Key Lime Pie and Custard

By Drew Hunt

And Tim Mead

The following fictional narrative involves sexually-explicit erotic events between men. If you shouldn't be reading this, please move on.

The authors retain all rights. No reproductions or links to other sites are allowed without the authors' consent.
Chapter 8 by Drew Hunt


Sitting at the back of the bus, determined to be miserable, I watched the members of the tour group get on for our move to Orlando. I should have been happy. This was the part of the trip I'd been looking forward to the most, Disney World and all that. But I wasn't happy. I'd fallen out with Will, and my stupid pride wasn't gonna back down and say sorry.

Will had instantly apologised for snapping at me last night when I'd stayed out with Mark and Casey. But his whining had really got to me. He sounded just like Amy when she hadn't got her own way over something.

"What bloody business is it of yours?" I'd said.

"Oh, Graham, I'm sorry." Will said getting out of bed. "Shit, that came out all wrong, I was worried is all. I. . ."

"Save it, I ain't interested." I said heading for the bathroom. After taking a much needed piss, I stepped out of my shorts and T-shirt and got into the shower. God, the water pressure was great, especially when I twisted the nozzle to its massage setting.

I got a couple of funny looks from some of the tour group as they got on the bus, cause I wasn't with Will, but I wasn't bothered what they thought. I got a sneer from Marve of course. I just turned away, not having the energy for a fight.

I hadn't gotten much sleep the night before. After showering, I'd come back into the room. It was dark and quiet. I assumed Will had fallen asleep. I wished I could have done the same, but I ended up tossing and turning half the night, the argument running round and round in my head.

Looking out of the window, I saw Will crutching his way to the bus. Part of me wanted to get off my arse and help him - though I could tell his ankle was a lot better than it was - he was still having trouble. But my stupid pride wouldn't let me go and help. I watched as a member of the hotel staff approached Will. They spoke for a minute, then the bloke walked off with Will's crutches. Poor Will had to limp the rest of the way to the bus. I started to stand up, but I saw Jim helping Will climb the steps, and getting him to a seat at the front opposite Dorothy and Mamie.

The bus started up and we pulled out of the car park, I can't say I was sorry to be leaving Miami. It had had its good points, but the falling out last night had put a real damper on the place for me.

About half an hour into the journey, Dorothy came to sit with me. I was surprised the old ladies had waited this long to get the scoop on what was going on with me and Will. Even a blind man could see that something was wrong between us. We'd not sat together at meals, spoken to each other or even been seen in one another's company. I'd gone to the big shopping centre earlier that morning. I hadn't seen Will, so I supposed he'd stopped in the room.

I hadn't been in the best of tempers, and I'd snapped at a shop assistant who'd said, 'Have a nice day' when she'd rung up the small bottle of perfume I'd gotten for Gran.

"Why do you lot always say stuff like that?"

"Excuse me?"

"Wishing me a nice day. It sounds so, well, like you don't really mean it." I realised I was making a complete prat of myself, so I turned on my heel and left the shop without saying owt else.

As I mooched round the rest of the shops, I made up my mind to talk with Will, say sorry for going off on one and all that. But when I got back to the hotel, Will and all his stuff had gone from the room. That put me back in a bad mood. Bugger him, if he didn't want to stick around for an apology, he wasn't gonna get one.

"You all right, dear?" Dorothy asked, snapping me back to the present.

"Not too bad, thanks." I didn't want to talk about it, thankfully Dorothy got the message.

"Mamie and I are here for you, if you need us."

"I know, thank you Miss Dorothy. Thanks for not asking about it though."

"You're welcome, dear." Dorothy continued to sit next to me, but neither of us said anything. Her just being there seemed to help.

I started to think back to the evening I'd spent with Casey and Mark. It was so obvious that they loved each other. Casey was a lot more outgoing than Mark. I saw a lot of me in him. He was funny, told jokes against himself, but never said anything to put down the much quieter Mark, who reminded me a bit of Will. Not physically, Mark was a lot taller than Will, but he and Will were kind of reserved. The sort of people who took everything in, but weren't the life and soul of the party.

