Harris-LeBlanc."

"I was just thinking about you and Philip," Ms. D'Angelo said. "What's up?"

"We have a 17 year-old-girl we are dealing with," I began to explain. "I need temporary guardianship until her brother can get down here from Chicago on Saturday to take her to live with him."

"Why is she not with her parents?" Ms. D'Angelo asked.

"She is pregnant," I said. I decided to leave out a few details. "I can explain in further detail when we see you."

"I'll have the papers drawn up," Ms. D'Angelo said. "Will you and Philip be at home around 7 pm?"

"Yes," I replied.

"I'll see you then," Ms. D'Angelo said as we ended the call.

The next call was Devon Wright. "Devon! This is Jeffery Harris-LeBlanc."

"Hello, Jeffery," Devon replied. "How's Southern Illinois?"

"A lot less lively than Chicago, I am certain," I replied.

"What can I do for you today?" Devon asked.

I explained Emilie's situation to Devon.

"I will petition the court to have Emilie's brother appointed trustee for her trust fund," Devon responded. "Who is on the short list of potential adoptive parents?"

"Philip and me," I replied. "And, Sam and Chris Williamson."

"You and Philip have discussed this?" Devon asked.

"No," I replied. "I just thought about us being the adoptive parents when you asked the question."

"I am also going to assume you haven't talked to the Williamsons either," Devon continued.

"Nope," I answered.

"Let me point out a couple of issues here, Jeffery," Devon began. "First, if the boys are HIV positive and you and Philip adopt them, you will be in Chicago with health issues more than you are in Southern Illinois. HIV positive newborn babies need constant medical supervision. Second, if you have no adoptive parents lined up, Emilie's trust fund will be out of money faster than you can say medical bills. We need to find someone who can cover the costs of medical care during pregnancy. Even if she stays on her parents' insurance policy, there could very well be clauses intended to avoid paying out of medical care for an out-of-wedlock teenager."

"Got it," I replied. "So, I will call Sam and Chris as soon as I am finished with our phone call."

"I'll let you know about things on my end by tomorrow," Devon said. "Now, I think you have things to do."

"An understatement," I said as I ended the call to Devon and began calling Sam and Chris.

"Hello, Jeffery! How is winter in Southern Illinois?" Sam said as he answered his phone.


"Don't rub it in, Sam," I replied. "It's cold. It's snowy. It's grey. It's not perfect weather by any means. And, we are expecting a blizzard sometime tomorrow. So, what's new with you?"


"We are enjoying the sun, sand, and life in South Florida," Sam added. "We are not looking forward to returning to winter."


"I have something I wanted to talk with you and Chris about," I continued. "Is he there?"


"Yup," Sam said as he switched the phone to speaker phone. "It's on speaker. What's up?"


"I will try to explain this as accurately as possible," I began. "A girl Trevor knows came to me with a problem. It seems she is pregnant. She has been accepted next year at MIT. She wants to put the baby up for adoption. I thought of you."


"Why us?" Sam asked.


"Ah... I don't want to sound horrible, but the father is black. The girl is white. The father didn't know he was HIV positive. The girl has tested positive. She is expecting twins. You two have dealt with an HIV positive son. So, I think the learning curve for you as potentially adoptive fathers would be faster than some other couple," I spit out all of the information without pausing. "Also, she is expecting twin boys."


There was silence on the other end of the phone connection


"Are you two still there?" I asked after a long pause.


"Ah... Yes," Sam replied. "We are still here."


"This is a lot to take in," Chris explained.


"I know," I continued. "I didn't know how else to tell you about the situation without just blurting out the summary of my thoughts."


"When is the girl expecting?" Sam asked.


"The due date is in early July," I added.


"I... I... We need to discuss this Jeffery," Chris finally announced.


"I thought as much," I replied. "Obviously, we don't need to make a decision right away, but I immediately thought of you. One last item, would you be willing to cover medical expenses for the girl?"


"Let us talk about this," Sam replied. "We need to wrap our heads around this whole idea."


"I'm not trying to ruin your vacation, but I wanted to broach the subject with you," I explained. "Call me when you have had a chance to digest my idea."


"Talk soon, Jeffery," Sam said as he ended the call.


