by Tim Mead

Chapter 7

Although he had no trouble getting up and arriving at work by 7:30, Joe enjoyed sleeping in on Sundays.  Something inside him allowed him to sleep like the dead until about 11:00.  Then, after a trip to the bathroom, he'd get back in bed and lie there awhile enjoying the delicious feeling of idleness, of not having to do anything he didn't want to.

Since he'd gotten his new job, he'd taken to skipping Sunday breakfast.  He sometimes stroked one off before leaving his bed for the second time.  Always he had a long, hot shower.  He liked to shave in the shower while it was cloudy with steam.  Then he'd dress, catch the forecast for the Toledo area on the Weather Channel, and switch to CNN for the headline news.  At about 1:00 he'd go to one of the local restaurants where he'd have a served meal.  He'd never been able to afford that before his promotion.

That particular Sunday he chose Applebee's, which was on the outskirts of Colby.  Higgins didn't have too many choices other than fast food places.  The after-church crowd was beginning to thin out when he arrived at the restaurant.  This place was laid out according to the corporate-mandated plan, with the entrance in the right front corner.  From the host's podium, one went up three steps to the booths and tables which lined three of the walls.  The central part of the building was taken up with the three-sided bar and tall bar tables.

Joe asked for and was seated in a booth.

"Thanks." He smiled and took the menu.

"You're welcome."  The hostess returned his smile.  "Kelly, your server, will be with you momentarily.  Enjoy your lunch."  She hurried back to her podium to greet and seat a couple who had just entered the building.

Before very long, Kelly arrived, a redhead with curly hair, green eyes, freckles, and a great body.  For a girl.  She didn't look very old.

"Do you go to CSU?"

She grinned and seemed to bounce on the balls of her feet.  "That's right!  How about you?  A grad student, maybe?"

Joe blushed.  "Um, no, `fraid not."

Kelly got down to business, asking for Joe's drink order.

Joe requested iced tea and then opened the menu.  This was his weekly treat to himself, and he spent time studying the choices available to him.  When Kelly came back with his tea, Joe still wasn't ready to order.

"No problem," she said, giving him a dazzling smile.  She put a black device a little larger than a cell phone on the table.  "I'll check back in a few minutes.  You take all the time you want.  But when you're ready to order, just push this big button, and I'll be right with you, okay?"  She took a deep breath, causing her ample breasts to protrude even further.

Joe was pretty sure she was flirting, though he realized that Kelly was trained to be friendly.

"Um, yeah.  Thanks, Kelly."

After looking at every possible option, Joe finally settled on what he usually chose, the biggest steak available.  He felt he deserved it after all those ramen noodles he'd consumed since he'd had to leave Colby State.  Besides, even after his promotion, he had lots of cheap meals at home on weeknights.

About the same time Kelly appeared with his meal, Joe saw the hostess showing two men to a booth on the other side of the restaurant.  One of them was Dave Cromer.  The other certainly wasn't Brody Cox.  This guy was below average height with curly brown hair.  And skinny.  But he had a hot little butt.  

Both Dave and the other guy were wearing dress shirts and slacks.  When they were seated, Joe could see that both also had on neckties.  Joe wondered where Brody was and why Dave was having Sunday dinner with someone else.  Surely the boss wasn't cheating on the hunky ex-Marine.  Joe couldn't help watching them as he ate.

The little guy looked familiar.  Joe was certain that he'd seen him before, but he hadn't a clue as to where.  He had been almost angry at first when he suspected Dave was seeing another guy behind Brody's back.  It wasn't that Joe and Brody were close or anything.  But he really liked both Dave and Brody.  They'd been nice to him, and as a committed gay couple they had his admiration.  He'd be disillusioned if he found out that there were problems between those two.

The stranger looked to be about the same age as Dave.  As the two chatted, Joe sensed that they weren't lovers, for which he was thankful.  Dave and his companion were friendly, engaged in what looked like a pleasant but not intense conversation as if they might be old friends.

Joe certainly hoped that's what it was.  

When Kelly came back to top up his tea, Joe was so engrossed in watching the two men across the room that he merely nodded to her.  

