Let The World Go By

by: Richard

This is a story that involves sex between males. If such a story is offensive or illegal for you to read where you live then do not continue go and surf elsewhere.

While this is a work of fiction and in no way draws on the lives of any specific person or persons, there may be some similarity to some real persons or events every attempt has been made to make this non-apparent.

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Part One

The Early Years

Chapter 2

Tuesday morning came with a brilliant violet sky quickly changing to blue, and the sun was well above the horizon by the time that Bill and Jeff climbed wearily from their tent, sleep still on their faces. They hurried to the water to splash away the remnants of their dreams, and give themselves time to relax from their morning erections, which even now still bulged inside their jeans.

The look that passed between them said, Maybe tonight, and passed as quickly as it had the night.

"Rise and shine!" called Bill shaking the netted doorway of the tent where the cook crew slept.

"Twenty minutes to breakfast!" cried Jeff grabbing hold of the front tent pole of James and Carl's tent.

The mad rush to the latrine began, at first just the cooks and James and Carl, but soon followed by the others, some fully dressed, others still in their underwear. Cautious glances and wary eye contacts were made, observations filed away for later use.

James and Carl had soaped the pans for breakfast as soon as they had been washed the night before and stacked the firewood nearby, leaving them free to pack for the day's trip.

The sound of sizzling bacon soon filled the air with its fragrant smell, and soon was joined by boiling coffee that gave up its aroma to the heat.

By eight o'clock the canoes were loaded and the call, "Canoes away!" came from the leaders.

"James and Carl, take the lead!" yelled Bill and they eased away from the shore. He pointed as they looked to him for direction, and they struck out across the glistening blue of the lake, barely rippled by the infant breeze that still felt cool from the night.


Lunch followed by a twenty minute rest period, was quickly followed by the afternoon of paddling. With James and Carl setting a good pace made for a good half hour's advance in the day's scheduled arrival at the campsite for the night. A new respect was being given to these two by their companions. The way that they had help keep everything together during the storm, and the way that they kept up the grueling pace during today's leg of the trip, set them apart from the newcomer label which they had been given when they first became part of the group.

The backs and arms were becoming used to the straining of the trip, and now hands had calluses, though a few blisters could be seen as well. Spirits were high, and a new sense of comrodradery was growing among the group.

Bill smiled at Jeff as they watched the group hard at work setting up camp and going about their assigned tasks with barely a grumble in the bunch. Good-natured wrestling and horseplay broke out on the beach as they waited for dinner to be prepared. They sensed that this would be a good trip, one on which they could relax a bit, as compared to the last trip that they had led.

From their position by the fire grate, James and Carl grinned at each other as they watched the crew at play on the beach. Neither missed the seemingly accidental touches that happened.

"It is, isn't it?" Carl said smiling.

"I'll say," James had to agree as one of the group, Paul lay sprawled on the sand, his obvious erection straining his jeans. Numerous others in the hope that they too would have a chance to nurture the excitement they witnessed soon jumped him on. But the boy was too quick for them, and he wiggled away, and someone else soon became the focus for the furtive grabs and touches.

"Enough!" called Bill, as he saw where it might be leading. One could hardly blame them, he thought as he watched the scuffling break up. He too felt the excitement of the moment. He got up and walked away from the scene, leaving Jeff to supervise over diner preparations.

The scuffling was discontinued, and the assembly disbanded and its members broke into twos and threes walking off into the camp area, most to sit and wait for dinner.

Paul, the one who had escaped, went alone into the woods. James and Carl watched as he passed them by and wondered where he was going. But their appointed task kept them busy in camp.

It wasn't long before Paul came upon a small clearing that opened onto the beach a short distance from the camp, but well out of sight.

He seated himself on a large rock that protruded from the wild grass that grew there. Paul seemed lost in thought. He turned his head as he heard a sound.

"You okay?" It was Bill who appeared from another pathway that led into the clearing.

He straightened up. "Yeah," he said, "I'm fine. Just a little winded, I guess."

Bill had walked over and was standing beside him.

"It looked like it was fun," Bill smiled down at him.

"It was," Paul answered hesitatingly, "So why did you stop it?"

"It looked like it was getting out of hand," Bill answered, "Someone could get hurt." Bill paused, thrusting his hands into his pockets and looking off into the distance. "Besides," he continued, once again looking down at Paul, "You were in quite a state, if you know what I mean."

