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John's Journey Forward


Chapter 01: In the Blink of an Eye


I left my primary care physician's office and headed towards home on Friday afternoon. I had developed a severe rash that was spreading across my legs. The itching drove me crazy! Doctor Milton ordered some tests, including a byopsy of the rash. And, since my boyfriend and I hadn't been tested for HIV in over a year, he added that to the battery of tests.


I am John Ramerez. My conservative Catholic family is originally from Purto Rico. We have been in the United States since I was two. I am 23 and am 5'11" tall. I weight about 170 and have a muscular chest, arms, and legs. I received my associate degree in website designe from Bunker Hill Community College one year ago, but I still work for UPS in the warehouse. I am trying to save enough money to get my bachlor's degree in computer science.


My boyfriend, Pedro Gonzolas and I have been together for about 18 months. His family is from Mexico, but Pedro was born in the United States. He's about my height, and slender. He hates going to the gym. He's a waiter at a busy and pricy Italian restaurant in Kendell Square. He has almost a completely hairless body with the exception of his head and pubic hair. And, his 8 inch uncut cock is thick and meaty.


I arrived at the studio apartment in Central Square in Cambridge, MA that I shared with my boyfriend. He moved in about 9 months ago. As expected, the apartment was quiet and empty. My boyfriend works until about midnight almost every day. And, because I work from 3 am until 12 noon, we don't see each other much. We both have Sunday and Monday off work.


I close the door behind me and quickly strip to my white Calvin Cline low rise briefs. I am horny as hell because my boyfriend and I rarely have sex except during our days off. I pulled down the blankets and slipped underneath. I felt my cock starting to harden and stretch the fabric. I slipped out of my underwear and threw them on the floor beside the bed. My uncut cock was at its full 9 inches as I grabbed it and began stroking.


As I was stroking my hard cock, I remembered the fantastic day of sex my boyfriend and I had last Monday afternon. We had completed our errands and grabbed a bite to eat for lunch before we returned to the apartment. When we were safely inside, Pedro dropped the bags he was carrying and pulled me in for a kiss.




"I've waited for this all day," Pedro whispered into my ear as he rubbed my crotch with his hand. "Why don't we get out of these pesky clothes and get into bed? I want that beautiful ass of yours."


I returned his kisses and began to pull his t-shirt over his head. He did the same to mine. "And, what is it exactly you want with my ass?" I ask.


"I'm going to stick my dick up your ass and make you feel like a real man," Pedro hissed. "I'm going to fill your Purto Rican ass with my Mexican cum! I'm going to fuck you the way you like it! I'm going to pound your ass with my hard, uncut Mexican cock. What do you say, baby?"


"I say, what are we waiting for?" I answered. We moved to the bed leaving behind a trail of jeans, sock, and sneakers. I pulled down the covers and climbed on the bed on my back. Pedro took his place between my legs and lifted them onto his shoulders.


Pedro put copious amounts of lube on this rock hard 8 inch cock and alinged himself at the opening of my asshole. "Get ready for a rough ride, baby!"


He shoved his cock all of the way into my ass in one swift thrust. I felt his pubic hairs caress my balls as he bottomed out in my ass. "Oh God! Your ass feels so good! That beautiful ass is mine, ain't it?"


"Yes, Pedro," I answer in a whisper. "I'm not giving it to anyone else but you, love!"


"I own this ass, don't I?" Pedro hisses. "I own this fucking Purto Rican ass! And, I'm going to use it like its mine!"


Pedro began pounding my ass in long swift thrusts in and out of my ass. I was moaning in pleasure. "Your dick was made for my ass, Pedro! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!"


Pedro picked up the pace of his fucking and his sweat was dripping onto my body. He was breathing heavily as he continued to work on my ass. I felt him pick up the pace. He was pulling his dick completely out of my ass and shoving it right back in. I felt the bed begin to move as he kept stabbing my ass with his hard cock.


"I'm going to cum!" Pedro shouted. "Take my fucking cum, slut! Shit...! Fuck...! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... Shit!"


Pedro collapsed on top of me as I felt the last stream of cum coat my ass. He waited to speak until his breathing became more normal, "I hope you liked that! Because in a few minutes I'm going to do it all over again! You want more of my cum up your ass, don't you?"


"Yes, Pedro," I hissed. "Fuck me again, Pedro! Fuck me again!"


Pedro began to kiss me as he built up his energy to fuck me again. After several minutes of kissing, I felt Pedro's dick begin to slowly work my ass again.


"I hope your ready for another round, baby," Pedro whispered, "because I'm going to take that ass again!"


