Let The World Go By

By Richard

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Part Two

The Years In Between

Chapter 7

Summer dragged by, passing slowly into fall. James and Harry continued to see each other often, and occasionally they would sneak off and be alone together, sharing the intimacies that they had developed. With the completion of the required six months of their tour, they were allowed their one R & R, Rest And Relaxation trip to Japan. They had planned their trip so that they could both be off at the same time. And although there were be others from their squadron going at the same time, they could be together for the whole week without interference from anyone.

The day for their departure crept slowly closer until at last it dawned. The usual dusty trip from their base to Seoul was scheduled for 7:00 am on Friday morning. They would return a week and one day later. It was a gray dawn that morning, and they wore raincoats, as they would need to take them in any case. Dress was still suntans, the summer uniform, and they had an extra set starched and pressed in their bags.

A light mist filled the air as they rode in the back of the 4 by 4 truck, twenty of them from the base. Another three were picked up from the remote radar station along the way. They arrived at Seoul International, which now served as the U.S. Military airfield as well, shortly after 8:00am. After getting off from the truck with their gear and checking in at the Travel Desk, they boarded the C119 cargo plane. Shortly after closing its doors, the twin-boomed plane lazily taxied down to one end of the runway. Then with an excessive, thunderous roar, trundled down toward the opposite end, bouncing and vibrating, like some vintage flying machine.

Despite its groans of protest, the plane rose slowly, almost determinedly, into the damp morning air. It made its required turns and finally pointed itself eastward, and climbed slowly disappearing from sight and broke into the bright sun of the day once the clouds had been cleared. With this aircraft, although it served them well, the men grumbled about the noise and vibration. The Air Force was forced to use these older, well worn planes, because of the disasters which had befallen the newer, larger C124s. Three crashes earlier in the year had grounded the large C124s until it could be determined that nothing was wrong with any of them.

Seventy minutes later the plane began descending into Negoshita Air Base landing pattern; when once again it broke through the clouds , a murky darkness filled the cargo hold of the plane. Some fifteen minutes later, the silvery plane rolled to a stop in front of the air terminal building. The travelers eager to be on their way hurried from its confines.

As they emerged from the street-side of the air terminal building, they were greeted by a variety of modes of transportation. Having talked with other men from their squadron regarding this, James and Harry had decided that they would take the bus into Tokyo, to the main terminal there. From there they could either take a taxi or rickshaw — a more modern, bicycle peddled variety was in common use these days. They boarded a bus marked Tokyo Terminal parked along side the curb. it. Most of the others departing the terminal did as well. A few took taxis directly; and a few more adventurous souls, the rickshaws. The bus driver cursed his vehicle into action and urged it out onto the highway. It was not a highway in the American sense, but still a wide roadway with traffic in more than one lane, that is when the bus was not driving down the middle of the two lanes, which it usually did.

It was nearly ten thirty by the time they reached the downtown Tokyo Terminal. James and Harry had made reservations at one of the recommended hotels for the first night. In the interest of saving their money for more exciting adventures, they had decided they would look around for something more modest, as this hotel was quite expensive.

From the terminal they took a taxi to the hotel along with two other airmen who happened to be going to the same one.

Upon arriving at the hotel they paid the driver what he asked, and tipped him a percentage of that amount. He smiled, bowed low, and cursed them in his native tongue, for being so stingy. He incorrectly assumed that none of them understood. One of the airman riding with them however, did understand and spoke fluent Japanese. He bowed deeply and returned, "It is a pleasure to have ridden with a most ungrateful son of a paddy plodder!" This brought immediate and hysterical laughter from the other Japanese standing nearby.

Inside the hotel they registered and paid for one night. Then they went up to their rooms. Carl, the airman who spoke Japanese and his friend Brian, to theirs; and James and Harry to theirs. The two couples had not known each other before the ride from the terminal, but had become acquainted during the course of their short ride downtown.

The rooms were well appointed for Japan, with large rooms and adjoining baths. The furnishings were sturdy late 40s imported from America. The rooms on the inside large windows looked down at a central courtyard. Those on the outside out to the streets below. Both couples had rooms on the inside, and were next to each other at the corner. As James stood looking out the window he realized that he could see into Carl and Brian's room. He called softly to Harry.

"See," he said, "We're not the only ones who've waited a long time for this trip." Harry stood beside James putting his arm around his waist as he looked into the adjoining room where Brian and Carl lay on the bed. Still fully clothed, they were in a passionate embrace.

