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"Just What I Ordered"

The date was set, the plans had been made, and I was gonna do all that I could to enjoy myself. I was approaching 30 fast, and you know how the 'whispers' begin when you're 30 years old, unmarried, not dating, and don't have any kids to call your own. I guess that minding your own business is just TOO fucking hard for some people to manage. But, you know...whatever. I guess I couldn't hold on to the silent attraction for younger guys forever, right? I was going to have to abandon it eventually, right? I was gonna have to just give it up and find a socially suitable mate that would make the rest of the 'world' happy. If I don't do's a nail in my social coffin. A total exposure of everything I am to a group of unsuspecting 'tourists' who are expecting me to be one thing when I'm another. Long story. But not having a recent history with any particular lady is a definite 'no no' in my family's eyes. It's like a big glittering Vegas marquee with the words 'I'm Totally GAY' sprawled across it. I knew way back in high school that this day would come. The day when I would have to stop making excuses and just...sighhhh...dive into the real world, I suppose. A world full of white picket fences, kids who bear your last name, and proud grandparents who are just waiting for me to deliver on the 'sperm donor' part of my existence. That pressured obligation to perform and continue on with the family name.

That's me, Gary the seed factory. sucks...but you kinda agree to God's master plan just by waking up every morning. So I'm kinda stuck with it. Stuck with a legacy that doesn't really fit me at all, but it's mine regardless. What else can I do? Right?

I've been approached by many females in my life and at my job over the years, and have basically blushed and giggled my way into being sought after by girls looking for an eligible bachelor like me to stick his sexual finger in their biological clock to stop it from ticking beyond 'doomsday'. I've purposely invaded the 'friend zone' with girls just to avoid the obvious attempts to turn our relationship into something more. I guess that I'm kinda used to evading the issue at this point. But it couldn't last forever. I'm far from being ugly, and I actually like the attention I get from women, even if it comes from them MUCH more often than from my chosen focus of attraction. Yeah...I like boys, teens mostly, so what? I'm trying my best to fix it, just give me a chance. It'll work. I just KNOW it will! I'll get myself a girlfriend, and I'll prove to my family that I'm normal, and I'll finally get a chance to live that American dream that everybody is trying to achieve. How hard could it be to find a girl to love? I mean, my sexuality is a small price to pay for a continuation of the human race and my family name. It would be selfish of me to do anything different.

The thing is....the girl in front of me, Monica...she doesn't seem to be the one. It was a date set up by a friend of mine. We had been working together, and he told me that she thought I was really cute. He figured it would be a great idea to get us together. Hell, even my horoscope said to be on the lookout for opportunities in love today. But, from the moment I picked her up in the car, I knew that she wasn't the one'change me over' to the right team. It's not that she wasn't pretty, because she was. It's not that she wasn't intelligent, because she was. And it certainly wasn't because she didn't have any real sex appeal..because, despite my attractions, I could see that she was a dynamite woman in every sense of the word. But......

Sigh.....but.... JUST wasn't what I wanted. She didn't have those sweet, full, boyish lips that I wanted to kiss. She didn't have the firm, round, bubbled ass that I wanted to grip with a strong hand. She didn't have the flat, lickable chest and tiny pink nipples that I wanted to taste. And...well...even though she was what most would consider a 'hottie'..she wasn't blessed with the right 'equipment' between her leg to really excite me. I have nothing against women at all...but, just thinking about a boy with that hot, throbbing, hard and pulsing and ready to explode in my mouth after sucking it to the point of release..sighhhh...I don't know if there's a woman out there that can replace that feeling of sensual delight for me. Certainly not Monica. Maybe not anybody. And it sucks, because my attractions aren't really 'acceptable' to the other people who are a part of my life. So...I had to grin and bear it. It was a waste of time, I suppose...but it won't be that bad. At least I can say that I was out with a girl, and still look straight. Just 'picky'. I didn't want to be a jackass and walk out on my date. Besides, maybe she's got something that I haven't seen yet, right? Maybe she'll totally impress me by the time we order our food. Conversation can always turn the tide in these situations, and I'll need that a lot more than just sex in a long lasting relationship. So, I really hope that she's got something fascinating to tell me. And soon.

"What are you in the mood for?" I asked her, attempting to keep the conversation moving.

"I don't know, Gary. There aren't a whole lot of vegetarian options on this menu."

I paused for a second. "You're...a vegetarian. Ahhh, nobody told me that."

She looked almost apologetic. "I'm sorry. Yeah, I can't stand meat at all Well, maybe fish, but only once in a while."

Me being an almost 'religious' meat eater, I certainly hope she doesn't expect me to chew lettuce with all of this deliciously cooked animal options in here. Do I order something different? Will she be offended? Will she sit across from me and make faces with every bite I take? Most of the vegetarians I know are pretty cool with the idea, but I know a few that will take great joy in telling me, at length, just how my dinner was abused, slaughtered, and fried up for my benefit. Which would be bad. Maybe I should just order pasta.

"You know, you still have that mark on your fingernail from earlier. I've got some tissue if you need to wipe it off..." She offered, seeing a small, discreet letter 'C' on my middle finger.

"No, it's ok. It's..." She won't understand, I'm sure. So I made something up. "...It's just my way of remembering to do something later. That's all." Somehow, bringing up the fact that I've been reading gay fiction on a website online that was celebrating it's anniversary this week seemed to be a dating 'no no'.

"Well, if you say so." She replied. "Still, it looks a bit out of place. I think it's nice to see a man who takes good care of his hands."

"I'll keep that in mind." I said, and pulled my hand back a bit to prevent any further discussion of it.

I kept looking at her eyes, her lips, even her breasts. She really was attractive. I'm sure that other guys in the room were looking over at our table, and thinking about what a lucky guy I am to have this gorgeous lady sitting down to dinner with me. It's not that I didn't notice. far as a connection was concerned, it wasn't really happening. I like action and sci-fi movies...she asks me if I've seen "27 Dresses". I like good music...and she only owns like ten CDs. All Billboard top ten stuff She says she 'only' buys music that wins Grammy's, so she waits until they tell her what to buy. In case you didn't know, to any REAL fan of music, that's about the most BLASPHEMOUS comment you could ever let leave your face. I like meat, she doesn't. I like camping, she hates bugs. I think the ONLY thing we had in common was that we both liked men!

God knows I tried, but it was becoming that we had pretty much used up all of our 'comfortable conversation' in the car on the way over here. Sighhhh...I should have done this dating stuff in high school. Back when all you had to do was stimulate my already raging hormones to be considered a 'good time'. Now I have...standards, and requirements, likes and dislikes...this kinda thing gets a LOT more selective once you've actually discovered who you are and what you want.

"Good evening, how are you folks doing tonight?" Our waiter came over to greet us, ad I must admit...I was caught off guard. "Hi." He said again, as he looked me in the eye.

He almost didn't look old enough to be working there, but there was something about him that let you know that he was probably a few years older than he looked. But ONLY a few. He was extremely thin, his belt on its last loop on his narrow hips, his crisp white shirt was pressed and creased around his thin arms, and everything fit him as though it was designed for his body alone. He had a really boyish blond haircut, and dark brown eyes that demanded attention whether you wanted to stare or not. And his eyelashes were long enough to be almost feminine. His smile had such a flirtatious tilt to it, but I think it was unintentional. As was the rest of his beauty. As I looked up at his face, I noticed that he was almost 'pretty', with soft, tender, skin, and a subtle 'roll' of sensuality in his voice. "My name is Jamie, I'll be your waiter tonight. Can I start you guys off with an appetizer or any drinks?" He had a bit of a girlish way about him. His movements and gestures were the kind that would scare most 'well meaning' fathers into putting him into sports instantly, hoping to 'butch' him up a bit. was really hard not to stare.

" you know what you want?" I asked...uh...what's her name again? MONICA! I knew that!

" you have anything else without meat in it whatsoever?"

The boy bent over and looked at the menu with her. I didn't want to peek a his ass, but I did anyway. Hehehe, it was as slim and dainty as the rest of his waifish frame. But I liked it. It was like a puckering pair of lips, creating the sweetest little 'hump' in the back of his black slacks. "There's a really good portabella mushroom here if you want to try that out? I hear it's excellent."

"They don't cook that anywhere near the meat, do they?" She asked.

The waiter smiled gently, thinking that maybe she was kidding, but he hid it when he realized she was serious. "Um...I don't believe so. But I can find out for you." He said, and then he looked over at me, and his grin grew slightly. "Anything for you, sir?"

