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John's Journey Forward



George smiled, "No. There is something about me that may make you think differently... I'm... I'm... I'm HIV positive." George looked down at his coffee cup as he broke the news.


Jorge sat for a moment and looked straight at George. He wasn't smiling. He wasn't pouting. He was just thinking. Finally, Jorge broke the silence as he stood up from the table. "George, I think you need a hug."


George stood up and stood by Jorge. Jorge held him tightly for a few moments. Neither said anything. When Jorge released George from the hug, he told George. "Listen. Ever since my brother told me he was HIV positive, I have been doing some reading on the subject. I know what is involved in having a relationship with an HIV positive guy. It is doable. Don't let this scare you because I'm not letting it scare me."


"You mean you don't want to run away?" George asked.


"Nope," Jorge said to George. "I think we have a lot in common. I like you. I knew I liked you the moment we started talking. I hope I don't scare you away. I'm sort of weird in some ways."


"He's also a slob," Noel added.


"No one is perfect," I said.


Jorge and George both sat down in their respective seat across from one another. Jorge put his hand on George's. "Now, when are we going to get together next? Just you and me."


"Noel," I said. "I've been thinking. We need to clean the bathroom."


"No time like the present," Noel said with a smile. "John only cleans in his Calvin Klein's. That certainly makes me frisky!"


Chapter 10: On We Go Into the Wild Blue Yonder


Noel and I were reading the paper on Sunday morning in the living room of our apartment. Noel's phone rang. It was Jorge. Noel answered the call and put it on speaker phone, "Hello, dickhead!"


"Listen, bro, I am not the dickhead, you are!" Jorge told his brother.


"How was last night's date with George?" Noel asked.


"Terrific!" Jorge told us. "We had a wonderful time together. We went out to dinner. We talked a lot about various things. Then, we went back to his place for a night cap."


"Sounds encouraging!" Noel told his brother. "Are you going to see one another again?"


"Shit yes!" Jorge said. "George is a super, super guy! He's still in the shower. I was wondering if you guys would like to join us for breakfast this morning."


Noel looked at me and I nodded yes. "Sure! Where? When?"


"You name the place and time," Jorge told us.


"So things went well?" Noel asked.


"George is an incredible man," Jorge whispered. "He's intelligent, fun, handsome, and absolutely fucking fabulous in bed!"


"Everything was safe, right?" Noel asked with some concern in his voice.


"We only kissed and beat off," Jorge whispered back. "So, yea! All four times last night we were safe..., and twice this morning we were safe! We need to talk to you and John about something."


"Why don't the two of your come over here," I offered. "We have tons of stuff we can put together for breakfast! That way we can talk in private."


"We will be there in about 45 minutes," Jorge agreed as he and Noel ended the phone call.


"Their evening seems to have went well," Noel said with a smile.


"Yup!" I told Noel. "Now, let's see what we can whip together. I only hope this is a celebration and not a national security issue!"


"What do you mean?" Noel asked.


"Both Jorge and George like to live life fully," I told Noel with a smile. "I hope we aren't going through a `tell my parents' discussion from George."


"Ah!" Noel said as he put his hand on my Calvin Kline's. "Good point. I will keep my fingers crossed and my hand on my boyfriend's crotch!"


"We should put something on before our guests arrive, don't you think?" I said to Noel.


"Why?" Noel answered. "It's our house!"


"I have to work with George," I whispered. "I need to keep this strictly businesslike."


"Spoil sport!" Noel pouted as we went to the bedroom to dress.


I put on a pair of 511 Levis and a polo shirt. Noel followed my lead before we headed into the kitchen.


"What do you think we should do?" I asked as I peered into the fridge.


"Eggs with Arugula, bacon, toast, and fruit would be good," Noel suggested.


"We can make hash browns, too!" I added.


"Sounds like a plan," Noel agreed. "What do you want me to do?"


"Get out the Cuisinart and shred about six potatoes," I told him.


