Let The World Go By

By Richard

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Part Three

Fire In Winter

Chapter 2

The bus ride into town was uneventful. James noticed that the countryside was very similar to that of Korea. There were differences, if one were familiar with both cultures that would have been easily detected. He saw only the sameness, and not the differences.

The streets were crowded with shoppers. James selected a particularly busy corner to get off the bus. For a change he wanted to be in the hustle and bustle of the city. He suddenly felt a need to be near other people. Even if he couldn't understand their language, he would be with them. He could feel their warmth, their presence. He would sense what they sensed, the sights, the sounds, the odors, the touches.

He walked through the crowd watching as they bargained for the various items they were buying, the vegetables, the fish, and chickens. Some items cold not be bargained for, but it didn't matter to them, they tried anyway, and always paid the price.

"How much?" he asked, pointing at a piece of fruit.

The old woman pretended not to understand. The price on the stick in the basket said twenty-yen.

He picked up the apple and said, "Ichi!"

She pointed to the stick.

"Ahhh Soo," James said. He took out a fifty-yen note and handed it to her. She pulled three ten-yen notes from her apron and handed them to him.

He bowed graciously to her and she bowed also, and he continued on down the street munching his apple. When he finished, he deposited the remainder in a trash container. He walked until he noticed that he had left the business district.

He crossed the street and changed directions, looking in the shops as he passed by. When he had returned to the corner where he had started, he stopped and stood looking around. He lighted a cigarette.

"Josan?" asked a smiling man with a young lady by his side.

James was momentarily puzzled by the question that was simply, "Girl?"

Then realizing the meaning, he shook his head and pointed to his left hand and then his heart. The man bowed and taking the girl by the hand, quickly walked away disappearing into the crowd.

"You have sweetheart back home?" James had not noticed the young man who had crossed the street and come up behind him.

James turned and saw him. He was dressed as any college student in the States might have been. He was short, dark-haired, and quite handsome.

"Excuse me?" James asked.

"I see you turned away the girl. You maybe have girl friend at home?" The young Japanese man repeated.

"Yes, at home," James said.

"You married?"

"No. Maybe soon, maybe not." James was not sure why he was even talking to this man, but he enjoyed the feeling that he was getting from him.

"Not sure?"

James hated to admit it, even to himself. "Not sure."

"Ahhh, yes. Very difficult to decide if girl is right for man. Sometimes man is right for man."

"Sometimes," James did not even think about what it was that the man was saying, he heard the words, and what they implied was true, and he agreed.

"You like to have beer?"

"Yes," James smiled, "That would be nice." The youth motioned for James to follow. They walked through the crowd and down one block, across the street and then one block to the right. At the corner the man opened the door to the bar and held it for James.

"Thank you," James said. He followed him to the table where they sat down.

"My name is James."

"My name is Tommy."

"You have an American name?" James said.

"Yes. I choose my name for my American friends. My Japanese name is Heito Totoito. I like Tommy much better."

"Tommy is a very nice American name, but Heito Totoito is a nice name too."

"Yes, but I do not like to have a dog's name!" Tommy frowned.

"Yes," James laughed, "I see." Tommy laughed too.

The waiter came and took their order, and returned in a minute with two glasses of beer.

"To friends!" Tommy raised his glass.

"To friends." James touched his glass to Tommy's.

Tommy explained to him that he had learned English in Tokyo when he was a young boy on the streets. His family had been killed one day that he was at school. He lived with his grandfather for a while, until his grandfather died. He lived in the streets until he had enough money to move away from the city.

"How did you survive in the streets?" James asked.

"I buy and sell," he began. "I buy from GIs whatever they have to sell. I sell to rich Japanese what I buy."

James watched as his expression changed slightly, "I also sell myself to rich American, not GI. I stay very clean, no get VD.

"When I sixteen, I come here to Missawa to go to school. I saved my money, now in bank. Interest enough to pay for school."

"And after school?"

"After school I go to America for one maybe two vacations, and come back an start my own business, maybe."

James nodded, as Tommy continued talking about himself and his plans.

"And now," he said, "I work this bar, at night."

"You work here?" James asked.

"Yes, I am a bartender here, I make good tips." Tommy laughed when he realized what James was asking.

