by Tim Mead

Chapter 5

This time he'd had to call Karensky.  One of the riding mowers wouldn't start.  The company had several of those for use on larger pieces of property, like the Grant place.  Joe had exhausted his limited repertory of things to check and the damned thing wouldn't fire up.  So he'd called Jeff.

When the mechanic showed up later that morning, Joe pointed out the offending machine and left him to it, returning to his computer, where he was ordering supplies online.

Five minutes or so later, Jeff called out, "Hey Joe, found your problem.  Can you come here a minute?"

In the shop Jeff was grinning at him.

"Found the problem already?"

"Yep."  Jeff took the gas cap off the little tractor.  "Come smell this."

Joe knew what gasoline smelled like.  But when he put his nose near the gas tank opening, what he smelled wasn't gas.  

"That's not gas!  It's . . ."

"Diesel fuel.  Guaranteed to fuck up a gasoline engine."

They kept cans of diesel fuel around in case one of the diesel trucks ran out.  The crews were supposed to see that their trucks were filled before they left the shop, but sometimes they forgot.  

"Fuck!  Now I'll have to find out who used this mower last and chew him out.  And I hate that."

Jeff grinned.  "Well, you could try being fatherly.  You know, sad and disappointed."

"I wouldn't know from experience.  Ya think that'd work?"

"Worth a shot."  

"So, can you fix this thing here or do you have to take it back to your shop?"

"Just give me something to drain the fuel tank into, and I can flush it out here."

Joe gave him an empty can and left him to it.  He returned to his computer.

A half an hour later he heard Jeff fire up the tractor, let it run a minute or so, and shut it off.  He stood and went from his office back into the shop.

"Thanks, Jeff."

So far neither of them had said anything about what had happened in Joe's office the last time Jeff had been there.

"Oh, it's all part of the job.  But you can thank me if you want to."  He grabbed one of Joe's nipples in each hand and pinched.

"Ow!"  Joe pushed him away.  "Get off me!"

Jeff backed up, his dirty hands raised palms outward, in a placating gesture.  "What's got up your ass?"

"Man, you're too much!"

"You didn't seem to mind what we did the last time I was here."

He was right . . . to a point.  He was sexy, and it had puffed up Joe's ego to think Jeff wanted him.  Besides, the guy gave a great blowjob.  Not that Joe had had all that much experience recently.  Well, Jeff was as good as Roger anyway.  Maybe better.  The only way to decide would be to have them each do it again and . . .  Whoa!  

"Look, Karensky . . ."

"I was Jeff when I left here last time.  You wanna tell me what's griping you?"

"Okay.  You, uh, you take it for granted that I want you to put your hands on me.  You could at least ask!  I don't like being treated like some kind of slut.  Besides, we shouldn't be touching each other here in the shop.  Anyone could come in."

Jeff's face fell.  "Oh!  Joe, I'm sorry.  Honest.  When I found out you're gay, I was just so heated up.  I mean, you've turned me on as long as I've known you, but when I saw you in Nelly's and then when we exchanged blow jobs that day, all I've been able to think of is how much fun we could have together."

"Yeah, well . . . ."

"Look, I'm sorry.  Let me go in the john and wash the grease off my hands and I'll go."

While the mechanic was in the restroom Joe was of two minds about what he'd said.  On the one hand, he did feel that Jeff was taking liberties.  On the other, the guy was sexy as hell and it might be nice if they could get together someplace more private.

When Jeff came out into the shop, however, Joe couldn't find the words to say what he felt.

"I'll just be goin', then," Jeff said.

"Yeah.  Thanks for fixin' the tractor."

Later that afternoon Joe talked with the two guys who'd put the diesel fuel into the machine without checking to see what was in the can.  He made them sniff the contents of a can of gas and a can of diesel fuel.  He also pointed out that the gas cans were red and the diesel cans were silver.  Apparently no one had explained the color coding to the two, who were both new that summer.  So he accepted some of the blame, and the confrontation ended without anyone's feelings being hurt.

He was standing in the parking area in front of the shop as the crews were returning.  Justin and Bailey pulled their truck into its designated slot and hopped out of the cab.