Once I'd shown them the shop where Will had bought the penile pasta as Mark called it, Casey spotted a bar and persuaded us to go in and have a drink. Not that I needed much persuading. Just like when I went out with Will, the guys didn't let me buy a drink, telling me that I'd probably be asked for ID. I didn't like not paying my way, but I knew I'd have to just suck it up.

I'd only meant to have a couple of drinks cause I wanted to get back to Will. His ankle was still giving him some trouble. But two drinks led to three and then four.

When Mark got up to get more drinks, I turned to Casey, "You two are really great together."

"Yeah, he's everything to me," Casey said looking dreamily across the room at his lover.

"You're lucky. I only realised that I'm gay a few days ago. Well more like I've only just admitted it to myself."

Casey turned his attention back to me. "Really?"

"Yeah, I had a girlfriend and everything. It was all right, I suppose, but there was always something not quite right, you know?"

"Yeah. I tried dating girls, but when Mark came along, I knew where I'd been going wrong. I'd much rather have hold of a dick than a set of tits."

I laughed.

"It goes deeper than that of course. It just feels right with Mark, he completes me, we fit together. Yin and yang, you know?"

I sort of knew what he was on about, so I nodded.

"Casey been going all philosophical on you?" Mark said sitting back in his seat and handing out the drinks.

Casey looked round and saw that there were loads of same sex couples in the place, so he leaned over and kissed Mark on the cheek. "Missed you, babe."

At first I was embarrassed, but then I realised that there was nothing wrong in showing the person you loved some affection.

The more the two lads talked to me about life as a gay couple, the more I got to realising that I wanted exactly what they had. "I'm jealous," I said when there was a lull in the conversation.

"Huh?" Casey said.

"I wish I had what you've got. I never came close to it with Amy, my ex-girlfriend."

"What about Will?" Mark asked.

I shook my head. "I don't know what he really thinks about me. Yeah, I know he's attracted to my body and all that, but he'll want someone who's like him, brainy, interested in art galleries and classical music. Then of course I live in Britain and Will doesn't."

Casey smiled. "Where there's a Will, there's a way."

I groaned. "No seriously, When I get back home, I'm gonna have to figure out how to tell my mum that I'm gay, then try and find myself a man." I happened to look at my watch just then. "Shit, it's half past eleven!"

"Wow, so it is. Marky here's a real grouch in the morning if he doesn't get in his full eight hours."

"Am not."

"Shut up, I was trying to think of a polite way of getting you back to the hotel and in the sac."

Mark blushed.

On the walk back to the hotel I said, "I don't think I'll ever get used to how warm it is, and in January, too."

They told me that Cincinnati was cold and snowy in January so they were enjoying the warmth.

As they walked, Casey reached out and took Mark's hand. Mark pulled away. "It's okay, babe, this is South Beach, remember?" Casey said, taking his lover's hand again.

Seeing them walking together like that reminded me of when I'd held Will's hand on this very same street. I suddenly wanted to get back to my friend and. . .

Back on the bus, I let out a deep sigh because of course once I'd gotten back to the room, me and Will had had that stupid fight.

"It'll all work out, dear," Dorothy said, reminding me that she was still sat next to me.

"Yeah, hope so."

"We're gonna be stopping soon so us oldies can stretch our legs, powder our noses and all that. Why don't you use the time to have a quiet word with young Will."

"I'll see."

She just patted my hand encouragingly.

When the bus drew to a stop, I got off, but Will stayed on board. That pissed me off. He was avoiding me. It also made me sad, but I didn't want to go there. I used the toilets, splashed some water on my face, then decided to go for a short walk till it was time to leave.

* * * * *

Cause of the lack of sleep the night before, along with the gentle hum of the bus's engine, I decided to stretch out and have a nap on the back seat.

Jim coming on the PA telling us that we'd soon be at our hotel at Disney woke me up. Rubbing at my eyes, I sat up and looked out of the window. It was like being in a big park. The streets were lined with palm trees. There was a grass strip down the middle of the street with more palms and lots of flowering bushes. And there were huge hotels set back from the road, in their own park, with ponds around them. There didn't seem to be anything around but hotels.