The way he looked at you, the way he talked to was like he was instantly in love. But, again...I don't think he could help it. It was just this subconscious broadcasting of passion that radiated from him whenever he spoke to you. It was almost intimidating. "Me? Uhhh...well, can you give us a few more minutes?" I asked.

He said, "Sure thing. I'll be back shortly. And I'll find out about the mushroom for you ma'am. Ok?" He stood up and gave me one last look, those big fawn-like brown eyes creating a 'jitter' in me that I don't think I've experienced since high school. He walked away from the table, and I did my best not to gaze at him so shamelessly as he did.

"I hope they don't cook that mushroom by the meat. Some places really don't care, you know?" Monica said.

"Yeah." I mumbled, sorta nodding my head as I took another peek at our waiter. He turned to open the door to the kitchen with the back of his shoulders, and when he did...he looked directly at me. With a tender smile on his fine pink lips.

I didn't know how to take it. He was pretty, that it was hard to figure out whether it was his actions that were making me fall into such an infatuated spin...or if I was doing it all on my own. It was something that I wanted to brush aside, but my heart wouldn't let me. Because as quick as this blindsiding event was unusually strong. I mean, I didn't know ANYTHING about this kid, who was MAYBE 19 years old at best, and I had only laid on eyes on him for the first time less than three minutes ago. I don't know what had me so shaken up, and so quickly...but it didn't take long for me to realize that...this was the kind of feeling that I wanted to have when I was on a date with someone. This was the kind of attraction I wanted to entertain.

And BOY, was it ever entertaining.

I attempted to talk to Monica in short, controlled, eyes still focused on the door to the kitchen. And then, I felt my heart jump slightly as 'Jamie' came back into the dining area and headed for our table. He seemed even more perfect now than he did when I was forced to take my eyes off of him. He smiled at me as he approached the table, and then told Monica, "I asked, and they said it's cool. No meat. Nowhere near the meat. So you're all good. Would you like to order it?" He was so polite. And in the sweetest way. She ordered the mushroom, and then Jamie turned to look at me, and suddenly it looked like he was trying to hold back a grin as he attempted to be professional. "And you...sir?" His voice softened ever so slightly, and I felt my growing infatuation with him swell even further.

" know what? I didn't even...look at the menu." I admitted sheepishly.

"Oh, Gary...just pick something." Monica said.

It was almost as if Jamie's eyes flashed a bit when he heard my name. I think he made sure to 'record' it somewhere in the back of his mind. "You know, I could...reccommend something for you, if you like?" He asked. He was such a little gentleman, and it was adorable to me. He moved to my side of the table, and leaned over again, but this time he seemed really close. And as he reached to point a few things on the menu, he lightly rested his hand on my shoulder. I think I jerked initially from the contact, but made my best effort to pretend that I didn't notice. His touch was so soft. Almost 'experimental' if he wasn't sure how I'd react to being touched. "We have a variety of chicken dinners, if you want to try one of those." He said, turning his head slightly. I could almost kiss his lips from here. I swear...just 12 inches closer, and we'd literally be making out.

"Um...chicken's good." I smiled, and he let a bit of a grin cross his lickable lips as well, a touch of a ink blush creeping into his cheeks.

He looked back down at the menu, and I felt his touch on my shoulder become a bit more confident, and his thumb moved back and forth across it. Just one time, but it gave me a warm shiver...and I knew this wasn't all just happening in my imagination. "We have a really good grilled chicken here, served with rice..." His thumb moved again on my shoulder, down in back where Monica couldn't see it. And I sighed a bit as I fought the urge to nuzzle my lips into the nape of his warm, tender neck. "Or, if you want the chicken parmesan, it's a little bit more filling..." He smelled good. I could literally smell the fragrance of fabric softener on the collar of his shirt, mixed with the lingering scent of his shampoo. It was angelically sweet. They way you'd expect Summer sunshine to smell after a midnight rain. "The chicken parmesan is probably my favorite. I think you'd like it." Jamie said, as he turned his head slightly and smiled. Not a full smile...just enough to convey the message. His eyes slid down a bit, to look at my lips, and then he swiftly looked back into my eyes.

"Yeah. That sounds good. I think I'd like that a lot." I said, and felt a definite stirring in my pants as he stood back up to write the order down in his little notepad.

"Cool. Well, I'll get them started on that right away, k?" He told us. "Do you guys want any fresh bread or water or anything?"

"No thanks. We're fine." I said, almost whispering now as I did all I could to keep my attraction under wraps. Somehow though, I don't think I was doing too good a job at hiding it from him. This was turning out to be an awesome date after all! Geez, I hope he's not just working me for a tip

The next ten to fifteen minutes...I doubt that I absorbed a single word that Monica said to me. In fat, I almost prided myself on sounding like I was listening when I really wasn't. Instead, I was watching Jamie take care of his other tables. Serving them, smiling at them, helping the busboys cleaning them off as he got their check. What waiter helps his busboys clean the table? Huh? That alone is a sweet enough personality trait to know that he's just a hell of a good guy. Right? I mean, I couldn't help but study him. It was the only real 'connection' that I had to him. The only way to even pretend that I knew anything about him. Besides, I wanted to see if he was 'flirting' with any of his other customers tonight. To be honest, I think I might have been slightly let down if I saw him treating anyone else the way he treated me. He had me sitting here feeling all special and cute, and I'd be seriously envious of anybody else that got the same treatment at this point. But...I was happily surprised to find that he was just...'doing his job' when it came to the other diners in the restaurant. And that made me feel good. Especially during those few moments when he finished helping his table, and would look up to meet my eyes with a smile. A few times he walked over to ask if everything was ok, just to make sure that I wasn't trying to get his attention. But, in truth, I just couldn't keep my eyes off of him, and he couldn't seem to keep his eyes off of me either. And when he'd take a little glance over at me...he'd smile, and build a major blush that you could see from a distance. It only made his previously 'pretty' appearance that much more alluring. Much more than my 'date's', that's for sure.

WHAT??? He was addictive! What can I say? He was the most sexually appealing boy that I had seen in years! Everything about him was emotionally stimulating. I took a few chances and made sure to smile at him, causing him to squirm girlishly on his feet, and rush back into the kitchen before I got to hold our eye contact for too long. He was obviously gay, at least he was to me. But to anyone who looked at him closely enough could see it. It wasn't really a 'secret'. He was...a little 'sissy-fied'. But that made him REALLY hot to me in so many ways. He was so fragile and frail, so pretty and cute, so slight and bashful...he had this invisible quality that needed protecting. Cuddling. And he looked like he was searching for someone to be that special guy for him. Like....he just wanted to...curl up beside someone and just allow them to hug him close and snug like a second skin.

And wow....I can't tell you how much I wanted to be that person.

Soon, Jamie brought out our food, and I had to sit up straight just to prepare for having him talk to me again. I felt like such a kid again, swooning over a teenage waiter. But it was like this sudden enhancement of 'life', where my instincts were allowed to guide my stare in his direction, and every happy feeling I've ever had was suddenly entertained.

The tray he was carrying looked almost too big for him to hold up on his wrist, but despite the threatening tilt of the tray, he carried it like a pro, without a single missed step. He set it down on the table's edge, and I watched his bright brown eyes greet me with a nod. " you guys be careful, because the plate's are kinda hot." It's so inappropriate for me to be imagining him with his shirt off right now. "One Portabella mushroom...cooked as far away from meat as our kitchen would allow." He grinned, and Monica smiled as he set it down in front of her. " chicken parmesan...for Gary." He remembered my name? I think I kinda lifted my eyebrows slightly in surprise, and he turned really red in the face when he sat it down. He giggled to himself, looked me in the eye, and said, "'s hot." He's still flirting! This was so...WILD! What the hell was going on here? Was this a joke? Are there cameras around here? If so, I'm not signing any releases!

"Thanks...Jamie." I made sure to say his name, and his shoulders folded slightly from the compliment. As unreal as all of this was, I LIKED it. And I don't think I've ever wanted this kind of thing to be more....'acceptable'. If he had been a girl...if I had been into girls...this would be a sweeping romantic story that we could one day tell our grandkids about. Instead, it'll probably end up as some long lost regret that I end up telling a therapist when I'm even older than I am now. Still...he was awfully pretty to look at.

"So, can I get you guys anything else? Parmesan Cheese, or pepper, know, whatever?"

"I think that's about it, thank you." Monica said politely, and we both looked over at her as we silently cursed her for breaking our moment.

Jamie stood there awkwardly for a second or two, as though he was looking for something else to say. I wish I had something to ask for, just to keep him there for a bit longer. I'd hide my napkin on the floor under the table if I thought I could get him to bring me another one.

