Let The World Go By

By Richard

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Part Two

The Years In Between

Chapter 3

James woke briefly as he was examined at the hospital, but slept again when he was given an injection of penicillin and three of the APCs (the slang for All Purpose Cures - aspirin). It was late the next day when he finally regained consciousness completely. His first thought was about the amount of time that had passed. He was relieved to find out from the nurse, that it was just the second day.

He sat up, and realized that he was hungry. His dinner was brought at the usual time with the others. He was reading a magazine when Jefferson and Mac showed up.

"Hello there, loafer!" Jefferson laughed. They shock hands.

"Hey there, yourself" James called back. "Hello, Mac."

James reached out and took Mac's extended hand. "Hi, how're you doing?" he greeted James warmly. It was the first time since their incident, that he'd expressed any warmth toward James.

"I'm feeling great." James began, "At least I do now."

"What happened?" Lane asked.

"I really don't know," James began, "I fell down once, and got up, then I remember falling again. The next thing I remember is they're taking me to the hospital"

"I think that it was terrible that you were left out there alone for so long." Mac offered.

"What do you mean?" James asked puzzled.

"You mean you don't know?" Jefferson almost shouted.

"Know what?"

"It was almost six o'clock when they found you. Somehow they didn't miss you when the guard changed at 3:00, or again at 5:00 for that matter. If it hadn't been that the guard assigned to your post had to take a leak, you wouldn't have been found until much later. You see, you were off from the path nearly thirty feet."

"I was on the path when I fell, I know that!" James protested.

"Yeah, they know that too. They could see where you had crawled to get out of the mud, or whatever." Mac put in.

"And I've never seen anyone raise so much hell as Parkinson. He was furious! Absolutely raging!" Jefferson continued. "I think that the Sergeant of the Guard is going to be court martialed for sure!"

They chatted, and told James all about what had been going on since he had been in the hospital. They were interrupted by the voice of the nurse announcing that the visiting hours were over. They said their goodbyes, and then his two friends waved as they walked out the door. James was alone again. But he didn't feel alone, he had two good friends.


He had just picked up the magazine again when the door opened.

"Hello there." It was Parkinson.

"Hello, Sergeant." James sat up.

"How are you doing?"

"Fine, fine. Can't wait to get out, though."

"Well, you just take it easy. You've had a bad time."

Hobbie as his friends called him walked over and shook hands with James.

"Thank you, Sergeant. But I don't want to miss training," James protested.

"Don't worry about a thing. I've already spoken to the Captain. He said that as long as it doesn't go beyond two weeks, you'll be able to pick up right where you left off. Someone will be bringing you the reading you need to do to keep up. So you won't miss a thing, except a little KP and guard duty," He grinned.

"Thanks, Sergeant," James was relieved.

"There's going to be some trouble over this, I can assure you of that!" He was still angry when he thought about it. "It's inexcusable to miss a man on guard duty, not once, but twice!"

"I guess it must have been the rain." James said, "I didn't even know about it until Jefferson and Mac told me about it, just tonight."

"Yes, but it shouldn't happen!" he pounded his fist, "They know how many men are out on duty."

He could see that James was becoming embarrassed by what he was saying so he changed the subject. "Is there anything I can get for you?"

"No, I can't think of anything," James paused, and added, "Oh, just something to read and my mail, and writing supplies."

"Gotcha. You'll have it in the morning, okay?"

"Fine, thank you, Sergeant,"

"Please, call me Hobbie, all my friends do," he smiled and put his hand on James' shoulder, then added, "Of course, only when we're alone."

"Thanks, Serg....," he started and started again. "Thanks, Hobbie."

"That's better," Hobbie smiled broadly. "You've got to get better real soon. Next weekend's the big In-Town-Pass weekend! You wouldn't want to miss that now, would you?"

"I'll be back before then," James reassured him.

"Great." Hobbie laughed. "Say, I've got to get out of here before the nurse gets back. I'm glad you're on the mend and looking so good. See you soon, again."

"Thank, Hobbie. Thanks for coming to see me, and everything," James hadn't expected it. There had been others in the hospital, and they hadn't said anything about his visiting them. He wondered.

