Let The World Go By

By Richard

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Welcome to Part 3 of Let The World Go by — Fire In Winter. James is still in the Air Force and is stationed at Great Falls Air Force Base in Montana beginning the second half of his tour of duty...

Part Three

Fire In Winter

Chapter 1

The routine of checking in to a new assignment was beginning to be old hat to James. He filled out the familiar forms that would ensure that he'd get his mail, be paid on time, and everyone who needed to know where he was, knew his new location — Great Falls Air Force Base.

During the war with Germany, Italy, and Japan the base had first been a training facility for the Army. When the need arose for a training base for bomber pilots the Air Force built an airfield there. The site was chosen because of the vast open spaces available for practicing bombing runs.

The end of that war brought a reduction in the need for such facilities, and the base had been neglected, and nearly discontinued. The fighting in Korea once again brought the need for the renewal training of pilots; thus the new construction. This time the Strategic Air Command also known as SAC, controlled the base. It became a different kind of base - the home to a mobile fighting unit; which could be moved on a moments notice to anywhere in the world that they were needed. Twenty-four hours was the goal. There were to be four squadrons of fighter-bombers, one squadron of refueling tanker planes, and units of men, each with the essential maintenance sections needed to support the five squadrons of planes. And of course, there was a group to coordinate all of these activities known as The Wing. Because the aircraft used to complete such a move were not always needed, they were not kept at the base. Instead separate organizations were established and distributed across the country.

Everything necessary to move these squadrons of planes, men and supplies had to be maintained at a constant state of readiness. Their readiness would be tested periodically by actually moving them to another base somewhere in the world. Rumors of an impending move were rampant.

Such was the state of the base when James arrived. It was the first of July, and the latest rumor was that they would be sent to Japan before the summer was over. The new men on the base were not pleased, because most had just completed a tour of duty in Korea or Japan. A few had come from Europe, but most from the Far East.

He was assigned living quarters in an old style barracks building, until the new facilities, already under constructions were completed. The first of the new buildings was complete. It held the mess hall and offices for the command facilities upstairs. Three new barracks building stood near by in various stages of completions. Meanwhile, the older buildings would serve as their home. They was long low structures, painted gray and two rows of bunks lined either side of the aisle down the center. Windows along both sides had been painted shut the last time the building had been painted. This made their living conditions in the summer months uncomfortable.


James settled into the routine easily. Once he had become familiar with the aircraft at the base — somewhat different from the ones he worked on in Korea — it was an eight to five job, five days a week, with three Saturdays off each month, one reserved for training and inspections. Such was the routine when he arrived. Speculation over a date for the move into the new living quarters also occupied their minds.

James had been there less than two weeks when he was notified that he would be going to school for a three week training course at Scott Air Force Base near St. Louis, where he had taken his original electronics training. He once again packed his things and readied himself for travel. Two other men from the base we going too. One of them, Samson George, he had met in Korea, the other Bill Simpson, he had not met until he arrived at Great Falls. But all three had been in training near St. Louis at about the same time, just had never run into each other.

The three men rode the bus to the airport and boarded the plane bound for St. Louis the weekend of Friday, the 30th of July 1954. They had no problem finding their way to Scott, and getting accommodations for their short stay. Having been there before made the task of getting acquainted with the base much easier than it had been, two summers before. Since they had rank this time, they did not have to engage in the ritual of KP, policing detail, guard duty, endured by those just out of basic training.

The three weeks training were on a specific piece of classified electronic equipment, which meant that they weren't allowed to talk about it, except in class. They found an easy way around the restriction, by just not mentioning what it was that they were talking about. They could discuss the how that it worked, which was what they were there for. Several innovations had been made in the circuitry from the previous model of the same kind of equipment. These changes were the subject of the training, and reason for the secrecy.


Since they were free to come and go as much as they wished, especially on weekends, they took advantage of the freedom. The three of them hung around together during the week, but on weekends Samson disappeared, spending his time at his family's home nearby, and that of his soon-to-be-bride, Betty. As a result, Bill and James roamed the city together, as much as their limited funds would allow.