We continued to kiss until Pedro was moving in and out of me in a fairly brisk pace. He raised his body off mine with his arms and began to again pound my ass with long, fast, powerful strokes. I looked at Pedro's face. His eyes were closed as he concentrated on ravaging my ass for the second time. He started sweating again after he had been banging my ass for the last 30 minutes. He was breathing heavily from the workout.


I knew he was ready to blow his load again as his body tensed and he started to almost scream, "Fuck...! Fuck...! Fuck...! Shit...! Shit...! Fuck...!"


Pedro again collapsed on top of me and stayed there until his cock popped out of my ass. "I think I'm done with your ass for a while, baby! Why don't we take a shower?"


"Let me beat off first, Pedro," I whispered. "I need to cum, too!"


"Not yet," Pedro said. "It's not time for you to cum yet. Let's go take a shower."




Finally, I was getting close as my hand worked my rock hard dick. When I finally blew, ropes of my cum landed on my stomach, chest, and chin. I just laid in bed enjoying the aftermath of my release.


I woke up about 30 minutes later. I had to piss and I needed to find something to eat. I realized I was starving because I had skipped lunch to make my doctor's appointment. I pissed and made my way naked into the kitchen to see what I could find. I flicked on the television while I consumed my sandwich. I was in bed shortly after I ate. I had to get up and get ready to leave for work by 2 am.




On Tuesday morning around 10 am, my phone started ringing. I noticed it was my doctor's office. I answered the phone, "Hello, this is John."


"Hello, this is Jake from Doctor Milton's office," he began. Jake is Dr. Milton's nurse. "Dr. Milton has the results from most of your tests. He would like to see you. Are you available around 4 pm this afternoon?"


"Sure," I answered. "I can make it by 4 pm. How long do you think this will take?"


"He didn't specify," Jake explained. "He wants to go over some of your treatment options."


"Okay," I say. "I will see you at 4 pm this afternoon."


We ended the call and I returned to my work at the warehouse. Once I finished working at 12 noon, I began my trek to my appointment on Brookline Avenue in Boston on the T. I was early, so I had a late lunch at Chipotle across the street from Doctor Milton's office.


Once I was checked in at the reception desk, Jake ushered me into an examination room to await Dr. Milton. The door opened a few moments earlier and Dr. Milton bounced in. "Good to see you again John. I'm glad you could come in today to discuss your test results. How has your rash been since I saw you on Friday?"


"Still itchy as shit," I answered. I like Dr. Milton a lot. He's fairly young, but he exudes confidence. Besides he's cute as shit. When I first started seeing him, I nicknamed him Dr. Dreamy. He's about 6 feet tall and his well-built, body is obvious. "So, what can we do about this?"


"First of all, the rash is nothing serious at this point. It probably is the result of some other medical issue you are having," Dr. Milton paused. "So, I need to ask you some fairly personal questions if you don't mind."


"Ask away," I answer.


"You have a boyfriend, correct, John?" Dr. Milton asks.


"Yes," I answer. "We've been together for about 18 months. Why?"


"I'll answer that in a few moments," Dr. Milton continues. "But before we talk about that, I need to ask a few more questions. Do you and he have unprotected sex?"


"Yea! Always bare with my boyfriend ever since our last HIV and STD tests were done—about a year ago," I wondered where this was going. "Why?"


"Are you monogamous?" Dr. Milton asked.


"Absolutely," I answer. "I haven't had sex with anyone else since we met 18 months ago. But, how is this related to my rash?"


"John, I want you to promise me that you will stay calm," Dr. Milton suggested.


"Okay," I answer. "I won't flip out on you, I promise."


"Your HIV test came back positive," Dr. Milton explained. "However, we will do another test to make certain that it is not a false positive. And, HIV is no longer a death sentence. With the medications available today, you can easily lead a normal and healthy life. After we get the results of the second test, I will recommend an infectious disease doctor who will help get you on the most appropriate medication regimen. Do you have any questions so far?"


I sat there stunned for a few moments. "How can I be HIV positive? Pedro and I only have sex with each other."


"Has he been tested recently?" Dr. Milton asked.


"He was tested at the same time I was," I answer. I was still in shock! "He was negative, too!"


"I understand this is troubling for you, John," Dr. Milton explains. "But, we will work through this together. I will also point you to some very solid resources for people living with HIV. However, before we panic, we will redo the test. Will you be okay? Do you have someone you can talk to about this other than your boyfriend?"


"Why can't I talk to him?" I ask. I was confused.