I went home for the evening. I was tired. I was hungry. I was stressed out. Philip greeted me in the kitchen.


"So, how was your day?" Philip ask. When I didn't answer, he continued. "I suspect from your reaction it was not terrific."


"Breaking news flash," I said as I leaned into Philip for a hug. "The father of the Emilie's baby is not the captain of the football team, but rather a black guy from Chicago. Dr. Grace determined Emilie is HIV positive. Emilie is pregnant with twin boys who will possibly be born HIV positive. So, no, it hasn't been the best of days. Now, can I please have a double vodka on the rocks before Sarah brings Emilie over to stay and before Ms. D'Angelo arrives with forms we need to sign?"


"Coming right up," Philip replied.


Soon, we were clinking glasses, "Here's to better days."


"Yup," Philip said as he gave me a kiss.


"I talked to Sam and Chris about adopting the twins," I said. "I should hear from them soon."


"How did they react?" Philip asked.


"How would you react if I called you and asked you to adopt twin boys who will be born in July and who are biracial and possibly may be HIV positive?" I asked.


"Terrified," Philip replied. "Absolutely terrified. And, can you please tell me why we are not considering adopting these boys?"


"Simple," I explained. "We would be in Chicago for medical appointments more than we would be home. Also, the kids' birth grandparents are from this small Southern Illinois town."


"I understand," Philip added.


My phone began to ring.

"This is Jeffery," I answered the call.


"Jeffery, this is Sam and Chris," Sam said.


"Is the speed in your return phone call a good sign or a bad sign?" I asked.


"If you want us to adopt the boys, then it is a good sign," Sam replied. "At first, we were in shock. But, we seem to be a logical choice."


"I have every confidence the two of you will be excellent fathers to the two boys," I explained. "Philip and I talked about adopting them, but we are so far away from decent medical facilities. And, the girl's parents are from the area."


"Where do we go from here?" Chris asked.


"When can you two meet Emilie?" I asked. "She will be living with her brother in Chicago. The father also wants to meet you. But, I must say, when I talked about the two of you, the mother and the father seemed eager to proceed."


"We are scheduled to be back in Chicago on January 14 to celebrate Sam's birthday," Chris explained. "Classes start on January 19. So, we could meet sometime from January 15 through January 17. Will you be there?"


"Yes," I replied.


"You can stay with us," Sam added. "Will Philip join you?"


"Yes," Philip answered in the background.


A few days after Sam and Chris made a preliminary decision to consider adopting Emilie's babies, I was working in my office and heard a knock on my door around 3 pm. I looked up to see Trevor.

"What a pleasant surprise, Trevor," I said. "What' up?"

Robby, Jamison and Alastair, and Jonathan followed Trevor into my office.

"Dad," Trevor began. "Can we talk with you for a moment?"

"Yes," I said. "Please tell me no one is in trouble."

"We're not in trouble," Trevor assured me.

"We want to form an LGBT group at school, and we need some advice," Jonathan explained. "We need to find a faculty advisor."

"And, you are coming to me why?" I asked.

"Well," Alastair began. "We would like to ask Mr. Willis, one of the math teachers, to be our advisor. But, we don't want to offend him."

"Why would asking him to be your faculty advisor offend him?" I asked.

"We picked him because we think he is gay," Jamison replied.

"Why do you think he's gay?" I asked.

"Dad," Trevor began. "Do you believe in gaydar?"

"Yes," I replied.

"Mine is fairly accurate now that I have been around you all this time," Trevor said with a smile. "Besides, he wears slim-fit shirts and pants which show off his muscular body."

"And, terrific ass," Robbie added.

"Why don't you just ask him to be your faculty advisor because you think he will be open to LGBT students?" I suggested. "He will probably tell you if he is or isn't gay in time. And, now that Mr. Ritter is out of the picture, Mr. Willis won't worry about being fired."

"Would you ask him for us?" Johnathan asked.

"No," I replied. "I will not ask him. However, let me make a phone call."

I picked up my phone and dialed Mel at the coffee shop, "Hello, Mel. This is Jeffery."

"Hello, Jeffery," Mel replied. "What's up?"