"You just get well," Hobbie put his hand on James' and he was gone.

James sat there just looking at the door. There was something that he didn't understand about Hobbie. He was really concerned about him. But he seem embarrassed about it at the same time, as if he somehow shouldn't be so concerned.

James slid down into the bed and slept.


The day before the pass weekend, James was released from the hospital. Everybody greeted him warmly when he returned to the barracks, even the guys who didn't usually talk to him. It was as if he'd been away on a trip that nobody else could go on, and had just returned. In a way it was true, no one else had ever been allowed to rejoin his group after so long a stay in the hospital.

The next day was routine, and James, even though he hadn't done any marching or anything physical in nearly two weeks, didn't feel any pain from it. He was tired, of course. But he had somehow managed to keep up with everyone, and he was glad of that.

Sunday morning was bright and sunny, but not hot, for San Antonio in May, it was beautiful. Everyone commented on it. They were all excited. Parkinson was there to see them off on the buses that had come to pick them up. They had been given maps of the city, and on the back was the list of places which they were NOT supposed to see, places which if they were found to be, would get them arrested by the Air Police.

The ride into town was exciting; they couldn't recall what the city was like. They'd only seen it once, most of them that is, and that was on the day they arrived nearly six weeks ago. Most of them got off the bus at the center of the city, which was on the drive that went completely around the Alamo. It was a park now. They broke up into groups, and began their day of freedom. They had to be back by ten o'clock that evening, and ready for classes in the morning.

Jefferson and James walked together talking. Mac had excused himself, saying that he was meeting someone. They both knew that his girl friend was coming into town for the day. She lived only a little north of the boarder in Oklahoma. James was glad, Mac needed to be with her very much.

Jefferson and James walked for nearly an hour, when Jefferson asked James if he was getting tired. He hadn't even thought about it. He had to admit that he was. So they stopped at an open-air cafe. They ordered two beers.

"Beer?" the waitress asked. They reordered, Cokes. Nearly everyone in uniform in San Antonio on a Sunday was too young to drink anything but soft drinks.

While they were sitting talking, another airman came up and joined them. He was, it turned out, a fellow from Jefferson's hometown. He was two weeks ahead of them in training, and they hadn't seen each other in over a year. He asked Lane to join him and some other friends. James insisted that he go along with his friend.

James sat there soaking up the warm sun. It shined down on his back and it felt great. Just as he was getting up to begin his solitary tour of the city, a car pulled up along side of him, and the horn sounded. He was startled, and looked to see who it was.

"Hi there, would you like a lift?" It was Hobbie.

"Sure," James got in and pulled the door shut on the 48 Chevy convertible.

"How you doing?"


"Where are Mac and Jefferson?" Hobbie asked.

"Mac had a date with his girl, and Lane met a high-school buddy of his, so he went off to join with some other friends."

"That's too bad," Hobbie feigned sadness. "I'm glad I decided to drive by here. I don't really have anything planned. Would you like to go for a drive and see the sights?"

"Sound's good to me, I was getting tired of walking anyway."

Hobbie pressed the accelerator and the car pulled easily out into the traffic and rolled along the street. They drove passed all the interesting places in the city: the buildings, parks, churches, and so forth. Finally Hobbie asked, "You hungry?"

"I hadn't thought about it, until now, but yes, I am."

"Good, I know a place you won't believe!" Hobbie was excited and enjoying himself. James kept looking over at him, wondering. Hobbie was a handsome man, and he guessed that he was about twenty-five, six foot or so tall, and about one hundred sixty pounds. He was clean-shaven with short, tightly curled hair without a part.

James didn't know what to make of Hobbie. He was so friendly toward him, but he was all business with the others in the Flight. He had visited him four times while he was in the hospital, each time after regular visiting hours when no one else was likely to be around. He smiled to himself and shrugged. He didn't know what it was, but he guessed that he liked it.

"What was that about?" Hobbie asked as he pulled the car to a stop in front of a run-down looking building.

"Nothing," James just shook his head.

"I know it doesn't look like much," Hobbie said referring to the restaurant, "But wait until you taste the ribs!"

"How did you know I like ribs!" James exclaimed.

"I can tell!"