"Of course, you can talk to him," Dr. Milton further explains. "I think you might need a reliable third party to help with this news. It can shatter some people's view of themselves."


"I have a friend from college," I explain. "She's one of my best friends. We talk almost every day on the phone. We've been through a lot together."


"Once we have the results of the second HIV test and if those results are positive, you will need to have a conversation with your boyfriend," Dr. Milton suggested. "I'll send you down to the lab so you can have the second blood test."


I left Dr. Milton's office and headed toward my favorite spot in the Fenway. It was my thinking spot. Once I was there, I called my friend Mel. Her name is actually Melinda, but everyone calls her Mel. She answered on the second ring, "John! How's it hanging?"


"It's still hanging just like it always has hung," I answer. "I need to talk with you. In person if possible."


"Why?" Mel began. "Has that asshole boyfriend of yours hurt you?"


"No, Mel," I answer. "He hasn't hurt me. It's more to do with me than him."


"Okay," Mel continues. "Where are you?"


"I'm in my spot in the Fenway," I answer.


"Come over to my place. I will be there in 10 minutes," Mel suggests. "We can talk there—for as long as you need."


"Thanks, Mel," I answer. "I'll see you in 10 minutes. I really appreciate this more than you can possibly know."


"Bye for now, stud," Mel says as she ends the call.


Mel answers the door to her apartment with two glasses of red wine in her hand, "I thought we might need these from the way you sounded on the phone." She handed one to me and led me into the living room. We sat opposite each other on facing love seats.


I was looking at the floor in front of me. I really didn't want to face her with the news. "Spill," Mel almost shouted.


"I went back to my doctor's office today to get some test results back. I'm had this freaking rash for almost a month." I showed her the rash on my leg. "He is rerunning one of the tests, but... I may be HIV positive." I blurted out the last phrase.


"You are HIV positive?" She asked quietly.


"Maybe," I quietly answer.


"How?" Mel asked.


"I don't know. Pedro and I were tested a year ago," I begin my explanation. "We only have sex with each other. So, I don't know how this could happen. What if I have infected him?"


Mel didn't say anything for a few moments. "This isn't the end of the world anymore, you know."


"That's what the doctor said," I answer. "How do I tell Pedro?"


"You don't until you know the results of the retesting," Mel answered. "And, I want to be there when you tell him."


"Why?" I asked.


"Because you don't know how he will react," Mel explained. "At least if I am there, he won't go ballistic on you."


"What about my mom and dad?" I asked.


"John," Mel began. "They don't even know you are gay! And, why do they need to know at this point?"


"What if I get sick?" I asked.


"You won't get sick," Mel added. "People who are HIV positive and take their meds don't get sick. It is not like in the 80's or 90's."


"And, I'll never be able to have sex with anyone," I say. "I could make someone else sick."


"John," Mel began. "If you take your meds, your viral load will go down to undetectable. Do you know what that means?"


"No," I answer.


"That means you aren't technically HIV positive," Mel explained. "I deal with HIV patients every day, remember?"


Mel is a nurse at the Fenway Health Center here in Boston. The center specializes in providing healthcare for HIV positive persons. "I know, Mel," I answer. "I trust you. I'm grateful to have you as a friend. I think I'm going to need a friend to get through this."


Mel moves to sit beside me, "First of all John," Mel continues, "I will always be here for you. I know this is traumatic for you. But, you have to promise me that you will lead your life as a proud gay man. Proud of your life. Proud of who you are. Don't hide behind the infection. You will be fine."


I put my head on her shoulder and begin to cry for the first time since I was told that I might be HIV positive.


Mel huged me, "It's going to be okay, John. You will get through this... No! We will get through this together."


"Thank you, Mel," I say to her. "I think I need to go home and get some sleep. My day starts early tomorrow." I pause for a few moments. "Mel, what if I get hurt at work? Can I infect someone who tries to help me?"


"If you are bleeding and the other person has an open cut or something similar, yes, there is that possibility," Mel answers my question. "But, anyone should be careful when dealing with an injured person."


After a few more tears, I head back home to get some sleep




I was a walking zombie for the rest of the week. I was scheduled to visit my doctor on Friday afternoon to learn my fate. I almost didn't hear my name when Jake, one of Dr. Milton's nurses, called my name.


"Hello, John," Jake said as he led me back to an examination room. He did the usual date of birth thing on our trip to the room. "Dr. Milton will be with you shortly, John. Any issues we should know about since your last visit?"


"Nope," I answer. "Just the usual stuff. Work. Eat. Sleep. Work. Eat. Sleep."