"My English not so good. To work bar, is different from work in bar, yes?"

"Yes," James laughed too.

"I no sell myself anymore," Tommy said almost proudly, then added with a grim, "But I give to good friends sometimes."

"Do you have many good friend?" James pretended a frown.

"You terrible man, go away!" Tommy said pretending anger and covering his face to cover his smile.

"I'm sorry," James started to get up to leave, playing the game too.

"No, please," Tommy grabbed his arm, "You stay, we be good friends." James settled back in his seat, he hadn't the slightest intention of leaving, and now as he saw the pain in Tommy's eyes, wished that he hadn't asked so many questions.

"I'm sorry, Tommy," he said. "I didn't mean to ask so many questions. What you do is your business; I do not need to know your business. I'm sorry I asked."

"No be sorry, Jamesan. I not sorry." Tommy began to relax once again. "I have no good friend for one year. Last time I have friend he stay Japan two years, then he go to States.

"I almost die when he go away, I so lonely. That's when I decide I go to school. Since then I have no friend. I drink beer with GI, but no sleep with them." Tommy explained.

"That's good," James said, not knowing what he actually felt about the information he had gained. "May I buy you another beer?"

"No thank you, Jamesan. Would you come to my room? We can have beer there, if you like. Too expensive in bar."

"Sure, whatever you'd like," James said, "I'm free until Sunday night."

"Ohhh, three-day pass! Ichibon!"

"Yeah," James smiled, "Ichibon!"

They got up and walked to the bar. Tommy spoke to the bartender who went to the cooler and put several bottles into a paper bag and handed them to Tommy.

His room was ten blocks away. It was more than just a room. An old man owned the building it was in. He liked Tommy because and helped him when he was sick. The old man's family had been killed during the war when the bombs came, just as Tommy's had been. Now that he was old, and could not make the repairs on the building, the building was becoming run down. Tommy found him in the street one night where he had fallen. He was very sick. Tommy had helped him to his home, and cared for him until he was well.

"When he got better," Tommy explained, "he asked me to stay in the house with him. Together we fixed up the building, and made this apartment for me in the back. My money helped and so I now part owner of this building. And," he said proudly, "I now have grandfather again!"

Tommy showed James around. It was not large by American standard, but very comfortable for Tommy. There was a desk where he could study, a place for his bed to be unrolled at night. A chest in the corner held most of his other possessions and clothes. Some of his finer clothes hung on hangers along the wall where he had placed hooks for them. Posters covered parts of two walls. Another small room to the rear was his food preparation area and bathing area. A toilet was behind the curtain in the hall. Most cooking was done in the large room where he had a metal open hibachi. It also served to warm the room when it was very cold.

Charcoal was used to provide the fuel. As in most homes, there was no need to provide ventilation for this kind of hibachi, because plenty of fresh air circulated even in the coldest days of winter. Heavy hangings cover the outside walls and windows when it was very cold.

Tommy explained that, even though the grandfather never used more than one room, there were five rooms in the rest of the house.

Tommy went to the kitchen and brought two glasses. He opened one of the tall bottles and poured the beer into them. He handed them to James while he set out cushions for them to sit on. James handed him back one of the glasses.

"To good friends," Tommy said, touching his glass to James'. They sat sipping their beer for moment.

"I want us to be good friends," Tommy said at last.

"So do I," James said.

"Let us be comfortable," Tommy suggested, getting up and putting his glass on the desk. He went to the chest and removed a white robe that he handed to James. He took another from a hook on the wall. He began undressing, carefully folding each item as a he removed it. James watched as Tommy had carefully ritualized his disrobing to make it especially sensual. His body was smooth and almost devoid of body hair. It was muscular, not in the style of a body builder, but just defined as a sculpture in marble or bronze. Everything was in perfect proportion.

When he was finished he put on his kimono. He sat down next to James, and took James' glass. James stood up and repeated the ritual of disrobing that Tommy had performed. He tried not to be self-conscious as Tommy watched in awe as James removed his trousers and underwear. He was only partial successful. Although it was not erect it was greatly engorged, and hung heavily between his muscular thighs. Trying not to appear to hurry, he quickly put on the kimono Tommy had given him.