Or maybe...crawl under there and get it back for me himself...

Ok, that was way out of line. I should stop that.

"Ok...well..." Jamie shifted on his foot a bit, and smiled at me again. "Let me know if you guys need anything."

He walked back towards the kitchen, but took another glance over his shoulder before going in. I had to talk to this boy! I HAD to! I don't care if I had to dump this whole plate of pasta on Monica's shirt...I was gonna say something! If I leave tonight, I just know that I'll never see him again! I just know it!

"You know what? I think our waiter's a little 'bent'." Monica said, and then she actually giggled out loud. Giggled! I mean, I don't think that she meant it as a harmful comment or anything, but it suddenly took me right back to Junior high and high school, where being 'different' was a death wish, and being called a fag was the worst punishment that cruel kids could ever create. I thought of every roughhousing jock I ever had to hide from, every 'manly' event I was ever forced to participate in, and then I thought about all of the hard times and confusing feelings that poor Jamie had to go through, just to feel worthy of being loved by much of ANYONE...and it just made me sick to hear it. Seriously. 'Bent'? Is that what she said? Is THAT how she put it? As far as I was concerned, that was the end of this date. I don't think of her as a bad person, and I'm a straight guy, she'd be a perfect catch. God bless her. But to me? The rest of the pleasantries was basically a waste of both of our times. So might as well just eat, go home, and take the loss in my wallet as a strong lesson learned.

I guess the world will have to wait a bit longer to make me as 'normal' as everybody else, huh?

Jamie continued to check up on us all throughout our dinner date. Probably more than any other waited would. And each visit to our table was accompanied by a level of flirtatious eye contact that made me feel like a total 'rock star' the whole time I was there. And I'd like to think that I returned the message with enough of a favorable 'wink' to warrant him giving me more. I don't think my heart was ever so happy to be so confused as it was tonight. And when we finished eating, I was almost disappointed to think that I'd have to ask him for the check.

Sure, he came to get our plates, just as he had with the other tables...but I think he was just as sad to see us go. "Here's your check. I hope that everything was ok." He said, and purposely handed me the small folder with the check inside. Which was odd, because these days, waiters always put the check in the middle of the table. It's a 'neutral' position, where anyone, man, woman, or child, can reach for it and pay the bill, without any assumptions being made by their server. Not only that, but he handed me the folder open, and swiftly hurried away without looking back.

I looked down at the bill in front of me, and it looked like his employee discount had been added to the total. Not only that, but he left a very discreet note, scribbled out legibly on receipt paper. It said:

I know this is forward, but if you want, call me! I get off at 10 PM tonight! K? This is Jamie...."

And at the bottom, was a letter 'C' drawn in blue.

Did he see it? Did he see my mark? Does he me?

There's no way! He's....he's YOUNG! SO young! And he's gorgeous! The kind of cute that boys of every age would slit their mother's THROAT to get with! And I'm supposed to believe that he wants...ME?

Monica started to slide out from her seat, and I put my credit card into the folder, keeping the piece of paper to myself. When Jamie returned, he seemed nervous. In fact, his hand was literally trembling when he picked up the folder to take it back for payment. "Thanks...." He said quietly, blushing and walking away to take it back to his station for payment. I watched him open it up, and when he saw his note missing, he began to look for it a bit more. Then he looked up, and I smiled at him. Hehehe, if only I could have a picture of the look on his face when his smiling mouth dropped open slightly, and his eyes brightened up. It was absolutely priceless.

He quickly tallied up our bill, and nearly skipped back to our table to give it to us. "Here you go. You to have a good night, ok?" He said, and I made sure to give him a grin that let him know that I appreciated his...'service' tonight. He was so busy looking over his shoulder at me when he walked away, that he nearly bumped into a another waitress coming out with a plate of food. Thank goodness he was quick enough to avoid said collision...but it made me chuckle to myself to see it.

I made sure to leave an almost 50% tip on the bill, and then escorted Monica to the door. I looked back, hoping to see just ONE more glimpse of this boy who had so easily captured my affections, such luck. Ah well, at least we'll always

I swear, even the mellow speed of night time traffic wasn't fast enough for me to get Monica home. If I thought that I could just slow down and have her jump from the moving car without getting hurt, that would have been the plan. Sure, there was a part of me that didn't want to come right out and SAY that I didn't have any interest in her at all...but that was just downright rude. Besides, I still LIKED her a lot, wasn't meant to be. hurts to say that. I'm NEVER gonna get rid of this long standing 'gay phase', am I?

When I got home, I instantly kicked off my shoes, sat on the couch, and let out a huge breath that I think I've been holding since Jamie's baby brown eyes touched my vision. I leaned my head back, till feeling the tingling sensations of infatuation sliding through my bloodstreams with ease. I slouched down, and just...let it express itself for a while. As well as it could. The feeling was wordless.

I dug into my pocket to retrieve the piece of paper that he gave me, and just admired the extremely neat form of his penmanship. Even THAT was cute! And I liked the way he signed his name. With a big loop in the cursive 'J', and a line drawn under the whole name after the 'E'. I stared at it for a while...and then just put it down on the couch next to me. Was I really gonna call? I mean...this is weird, right? I should just leave it alone, and keep this as a REALLY cool memory of the night that a really cute boy flirted with me in a restaurant. It might not be a story that I can tell my grandkids someday...but it's certainly one that I'll always remember.

Then I thought..."NO! I'm not gonna just sit here and let this opportunity go! I'm gonna call him!" Shit! It actual 'commitment' to being gay! Possibly even for LIFE! If I did this...if I went through with it..I'd be single-handedly destroying my plan to do....everything that I had been planning to do from day one! I mean...what am I gonna do? Spend my life with this young man? Get married? Move in together and just create some big gay relationship that lasts the rest of our lives?

Then...just as every instinct in my 'socially acceptable' mind began to laugh at the notion...there was a tiny little voice in side of me....ever so soft...ever so humble...that asked...

"Why not?"

This was TOO weird! But I looked over at the clock on the DVD player across the room...and it read 9:49 PM. Jamie would be getting off of work soon...and he was expecting me to call. Tonight! What the hell was I supposed to do? Huh? Did he really mean it? I'm going to be soooo humiliated if this was just some kind of...I don't know...weird prank or something. I'm a grown man, and I'm sitting here wondering if I have the stones to call up some teenage waiter from the restaurant I was just at with a 'date' a few hours ago. What the hell is wrong with me?

It was soon 9:55 PM...and a generic sense of panic settled in. One that asked me what would happen if I DIDN'T call. What if he thinks I blew him off, and I'm not interested? What if I ruin a once in an opportunity to find romance with someone that I really want? What happens if I don't call, and it affects him to the point of never wanting to try this kind of forward approach with anyone else ever again. I mean, I could seriously 'damage' his adorable method of flirtation by not calling him back! And that wouldn't be cool, now would it? should CALL, right?

10:02 PM rolled around, and I tried to convince myself that I was just being silly. I should just call him and get it over with. It's not like we're gonna have anything in common. I'm old enough to have babysat for him when I was in high school. So why not give it a shot, prove that it's just not meant to be, and be done with it so I can a least stop agonizing over it.

10:04 PM went by, and I was still trying to convince myself that this was silly. But this time, I was worried that I was throwing away a winning lottery ticket here. Like...God spent all this time and effort, putting this amazingly beautiful boy in my path, worked out all of the intricate details of having us be interested in one another, and I'm just tossing it back in the gutter? What if he really likes me? What if I end up really liking him too, and we end up as a...couple? It's GOTTA happen all the time, right? I mean, there are guys who like older guys, and guys who like younger guys all over the place. You've got to assume that they bump into each other every now and then and really make it work. So what the hell am I doing?

10:09 PM was upon me, and if I had to sit there with my thoughts for ONE moment longer, I was going to have to check myself into a mental hospital by morning! So I got up, grabbed the cordless, and just sat it in my lap for a minute or two, before picking up the paper with Jamie's number on it. Alright, here goes. Shit...I wish I had given him MY number instead, so he could be going through this madness instead. I felt a bit jittery as I dialed the number...wishing that I had gained enough wisdom in my years to not be so nervous about this.

I braced myself on that couch as I heard the phone ring. My feet could hardly keep still, and I could already feel myself growing hard just from remembering the delicate sweetness of his features. He was such a perfect example, a virtual poster boy, for what I would consider 'my type' He was the kind of boy that I have been going ga ga over since that first hormonal spark when I was eleven years old. Never actually found one to be with though. I've had experiences with boys who weren't my type, but definitely fit what I was looking for at that moment. Which was...anything with a piece of meat between its legs. And I've longed for experiences with other boys who I literally fell head over heels for, but they were either straight or just plain out of reach for me. I don't think I've ever been presented with the possibility of finding both sex and emotional attachment in the same body before. This would be a first.


