Lessons for Rick

Part 1

I love my E-mail. Like a lot of you guys, I have a regular account that gives my friends and family contact with me. I also have a second account that I use for my "private self", so I can walk around the Internet somewhat anonymously. Today I got a message from a guy who had seen my private man's profile. My profile indicates that I am gay, and wish to talk to gay, bi, or straight guys. He gave me his stats (5'6" tall, 165#, brown hair and brown eyes, 27 years old, and married). He also said that he is bi-curious and said he was "wondering what it is like to suck dick. Is it hard?"

I was interested, of course, so I checked his profile. It indicated that his name is Rick and that he lives in the next town. I E-mailed him in reply, saying that it was easy, and if you were lucky, it was hard. I also asked if he had checked up my profile to know that I am 43, cautious that I might be out of his age range. Then, on a subsequent, longer message I gave him a little background on me, what I like, and what I thought about being with guys. I gave him my stats as well (5'11" tall, 190#, formerly brown hair, hazel eyes, 43, always curious, gay, 6 1/2" hung). I mentioned the cock size so I wouldn't scare him away, unless he was looking for much bigger. I told him that teaching someone to suck a dick right was the higher concern of getting ones rocks off. Yes of course I meant it. If I'm gonna let some young guy, who has never sucked dick, suck mine without some tutoring, I'd have to be crazy.

I had this visual picture in my head of what he looked like. I have a friend at work named Rick. I didn't know for sure, but he was about the same age. His height and weight were about the same too. My friend Rick and I were corresponding on my real E-mail address. I haven't seen him much because I'm on a leave of absence from work, recovering from back surgery.

So, of course, I began to wonder if my friend Rick and Bi-Curious Rick were the same. I had doubts, but I know that I am not the only one with a secret self. My friend typed in normal sentences, using proper capitalization and periods at the end of each sentence. Bi-curious Rick did not do any of that, except only a little punctuation. We both used the new version of E-mail software so we could set font and color styles. His were bold letters, dark navy, all lower case, and no punctuation. My real self wanted my friend Rick and Bi-Curious Rick to be the same man. I sorta lusted over my friend Rick in the office. He was young and handsome, had an easy-going personality, and asked for my advice a fair amount. But he had no clue I am gay. Just a quick observation told me I was wishing for nothing.

His E-mail back in reply was nice.

wow, you write one hell of an e-mail

i've read it twice already and I had to go jack off right away

i liked what you said about guys knowing what guys like

you're right .. you're sense of humor is offbeat. you made me laugh

I talked to a lot of guys online but you were the only one who sounded like a real person.

They all offered me sex, but not in a 'no-pressure' way like you

i think it would be nice to get to know you a little

are you still free thursday after work?

We exchanged another message today and agreed to meet at my place tomorrow night about 5:30. I included directions and my phone number. In the meantime, I had sent my friend Rick a message, along a line of conversation that I had also shared with Bi-Curious Rick. He made no indication to me, in his reply back, that he felt uncomfortable about anything. There wasn't any more E-mail from the second Rick either.

Thursday was good for him because his wife had a class. I told him that I respected the fact that he was married and knew what my place was in his life. He liked that I was up front about who and what I am. For me to think I would take a young guy, desire to do so or not, and "convert" him to my lifestyle and meld into my life without question was ludicrous. I also wished to dispel some of the homophobic crap. Actually I hate that word. I think far more people hate gays than fear them. It's not homophobia -- it's hatred, period. (Okay, enough on that little rant). So I just wanted him to know that my intention was to do as he wished (teach him about sucking dick) and not to take over his life.

Of course I ended up horny and stretched out on the sofa to jack off. First I rubbed my crotch through my jeans. I think denim and flesh feel really good together. I didn't have any boxer briefs on; I don't wear them when I wear jeans. I slid my hand up the front and then down inside, to my half-hard cock. My friend Rick's face appeared in my mind. Wishful thinking. I'm sure there is more than one 27 year old named Rick in the neighboring town. But my cock was hard and there was only one image in my brain.

I slid the zipper down and grabbed my dick. I stroked the foreskin up and down my shaft, pulling it back and forth over the head in a steady rhythm. I thought about us as I moved my hand up and down, stroking smoothly, dreaming of teaching him how to give a good blowjob. I stroked faster, the fantasy running in my head, like a movie. I backed off so I wouldn't cum so soon. I wanted to enjoy this. I waited a moment and then started stroking again. When I was ready, I shot all the way up my chest. I lay thinking about him as I picked my creamy load up with my fingers and licked them off.

I thought about him throughout the evening, into the night, and until I finally fell asleep. I'm surprised that I didn't dream about him that night. But I had only a name and no face yet to go with it.

Even with some rationalizing, I was nervous about Rick arriving. I was apprehensive that it would be my friend Rick. In seeing that it was I, he would run out in embarrassment. With more rationalizing, I felt that if he was going to be embarrassed, then so was I too a point and I'd rather be embarrassed with a friend. He still might not stay, and it would be forever different at work, but I'd think of something. I hoped.

Thursday -- 5:30 p.m. The doorbell rang. My heart leapt into my throat. I had the advantage of a peephole, but I did not use it this time. We would either be pleasantly surprised together, or we would be embarrassed together. I didn't want the advantage, knowing he had none, whoever he was.

When I opened the door, he smiled at me. I smiled in return as I stepped back to let him inside. He was quite handsome. His description of what he looked like was quite fair. It was not one of those 'I am a Greek god in E-mail but an ogre in person' situations that have let down so many seekers. I looked him over as he did the same to me. He extended his hand to me and I shook it in return.