A while later she reappeared.  "Left any room for dessert? Maybe a cheesecake shooter?"

"No, thanks, Kelly."

"A cup of coffee?"  She seemed less friendly than she'd been at first.  At least she didn't bounce or take any more deep breaths that drew attention to her breasts.

"Just the check please."  `Poor gal,' he thought, `she was surely barkin' up the wrong tree.'

As he stood up to leave, he looked across the restaurant.  Although he hadn't seen them leave, his boss and the other guy were gone, and someone else was now occupying their booth.  He couldn't help wondering about the little guy.  He was sure he'd seen him before, though for the life of him he couldn't think where.

On the way back to his apartment, Joe realized he should have had a lighter lunch.  He was supposed to have supper that evening with Roger and Marcus.  Well, at least he'd skipped dessert.  

Maybe a workout would burn of some of those calories.  Wishing he could afford a gym membership, he spent some time with the set of free weights he'd bought second hand a while back.

*          *          *

He'd debated with himself about what to wear.  If he'd just been going to BK or someplace like that, he'd have worn shorts and a polo.  Since he didn't know what the plans were, however, he opted for a pair of pressed khakis with his polo and loafers and socks instead of flip-flops.

Roger had said to arrive around 6:30, and Joe, who prided himself on his punctuality, knocked on the door of Room 327 at precisely 6:30.  Roger was barefoot, wearing a tee and shorts when he opened the door.  Joe felt overdressed.  But these guys didn't look as if they planned to go out to a restaurant anytime soon.

First Roger and then Marcus hugged him.

"Thanks for coming, big guy," Roger said.

"Well, um, it's good to see you guys.  Thanks for askin' me."  Still flustered, he looked around the room.  It had a king size bed and a sofa on the same wall so one could watch the large television from either spot.  There was a coffee table in front of the sofa with an upholstered chair at right angles to it.  Joe also noticed a small kitchen area with a sink and a mini-fridge.

"Cop a squat, Joe," Roger said.

He sat in the chair, so the other two shared the sofa.

"How hungry are you?" Roger asked.

"I had a big steak for lunch, so I'm not starved."  Then, thinking of his afternoon workout, he grinned. "But I could eat anytime."

"I'll bet it takes a lot to keep a guy your size running," Marcus said, returning the grin.

"Yeah, I guess it does."

"Well," Roger asked, "how about we have a beer now and eat later?"

"Fine by me."

Roger went to the fridge, removed three cans of beer, and handed them around.  After taking a swallow of his, Joe looked at the other two.  He still wasn't sure why they'd invited him there, but he didn't want to come right out and ask what was going on.

"So you're heading out tomorrow, Marcus?" he asked, mostly to make conversation.

"That's right.  When I had to move out of the dorm after commencement, Rog and his mother let me store some of my stuff at their place.  Now I'm taking it to my apartment in Rochester."

"Rog said you're gonna be doin' graduate work there?"

"Yeah, I'll be working on my MA at the Eastman School."

"I've heard of that.  It's one of the best, isn't it?"

"It sure is," Roger said, obviously proud of his friend.

"So this is gonna be your last night together for a while, huh?"

"Oh, we'll probably get together again at least once before fall classes start."

Now Joe was really puzzled, wondering why they'd asked him there.  He thought Roger's suggestion that Marcus wanted to apologize to him sounded a little fishy.

"Look, guys, I can't help feeling like I'm horning in, ya know?"

Marcus set his beer can on the coffee table, got up, took a step or two and sat on the lap of a very surprised Joe.

"Like Roger said, I want to apologize to you.  In fact, we both do."

Before Joe could say anything, Marcus began sticking his tongue in Joe's ear.  

Roger came around to the side of the chair, knelt, and began licking Joe's other ear.

Joe's first instinct was to do as he'd done to Jeff, to push them both away.  He still wasn't used to people putting their hands, or in this case their tongues, on him without being invited.  But it felt too good.  Besides, he'd had some pretty hot sessions with Roger.

He managed to stammer, "But, but, guys, you don't need to, to, um apologize to me for anything!"

Roger chuckled.  "You don't understand, Superstud.  Marcus and I want to really apologize to you."