They went inside, and were at once greeted by a middle aged, very large Black lady, who smiled and hugged Hobbie as he got close to her. He introduced James to Lilly. She looked at James for a long time, frowning all the while.

"He sure do look, pale, Mister Hobbie."

"He's been a little sick, Lilly."

"Well, I got gist what he need!"

"I'll bet you do!" Hobbie teased.

"Oh! You go on! Don't you pay any 'tention this boy, Mister James," She had used the word boy in a way which would have aroused the ire of Hobbie had anyone else used it. But they were friends, and friends were allowed.

"Oh, I don't," James laughed.

"That's right, Honey!" Lilly snapped her finger, tossed her head back and laughed, "You gist tell him and the rest of the world to go on!"

Hobbie put his arm across James' shoulder and they went and sat down in a booth near the back, far away from the door, but near a window looking out to the street where the car was parked.

"I like to sit where I can keep an eye on the car," he explained.

"Oh," James responded, not realizing why it was that important until he remembered that Monroe had done the same thing.

Lilly brought a pitcher of dark beer, and two tall, frosty glasses. After pouring them full she left with a laugh.

The food was served without being ordered, it was hot and tasty and more than either of them could eat. It was topped off with a slice of homemade pecan pie with ice cream, served with the blackest coffee that James had ever seen. The dark rich aroma filled the air as Lilly brought the steaming cups to their table. He tasted it, and found the flavor beyond anything he'd every tasted before.

"Oh, God," he signed. "I think that I've died and gone to heaven!"

"That's as close as I want to see you get for a long, long time." Hobbie said sliding down in the seat relaxing. James didn't say anything; he just sat there sipping the coffee. Hobbie offered him a cigarette and lighted it for him, then lighted his own, and sat looking out the window taking long drags on the cigarette. James starred at him, and was embarrassed when Hobbie turned suddenly and realized that he was being watched.

"Once again, I ask: What are you thinking?"

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to stare." James tried to sound natural. "It's just that I'm so relaxed and enjoying being away from the base and all." He couldn't very well tell him about Monroe, and how much Hobbie reminded him of him.

"Me too," Hobbie said studying James for a long time, and then asked. "Do you want to go for a short drive?"

"Sure, I doubt that I could walk anywhere right now," he put his hand on his stomach.

"I know what you mean." Hobbie paid the bill over James' protest and they hurried out to the car after saying good-bye to Lilly. The car seemed to know where to go by itself, as it turned off the main highway and breezed along the gravel road. The warm air brushed by their faces as they sped along.


Finally Hobbie pulled the car off the road and parked along the side under a giant oak tree. It was on a hill, and it overlooked the city in the distance. It was a beautiful sight to be sure.

"This is my favorite spot," Hobbie said turning off the engine.

"I can see why," James sighed sliding down a ways in the seat.

They sat looking at the city, not saying anything. James felt Hobbie's hand touch his, and then what he had hoped for, happened. As he turned, Hobbie leaned over and kissed him. He returned the kiss and put his arm around Hobbie and pulled him closer to himself.

For a long time, neither of them said anything and then Hobbie said, "I don't know why this has happened. I can't explain it. I just know that it's the right thing to do."

"You don't know how long I've been wishing it would happen, how long I've wondered if it ever would. But I've known since the first day that I saw you, that I wanted it to." James said.

Hobbie smiled. "I know that we shouldn't, and I know that we could get into a whole lot of trouble, if anyone found out about us. But I had to let you know how I feel about you.

"And it's not just that I want to go to bed with you. It's more than that. I've never felt this way about anyone."

"I know, I feel strange too," James said. "But like you, I worry about it too."

"The other thing is, that in a short time you'll be leaving here, and I'll be staying. I don't know if I can deal with that."

"I hadn't thought about that," James' chin dropped to his chest.

"Let's not worry about that for now. It'll be a month before you'll be shipping out anyway. Let's just enjoy what time we do have together." Hobbie kissed James again and ran his hands across his chest and down his stomach and then on down along his legs, pausing only briefly to feel the engorged organ straining for release in James' uniform pants.

James moaned in delight as Hobbie's hands continued. He tried to restrain himself, but he could not. He reached out and pulled him closer to himself. He also touched Hobbie in the way that brought fire to Hobbie's continued kiss.

