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This story contains some pretty graphic scenes of sex between males. And if you have finally clicked your way this deep into the site its obvious you enjoy such things, so read on. But if you are underage I think you better be leaving for though biologically you can throw a boner and even father a kid and may have done all or most of this, the keepers of society feels that you should neither read nor view what you have already done!!!


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  I am the owner of a men's store. I deal mainly with some of the best in men's wear and being situated right on the beach front I also get a lot of guys coming in asking for briefs and trunks. So, I have added a very special section for the needs of the beach goers, the usual things, from beach balls to suntan lotions and all such things. But the holiday makers aren't my main or only clients, my store is well established and very reputed and I have a regular and loyal clientele.

  I am 32 and gay. A handsome man and quite popular in the gay circles. But being a small town and mainly heterosexual I am very careful about displaying my sexual orientation and never try any tricks with any of my clients. I stuck to my principals no matter how great the temptation.... that is, until last summer.....

  It was a dull day and by evening I was feeling pretty bored. I was also feeling very hot.... Hot in the 'under the belt' way.... so I decided to shut down for the day and drive over to one of my regulars, a cute little guy staying about an hours drive away. Giving the staff off I closed and locked up and as I was about to go out this young thing dressed in just a pair of tiny shorts walks in....

  He was about 20, a beautiful bronzed body, glistening..... broad shoulders with jet black hair and surprisingly green, sparkling eyes! He drifted around the store looking, as my eyes followed him, taking in all the details, admiring the ample ass, undressing him...... He looked into a few shelves before approaching me as I stood near the door. He seemed a little nervous... like he wanted to say something but was kind of embarrassed.

  "Aaa... Could you.... ah, tell me where the... mmmn, jock straps are kept...?" his voice barely audible.

  An image of the sexy young guy stuffing his huge cock, obvious from my observation of the sizable bulge in his shorts, into the tiny cotton cup of the strap flashed before my eyes and I felt my cock stir in its cozy home. My body tingled and my promise of never to try anything with my clients weakened along with my knees..... I flipped the latch and drew the drapes as I told him to follow me.

  I took him to the back of the store, feeling my awakened penis harden and start to ooze its sticky pre cum. Once there I reached out into the shelf and picked one of the more tiny ones, a size too small. Turning around I handed it to him. I noticed that his hands were shaking as he took it from me.

  He stood there looking around, no doubt searching for the dressing room, before turning back to me and asking in a choked voice, "I would like to... try them on...."

  Hey, I'm in this line of business for a very long time now and I know that guys didn't try these things out.... not in the store! I sensed that he too was as turned on as I was and maybe his desire of purchasing a jock strap was just a little game....?! What were his plans...? I thought.

  "Well, there's no one around and the door is locked....." I suggested tentatively, "why don't you just try it out right here?" my voice barely a croak.

  He looked around and then at me, grinned and undid the single button before dropping the shorts!

  I gasped audibly at what I saw.... the kid was absolutely gorgeous! I was shaking as I stood there and watched him step out of his tiny briefs.... He was stunning, honest! The cock was semi hard and stuck out of his bush at an angle.... and the dark hair on his smooth, creamy, unblemished skin looked awesome! My cock throbbed wildly in its prison, spurting thick gobs of sticky pre cum as I shifted and shuffled.... my eyes never leaving the guy.

  He stepped into the jocks and pulled it up his long, lean legs and miraculously stuffed his by now stiff cock into the tiny cup!!!

  "What do you think.... Is it okay?" he asked turning towards me his hands on his hips.

  I had enough! Dropping to my knees I yanked the cotton cup away and covered his pulsating manhood with my mouth. It throbbed and thumped against my tongue as his hips pumped ferociously into my mouth and within minutes shot a huge creamy load down my more than eager throat! I didn't stop even after he was totally drained and stopped spurting but licked and laved some more.... taking his balls in my mouth and jingling them with my tongue. He shivered as he stood holding on to my head.... moaning and groaning like some man on his deathbed.

  Finally I released him and stood up and taking him in my arms crushed my mouth to his. Parting the pliant lips my tongue entered his hot mouth, exploring... He wrapped his arms around my shoulders and ground his pubes into me.... as if trying to fuse the two bodies together!

  Then as we parted he looked up at me, questioning.... his full lips all red and glistening. I could feel my briefs stick to my pubes, it had got so wet from my leaking cock.... I was HOT and I just needed this kid's ass!! I led him behind the counter and into the small back room. Sitting him down on the single couch I started to strip, as he looked on, wide-eyed. I noticed that his hands were shaking slightly and his lips quivered as my cock came into view long, straight and hard.

  "I..... I.... I've never done this before.... " he whispered softy.

  He told me that he had seen me at the "Bears" (a gay bar in the next town), the week before, his first time there and had searched me out here! He didn't know if he was gay or not but was fascinated by men and wanted to try it out, maybe just once.... and he wanted it to be with me and he was also scared....! God, he was amazing... this kid, Toby.

  I told him to relax and that I would handle everything.... that all would just turn out to be fine. I told him that he was a very fine young man and he had taken a right decision in giving it a try. He reached out and touched my hand, looking up to smile at me. He looked so beautiful.... so cute yet so very vulnerable I decided to be very gentle and loving. I wanted to make it feel great for him, the most memorable event of his young life.

