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John's Journey Forward



"So, lover boy," I said to Noel. "How do you want to work this? Do you want to celebrate with a glass of champagne before I make love to you?"


"Nope!" Noel said emphatically. "I want you to make love to me, like, immediately. Then, we can have some bubbly! You're dick is more important to me than a glass of champagne."


I grabbed Noel's hand and led him into the bedroom. Noel positioned himself on his back and held out his hands to welcome me. I lowered myself on top of my lover and began to kiss him.


"We could do this... all night, John...!" Noel whispered between kisses. "I love you... on top of me...! I love you... kissing me...! I love the way... your skin feels... next to mine...! I'm almost ready... to pop a load...! I want... you in me...!"


"Your wish... is my... command...!" I hissed. I reached over and grabbed a condom and the lube. Once everything was in place, I took my place between my lover's legs and lined my dick up to his waiting hole. I started kissing Noel again as I began to slowly push my dick inside my lover. Once I had bottomed out I whispered in Noel's ear, "You feel... so good...! You're ass... is meant for... my dick...!"


"John?" Noel whispered.


"Yes," I answered.


"Fuck me hard, John!" Noel pleaded. "Ride my ass! Please, ride my ass!"


I slowly began to move my dick in Noel's ass. As I looked into my lover's eyes, I began to pick up the pace until I was ramming my dick with hard, fast thrusts in and out of Noel's ass. I was sweating bullets. Noel was caressing my arms as he moaned in ecstasy with every inbound thrust.


Finally, I couldn't hold back any more, "I'm going to cum, baby! I'm going to blow a load! Ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh... ahhh...!" I screamed as I shot my load into the condom. After my body finished convulsing from my orgasm, I lowered myself to rest on Noel's body. I kissed him several times.


Finally, Noel whispered into my ear. "John! That was the most fantastic sex I have ever had! I think I might need to switch to be a confirmed bottom!"


"Nope!" I whispered back. "I think I need your dick in me from time to time, just like you need mine in you!"


"I think, lover boy!" Noel again whispered. "I could use a little bubbly now. Then, I will put my dick in your ass! Then, we will eat. Then..., well you get the idea, I am certain!"


Chapter 06: Noel's Turn


After an exceptional Friday night celebration, Saturday morning kicked off another round lovemaking.


"Before we each wear off our dicks, I think we need to take a shower and grab something to eat," I said to my lover.


"You might be right," Noel agreed. "Just think our families would find us naked, in bed, and starving!"


"Come on, boyfriend," I said as I led Noel to the shower. "I'm hungry!"


We carefully washed and dried each other. I pulled on a pair of slim fit shorts and a tight t-shirt. Noel did the same. We were out on the street deciding where we were going for lunch when we ran into Mel.


"Mel!" I shrieked. "What are you doing in this part of town? Slumming it?"


"Hello, boys!" Mel responded. "I was going to call you later! John, Noel, this is Mark. Mark, these two love birds are John and Noel."


We exchanged greetings before Mel continued, "I wanted to introduce Mark to Boomerangs! He's never been to an Aids Action Committee thrift store."


"I just bought a pair of well-worn jeans," Mark added.


"They show off his assets extremely well," Mel continued. "I'm trying to find Mark a boyfriend. It has become my mission!"


"We're going to the veggie place. Do you want to join us?" I asked Mel and Mark.


"Mark?" Mel posed the question to her companion.


"I'm game!" Mark announced. "I've never had breakfast at a vegetarian restaurant."


"It will be an experience, we promise!" Noel added.


Once we were seated and ordered our food, Mel continued to introduce Mark. "Mark is a doctor who recently joined Fenway Health Center. He was working at Umass Medical Center before he started with us."


"I needed out of Worcester," Mark explained. "Worcester might be the second largest city in the state, but it is certainly NOT like Boston. I had interviews in New York and Chicago, but I didn't think I was ready for that kind of change. What do the two of you do?"


"I'm working for a website developer," I told Mark.


"I write advertising copy at a place in the financial district," Noel told Mark.


"Tell them the news!" I encourage Noel to explain his interview.


"I have an interview with Haney Dawson. It's the largest and most prestigious advertising firms in Boston," Noel said proudly. "John and I bumped into the owner of John's website firm, Chris, at Starbucks almost a month ago. He was with his boyfriend, Gavin. Gavin is VP Creative Director at Haney Dawson."