It was James who finally said as he pulled away, "I've got to stop!"

"What's the matter? Don't you like it?" Hobbie protested.

"If I don't stop right now, I won't be able to be seen in public." He was so close to climax now that he doubted that he'd be able to stop in any case.

"You don't have to be. I'll drive you back to the base."

"But I'd rather do this in a place more suited for it."

"I know James, so would I, but where?" He held back, and released James from his grasp.

"I don't know. But there's got to be someplace we can go, someplace we can be alone together."

Hobbie's face brightened. "It's not very fancy, but I just remembered a place"

"Fancy? Who cares about fancy? Just drive!" James laughed.


Hobbie pushed the car into action, and left a cloud of dust as he raced back to the city. He slowed as he reached the city limits; the last thing he wanted now was a speeding ticket. And the police watched for anyone in uniform driving a car. Although he wasn't in uniform, James was, he had a convertible, and the police also watched them.

He drove carefully through the city to the downtown section. There in a rather seedy part of the business district, he found a parking space.

"We're here," he said getting out. James followed, not knowing where he was. But he didn't care. All he cared about was being with Hobbie. His body ached for the touch of his fingers, the warmth of his lips. As he got out he tried to adjust his still semi-hard penis to a less conspicuous position. He didn't succeed, but he thought as they walked down the street, he didn't care, and those they would see here, they would just have to see.

Hobbie led the way and turned down an alley. They turned in to a doorway over which there was a fading sign that read: Niles Baths. James had heard of such places, but never dared to go to one when he was in Minneapolis. It was poorly lighted, and James would have stumbled down the stairs had not Hobbie caught him as they proceeded on down into the never-never-land below.

"A room for two, if you have one," Hobbie said at the desk.

"Of course, Flyboy. You can have the Bridal Suite," snickered the unbelievable person behind the desk. To James he resembled a person that he had once seen at the county fair several years ago. James kept his opinion to himself, and waited as Hobbie signed in.

"And now you too, Sweetie," the man pointed to the register, "Why don't you sign it, Alice In Wonderland!" And he laughed with a high-pitched wavering laugh that echoed down the dark hallway.

"Don't mind him, James. Just sign your name," Hobbie said softly. James scribbled his signature and address on the line just below Hobbie's. The man handed them towels, soap, and the keys.

"It's down the hall on the left, it's number 13, I hope you don't mind!" he laughed again.

"Thank you, Bert," Hobbie said, and turned in the direction indicated. James followed, his only sensation was that of complete excitement. His heart beat rapidly, as if he had been running for hours.

Hobbie inserted the key in the lock, jiggled the lock open and went into the darkened room. He switched on the light, which itself was barely visible in the half-light that it cast about the room. Then he turned to James and took him in his arms kissing him tenderly.

"It's not much, but it's ours for three hours anyway, maybe longer."

"I could care less what it's like, as long as you're here with me," James answered when he was free to respond.

"Let's get out of these clothes," Hobbie said closing the door. James began hurriedly undressing. Hobbie reached out and stopped him.

Hobbie's hands slowly undid the remaining buttons on James' shirt. James adjusted his arms to suit the motion required, but otherwise remained motionless. Next came the undershirt. Hobbie trailed his fingers across his stomach and up to his nipple. James quivered he felt them brush by.

James put his hand on Hobbie's shoulder to steady himself as his shoes and stockings were removed one after the other.

"I did this the night we took you to the hospital, you know, he whispered in James' ear as he straightened up next to him.

"No, I didn't." James blushed, as he tried regained his composure. "Then you must let me undress you twice today," he giggled.

"Once will be enough, thank you,"

"Once it is, then." He waited as Hobbie loosened the silver colored brass belt buckle and unbuttoned his trouser, slipping them and the underwear with one quick, fluid motion. James stood motionless as Hobbie's lips found the object of their desire, and his breath stopped altogether at the sensation of the warmth of Hobbie's lips on him.

"My turn," he said quietly. Slowly Hobbie removed his lips from James' already eager body, and stood up.