"Got it!" Noel responded as he pulled the Cuisinart from the cabinet. "I've always liked using this thing. It gives me a feeling of power!"


We busied ourselves with the preparations until the buzzer sounded.


"I guess the boys have arrived," Noel said as he wiped his hands and headed toward the door.


"Hello, guys!" Noel greeted our guests. "I'm about ready to make a pitcher of Bloody Marys. How does that sound?"


"Terrific, bro," Jorge effused. "What can we do to help?"


"Sit and talk to us while we finish this stuff up," I told them.


"So, what is it you wanted to talk to us about?" Noel asked.


"George has a dilemma," Jorge told us.


"So, what kind of dilemma?" I asked.


"My family," George said sadly. "Jorge and I were having a terrific time this morning until I got a call from my mother. The call put me into a funk. Jorge thought you two could help me resolve the issue I am having."


"Start from the beginning and explain," I told George. "We are really good listeners. We may not have an answer, but we will help you work through this."


"Thanks," George said. He paused before he continued. "When my mother called this morning, she was in a good mood—which should have been an indication that the shit was about to hit the fan. It seems she has arranged for me to accompany the daughter of one of her friends to a function."


"I could see where this might be problematic," I said to George. "But, I sense that there is more to this."


"Yup," George said. "It seems that my father and mother are—get this—trying to arrange a marriage between the two of us."


"Holy shit!" Noel exclaimed. "I didn't know people still arranged marriages?"


"I didn't either," George said. We could tell he was trying not to cry. "So, it will come down to telling my parents that I am not going through with this no matter what, or telling them that I am gay! Either way, I will be a dead man walking in terms of my relationship with my family."


"Have you talked to your brother?" I asked.


"About what?" George asked. "I can't tell him I am gay!"


"You don't need to tell him you are gay," I suggested. "Just tell him you are NOT going to see this chick nor will you allow them to ruin your life! Maybe he can intercede!"


"That is a thought," George said. "It's worth a try at least. Maybe I will call Will after we consume what smells like a breakfast from heaven! Can I have another Bloody Mary?"


I poured another Bloody Mary for George. Noel and I put the food on the service table, and we all helped ourselves before we sat at our dining room table.


"Other than this unfortunate telephone call, how was your weekend so far?" Noel asked George.


"I can only say that your brother is one wonderful guy!" George told us as he smiled at Jorge.


"You mean you are not going to tell them I am the best sex you've ever had?" Jorge joked.


George leaned over and gave Jorge a kiss. "I didn't think we needed to tell them everything, babe!"


"I guess you are right," Jorge agreed. "I would hate to see you and John fighting over my body!"


We continued to have light conversation while we ate our breakfast. Once we were finished and Noel and I were cleaning the kitchen, George sought the privacy of our guest room to talk to his brother.


After about thirty minutes, a tearful George joined us in the living room.


"George," Jorge whispered as George sat beside Jorge. "How did it go?"


"Surprisingly well," George finally was able to tell us. "He tried to dissuade my parents from forging ahead with their plans. However, he has been unsuccessful. I finally broke down and told him I was gay!"


"And?" Jorge asked.


"He said he didn't give a shit if I were gay or not," George told us. "He said he will stand by me no matter what. He and his wife both don't care if I am gay! He told me he knew he was gay since we were kids."


"How did he know?" Jorge asked.


"He found my porn stash when I was 16 and he was 18," George said with a smile. "I guess it was pretty obvious."


"I have two questions," Jorge added. "How much porn did you have and do you still have it?"


"A lot," George answered. "And, yes, I still have it. My hand and I frequently visit my porn collection."


"Mmmm...," Jorge hisses as he snuggles closer to George. "We will need to merge porn collections!"


"Now," Noel asked. "What happens with your parents?"


"Nothing," George told us. "Will, my brother, suggested I do nothing. I'm busy with work. I'm busy with friends. I'm busy. I don't have time to meet my mother's friend's daughter."


"Do you think that will work?" I asked.