Tommy still watched as James sat down on the cushion next to him.

"You have very nice body! Much nicer than most GIs."

"Thank you," James answered, "You are very beautiful, Tommy."

"May I kiss you?" Tommy asked.

James did not answer, and as Tommy moved close to him, he held out his arms and Tommy moved in to them. They kissed, embracing tightly, each opening their kimonos so that their bodies touched, each warming the other.

Although they were intensely stimulated, they slowly made preparations for the ultimate lovemaking. When they were both finished, and both aflame with the need to taste each other's, nectar, Tommy gracefully unrolled the bedding, and they lay upon it. Their bodies entwined, their lips joined in heated kisses. The kimonos were discarded, their bodies in sharp contrast in size and color, and texture, joined as one. They were unaware of the difference between them, they only enjoyed the sharing.

Tommy lay on his back his head upon the mattress, his eyes closed. James knelt before him, covering his body with kisses, and running his fingertips across the smooth olive colored skin. James' mouth opened and engulfed Tommy's rock hard cock. It was uncut and the foreskin completely covered the dark glans. Tommy trembled as James' tongue pushed its way inside, and his fingers gently slid the back the olive colored covering.

James' fingers stroked Tommy's thighs as he moved his head up and down on Tommy's burning manhood bringing him to the point of explosion. Sensing the impending climax, James allowed Tommy to retain it, and relax for a while longer. Instead he caressed Tommy's legs and feet with his lips.

Tommy, at last able to move again without loosing his orgasm, sat up and moved James into the lying down position. Then Tommy with his years of experience as a male geisha proceeded to stimulate James. It was unlike any other he had ever experienced before.

Although Tommy had difficulty in taking much of James' cock into his throat, the sensations that were developing within him gave no indications of this problem. His balls ached and burned as Tommy's lips caressed them. His hands felt as if they entirely covered James' body. Then moved quickly, and hovered just touching the burning skin.

"I want you inside me," Tommy said, as he paused to allow James to retreat from the brink of climax.

"Are you sure that I won't hurt you?" James asked.

"It no matter," Tommy replied gazing expectantly at James' cock. "I need you."

James reached into his jacket pocket, removing a tube of lubricant, he handed it to Tommy.

"If you're sure."

Tommy took the tube and applied a portion of it to himself, and then a generous amount to the giant pole that stood before him.

James moaned with delight as Tommy smoothed on the cool lotion that quickly liquefied on contact with the burning cock. Tommy positioned himself over James' hips and leaned forward. He kissed the open lips and began the process of inserting the pulsing cock within himself. James used all his self-control to refrain from exploding at the sensation.

Several minutes of intense efforts finally were rewarded. Tommy felt as if he were sitting atop a flaming steel rod. The burning sensations not entirely due to the stretching of his fragile tissues.

The tension to which James' body was subjected only heightened the stimulation. Tommy now relaxed himself enough to allow the thrusting motion to begin. Slowly and with deliberation, he began to perform the supreme act of worship to the god of love within him.

Tommy straightened up as he felt James rising to the point of climax. He gradually increased the speed of his up and down motion. James tried to remain motionless as Tommy glided up and down on him. Finally unable to contain himself, James thrust upward with his hips exploding with a force that nearly hurled Tommy from him. Tommy regaining his balance sat rigidly on James' exploding cock, clenching tightly with his anal muscles. A moment later his own cock, without a slightest touch sent streams of pearly liquid shooting across James' chest. James continued the thrusting motion once again, shooting great rivers of fluid upward into the slender body above him.

At last James' body drained of its energy, lay quietly, his breath coming more slowly now, gradually returning to normal.

"Oh, James!" Tommy cried in his ear. "I feel so good. You fill me with your love. It burns in me."

James pulled the slim body closer to himself. He felt Tommy squeeze his muscle tightly about his now relaxed but still engorged cock, causing him to flex each time, sending a fiery sensation once again throughout Tommy's body.

At last they slept, both exhausted as the beads of perspiration which had gathered on their bodies, formed rivulets running together, mingling as they sought a resting place upon the bedding and disappeared.