"You mean this?" Paul asked, putting his hand on his still bulging crotch.

"Yes," Bill answered. He looked almost distressed as Paul undid his jeans. "Don't," Bill said, "Someone might see."

"Don't you want to see?" Paul asked.

"Well yes," he blushed. He watched as Paul opened his jeans wider and pulled out his rigid cock and began stroking it slowly.

"Nice," Bill said softly. Paul reached up and put his hand on Bill's crotch. He backed away, not wishing to continue this.

"That's nice too," Paul said smiling, pleased that he was able to excite this handsome older guy, in the same way that the scuffling had excited him.

"Don't, Paul. You know we shouldn't be here like this."

"I know," he frowned, "But we are. So what's so wrong about it?"

Bill couldn't answer him, and he started to relent, but a whistle sounded in the distance.

"Dinner's ready," Bill said.

"Yeah," Paul grinned, "it sure is!" He stroked himself suggestively and licked his lips.

Bill frowned and said, "Put it away, Paul." He hesitated, "Meet me after dark, in my tent."

"Won't Jeff mind?"

"Jeff doesn't have to know."

"Okay, if you're sure."

"I'm sure," Bill patted him on the shoulder, "I'm sure." He walked back to the camp area trying to put himself back to his usual calm state of mind.

He passed by James who was getting his and Carl's mess kits from their tent. He frowned intently as he saw the looks he gave him. Had he seen, did he know? He pushed the thought from his mind and continued on his way to the fire where he joined Jeff and Carl ready to dish up the food.

Jeff smiled, raising an eyebrow in recognition.

"Okay, line up for chow!" Bill called.


Darkness crept slowly over the bustling campsite. The activity began to slow. The fire died down as the scouts made ready for the night ahead. A few retired to their tents for the night. Others pulled on sweat shirts or jackets against the coolness that came over the campsite, and continued sitting around the dying fire.

James and Carl lay inside their tent, still dressed except for shoes mulling over the events of the day. Neither seemed ready for sleep, nor were they quite ready for the action they had missed the night before.

Jeff and Bill stood by the fire in tee shirts and jeans, still warmed by the glowing embers. Jeff was looking at Paul who was standing facing away from the fire some distance away. Bill looked around as if checking the campsite once again.

"Is that the one?" Jeff asked.

"Yeah," Bill said.

"Where are you taking him?" Jeff asked.

"There's a clearing with a rock about five hundred yards from here, to the right, the same place as last time."

"Okay," Jeff smiled, "How soon?"

"As soon as these guys quiet down."

"Sounds like fun," Jeff licked his lips, "you sure he's okay?"

"Oh he's more than okay," Bill smiled, "he wanted it earlier, just before dinner. He wanted it bad!"

Jeff smiled, "Well, I'm ready for him." He rubbed his crotch suggestively.

"I've got to meet him at the tent now, to let him know where to go."

"He doesn't suspect?"

"Of course not," Bill glared into the darkness, "How could he?"

"Good, we don't need anything like that to happen." Jeff wandered in Paul's direction so that he would be sure to see him, and then headed for the beach to check on the canoes.

Bill turned and went to their tent, which was at the edge of the campsite up against the trees.

Paul, who had been quite aware that they were standing talking at the fire, followed Bill seconds later. He stopped outside their tent momentarily looking around and then crouched down and disappeared inside.

Paul felt Bill's body as he slid inside the low tent. His eager fingers found Bill's crotch and began massaging its bulk.

"Wait, Paul," Bill said, "it's too early for that now."

"But you said ,,,," Paul protested.

"I wanted you to come here now, so we could agree on a spot to meet later."

Decidedly disappointed Paul said, "Oh, I guess you're right. Too many guys about yet."

"Yeah," Bill smiled returning a touch and finding Paul rigid and strong already. "My, my, you're hot already," he whispered hoping to increase Paul's desire.

"Yeah," Paul sighed, "You make me feel that way." His fingers tightened on Bill's responding organ, "You're beginning too."

"Sure," Bill grinned, then changed the subject. "You got a watch?"


"Good," Bill said, "Let's meet at ten o'clock. Same place as before. And be sure you're not seen leaving."

"Okay," Paul smiled.

"Oh, yes," Bill added, "Bring a blanket, the grass gets wet early now."