Joe found himself speechless as they licked or probed or blew on his ears.  He'd never experienced anything like that.  His cock had gone instantly hard, and shivers ran from his neck to the base of his spine.

Marcus moved from Joe's lap to a kneeling position on the side opposite Roger.

"Lean forward a little so we can get this shirt off.  It's in the way." Roger pushed on the back of Joe's head in encouragement.  Joe automatically raised his arms and the shirt was removed.  Then the other two went back to work.  Roger seemed intent on giving Joe a hickey on the spot where his neck met his shoulder.  He hadn't realized how sensitive that place could be.  Marcus went back to Joe's ear.  

"Aww, fuck!"

"What's the matter?" Marcus asked in a deep purr.

"I, uh, it's just, aww fuck!"

"I think Mikey likes it," Roger said.  Joe could hear the amusement in his voice.

It was pretty obvious by now what the two guys had in mind, and though he didn't know why, Joe was too turned on to object.  He'd never been in a threesome of any kind before.  And both of the men who were licking and sucking on him were hotties.  

Once his chest was bare, Marcus began playing with the nearest of Joe's nipples.  Roger was running his finger around Joe's navel.  All the while both men were using their mouths on his neck and ear.  Joe expected his cock to explode.  Or maybe his mind would implode.  

"Jesus, you guys!  You're . . ."

"Relax, honey," Marcus said in his deep, smooth voice, "just relax and let us make you feel better than you've ever felt."

"But . . ."

Roger put a finger on Joe's lips.  "Shhh!  Just shut up and enjoy."

He could so do that.  He was relaxing into a happy fog when something happened to jerk him back out of it.  God!  They both had their mouths on his tits!  Christ!  If the ears and neck had been sensitive, this was way better.  He'd played with the big nubs on his pecs himself, and Jeff had used them to get him hot, but having them both sucked at the same time, nibbled, chewed lightly, pulled between gentle teeth that was just, well, awesome!

He put an arm around each of the other men, thus signaling his willingness for them to continue what they were doing.  He shut his eyes, wishing his hard cock weren't trapped in his boxers and khakis but too engrossed in what was happening to interrupt.  He put his head back and gave in once more.  

Someone was moaning.  His eyes popped open.  It was him!  While he could see Marcus's corn rows at very close range, Roger's face was further away as he licked and probed Joe's navel with his tongue.  Unable to control himself, Joe began humping his pelvis up and down.

"Mmmm," Roger said, "somebody's excited."  

"Maybe somebody needs to get naked," Marcus replied.  

Joe tightened his arm so that Marcus's mouth was once more on his nipple.

"Mmmph." Marcus grunted before going back to what he'd been doing.

Time at this point meant nothing to Joe.  But sometime after Marcus's suggestion about getting naked, Roger said, "Let's pull off his pants."

"I could do with losing mine, too," Marcus said.

Joe allowed the other men to remove his khakis and boxers.  Then he watched, feeling somehow deprived, as they stripped.  Marcus pulled all the covers off the big bed, leaving only the bottom sheet.

Joe was guided to the bed, where he was allowed to lie on his back.  Instantly, without discussing the matter, Roger and Marcus began to lick the insides of Joe's thighs.

Although he'd experienced having his thighs licked before, he'd never had both done at the same time.  Something flickered deep in his consciousness:  is this rape?  He'd been set up, more or less. They'd invited him for dinner and he was the main course, apparently.  `Nah,' he decided.  `Rape isn't supposed to be this good.'  So once more he surrendered to sensation, his rational mind closing down.  Since Marcus and Roger were occupied elsewhere, he began to play with his own nipples.

Soon his cock refused to be ignored.  It was standing away from his belly, drooling heavily, desperately needing attention.  Incapable of speech, he raised his hips off the sheet, hoping the others would get the message.

He heard Marcus's deep voice.  "I think our boy is trying to tell us something."

Roger chuckled.  "We don't want him to come yet.  Let's take a rest."  

Suddenly no one was touching him.  No one was licking his thighs.  He was bereft of attention.  There was only the feeling of his own fingers on his nipples, the throbbing of his cock, the ache in his balls.