I started to get my clobber together and waited until the oldies had gotten off. 'No point in trying to push past them or anything,' I thought. I supposed me hanging back also kept me out of Will's way.

Stepping onto the tarmac, I looked up at our hotel. 'God it's huge,' I thought, craning my neck upward. 'Must be at least eleven floors.'

There was the usual queuing at the reception desk. We formed three orderly lines, and I thought Americans weren't used to queuing. I'd just signed a registration slip when I noticed Will had gotten to the front of the line next to me. What was he doing? I realised I had to say something.


"G, I. . ." He briefly looked at me before turning back to the desk.

"I'm sorry. Um, could we, um." I knew people were all around us, but I didn't care.


"I . . . Look, Will I'm sorry. It was my fault, I shouldn't have snapped at you last night. Please, um, please, don't get a room by yourself. I, well, I'd really like us to keep on sharing, um, if you would I mean.

Will hesitated. It seemed like a long time before he spoke, "Okay,"

"Yes!" I said loudly.

"Is everything all right, gentlemen?" Jim was at my elbow. "I checked with the hotel staff here before we set out this lunchtime. I'm sure you'll be delighted to learn, Mr
Thomson, that you'll no longer need to impose on Mr Knight for accommodation. The tour company wishes to extend its apologies once again for the unfortunate. . ."

"You gonna tell him, or can I?" I smiled at Will, turning my back on Jim and his smarmy speech.

Will seemed to catch my enthusiasm. He was smiling just as broadly as me. "Go on then."

Turning back to a now confused Jim, I said, "Mate, you can stick your room, and your apology. He's staying with me."

"But. . ."

"I appreciate all the trouble you've gone to, Jim," Will said, not sounding all that appreciative. "I confess I thought about suing your company for your screw-up, but I've decided it's not worth the trouble." Turning to me, he said, "Even if your negligence has had one unexpected benefit. Come on, Graham, I think our room is this way."

God, I loved it when he got all business-like and masterful. Jim was doing a pretty good goldfish impression as we walked away from the check-in desk. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Wilma and Marvin giving us the evil eye. I was so stoked that me and Will had made it up that I blew them both a kiss.

"Come on, lean on me, you shouldn't be walking too much on that ankle."

"Thanks, mate," Will said.


Will giggled. God it was great to hear him do that, made me all warm and tingly inside. I wanted to kiss him. I know I'd come a long way in the past few days, but I wasn't up to doing that, well not in public anyway. Though when the lift doors closed, and as we were the only two inside, I pulled his face to mine and laid a deep lip lock on him. The lift wasn't moving cause both of us were too busy to press the button for our floor.

"G," Will said, looking seriously at me. "I'm truly sorry for last night. I shouldn't have said what I did, but most of all I shouldn't have said it like I did.

"No, Willie. It was my fault. I was totally out of line. I shouldn't have snapped at you like that, I know now that you said what you did cause you were worried."

"Yeah, but I'm still sorry. I realise now it came out all wrong. I was worried, yes, but you're an adult, free to do what you want and with whom you want."

"Thanks. But in some ways it's kinda sweet that you cared enough to worry about me. But honest I was all right, you should have come with us. Casey and Mark were really great lads."

"You wouldn't have wanted someone my age sticking around and cramping your style."

I stared at him. "That's a load of bollocks. God, you're only, what, ten years older than me? And less for Mark and Casey."

"Yeah, but. . ."

I kissed him to stop him from going on. "I don't wanna hear any more of that crap, Willie. You're a great bloke. Even if you did sound a lot like Amy last night."

"Will's face fell. "Sorry. I. . ."

"No, I'm the one what's sorry. Can we agree not to talk about last night anymore?"

Will's smile slowly came back. "You got a deal, bud."

Realising the lift still hadn't moved, I reached out and pressed the button for the tenth floor. "We don't want some hotel caretaker or someone thinking we've got trapped in here and come and rescue us, do we?"

"Depends whether he's hunky."

"Hey!" I flexed my muscles.

"G, you're all the hunk I want." Will gave me a hungry look that immediately got my dick hard.