"It's nice to meet you Doc. Thanks for letting me come over."

"My pleasure, Rick. I'm glad you could come. Come on in and have a seat."

He passed on my offer for something to drink. He chose the left corner of the sofa. I sat up against the right side, crossing my knees in the middle, facing him.

"So when did you discover that you were bi-curious?"

"I guess I've felt it for a few years. Dating and then getting married took my mind off it for a time, but the urge to know something new is there. It took me about a month to decide I was really going to send you some E-mail. I found your profile at that time. I composed a couple of messages and threw them both away."

"What made you finally send it?"

"A need to know," he smiled.

"Will I be someone to explore that with, now that we have met?"

"Yes. I want to, anyway. I hope you do, too."

"I do. I like teaching. Besides, you're my ideal type," I smiled in return. "So, do we talk a little? Do we start right off? It's up to you."

He smiled even broader this time. "I have a need to know. You wouldn't deprive a young man his curiosity would you?"

"No, I suppose not. Can I at least tell you that I'm a little nervous?"

"Yes. Me too."

"Then I will be gentle, man."

I move to the middle of the sofa and put my hand on his chest. I moved it up to his neck, then to his cheek, back down to his shoulder, down his side, and onto his hip.

"How much time do you have tonight?"

"It's not a concern. I have time."

"I just want to feel you for a few minutes. Is that okay?"

"Yes. Whatever you feel right in doing is okay. I've given this a lot of thought. I want to know what you know, maybe all of it."

From his hip I rubbed into the denim jeans on his legs. I took his legs one at a time and put them over my legs, removing his sneakers. I left his socks on. They were bright white, a nice contrast to the blue denim he wore. I rubbed his ankles and messaged his feet, watching his eyes the whole time.

He moved closer to me. He put his left hand on my cheek. His thumb ran across my cheekbone. His fingertips were against my left ear. The smile on his face was sincere. He didn't appear to be nervous. My own nervousness passed quickly. Once a man begins to let you touch him, all will be well.

"Do you kiss guys?" he asked me.

I put my right hand on his cheek, pulled him gently to me, and put a dry kiss on his lips. It lasted for a minute. I pulled back a little, enough that we could see the others eyes in focus, and watched him.

"I've never kissed another man before."

"Was it okay?"

He nodded. I pulled him to me again and kissed him the same way. Our lips moistened as I ran my tongue between his lips. The tip of my tongue found his and he took mine into his mouth. I explored around everything within my reach. We pulled away from each other. I lay on my back, against the corner of the sofa, pulling him on top of me as I went. My arms went around his back. I explored his shape and form, down to his ass cheeks wrapped in denim material.

"Nice," he said into my ear. "I like this."

I moved my right hand around to his crotch, curious. He was hard, and I was pleased. I'm glad that I was not the only one with a straining erection in my jeans. He moaned as I touched him.

"Do you want to go to my room?" I asked

He sat back, kneeling with on knee on either side of my leg. My hand was still on his crotch. He looked down at it and put his own hand on top of mine, pushing against it harder. He put his right hand on my obvious hardness. His face was handsome in its youth. His eyes sparkled and he once against could not withhold his smile. He nodded.

Before I got up, he knelt down and took off my sneakers. He sat for a moment and returned the foot message through my socks that I had given him. Take a little ... give a little. When we stood, he was the one who initiated a kiss. I think he liked what I taught him so far.

I led the way to my bedroom, down the hall. He started to pull off his polo shirt and I helped him. I touched his bare chest, sides, and back. He stood and watched what I did, then pulled off my shirt and did the same. Since he felt good, his idea was that I would as well. His chest was smooth and nearly hairless. Mine was covered in a soft gray coloring of hair. He tweaked my nipples, which I had not yet done to him. I smiled and gave him a look.

"Sorry. Force of habit." He smiled wickedly.

"As long as you don't do that to my balls, I think we'll be okay." I returned the wicked smile. His sense of humor was offbeat too, so we were in good company.

"Speaking of balls, lemme see what's in your jeans."

"What if I don't want to?"

"I'll show you mine if you show me yours."

"But I only like you for your mind."

He undid the top button, unzipped his jeans, pushed them and his briefs down to his knees, and stood with his erection pointing straight at me. In mock defiance, I kept my eyes on his eyes. He watched me watching him. His eyes dropped to his crotch, anticipating I would do the same. I did not. He stood close to me, unbuttoned my top button, unzipped my jeans, pushed them and my briefs to my knees, and grasped my erect cock, putting mine and his in his right hand, rubbing both together.

"Say again?"

"I love the feel of your dick next to mine. Didn't you hear me correctly the first time?"

He laughed. "That's what I thought you said."

"So come lay beside me and let's play."

I lay down on my bed. He lay down beside me, facing me.

"You've taken all my nervousness away, man. It feels natural to do this, like we're supposed to. How easy it is for you."

"You should feel welcome here, comfortable and at ease. Like I said in my mail, what we do and when we do it is up to you. I have to admit I was nervous too, but your sense of humor is priceless. I could do this with you any time you want."

"And now help with my question. I am wondering what it is like to suck dick. Is it hard?"

"Slide down and little, and we'll answer that as best we can."

I turned around and put my head to the foot of the bed. I positioned my dick in front of his face. His was in front of mine as well. I had thought about how I was going to teach the young man. Teach by showing, I decided, and teach by trusting.