Both guys smiled and waved at him.

"Hey, guys.  Have a good day?"

"Looks like you've had a better one," Justin said, grinning.  Bailey, standing slightly behind him, was grinning as well.

"What do you mean?"

Several other crews were around the area, some of them unloading mowers and other gear from the beds of trucks, hosing them off, or topping up fuel tanks before clocking out and leaving.  Others were just standing around talking.

Loudly enough to get everyone's attention, his grin now even wider, Justin said, "Hey, guys, look.  Joe's obviously had a great day!"  Justin was pointing at Joe's chest.  And then everyone began laughing.

Bailey put a hand on Justin's shoulder and said something to him Joe didn't catch.

Looking down, Joe saw that there were dark, greasy smudges on his green Cromer tee shirt directly over each nipple.  Burning with embarrassment, he couldn't think what to say or do.

"Well," he finally spat out, "it's not what you're thinking."

"Come on, Joe, either you've been playing with your tits or somebody else has."

"Okay, Jus," Bailey said, "that's enough!"

The crew members were still laughing and making coarse remarks as Joe slammed the door of his office.

"Fucking Karensky!" he said, burying his face in his hands.  He couldn't remember when he'd been so embarrassed.  He didn't know whether he was angrier at Jeff or at Justin.  

He took a deep breath and forced himself to calm down.  Okay.  So he was in the process of coming out.  More and more people around town knew.  And he'd thought he was okay with that.  So what really bothered him?  Quinn was right.  The evidence on his shirt was plain.  Either he'd been playing with himself, or someone else had been.  Why hadn't he checked himself in a mirror sometime during the day?  It was a good thing no one from the public had been in the shop.  Or Dave Cromer!  Jesus!

Just then there was a knock on the door.  Joe's first reaction was to ignore whoever it was.  But it might be one of the guys with a problem.  So, reluctantly, he said "Come in."  

"Hey, it's me," Justin said, peeking around the door.  "Bailey says I have to apologize."

Joe sighed.  "Come on in here and sit."

Justin did as his boss told him.

"I'm not much interested in an apology because Stone says you have to."

"Shit!  My mouth gets me into more trouble.  Look, I think it's great that you're coming out.  I hope you and some dude got something really hot goin' on today.  But I shouldn't have called attention to those smudges on your shirt in front of everybody.  And for that I really am sorry."

Joe thought for a moment.  "Yeah, you do shoot off your mouth sometimes.  I don't think you mean to get on people's nerves, but you can, you know.  So, apology accepted.  Now you can go home and make nice-nice with your lover.  He seems to be a really good guy, by the way.  You might want to try to be more like him."

Justin grinned, stood, and offered Joe his hand.  "Thanks for the advice, big guy.  I know Bail's too good for me.  Don't know why he puts up with me."

After the handshake, Justin took the necessary three steps, opened the door, and started through it.  Then he turned around, looked at Joe, and raised an eyebrow.  "So what did happen here today?  Got yourself a boyfriend?  A mechanic?  Oh, of course!  That guy that was here last summer.  Is he still coming around?  Karensky.  That's it.  I'll bet Karensky was here.  I didn't know you two were fooling around."

"Quinn," Joe said slowly and with emphasis, "you'd better get the fuck out of here while you can."

"Yes, boss," Justin said with a wink.

*          *          *

The next evening Joe's phone rang.



"Yeah?  Who's this?"

"Now don't hang up, please, it's Jeff."

"Okay.  I won't hang up, but tell me why you're calling."

"Like I said yesterday, I'm really sorry about what I did.  Why don't we get together and you let me buy you a beer to sort of apologize?"

Since the event of the pinched nipples, Joe had done some thinking.  Jeff was a friendly, sexy dude, and there was no reason, as his mother might have said, to throw out the baby with the bathwater.

"Uh, Jeff, I guess I could've over-reacted yesterday.  So, yeah, let's get together, but there's no need for you to treat."

"How's Saturday evening?  And at least let me buy the first round."

"Okay by me."  He didn't think he needed to tell Jeff that he seldom had any social plans.