"Hello?" Came a young voice on the other end. Would you believe that I had to seriously fight the urge to hang up without saying a word? Geez!

" Jamie there?" I asked. I had to be sure it was him.

"This is Jamie." He said, and then after a short pause, he said, "Is this Gary?"

He sounded like he was smiling when he said it. I thought for a moment that maybe he actually did find it hilarious that this 30 year old man would be calling him back. Still, if this was going to be a rejection, I wanted to hear from his lips. "Yeah. It''s Gary."

"Omigod, sweet! Um...wait a second ok? I'm getting out of a taxi right now, hold on!" He said excitedly. "DON'T hang up, ok?" I felt myself get even harder and squirming a bit as I heard his voice float into my ears with a ring of interest. He must have been paying the taxi driver at the moment, and then I heard him say 'thank you' before shutting the door "Gary? Are you still there?"

"Yes. I'm here."

"Hehehe, omigod...I'm SO glad that you called me, dude! I felt soooo bad for doing that to you tonight, but I kinda thought...I mean, I wanted to talk to you. You just seemed kinda 'busy'."

"Ohhh, yeah. That." I said, referring to Monica as an afterthought "I almost didn't call, you know?" I admitted.

"Seriously? Why?"

"Well..." I started, and I heard him waiting for my answer as he rattled keys to get into his apartment. "...Let's just say that I was a bit nervous, and leave it at that."

"You were nervous? About talking to me?" Oh God...the sensational texture of his teen voice was soooo...thrilling! "Aww, don't be nervous, ok? I wanted to talk to you. For real." I could hear another door open inside, and then figured he was in his apartment, as I heard the familiar sounds of shoes being kicked off and bags and keys being set down on the table.

I wasn't sure what to say to him, still amazed that I was even doing this It was a surreal situation, but his voice painted a picture of those soft, fully, lips forming the words, and thoughts of his enchanting, nymph like, beauty stroked my emotions, and compelled me to talk more. "So you took a cab home, huh?"

"Hehehe, well...I usually take the slow ass 404 bus. But lucky for me, somebody gave me a rather generous tip tonight. So I could afford a little luxury." He grinned.

"I would hardly consider my tip, OR a cab ride, a thing of luxury."

"Maybe I'm just easy to please." He said, a flirtatious tone in his voice I heard a gentle huff of air as he, no doubt, plopped down on his bed and laid back to talk to me a bit more. "Sooo....hehehe..." He seemed to know what he wanted to say...but decide to 'feel' me out a bit more first. "I didn't mess up things with your date, or whatever, did I?"

"Not hardly." I told him, slumping down on the couch myself, and spreading my legs a bit to press down on the stiff bulge that was straining to be attended to. "If anything, you made it more interesting." It was my first, even remotely, flirtatious comment...but just in case I was reading this wrong, I didn't want to start out with anything too obvious.

Jamie's voice lowered slightly in tone, and his words seemed to get softer. "Really?" He nearly moaned it, and I caught myself smiling without even knowing it. "You know...I made the hostess sit you at my table tonight. I saw you when you came in."

"Really now?"

"Uh huh..." He said, moving around a bit on the bed.

"Now why would you want to do something like that?"

"Hehehe..." He sighed a bit, and softly added, "...Um....because."

"Because what?"

"Hehehe...." His giggle was so seductive. I loved it. And he got a kick out of me making him say it. "Because...I wanted to meet you."

"Ah, I see." I said, playing coy as my body responded to his every word.

"I saw your mark when I came to the table. I've never seen one on anybody before. I was hoping that it meant what I was thinking it meant."

"My...?" And I looked down to see the tiny 'C' that I had drawn on the middle fingernail. "Oh wow...shit. You got me." I grinned.

"Yep!" He told me. " read the site?"

"Sometimes. Yeah."

"You 'like' the stuff you see there?" He asked, loading the question.

"Sometimes......yeah..." I groaned softly.


"Hehehe, you're gonna get me into trouble talking like that, you know?"

"Hahaha! No, I'm not. Really."

I hesitated for a brief moment, but I had to ask. "Jamie?"


"Can I ask you how old you are?"

"Don't worry, I'm legal." He smiled.

"Hehehe, great. But that SO doesn't answer my question."

"Well, how old do you think I am?"

I chuckled. "You know, I don't think you really want me to answer that question." He giggled sweetly to himself, and I asked, "Ok...say that I had ordered an alcoholic drink tonight. Would have been allowed to bring it to my table?"

"That's soooo not fair." He grinned. ""

"So under 21, then?"



"" He laughed bashfully.


"Almost!" He said.

"Hehehe, how 'almost' is almost?"

"My birthday was three weeks ago."

"Your nineteenth?"

He paused. " eighteenth."

"Jesus..." I whispered.

"But that's TOTALLY legal, right? I mean...that's not THAT young."

"It is to me, Jamie." I said with a grin. "Wow...eighteen. Freshly eighteen at that." No wonder he was so 'pretty'.

"SO? Come on...that's not too young for you is it?" He seemed to be getting a bit worried about the direction the conversation was going, and I tried to make him smile.

"Too young for me to do what, is the question?"

"Hehehe, whatever you want. Whenever you want?" He said. "Now, if you want to. You wanna come over? You can."

"Hahaha!" I didn't mean to laugh out loud in his face like that, but it caught me by surprise. Especially the way he asked me to just...'come over'. It was adorable!

"What? You don't wanna come over?" He smiled.

"I just...didn't expect you to be so forward in asking. That's all." I chuckled.

He shifted on his bed a bit, and softly told me, "Well...I've been told that I've done the whole 'teen angst' thing to death. Hehehe, so this time I thought...maybe I'd just go all out for what I wanted."

" I what you wanted? Old man like me?"

"Hehehe, you're not THAT old! Geez..."

"Older than you. Almost double, in fact."

"So?" The way he said it sent a shiver of pure silver up and down my back

"And that doesn't bother you?"

"No. I like you. I think you're really cute." He said. "Does it bother you?"

Now that was the question of the evening. Who was I fooling? He was so sweet, and so polite, and so slim, and so pretty in the face...did I really expect him to be any older? Did I really need him to be? The fact of the matter was...I don't think I had ever been crazier for ANYBODY in such a short time before. And I've never been able to have boys like this talk to me with any kind of romantic interest before either. Not even when I was in high school or college myself? He was waiting for an answer. Hell, even *I* was waiting for an answer at this point. And finally, my true emotions spoke for me. "No. It doesn't bother me."

"Whew....good!" He said. "So, when are you gonna come over?"

"Hahaha! Stop that!" I told him.

"Come ooonnnnnnnnn! Don't be like that!" He whined playfully. "Why not?"

"Why not???" I repeated.

"Yeah, give me one good reason why you don't wanna come over."

"Why don't we try just going 'out' first? Maybe get to know each other a bit before we make any big plans. You might decide that you don't like me after all."

"Not if we're naked, I won't." He giggled. "What's not to like?"

" you treat all of your customers with this level of service?" I teased.

"You're not a customer. I gave you my number. So you're my 'gentleman caller'."

"Now doesn't THAT sound professional?"

"Hehehe, it's better than customer. That makes me sound all whorish and shit." You could feel his passion through the phone, and at this point, I had almost wiggled myself right down to my living room floor.

"Oh no, not a shy little boy like you."

"Hey! I'm KINDA shy...sometimes. Just...not right now." He caught himself and started to giggle happily to himself again. "Awww, see? We haven't even been talking that long and you're already awesome. should come over here tonight. So we can talk more."

"Mmmmm...'talk', huh?" I moaned with a grin.

"Yeah......." There was a silence, and he said, "Just for a little while. If you want."

"How about...we wait a little bit? And I'll take you somewhere to get some dinner. How's that?" Yes, there really WAS a horny little monster in me that was practically ripping me to shreds from the inside out, just trying to grab that phone and tell him I'll be there in ten minutes! But...I wanted to at least be a 'little' bit careful with this situation. I definitely want to slow things down so we both have an opportunity to slow things down. Geez....EIGHTEEN! Ahhh, what did I DO for this important piece of instant karma to come my way???

"Awww...are you sure?" He asked, a boyish whimper in his teen voice.

"Hehehe, yes, I'm sure. When is your next day off from work?"

He sucked his teeth a bit, twisting a bit on his bed. "It's not until SATURDAY!"