"Are you okay?" I asked. "You can change your mind without going on if you want to."

"I'm okay. I want to know what you know."

"Watch me for a moment, and then try it."

I moved in close to his crotch, inhaled his scent, which was shower fresh. I gently cupped his balls in my hand and licked them. He had very little hair on his balls or on his cock. The smoothness was silky under my tongue. I put one of his balls in my mouth and moved it all around. When I let it pop out, I swallowed the other, giving it equal treatment. I did it gently because I expected that his balls would be tender, in more ways than one. As I was putting his second testicle in my mouth, he moved in and licked both of mine as he cupped them in his hand. Then he put one in his mouth, and rolled it around like a marble. He was careful with his teeth. When it popped out of his mouth, he licked it and then put my other one inside his mouth, giving it a gentle and slow rolling motion.

I went from his balls to his shaft, licking it starting at the base, then all around, and up to his cut cock head. From there I worked my way back down to the base. He watched me as he shivered just a little.

"Show me again," he said softly.

I repeated the movements, slowly. I did not yet put his cock in my mouth. Obviously he liked it. He bent down and licked my cock, starting at the base, working up and around the shaft at the same time, to my uncut cock head. He repeated it again, working back to the base.

I sat up and kissed him gently.

"It tastes different than I expected, better than I expected. It feels better than I thought it would."

"You learn quick. It felt as good for me."

"Now lay back against the pillows. I'd like to show you how it feels with a guy."

When he was settled down on his back, I lay between his legs. I repeated the licking of his shaft that I had done. When I opened my mouth to take his cock, I swallowed about half of it on the first stroke. We were equally hung, so I wanted to show him that you did not have to take the whole dick in order to feel pleasure. I slid off his shaft, keeping the head in my mouth, licking it with my tongue. I went back down to halfway again and repeat it, settling into a rhythm of up and down movements. I knew he liked it because he ground his hips into my bed. I looked up at his eyes and I sucked his dick, watching his expression. His eyes were closed and his head back. Then he opened them, tilted his head forward, and put his left hand behind my head. He merely held it in his hand, not forcing me to take him deeper. With each downstroke, I sucked a little bit more into my mouth, taking it out only to lick the head. A few times I took it to the hilt, then backed up slowly, then down halfway, then up to the head, down to the base, up halfway, down to the base, up to the head, licking and sucking and drooling as I went along.

"I want your load when you're gonna shoot, man," I said, finally taking his dick out of my mouth long enough to get some air. I continued to stroke him with my right hand wrapped firmly around his shaft. Damn what a nice cock he has.

"Okay. If you say so."

I went back down on him, sucking and licking, enjoying the taste of his flesh in my mouth, playing with his balls as I went. I licked my middle finger and messaged his asshole, just at the outside edge. We hadn't talked about fucking and I didn't want to make any assumptions. But I know that when I'm jacking off, I love to have my asshole messaged. He groaned and opened his eyes wide. In another moment, I got my reward. It was hot and thick, creamy like he hadn't come in a few days. He shivered and lay his head back on the pillows, holding my head in both his hands. I licked his cock clean. The cream slid down my throat and I licked my lips as I looked at him. In a moment, he raised his head again and locked his eyes on mine.

"Wow. I've never had better. I can't believe I shot off in your mouth."

"I can. I like sucking dick. I think I do it well."

"Oh yeah, man, you do it well."

"I must have done something wrong."

"What? No way."

"You're still hard."

"Anticipation of more. I think I could do this all night."

"Me too man. You wanna have a go at it?"

He licked his lips and smiled. "Oh yeah."

I lay on my back as he settled between my legs. He took my cock in his fist and stroked it a few times. He started by licking, from the base up. When he reached the head, he opened his mouth, went down a couple of inches on my dick, and closed his lips around my shaft. He pulled up, leaving the head inside, and licked around with his tongue. He went down about half way and left it there, moving his tongue around my shaft with it in his mouth. He came back to the head, took his mouth off my dick, and licked my head all around. He stopped long enough to look at me. Ah man, it was good to have a hot mouth on my dick.

"Is it okay? Am I doing it right?"

"I dunno. Do it some more and lemme see," I said with a pleasing smirk on my face.

Rick went down on me again, half way, paused, then to the base, leaving it there as he ran his tongue around me again. His first taste of cock was mine. He looked at me. I licked my lips, approving of what he was doing, putting my hand on his head to let him know he was doing just right. To see what I was seeing, and feeling what I felt was like heaven. It has rarely been any better than this. Doing this with a guy whose first time it was made it even better. He had his mind totally on pleasing me, making me feel good.

"Oh man, I know you said you've never done this, but you're so nice. Your mouth is incredible. I don't know if I'll ever those this erection."

"Yeah? We'll see about that. I'm gonna suck you dry. You're gonna want me to come back and do it all again too."

It wasn't bragging. It was a promise. He was getting his confidence up so that I'd ask him to come back. Hell, I planned on begging him to come back, on my knees if I had to. Or even if I didn't have to. Oooh baby!

He went back on my dick, half way down, pause, all the way down. Lick, suck, taste and lube, all the while playing with my balls. Then he remembered something. He stopped sucking my cock long enough to take his finger into his mouth to wet it. He messaged my asshole at the same time he started sucking me again. He got a little bolder than I did and put it in up to his first knuckle. I moaned and writhed my ass further onto his finger. He found my prostate and withdrew, fearing he hurt me.