"For a while," George answered. "At some point, it will become an issue, but I am going to enjoy life!"


"Does your family observe Muslim holidays?" Jorge asked.


"Some," George answered. "But, I really don't care. For example, I am not supposed to eat pork. And, I just consumed enough bacon to feed a third world country. I am not supposed to drink alcohol. And, I am on my third Bloody Mary. So, let's just say I'm not concerned."


"Is your brother a practicing Muslim?" I asked.


"Will is about as Muslim as the Queen of England," George told us. "He and his wife, to the chagrin of my parents, were married by a JP."


"Okay," Jorge spoke up. "Now that your issue with your brother is resolved, I want to show you my place downstairs."


"We can compare porn collections!" George exclaimed.


"You brought it with you?" I asked.


"Several years ago, I scanned all of the print stuff onto my personal laptop," George said with a grin. "It is not only secure, it is extremely portable!"


"He not only looks fabulous naked, he's also smart!" Jorge responded as he gave George a kiss. "He makes me horny just sitting here next to him!"


"I think that is way too much information, Jorge," Noel told his brother. "We are going to the gym before work tomorrow. Do you guys want to join us?"


"If we are awake at 6 am tomorrow, the last thing I want to be doing is getting out of bed and going to the gym," Jorge said. It was George's turn to give Jorge a kiss.




When I arrived at work after the gym, George was sitting at his workstation looking out the window.


"So, George," I asked. "How are you doing this morning?"


"I was just thinking," George began. "I am probably happier right now than I have ever been in my entire life! I don't know where this relationship with Jorge will lead, but I am enjoying the journey."


"Have you told Jorge that?" I asked.


"Yup!" George said as he turned to me. "This morning... just after he shot a load in my mouth... Sorry, I didn't mean to share that detail. But, I never thought that safe sex would be so satisfying."


"You could be the safe sex ambassador from the look on your face right now, George," I whisper to him as I started up my laptop. "So, I assume you are going to see Jorge again."


"Shit yes!" George told me. "I am going to stick with him like glue. I just hope he doesn't get bored with me!"


"So, men," Sandy greeted us as he arrived. "How was your weekend?"


"Unusually good," George said.


"Don't ask a lot of questions, Sandy," I said. "You might get more information from him than you really want to have."


"So, I take it you've found a boyfriend," Sandy told us.


"How did you know?" George asked.


"It's in your eyes, George, my man," Sandy told him. "There is a definite glow about you, too! Who's the lucky dude?"


"Noel's brother, Jorge," George said.


"What about Noel's brother?" our other workmate, Serge, asked as he arrived.


"George's new boyfriend," Sandy explained.


"George! Congratulations!" Serge said to George as they fist bumped. "Does Noel have another brother, John? I could use some help in the dating department."


"He does, but he is married," I told the group. "To a woman."


"Shit!" Serge said. "Why are all of the cute ones either taken or straight?"


"What's the topic of discussion, guys?" Ralph asked as he joined the group. Chris was right behind him.


"Let me guess," Chris said. "George has a new boyfriend."


"See, I told you, dude, you're glowing!" Sandy teased.


"I hate to change to subject, guys," Chris said with a smile. "We need to have a meeting this afternoon to discuss a potential new project. We should be able to wrap this up in about 30 minutes, so meet me in the conference room at 2 this afternoon, okay?"


"Sure thing, boss!" Sandy answered. "Anything we should bring?"


"Nope," Chris answered as he started back to his office. He paused for a moment and addressed the group, "Now, on to more pressing matters. We need to be on the lookout for boyfriends for Ralph and Serge. The team seems to work better when everyone is in love."


"Just so you guys know," Ralph explained. "I am a sucker for tall, muscular black men!"


"I'll take anyone too short for Ralph," Serge added.


"So, that is our mission, guys," Chris said as he actually left. "See you at 2 this afternoon."


We resumed working on our various projects until lunch time arrived. Ralph spoke up, "Anyone want to join me at the bagel shop downstairs. I am famished!"