James first kissed Hobbie on the lips as his hands began the ritual of removing Hobbie's clothes. When he reach the point of the underwear, he held his breath as he saw what was about to be revealed straining at the white cotton cloth. He slowly and with great care guided the shorts down about the dark legs that stood before him following the retreating shorts with his eyes. He looked up to where they had been to see the most magnificent erect penis that he had ever seen. It was beautiful, standing out from Hobbie's body, pointing slightly upward, its great weight too much to hold any higher.

The foreskin was closely guarding its treasure. Slowly James moved his face forward to accept what was offered to him. His lips parted and his tongue reached out to touch the waiting object. When he touched it, it moved quickly away. He waited and it returned, and this time he opened his mouth wide and took it inside. Then with his hands he gently eased the foreskin back revealing to his tongue that that had been hidden from his eyes before. The taste was all that he knew it would be, slightly salty and fragrant to his nostril. Once that task was complete his hands reached around behind Hobbie and grasp his buttocks and pulled him closer, forcing the giant pole deep into his throat to the point that he was about to expel it, at which the hands relaxed. James' ears caught the sound of Hobbie gasping to catch his breath in delight.

"Ohhh," he signed. "Baby!" He gasped again, "Please stop a moment!" James didn't move, but kept the captive penis within his mouth motionless. Then he removed his mouth quickly but without sensation, knowing what was required without thinking.

"You're beautiful, Hobbie. Beautiful all over," James whispered in his ear.

"I can't believe you, James. Nobody's been able to do what you've just done."

"I . . .," James began, stopping as he recalled Monroe who was also very large, but not as long as Hobbie was.

"Don't say another word. I don't care how you learned. It's beautiful the way you do it." Hobbie eased James down on the double bed beside which they'd been standing. He covered James' body with his own, and began kissing him all over.

James relaxed and tried to think of nothing but the pleasure he was experiencing. Wild thoughts raced through his mind, as he recalled the first time that it had happened. But he couldn't recall when it was. Now it was his turn to call for timeout. Instead of talking, he placed his hands gently on either side of Hobbie's face and moved it slowly away from his body.

"Oh, James," Hobbie signed, "This is more than I hoped for." As Hobbie brought his face close to James', James reach up and pulled him down to his lips.

"Don't speak, now. Let's just lie here awhile together." Hobbie didn't object, but lay down along side of James. For a long time they just lay there, not touching except that their hands and fingers were locked in embrace. Their steady breathing was all that disturbed the silence of the semidarkness.

"James?" Hobbie was the first to speak after the long silence. "I want to enter you."

James opened his eyes and turned his face toward Hobbie. He squeezed his hand tightly. He'd made love that way with others, but there was no comparison between them and Hobbie relative to the sizes of their penises. Even with Monroe it had been difficult. Hobbie was so much larger; the thought of it frightened him.

"Are you afraid?" Hobbie sensing the fright in James' eyes, without looking.

"Yeah," James breathed softly.

"Don't be," Hobbie reassured him. "I know that I'm bigger than most men. But that doesn't mean that I'll hurt you.

"I wouldn't do anything to hurt you. If you want to try, I'll stop if it hurts you too much. I promise," Hobbie whispered as he stroked James' face with his free hand.

James' smile was barely visible in the half-light of the tiny room. "Okay, if you want to, I do too."

"Oh, James," Hobbie turned to him. "You're so wonderful."

They kissed in a long searching embrace. When they parted moments later, Hobbie learned up on an elbow and brushed James' cheek with his fingertips.

"You know, James," he began. "There are some things you should know about this form of love making. I'm not sure how much experience you've had. I haven't had that much, but I want you to know what I know.

"First of all," he explained, "Never let anyone enter you from behind unless you know him and know that he's gentle and dependable. You can be hurt badly inside, especially if they're big. You see you can't control the penetration in that position. The first time it's best for you to be on your side, that way the penetration can't be total, and you have the control you might need.

"Also they have much more control themselves as to how far they enter, and the speed. Another thing, always use some lubricant. It's best if it washes off with just water, but almost anything wet is better than nothing, as long as it doesn't contain alcohol or menthol. I'm sure you know why that's true." They both laughed softly.

"Okay, now that you understand that, I'll have to go up front and get something. You wait right here, I'll be back in a moment."