To James Bill was an interesting man, tall, rather lanky, with an unhurried air about him. He had a drawl that he had not been able to, nor wished to be rid of; it placed his home as Eastern Tennessee. His ruffled dark hair was usually a little longer than regulation allowed, and was always earning him demerits at inspection. He would get it cut and forget about it until the next time. It got to be routine, but he never worried much about it.

He talked about women constantly especially when he was drinking, often describing how he and this woman, as he referred to them, carried on when he was at home. James listened patiently, often wishing that he had similar experiences he could share with him, just to break up the monotony. He had none, so he just listened.

On the second weekend of their short stay, they went into town to spend the evening. By the time they were ready to get back to the base, they discovered that it was too late to catch a bus back. They would have to stay the night in town. James was a little annoyed with this at first, but finally resigned himself to the situation.

After a careful survey of their joint funds, and of the location of several motel and hotels in the area, they found a suitable place to stay. It was not choice by any means, but it was clean and cheap. They practically had to sign their lives away, since they didn't have any luggage. They paid the rental and a deposit that they would get back when the checked out in the morning, provided of course they did no damage to the room. Bill's loud and brash voice had caused the night clerk to worry.

With a brown paper bag with six bottles of beer under his arm, Bill follow by James went to their room. It was nearly three in the morning, and James was tired, so he quickly undressed and climbed into bed. Bill sat in the chair beside the bed sipping on one of the beers. He chattered quietly, almost as if to himself. He soon found that James was having an effect on him that he couldn't explain, even though he appeared to be almost asleep.

"You know," he drawled, "You shore is a fine lookin' man. How come you ain't got no stories about yur women to tell?"

"I don't know," James hesitated, opening his eyes. "I have stories to tell, but compared to yours, they don't seem like much to tell."

"Awhhh, come on, don't be so bashful," Bill insisted.

James was trapped. He would have to invent something, "Well", he began, "There was this one cute blonde thing," and he proceeded tell the story of an incident that actually happened, but it wasn't with a girl, although he pretended it was, and changed the story so that it sounded as if it were.

Bill sat quietly listening, and occasionally taking a sip of beer from the bottle in his hand. James embellished the tale sufficiently that he noticed it was having an erotic effect on Bill. A noticeable bulge was growing in his jeans, which he occasionally pushed at with his free hand.

This effect was something that James had not counted on, and he was at a loss to know what to do about it. He continued his tale, added details here and there for emphasis. He found that he also was becoming aroused by the situation, although Bill was the subject of his arousal, not the story.

"Gosh," Bill said when at last James was finished, "You shore do tell a mean story. I'm horny as hell." He stood up and stretched. He was indeed! He slipped off his shoes and unbuttoned his shirt throwing it on the chair in which he'd been sitting. Then he unbuttoned his jeans and pushed them down.

"See!" he said. He stroked his pendulous cock enjoying the sensation. He turned and went to the bathroom. A few minutes later he returned and climbed into bed next to James. The sight of Bill's erection he brought James to the same state.

Bill lay there on his back while he smoked another cigarette. He didn't say anything. He just looked straight ahead, the cigarette in one hand, and the other lying in his lap occasionally rubbing his semi-hard dick.

"Ya know," he said at last, "I ain't slept with a guy in a long time."

James kept his silence. Where was this leading? he wondered.

"It shore was fun though," Bill said wistfully.

"What do you mean?" James knew, but wanted Bill to do the talking, the leading.

"You know," Bill said softly. He looked at James and unexpectedly put his hand on James' crotch. James was surprised, but managed not to react to the touch.

Bill was quiet again for a moment, "You shore is hard."

"Yeah," James said, "I guess talking about it made me horny too."

"You ever carry on with a guy?" Bill asked.

"Yeah," James said turning to Bill and smiling added, "It is fun sometimes."