  I took him in my arms and kissed him passionately.... feeling his body. He was a dream guy - absolutely fantastic. His muscles were perfect, not too pronounced yet tight and sinewy. The skin was baby soft and smooth.... totally bare of all hair except the lush bush around his large penis. This was his first male kiss and he trembled all over, his arms around my neck, clinging. He rubbed his body against mine as my tongue probed further into his oral cavity.

  I was stiff and my large cock throbbed painfully.... He had gotten hard too, the cock burning into my stomach. I turned him around and lay him face down on the couch. I lubed his anus with expert fingers and as I felt him relax I inserted a gentle finger inside the incredibly hot ass hole. He groaned loudly and pushed back at the probing finger..... And I added one more. Moving them slowly, lubricating his ass hole and opening him up for my big cock. I loved the sound of his heavy breathing and the soft moaning sounds he made as he lay there, I had to really control myself.

  And believe me, it wasn't easy one bit.... I was bursting and wanted to jump up and ram in and be inside him right then and there.... but I knew that would hurt him.... and spoil it for him. And I didn't want to hurt him, my Toby, as I had started to think of him!

  I mounted him, my fingers still planted deep inside him and slowly rested my frame on his back. He gasped as my cock settled between his full cheeks. I slid my penis up and down between the soft crack of his ass.... pushing and prodding with its steel like hardness. God, was I horny!

  "Toby, just relax and open up your ass...." I said in a choked voice, "It will hurt just a little, just push out and relax.... Okay?"

  He nodded as he shivered under me, grabbing the sides of the couch and pressing his face deep into the soft cushion.

  I pulled out my fingers and he groaned moving his ass higher! He was ready and I was HOT... I took my cock in my hand and nudged at his puckered ass mouth. The excitement was too great.... I was also shaking as my cock head touched his virgin hole. I aligned my hips and pushed, a little too hard I'm afraid, but then, you can't blame me! The head just sank in and he shook violently as his muffled wail filled the tiny room. I released my cock and pulled back till just the head remained in, trapped by the impossibly tight sphincter and then shoved in harder.

  His ass snapped open and I sank in more than half the length.... I was in heaven! He pushed back, his face buried deep in cushion.... I reached around and gripped his erect cock at the thick base and started to jerk him. I pushed harder and deeper and slowly the whole length of my cock slid into his greased yet incredibly tight and hot anus!

  He was amazing.... moaning and groaning in a most sensuous way as I began to move, pulling out slowly and then shoving it right back in. He moved with me.... rhythmically, back and forth, squirming his ass ever so slightly, gripping and releasing my cock with his inner muscles. We were now both moaning loudly.... me fucking the prone kid with massive strokes, going deep into his innards. My pubes crushed into his soft smooth ass with each thrust, sending a shiver up my spine! One hand pulled at his rampant cock as the other tweaked his hard nipples. And he was awesome the way he moved and moaned....

  "Ooooh.... Nick.... AH!....O, fuck me .... yes, fuck me hard...!" he wailed, raising his head high and pushing back at me with a ferocity that surprised yet pleased me. "Oh God........ Jesus..... it feels so good....... Ah, Nick...... Ooooo........ Yeah!" he went on gibbering as I speeded up, my own mind numb with the unbearable pleasure that tore at me..... my head swam. We fucked and fucked rocking the creaking couch, muffling the roar of the sea, in our passionate lovemaking.

  "AAAAHHHHHH Nick!" he yelled suddenly as he stiffened and pushed his ass back at me, "I'm gonna CUMMMM!...... O Jesus, I don't believe it........ Nick! HARDER!"

  I held tightly onto his cock and went wild in his ass as he reared up and shuddered, stiffened and then spewed the couch with a copious load of young cum.... He shot spurt after thick spurt, his ass churning violently, gripping viciously at my ramming cock as if attempting to rip it off the root.... His ass already tight now went wild as he came.... I knew this was it and shoved forcefully into him as my own cock stiffened and belched my ball's content into the willing and gulping intestine. I wrapped my arms around his narrow waist and pulled him closer as I worked my cock into that magnificent ass hole, working my thighs sensually against his parted legs.

  We finally parted, my cock reluctantly leaving the cozy nest that he had so enjoyed being in. Toby's ass too seemed equally reluctant to let go.... following my withdrawing cock to the very end and only then finally releasing the softening phallus. He rolled over and pulling me down kissed me, shyly, flushed. I pulled him to me and kissed him back our wet cocks rubbing together arms entwined.

  I got up and went to the freezer and got out two cans of beer and were soon sipping and chatting away. He told me that he was indeed very happy that he had come and that this was one of the best things he had ever done! He had loved it and he thanked me for it. He was now looking more openly at me and his hands roamed my body, touching, feeling.... exploring. We kissed some more and then decided to go to my place and spend the night together....

  We fucked three more times that night and finally as the eastern horizon turned pink we fell back on the rumpled bed to sleep, our arms wrapped tightly around each other.

  That was three months back.... now we are living together and are extremely happy. He is mine and we are in love.... and everything is just great.


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