"Congratulations, Noel!" Mel enthused.


"It's an interview. Now, I only hope I don't blow the interview!" Noel explained.


"Who is interviewing you?" Mark asked.


"I'm meeting with Gavin at 10 am on Wednesday," Noel explained. "I don't know who else will be involved."


"Isn't that a coup on your part?" Mel asked. "I always started the interview process at the bottom of the barrel and worked my way up. Sometimes I never even made it to the next rung of the ladder!"


"I can only hope!" Noel answered. "All I know is Gavin's assistant made the appointment with me. She told me to bring a portfolio of work. John and I will attack that after breakfast."


"If you don't mind me asking, how did you guys meet?" Mark asked.


"In a support group at Aids Action Committee," I told Mark. "I thought he was cute when I first met him. Then, he grew on me!"


"I'll bet he was not the only thing that grew on you!" Mel announced.


"Is she always this forward?" Mark asked us.


"Yup!" I answered. "Be prepared!"


"You know, John!" Mel began. "It just occurred to me in some very, very sadistic way that Pedro actually did you a favor by passing along the HIV infection. You met this wonderful guy, you found your dream job as a website developer, and your boyfriend might wind up working for one of the most prestigious advertising firms in Boston. I'm not saying it is worth the hassle, but you would have never been in the right place at the right time!"


"I've never said it out loud, Mel," I agreed. "But I have thought that my most harrowing experience so far in life has turned into a dream! I love this man. I love my job. And, if Noel gets his job, it will be icing on the cake!"


"Now, we are just waiting on the meds to kick in, right John?" Noel asks.


"Yes!" I enthused. "Jake made us promise to wait until we were undetectable."


"Jake is a smart guy!" Mark agreed. "Even then, be careful! That's all I am going to say."


"What kind of medicine do you practice at Fenway?" I asked.


"I'm a primary care doctor," Mark explained. "My practice is extremely varied, and I serve an enormously diverse population."


"Mark speaks fluent Spanish, French, Italian, and a lot of others fairly well," Mel offered. "He is a real asset."


After other conversation, we had eaten and were preparing to leave. Mel offered her advice to Noel, "Noel. When you are at your interview, just be yourself. You will do fine. No nervousness, okay?"


"I'll do my best not to be nervous," Noel answered. "John and I are going to practice deep breathing exercises and hit the gym. Maybe I can work up enough courage so I won't be nervous!"


"Good luck!" Mark said to us as we parted company.




Noel was trying to remain calm as we left the apartment on Wednesday prior to his job interview with Gavin at Haney Dawson. He didn't want to be late, so he left with me at 8 am even though his interview was not until 10 am.


"I will call you when I am finished with the interview," Noel told me. "I assume I will be finished at least by noon, wouldn't you think?"


"Maybe," I reassured him. "I think you will have a terrific interview. Your portfolio looks terrific and very professional. But, please remember what Mel told you, just be yourself."


"Thanks for your support, John," Noel said to me. "I don't think I would be this calm if it weren't for you!"


Noel continued on the Red Line after I hopped off the train at Kendall Square. Chris arrive at the office the same time I did.


"How's Noel this morning?" Chris asked with a huge grin spreading across his face.


"A little nervous," I told Chris. "Mel told him last Saturday when we saw her to just be himself. I reminded him of that this morning. So, I'm keeping my fingers crossed."


"Gavin will put him at ease," Chris reassured me. "He calms me down the moment I see him after a stressful day at work. He has that effect on most people he encounters."


"Let's hope it works for Noel," I told Chris as I headed to my workspace and Chris headed to his.


Sandy had already arrived and was at his laptop sipping a cup of coffee. When he saw me come in, he turned to me and smiled, "You look perky this morning! Something must be going right!"


"Noel has an interview this morning with Gavin at Hanley Dawson," I proudly announce. "Noel is, to say the least, excited!"


"I would suggest you keep your phone handy," Sandy explains. "If he is anything like my boyfriend, he will be calling and will want to talk to you about the outcome."


"You might be right," I agreed with Sandy.


I was deeply involved in a project and hadn't noticed the time until my phone rang. It was noon time. "Hello, Noel!"


"John! I need to make this quick," an excited Noel announced. "Gavin has invited me to lunch with a few people who work for him. So, I can't talk long."