"I have Trevor and some of his friends sitting in my office," I explained. "They came to me for advice. I thought, if anyone in this town new the answer to their question, it would be you. Do you know Mr. Willis the math teacher at the high school?"

"Sure," Mel replied. "Does someone have a crush on him or something? He and his boyfriend from Chicago come in here a lot."

"Boyfriend?" I asked.

"Soon to be husband," Mel replied. "His boyfriend is starting to work as a nurse at the hospital next month."

"See!" I said. "I knew you would know the answer to their question. Thanks, Mel."

"I hope we see you and Philip in here soon," Mel said.

"Maybe this weekend," I added. "See you."

As I ended the call, I looked at each teenager sitting in front of me before I made my proclamation.

"Mel said Mr. Willis and his boyfriend—and soon to be husband—are in the coffee shop a lot," I explained. "So, I believe you have the answer to your question. Now, Johnathan, I have a question for you. Are you gay?"

"Of course," Johnathan said. "I thought you knew. Like father like son."

"How many people do you think will come to this LGBT group?" I asked.

"Five for certain," Travis replied.

"Have you ever thought of forming a Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network instead of just a gay group?" I asked.

"Why?" Travis asked.

"If you go to their website,, you will find a lot of reasons," I explained. "You can work on causes which transcend sexual orientation issues. Bullying. Equality. Cultural differences. And, someone might be more willing to attend a group not specifically formed for the LGBT community. Maybe someone is gay-questioning. Would they come to a gay only group...? Probably not... Give my suggestion some thought."

"Thanks Jeffery," Alastair said. "We will look into the possibility.



Chris and Sam both greeted us at the door to their condo in Chicago.


"Jeffery! Philip!" Chris enthused. "It's good to see you again! How was your trip north?"


"Uneventful," I announced. "I'm happy Philip wanted to drive his truck. After living in San Francisco, I am not used to driving in the snow."


"We are not looking forward to going back to Champaign in two more days," Sam said. "It will be back to the snow and cold, back to the grindstone, and back to our lives as college students. But, every day we are getting more and more excited about the boys."


"Uncle Jeffery! Uncle Philip!" Donny greeted our guests as he raced from his room to the entry hall. The dogs were in hot pursuit.


"Hello, Donny," I said as I picked Donny up. "How were Mickey Mouse and the beach?"


"I got Mickey's autograph. We dug in the sand on the beach. We made sand castles. We swam in the ocean," Donny explained our whole trip on one short blurb. "I want to go back."


"I'll bet you do," I agreed.


The buzzer sounded again as we stood in the entry hall to greet Emilie, her brother Edward, and the babies' father, Martin.


"Emilie," I said as I greeted the young girl. "These are the two guys I was telling you and Martin about. This is Sam Williamson and his husband Christopher Williamson. Sam, Chris, this is Emilie Sager and her brother Edward Sager. And, this young man is Martin Arnold."


We all shook hands before we all settled in the living room. Donny wanted a piece of the action.


"This is Donny, our son," Sam said as he picked Donny up. "Donny, this is Emilie, Edward, and Martin."


By this time the dogs were sitting and looking intently at our new guests.


"Do you like doggies?" Donny asked.


"Yes," Emilie replied.


"This is Lincoln, Roosevelt, and Simon," Donny replied. "Simon sleeps with me and Lincoln and Roosevelt sleep with my daddies."


Philip took Donny from Sam. "Why don't you show me your Mickey autograph while your daddies talk?"


"Okay," Donny said as he wiggled to the floor. "It's in my room. I have pictures, too."


Donny led Philip to his room. The dogs followed.


Once the six of us were settled in the living room, our discussion began.


"Sam," Emilie began. "I had your mother in my AP English class. I was a little disappointed she decided to take a sabbatical this year."


"She decided she wanted to get her Master's in Creative Writing at Northwestern," Sam explained. "It's something she always wanted to do. I hear you've been accepted at MIT. Very exciting, I'm certain."


"Yes," Emilie replied. "But, I don't know how I will ever be able to pay for going to school now that my parents have disowned me."


"We'll work on getting the money for college later," Edward added. "We have another issue to resolve first."


"Martin," I picked up the lead in the discussion. "Do you have any questions for Sam and Chris?"