"What about the gym?" Jake asked. "Have you been going to the gym?"


"No," I answer. "I guess I have other things on my mind."


"Don't wait too long," Jake began. "It would be a shame to let that gorgeous body of yours go to hell! I'm sure your boyfriend would be as disappointed as I would be."


Jake has a terrific gym body as well. We always flirt a little when I see him. He's never even seen me without my shirt off. But, we have some fun.


"Dr. Milton will be here shortly, John." Jake finally says. "Make yourself comfortable."


Dr. Milton popped into the room with his usual enthusiasm. "Good afternoon, John!" Dr. Milton says as he settles into a chair beside me. "I may as well get right to the point. Your HIV test did come back positive again."


"So that means I have it," I say as I look down at the floor.


"I'm sorry, John," Dr. Milton continues. "But, yes, the tests indicate you are indeed HIV positive. I wish I had better news, John, but those are the facts. I am referring you to an excellent infectious disease doctor here in our practice, Dr. Weinberg. He has an excellent reputation in treating people with HIV. He will work with you to get the infection under control. Are there any questions at this point?"


"No, SIR!" I answer. "My friend explained a lot to me about HIV. She works at Fenway Health."


"I am happy to hear you have such an excellent support in your friend," Dr. Milton explains. "I also think you should plan on attending a support group for people who have recently discovered that they are HIV positive. There is an excellent one at Aids Action Committee in Cambridge. You should probably register as a client with AAC also. They can be very helpful when you are trying to navigate the system of HIV care."


"Thank you, Dr. Milton," I say. "AAC is only a few blocks from my apartment. I will stop by there next week."


"Jake will make you an appointment with Dr. Weinberg," Dr. Milton says as we both leave the room. "If you need to talk to someone, please feel free to make an appointment with me. Or, if you need advice, you can speak to Jake and he can relay the information to me."


"Jake," Dr. Milton says. "Please make an appointment for John with Dr. Weinberg. And, see if you can locate the contact information for AAC."


"Thank you, Dr. Milton," I add as we shook hands. "I appreciate all of your help."


After Jake made the appointment with Dr. Weinberg, he handed me information on AAC and a small booklet on living with HIV. He also handed me a card with a phone number written on it. "John, this is my cell phone number in case you need to talk. And, trust me, I know from firsthand experience that this will be an emotional time for you. So, please, please call if you need help in any way. I'm actually a pretty good listener, too!"


"Thanks, Jake," I explain to Jake as I was about to leave. "I appreciate all of you kindness and compassion. I'm really very grateful." I wipe away a tear that was forming in my eye as I turned to leave the office.


Once I am settled in my apartment, I turn on the television for background noise. I open my laptop and check my e-mail. My phone starts ringing and I answer it, "Hello, Mel. What's up?"


"I thought I should check in with you," Mel began. "How did your appointment with your doctor go?"


"It's official," I softly say. "I'm HIV positive. And, I am surprisingly not freaking out. Maybe I'm just in shock!"


"Could be," Mel confirmed. "Do you want company?"


"Not right now," I answer. "I think I am going to call it an early night. As you might suspect, 2 am comes around very quickly!"


"When are you going to talk to your shit head boyfriend?" Mel asks.


"Why don't you like him?" I ask.


"You know I don't trust him," Mel answers. "You can have almost any man you want. But, you settled for what's his name! Why?"


"I love him," I answer. "We are good together."


"In other words, he likes to fuck as much as you like getting fucked," Mel explains with a chuckle.


"Not to change the subject, but do you know of a Dr. Weinberg?" I ask. "He's an infectious disease guy. I have an appointment with him in a couple of weeks."


"John," Mel begins. "Dr. Weinberg is one of the most knowledgeable HIV doctors in the country—if not the world. His husband—also and HIV doctor—works at Fenway Health Center. They are both cute as shit! Someone must have pulled some strings to get him to see you. He generally doesn't take new patients."


"My primary care doctor's office made the appointment," I explain. "My doctor's nurse Jake took care of the details."


"Jake Masterson?" Mel ask.


"Yea!" I answer. "Do you know him?"


"Definitely," Mel continues her explanation. "Everyone in this city who works in the HIV healthcare field knows everyone else."


"Jake gave me his phone number in case I need to talk to someone," I add. "I thought that was very nice of him."


"He might be interested in you, John," Mel surmised. "He is single. He is cute. He is smart. He is a terrific guy. If he weren't gay, I'd be stalking him."


"But, I'm not single, Mel," I add.