"S'okay man. It's supposed to feel like that. You wouldn't believe what that feels like. Next time I'll show you, and teach you something new if you're up to it. Go ahead, put your finger back in."

He did, carefully, and felt around again until he hit the spongy gland. I again pushed down on his finger as he sucked me into his mouth. I messaged his shoulders as he finger fucked me and gave me as good head as I've ever had.

"I'm gonna come in a few minutes. You sure you w ant it?"

He nodded and kept sucking. He was glad to know he was doing it good enough that I would come. It wasn't long before I started leaking pre-cum into his mouth. He pulled back a little bit, not knowing it I shot a stream or oozed out my load. My cum flowed thick and creamy into his mouth. He drank it down greedily as I held his head and let it fill up his throat. He swallowed and kept my cock in his mouth, not wanting to miss a drop, not wanting to stop me from feeling how good this really was. When I stopped coming, he sucked any remaining drop off my cock and then licked me clean, leaving me shining in the lamplight.

He gave me a large grin. I grinned back and then pulled him on top of me, held his head, and brought him to my lips.

"You sucked me dry, man. It's gonna take me days to recover what you took out of me."

"But you're only half soft. How do you explain that?"

"Easy. You turn me on."

"Cool. I can live with that."

He lay beside me, one hand on my neck and one on my chest.

"Jeez man, I feel like I'm still coming. You got me off and I never stopped," he said as he held me closer.

"You really enjoyed this, didn't you?"

"Yeah, man, a lot. I was nervous about E-mailing you the first time, and then sending a response back to agree to meet you in person. But I couldn't say no. When I closed my eyes last night, all I thought about was having a dick in my mouth. It's all I thought about today, all day, starting with when I woke up this morning. I was going to jack off in the shower but I wanted to save it. Getting through the work day was hard enough that I took my most challenging task and buried myself in it."

"Sounds like me man. Everything you said, minus the nerves. All I felt was anticipation. Every chance I got, I put my hand inside my pants and fondled my dick, thinking about what it would feel like in your mouth."

"You're hard again, or still, I'm not sure."

"Look who's talking. You've been soft about 10 minutes since you arrived here."

I touched him, kissed him, and wrapped my fist around his cock. He did what I did. I slid down a little and swallowed his stiffness.


I set my mind to this being our first time all over again. After a couple of minutes, he turned around and we got into a 69 position. He wanted to share. What he wanted was more dick. He'd had enough to know he liked it, and that he could have it any time he wanted. More was better. I lay there, as I sucked this man's dick, thinking that it would be nice if we could do this once a week, just enough to keep both of us horny and eager.

We ate each other's balls. We probed each other's asses. We sucked cock. His mouth was like pure silk. He must have liked mine too because together we shot hot cream into each other's throats, spurt after spurt, me matching him creamy load for creamy load. We swallowed. We didn't move for a few minutes. He took my hand, pulled me up, and kissed me, the taste of my cock on his breath and his on mine.

"I guess I'm a cock sucker now."

"No, you're a good cock sucker. There's a difference."

"Thanks. Can we do this again."

"Yeah. Can you come again tomorrow?" I said with a wicked laugh.

"I could come every day," he said in return. "My calendar will talk to your calendar."

"Cool. By the way, there's not a drop of cum left in my balls. You got it all in there."

I pointed to his stomach, slim and firm. I bent down to run my tongue over it then up to his nipples, first one, then the other, licking the smooth skin along the way.

"What else are you going to teach me, next time?"

"What do you want to learn."

He smiled and put his hand on my ass.

"Really? Giving or getting?"

"Both. I'm still curious. You're an awesome teacher."

"Okay, if you make me, then I guess I can do it," I laughed, pretending that it was such hard work. How would I ever manage? I guess I'd find a way. His body was going to be my playground. I already knew that mine was his when he wanted it.

We dressed. He wasn't quite ready to leave yet. He held me and kissed me. We lay back on the sofa, me on top of him. Neither one of us got hard, not that we could. We just kissed. The intro to male sex had been successful. This was just dessert to top off the evening. He'd been here over two hours, being an apt pupil. His curiosity was going to keep me on my toes.

I walked him out to his car, and then stood watching the red taillights move away in the darkness. I felt nothing but contentment. Tonight my wishful thinking was rewarded. My friend Rick and I were opening up new avenues in our friendship. I was glad that it was he at my door tonight. Better he learn from a friend than a stranger who might not treat him so well.

Part 2

When we were at work, it was life as usual. Well, for me there was private lusting when I did manage to see a glimpse of him down the hall or in the cafeteria or in the parking lot, but the building we worked in was large and we didn't run into each other all that often. I don't know if bi-curious guys graduate to being bi guys. I don't know if they privately lust over their office mates who they know are gay, even though no one else in the office does. Yes, I have had these very conversations in my own head. Sometimes I have too much time on my hands. I'm always horny. When you are 43 and you discover a friend of 27 likes sucking your cock, and having you suck his, you are always horny. Trust me.

He led his life in the straight world. I led mine in the straight world. I'm not out t o the straight world. One thing I feel about being gay -- it's not who I am, it's merely what I am. For the most part, it is nobody's business that I am gay, except for those who I chose to be intimate with. My sex life is not up for discussion with any of my friends. My life is not spent in the pursuit of sex. It is spent in the pursuit of pleasure, friends, occasional seriousness, and attempts at being a good man in general. Sex is there when it feels right to look for it or to accept it.