"We'll have to get to know them better," Harry said turning to James and pulling him close to him. They kissed passionately, then made their way to their own bed.

After a lengthy session of lovemaking, they showered and redressed. They had decided, as did most military personnel on leave anywhere in the world, that buying civilian clothes was the first item of business. Since it was usually a lengthy period between leaves, the old civilian clothes had lost their appeal, and new ones were required. While traveling aboard military aircraft they were still required to wear their military clothing. Thus neither James nor Harry had brought civilian clothes with them, as what they had were old and needed to be replaced in any case. So still dressed in their suntans, they left their room. James had written a hasty note to Carl and Brian inviting them to go to dinner with them that night. He dropped the note off at the front desk and left the key to their room, as required.

Out in the street, the bustle of afternoon traffic was everywhere. Horns blew and cars, buses, rickshaws, and bicycles filled the street. Pedestrians overflowed the sidewalks everywhere.

Just as they planned, they stopped at a clothing store just two blocks before they reached the Ginza — the most famous Tokyo shopping area — to get the items they thought that they would need. They each picked out two shirts and two pairs of slacks. Socks, shoes, belts, and underwear would remain military. They wanted to save as much of their money was possible for the things they really wanted to buy. With the packages neatly wrapped and tied, they continued on their way.

Because they had stopped to shop, the walk to the Ginza took them nearly an hour. To them, however, it seemed but a moment. Everything interested them: the shops with the myriad of items, the little food stalls, and the vendors with their pushcarts, selling everything imaginable.

Once officially in the Ginza, the atmosphere changed. The vendors and shopkeepers were much more high-pressure, actively pursuing customers, sometimes for as much as half a block before taking their no as a definite answer. In addition to the shopkeepers and vendors, young men of every age from as young as six or eight into their late twenties were trying to sell the services of their sisters or girl friends to the GIs. James and Harry ignored them all.

They looked into all the shops, occasionally pointing out some item that was particularly interesting or appealing to them. Having talked to others who'd been to Tokyo before them, they remembered the saying: "One shops in the Ginza, but one does not buy." When one decided what it was you wanted, you then proceeded to the regular shopping area where you could almost always get the same item cheaper. James carried a small notebook in which he wrote down the items they were interested in getting, and the price in Yen. Comparisons and conversions would be done later.

Most of the tourists were American military, and of those who weren't, most were military from the other countries of the United Nation Military Forces engaged in the Korean Conflict, as the war was called. In the Ginza, it was safe to say, that of those who did not work in the Ginza, 90 percent were tourists.

When at last they reached the end of the strip, they were both hungry. A small restaurant attracted their attention, and they went inside. It was late, well after the noontime rush, and it was pleasantly quiet. The diminutive hostess approached them.

"Dozo," (Please) she said, and she motioned them to follow her. She led them to a table along one wall. They sat down and she handed them menus. English descriptions of the items appeared next to the Japanese characters and each was numbered. She hurried off returning a few minutes later with a pot of tea and two small cups, which she placed on the table in front of them.

"You decide?" she asked.

Harry ordered the combination dinner for two that they'd chosen. She bowed politely and hurried off. Moments later she returned with the soup in a small tureen, bowls, and spoons, on a tray. She ladled the steaming, clear broth in the bowls and set them in front of them. Then she bowed and hurried away.

For over an hour, she came and went, taking away the dishes used last, and returning with clean dishes and more food. When at last they finished, she returned with the usual basins, towels, and a pitcher of quite warm water. She set the basins down in front of each of them, and towels along side. Then she held the pitcher over the basins and poured the warm water over their hands. When they had finished drying off their hands, she took these items away too. She returned once again, this time with the bill. It was 3000 Yen, just over eight dollars. Harry paid and gave her an extra 600 Yen as a tip, and they left.

The remainder of the afternoon they spent retracing their steps on the other side of the street, browsing in the shops as they passed by. Again, they bought nothing, they just looked and James made more notes. It was well past four o'clock when they returned to the hotel. Stopping at the desk to get their key, the clerk handed them a small piece of neatly folded paper.

James unfolded the note: "Will enjoy joining you for dinner. If eight-thirty is convenient, please stop at our room when you're ready." It was signed by Carl. He handed the note to Harry and they went up to their room. Once inside they unpacked the packages and examined the items they'd purchased. A phone call to the desk brought a young woman to their door. She took the clothing to be pressed and hurried off.