We got out of the lift and I made Will hand over his case. I carried them both along the corridor to our room. Will opened the door with the key-card and walked inside. I don't know why, but a part of me was disappointed, I'd got a picture in my head of me carrying him across the threshold. Shaking my head, I lugged the cases inside instead and dumped them both on the bed. There was just the one bed.

Will and I looked at each other. I was the first to speak. "Ooh, cosy."

"You sure, G? I.. . ."

I sat on the bed and patted the space next to me. "Com'ere." When he'd sat down, I put an arm around his shoulder and pulled him closer. "Things are moving really fast, but you've been great about it, never pushing me or anything."

"Coming to terms with one's sexuality isn't an easy process."

"You can say that again. But I don't think I could have asked for a better guide, teacher or whatever you wanna call it."

Will took my free hand in his. "Thank you. Sometimes I think I've been taking advantage of your vulnerability, the fact that all this is new to you."

"Nar, mate, you've been brilliant. Now give us a kiss." We snogged for a couple of minutes, Will's smaller and thinner body wrapped round me. God, it felt so right!

"Do you want to attend the 'Welcome to Orlando' thing, or would you rather go somewhere by ourselves? If you want to go to the buffet, we ought to think about getting washed up."

"Um, I like the idea of free food, but, I don't wanna be stuck with all the oldies sticking their noses in, not to mention Marve and Wilma."

"I saw what you did to them downstairs. You shouldn't taunt them like that."

"Yeah, but they deserved it. Please, Willie, let's not fall out over it. I'll go and say sorry to them if you like."

"You're sweet, do you know that? No, I don't want you to apologise, but let's try and just keep out of their way, okay?"

"Anything you say. I was dead impressed with how you dealt with Jolly Jim, though. Were you really gonna sue the tour company?"

Will shook his head. "Not when their screw up landed me with such a gorgeous and sexy roommate."

I blushed.

"Seriously, G, you'll be a real catch for some lucky Englishman one of these days."

"Get on with you." I was really touched, and actually a bit sad at what Will said. I didn't want to think about having another boyfriend. 'Shit, did that mean I thought of Will as my boyfriend?'

"Would you like to find someplace cosy and private where we could have supper?"

"Yeah, mate, that would be nice."

"This place has three restaurants. One of them is called The Bistro. Let's go there instead of the welcoming buffet."

"Fine by me."

* * * * *

"I've missed this," I said into Will's hair as we snuggled in bed later that night. There was plenty of room in the king sized bed, but both of us wanted to be close.

"Me too." Will said sleepily.

"Sorry about me snapping at you last night, I. . ."

"Hush," Will said, turning round and lifting himself up on an elbow before planting a kiss on my lips. "We promised not to mention it again, remember?"

"Yeah, sorry."

Will laid back down, and I tightened my hold around him.

"I like it when you let me hold you like this. It's sort of like I'm protecting you or something. I know you don't need protecting or anything, but . . ."

"You're sweet." Will moved to get more comfortable. Letting out a wide yawn, he said, "My knight in shining armour." I could tell from his voice that he was drifting off to sleep.

I stayed awake a bit longer, thinking over the great evening we'd had. The Bistro was a nice place to eat, all dark and soft music. I didn't put up a fuss when Will said he would pay. I didn't want to spoil the great mood we were both in. The food was really nice and there was loads of it. Will asked if I wanted dessert. Though I was pretty full I agreed.

"I think I'll have the blackcurrant cheesecake." Will said putting down his menu. "Have you decided?"

"Um, dunno. I said looking at the selection. "Haven't you lot ever heard of sponge pudding and custard?"

Will got a gleam in his eye just then. "Well, if you'd be prepared to settle for something American tonight, I think I can get you something with custard tomorrow, okay?"


"Patience, my eager Englishman."

I ended up having the same as Will, it was nice enough, but I couldn't wait until the next day when I'd get my gob round some proper grub.

With that thought, I drifted off to sleep. Will's back was resting against my chest, his head tucked under my chin. All was right in my world.

* * * **

"Jesus, this place is bloody huge," I said looking at the theme park place Will had taken me to. He said it was called The Epcot Centre, which sounded daft, but the place certainly wasn't.

"I know. There's no way we'll be able to get round it all today."