"Guys," he whined, grabbing his dick.

Someone slapped his hand.  

"None of that!  We'll take care of it . . . eventually," Roger said.


"Joe, you didn't finish your beer. It's all warm by now.  Can I get you a cold one?"

"Don't wanna cold one.  Just gotta come!" he whined.  

"Oh, you will," Roger said.  "Just not yet.  There's no rush."

`Easy for you to say, bastard,' Joe thought.

A man lay on either side of him and Joe found himself participating in his first three-way kiss as tongues tangled and swabbed.  Joe hadn't kissed anyone except his mother since he and Billy last got together back when he was in high school.  This kiss wasn't like that because with three, penetration was difficult.  But it was an unforgettable experience.  He could feel that the pressure in his balls and cock had lessened somewhat, so he was able to be more aware of what was going on with the kiss, could pay more attention to what he and the other two were doing.  He was aware that a hard, hot cock was being humped against each of his thighs.  

Finally, Marcus growled, "Man!  Let's move this along."

Taking that as his cue, Roger scooted toward the foot of the bed, as, a moment later, did Marcus.  Then they began working on his dick and balls.  

Joe propped himself up on his elbows and watched as the two licked and sucked, occasionally sneaking a moment to kiss each other.  `That's kinda sweet,' he thought.  `Especially since they aren't neglecting me very long while they do it!'  Soon, however, he was back in that haze, that sexual miasma where his mind shut down and his whole being was centered on his genitals.  He'd had his balls and dick licked, he'd had them sucked.  But he'd never had someone sucking his cock while someone else had one of his balls in his mouth.  He never wanted it to end, though he knew Marcus and Roger were bringing him toward the inevitable conclusion.

Inevitable but not immediate.

The two brought him to the verge a couple of times and backed off.  Finally, he pleaded with them.  "Gotta come, guys.  Ya gotta let me get off!"

"Well, why didn't you say so?" Marcus asked, showing lovely teeth as he grinned.

"Bastard!" Joe said as he humped his crotch up between the two men's faces.

Soon he was gushing, his gism splashing both Marcus and Roger and spilling onto his abs as well.  Panting, Joe let his head fall back on the bed and lay there, coming down from his high.  Gradually he became aware that Roger and Marcus were licking him.  He opened his eyes.  They were cleaning his cum from his belly.  He continued to watch, fascinated, as they licked the white stuff from each other's faces and then kissed.  

`God, that's hot!' he thought.  His deflated cock managed a weak twitch at the sight.  Then it occurred to him that he was the only one who'd gotten off so far.  

Though his thoughts were still fuzzy, he managed a grin.  "Man, you guys have an awesome way of apologizing.  Or was I your dinner?"

"The first course of several, hopefully," Roger said, his arm now around Marcus.

"Well, I'll bet I can find some dicks that need attention.  How can I help?"

The two looked at each other and smiled.

"Well," Marcus said, "since you asked . . ."

Almost before he knew what was happening, Joe was on his hands and knees in the middle of the big bed, sucking on Marcus's cock.  He'd always wondered about black dick.  Marcus's was no bigger than Joe's own, but since Marcus was a much smaller man, it was proportionately larger.  A nice mouthful, and Joe was really getting into making Marcus growl with pleasure.

He'd almost forgotten about Roger until he felt a hand on each of his ass cheeks.  They were pulled apart and warm liquid was drooled into his crack.  Was it lube?  Probably not.  Lube didn't usually feel that warm.  Must have been spit.  His guess was confirmed when Roger began rimming him, first with long, wet laps, but gradually centering on the opening.  When he could feel himself being tongue-fucked, he moaned.

"Oooh, yeah, baby.  Keep doin' that if it makes him hum," Marcus exclaimed.

Joe wanted to give Marcus a good blow job.  He was using everything he'd learned about suction, working his tongue and cheeks, taking it deep, though he couldn't help being distracted by Roger, whose tongue was doing amazing things.  But it was ultimately a tease.  Unable to stand it any more, he pulled off Marcus's cock just long enough to turn his head and say, "Man, you gotta fuck me now!"

"All you had to do was ask, Superstud!"