They undressed and lay down on the bed to rest before dinner. Sleep over took them at once.


A soft knocking at the door awakened James. Dressed only in his white jockey underwear, he went to the door. He unlocked the door and opened it slightly, keeping himself slightly behind the door. It was a young man with their freshly pressed clothes on hangers.

"GI clothes," he said smiling. "I hang for you?"

James opened the door further and the young man walked in and placed them on the pole in the closet. Harry was still asleep lying on his back, his arms raised above his head. He too wore only his underwear, and his cock was bulging upward, nearly sticking out of the waistband.

The boy looked at Harry and then at James, eyeing him up and down. He smiled at James, "You boyflend bery big."

"Huh?" James said not catching his meaning.

"You flend bery big here," he repeated reaching out and touching James crotch gently.

"Ohhh," James said and he smiled looking first at Harry and then back at the boy. "Yes."

"I like," the boy said once again putting his hand on James' bulge. This time he groped, kneading gently.

Harry started to stir, and the boy removed his hand. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a small card.

"You call desk, ask for Hikosan," he said, "I come anytime. For anything." He smiled and left closing the door quietly behind him.

James stood a moment looking after him. Then he looked at the card: "Hikosan - Massage"

He put the card in his wallet on the desk and walked over to the bed. He lay down next to Harry and kissed him. "Have I got a surprise for you, later!" he said to himself.


It was nearly dark when they awakened. James looked at his watch, it was nearly eight o'clock. He gently shook Harry. They freshened up and dressed in one of their new outfits. They hurried out of the room and arrived at Carl and Brian's room right on time. Harry knocked.

A moment later the door opened.

"Come on in," Carl said smiling. They went inside and he closed the door. Brian still dressed only in shorts and socks was brushing his soft brown hair in front of the mirror. Both James and Harry examined his partially clad body in detail, although they tried not to not appear do so.

He was slim, nearly six foot tall. He was tanned from the wait up. Not overly muscular, but nicely proportioned. Cute behind, James observed to himself.

"Hi," Brian said, "Be ready in a jiffy." He hurried and finished dressing.

"He's always the last one to be ready," Carl said jokingly chastising Brian.

"We're glad you could join us," James said.

"We're delighted that you asked us," Carl smiled back.

"Do you have any place in mind?"

"No," James said, "We had lunch at the Sun-Fu. It was delightful."

"Oh, yes," Brian said. "We've eaten there too. It does have good food." He'd finished dressing and was adjusting his shirt.

"The food at the hotel here is good, but a bit too expensive," Carl said, "We like a place called The Captain's Table. It has magnificent seafood."

"Sounds good," Harry said. It was agreed.

"I'll call for a cab," Carl said, and went to the phone. He spoke to the desk clerk in Japanese, asking for a taxi and telling him where they'd be going. Then asked the clerk to make reservations for them.

"He said that it would be about ten minutes," Carl said.

"We can go down and walk through the gardens if you like."

They went down the elevator and walked into the garden in the courtyard they'd seen from their windows. It was cool but not so cold as to need a jacket or sweater. Brian and Carl both wore sweaters about their shoulders. Both Harry and James made mental notes about buying sweaters the next day. The gardens were kept meticulously. The fragrance of Jasmine filled the evening air. They barely had time to walk around a small section before the boy from the hotel can running to tell them their taxi was ready.

They followed him back through the hotel and climbed into the waiting taxi. The driver drove off without having to ask where they were going. One of the benefits of knowing the language, James thought. The driver made his way through the heavy nighttime traffic and delivered his charges to The Captain's Table quickly. Harry paid the fare, and they walked up the few steps to the door. A uniformed doorman, a boy really, opened the heavy door for them and they went inside.

Carl took care of the ordering after he'd described the menu and they had chosen what they wanted to have.

"And tell him, that we'd like him for desert," Harry teased after the waiter left. They all laughed, James smiled to himself.

The ritual of the dishes that followed, exceeded their lunch by nearly an hour, and when at last they were finished, they were stuffed.

"Do the Japanese always eat so much?" Harry asked.

"No," Carl laughed, "Never! It's just the American Tourists who eat like this."

"Would you two like to go dancing?" Brian asked.

James and Harry looked at each other.

"Why not?" Harry said as he paid the check. James wasn't so enthused, but agreed.