"Maybe you could dump asshole," Mel advised. "Anyway, I need to run some errands. I have absolutely nothing in the apartment to eat. And, I need more red wine!"


"Okay," I am trying to end the conversation. "Shit! I forgot. I think I am going to talk to Pedro on Sunday afternoon. Do you still want to be around when I tell him?"


"Definitely," Mel agreed. "Tell me when and where and I will be there! Do not... I repeat... do not tell him while you are alone with him."


"Okay," I say to her as we both end the phone call.




Pedro had to fill in for a colleague Sunday morning until brunch was over at 3 in the afternoon. When he returned to the apartment, Mel was sitting with me in the living room.


"Hello, baby," Pedro said to me before he leaned in to kiss me. He whispered in my ear, "What is she doing here?"


"She was keeping me company while you were at work," I answered him.


"I thought we should go to Back Bay Harry's to meet some of my friends from work," Pedro explains his plans. "I told them we would be there in an hour. So, I need to take a quick shower."


"We need to talk about something first, Pedro," I announce.


"Can't we talk later?" Pedro pouts. "I really want to meet my friends for a drink."


"No, Pedro," I explain. "We need to talk, and we need to talk now!"


"We can talk on our way to Back Bay Harry's," Pedro continues.


"Pedro, sit the fuck down and listen to your boyfriend!" Mel almost screams. "He has something important to tell you! And, what he has to say to you is more important to the both of you than meeting your fucking friends for fucking drinks!"


Pedro looks at Mel. It was like he was burning holes in her face. But, he sat down opposite Mel and me. "What?"


"Pedro," I begin. "This is hard for me to say, but I have to say it." I pause slightly.


"Are you dumping me, John?" Pedro interjects. There is sarcasm in his voice.


"No, I'm not dumping you, Pedro," I answer. "You know the rash that has been on my legs for about a month?"


"Yea," Pedro answers.


"I went to Dr. Milton. I've been there three times within two weeks."


"Okay," Pedro says as he looks to be, then to Mel, then back to me.


"He ran some tests," I continue as calmly as I can be at this point. Pedro's lack of enthusiasm for our talk was making me angry. "One was an HIV test... I'm HIV positive."


"You're what?" Pedro asks. He has a shocked look on his face.


"I'm HIV positive," I repeat.


"Your HIV positive?" Pedro asks again. I see panic in his face. Maybe even anger. "Who the fuck has been sticking their dick in your ass?"


"Pedro," I begin in earnest. "I haven't been with anyone except you ever since we met 18 months ago."


"This can't be happening," Pedro says to no one in particular. "How can you let this happen, John?"


Mel spoke up, "John didn't let this happen, Pedro!"


"Shut the fuck up, bitch!" Pedro screamed at Mel before he turned his attention to me. "How many people have been fucking you?"


"Pedro," I almost screamed, "Like I said, I haven't slept with anyone except you ever since we met 18 months ago!"


It was Mel's turn. She wasn't screaming. She was calm, "So, Pedro, we can only have one other scenario here. How many people have you fucked?"


"Why are you taking his word over mine?" Pedro retaliated at Mel's comment.


"Because I trust John," Mel said calmly. "I don't trust you."


"But, you shouldn't even be involved in this discussion," Pedro screamed again. "This conversation should between my boyfriend and me."


I was sitting in my own apartment in total shock as I listened to the heated discussion going on around me.


"Your boyfriend—my best friend—has just been told his is now HIV positive," Mel screams. "If John hasn't had sex with anyone, hasn't used intravenous drugs, and hasn't had contact with another person's blood, that only leaves one other scenario. So, I'm going to ask again, Pedro, how many people have you had sex with?"


Pedro didn't answer Mel's question. He simply stood and stormed out of the apartment.


Mel moved closer to me and pulled me into a hug. "Tomorrow, we are going to gather all of Pedro's belongings that are in this apartment. We are going to put them in a suit case or a box. We are going to put his things in the hallway. We are going to have the locks on this place changed tomorrow morning. You are not—I repeat not—to have any contact with him. Do you understand me, John?"


"Yes," I whispered. "How could he do this to me? I thought he loved me! He fucking infected me! How can I be so stupid to love someone who would do this to me?"


"John," Mel whispered back. "You are not stupid. Pedro doesn't care about anyone but Pedro. Gather anything you have of value—your laptop or whatever else you don't want to lose—because you are staying with me tonight."


I shoved my laptop and a few other items into my back pack and followed Mel out the door. When I closed the door, I knew I had closed the door on the Pedro chapter of my life.


To be continued...


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