"Okay," Paul said and started to leave.

Bill pulled him close to himself, kissing him hard on the lips. He felt the younger boy's body surrendering to him, and he wished that he didn't have to wait another hour. He released him, and Paul slipped out and disappeared into the darkness.


James looked up as he saw a figure pass by their tent. "It's Paul," he whispered to Carl, "And he's carrying something."


"I can't see, looks like a blanket or something."

"Let's follow," Carl said.

"Wait just a sec," James cautioned, then said "Okay, let's go. We don't want to loose him." The two scouts scrambled out of their tent and stole away into the darkness, on the trail. Ahead they could just make out the figure in the gloom.

"It's time," Jeff said letting the flashlight shine momentarily onto his watch.

"Okay," Bill said, "Give me five minutes head start. Watch for my signal. Two flashes on my lighter will tell you I'm ready."

"Good, I can hardly wait." Jeff slid out of the way to let Bill scamper out of the tent.


Paul intent on finding his way in the semi-darkness to the clearing where he agreed to meet Bill was oblivious to the two figures on the trail behind him.

His heart was racing with anticipation, and his crotch ached, full of need. He looked back toward camp, and was glad when he saw no one on the path behind him, having forgotten that he had just made a turn and could have seen no one more than ten feet behind.

He breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the clearing ahead, and he hurried to the rock to wait for Bill. It was still warm, and he barely noticed the wetness from the grass soaking through his jeans and tennis shoes.

His breathing returned to near normal as he rested on the rock. He heard a sound ahead on the left and held his breath.

"Come here," came the whisper, and he saw Bill motioning to him. He stood up and grabbed the blanket and hurried to the edge of the clearing where he could see Bill waiting.

"I was worried you weren't coming," he said as he got to where Bill was standing.

"I'm here," Bill whispered, "There's a good spot just over a little." Paul followed Bill and stopped when Bill did.

"Here," Bill said, "Put down your blanket," he motioned to Paul. He helped Paul spread out the blanket on the grass. At the edge of the clearing it was still dry. Timidly Paul sat down on the blanket next to Bill and he began to tremble. As they moved they passed within feet of where James and Carl were hidden.

"What's wrong," Bill asked, he put his arm around Paul's shoulder.

"I don't know," Paul tried to sound calm, "Just nerves I guess."

"Don't be afraid," Bill said. Bill fished something from his shirt pocket.

"Ever smoke?" Bill asked.

"No," Paul answered as he watched Bill intently. Bill cupped his hand around the hand rolled, thin, cigarette-like object and lighted it. He took a heavy drag on it, and held his breath. In a moment he released his breath and breathed out the pungent vapors.

"Here, try it," Bill said, "Just a quick drag and hold it."

Paul did as instructed, but immediately began to cough. Bill put his hand over Paul's mouth to try to cover the sound.

"Let's try it another way," Bill said as Paul's coughing stopped. Bill took another hit, held it, and then put his mouth over Paul's. Paul responded by opening his mouth, and Bill exhaled the smoke into his mouth. Paul breathed it in. This time it was milder and didn't cause him to cough.

"That's better," Bill said, and repeated the procedure twice more, the last time flicking the lighter twice. As he passed the smoke to Paul, he continued the kiss, pressing closer to the young body before him. Paul yielded as Bill's tongue explored the confines of his open mouth. The sensation of the hot object in his mouth accompanied by the effects of the drug he had unwittingly taken sent him into a state of euphoria he had never experienced before.

Bill pressed him back against the ground and he lay helpless to defend himself against Bill's desires. He was unaware at first that Jeff had joined them on the blanket.


James and Carl watched in amazement at what they saw. Paul was sprawled on the ground naked, as were the other two, save for socks and shoes.

Bill was passionately kissing Paul's lips and face while Jeff worked on the other end alternately taking Paul's rigid organ into his mouth and throat and licking at his balls and the area beneath. Paul's body responded by lifting itself to meet the onslaught of Jeff's fiery tongue.

The onlookers' mouths dropped open as they watched in horror as Jeff lifted Paul's legs to his shoulders and plunged his stiffened cock into Paul's tender opening. He writhed in pain and struggled to free himself, but Bill's strong arms held him securely to the ground. Bill kept his mouth on Paul's to muffle the sounds that tried to escape from his throat.