"You live in Higgins, don't you?"

"Uh huh."

"Then why don't I meet you at Gridley's?  Matter of fact, why don't we have a burger, too.  Wanna meet me there about 6:30?"

"Sure.  Sounds good.  See ya then."

As usual, since Gridley's was so close to where he lived, Joe walked.  He got there first and snagged a booth, sitting so he could watch the door.  The bar wasn't as crowded as it would be later.  There were a few couples, some guys playing darts, and a pair of young women playing pool and making a lot of noise about it.  The uniform of the day seemed to be jeans and tees, except for some of the older women, obviously housewives there with their husbands.  `Or,' Joe thought, `maybe sneaking out on the mister.'

A few minutes after Joe arrived, he saw Jeff come in.  He paused inside the door, looked around, spotted Joe, smiled, and started for where Joe was sitting.  He stopped a minute to say hello to someone, allowing Joe time to study him.

He was wearing a polo tee rather than a collarless one like he wore to work.  It was a baby blue shade which went perfectly with his pale blue eyes. His short, light hair would probably curl if he wore it any longer.  Joe admired the guy's muscular body, the pecs and their nipples showing through the shirt.  Joe admired the bulge in his jeans, remembering exactly what Jeff was packing from that day they'd exchanged blow jobs in his office.  He watched with considerable pleasure and, he discovered, anticipation as Jeff said something to his friends and walked toward the booth.

After they'd greeted each other, a female server stopped by to see what they were drinking.  They ordered a pitcher of draft, deciding to wait a while before ordering something to eat.

"'Sup with the glasses, man?  You haven't had `em on lately and you used to wear `em all the time."

"Oh, I finally got some contacts.  But sometimes I just don't feel like messing with `em."

Jeff raised an eyebrow.  "I'll bet the girls like the glasses because they'd say it makes you look sensitive."

"I wouldn't know."

"So you really do just walk on one side of the street, huh?"

"Yeah, though I've just lately gotten over worrying about it.  You might say until a while back I wasn't even on the street."

"Man, if you mean what I think, you must have been real friendly with your right hand."

Joe grinned and nodded.  "You know it!"

"If you haven't had much experience, is that why you reacted the way you did yesterday?"

"That may be partly it, but I really did think you were pushing too hard.  You're a hot dude, Jeff, but I'd still like to have a say in what happens between us."

"Yeah, I see that, and like I said on the phone, I'm sorry."  Then his face lit up with that familiar smile.  "But if I heard right you just left the door open for something to happen."

Joe took a drink, wiped foam from his upper lip with the back of his hand, and grinned.  "That's possible."

Just then Joe's stomach grumbled loudly and both guys laughed.

"Maybe we'd better feed the beast before we do anything else," Jeff said.

"Yeah, guess we'd better."

They caught their server's eye and each ordered a double cheeseburger and a large order of fries.

After she'd left, Joe said, "You don't know the whole story about you grabbing my tits."

"What happened?"

He explained about Justin's pointing out the finger marks on his shirt and the laugh all the guys had at his expense.

"Man," Jeff said, laughing, "you had double reasons to be pissed with me.  But I can see why all the crew guys got a laugh out of it.  Did anybody give you any shit about it later?"

"No, and I don't suppose they will, considering who's the big boss and all.  But I gotta warn you, Quinn figured out whose fingerprints they were."

"Smart little bastard, ain't he?  But it's hard to stay mad at him `cause he's so full of fun."

"Full of shit's more like it.  I think his new boyfriend will be good for him, maybe calm him down a little."

"Who's the new boyfriend?"

"Guy named Stone.  Bailey Stone."

"Fancy name.  What's he look like?"

"Our height.  Dark hair and real dark brown eyes.  Built.  But quiet.  A nice kid.  Like I said, he seems to be a good influence on Quinn."

They were interrupted by the server bringing their food.  She batted her eyelashes at the two of them and put a lot of wiggle in her walk as she left the table.

"Poor gal," Jeff said, chuckling.  "She don't have a clue, does she?"