"Why don't we all join Ralph," Sandy suggested. "We can have a teambuilding session."


We made our way downstairs to the bagel shop. Once we had our food, we found a table and continued our discussion from this morning.


"So, George, what's he like," Sandy asked.


"We're not done with this, I can tell," George said solemnly. "He's a terrific guy. He and I clicked at John and Noel's party. At first I was hesitant to go forward with him. But, I'm glad I did."


"Why were you hesitant?" Serge asked. "Was it a religion thing?"


"No," George answered. He looked like a deer caught in the headlights of a car.


"You don't need to answer, George," I told him. "It is really none of our business."


"Thanks for the save, John," George continued. "But, we are a team here. We should all be on the same page... I'm HIV positive."


"But, you're on meds, right?" Serge asked.


"Yes," George continued. "Just recently. This is all a very, very recent thing."


"Then, why is this a problem?" Sandy asked.


"Jorge is HIV negative," George answered. "I didn't want to infect him."


"Safe sex, dude," Ralph joined the conversation. "If you want to talk about it, we are here for you, you know that, right?"


"I've already unloaded on John," George told the group. "And, I'm going to a support group for newly diagnosed men."


"So, I take it he knows and it doesn't bother your new boyfriend?" Serge asked.


"He knows," George told us. "Before we got too involved, I told him. I thought it would be over before it began. But, that didn't happen. When I did tell him, he told me he thought I needed a hug."


"Just let us know if you need another hug, George," Sandy added. "We are all good at hugging, I suspect."


"Thanks, guys," George said as he wiped a tear from his cheek. "Now, all I need to do is get my parents off my back. They want me to date this fucking chick!"


"That would be a definite bump in the road, I would think," Serge said. "When I came out to my parents, they went ballistic. Now, they are okay with me being gay. Not excited, but okay."


"My brother knows," George said. "When I was 16 and he was 18, he found my porn stash. That was a dead giveaway."


"At least you are partly on your way," Sandy suggested. "Does anyone else want to share some of their intimate secrets with your workgroup?"


"This is sounding like a support group, Sandy," George announced.


"So, I take it that means no," Sandy said with a smile. "Now, unless you human garbage disposals want more food, I think we need to get back to work."


We worked on our projects until a little before 2. Then, we followed Sandy into the conference room to meet with Chris. He and Bobby were already in the room.


"Welcome, guys," Chris began. "I have asked Bobby to sit in on this meeting because he will help you do the creative writing part for the proposal. In summary, the project entails creating an on demand website for movies."


"What kind of movies?" Sandy asked.


"Male S&M porn," Chris said with a smile. "Do any of you have a problem working with this?"


"Not me," Sandy announced.


"Not me, either," George echoed Sandy.


"This should be fun," Serge enthused. "Do we get an unlimited lifetime membership to the site?"


"I haven't asked," Chris answered. "John, Ralph?"


"Not a problem," I told Chris.


"I'm with Serge," Ralph added.


"Why does that not surprise me?" Chris asked. "Now, has anyone in the group had experience with on demand video?"


We all told Chris no.


"Okay, then, I am proposing that, before we write this proposal, we do some research," Chris suggested. "And, if you find any workshops—either online or instructor led—let me know. We could probably all attend an instructor led workshop if we can find one. This could lead to some big projects in the future if we develop the talent in this area. So, I am very, very willing to spend some money to get us up to speed. Suggestions?"


"Give me some keywords and I will try to find training opportunities," Bobby suggested.


"Serge," Sandy spoke up. "Why don't you work with Bobby to see what the two of you can find? You should start with Adobe. I know they have something, I just can't remember what. Avoid second tier applications. If this is to be a reliable feed, you will need the best there is. Adobe has some great training options, too. Also, look at Microsoft Azure offerings. We are a Microsoft shop, after all!"


"Will do, boss!" Serge agreed.