"How are things progressing?" I asked.


"Everything seems to be moving along in a positive way," Noel explained. "I spent about 90 minutes with Gavin. He had me write some copy for a new project. He liked it. He said it was very creative."


"Terrific, Noel!" I told my boyfriend. "Remember, just be yourself and you will be a hit!"


"Thanks, babe!" Noel said. "I have to run. I'll call you as soon as I am finished here!"


"Bye, babe!" I told Noel as we ended the call.


I looked up and saw Sandy looking my way, "How is it going?"


"Well, I can safely say he is excited," I told Sandy. "He has been asked to go to lunch with Gavin and a few others."


"I would take that as a very positive sign," Sandy added. "Speaking of lunch! Do you want to join me at the bagel shop downstairs? I have a new project I want to run by you. We can get sustenance as well as talk."


"Sure!" I agreed with Sandy.


After we had talked at lunch, Sandy asked me to finish up a project I was working on before moving on to the one we had discussed. I was almost finished when my phone began to ring. It was Noel and it was almost 4 in the afternoon.


"Hello, babe!" I said as I answered the phone.


"John!" Noel almost screamed into the phone. "Gavin hired me! I need to turn in my letter of resignation. He wants me to start as soon as possible! I need to give my old place two weeks' notice! Shit John! I am going to be working at Haney Dawson!"


"Congratulations, babe!" I gleefully tell Noel. "I told you that you would be a hit!"


"I called you as soon as I walked out of the building," Noel continued. "I'm still sort of in a daze about all of this. I never expected to be hired today!"


"So, what do you want to do to celebrate?" I asked my very excited boyfriend.


"Let me think about it. Can I call you in about 30 minutes?" Noel asked.


"Of course!" I reassured Noel. "Whatever you want to do is fine with me!"


When I hung up the phone, Sandy turned to me. "I guess things went well!"


"They hired him!" I told Sandy. "He's out of his mind with happiness! He's like a kid in a candy store!"


My phone was ringing again. It was Chris. "Hello!"


"John, could you come into my office for a moment?" Chris asked.


"Sure, I'll be there in a second," I said as I hurried to Chris's office.


Chris was sitting on the edge of his desk. He was smiling, "I take it you heard from John!"


"Yes!" I told Chris. "He is going almost hysterical with excitement!"


"I just talked to Gavin. Here," Chris said as he handed me an envelope. "Open it."


I slipped the envelop open. There was a company American Express card with my name on it. "What?"


"I was waiting on the appropriate time to give this to you," Chris explained. "Everyone in the company has one. I think you need to use it tonight when you take Noel out to celebrate. I've also made reservations for the two of you at Bondir at 8 pm. I hope you won't mind the presumption on my part!"


"Mind! Shit no!" I told Chris. "You don't need to do this, you know?"


"I don't need to, but I just did it," Chris told me. "Have a good time tonight. And, please tell Noel congratulations for me. Oh! Wait! I just saw a very happy young man walk through the door. I think he may be looking for you!"


I turned around to see Noel heading down the hallway. "Noel!" I called out to him. When he was close, I pulled him in for a hug, "Congratulations!"


"Thanks," Noel answered. "I hope you don't mind that I stopped by your workplace."


"He doesn't mind," Chris interrupted. "He was leaving work early, weren't you, John?"


"I am?" I asked and then it hit me. "Yea! I am! We are going out to dinner tonight! I'll explain later. Thanks, Chris! Let's go back so I can get my stuff."


While we were in my work area, I introduced him to Sandy and the gang. I grabbed my backpack and we were out the door!


"Where are we going to dinner?" Noel asked as we made our way to the T station.


"Bondir," I announced. I waited for his reaction.


"Can we afford that?" Noel asked.


"Chris gave me my company American Express card today," I tell Noel. "He made the reservation and told me to put dinner on the card!"


"Wow!" Noel enthused. "It's terrific to work with nice people, isn't it?"


"Yea!" I said to John as we hopped off the train at Central Square. "Do you want to go to Starbucks so we can talk about your day?"


"No!" Noel said. "I want to go home, strip to our Calvin Klein's, and look at my beautiful half naked boyfriend while I tell him about my day."


"So, you're not going to touch?" I ask with a pouty face.


"I didn't say I wasn't going to touch," Noel said. "I not a monk! I'm just a very happy creative writer on the design team at Haney Dawson. And, I happen to have a very sexy boyfriend."