When at last, Paul stopped struggling and began to move with the motion of his assailant, Bill sat up.

"Yeah, you enjoy this don't you?"

Paul's eyes were glazed with tears that came from the pain he was still feeling, and he merely nodded, not wishing to further call harm upon himself.

In another moment Jeff's body stiffened as he reached his climax and sent spurts of fluid deep within Paul's slight body. After a few seconds, Jeff withdrew with a quick motion. Paul relaxed as the sensation of fullness left him.

Jeff moved and allowed Bill to take his turn. Paul caught a glimpse of what was coming as they switched positions. He was about to call out. When Jeff saw the look in his eyes, Jeff's hand was over Paul's mouth, and Bill hoisted his body into position and jammed the ready organ roughly into the already ravaged opening. Paul's body strained to get away to no avail.

Jeff felt the relaxation in Paul, and removed his hand.

Bill thrust deeply in and withdrew to nearly the full length of his cock. Paul gasp in pain and then joy as his prostrate was pounded and he became accustomed to the pleasure he felt.

Jeff leaned over and took Paul's nearly limp organ into his mouth. It stiffened with the stimulation. Jeff's hands roamed the soft skin of their victim's arms and chest, stopping to pinch the tender nipples causing Paul to moan with desire for release.

As Bill approached his climax, Paul too was quickly rising to his. He gasped and sent a river of hot fluid into Jeff's eager mouth. At the same time he felt the steaming liquid rush into him from Bill's ramrod. His breath stopped momentarily as his body continued to convulse in ecstasy.

"You finished?" Jeff asked licking his lips.

"Yeah," Bill sighed softly, "he's a nice fuck."

"So he is," Jeff giggled, "He tastes good too."

"Let's go before someone comes."

"Don't you say a word!" Jeff's stern command came.

"No, Paul," Bill said, "Not a word!" The two got dressed and left the breathless body on the blanket, and they disappeared into the darkness.

James and Carl waited until the two were out of sight, and back into the woods across the clearing. Certain that it now was safe, they rushed out to Paul's side.

"You okay?" Carl whispered.

"Who is it?" Paul tried to sit up.

"It's Carl, and James is here too."

"Did you see?" Paul gasped.

"Yeah," they answered in unison.

"Why?" he began to sob.

"They shouldn't have," Carl sounded angry.

James put his arms around the naked body before him. It was warm and sweaty, but felt good to hold him. Paul's arms reached up and pulled him closer.

"You got a handkerchief?" Carl asked.

"Yeah, here."

Carl unfolded it and gingerly dabbed at Paul's behind.

"Hurt much?" he asked.

"Some," Paul had ceased his sobbing now.

"James," Paul said, "Shine your light so I can see." James did as requested.

"It's not bleeding or anything," Carl said putting his finger to his lips as he saw James about to say something. James had seen the blood on the handkerchief, but saw that there wasn't enough to worry about. Clearly Carl knew what he was doing.

"Think you can walk?" Carl asked.

"Yeah, I think so."

"Let's get you cleaned up." Together they helped Paul to his feet and then down to the water near by where they washed off the filth from his ordeal. James' soft hands tenderly soothed the aching opening until it was clean. The cold lake water caused the swelling to go down a bit. Then he pulled off his own sweatshirt to dry him. Clearly watching James bathe Paul turned Carl on. He stood nearby groping himself. James is going to get it when we get back, he mused.

When he was dry they went back and got his clothes and blanket. Then they guided him back to his tent. They were glad when they found Sean, Paul's tent-mate, was asleep, and didn't awaken when they helped Paul inside.

"Tomorrow we'll talk," Carl said.

"Thanks," Paul whispered. James put his fingertips on Paul's lips.

"Good night," he whispered. Then the two scurried back to their own tent.

"What a dirty trick," Carl whispered.

"I'm glad it wasn't me, I'd have died!"

"Me too!" There was silence for a while, then Carl said, "But I think I know how we can get even, if you're game."

"Sure, why not." Carl pulled James down close to himself and revealed his plans. Carl's passion had diminished as they plotted. They talked on into the night, plotting their revenge, until sleep crept over them.

At the same time Paul's mind worked throughout the night trying to figure out why this had happened. He was awaken several times by a strange noise from the darkness, but relaxed again and dreamed on.