Carl spoke to the Doorman who put his whistle to his lips and blew a sharp blast. He taxi jumped out of traffic and pulled to a stop next to the steps. Carl spoke to the driver and tipped the Doorman as he climbed in. The taxi hurried off back into traffic and across town to their destination, a gaily lighted building in an alley off from the Ginza, called Ichibon, which means literally, Number One or The Best. They got out and went inside.

To the delight of James and Harry who hadn't known, it was a night club for men only, and men who liked other men, in particular, in other words, a Men's Bar. Japan, unlike the United States, had no particular aversion to having Men's Bars wherever they were wanted. To them they were just another bar or club.

The music was American, played and sung by Japanese who struggled with some of the words, but did a credible job of it. The four young airmen joined the other customers, some of whom were American servicemen as well. They changed partners occasionally, but most often danced with their own boyfriends. Several times during the course of the evening, a Japanese man would ask one of them to dance. They accepted the invitations with grace, and enjoyed themselves to the fullest.

"Do you know what time it is?" Harry asked James as they danced.

James looked at his watch and to his surprise found that it was nearly three thirty in the morning. When they returned to their table, they suggested that they'd had enough dancing. Brian and Carl, who'd been waiting for the suggestion, agreed and they returned to their hotel again by taxi.

The traffic was still heavy and they could have walked almost as quickly as they rode. Inside the hotel, the rode the elevator together but parted when they reach the door to James and Harry's room. The said their good nights and agreed to meet again the next day for lunch. This time it would be their turn to treat, Carl insisted.

Inside their room, James and Harry collapsed on the bed. They barely removed their clothing and pulled the covers over them before they were asleep.

Outside the traffic began to diminish, the sound of horns ceased, and dawn broke hesitantly over the city, a pink and yellow glow warmed the deserted streets. A few minutes later the traffic rebuilt itself and the horns once again began sounding as the city returned to life, with a different cast of characters from those of an hour before.


James awakened first Saturday morning, and went to the bathroom. He freshened himself, and then went to the phone. He looked at his watch, it was eleven-thirty in the morning. Lunch was scheduled for two, so they had plenty of time.

A few minutes later, a soft knock came to the door. James opened it and left Hikosan in. He carried a towel and a small bottle. James put his finger to his lips, indicating silence. Then he took him to the bed and pointed to Harry who lay face down on the bed.

Hikosan understood. He disrobed down to his shorts revealing his lithe almost cream colored body. He was lightly muscled and from what was visible, completely hairless. He slowly eased himself onto the bed and pulled down the sheets that covered Harry. Very gently he began massaging Harry's back.

James went to the bathroom, pulled the door nearly closed, and began his daily routine.

Hidden from his view, Hikosan continued his massage. Harry moaned in his sleep, as the delicate young hands worked the muscles of the sleeping American's shoulders, upper and middle back.

As James finished his shaving and showering, he began drying his closely cropped hair. He opened the door to the bathroom a little further and stood watching at the couple on the bed. Harry lay on his back now, with Hikosan astride his legs. His head bobbed up and down on Harry's thrusting cock. James finished with the towel and brushed his hair quickly. For a moment he stood rubbing his cock that needed little coaxing to a fully erect state. Then he quietly moved out into the bedroom and went to the bed.

Harry smiled at him, but said nothing and closed his eyes as Hikosan continued. James climbed onto the bed and began kissing Hikosan's back and butt. The shorts had been removed revealing the tiny firm buns. James reached around in front and his fingers found the diminutive Hikosan's cock that stood erect against his stomach. James rolled onto his back and placed his face directly beneath Hikosan's body. His tongue reached up and lapped at the tiny balls that were pulled tightly against his body.

With one hand he reached around and began playing with Harry's butt, and with the other hand Hikosan's backside. His talented finger found the tightly closed opening. He brought the finger to his mouth and wet it generously. Then gently he probed the youth's eager asshole. He repeated the action with his other hand, and investigated Harry's too. In a moment Harry climaxed fully into the young boy's mouth and throat to overflowing. The excess ran down his chin and dropped into James' open lips. When Harry finished his orgasm, and Hikosan straighten up, James pushed his head up and took the boy's cock fully into his mouth. He continued playing with his ass and sucked eagerly on his cock. In a moment he felt the clench of the ass and tasted the delicious taste of cum fill his mouth. He pulled the boy close to his face, holding him tightly until the spurting stopped. Carefully his tongue licked around the surface of the still rock-solid cock. He lapped again at the balls, and ass as the young Asian writhed in ecstasy.

When Hikosan finally pulled himself free of James' grasp, he was still hard.