We quickly removed our work clothes and hung them in the closet before we headed to the living room. We were settled on the sofa when I began our conversation, "Tell me all about your incredible day! I want to know everything!"


Noel turned to face me. "Okay! When I got there this morning, Gavin was waiting for me in the reception area. He took me to his office where we spent the next hour talking about my background and his team at Haney Dawson. Gavin told me about a project one of his teams was working on and asked me to writing something about it. It took me 15 minutes and I was done. He loved it!"


"Why does it not surprise me?" I told Noel. "And, just as Mel said, be yourself and you will do fine!"


"Then, when he took me out to lunch, Gavin asked three of his creative account managers to join us," Noel continued excitedly "They had a little huddle after lunch, and then Gavin and I talked about what the job would entail. That's when he told me he wanted to offer me a job! I almost lost my lunch, but I held it together. He took me to HR to fill out the mounds of paperwork. And, when I was finished with HR, Gavin brought one of the guys from lunch into his office. His name is Terrance Littleton. I have been assigned to work with him on some major accounts. As you probably know by now, I would have jumped at the chance to work at Haney Dawson even if it were a lateral move in terms of pay. However, that is not the case. I will be making more than doubled my current salary."


"Holy shit!" I say to Noel. "Maybe we should have gotten a bigger apartment!"


"No way, boyfriend," Noel insists. "I like living here with you! I would like living with you under a bridge if we had too, but this place is just fine. Maybe we can actually save a little money and buy a place in a year or two."


"Congratulations, sweetie!" I tell Noel as I gave him a kiss.


"More!" Noel insisted. "I want more!"


"What if I were to take you into the bedroom and play with your body?" I asked.


Noel put my hand on his crotch. His dick was growing. "I like that idea, but I thought you'd never ask!"




My phone started ringing around 3 pm on Thursday afternoon—the day after Noel was offered a job at Haney Dawson. It was Noel, "Hello, babe! What's happening?"

"I'm on my way home," Noel gleefully announced. "I hadn't realized the people I used to work for were such assholes!"


"What do you mean?" I asked.


"When I turned in my letter of resignation, my boss went straight to his boss who went straight to HR," Noel began to explain. "They were hoping I had signed a non-compete agreement when I started to work there. I didn't because I was considered entry level and not a threat to the organization. That really set off the fireworks. They cut a check for three week's pay plus earned vacation pay and sick time. I was escorted out of the building! I am a free man!"


"Congratulations!" I effused. "Did you have a chance to say good bye to your co-workers?"


"Nope!" Noel declared. "When they were escorting me out of the office, there were a lot of stares as the parade marched to the exit. I have three e-mails from the three nice people I work with. They were trying to figure out what happened. I can't wait to tell them I took a job with Haney Dawson!"


"I suspect that tomorrow you will be the topic of conversation at the water cooler!" I tell Noel my thoughts. "So, what are you going to do now?"


"I am heading to the bank to deposit my new found wealth," Noel announced. "Then, I am going to Starbucks in Central Square to await the arrival of my boyfriend! I should also send my former co-workers a synopsis of what happened today so they can spread the word at the office!"


"I'll be there as soon as I can, sweetie," I told Noel. "I am wrapping up a project and then I'll be on my way around 5."


"See you, babe!" Noel said as he ended the call.


"I take it they asked Noel to leave immediately," Serge, my workmate, said after I had hung up the phone.


"Yup!" I answered. "I don't have the full story yet, but, from the summary that Noel just described, I think they were pissed!"


I finally finished showing my completed project to Sandy at 4:55 in the afternoon. I gathered my stuff and headed off to meet Noel.


As I entered Starbucks, I saw Noel sitting at a table near the rear of the coffee shop. "Hello, cutie!" I said to my now smiling boyfriend.


Noel stood up and we hugged one another. "Can I get you something else?" I asked Noel.


"Maybe a refill!" Noel answered as I scooped up his cup and headed toward the counter. When I returned, I sat next to Noel.


"So, tell me every detail," I urged.