So when Rick and I are together sexually, it is for pleasure. When he came to my place, it was with the intent of spending good time with me, not rushing through the evening in giving or getting a quickie blowjob and going home again. When we are together at work or at lunch, it is for friendship. I look at his butt on the sly, knowing what it looks like in the flesh. Even then, I'd rather be a friend to him than an object of sex because it is in friendship that needs get answered and rewards are given.

Our second time together brought new explorations of sex with a man. He sent me mail asking if he could come over Tuesday after work for a couple hours. Learning how to suck a dick was nice for him, and quite nice for me since it was me that he experimented on. Letting me suck his in return showed he liked being equal. I still knew more than he did about male to male sex, so he wanted me to tell him what it was about. Kissing had been a part of it.

We sat on my balcony for a half-hour and enjoyed the fresh air. Winter had run a long course for this part of the country and we were looking forward to spring and outside activity. It was nice to cool down from the day's hassles, shooting the breeze, enjoying the company of a friend.

"Ready to show me something new?" he asked. The pace was his to set. I let him pick the day or days of the week that he wanted to come over. I let him decide how long he would stay. He let me pick the activity du jour, knowing he wanted to know what I knew.

We came inside and went down the hallway to my bedroom. He let me undress him, and then I let him undress me. We teased each other's cocks while we were down on our knees, taking off the other's jeans. We kissed because he liked the feel. We kissed because I liked it too, showing that, for now, we were a little bit better than friends. We held each other close as we kissed, first standing up, and then laying beside each other in bed, then him laying on me and then me laying on him, touching all the while. The boy loved to kiss forever. He was passionate about kissing. I think he liked it even better than sucking dick.

So I figured that if he liked kissing on the lips (and ears, eyes, nose, cheeks, necks, shoulders, nipples, chest, and belly button), that he might like kissing my ass. I didn't ask, I showed him instead what it felt like. I got between his legs, raised them up, spread his cheeks and put my lips on his anus. Then I poked my tongue into his tight hole, licked all around it on the outside, and then tongue fucked him until he squealed. I licked from his hole up to the underside of his balls, and then back again. I munched his ass like I hadn't eaten in a fucking week. When I took a break, he was staring at me, unblinking, with a grin on his face.

"So that's what it means when you tell someone to kiss your ass, okay man?"

"In that case man, you can kiss my ass any time."

"Good," I said as I lay on my back. "Now come sit on my face."

He straddled my face, facing the wall. I ran my tongue up and down his asshole as he sat on my face. I got him wet and slick. When I licked his balls, I messaged his asshole with my middle finger, letting it disappear inside just enough so that I could make the rim of his ass wet.

His dick stood out straight. I pulled it into my mouth and alternately sucked his dick and sucked his ass. This was how I showed him that sex need not be boring, and what guys did together. It said that we are not queer, that we just like pleasure as much as anyone else does. Why should straight guys have all the fun anyway?

He climbed off me, rolled me on to my stomach, and pulled my cheeks apart. He buried his face in my ass, working his lips over my hole. He tentatively stuck out his tongue, licking around it a couple of times and then right into the center of it.

"You smell like fresh soap down here," he said as he looked up at me.

He licked and munched, using his lips and his tongue, sending a shiver up my spine. Teaching him was as good for me as it was for him. He hadn't found anything yet that he didn't like. I wondered how he'd feel about fucking me, or getting fucked by me. I didn't know how far he'd want to have sex, but it wasn't for me to decide. He was the student, and I was the patient teacher. Whatever he wanted he could have. He pulled my cock and balls from underneath me and licked them. I was harder than I'd been on Thursday when we first got together. Five days later, he was as eager to learn.

He rolled me onto my back again and got between my legs, sliding my cock halfway into his mouth. He looked at me, knowing I approved of him using my cock for his toy.

"Want me to suck you too?" I asked.

"Not yet. This is for you, to thank you for teaching me and for not letting me feel embarrassed that I had inadvertently contacted you." He fisted my dick as he talked to me. "I'm glad you're the one I got to. I don't know if anyone else would have been this way with me."

He smiled and then went back down on me, giving my dick his full attention. I lay back on the pillows, watching him watch me as he sucked my cock. He licked my balls and carefully poked his middle finger into my asshole, messaging it, returning to my cock to keep it stiff and wet. His mouth was sweet. His face was so cool to look at as he sucked me. He raised his eyes to mine every few minutes, but basically spent his time on the task at hand. I started to move my hips as I got closer to orgasm. He poked his finger in a little deeper and sucked just a little more. I closed my eyes and put my head back as I shot a lot of fresh white cream into his mouth. He swallowed and kept sucking me. When I was done erupting, he licked my cock clean. He continued to fist it as he lay beside me and kissed me.

"Damn, man, you make me so hot," I said as he looked into my eyes, smiling.

"Yeah? I'm glad. My dick hasn't been soft since I got here. Want some?" he said in a teasing voice, waving his cock at me.

"Nah," I said, looking and sounding very serious.

The smile went off his face. He looked at me, then looked deeper into my eyes. "Liar," he said, knowing damn well that I was not going to turn him down. I got between his legs, raised them up a little, and wrapped my arms around his hips. I went down on his cock, to the base, and held it there. I moved my tongue around it and pulled it out only halfway. For 15 minutes, I sucked this fresh boy-cock, licked his sweet boy-balls, and messaged his sweet boy-ass. He started squirming. I stopped sucking him and then just lay there, as I was, looking at his face.