"You fuck me?" he asked looking at James' pulsing cock.

"You sure?" James asked.

"Me sure!" came the reply. The boy handed James the bottle of oil from the nightstand beside the bed. "Tocksan oil," he said. James understood that it meant, Much oil. Then still on his back he lifted Hikosan so that he was situated nearly sitting on his uplifted cock. He generously spread oil on it and on his hand, which he applied to the backside of Hikosan.

Hikosan eased himself down on the throbbing cock, and began the easy self-fucking motion. Harry eased out from under James' back and went to the bathroom. He took a piss and quickly returned. He stood beside the bed and Hikosan once again began sucking his still hard cock, while Harry played with his almost limp dick. Hikosan's cock returned to the erect state as he continued to ride up and down on James, who with all his will power was trying to avert climaxing. But as Hikosan's cock twitched from being fondled, his ass clenched even tighter on James' tool bringing him a full climax, sending streams of cum inside Hikosan's warm cavity. Hikosan responded spurting cum over Harry's hand and out onto James' chest and face. Harry in turned shot his second load into Hikosan's mouth and throat.

Hikosan collapsed onto James' chest, his breath coming in spasms. Harry leaned down cleaned James' face with his lips and tongue. When he finished he straighten up and smiled.

"Good morning," he said. "Thank you for the surprise."

"You're most welcome," James smiled back at him broadly, "I thought you would enjoy it."

Day Two had begun; they paid Hikosan for the massage, and hurried to get ready for lunch. They were both ravenous by the time they joined Carl and Brian in the lobby at two o'clock.

After lunch the four, now quite close friends strolled along the waterfront nearby the restaurant where they had eaten. The afternoon sun was warm and they were content. There was no Korea, there was no war, there were no regulations, no conflicts with superiors, and for them it was only now. Across the bay they could see on the horizon, large ships wending their way into port. Closer to shore, the smaller vessels trudging to and fro' with their cargoes of fish, supplies, and an occasional ferry loaded with people. The sky was lightly clouded with puffy white cotton clouds. James recalled his vision of animals hunting in the sky. He was amused, and smiled to himself as he thought of that day long ago and far away, a day much like today when he watched the clouds moving across a warm blue sky.

He was stirred from his reverie by the sound of a voice, at first far away, then at his elbow.

"You're mighty quiet," Harry said touching his waist lightly.

"Oh," James said almost startled by the sound of the voice.

He turned and looked at Harry staring quizzically.

"Just day dreaming, I guess."

"I thought so." Harry said no more, and they continued walking, the four of them, no one saying a word. Each busy with his own thought, his own daydreams of days and places far away in space and time.

When they returned to the hotel, James and Harry went to their room. They had discussed with Carl and Brian the location of less expensive accommodations, and had selected one from the four places mentioned. The choice was made due to the closeness to this hotel. Carl had said that it was also the nicest and least expensive of the four. In the morning they would move there.

Tonight Carl was taking them all to a special dinner at his favorite restaurant. It was his treat, something that he wanted to do. He hadn't mentioned to anyone, not even Brian, because it was Brian's birthday, as Brian had asked him not to say anything about it, and not to do anything lavish. But Carl had his own ideas about what was lavish, and decided upon it even though it was expensive. He'd already gotten Brian's gift. He'd had his mother get it and send it to him. He'd packed the gift carefully in his overnight bag after wrapping in brightly colored paper several days before they left Korea.

She loved her son, and knew all about his life. She hated the way some men took advantage of him, and tried to use him to get at his money. But Carl had learned his lesson well the first time that it happened, and he had had no bad experience since. Of course, others had tried it, but none of them had succeeded. Actually, Brian was first person with whom he had become seriously involved since that first time.

The first time was a disaster right from the start. He'd fallen hopelessly in love with a boy he'd known only a few weeks, someone he'd met at the beach. Even his mother had to admit that the kid was gorgeous, and had a nice personality. It cost Carl five thousand dollars, and a lot of tears when the kid took off and left him. From then on, Carl was very careful about his friends. He never let them know who he really was, and what his social position was. Even Brian knew less about him, than the first boy did, and they had been together now for almost six months.

Carl had met him when Brian first came to Korea. Carl was almost ready to go home at the end of his twelve-month stay by the time that they really got acquainted. In order for them to continue to be together, Carl had to extend for six months. It was not difficult for him to arrange the extension, because of his position; he was in Headquarter Staff Liaison and knew all the right people. His mother had objected to the extension at first, but had grown used to it, as she learned more about the situation between her son and his Brian, as she called him.