"Yeah," Bill said. "It shore is." He put his cigarette out in the ashtray and turned off the light. He rolled back and pulled James to himself tightly. Their bodies responded automatically as if it were the usual thing to do.

He's certainly not new to this, James thought to himself as they kissed passionately. For a man who talked about nothing but women, Bill knew what men liked to do even better.

Bill and James returned to the base late Sunday night. James was sworn to secrecy about how they had carried on. James extracted the same pledge from Bill, just to keep things even.

The following weekend, the three of them flew back to Great Falls and to the tasks at hand. The packing had begun! Instead of the normal twenty-four hours, they had been given a week's notice to relocate. The reason given was that it was a new organization, and they weren't fully staffed yet.


The giant C97s now fully loaded with men and equipment taxied down the runway on a hot September day of 1954, and roared into the cloudless blue sky bound for Missawa Japan.

James and his friends were on board one of those planes. Just as in a real deployment of this men and materials, the cargoes of each plane were mixed, part men and part equipment. On a few of the planes, such as the one on which James was flying, the equipment was carried in the cargo hold, and the men in the upper deck just like a commercial version of the plane. But on most of the others, there were two decks, with men and materials mixed on each, with the men sitting around the edge facing the mountains of equipment they had spent packing the two weeks prior to departure.

Their first stop would be Hawaii. It was to be an overnight stop. There would be no crew change during this exercise. However during a real emergency there would have been; and the two flight crews would take turns; one flying the aircraft while other slept. Such flights were virtually nonstop, except for refueling.


It was five in the evening local time when James' plane touched down in Hawaii. The view out the window was like a picture postcard. Everyone was excited. For most aboard it was their first visit to The Islands. They wished that they would be able to see more of the Islands than just the base. Due to the nature of their flight they were restricted to the base, however. They would be fed and put up at the transient barracks and by first light in the morning they would be once again on their way westward. Take off time was set for five forty-five in the morning.

James grabbed his overnight bag and jacket and followed the rest of the men down the aisle and out into the bright Hawaiian afternoon. It was warm, but not as hot as it had been in Great Falls. They signed-in in the terminal building and went to the transient barracks. It was not unlike their barracks in the States. The sign on the bulletin board said that dinner was served from five to six-thirty, which meant that they just had time to make it before they closed.

They followed the signs and arrived with plenty of time left for dinner. The mess hall was for all personnel in transit, both officers and enlisted men and their dependents. This meant that the food was better than a regular enlisted men's mess.


Tom, an airman James had sat next to and talked with on the plane was a member of the headquarters office staff. They continued their conversation as they walked out of the mess hall. They decided that they would walk around the base just to get the exercise and more fresh air. They both had felt cooped up during the flight, and knew that the next day would be even longer.

As the sunset, the air began to cool, but not so much that they need their jackets. They had been encouraged to carry their personal items with them, as there was no security at the barracks. The planes were guarded, and only authorized persons could go on board, so that their duffel bags were in no danger.

They continued walking making a circle about the barracks area. After the base at Great Falls, which was mostly sand and brush, the tropical flowers and trees of Hawaii were a delightful change.

Arriving back at the barracks James checked his watch. He found it was nine-thirty. They both agreed that it was time for bed.

They decided that a shower was in order since they had no idea of how soon after arriving they would get a chance to take one. The shower-room was almost dark and deserted. It was clear from the time that they undressed and got under the warm water that both were interested in each other's body. They soon sported major erections. They quickly moved together and embraced. Tom soon was on his knees sucking James' long, thick cock. Although he could not get it all in his throat, his skill quickly brought James to a thrilling climax. Once James had recovered from his orgasm he knelt in front of Tom. Although Tom was not as large as James, he had a delightful cock. James deep throated him causing him to quickly deposit his hot cum into James' tight gripping throat. If James had not quickly gotten to his feet and grabbed him, Tom would have collapsed on the floor.

They hurriedly rinsed off and went to their beds. Not surprisingly, they were sleeping within a minute.