"I always thought of Disney as having loads of big rides and stuff."

"There are a couple here, but there's more in the Magic Kingdom, though Disney doesn't have anything that you could call a 'white-knuckle' ride. We'll do the Magic Kingdom another day if you like."

Will said I was like a kid in a candy store as we walked round, me gorping at all of the stuff in the different areas. I really liked the Mexican pavilion. There was this square which Will called a plaza, and to the side of it there was a harbour affair, and we got on a boat, the El Rio del Tiempo, which stood for The River of Time. The model volcano was great, and then we saw a mini version of Mexico, both past and present. I didn't think I'd like stuff like that, the boat wasn't like a log-flume or anything, but it was still good.

Later on, when we were in a bakery in the Norway pavilion looking at some of the buns and stuff that Norwegians eat, I saw something Gran used to bake.

"Hey, look, you know what we call those?" I said nudging Will in the ribs and pointing to a tray of pastries.

"Those cone shaped things, you mean?"

"Yeah, they're cream horns." I whispered in his ear.

He blushed. "Can't take you anywhere."

I got him to blush even more when I bought one and made a show of eating it, licking the cream off my face.

We continued to look round. Will's ankle was holding up okay, but I kept making sure we took regular stops so he could sit and rest.

"I'm slowing you down, G, please go and explore some on your own while I sit here," Will said at one point.

"Nah, it wouldn't be as much fun on my own," I said sitting down next to him. I wanted to take his hand, even give him a kiss, but there were too many people about.

"You're sweet," Will said. I thought he was gonna start going on about how I'd make some bloke back at home really happy, so I was glad when he didn't.

My stomach started to tell me it wanted feeding when we walked past the Nine Dragons Restaurant in the Chinese area. I wanted to go in, I loved Chinese food, but Will reminded me of his promise to feed me some British grub. So I turned away, hoping it wouldn't be long before we got to wherever we were gonna eat.

We both liked the stage show that used mechanical puppets to act out bits of American history in the United States pavilion. Turns out we, the English I mean, used to rule America, I never knew that.

I was famished when we passed the Liberty Inn, which Will said served different sorts of American food. He said we could eat there if we wanted, but if I could wait a bit longer we'd get to where he'd been teasing me with. I nipped inside and got a 'regular' cheeseburger, just to put me on. Just as the bloke handed me my change, I said, "Have a nice day." I think I surprised him cause I stole his line. I'd have to ask Will why the shop assistants in America said stuff like that when they didn't really mean it.

Cause I'd got rid of the worst of my hunger, I agreed to Will's suggestion that we go and sit in the outdoor theatre and watch a show. It was a bit warm sat in the sun, but I coped `cause I knew it would give Will a chance to rest his ankle. Cause there wasn't many people sat near us, I got him to sit with his foot in my lap while I gave it a massage.

"This is great, G, but it's giving me a problem in another area," Will said quietly.

I looked at the bulge in his shorts and smirked. "Is that a gun in your pocket, Mr Thomson?" Okay, I don't think I sounded anything like Mae West, but it still made Will laugh.

I finally wore Will down, and he agreed to take me for lunch, though as it was getting on for two o'clock, God only knows what meal the Yanks would call it.

"Wow, Will, this place is brilliant!" I said when we got to the United Kingdom pavilion. "It's, well, I dunno." The place actually made me feel homesick, I don't know if it was how they'd made the buildings look so much like the ones back at home, or if it was all the British accents I heard from the people who worked in the shops and other places. In some ways hearing other people speaking like me sounded a bit strange, I suppose I'd gotten used to hearing American English so much.

"And here we are, the Rose and Crown pub," Will said when we'd turned a corner. Sure enough the building looked just like a pub back home. Well maybe like a pub in an English village, but it still looked great to me. "I'm told they serve genuine English fare inside."

I had a broad grin on my face as we walked as quickly as Will's ankle would let us toward the pub.

"Happy?" Will said, once we'd sat down on the patio.

"Yeah, thanks Will, it's great. Thanks for bringing me here." I was actually a bit emotional that Will had gone to the trouble of finding something that reminded me of home.