"That's only three days away, Jamie."

"I know, but...." He sighed again. " about you come over, and we'll just order something to eat instead? There's this cool place, like, right down the block from me."

"You are just ITCHING to get me in your house, aren't you?"

"Among 'other' things." He giggled, and when I gasped in a moment of shock, it made him laugh out even louder. "Will you call me?" He asked.

"Yes. I will call you."

"Don't screw with my head, and then not call because you think I'm too young or whatever, ok? You PROMISE you're gonna call me?"

"I promise."

He seemed almost desperate for me to make him believe it. And he said, "Please? Ok?, call me tomorrow, so I know you'll call me And call me on Friday too, k?"

"Hehehe, I will. I swear. I promise. I'm gonna call."

"Ok then. I've got your phone number in my phone now! So you better call me! Or I'm gonna call you to find out why you didn't call me!" He agreed. "I'm glad that you got back to me, Gary. Really. I would have felt really silly if you didn't talk to me."

"I think I would have too." I said to him, and the comment made him melt.

"I can't wait to see you this weekend." He whispered.

"Me either. Goodnight, Jamie..." I said.

And he returned the comment. But before hanging up the phone, he said, "Oh! Wait! Before I forget...whatever you do, don't think about coming over here and fucking the shit out of my sweet, tight, ass or anything! Otherwise you won't get any sleep between now and Saturday!" And before I could even begin to laugh my ass off at the shock of his statement, the tricky little bastard hung up the phone on me!

I think I must have laughed to myself about that statement for the next ten minutes straight. I leaned against the back of the couch, and just...kept giggling to myself every few breaths. He was AMAZING! He was young, yes, but his personality just 'energized' me inside. As sensible as I was trying to be about emotions were completely swept away with the first phone call. And I found myself figuring out that Jamie wasn't just putting on an act either. Because, in the days to follow, our continuing phone calls proved to me that he had even more to offer me than I had originally thought. His sense of humor was always present, even in the simplest of conversations. It was this cheerful vibration that was evident in every word he spoke. You could just tell the he loved life, and that not a single ray of sunshine went by him unappreciated. And while his sexuality would occasionally sneak into our talks here and there, it wasn't the only thing he had to talk about. Nor was it the only thing to love about him. It was hard to believe that a teenager with such a bubbly and addictive personality would be so attractive. Not to be too vague, but most of the really REALLY hot guys out there, especially at that age...have a bit of an attitude. Half of them have an ego the size of Texas, and the other half have the intelligence of a box of animal crackers. Jamie somehow avoided both, and maintained a glorious smile that could melt your heart from a distance, even when you're just hearing it over the phone.

Jamie would sometimes call me from work while he was on break, just to make sure that I didn't forget. He set up a countdown clock at home to keep track of how long it would be until our date. I made sure to ask this time, "You're not a vegetarian, are you?"

His answer was, "FUCK no! Hehehe!"

"Oh well, pardon me for asking."

"No way. I like meat. I looovvvvvveeeee meat!" He giggled, and it made me smile for the rest of the day. That Friday night, when he was still at work, I told him I'd see him tomorrow. And he answered, "Ok, babe.Talk to you then. Bye!" And he hung up. It was so...natural. So innocent. I don't think he really thought about it, or said it for any real 'reason'...but he called me 'babe'. And in such a tender and affectionate way. I guess I just wasn't expecting it at the time. But having Jamie call me 'babe' was the most amazing thing in the world to me. But to was just a natural progression from calling me Gary all the time. I wonder if this was as sweet and cuddly for him as it was for me. Or if I was just being strange. Heh...that boy does wonders for the soul. I swear.


It came so fast that I had to double check the calendar to make sure I had the day right. Not that Jamie would have let me forget. He called me three times before I actually left the house. Once to make sure that I wasn't going to back out on him at the last minute. Twice to tell me the plan, that we would walk down the street to get dinner take out, and go back to his place to watch movies. And a third time to tell me that he was in the shower and just wanted to make sure that I didn't try to call while he couldn't hear his cell phone ring. Hehehe, it was like having a kid search the house early for his Christmas presents! But his enthusiasm helped to give me enough courage to throw all of the silly stuff aside and actually go over there! I don't think I could have dressed myself up enough. I shaved extra close, I showered extra clean, I triple checked my teeth. But when I looked in the bathroom mirror...the face staring back at me was NOT 18 years old any more. And never would be again. And yet...there was a familiar glimmer in the eyes that I haven't seen in years. That tiny little bit of magic that I thought that I had tossed aside in order to...'grow up'. I thought that I had gotten rid of it. Traded it in for an apartment, a job, and a car. It was a part of my soul that I was sure that I had sold cheap to bill collectors and tax agents. But...thanks to was right there, looking me in the face. And it was smiling.

How did he awaken such an enchantment inside of me after all this time? How did he make it so pure, so golden? I only hope I'm able to do HALF for him as he's doing for me. Just half.

I got in my car, followed Jamie's detailed directions to his house, and then searched around for parking. I had only seen him once. We had only been talking for a week. LESS than a week, actually! And already, my heart was trying hard to not swell beyond the point of bursting just thinking about him. When I got out of the car, I prayed that he wouldn't look at me for a second time and suddenly change his mind. What if I'm not the handsome gentleman he remembers seeing from the restaurant? Ugh, the voices, the doubts, the fears...they began swarming around me at top speed as I approached his apartment building. Trying to turn me back. Trying to make me give in. But I didn't. I was already taking a huge leap of faith, just by calling him back that first night. There was no reason for me to stop now.

I rang the bell, and I heard Jamie's angelically light voice on the intercom. "Gary?"

"Yeah, it's me."

"AWESOME! I'm on the third floor! Apartment #303, k?" And I suddenly heard a loud buzzing sound as he accepted me into the building. I was surprised that I didn't even get winded going up the stairs to his floor. I think I was too excited to see him again to worry about anything like...physical strain. And when I got to his floor, he was already standing in the hall with his door open. My God...he was even more beautiful than I remembered. He was standing there in his sock feet, wearing sweatpants and a white t-shirt. He smiled cheerfully when he saw me, and it put a great deal of those fear to rest inside when he greeted me so warmly. "Gary! You came!" He said, and came out to hug me lovingly around the neck.

He was so soft that I thought he would literally dissolve in my arms. His incredibly sleek waist was wiry and almost impossible to hold onto when I wrapped my arms around it. He smelled sweet. Like freshly baked pound cake, right out of the oven...and the urge to kiss him on the cheek was irresistible. So I gave him a peck, feeling some of his blond locks swipe across the bridge of my nose. He blushed shyly, and then took me by the hand. "Dude, this is my house! You gotta SEE it! Come in! Come in!" He pulled me inside, his smile reaching from ear to ear, and waved over all of his worldly possessions for me to see.

The TV was on in the background, playing some sitcom rerun that I didn't recognize. And he had obviously just into the place not more than a month or two ago. In fact there were still a few boxes in the corner of the living room with stuff in them. It was a one bedroom apartment with a slightly tilted floor, and a faded blue carpet on the floor. There was a rusted radiator in the corner, and the appliances in the added kitchen were right out of the 'Honeymooners' TV show. Hehehe, but the way he saw everything, you would have thought that Caesar himself had taken you to a mountaintop to show you his kingdom. Wow, I remember my first apartment too, and I knew the freedom of it was just as liberating as your first bike, and your driver's license. If not MORE so. So, looking at it through his eyes, this place was pure majesty at it's best.

"I like it! You're definitely done well for yourself in here." I said.

His face glowed with a bashful pride, and he said, "Thanks. I'm still gonna fix it up some more. But so far it's cool. Well, I mean...I think it's cool."

"It definitely is." I said, and he smiled at me, looking me in the eyes, his baby brown orbs glistening with the kind of boyish infatuation that I was trying to hide from him when I first laid eyes on him.

"I totally can't believe you're here. You're so cute." He said. But before I could respond, he said, "Just let me put some shoes on, and we can go get the food. K? Give me a second!" He disappeared into his bedroom, and came back out seconds later. "Couldn't you just totally see yourself getting naked in this place? I sure can?" He giggled.

"Suuuure. How about we go get that food now?" I smiled, letting his playful nature flourish without giving into it fully. At least not just yet.