"Okay," Chris told the group. "Why don't we meet here on Wednesday at the same time? We can go over what Serge and Bobby will have found. And, I meant what I said. I am willing to spend money to get you guys up to speed."


On our way back to our workspace, Serge and Bobby talked and decided to use a conference room to do some basic research.


Once 5:30 hit, my work team began to leave one-by-one. I saw Serge and Bobby still in the conference room as I was on my way to the elevator.


My phone started ringing once I was outside the building. It was Noel. "John! How was your day?"


"Exciting," I told him. "Yours?"


"I don't think I can classify it as exciting, but it has been very productive and challenging," Noel told me. "Where are you now?"


"I just left work," I told him. "You?"


"I'm headed to the train now," Noel answered. "Do you want to meet at Starbucks?"


"Is the Pope Catholic?" I answered. "Sure. I'll save us a table."


"See you then, boyfriend!" Noel said as we ended the call.


I arrived at Starbuck and snagged the only open table remaining. I put my stuff on the table to secure it before I ordered my coffee. I opened my laptop and began working on one of my projects. I didn't notice Noel walk through the door.


"Hello, boyfriend," Noel greeted me.


"Shit Noel!" I exclaimed as I jumped. "I didn't know you were here. But, I am glad you are. What can I get you?"


I stood up and gave him a peck on the lips as I suggested something I knew he would want, "Dark roast?"


"Sure," Noel answered.


When I returned with Noel's coffee, we began our conversation. "So, what was so exciting about today?" Noel asked.


"We have a potential new project doing video on demand," I explained. "Chris is hoping to find some training opportunities for the team so we can go after more business like this. And, George told the workgroup he was HIV positive!"


"How did the last part happen?" Noel asked. "George has been so private about his predicament until now."


"It was sort of an accident," I said. "George was explaining his relationship with Jorge because Sandy said George was glowing. The conversation continued until George was a little spooked. He stopped talking. And, then Sandy asked if something was wrong. George spilled."


"How did the guys react?" Noel asked.


"Like the professional, nonjudgmental guys they are," I explained.


"That's good to hear," Noel said. "Now, tell me about this video project."


"It's on demand video over the Internet," I started to explain. "There is a whole industry working its way out of the woodwork."


"What kind of videos?" Noel asked.


"Gay videos," I told him.


"Gay videos?" Noel asked. "As in porn?"


"Ahem," I began. "Yea! Does that bother you?"


"This is legal, right?" Noel asked.


"Yes, of course it is legal," I protested. "Chris would never do anything that was illegal!"


"I sort of thought that might be the case," Noel acknowledged. "I think Gavin would have Chris's balls if it weren't. What kind of gay, porn videos?"


"I don't know exactly except Chris said it was S&M based movies," I said to Noel. `I hope this goes well,' I thought to myself.


"S&M based gay porn videos," Noel said quietly and slowly.


"Noel, please tell me if you are not okay with this," I pleaded. "I can asked to be taken off the project."


Noel smiled before he answered, "I only have a few questions."


"Shoot," I said to Noel.


"You are only working on the delivery of the videos and not the content?" Noel asked.


"Yes," I answered. "Next question."


"You are not going to star in the videos?" Noel asked again. At least he was smiling.


"Nope," I told him.


"Do you get lifetime unlimited access to the movies?" Noel asked with a smirk on his face.


"That has yet to be decided," I told Noel. "The other four on the team asked that very question. So, do you mean you are not opposed to me being involved in the project?" I asked.


"Let me put it this way, boyfriend," Noel said. "I don't mind if you look. I don't mind if you let me look with you, but, if you ever get involved personally without me, you will be in serious trouble. Do you understand, boyfriend?"


"Yes, SIR! Thank you, SIR!" I answered as I kissed Noel on the lips again.


"Let's take this home," Noel suggested. "I am suddenly very, very excited to see you stark naked face down on the bed!"


I grabbed Noel's hand and led him to the door. We through our cups in the trash and almost ran home.


To be continued...

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