"What do you say to having a drink while we look over the menu? I'm sure it'll take you a while to decide what you want, and I'll need your assistance in guiding me through the mysteries of English cuisine."

"Yeah, no problem."

"They even serve warm beer, I'm told," Will said, pulling a face.

"You gonna try it?"

He hesitated. "Why not? In for a penny, in for a pound, as you guys say."

The beer was pretty good. Will told me they had to warm it up specially which sounded daft to me, but then that's Americans for you.

It took me ages to decide what to have. Yorkshire pudding was only served at dinner time, but I wasn't bothered. I knew they wouldn't be as good as the ones mum makes anyway.

"I might try the bangers and mash." Will said. They're sausages aren't they?"

"Yeah. I thought about having that, but they do Harry Ramsden's fish and chips."

Will smiled. "I thought you might go for that."

"I've been to their restaurant in Guiseley a few times, so I wanna see if it tastes the same here."


"Yeah, it's in Leeds. It's where the first Harry Ramsden's opened."

The fish and chips were great. I couldn't tell they were any different from the ones I ate at home.

"Did you notice that this place serves sticky toffee pudding, whatever that is, and custard?" Will said when we'd finished the main course and the waitress was removing our empty plates. Well mine was empty, Will hadn't eaten all his bangers.

"Yeah, I had," I said rubbing my hands.

"Sorry, love," the English waitress said, "But the custard's off today. You can have it with iced cream though if you want."

"Suppose so." I was disappointed, and judging by the expression on Will's face, he was disappointed for me.

"I'll have the same, please." Will said to the woman. Once she'd gone, Will touched my hand that was resting on the table. "I'm really sorry, G,, I'd promised you a proper British dessert."

"S'not your fault, Willie. I'm sure I'll still like it."

I did, though it would have been nicer if it'd come with custard.

I was a bit full after I'd eaten, so me and Will kind of took things easy for the rest of the afternoon. That was probably a good thing cause even though he wouldn't admit it, I could tell Will's ankle was starting to bother him.

When I got him sat on a bench, I agreed to do some exploring on my own. I headed straight for a shop that sold walking sticks that I'd spotted earlier on.

They had loads of different sticks to choose from, some had really fancy handles. I managed to find a plain looking one that looked sturdy, and it was about the right height for Will.

The woman asked me if I wanted it wrapped, but I said "No, it's all right, I'll wear it home."

She looked at me funny, but I just gave her one of my special smiles, and she went all gushy. Even got a bit knocked off the price ticket as well.

"Here," I said handing the stick to Will.

"Huh?" He said looking up. "Oh, G., that's so thoughtful." He stood up and tested the stick. Looking at me, a serious expression on his face, he said, "You don't think it makes me look old?"

I shook my head. "Nah, if it weren't for your Yank accent, you could pass as an English gentleman out for a stroll. If we go back to the UK pavilion I'll try and find you a tweed jacket and trousers."

"Thank you my good man, but I think not." Will's attempt at sounding like a toff was really funny. After looking round, Will gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. "You're special, Graham. Thank you."

I blushed. It gave me a real buzz doing things for Will. Being told I was special didn't hurt either.

"You want to start to head back to the hotel?" I asked about an hour later. I was starting to feel a bit cruddy, what with the warm weather and all that.

"You sure? I thought you might like to stay and watch the fireworks display."

"Aren't they on every night?"

"Yeah, as far as I know," Will said.

"Well then, we'll come back and see them another night." I paused before saying, "Beside, we could always have our own private firework show in the room," I squeezed Will's left bum cheek, which made him yelp in surprise.

On the ride back to the hotel I mulled over what I'd said. I didn't regret saying it, I just wondered how far I would be comfortable about going. I couldn't deny that if Will offered, I'd fuck him up the arse, but I didn't think Will was the sort of bloke to go all the way with someone he hadn't known for long. I knew I wouldn't be able to return the favour, though. That sort of bothered me. I had accepted that I was gay, and I knew taking it up the arse was part of it, but. . .


"Huh?" I hadn't realised the shuttle bus had stopped outside the hotel's main entrance. "Oh, sorry, I was miles away."