Once Roger had sheathed his dick and carefully worked it into Joe, he set up a motion which pushed Joe toward Marcus with every inward thrust.  Joe found he didn't have to do much except open his throat on the in-thrusts and tighten it on the recoil.  He'd occasionally wondered what it would be like to be fucked at both ends simultaneously, and now he knew.  He loved the sensations he was receiving from his fuckers, and he found he was enjoying being so sluttish, a receptacle for two hot cocks.

He was about to zone out again when he felt that the two men fucking him had shifted positions slightly.  He couldn't look up.  Marcus's tool in his mouth prevented that.  But Marcus was obviously leaning forward.  In fact both of them were.  Marcus and Roger were kissing as they fucked him!  God, that was so hot!  

He reached for his cock, which had been hard ever since he'd taken Marcus into his mouth.  But his hand was slapped away by Roger, who straightened up and said, "No!  You'll be needing that for later!"

Joe whimpered around Marcus's cock and gave himself over to the sensations in his mouth, throat, and ass.

*          *          *

When the clock radio came on at 6:00 AM, Joe groaned.  He'd only had four hours of sleep, and more than anything he wanted to roll over and go back to sleep.  But it was Monday morning and he had to get to the shop by 7:30.

He hit the snooze button, giving himself ten more minutes.  Instead of drifting off, however, he lay there thinking about his night with Roger and Marcus.

After both guys had come inside Joe, they'd all taken a break and phoned for pizza.  They apologized that they hadn't taken Joe to a restaurant, but he'd assured them he wasn't thinking about food.  

They'd all pulled on their underpants when the delivery guy knocked at the door.  Roger took the pizza and paid the young man while Marcus and Joe sat there trying to look as if they hadn't been doing what they'd been doing.

"Man," the delivery guy said, "it smells like a cum factory.  You guys must be having fun."

Roger grinned.  "Yeah, wanna join us?"

The kid blushed, coughed, and said, "Um, no, er, thanks.  I've got more deliveries to make."

"Too bad," Roger said, giving him a tip.

After they'd had a couple of beers apiece and finished the pizza, they went back at it.  Joe wasn't entirely sure he could remember everything that happened, but he did recall fucking both Marcus and Roger and being fucked by Marcus.  But it all dissolved into a blur of slipping and sliding and rubbing and . . .

Geez!  His cock was hard again.  But that was just his morning piss hard on, probably.  So he got up and walked uncomfortably to the bathroom.

*          *          *

At work it was, wouldn't you know it, Justin Quinn who pointed out that Joe was walking funny and had a silly grin on his face.

"Who was the lucky guy, Joe?"

"Fuck off, Quinn!  None of your business."

Justin nudged Bailey in the ribs with his elbow.  "See, he did get his ashes hauled last night."

Joe turned to say something to one of the crews he wanted to catch before they left for the day, but he overheard Justin saying to Bailey, "With his looks he shouldn't have trouble finding a lot of guys eager to do him."

When all the crews were gone, Joe realized he was tired.  And Justin was right:  he couldn't help walking funny, feet apart as if he still had something up his ass.  He learned he had to sit gingerly as well.  

`Damn!' he said to himself.  `Guess I'm not cut out for all-night orgies.'  Another voice inside him said, `Dawg, you'd do it again if you were asked!'  Later, when he stepped into the toilet to get rid of some morning coffee, he noticed in the mirror that he was grinning, just as Quinn had said.  That had been some night!  He wiggled in his chair, remembering being tickled by Marcus's moustache as the hot little stud rimmed him.

About ten that morning he was removing some outdated material from the bulletin board in the shop.  The overhead door was up, the radio in the corner was playing, and there was a certain amount of traffic noise from outside.  Thus he jumped when a hand caressed the seat of his jeans.

"Joe, dude.  How's the man?"

"Fuck, Karensky, you tryin' to give me a heart attack?"

Jeff chuckled.  "A guy in the shape you're in?  No way!  What's got you so jumpy this morning?"

Joe had by this time turned to face the mechanic.  "Sorry.  You just surprised me, that's all.  And I didn't get much sleep last night."