"I'm a little nervous," Martin admitted. "But, I just wanted to say, I'm sorry about putting Emilie in this situation. I'm the one who really put a major wrinkle in the whole state of affairs."


"There is no reason to apologize for anything, Martin," Sam said. "We aren't here to blame anyone. We just wanted to have a discussion with you and make certain you would be comfortable with us adopting the boys."


"I'm a bit surprised you want to take responsibility for their health," Martin explained. "Why?"


"Perhaps Sam and I need to tell you something about us," Chris began. "Sam and I met one year ago in September. We started dating, and it didn't take us long to realize we both wanted to be with each other for the rest of our lives. Donny came into our lives last spring because of an ironic turn of events with our three dogs. We were married last summer. We live a comfortable life. We have this condo and we own another one in Champaign where we go to school. Sam is a sophomore. I am a senior. I am planning on going to graduate school while Sam finishes his undergrad degree. We have often talked about adopting more kids. When Jeffery told us about your situation, we agreed to consider adopting the boys. We are familiar with the health challenges we might face, but we are more than willing to take them. We believe we could give them a loving, caring, and stable home. Do you have other questions, Martin?"


"I just want them to be well taken care of and loved," Martin replied. "I hope someday to be in your position. But, you both seem so mature to be so young."


"Neither Chris nor I would change anything in our lives right now," Sam said. "Yes, we could be living a lavish lifestyle involving world travel and wild parties, but we love our life with each other, with Donny, and, if God is willing, with two more little guys."


"Do you have any questions, Emilie?" Jeffery asked.


"Not really a question," Emilie began. "Just promise me you will raise the boys to be kind, gentle, and upstanding people. I know your family, Sam, and I hope they become as community-focused as your parents, grandparents, and other family members."


"You have our word, Emilie," Sam said. "Chris's family is much like mine. None of us sit by and let things happen to other people. We're doers."


"I might add a couple of other items," Jeffery began. "Sam and Chris are the founding forces behind an organization here in Chicago called HomeFront. The organization provides help to homeless gay youth in the Chicago area. They also sit on the board of directors of the Washington Family Foundation which funds various projects throughout the country."


"How did you manage to do all of this before you finished college?" Edward asked.


"We were in the right place at the right time," Chris replied.



"So, Trevor," I said as we sat down to dinner after Philip and I arrived home from Chicago. "How has your group at school evolved?"

"Wicked cool!" Trevor answered. I smiled at Philip. "Mr. Willis agreed to be our advisor. He was flattered we thought to ask him. He told us an interesting story about his growing up, too."

"How so?" I asked.

"He was bullied in high school because of his sexual identity," Travis explained. "He didn't get into too much detail with the exception that he took a course of action not normally affiliated with, and I quote, `a little gay boy.' He first took a martial arts class in his sophomore year of high school and learned to defend himself. He started working out during his junior year in high school. During one altercation in the hallways, he threw one of the bullies against a bank of lockers with a martial arts move. He also pointed out he was not advocating for bullying the bullies."

"Great words of advice," I added. "How is the interest in the group from the student body?"

"It's been cool," Trevor added. "We have about 30 people who are interested in attending the first meeting. One of the straight dudes offered to set up a website for our group based on the mission statement of GLSEN. So, we're off to a good start."

"Any opposition?" Philip asked.

"It's funny you should asked that question, Dad," Trevor continued. "You remember my former mother and father, the ex-Congressman and his wife?"

"Ah... How could we forget?" Philip responded.

"It seems the esteemed ex-Congressman, his wife, and Mr. and Mrs. Sager—Emilie's parents—have contacted the school board, under the auspices of their right wing nut case church," Travis so eloquently explained. "The group is `appalled' at the `lack of sensitivity to the community on issues involving despicable lifestyles of homosexuals.'"

"And, what was the boards' reaction?" I asked.

"The board has told the nuts in the group to basically buzz off in a nice fashion," Trevor said with a smile.

"So, Jeffery," Philip began. "You've made a difference in Olney already! Congratulations."

"Thanks for the vote of confidence, Philip," I replied. "We still have a long way to go. We have only uncovered a small group of idiots who live here. Life could get even more complicated as we move forward with the revolution here in this small, Southern Illinois community."


To be continued...


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