* * * * *

Just as the doors to the lift closed, I was goosed. I yelped in surprise and spun round to face a grinning Will.

"Right, you bugger, just wait till I get you in that room."

"Oh, promises, promises," he giggled.

We were both acting like school kids, but I didn't care, and obviously Will didn't either. We were lucky that we didn't run across any of the members of the tour group on our floor, so we got to our room without having to give anyone a run down of what we'd got up to.

"Wanna have a shower first?" I asked closing the door to the room.

"Nope, I want a kiss first."

"Demanding, aren't we?" I said advancing on Will, my fingers moving as though I was gonna tickle him.

"No, G, don't. I'm really ticklish."

Course that made me all the more determined to tickle him. I slowly followed him round the bed, trapping him in the corner. "If you want a kiss, you're gonna have to have a tickle first," I said growling, sounding all menacing.

"Be gentle with me." Will actually fluttered his eyelashes and I had to fight not to burst out laughing.

In a quick move Will leapt onto the bed and started to clamber over it. I was too quick for him, though, and jumped on top of him, pinning him to the mattress. "Prepare to die!"

"Someone please save me, I. . ." The rest of his words were drowned out by laughter as I dug my fingers into his ribs. He tried to squirm away, but I was a lot heavier than him, he wasn't going anywhere.

After a few minutes I decided I'd probably tortured him enough. So without warning I got off him, flipped him over onto his back, and dived on top of him again. But I didn't tickle him. I stared into his brown eyes and with my thumbs I wiped away his tears. I knew he hadn't been crying in a sad way or anything. We both were quiet apart from our heavy breathing. I lowered my face to his and kissed him. His lips opened, and I slid my tongue inside.

We must have kissed for a few minutes, I wasn't timing us. I could feel that Will had a hardon. It was great how I could make him hard by just kissing him. Yeah, I was hard, too.

Sitting up, I started to unbutton his light blue shirt. His chest wasn't developed like mine, but I still found it attractive. He hardly had any chest hair, just a small thin line from his navel that went down to his crotch. Leaning forward, I licked at his right nipple, making him jump. I'd sucked on a girls tits before, cause I knew it was sort of expected. But playing with Will's tits just felt more natural for me. It was great sucking the hardening nub into my mouth and scraping it on the front of my teeth. I thought Will was gonna leap off the bed. He would have done if I hadn't gotten a good hold of him.

"Oh, Graham, that's awesome."

I moved to his left nipple. From the way he reacted, I could tell that one wasn't as sensitive. I got to wondering what it would be like if someone, Will, was to suck on my chest. None of my girlfriends had ever done it to me.

Kissing my way down his smooth chest and belly, I blew a raspberry in his belly button, making him giggle. I looked at the button on his shorts. Could I, should I go further? Looking up at his face, I silently asked Will if he'd let me go on.

"Only if you want to, G." I could tell he really wanted me to, but as always he was thinking of me and what I'd be comfortable with.

God, he was such an amazing bloke. I knew then I'd have to do it.

I fumbled with the button on his shorts. Yeah, I was nervous. Finally the button was free, and I made short work of opening the other buttons on his fly. Will lifted his bum and I slid both shorts and underwear down his legs. There it was, his dick, the thing what made him a man. I'd not been as up close and personal with another bloke's tackle before.

I'm sure my hand shook as I reached out and took hold of Will. Wow, it was warm, soft and. . . . Well it was like mine I suppose only different. I wanked him for a couple of strokes, just to get me used to the idea of handling someone else's prick, I supposed I also used the time to pluck up my courage to go further. I definitely wanted to go further. Taking a deep breath, I lowered my face to his crotch. Will smelled clean, with only the faintest bit of sweat. When my lips were in range, I reached out with my tongue and licked the head of Will's dick, making him moan low in his throat. Will didn't taste nasty. I didn't think he would though. In fact he didn't taste much of anything.

I used my tongue to lick round the whole of his head, which was turning dark red. Then I started to lick down his shaft. It was kind of like licking a finger, I suppose, only it seemed a lot warmer, harder and . . . I don't know.