Jamie was a regular chatterbox that evening, his conversation was just as exciting and lively as it was on the phone. Except now, with the added bonus of his alluring visuals and comical was even more captivating than ever before. To know that this sweetheart, without the dress clothes, or the mask of just making 'phone talk'...could still maintain such a magical effect on me, was a mind blowing experience. And yes, he was still mildly effeminate in everything he did, but it had this really sensual effect on me. It wasn't over the top, just kinda cute and playful, and since he was never one to hide his 'design' for tonight...he never let his intentions go into hiding. Often catching me by surprise with a few jokes and teases. Honestly, I don't think I ever had more fun on a...well....a 'date' before. And by the time we had gone to the restaurant and brought the food back to his apartment...I think I was kinda falling for the little brat.

We ate, we talked, we shared a bundle of laughs...and we really did get to know each other. His eyes displayed such fascination with me, and I reflected that back to him every time he spoke. He was the kind of guy you could see yourself staying up until dawn with, just talking about everything and nothing simultaneously, and never getting bored with it. Never once. He really was something special.

"Did you like the food?" He asked.

"The food is top notch, thank you."

"TOLD ya it was gonna be the bomb, right? Next time I'll tell you what kinda desserts to get. Because they've got some awesome cheesecake."

"Next time, huh? So I take it you wanna do this again some time?" I asked, and suddenly, Jamie's face turned white.

"Oh...well...I mean...if you WANT to. You don't HAVE to. If...well..." He stammered.

"Hehehe, don't worry. I'm just having some fun with you." I smiled. "I would definitely like to do this again. And often."

He blushed sweetly as he looked down at the table. "Cool. I do too."

"Besides, I might be able to eventually get a better look at that nice ass of yours. I didn't see much at the restaurant." I grinned, and his eyes widened with childish joy as his jaw dropped.

"Hahaha, omigod! You perv!" He giggled, throwing a balled up napkin at me across the table. "You could have just asked me, you know? I probably would have showed it to you all night if I had known you were interested."

"It's your ass, you can do what you want with it?"

"Hehehe, except make it bigger. It's like...nonexistent. I'm all flatlands back there, dude. Sorry."

"Give me a break." I told him. "I happen to like what I saw back there."

"You did not, shut up." He said bashfully. "God blessed me with a lot of things, but an ass is not one of them. I'm a skinny kid, what am I gonna do?"

"Well...maybe I'm just easy to please." I said, and his eye glowed for a moment as I could almost hear the sound of his heart ballooning in his chest from the comment. He seemed to be struggling with a way to come back with something else to say, so I saved him. "You wanna watch the movie?"

"Hehehe...sure. I guess." He grinned, and he soon got up to clear the table, not allowing me to take anything to the kitchen sink myself. He refused. And then we moved to the living room to sit together on the couch and watch a DVD that he grabbed from the video store. I half expected to slowly go through the motions of finding the appropriate moment to throw my arm over his shoulders...but that went out the window the second he sat down. He just plain cuddled up right next to me, grabbed my arm, and draped it around his slim shoulders all on his own. He nuzzled his head into my chest, and brought his cute little glaring white, perfectly arched, sock feet up on the couch next to him to curl up lovingly at my side. I couldn't help but giggle a bit to myself from the contact, and he laughed along with me as he cuddled me even closer before starting the movie with the remote.

It didn't really start off as a 'sexual' embrace...the two of us holding each other on that couch. It was just comfortable, you know? Unimaginably comfortable. Jamie practically made an affectionate 'pet' of himself at my side, so content to have me hold him so tenderly. He reveled in the idea of me being older, bigger, stronger...than his almost 'dainty' frame. I was surprised that such a frail body could generate such a beautiful heat. He was soooo warm. And on occasion, I would get the uncontrollable urge to squeeze him against me even tighter. And he'd whimper softly, his little feet rubbing together as he scooted to bury his head further into my chest. He gently repositioned himself, and then clutched onto my middle, his soft sapling muscles squeezing me back with a gentle pressure. But again, it wasn't really sexual at first. It was just our current emotion, our undeniable fondness for one another, expressed physically in the form of tender bodily contact. Blissful. And innocent. And alive. And just like our slowly began to grow in intensity. And our touches began to change in kind.

There is a good twenty minutes of the movie that I don't even remember. I was too entranced by the motions of my excited fingertips as they traced the delicate outline of my angel-boy's abdomen. My palm rested gently against him, feeling his body heat before it disappeared into the air around us. I don't think there was hardly an ounce of fat on him. His body wasn't skin and bones, but there was just enough 'mass' to him to keep him 'spongy' to the touch. While my index finger rested on his bottom rib, my other three fingers were sinking into the marshmallow softness of his side, his still developing muscles inflating and deflating with his heightened breathing. My thumb, pointing up towards his flat chest. I let it rest there for a moment, before giving him a slow loving rub. The tension in the air began to build around us, and Jamie took my hand up to his lips, kissing it briefly before bringing it back down to rest it back in its chosen Eden.

We made an 'act' out of watching the movie again, but I think we were both too preoccupied with our current thoughts and actions towards each other to even bother paying the movie any attention at all. I felt Jamie move closer to me, as if that was possible from our position on the couch. I could smell the sweet honey blond scent of his hair, and took a chance. I slowly leaned my head down to kiss the top of his head, causing him to purr lovingly at my side. He wanted me to make all the moves. He needed me to be the more dominant partner. And while he was an expert at giving me every sensual invitation that I needed to move forward with my subtle seduction, he waited impatiently for me to take things further all on my own.

A sudden surge of nervousness crept its way through my veins, but the shivers only succeeded in exciting me more. It wasn't really fear, as much as an overly anxious curiosity. His slim body was such an eager playing field for me, his lithe and sleek frame trying soooo hard not to quiver from my gentle touch. I could feel the moisture of his breath penetrating the fabric of my shirt as he turned his head slightly into my chest, and closed his eyes. I hummed my approval as I kissed him again on top of the head, and held him close to me...feeling that familiar 'swelling' in my lap as his touch tapped into my libido. To be honest, I hadn't really planned on this being anything more than 'dinner and a movie' tonight. The idea of rushing into anything more intimate so quickly seemed like it might turn out to be a bad thing in the long run. But...just sitting there...holding him...feeling him holding me back....there really wasn't much of a blockade between us and the next logical step No other mysteries to figure out, no other fears or commitments to entertain. I could at least have a heavy make out session with this boy right now with no regrets. Funny thing is, I doubted that I'd be able to stop there. My dating 'rules of the road' seemed to be useless in this situation. I was already lost in his affection. And my heart wanted more. My body wanted more. My SOUL wanted more. And Jamie had all the answers I needed...waiting for me in his kiss. He had demonstrated that fact from the very first time he smiled in my direction. Fighting it now would just be an act of stubbornness. And I was soooo tired of being stubborn at this point in my life.

My palm slid, ever so slowly, down from the sensual curve of his trim middle...down to his side of his hip. And then...lower still. It didn't grace the mounds of his ass, but traveled 'safely' along the side of his waist and down to his thigh, and then back up again. Even that was enough to create an electric surge within me. I continued to rub him in that fashion for a moment, and had to hold my breath as I felt Jamie's head gracefully tilt upwards to kiss me on the side of my neck. It was sweet and it was short...but WOW what a jolt of life!

It was safe to say that the movie we had playing in the background was no longer our main source of distraction. Instead, I held Jamie as a bit of courage caused him to reach up with his lips to suckle gently at my neck And his breathing increased ever so slightly, as he attempted to hide the intensity of his excitement. As I reached over with my other arm, I felt one of Jamie's slender legs slide over my own, and our positioning became a bit awkward. In order to make any other moves, it was going to have to be a deliberate re-shuffling on the couch. It was going to have to be a commitment to actually doing this. And it was a step that I pondered for a moment before making the decision to go further.

Did he really want me? ME? If not, he was definitely putting on hell of an act. It was hard to believe that I could get this lucky, but here I am, with the kind of boy that I always dreamed of having, here in my arms, his tongue lightly lapping at the nape of my neck. You don't throw a gift like this back. Not ever.

I took the initiative, and sat upright, disconnecting my neck from the gentle suction of Jamie's mouth. He blushed a bit, but I didn't give him the chance to be embarrassed, or take back his actions. Instead, I looked him deep in the eyes, seeing his loving brown eyes watch me with so much hope. So much anticipation. And as I ran my fingers up the back of his neck to feel his silky blond hair, I brought his head closer to mine, and kissed the amazing sweetness of his cherry colored lips. I could hear a faint whimper come from his wiry frame. A tender yelp of unexpected joy that he tried to contain just a second too late. My hand moved up to rub his chest, and his arms moved up to hold on to my shoulders. Never had a kiss caused me so much pleasure. Never had an embrace filled me with so much love. And when our hunger for more caused our tongues to get romantically involved, our enjoyment was heightened ten times over.