The flight the next day was indeed long, from Hawaii to Japan, nonstop. Takeoff at five fifty in the morning, and touchdown, nine and one half flying hours later which made the time three-ten in the afternoon Hawaiian time, but nine-ten the next morning local time in Missawa.

When James stepped off the plane he was startled, it was if he had gone back a year in time. The scene could have been any of the bases he had seen in Korea, the buildings were the same style and color. Even the layout of the base was similar.

There was more than a little of the usual confusion as to where the various groups were assigned, in what barracks,or hut they would be housed; how they were supposed to get there; when they were supposed to be there; and what they were supposed to do once they got there. They found that the planes that had left the day before still hadn't arrived because of a storm on the path they had taken. But now their arrival was scheduled for just two hours later. The crew chiefs were in a panic because as the planes began arriving and they had no idea of where they were to be parked.

The entire operation's execution was based on the arrival of the fighter aircraft. Since the orders of the other personnel were sealed and carried by the fighter planes. When the support personnel arrived before the planes, no one had any idea of what to do with them, or who they were officially. This total confusion would prompt a change in Standard Operating Procedure — SOP. Hereafter one copy of the sealed orders would be carried by the ranking man on a plane carrying the men, and a duplicate copy onboard one of the planes flying ahead.

Finally a lieutenant from base operations arrived with an operations schedule; and explained to them the details of their situation.

Finally, James thought, someone who knows what's going on! Trucks soon began arriving and first hustled them off to their living quarters for the next three months. The base was laid out as two separate units, the permanent, and the temporary, or TDY units. They shared a common area and perimeter, but most things were duplicated. The TDY section of the base was empty, that is devoid of people, while the permanent part was same as any other air base in the Far East.

Soon the empty buildings were teaming with people trying find a place to put everything that began arriving in trucks that scurried from the flight line to the buildings and back again. They paused only long enough to deposit their cargo on the ground outside the various buildings. Each group had two people assigned to look for stray crates in the other areas, while the remaining personnel moved the crates to the proper rooms of the proper buildings from the drop-off points. Everything was beginning to function as it had been planned.

Five of the crew chiefs guided the planes to their parking spaces. The rest were setting up their equipment and parts into the buildings provided.

It was a long day, beginning at four-thirty in the morning one day, a nine and one half hour flight, then a ten hour work day ending at eight in the evening the next day. Everyone was exhausted physically, but the excitement and stress made them appear to be wide-awake even after dinner at nine in the evening. Some found their way to the airmen's club on the permanent section of the base, and joined in the relaxed atmosphere there. Others began to unwind by straightening their personal areas in the huts. By eleven all were safely in their beds, even those who had ventured to the club.


During the next several days, the training operation plans that had been shelved prior to their departure began in earnest. The planes were flying on a schedule of training exercises. A flight, five aircraft, out of a squadron of twenty-five, were on alert status. This meant that these planes had to be ready to fly on a moments notice during the daylight hours, six days a week; from five in the morning until nine at night. Some days the planes would never fly, others once maybe twice, other days as many as six times. The men never knew what the schedule would be.


A schedule for the maintenance group in which James worked was set up to provide coverage for the alert flight. Each man worked one of the days for the first week. This was so that everyone would get familiar with what was required. After that each one would work a full four days of the schedule beginning in the following week. The remaining two days would be worked on a rotating schedule. When James' week was finished, everyone had worked a week with the alert aircraft. None of them except James were pleased with the schedule. They felt it was too restricted.

The squadrons of pilots rotated, as did the maintenance personnel for each squadron, so that everyone would be tested. Everyone was rated on their performance, the pilots, and the maintenance personnel. A point total was calculated at the end of each day, and every malfunction was logged and assigned point values based on the normal time for repair or replacement. The various squadrons competed for the highest point totals.