Joe merely smiled.  He was used to girls flirting with him.  

As they were eating, Jeff said, "Even with the glasses on, you don't look as much like Clark Kent as you did when you wore your hair longer."

"I don't remember telling you about the Clark Kent thing."

"You didn't.  But a lot of the guys on Dave's crews call you that when you aren't around.  I think I even heard Ed call you that once."

"I know.  That was one of the reasons for getting rid of the specs."  He didn't say any more because something was rubbing his crotch.  Jeff was sitting there smirking at him.  He'd slipped his foot out of the flip-flop he'd been wearing and was sliding it up and down against Joe's rapidly hardening dick.

Joe clamped his legs together (`like a virgin,' he thought) and whispered harshly, "Man, what are you doing?"

Without looking the least remorseful, Jeff said, "Woops!  I guess I've done it again."

"Jesus!  What if somebody sees?"

Joe couldn't deny he was turned on, and at least Karensky had waited until they'd finished eating.

"Chill, Joe.  Nobody can see.  But if you'd like to continue this in private, we could go somewhere . . . ."

"You gotta stop that.  I can't stand up right now."

Jeff grinned.  "So if I stop and wait until your meat softens, you'll come home with me?"

"It could take a while before it goes down.  Let's drink the rest of the beer."


"Where do you live?  Isn't it in Colby?"


"Then why don't you just come to my place?  It's nothin' much, but it's close by."

Jeff lowered his eyelids.  "I've got my car, but I'm all for close by."  

Joe never lost his erection.  Finally, blushing with embarrassment he followed Jeff out of the bar to the street.  It didn't help that the temperature outside on the late June night was considerably higher than it had been in Gridley's.

On the short drive in Jeff's truck, Jeff let his right hand rest on Joe's thigh, occasionally stroking it.  And as Joe led the way up the stairs to his apartment, Jeff had a hand on each of Joe's cheeks.

"God, Karensky," Joe growled, "if you don't quit that, I'm gonna come before we can even get our clothes off."

"That wouldn't be so bad.  I'll bet you could recharge in a hurry."

"I dunno.  We're not teens any more."

"Well, we could find out.  But we've got too many clothes on."

They remedied that problem in less than a minute.

As they stood facing each other, the heads of their cocks practically touching, Jeff asked, "You still about to pop?"

Joe moaned.  "Ever since you massaged my package with your foot back at Gridley's."

"Guess since I started it, I should finish it."  He dropped to his knees and took Joe's throbbing tool in his mouth.  Joe exploded almost immediately, coming so fast he didn't have time to warn Jeff.

"Hey, man, I'm sorry!"

Jeff had swallowed most of Joe's load, but some was running down his chin.  Joe wiped up the spunk, and offered it to Jeff, who sucked it off his finger.

"Not a problem, dude.  Now, get on the bed, ass up, okay?"

"Just like that?" Joe asked, grinning.  "No foreplay?"

"I'll show you foreplay.  Just do what you're told, boy."

Joe pulled the quilt and the top sheet off the bed and assumed the position Jeff had commanded.

He thought he knew what was coming.  He hoped he knew what was coming.  And he was right.  Jeff got on the bed behind him, pulled his butt cheeks apart, and began to lick up and down his crack.

"Man, you don't have to do that," he said.  But he didn't really want Jeff to quit.

Jeff slapped Joe's right buttock and kept on licking, zeroing in on Joe's pucker.  Joe didn't argue any more.  He was already hard again.  When Jeff began to tongue-fuck him, he couldn't help moaning.  And then he felt more than heard that Jeff was giggling.

"What's funny, fucker?"

"I'm gonna be a fucker in just a minute, but I'm wondering what the folks downstairs are thinking.  You sound like a whore in heat."

"There's just Mrs. Brill, and she's deaf."

"That's convenient," Jeff sniggered.

"Shut up!  Get back to what you were doing.  Or else fuck me!"

"And this is coming from the guy who said I was pushy?  My, how you've changed!"

Joe whimpered.  "Jesus, I'm sorry, okay?  Now, bastard, do me!"

"You have some lube?  As they say, spit don't do shit."