"Hey, why'd you stop?"

"Don't want you to come yet."

"What? But I wanna come yet."

"But I like it too much to make you get off so soon."

"Come on man, lemme come. I didn't tease you, much."

"But I like teasing you. You can't come until I let you. Maybe I'll let you go soft first, and then get you hard again. Maybe I'll just stop and look at you instead. You are cute, you know."

He played my game. He didn't care, because he knew he'd get off. He wasn't picky about when.

"Cock teaser."

"Yeah. Nice cock by the way. Did I tell you that yet?"

"No, but I sorta figured you liked it the first time you sucked me off."

"Nice mouthful -- not too big -- not too small. Just the right length and thickness. I like stroking it, playing with it in my fist. Tastes real good too. Too bad you can't taste your own dick, you'd like it."

"Does it taste like yours."

"Dunno, I never tasted my own dick, just my own load."

"Can guys suck their own dicks?"

"Yeah, some can. I've seen it in videos. Takes a little doing from what I can figure out. Mine's not quite long enough."

"Then I guess I'll just have to do it for you."

"Yeah, I guess you will."

"You ready to suck me yet?"

I winked at him. I'd teased him enough. Time to get his rocks off. I went back down on his cock and sucked for all I was worth. It did taste good. It really was just the right size. He was clean and fresh. I could even smell the baby powder he had used after his shower. I swallowed it all, down to the base. Oh man how I loved to suck my friend's dick. A week ago I only anticipated what it would be like. Now I wanted him every chance we got.

He started grinding his hips again. He was close, so I just kept on sucking. I wanted his load so bad. He didn't make me wait long. It was thick and sweet tasting, creamy and smooth, hot against my throat. He didn't disappoint me, not that he ever could. I swallowed all he pumped out into my mouth. Then I licked all around his shaft and cock head. He was finally going soft when I lay beside him. He looked into my eyes again and kissed me lightly on my lips.

"Thank you," he said simply.

"You're welcome, friend. Any time."

"So what are you going to teach me next? Can we get together Saturday morning?"

"Saturday is just fine. What do you think you want to know next?"

"I want to know what it's like to get fucked. Would you fuck me?"

"Jeez, you gonna make me fuck you?" I said in mock tiredness. "You think I'm young enough to do that anymore?"

"You're young enough. And horny enough," he said reaching down to my hardening cock.

"Okay okay, I guess I'll just have to fuck you then. Man, you make me work so hard to please you." I laughed out loud. He wasn't buying my "old man" act. I didn't act or feel over 40. And he was certainly right about me being horny.

I reached for his cock and stroked it to full hardness again as he stroked mine. We kissed as we jacked each other's cocks in our fists. Two horny men, that's all we were. We both erupted at the same time. We got into a 69 position and cleaned each other up. So far we hadn't wasted a drop of cream between us.

When we were getting dressed, he told me how much he appreciated me being so good-natured and so patient. I told him that it was nice that he let me too. After all, he could have run away when he saw me at the door a few days ago.

Part 3

I had set my alarm for 8:00 a.m. on Saturday. I didn't normally sleep in much past that anyway, but I wanted to get into the shower and clean up good before Rick came. We were going to meet around 9:30. I had bought some lube and last night on my way home from work. Normally I would have bought condoms too, but considering who my buddy was, I didn't this time. When I played with someone unknown, I played safe. I told Rick to do that too, in case he started out with someone new along the way.

Rick arrived right on time. He kissed me at the door lightly, then wrapped his arms around me and pushed me back into the wall to kiss me some more. He moved his hips into my crotch. I reached down to cup his ass into both hands, inside his jeans. He smelled of fresh soap and shampoo, with a light dusting of baby powder. He was fully dressed. I was wearing only jeans and socks.

"My ass is twitching in anticipation, buddy. I can't wait to feel you inside me. I fingered my ass in the shower this morning. Can't believe I got myself so hot."

"Here, feel this," I said as I put his hand on my crotch.

"Damn you're hard!"

"Let's fuck, buddy. I'm so hard I'm going to burst!"

"Where do we start?"

"Come lay across the bean bag. I want to eat your ass first."

He lay down on his stomach. I pulled off his sneakers and jeans. I went right for his asshole with my tongue. We didn't warm up very long. He was ready for some dick up his ass, and I was ready to give it to him. I straddled his legs and spread his ass cheeks. I lubed up my cock with a thin coating of "Wet" and put my head up against his hold. I slid forward until just the head popped into his ass ring. Rick took a deep breath, then pushed back on my cock as he let it slide in at a pace he could take it. It took about three minutes for him to take the whole thing, but neither of us was in a rush to go anywhere. Once I was in to the hilt, I just lay on top of him, letting him get used to it.

"Does it hurt, bud?" I asked him.

"No. I just feel full. Feels nice."

"I'm going to pull out a little, then push it back in. I'm going to do that a couple of times until I can get into a rhythm. If you feel pain at all, tell me and I'll pull out. I want this to feel good for you."

"Go for it man. My tight ass is all yours."

I raised myself up off his back, kneeling in this straddled position. I slid my cock out a little, then back in to the base again. I was pulling out only a quarter each time. I did it slowly so he'd feel my hard shaft. After a few minutes, I pulled out halfway and then pushed it back inside, still nice and slow. He moaned.

"Yeah, it feels incredible, man. It's a thousand times better than my finger. I can't believe we're here, you fucking me like this."