My thumb felt his nipples harden under my touch, and as I moved over them again and again, Jamie's stomach would tighten up from the contact. His tongue entangled itself around me with an even deeper passion than before, and he attempted to scoot even closer to me. My hand slid down, and felt an unbearably hard erection sticking out from his sweatpants, a wet spot forming at the tip as he was aroused beyond comprehension. My hand slid over it, and I gripped the steel hard rod firmly, causing all of the air in his lungs to come rushing out of him as it jerked and jumped under my palm. More juices leaked to the tip of his hardness, and I almost thought that he had cum from the generous amount of sweet liquid soaking through to leave a coat of cool stickiness on my fingertips.

Jamie moaned, and pumped his hips involuntarily, unable to keep our lips connected with the stimulation of his most sensitive piece. It was almost a sense of 'frustration' that caused him to push my hand away, and he got up to straddle my lap on the couch. He draped his arms over my shoulders, and kissed me briefly on the lips before asking, "Is this alright? I mean..." I simply nodded my head, and pulled his head down to satisfy my severe appetite for his delicious kiss. My GOD...his lips and tongue were blowing my mind! Being connected to them and their wet suction was a paradise for me. Our tongues mated sensually with one another as I know reached around to hug Jamie's slim body against me. He brought his gentle weight down on my lap, and my stiff erection was met by the spongy softness of his ass, protected only with the thin cloth of his sweatpants. My arms crossed, almost allowing my elbows to line up behind him. His frame was so thin, but in such an erotic way. I could feel the workings of his every muscle as he pressed his chest up against mine, and tangled his fingers in my hair...our lips thirsty for an even more intimate embrace than was possible.

He could feel my hardness beneath him, and it really turned him on. He grinded on my lap, and I moaned gently into our kiss. My hands slid down to grip the meat of his pert young cheeks, and I felt them expand and contract, and his sleek stomach moved in slow, passionate, circles...creating the most unimaginably seductive movements ever. I swear that I could feel my tip grazing his unexposed hole with the way he was moving. Such a tiny tight ass, but sooooo appealing. The slim bubbles barely filled each palm, and my fingers dipped into the subtle cleft between them. I squeezed the cheeks roughly, and Jamie grunted, pushing his hardness into my stomach.

He rolled his hips into my chest, and I nearly lost my breath as we kissed desperately, clinging to one another with a passion that I hadn't known since I was a teen myself. I had never felt such a flexible and pliable body next to mine before. So fit, so firm, and moving like an excited caterpillar on my lap. It provoked feelings in me that I didn't even know were there. And after only a few moments of kissing...I was already close to cumming all over myself.

God his lips enticed me. And added to his rhythmic emotions were on overload. It was soon too much to handle, just kissing him and not going for more. So much more. So, I released my grip on his buns, and moved up to peel off the back of his sweats, exposing his bare ass to the air. He whimpered so sweetly in my ear, and invited me to go further, his slender ass wiggling their way out of the material and stopping at his upper thighs. Jamie would swear up and down that he didn't have an ass at all, but what I felt was as sexy and arousing as any other set of buns out there. They were lean, and smooth to the point of disbelief...with deep dimples in both sides. Dimples that became more evident with every flex of his bottom, pushing himself into me more and more. There was a tepid moistness in the crevice between his cheeks. A sensual heat that increased the lower my fingers traveled down the tight crack. Jamie tensed a bit, and his strong ass muscles caught my finger between his mounds, squeezing it hard enough to almost cut off the circulation. This kiss, this night, this whole EVENT, felt like a dream to me!And when his ass cheeks released my fingers, I let them continue their downward slide until my right pinky grazed the outer ring of his most precious spot.

He gasped out loud, and held on to me tightly with both arms as his little ass swiveled in acceptance. He broke our kiss, and we buried each other's faces into one another's necks. Ohhh, the sweet candied smell of him. I licked and sucked hungrily at the flesh there, feeling him mirror my motions on the other side. His flesh was so young, and tight. With the exception of the velvety soft collection of blond peach fuss in his cleft, I hadn't felt a single hair on him. My pinky teased the exposed hole behind him, and he squirmed like a fish in my lap, soft mewing sounds humming against my neck. He pushed back, hoping and praying for some level of penetration. And I would need a different finger for that.

I let go of one of his ripe cheeks, and reached for the rock hard erection poking into my chest. Jamie nearly went into convulsions when I touched the tip of it...and I had to untie the knot at the front of his sweatpants to release it. I had to be careful, as it was straining sooo badly to get out, and the waistband had to be pulled way out to get over the end of it. He was definitely a 'healthy' boy. At least seven inches, if not more...and a decent thickness that gave it such a beautiful look. There was a neatly presented patch of blond pubes at the base, and the circumcised head was sculpted to perfection...the tip tight and smooth with the stress of being oh do hard for me. The sweats, again, prevented me from pulling them any further down than to his upper thighs, but it was enough as Jamie straightened up higher on his knees, and I brought the warm rod into contact with my lips. I took a long suck of the sensitive head, my lips playing back and forth over his quivering ridge...and then my hands returned to his slim cheeks as I pulled him deeper into my warmth. Jamie let out a whine, and his hands had to hold on to the back of the couch as he felt me envelope as much of him as I could. He could barely hold himself in a position of balance as I provided a hot wet vacuum for him to pump into, his tender little ass flexing under my palms with every stroke I had never felt hips move like that. The motion was something that you only see in porn movie twinks of the highest caliber. And just pleasuring him was almost enough to get me off.

My mouth was filled with his addictive flavor, and I never wanted to unlock my lips from him ever again. But the motions became somewhat restricted as Jamie got more into it, and I had to let suction causing a loud 'slurp' as I whispered, "Here...get down for a second."

He moaned, and stood in front of me, his hardness twitching and pulsing with every beat of his excited heart. And once the sweatpants got past his long lean thighs, they easily fell the rest of the way to the floor to puddle at his feet. He was quick to kick them off to the side, and I took his hand to lay him back against the arm of the sofa. His body was so ready to pose for me. Any way that I wanted him, any way that I could think of...he was eager to please. And when I laid him back, he instantly spread his sapling thighs as far as he could manage to give me access. And as flexible as he was...that was obscenely wide. He had one foot on the floor, while the other disappeared over the back of the couch...opening his every treasure to me without any resistance whatsoever. I heard myself moan out loud from the very sight of it, the scent of his heated areas filling the space between us...and I practically dove in to take his soft sack into my mouth.

Jamie closed his eyes and whimpered in a higher pitch as his hands found my head, to bring me in closer. He sulked further into the couch cushion, and I felt his warm thighs on either side of my face. I licked, I sucked, I nuzzled my nose as deeply into him as I could, while his slim hips pushed up into my face repeatedly It was a slow winding of his lower half, but it was so passionate that it almost defies description. A few times, his upward thrusts would bring his ass off of the cushion, and my licks would travel further down until they were reaching the valley between his cheeks. I put my hands on his stomach, feeling his soft six pack tensing as his tummy rippled and writhed in rhythm with my administrations. Jamie sounded almost breathless, and when I licked back up to his shaft, and swallowed it whole again...much to his surprise...I thought he was going to slide right off of that couch.

He whined and he wailed...and he reached his frail arms up behind his head to hold on to the arm of the couch and fight the natural instinct to curl up and collapse his thighs around my face in reaction to the oral bliss I was bringing him...but still I kept on. His inner thighs were hairless and smooth. It was like the soft down hairs on his legs began to fade out at his calves and stopped at his knees...leaving his soft thighs barren and free from any kind of friction whatsoever. I could feel that velvet skin rubbing against my cheek as he humped up into me, and released his hardness momentarily to suck and nibble at the pliant flesh, driving Jamie crazy. I seduced him with warm puppy licks that slid around his balls and tasted the extra flavor beside them where his legs connect. His skinny limbs tremble, and I could feel his groin muscles and tendons tighten beneath my lips as I suckle at them lovingly. His balls were on one side of my lips, his tender young thigh on the other, and that tiny space in between left just enough room for me to nuzzle in with my nose and lips, sending a ticklish sensation rushing through him as he began to lose control.

I was holding his thigh to my lips firmly. The flesh never tasted so good His skin was soooo warm. I couldn't believe it. He was the most sensual thing that I had ever touched, ever tasted. My heart felt like it was going to burst.