Joe pulled open the drawer of the bedside table.  "Rubbers in there, too."  He resumed his position, his now-needy butt in the air once more.

Joe had left the windows open before he went to Gridley's.  There was an A/C unit in one of the bedroom windows, but he didn't use it much because it ran up the electric bill.  So it was still hot in the apartment.  Yet the lube felt cold when Jeff first began to apply it.  Soon, however, Jeff had a finger up Joe's ass, and the feelings it caused were anything but cold.  He began to wiggle, pushing back against the finger.

"Hill, you're a regular ass slut.  Here, hold still!  Let me get another finger in there."  There was a pause while he inserted what Joe assumed was his index finger.  "Now, boy, fuck yourself on my fingers."

Joe wasn't sure he liked Jeff's tone or the word "boy," but he was too aroused to make an issue of either.  So he began to rock back and forth on his forearms and knees.

"Ooohhh, shit!"

"Like that, huh?"

"Mmmmm hmmm."  Joe continued to rock.  He figured this wasn't a power game.  It was a matter of what felt good.  

After a few minutes of that, Jeff put a hand on his butt to prevent his back and forth motions.

"Okay.  I'm gonna put in one more finger.  You stay still and we'll let my fingers do the walkin'."  

Joe buried his face in the pillow and moaned as Jeff scissored his fingers, stretching Joe's opening even further.

"You ready for this?  I know I am!"

"God, yes!  Fuck me!"

Jeff chuckled.  "Since you asked so pretty . . . ."

He entered Joe's hole carefully, slowly.  `Which,' Joe thought, `is pretty considerate since he's been as hard as me ever since we left the bar.'

It didn't take Jeff long to come, no doubt because he'd been aroused for so long.  When he finished, he collapsed on Joe's back and began licking his neck, making him shiver.

"That's a hot hole, Hill!  Hey, I like that!  Maybe we should call you `Hot-Hole Hill'."  He chuckled.

Joe rolled over, flipping Jeff off of him so that he almost fell on the floor.  He grabbed Jeff's balls and squeezed.  "You won't call me that if you value these."

Still grinning, Jeff said, "Okay, uncle, uncle!  I was just jerkin' your chain.  You've had enough embarrassment because of me.  I won't make it worse."  

They lay together on their backs, hands clasped behind their heads, elbows touching, coming down from the high.  Joe hadn't come again, but he felt satisfied . . . for the moment.

After a while, Joe said, "You could stay the night."  Roger usually left, saying he had to get home.  Joe thought it was nice to have another body in bed with him.

"I could do that.  Who knows, after we catch our breath we might want to have round two.  Maybe you could put your glasses back on.  I'd like bein' fucked by Clark Kent."

Joe awoke some time later.  The lights were still on.  Jeff snoozed quietly next to him.  The room had cooled, thanks to a breeze coming through the window that didn't have the air conditioner in it.  Since there were no covers on the bed, he instinctively snuggled closer to his sleeping friend. As he lay there, however, he realized he had to use the bathroom.  

Getting up carefully so as not to disturb Jeff, he went to the bathroom and did his business.  Before getting back into the bed, he covered Jeff with a sheet and turned out the light.  He was just snuggling next to Jeff under the sheet when his new fuckbuddy reached over and grabbed his cock.

"Oh!  I didn't know you were awake."

"I wasn't.  But I am now.  I gotta pee."

When he returned from the bathroom, Jeff got back into bed.  Lying on his side, he began to run a callused hand over Joe's nipples.

"Um, feels good."

"You could return the feeling."

So they lay there, looking at each other in the light from the street lamp outside, stroking each other's chests.  Joe felt himself responding to the stimulation.  Jeff was facing the window, so Joe could see that he had his eyes shut and was smiling.  He had to admit that the guy was remarkably good-natured, full of fun, and very sexy.

Without opening his eyes, Jeff said in a low, growly voice, "It's my turn."

"I thought you just had your turn a while ago."

"No, I mean I want you to fuck me now.  And I want to turn the light on.  And I want you to wear your glasses."