Hobbie got up and put his towel on. James laughed when he saw it looked when Hobbie turned around to kiss him. "You're not hiding much with that towel, you know."

"I guess you're right, maybe I should wait a moment."

"I think it looks fine, I mean really fine!" James teased.

"You're a little dickens, you know that?" He kissed James tenderly, then added. "I'm going right away, I don't care who knows how hot I am for you." With that he turned away and went out the door leaving it just ajar.

James put his hands behind his head on the pillow and looked up at the ceiling, closing his eyes. He wasn't aware of the door opening until he felt a hand on his body. He opened his eyes and looked up to see a tall heavyset man.

"Hi, Sweetie! How are you doing?"

"Oh!" James sat up quickly and quickly pulled a towel over himself.

"He's doing just fine!" Came a reply from the hallway behind the uninvited guest.

"Oh, excuse me!" The man backed out of the door quickly revealing Hobbie's shadow to James' eyes.

"That's okay," Hobbie said as he went into the room to James. "Bye now!" And he closed the door quietly.

"Oh, I'm glad you were there," James said.

"It's okay. It was my fault I didn't close the door. I'll be more careful next time, I promise."

"I didn't have time to do anything to stop him, not even be frightened." James tried to relax again. "It's the first time I've been a place like this."

"Well, I got it," Hobbie smiled holding a small tube of lotion.

"Good." Then he added, "I see that you've lost part of your profile though."

"Oh, that. Yeah, I guess it's out of sight, out of mind."

"Well, I think I can fix that." James pulled Hobbie close to him and removed the towel. Hobbie's body responded immediately. James' lip close about the hot head of Hobbie's glorious erection.

"Oh, James," Hobbie signed. "You really can do it." He lowered himself carefully so a not to disturb James' ministration.

After a minute or so, he extracted himself from James' mouth and rolled him onto his side facing away from him. He raised James' top leg exposing his bottom to his hand. He applied a liberal amount of the liquid from the bottle to the entire area. The more on his fingers that sought out the tightly closed anal ring. He felt James relax as he pushed one finger inside as far as he could reach. James moaned with pleasure. Hobbie pulled out the one finger and applied more lubricant. This time he pressed two fingers at the opening and once again felt James relax and the slid in easily. He repeated it again this time with a third finger. It was more difficult this time, but still James managed to relax and let the intruders inside.

He let his fingers move around inside brushing every part of James they could reach. James moaned pleasurably when they brushed against his prostrate. His cock flexed and copious amounts of precum flowed smoothly from James' cock and against his thigh.

With the other hand Hobbie applied a generous amount of the liquid to his own cock, pulling back the thick foreskin and rubbing in all over. Slowly removing his fingers from James' ass he positioned his heavy cock against James' butt. Feeling a resistance he pressed slowly gradually feeling James relax. Almost abruptly the head of his dick slipped passed the expanded ring of muscle. He paused his pressing and waited. James reached back and put his hand on Hobbies waist indicating his readiness to continue.

In a slow, but with an insistent force Hobbie pressed his way inside until he had reach the halfway point. Again he paused to give James time to adjust to the bulk within him.

"Okay," James sighed, knowing that more was coming. Hobbie withdrew slightly and once again pressed forward in a slow easy movement until he felt himself pressed fully against James' backside. He stopped this time more for his own benefit than James'. The feeling was incredible; his burning desire crept up from his balls like stinging flames. He knew that he wasn't going to last very long this first time. He had been wrong not to let James suck his first load from him.

He moved his hips forward and back slowly giving James time to breath between each thrust. The sensation of fire moved through his body, up from his toes to his groin and up to the very top of his head.

Hobbie felt the first spurt of hot fluid from James on his fingers, and it brought an instant response from deep within him and he shuddered as each fiery eruption left his body and shot deeply into James. His breath stopped and finally burst from his lungs in a single gasp of air as he groaned in ecstasy.

"Ohhh, James. It's beautiful the way you do it," he lay down beside him slowly.

"I love it," James responded.

He continued the thrusting motion slowly. He slowly withdrew from the embrace of James' tender ass held him tightly.

"Now it's your turn to have a much pleasure as you've been giving me.

To be continued

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