At the end of James' week, the first round of training was completed. The scores were posted on Saturday, and of the five men in James' squadron, he had the highest score. He was pleased, he enjoyed being stressed, and he enjoyed being tested. Because of his score was the highest, he and the airman with the second highest score could elect to stay on that duty and arrange their own schedule between them. If they chose not to stay, then everybody had to continue to rotate on a weekly basis. James elected to continue; the other man did not care for it. As a result, the maintenance officer assigned the schedule. James would work Monday through Thursday, and the other men would rotate for the Friday and Saturdays, and because he volunteered, he was free for the other three days off. In effect, for almost two months, James had a three-day pass every weekend. No one else had more than two such passes, and everyone else worked a regular six-day week otherwise. Needless to say, James was not too popular with the others of his unit, but as the maintenance officer said when they complained, it was their choice!

Each day he arrived on duty thirty minutes before sunrise to preflight the five aircraft. If nothing went wrong it was more than enough time. If just one piece of equipment failed the inspections, there would be barely enough time. In addition to the regular one to five daily flights, there were normally one or two alerts as they were called. Everything was as if there was an attack except that it could be called off when the planes called the tower for permission to take off. They never knew whether or not they would fly, so everything had to be ready just in case.


On the first day of James' second week, they had five full flights, the first at five thirty and the last a seven in the evening. After each flight, all equipment had to be checked to see if it still worked. If it was still working, it was considered ready for the next flight. If not, it had to be replaced or repaired so as to be ready for the next flight, regular or alert, whenever that was. To be considered fully operational, no more than one aircraft during the day could miss a single flight.

James was looking forward to his first long weekend. The first month they were in Japan everyone in the group was quarantined. And while most of the other men had been into town sometime during their second month at the base, James because of his long house chose not to go. The trip into town took thirty minutes by bus, and the gate was closed from midnight until six in the morning, if one were one alert duty it was hardly worth the trip. One had at most one and one-half hours in town between bus rides.


The Friday morning of his first weekend off arrived. It was bright and cool that morning. It was a luxury for him to sleep until the rest of the men got up at six-thirty. After breakfast James went back to the hut and picked up his shower and shaving gear. He went to the latrine building in which the showers and toilets were located. It was nearly empty when he arrived. Two men were using the toilets when he came in, but no one was in the showers.

He used the toilet and then went to the shower room. He turned on the water and got under the warm spray. He shampooed his hair and began washing. Because of the noise of the water, and because he was preoccupied with his thought of the weekend, he did not hear anyone come into the building.

It was only when he began to rinse his hair that he saw the young man standing nearby. It was a Japanese man; an employee of the base, whose job it was to clean the latrine each day, morning and evening. Although he pretended that he was busy doing something else, the man was actually watching him.

It wasn't until James saw the man come passed the door for the fourth time, and stop to watch as James rinsed the soap from his body, that James realized what it was that the man was looking at. The washing, soaping and rinsing actions had given James a partial erection and that was what the man was watching. James was somewhat embarrassed and turned away.

The man ceased watching and James thought no more about it.

As he was drying himself the man once again began watching, this time James did not turn away. He continued to dry himself vigorously and allowed himself to become more aroused than he normally would have. The man came into the shower room and stood boldly with his back to the entrance, but off to the left of the doorway so that he could not be seen from outside. He unbuttoned his trousers and let them drop to his knees. He revealed his soft olive colored skin and the black silky hair around his cock. He grabbed his already turgid penis and began to jack off. He kept his eyes on James the whole time, quickly bringing himself to a climax spraying his load on the wet floor.

"Ichibon!" he said, "Number One!" He smiled at James as he pulled up his pants. Then he came over to where James stood almost in shock. The man reached out and grasped James' cock that now stood out from his body.

"Ichibon!" he said again, "The Best!". He stroked James' cock a few times causing James' knees to shudder with pleasure, then he left and continued working. James hurriedly completed drying himself without finishing what the man had started. It was the first time in a long time that he had discovered anyone watching him, although it was possible that he had been watched without his knowing it. He was pleased knowing that he had given the young man pleasure. James went to a sink and shaved. He pulled on his clothes and hurried back to his bunk. There he dressed for his three-day pass weekend. After packing his over-night bag went to catch a bus into town.

To be continued

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