I smiled as I continued to penetrate his asshole with my stiff cock. I moaned as I fucked his hot hole, pushing in, pulling out, pushing in, and pulling out. I increased the rhythm a little as I withdrew three-quarters of my cock now, then pushed it back to the hilt. His ass swallowed my cock like his mouth did. We were now fuck buddies, not just friends. The thought made me hotter, but I kept up the slow pace. He seemed to like it a lot. I pulled out and added a little more lube, then put my cock in halfway, waited a few seconds, and then pushed it all the way in again. This time I pulled out to the head and then slid the length of it back inside him. I messaged his ass cheeks as I slow fucked his ass. I took it all the way out a few times, then plunged it in the whole way nice and slow. I then fucked him with just half my cock in him, pumping it in and out, listening to his moans of pleasure. After a few minutes more, I pulled it all the way out, then pushed it all the way in, then pulled all the way out again. I repeated this for several strokes, watching his asshole close up completely each time my head withdrew from his ass. Once again I buried it to the hilt, fucking him in short strokes. I gave him my cock for about 15 minutes, but finally I couldn't hold it any longer. I pulled out leaving just the head in his hole. A few strokes with just the head and then I exploded inside his ass. I pushed it in all the way, lay down on his back, and bucked while I gave him short, quick strokes, sending shot after shot of hot juice inside his ass. I kissed his neck as I came, wrapping my arms tightly around his chest. When I finished, I left my cock inside him. I put my head on his back and closed my eyes for a few minutes, letting the waves of pleasure work their way over my body.

"Wow, man. I can't believe how great that feels. My ass is still tingling. What a kick."

"You won't believe how your cock tingles when you come. I don't know what it's like in the straight world, but when you fuck a guy, you know what tight is. You ready to try it?"

"Yeah, I can't wait. Let's switch places."

He was like a kid, doing something for the first time. It took seconds to get his cock hard. He lubed it and asked me how I wanted it, a little at a time or all at once.

"All of it man, I want it all."

Rick mounted my ass and slid the full length of his 6 1/2 inches into my ass. He yiped as his entire cock disappeared into my ass. He only stopped when his crotch wouldn't let him go any further.

"Holy moly, man. Jeez you are incredibly tight. You ain't been fucked in awhile have you?"

"Nope. If I'm as tight as you are, then you're in for a great ride. Fuck me buddy. Let it fill me up."

He lay against my body, pumping in and out in short strokes. I pushed my ass up as he pushed in, and clenched it tight as he pulled out. He moaned and then withdrew more of it, pushing back in an equal amount each time. He knew I had fucked him with just the head of my cock, so he wanted to try that too. He pulled out first and put some lube on his cock head. He popped it back in and then fucked me for a few minutes, using just the head. Then he gave me half his cock in and out. He groaned in the feeling of it all.

"How is it man? Am I a good fucker?"

"You're a great fucker man. Do what comes naturally and you'll make me feel good."

He slid all the way in, then all the way out a few times. The length disappeared inside me and I pushed up to receive it. He ground his hips against my ass when he was complete inside me, pushing it in as deep as he could. I moaned each time that he did that because he hit my hot spot, sending an incredible tingle up my insides. We worked together, pushing and pulling, gripping and releasing, in and out, making a great team. He knew how to use his cock. My hole was wet and slippery.

In a few more minutes he started bucking and moaning. He was getting ready to shoot. I pushed my ass against his crotch, clenched his dick tightly, and wriggled my hips until I knew that he was filling my ass with his hot juice. He grabbed hold of me and held on tight. He didn't say anything. He couldn't for all the groaning that he did. He just pushed inside me as far as he could and bucked his hips.

When he finished shooting, he turned my head to his and kissed me hotly on my lips.

"What a great fuck you are, man. I haven't felt nothing like that in all my life. I wonder if I got any cum left in my body? Talk about being drained!!"

"So you like laying your buddy, huh?"

"Oh yeah. And getting laid too. Have we run out of things for you to teach me?"

"No way man. You want more?"

"Yeah, I do. Can you fuck me again?" he asked.

"Horny much?"

"Yeah. I don't care if I come again later, but I got to feel your dick in me."

He got off me and I got up. We stood kissing each other, holding on to each other's asses. We stopped and looked into each other's eyes, enjoying the silence between us, just looking and enjoying our time together. I took his hand and led him to my bedroom. I put a sheet on my bed and got more lube. I guided him onto his back and raised his legs, putting them over my shoulders. I lubed up my middle finger and slid it inside his ass. I found his prostate gland and messaged it gently. Then I put my index finger in him at the same time, feeling around his tight hole with my two fingers. I fisted his cock with my left hand as I finger fucked his ass. His incredible eyes watched me in fascination.

I withdrew my fingers, lubed my cock, and put the head in his ass. I slid it in an inch at a time, stopping when he shifted. Getting fucked face-to-face was a little different and from the back, so I wanted to be easy on him. He would like this too, because, as much as he liked kissing me, it would make it easier to do so. I watched his eyes as I slid in. He nodded when he was ready for more. It took a few minutes to enter him the whole way. I lay down on him, bending him in half, and we kissed for a few minutes while he got used to my cock.

"Your cock feels great, man. Same as before, but different. As good as it feels, I can't get hard though."

"I can't either when I'm being fucked. All the sensation is in my ass and I go limp, even though I'm turned on as ever. A lot of guys can't stay hard when they're getting it."