"It is a simple story, really," Noel began. "I gave my boss Michael my letter of resignation right after lunch. His jaw dropped when he read it. He asked me where I was going to work. When I told him that I accepted a position at Haney Dawson, he almost spit out the swig of water he had just taken. He told me to stay where I was sitting, and he went off to tell his boss. His boss, the bitch from Idaho, Tina, came storming into Michael's office screaming about how I couldn't work for Haney Dawson because of the non-compete contract I signed when I started working for them. I told her I didn't sign a non-compete contract because I was hired as an entry level copy editor. She stormed off to HR while she left Michael with specific instructions that I was not to leave his office. She was even angrier when she returned with the HR rep following in her footsteps. She was screaming that I was going to be fired for insubordination. The HR rep quickly put that tactic to rest saying that I had already turned in my letter of resignation."


Noel paused to take a sip of coffee. He was smiling as he continued his description, "The HR rep told me that she would have my check ready in 30 minutes for three weeks' pay plus another check for accumulated vacation, sick, and personal days. One of the managing partners of the firm, Dean, came to Michael's office to talk to me. I told him the whole story. By the time the HR rep returned with my check and the paperwork I needed to sign, Dean had given Tina the boot on the spot! Dean shook my hand and escorted me to my work area. I gathered up my stuff. Then, Dean and Michael escorted me to the door. And, here I am talking to my boyfriend!"


"Sounds like an exciting afternoon!" I told Noel.


"Yea!" Noel agreed. "The best part was seeing the look on Tina's face when she was told that she was fired!"


"When are you going to tell your family the good news?" I asked.


"I'm going to call Manuel when we get home," Noel answered. "I thought I would ask his advice about how to go about spreading the word of my good fortune. He and Kerry will be excited for me. I think Jorge will too. My mother will try to dash my excitement by telling me I need to be wary of all the fairies at places like Haney Dawson."


"I get the picture," I said to Noel. "Would you want to tell Manuel and Kerry about your new job over dinner at our place on Saturday?"


"We could, but I think I would burst with excitement if I had to wait until Saturday to tell him," Noel explained.


"I understand," I tell Noel. "But, why don't we invite them over to, one, celebrate your new job, and, two, show them our new apartment!"


"Good idea," Noel agreed. "Shall we dash? I want to see you in your Calvin Klein underwear!"


"You are going to talk to your brother while the two of us are sitting in the living room in our underwear?" I ask.


"Yup! It's our living room!" Noel says with a smile on his face.


We toss our cups in the trash and head home. After we were undressed and sitting in the living room, Noel maked the call to his brother, Manuel.


"Hey! Bro! How's it going?" Manuel greets Noel.


"Terrific!" Noel effuses. "I have some really big news that I wanted to share with you."


"Let me guess! You and John are engaged!" Manuel guesses.


"Nope!" Noel responded. "I haven't even introduced him to the rest of the family, let alone announce he and I are engaged."


"Okay," Manuel said. "If you don't mind, can I put Kerry on the phone, too?"


"Absolutely!" Noel agrees.


"Hi Noel, John!" Kerry greets us. "So, what is the big news?"


"I accepted a new job as creative writer at Haney Dawson," Noel enthused.


"Ah! Isn't that like the biggest advertising agency in the city?" Kerry asked.


"It's actually the 5th largest in the country," Noel explained. "We have offices in Boston, New York City, San Francisco, and LA."


"Key question," Manuel interrupted. "More money?"


"Yup," Noel said as he smiled at me. "Double my former salary!"


"Holy shit!" Manuel exclaimed. "I wouldn't tell our mother. Money is, after all, evil!"


"So I've heard," Noel sighed. "Several times. Money ranks right up there with gay people."


"Are you guys busy next Saturday?" I asked.


"No, why?" Kerry asked.


"We want to invite you two to join us for dinner at our apartment," I suggested to Manuel and Kerry. "You haven't seen our place yet!"


"We'd love to!" Manuel enthused. "What time and what can we bring?"


"How about 7 pm and nothing," I added.


"We will be there promptly at 7!" Kerry responded.


"And, Noel," Manuel began. "We are really, really proud of you! We know you are going to be very successful. For a firm like Haney Dawson to even think of hiring you is a compliment to your talent!"


"Thanks," Noel said quietly. "It means a lot to me that you are excited for me... and for John, too!"


After a few more pleasantries, we ended the call.


"That felt good!" Noel admitted to me. "Now, we have a little time before we need to get dinner ready. I was hoping my boyfriend would be interested in some serious kissy face and body ravaging! That would feel even better!"



To be continued...


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