Jeff grinned.  "Had a hot time, did ya?"

It was Joe's turn to grin, though somewhat ruefully.  "Yeah, something like that."  He paused. "Now, you sure you didn't get any greasy handprints on my jeans?"

Jeff laughed and said, "Naw, man.  My hands are clean."  He held them out.  "See?"


"No, thanks.  Your coffee's the next thing to crankcase sludge.  But, um, can we go in your office?"

"Sure, I suppose.  What's up?"

When they were in the office, Jeff closed the door.  "What's up?  Man, I'm up!  I had a dry weekend and I am so horny."  He put his arms around Joe and began to fondle his butt, a cheek in each hand.  "I was hoping you could help me out."

"Leggo my ass!"  Joe pushed him away more forcefully than he'd intended.

Jeff laughed.  "Whoa!  Tender down there this morning, huh?"

"Yeah, `fraid so."

He heaved a theatrical sigh.  "Guess I'm not gonna get any relief from you today."

"More than one way to skin a cat," Joe said, unbuttoning the front of Jeff's jeans and sliding the zip down.  

Fifteen minutes later Jeff thanked him, said something about getting together later in the week, and left with a spring in his step.  After rummaging in his desk looking for Tic-Tacs and finding none, Joe rinsed his mouth with cold coffee to get the smell of cum off his breath.

As he was doing his usual Monday inventory check, he discovered that there were only three bags of the fertilizer/weed killer that the company used.  But that wasn't a problem if the supplier made its usual Monday delivery.

Just after Joe had had his lunch, a sandwich and an apple, he heard a car door shut out front.  When he went to see who it was, he met Dave Cromer walking into the shop.  When Joe saw Dave he was usually wearing a dress shirt and tie with dress khakis.  Today, however, he was wearing the dark green company tee shirt and jeans.  Joe thought he looked really sexy and decided for the umpteenth time that Brody Cox was a lucky guy.  Of course, Brody himself was . . . but no time to think about that now.

"Hey, boss man, what brings you here?  Checkin' up on me?"

"Hi, Joe.  No, I'm not checking up on you.  You know I trust you.  Never had a complaint about you in all the time you've worked for me.  How's the new job?  Everything going all right?"

That sounded to Joe like he was being checked up on, but he didn't say anything.

"Everything's cool, Dave, but we're almost out of Pro-Gro and the delivery scheduled for today hasn't come yet."

"That's exactly why I'm here.  They called and said they had somebody out sick and that they couldn't deliver until the end of the week.  So I'm gonna take one of the trucks to Home Depot and get a dozen bags of their stuff to tide us over.  You think twelve bags will be enough?"

"Yeah, we don't use much in July.  You want me to come along and help you load the truck?  Or would you like me to go get the fertilizer?  I could do that if you'd stay here."

"You mind the shop.  I'll get the stuff.  You can unload the truck when I get back, okay?"


An hour later Dave returned with the fertilizer in the back of the truck.  He looked less crisp than he had before.  Now there were smudges of gray on his shirt and jeans, obviously having rubbed off of the bags.

"I can do the unloading," Joe said.  "You'll want to get back to the office."

Dave smiled.  "Sometimes it's nice to get away from the office.  We can unload together.

It didn't take fifteen minutes to unload the bags and stack them inside the shop.  But it was a hot July afternoon and both men were sweaty when they finished.  As they leaned against a workbench sipping from bottles of water he had taken from the refrigerator, Joe remembered the day before.

"I saw you at Applebee's yesterday."

"Yeah?  Sorry I missed you.  You should have said hello."

"Well, you and your friend seemed involved in your conversation and I didn't want to interrupt."

"That was Micah Sutton.  You haven't met him?"


"Well, I usually go to church and Brody doesn't.  Sometimes he has Sunday dinner with his brother and sister-in-law.  Yesterday was one of those days.  I bumped into Micah at church.  He's single and I was alone, so we decided to have lunch together."


"Micah's a nice guy.  You'd like him.  I'll have to introduce you two sometime."

After Dave left, Joe thought, `Micah Sutton.  Okay, the stranger's got a name.  If I could only remember where I've seen him before.'

To Be Continued

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