He was glad for the reassurance. He was afraid of making me think it didn't feel good. I knew it felt good, or at least I hoped it made him feel good. My dick was like a rock so he knew for sure that I liked his ass. I began and slow and steady rhythm, using half my cock to fuck him. He pulled me down to his lips and kissed me with the same passion as he had done the very first time. This was our third time together. I was still teaching and he was still learning. I still think he liked kissing as much as anything else.

He pushed into my ass with each thrust. He clenched his hole tighter around my dick when he could do it. It took some doing to get into that type of rhythm, clenching and unclenching at the right times. I still don't manage to do it just right. I told him to keep doing it, because it felt good.

"I'm still amazed that you and I are doing this. It feels so great. I'm glad I finally let my curiosity get the better of me. To not being doing this, with you especially, would be something that I didn't even know I'd miss out on. I don't want to miss out. On anything."

"Me either, man. Life's meant to explore. Doing this with you is ... so right, so good. My dick feels better than it has in ages. You bring out the best in me, man. I'm so hard, and you're so tight. I want to keep doing this for a long time."

"Yeah. Me too. Fuck me man, give me your cock."

I raised myself up on the balls of my feet and pumped steadily and slowly into his young tight ass. I watched his face as he watched me. My strokes were long a smooth. I pulled all the way out to the head, and then plunged back in again, giving him my full length and hardness, down to my balls hitting against his ass cheeks. He liked being fucked. He moaned and twisted as I entered him. He pulled his ass closed as I withdrew.

"I'm gonna shoot man, I can't hold it any longer," I said as I filled his hot ass with my juicy cream. Just when I didn't think I'd have any cum left in me, out shoots more and more. I think he tapped a secret reserve, making it boil up and out every time we tried something new. I loved fucking this young boy. I loved fucking my friend. He wasn't demanding and he was thankful for all that I taught him. He took my cock in his mouth and in his ass, giving me great pleasure. I took his cock with equal vigor, enjoying it any way he wanted to share it with me.

I pulled my cock out of his ass when I went limp. I spread his asscheeks and munched his hole, licking out some of my hot cream. He writhed as pushed his ass deeper onto my face as I went mining for white gold. His cock was getting hard, so I licked it and then swallowed it.

"Don't make me come, man. I want to return the favor."

I lubed him up with spit and then with Wet. I showed him how to enter me front the front, my legs up over his shoulders. He thrust inside me in one motion, smooth as silk, hot and purely sexy. He began pumping right away in the smooth in-out stroke, leaving just the head of his cock inside my hole each time he withdrew.

"Man, you didn't waste any time. You been fucking me in your dreams, practicing for the real thing?"

"Yeah, bud, just like it was you beneath me. Having the real thing is even better. Does my cock feel good?"

"Oh yeah, man, it feels like the way I like it. If you're good to me, you can fuck me the rest of the day. Use me man, give my ass a good workout. It's hungry and it needs your cock to fill it up."

He repeated what he had seen me do, on the balls of his feet. He fucked me that way for a good ten minutes, and then got on his knees and pushed hard and deep into my ass, in short strokes.

"I want to eat your load, man. When you're gonna come, give me your cock."

The idea thrilled him a lot. He gave me a few more strokes, deep and even, hard and regular, and then pulled out. I gobbled his cock a second later, to be rewarded by his cum. It still tasted incredible. I loved his thick white cream flowing into my throat. He could cum up my ass anytime he wanted, but load had to be for my belly. I cleaned it from top to bottom, leaving no proof on it that he had shot just now.

He lay on top of me, kissing me, tasting my cock breath, licking inside my mouth for any residual cum. He pulled his head back and looked at me, and then rolled us onto our sides so we could hold each other close and continue our oral lovemaking. I kissed his closed eyes, licked down to his ear and then his neck. I took his lobe between my lips and sucked them. I ran my tongue inside his ear canal and made him shiver. I smiled.

"You like to make me do that, don't you?"

"Oh yeah. It only proves to me you're paying attention to m e."

"So there's not much new to teach me."

"Nope, but perfecting our technique could take months, years even. If you don't do it right, you gotta do it over and over until I say it's good enough."

"Oh man, the pressure you put me under! I don't know if I can live up to your needs."

I laughed out loud and pulled him close. We didn't talk for a few minutes. I just held him, kissed him lightly, and smiled.

"So what's next?"

"Sex in the dining room."


"Sex in the shower."

"Ooh baby."

"Sex on the balcony."


"Sex in the spare bedroom."


"Sex in the woods."

"Out doors? Mmmm, sounds nice. Getting laid under a full moon. How's that sound?"

"Oooh, I like that. When's the next full moon?"


"Cool. Will you suck my dick in the moonlight?"

"Yeah, gladly."

"Will you cum in my mouth in the moonlight?"

"Uh huh, sounds like I can do that."

"Will you take my incredible manhood up your sweet ass in the moonlight."

"Only if you shoot your hot load too."

"Try and stop me," I said grinning.

"And then?"

"Sex in the rain, until we couldn't possibly get any wetter."

"Yeah, natural lube."

"I like holding you, Rick. I like me inside you, but above it all, I like that you are my friend and that you let me teach you about sex."

"And about caring. Thank you for doing that."

"Come on, let's go and shower. I might even drop the soap a couple of times."

"Oh baby, lemme see you bend over!!" he said with the laughter of a child. Our playtime was great. We had a lot of ways to make each other shoot heavy loads, and he could do me anyway he wanted. He did, too."

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