Meanwhile Bill and Jeff snuggled together in their tent, satisfied that the plan had gone off as well as it had, and exhausted from their exertions.


It was another beautiful dawn, when the scouts piled out of their tents to the wake-up calls from their leaders.

Paul stayed in his tent as long as he dared, certain that everyone would know what had happened. Of course only the perpetrators and his two friends knew. Finally when James and Carl came by, he crawled out and dressed. The physical pain was gone, but the distress of the emotional distress remained. He brightened as Carl explained the plans that evolved the night before between James and himself.


The day was uneventful, and since it was Wednesday, it was a very short trek just across the lake to the new campsite. The scouts were then free to do whatever they wished as long as they stayed within the area. Many swam and fished in the warm clear water. Other explored the surrounding area; among them were the three new friends. They developed their plans for the next day still further.

Though Paul was still sore from the evening before, he was eager to join in play with Carl and James.


Late that afternoon while most of the scouts were still away from the camp, the plan began to unfold. Bill and Jeff lay on the beach perfecting their suntans, clad in swimsuits and lying on towels. Their eyes closed against the bright sun, they were unaware of the group of scouts approaching them.

With quick flurry of motion, the plan to trap and tie them up was accomplished. Blindfolds were put on their eyes. Carl had enlisted the help of some of the older boys, whom he had told only a little of what was in store for the leaders.

The two struggling young men shouted for their release. Carl quickly came forward and gagged them with towels to stifle their cries. They were hurried off the beach and into a clearing away from the camp, lest anyone return and see them.

Since they were nearly naked already, it took little to get them naked. All this time Paul had remained out of sight, so they had no inkling of what this was all about.

Striped of their clothing and bound with their backs to two trees, they looked strange, with the small bands of pale skin that their swimsuits had previously covered glimmering in the sunlight. From the excitement and exertion to their dismay their maleness had stiffened noticeably.

James took off their blindfolds. Their discomfort increased when they saw Paul step out into the clearing clad only in a swimsuit. He carried a switch that he had carefully selected from a tree in the woods. The slender willow branch had been stripped of its leaves and twigs and whistled as Paul snapped it in the air.

As he approached, they both began to struggle again, which only served to increase their discomfort. The thoughts of what might happen to them increased their sexual excitement. No one said anything, and they couldn't cry out.

Paul stepped forward and raised his weapon. He had apparently been practicing as when he brought down the switch it snapped against Bill's left thigh raising a red mark almost immediately. It snapped again striking the other leg a little higher. The next time it snapped, it struck just below his navel.

Paul turned to Jeff, whose terror was evident in his eyes.

His cock raised up to full size swung out before him like a pole. Paul stepped forward and teased it with the end of his weapon. It responded jerking higher and higher.

If Paul had bothered to look around he would have seen the signs of excitement on the faces of the others, and the ever-increasing sexual disturbances he was creating in the onlookers. But he was intent on his revenge.

Three times he raised his arm in anger, bringing red welts to Jeff's chest, stomach and hip. The excitement of the group grew as he paused.

"Turn them around," Paul ordered. Quickly his assistants turned Bill to face the tree and then Jeff. Quickly he administered several reddening welts on the bare ass cheeks of the bound victims.

Someone from the group brought forward a cup of shortening and handed it to Paul. He laid down the whip and stuck his fingers into the white substance. Deftly he smeared it into the cracks between the exposed cheeks, not being too careful with his motions. He lubricated their openings thoroughly sticking a long finger deep within.

"Let Jeff down and turn Bill around so he can watch." Paul's voice was clear and calm.

Jeff struggled and tried to get away as Bill watched, still bound to the tree, but facing outward once again. But two scouts held Jeff in place and another forced him into a kneeling position.

The onlookers gasp as Paul pulled off his swimsuit revealing his flaming erection. It was every bit as large as Bill's, which was the larger of the two prisoners. Paul knelt behind Jeff and held his breath while he paused rubbing the head of his hot cock on the opening of Jeff's ass. Then he thrust it quickly inside sending shivers up and down the spines of the audience, most of whom by now had exposed themselves and were stroking erections of various sizes and shapes.

Paul thrust forward several times and then withdrew. He took a rag and wiped his cock off. It still glistened in the sun from the lubricant, as hard as when it first entered.

"Next?" Paul's voice was firm and his meaning was clear.