"So I'll look all dorky?" Joe said, grinning.

"No, dork, so you'll look like Clark Kent."

"If I left them off, would I look like Superman?"

"I'd never thought of that.  But, well, duh, I guess you do.  If you'd just go back to wearing your hair the way you used to."

"It's a lot easier to take care of in the summertime when it's short."

"Are we gonna talk about hair, or are you gonna fuck me?"

Joe pinched the nipple he'd been stroking.  "You're the one that brought it up.  Shut your mouth and roll over on your stomach.  You know, assume the position."

At the age of twelve Joe had decided he was attracted to nice boy butts.  Now he often got hard looking at or even thinking about a nice male ass. So there was no question how he wanted to get Jeff loosened up.

He started by making little nips at the smooth globes of Jeff's ass, causing him to yelp.  He worked his way gradually toward and into the crack as Jeff's yelps changed to moans.  When he started dragging his tongue up and down the crack itself, Jeff's moans became little cries of pleasure.  As he moved to and began licking his ultimate target, Jeff started squealing.

He chuckled.  "I didn't know you'd be a shouter."

"Can't help it," Jeff said, gasping.  "You're driving me crazy."

"Well, Mrs. Brill's hard of hearing, but with all the windows open, the neighbors might think someone's getting killed.  You wanna stick your face in the pillow?"

So that's what Jeff did.  He used the pillow to muffle his shrieks of pleasure as Joe worked his tongue in and out of the upturned hole.  Jeff wiggled his ass from side to side and occasionally thrust it back to try to get more of Joe's tongue inside him.  Finally, he lifted his head from the pillow and said, "Dude, you gotta fuck me.  But I wanna turn over, okay?"

Joe got out of his way so Jeff could turn over.  He sheathed his cock and slicked it up.  Then he applied lube to Jeff's hole, which was slightly open and winking.

"Man, you are so ready, ain't ya?"

"Yeah, and you don't need to mess with the finger bit.  Just take it slow."

Joe put Jeff's legs on his shoulders and pushed the tip of his cock against Jeff's hole.  To his surprise, he slipped right in.  That had not happened before in his limited experience.

"Okay, Superstud, fuck me!  Fuck me hard!"

Joe happily did what his guest requested.  It was a real turn-on to have someone so obviously hot for him, so active in his role as bottom.  Jeff kept up a running line of chatter, and he raised his ass to meet every thrust.  

Since he'd come earlier in the evening, Joe was able to keep going this time.  And when he felt as if he was building up to shoot his load, he'd slow down until the feeling subsided.  Whenever he did that, Jeff would open his eyes, study Joe's face, and then relax, shutting his eyes again.  He obviously knew what Joe was doing and was perfectly happy to have the event prolonged.  Without the pillow, he was making heroic efforts not to yell, but he muttered or groaned constantly.

Finally, after about thirty minutes, Jeff said, "Oh, god, I'm gonna come!"  He hadn't been pumping his hard cock, seemingly content just to lie there and enjoy what Joe was doing.  But now he grabbed his cock and began stroking it.  Quickly he spurted ropes of cum over his stomach and chest.  

His partner's eruption was all Joe needed.  He felt the liquid fire from his balls travel up his cock and fill the condom.  As he did so, he let out a yell of his own.

Jeff grinned up at him.  "Fuck the neighbors, huh?"

Joe removed the rubber and dropped it into a handy waste basket.  Then he began licking the cum from Jeff's body as Jeff ruffled his hair and practically cooed, "Oh, yeah, man.  That's so hot.  Eat my spooge!"

The next morning they showered together.  The close quarters and glistening, wet bodies turned them on again.  Joe gave Jeff a blowjob and then, pushing him against the tile wall, fucked him once more.

After a breakfast of OJ, bacon, eggs, toast, and coffee, Jeff left, protesting that he wouldn't be sitting much that day.  

"See ya at work," he said on his way out the door.

"Maybe not this week.  Wednesday's the 4th of July, remember."

"Well, if not this week then soon, okay?"

"Sounds good," Joe said.

And damn if he didn't feel fine that morning.

To Be Continued

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