They gathered in the lobby at eight o'clock as planned, and took a taxi to the Lolani Palace. The building looked like a palace, with ornate columns and facade. The doorman was dressed in Hawaiian costume. The hostess wore a grass skirt, and presented them with leis when they entered. Torches lined the entry and air seemed scented with tropical flowers and ocean spray.

The dining room, although it was fully inside the building, looked as if it were on a beach. The main ballroom had been converted into this beach setting. There were palm trees, and tropical plants all in full bloom. A thatched hut stood in front of the doorway to the kitchen. An outdoor style pit had a pig on a spit being turned by a young-looking boy, as it was roasted over a bed of glowing coals below. Short tables surrounded the pit far enough back so that there was no heat reflected onto the diners. Behind two rows of the short tables were two more rows of standard tables for those who could not or would not be comfortable sitting on cushions. Carl had arranged a front row table for his friends and himself. There was no menu, as such. Special dishes could be ordered ahead of time, but otherwise everyone ate the same things. Drinks could be ordered from the bar, if one did not want drinks, a tasty fruit-rum punch being served.

Carl had ordered a magnum of champagne to be delivered to the table when they arrived. When the waiter brought the chilled bottle and the ice bucket, and opened it pouring it into the glasses at the table, Carl proposed the toast to his friend.

"May you have a long and happy life," he began, "with good friends and family to bring you joy in all your years to come." He paused, and added, "Happy Birthday, Brian."

James and Harry repeated, "Happy Birthday," as they touched their glasses to Brian's.

"Thank you all," he said.

Carl put down his glass, took out the small package from his jacket pocket and handed it to Brian.

"Carl!" Brian frowned, "You promised." He took the package and looked at it a long time.

"Open it," Carl said softly.

Carefully and deliberately Brian removed the paper and set it aside. The small box was of blue colored velvet with a hinged top. He looked at Carl a long time, and slowly opened the box.

"Carl," he said, his voice was barely audible, "It's beautiful!"

"Try it on," Carl said. Brian took the ring from the box and slipped it on the third finger of left hand. The wide gold band was set with a large blue sapphire surrounded by tiny baguettes of sparkling diamonds. The band was thick enough on the top side so that the diamond was nearly flush with its surface. It was obvious that it was very expensive, probably more than the five thousand dollars he'd lost on the first guy he'd loved.

Carl leaned over and kissed Brian tenderly and whispered, "I love you, Brian. Happy Birthday." Brian's eyes filled with tears that he quickly brushed away.

The sound of drums suddenly filled the room, as the raising of a screen revealed the stage on which the dancers and musicians sat. Spotlights softly illuminated the stage from every side, and the house lights dimmed and changed to blue, creating the illusion of moonlight. The drums ceased, and the guitars began a soft Hawaiian love song, and the dancers began their slow rhythmic hula dance, their hands telling the story and a young couple very much in love.

No one except Carl knew he had requested that particular love song to be the first number that was done. He'd timed their arrival so that they would be at exactly that point in their celebration when it was performed. He barely paid any attention to the dancers; his eyes were on Brian and glowed with the love that he felt for his young friend.

For Carl the highlight of the evening was over, he had done what he had intended to do, and his plans worked out beautifully. Everything else that evening, he thought, would be usual.

For the others, with the exception of Brian, who remained entranced with everything, the evening was just beginning. James and Harry had no idea that anyone could actually live in such luxury. They enjoyed everything, hoping that the evening would never end. Compared with what they had imagined their short trip would be, it had turned out to be much, much more.

The next day was Sunday and Carl and Brian would be leaving for a short side trip up north. James and Harry were moving to a hotel, more suitable to their means, as they still had six more nights to spend in Japan.

The meal finished, they returned to the club from the evening before to dance until nearly dawn. When at last they returned to the hotel, James and Harry collapsed on their bed, leaving anything else that they had intended to do, until the next day, which they soon realized had already begun.

Shortly after noon they bid a fond farewell to Carl and Brian, and they took a taxi with their belongings to the hotel that had been suggested to them by Carl.

"I'm going to miss them," Harry said as they began unpacking their things again.

"Yes," James said, "They really are a great couple. but we'll see them again on Saturday. They had wanted to get together with them on Friday but they would not get in until late.

James and Harry spent the week seeing the sights and partying, oblivious to the events in the world around them.

To be continued

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