I felt Jamie's movements loosing some of their smooth and flawless motion, his hips moving in more 'jagged' circles now. And I could clearly see the pinkness of his tip turning red as it begins to expand. So I hurried to catch a taste of the main event, and move up to fully engulf him in my mouth. His hardness can't bear the textured sliding of his meat across my taste buds, and despite his boyish whimper and his tightening muscles' attempt to hold his orgasm back...he had reached the point of no return. His body quivered and spasmed wildly, and he had no choice but to hold onto my head and shoulders and force me down while he began to erupt with blast after blast of heated seed. It flooded my mouth with every thick stream, his erection pulsing hard enough to almost force my lips open. The thumping of that main vein was soooo hot to me. Almost as hot as the gushing liquid bursting forth from his tip, splashing across the surface of my tongue and coating the roof of my mouth with a sticky sweetness that almost tasted virginal in its innocent flavor. It was Heaven...feeling his body beginning to relax, his erection still jumping occasionally from the stimulation. His body softened again, the tension in his muscles releasing their grip on the poor boy as he came down from a climax that nearly left him unconscious from its intensity.

I sucked down and swallowed all that I could, and felt Jamie wiggle himself down further into the cushion of the couch to lift me up by the chin and lift me up to lay on top of him and connect our lips in the most unrestricted lip lock in history. His tongue went wild in my mouth, and his arms and long thin legs wrapped around me as though I were his only anchor to the Earth itself.

"You've got to fuck me, Gary. You've got to...mmmm...I want you inside me Please? Please?" He begged, his body literally crushing itself against me. His legs wrapped around my back, and his kissed me breathlessly as I tried to gauge whether or not I'd even be able to hold out long enough to get my clothes off in time to give his tight bottom a good push. I was so ready to explode that I doubt I'd be able to suppress it for more than a few seconds. Still, Jamie's lustful pleading gave me enough encouragement to try.

Jamie was quick to sit up, and he pushed me back while I struggled with the dizziness I felt from being so worked up over this kid. Eighteen.....the word entered my mind again, and I focused on it momentarily as I felt my pants being undone and pulled down. Jamie had only gotten them down to my knees before he had scooted up and taken me into his luscious red lips. I didn't know that a mouth could get so wet. So warm. I felt my breathing stop as he bathed me with a long, succulent, stroke of his lips. And just one nod...down to the base of my shaft and back, was enough to render the rest of my body limp and useless. Jesus! I couldn't STAND it! He looked up at me, his pretty face wrapped so hungrily around my length, the smoothness of his skin enchanting me as his hands rubbed up and down my thighs. I tried my best to sit still, but my body would not cooperate. I felt him slide my pants the rest of the way down, and I lifted up my shirt as he kept his suction connected firmly to my shaft. I literally had to stop him before I lost it. I couldn't take much of that at all. It was too much stimulation for me to keep my cool. And it was then, that Jamie turned around on his knees, and bent over for me, seductively fingering himself with a wet index as his length returned to full hardness.

A surge of disbelief swept over me as I found myself positioning myself behind him, between his thin legs...his shoulders low, his tight upturned ass rolling in circles in anticipation for me to enter him. He whimpered some more...removing his finger, and reaching back between his legs to caress my balls as I prepared to connect my saliva coated member to his quarter sized hole. It was more of a slit than a circle, and the rim of it still had some of its pinkish tint to it. The small boyish ass surrounding it humped back against me the second my helmet touched the heated entrance, and Jamie purred softly in response. I could see the bones in his hips as I took a gentle hold of him, and rubbed my hard shaft up and down the center of that tight cleft, feeling the constricted ring 'wink' as it readied itself for invasion. And was time to for the love making to begin.

It was an intimate moment, that first penetration. There could be nothing more personal, more passionate. It is the pleasure and pain that defines the very definition of what it's like to feel this way for someone else. And when his body accepted me into the heated insides of his tunnel...I could only close my eyes and feel the vibrations of his entire body at work. The muscled walls were tighter than anything I ever could have imagined, and they coiled around me with a vengeance as I sank slowly deeper into him. The heat of it caused a sheen of perspiration to cover my body, and the pleasure it provided was mind-blowing. I let my hands slide up and down his backside, his lithe body responsive to every touch. He wiggled a bit, holding his breath as he tried to adapt himself to the very size of me. His unblemished backside pushed back, wiggling in another inch or two, and inviting more of me to feed him with what he had been craving so badly.

He was panting, a sissyish yelp expressing a deeper need to get all of me into that invitingly tight body. His separated cheeks were quivering against me, and those inner walls sucked so hard at me that I was sure that I was going to let go before I even got started. The tight hole clenched down on me, and his sensual gyrations started again, every feminine circulation drilling me deeper into his heated tunnel. And long last, Jamie took a deep breath, and sank the rest of the way down to the base of my shaft until I filled him up completely. It was done. We were one.

There was a moment of near silence. Only our heavy breathing could be heard in the room, and the sounds of the, now abandoned, television in the background. I could feel the impeccable smoothness of Jamie's inner thighs resting on the outside of my own. And he remained in that position, on all fours before me, waiting for this older, stronger, man to feed him the sex he'd been waiting for. And when I first pulled out...he nearly wailed from the pleasure of it.

Our lovemaking was slow, but passionate. The sensual heat of him kept our fevers burning, and with just a few long steady strokes into his love...I could feel him loosen up enough to make an easy movement possible. Not that it was easy. His slender frame seemed to be engorged with the size of me. His abdomen wriggled like a serpent with every burst of sexual pleasure that I could provide him, and his whining became such a fucking TURN ON for me! He wanted it soooo badly. He pleaded with me to go as deep as I could, and his frail body made itself as vulnerable and as available as humanly possible. His hole sucked on me with a power that nearly pulled my orgasm right to the tingling tip. I could feel it being rubbed inside by that magic spot inside of him, and Jamie's whole body fought to keep from collapsing when he felt it excite him further. He arched his back like a cat stretching on a warm windowsill, and I instinctively leaned forward to kiss the back of his neck as I continued to push into him over and over again. So small. So tight. So real.

The kiss created an even 'needier' animal in Jamie, and he pushed back against me with even more desperation. I saw him crane his neck back around, and our lips connected in a kiss, getting as much as we could out of this position. I felt myself boiling over, and when I reached down to take hold of Jamie's hardness, he yelped and his whole body tensed to the point of literally cutting off my climax. His hole constricted, holding me so tightly, so firmly, that the vice like grip would not let my building orgasm go. It grew, and it grew, and soon, there was no stopping it. My shaft began to pulse madly as forced splashes of semen pried his clamped ring open and flooded his insides. I couldn't move an inch, I could only push myself in as far as I could possibly go, and try not to scream out loud as I felt Jamie's insides swirl, suck, and milk the juices out of me with their soft muscular talents. I had never shared such an amazing orgasm before in my life. It wouldn't stop. It truly felt like the first cum of my LIFE...and it caught me by surprise to feel it shoot through me with such merciless joy.

It took a moment...and I had to tell Jamie not to move, as my whole body was tingling with an electric jolt of sexual satisfaction. Naturally, Jamie just gave me a breathless giggle, and slid forward anyway, pulling that tight ring back up to the tip of my shaft and causing a few more splashes to feed his hungry hole with what felt like a second orgasm. And long last, we fell over to the side, and I tried to catch my breath as Jamie cuddled up again at my side.

We kissed tenderly, and he wrapped his skinny limbs around me while we waited for the moment that reality 'mattered' again. Needless to say, it took a while.

Jamie finally told me, "Well?"

"Well what?"

"Hehehe, say something. You're being all quiet and shit."

I thought about it a second, and then smiled. "Eighteen...."

Jamie giggled and swatted me on the chest. "SHUT UP! Quit making fun of me!" He tried to hit me again, but I grabbed his hand. We tussled for a sec, and he bit me on the nipple.

"OK! OK! Uncle! Uncle!" I shouted, and he gave me a playfully pouty face while I pulled him closer and kissed him deeply on the lips. "So...what's on the agenda for NEXT week?" It got him to laugh, and we both laid on that floor for another hour know.

I can honestly say that Jamie wore me OUT that night with sex! Hehehe, and here I thought that I was passionate enough to hold my own. I think he came three more times than I did. But it was a service that I was more than happy to provide. I spent the night, mostly out of exhaustion...and what do you know...we made it work.

We had things to do, things to talk about, and an attraction that created one of the most novel-worthy sex lives imaginable. There are times when I wonder what would have happened if I had never gone into that particular restaurant, sat at that particular table, with that particular waiter, that night. But why even entertain the idea of not having Jamie by my side. I'm HAPPY! And that's all that matters. That's all that ever mattered. And even when the odds of something like this happening are slim..they're NEVER absent. It does happen. Believe me. It happens.

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