Bill watched in horror as those who wanted to, fucked Jeff's tender ass. Several had already lost their loads before their turn came, but they still shoved a hard cock into the trembling ass. When everyone had had a turn at Jeff, Paul turned to Bill.

"You're next!" The words had a stinging quality to them.

Bill was quickly positioned for the onslaught. This time Paul took the rag and wiped off the lubricant before attacking Bill's tight behind. Despite the gag Bill managed to cry out as Paul's shaft penetrated where nothing had been before, at least nothing of that size and that force.

Paul kept thrusting until he exhausted his body and had shot his load deep within Bill's body. He stood up and cleaned himself off, motioning to the onlookers that it was their turn. To this point James and Carl had remained aloof to the action. When none of the others came forward to take a turn at Bill, they both revealed themselves.

Carl was hung as well as Paul and Bill, but James exceeded them all by at least an inch both in length and circumference. Those watching gasp when they saw the size of it.

Carl took his turn first, with James standing in front where Bill and Jeff could both see what was coming. Having watched what had gone on before, coupled with the tightness of the opening, Carl to shot off before he really wanted to, but he managed to continue shoving in and out for a minute after he had lost it.

When he got up, James walked slowly around to the other end. With a quick thrust he shoved his barely moist cock sharply into Bill's stinging opening. He withdrew completely and thrust in again. Bill's body collapsed onto the ground, his stiff cock spurting its load onto the grass.

James moved behind Jeff and pulled his behind into the air so he was in position. Then he shoved himself inside with the fury of a stallion. Jeff's voice rasped a scream that was barely stifled by the gag in his mouth. His cock that had softened slighted swung up and struck his belly and oozed a clear stream of precum that dripped slowly down to the ground below.

Two more withdrawals and rapid re-entries brought him to a similar climax spilling out onto the ground. That accomplished, James continued to pound in and out until he exploded in a violent climax, the most memorable of his experience. He collapsed on top of Jeff's body forcing him to the ground.

"Anyone want another turn?" Paul asked. There were no takers, everyone was satisfied, several having cum more than once, just watching.

"Stand them up!" Paul commanded. The two prisoners were brought to their feet, their turgid cocks still dripping, but sagging noticeably.

"I'm sure that you two have gotten the message," Paul said calmly. "I trust that you'll at least think twice before doing what you did last night to anyone again. It's not that you couldn't have gotten what you wanted, but the way you did it was cruel. But maybe that's the way you wanted it, I don't know. I hope that you've learned a bit about responsibility from this. You could have seriously hurt me by what you did. Fortunately you didn't.

"And like you said last night. Don't you say a word! Not a word!" Paul turned his back on them in disgust. "Okay, let them loose."

They two bound men were untied and left standing alone. Their shame was abundantly clear. They remained where they were until their captors had gone from the area. Neither one said a word, but went quickly to the lake shore nearby and washed themselves off.

Their tormenters went back to the beach where they had been swimming and cleaned up, and then continued with their play in the warm water and bright, late afternoon sun. All that those who had not participated in the revenge noticed was that the rest were swimming nude. Some giggled and laughed as they watched the youthful horseplay before them.


That night at dinner everyone was quiet, hardly any conversation passed among the campers. Bill and Jeff remained out of sight, until everyone had finished eating.

Finally they both came to the fire, dressed in their usual clothes and looking downtrodden they stood before the group.

"We both," Bill began, nodding toward Jeff who stood by his side, "Wish to apologize, not only to Paul, but to all of you for the way that we behaved last night. It was most unmanly of us to do what we did. We betrayed your trust; if it will satisfy you we will resign from scouting when we return to camp on Saturday.

"We deserved what happened to us, and don't hold anything against anyone for it. No one will know what you did, even if you decide to tell what we did." Bill dropped his head forward in shame.

Paul stood up and went forward.

"On behalf of all of us, we accept your apology and I for one will not press the matter, even if you should decide to remain in scouting.

"I like you both for the way you have continued to do what you had to do. And now your apology clears the air between us, at least the two of you and me." Paul extended his hand toward them.

Tears of remorse streamed down both their faces as they shook hands with Paul and then in turn hugged him gently.

The incident was closed. Everyone had learned something from it. No more was said, and everyone acted as if it had never happened. In the months and years that followed, some would wonder if it really had.

To be continued

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