Once Will was all wet, I knew I couldn't delay things any more. The very few times I'd managed to persuade a girl to go down on me, I always got scraped by her teeth. So I knew to cover mine with my lips. Will was just the right size to fit between my lips, not too fat, I didn't have to stretch my mouth open too far or anything.

I suppose everyone makes the same mistake the first time they give a blowjob. I tried to cram too much of Will inside my mouth, making me gag.

"No, G, just take whatever you're comfortable with. You're doing great, bud, really great."

Will's words reassured me, so I tried again. Once I'd gotten all I could take of him inside me, I wrapped my hand around the rest, closed my lips and began to suck. I then remembered that I was supposed to move up and down. I tried it a couple of times. I think I scraped Will once, but nothing too bad. Once I'd got used to having a bloke in my mouth, I speeded up. I knew I'd need loads more practice to get good at it, but if Will's moans were anything to go by, I wasn't doing too bad.

I don't know how long I was at it, but my bottom jaw was starting to ache when Will said, "Getting close, bud. Pull off, or I'm gonna. Oh shit!" Will came.

I'd already decided that I was gonna swallow. Once when I'd begged and pleaded with a girl to blow me, she made a right production out of spitting out my cum. Her look of disgust as she spat had killed whatever pleasure I'd gotten. I wasn't gonna do that to Will. I took all he was giving me. It tasted a bit salty, stronger than mine, but it was all right. I don't know what that dozy bitch had to complain about.

"G, stop. I'm too sensitive." Will pushed me away. I wasn't upset or anything, I knew what he meant cause I also got really sore after I'd shot.

Running my tongue round my teeth and the roof of my mouth, I thought more about how Will tasted. Not bad, I didn't think I'd ever get to love it, but it wasn't horrible or anything.

"God, Graham, you were great."

"Thanks, but I know I'm only an amateur. I. . ."

"Hey, you were great, and cause it was you doing it, that made it even more special." Will laid on top of me and kissed me, both on the lips and then all round my face. "My special Graham."

I put my arms around him and held him close. I was really starting to develop feelings for this bloke.

"Will you let me do you?" Will asked after a couple of minutes of snuggling.

I hadn't noticed, but my dick was still hard and quite painful trapped as it was in my shorts. It was strange cause normally I'd always concentrated on getting off, any pleasure my girlfriend -- I knew I'd have to stop thinking about girls. No, any pleasure the other person got was just a bonus. But here with Will, I'd just focussed on giving him pleasure. It was weird, cause I got a shit load out of giving him that pleasure.

But hey, I'm a horny nineteen year old, and I wasn't gonna turn down the chance of a blow job. "I thought you'd never ask," I said kissing Will again, just to show I didn't mean it like that.

Wow, was Will good! I'm not gonna compare what he did with the blowjobs I'd had before, cause it was in a totally different league. The bastard got me close to the edge a couple of times then stopped. Jesus, even though I thought a lot about him and all that, I was ready to deck him for stopping. He'd just smile sweetly at me and tell me that it'd be worth waiting for. And God was it ever! I thought I was never gonna stop shooting. And yeah, he swallowed every drop, too.

After I'd recovered, I pulled him into a hug. "Willie, that was bloody brilliant, mate. You call me special, but you're, well you're really special." I almost said that I loved him, but that would have been going too far. I couldn't love him cause, well once the tour was over, we'd never see each other again. That thought made me sad.

"You okay?"

"Yeah, mate. I'm great. Poo, we both stink. Wanna shower or have a soak in the Jacuzzi?"

"That'd be wonderful."

"Okay, then. I'll start running the water." Getting off the bed, I pointed my finger at Will. "Don't move a muscle."

"Yes, Sir." Will grinned.

I scampered into the bathroom, put the plug in the tub and started the water. Finding a couple of packets of bubble bath, I added it to the water.

Going back into the room, I was glad to see that Will had done as he was told. Feeling all macho and stuff, I picked him up off the bed, kissed him on the lips and threw him over my shoulder.

"Hey! You going all stone age on me and carrying me off to your cave?"

Smacking him on his bare bottom, I said, "Yeah, I'm gonna carry you off and have my wicked way with you."

"I thought you already had."

"You ain't seen nothing yet!"