The sun was beginning its descent into the hills outside when they awakened. Tommy had reached over and covered them with a comforter as James slept, and now they were both warm and relaxed. They had remained coupled throughout their sleep, and now a river of fluid seeped out around James' now flaccid cock. There was a small amount of blood mixed with it, but neither noticed.

Tommy rose first and went to the kitchen to wash. He brought back a warm cloth and washed James' body. He was careful to conceal the traces of blood from James' eyes that watched Tommy's movements with earnest desire. Tommy's body still trembled as the sensation of the penetration remained. There was no more bleeding now, and no cause for alarm. It was one of those discomforts of the pleasure, which he was happy to accept. There also was no pain, only the pleasurable sensations that he kept in his heart as he washed James' body. He looked down and looked deeply into James' eyes.

As Tommy started to rise to leave, James reached up and held him a moment kissing him tenderly.

"Do you work tonight?" James asked getting up to use the toilet.

"No work to night, just four days after school." Tommy held up his hand.

When James returned, Tommy was sitting on the floor preparing a fire in the hibachi. The bedding had been re-rolled.

"Oh, if only I had a camera to capture this picture!" James said. "It is too beautiful!"

Tommy smiled and bowed, "I happy I please you."

"Sit, Jamesan, the water is ready. We will have tea, then we go to the bath. There I will bathe you, as you have never been bathed before. It not far." Tommy poured the water into a waiting teapot, as James pulled on his robe.

After a few minutes, Tommy poured the brew into two small cups. It tasted of honey and blossoms of something that James couldn't identify.

"This is good," James said. "What is it made from?"

"I not know," Tommy replied, "I buy from old woman at the market. She not tell me yet. It is called Heaven's Rain."

When they finished their tea, they dressed. Tommy put some things in his small handbag, James carried his over-night bag, and they left Tommy's rooms.

Outside darkness was beginning to creep across the city. People filled the streets along the gaily-lighted shops. Tommy led the way through the crowded street until they came to a doorway that was lighted and had a sign over it. Next to it, in English another sign read Baths.

The attendant gave them large towels, for which Tommy paid 100 yen. The price included the use of the facilities. Tommy had explained that it would have been more for James if he had been alone, but since Tommy was a native, it was much less.

It was not a large place, only four rooms. Each room was a complete bath. Each contained a toilet, washbasin, a shower, and a tub.

When they reached their room, water was already running into the tub. This water was controlled by values at the front desk. Steam was rising from the tub in a cloud that rolled out onto the cold tile floor.

They hung their clothes on pegs on the wall beside the doorway. Tommy turned on the shower and adjusted the temperature so that it was very hot. He took a bar of soap from his bag and they took turns getting wet under the hot spray. Tommy began soaping James all over and washing him thoroughly. He handed the bar to James who returned the favor. When they were both covered with the thick white lather, Tommy took the brush that hung from a leather thong on the wall. He held it under the hot water until it was soft and wet. Then he shook out the water and began scrubbing James' back and shoulders with it. Just looking at it, one would have thought that it would scratch. But the bristles were long and soft. He scrubbed James all over with it, avoiding only the tender groin area. Once again he handed the brush to James who scrubbed Tommy's body. They both looked like they were covered with whipped cream.

"Now we rinse!" he said, and they stepped back into the hot spray and allowed the foam to wash from their bodies. Tommy turned off the shower, and reached for his bag again. He opened a small bottle and poured a small amount into his hand and rubbed it over James' body. The oil-like substance was fragrant and contained a combination of lemon oil and a very small amount of perfume. James once again repeated the rubdown for Tommy.

"Now the tub," Tommy motioned. He tested the water with his foot before stepping down into the steaming water. James put his foot in. It was very hot, but he followed Tommy into it. It was a bathtub, not a tub to bathe in. It was eight feet long, four feet wide, and three feet deep. On either end was a bench that served as steps for getting in and out. Water filled the tub to within ten inches or so from the top. They slid their bodies completely into the water, leaving only their heads out. They floated lightly in the water, relaxing and breathing deeply of the scented steam that now rose from the surface. Tommy climbed out first, and went to get a towel. He patted his skin dry, so as not to disturb the oil that glistened on his body.

"Now you," he said to James. James eased himself out of the tub. Tommy dried James' body in the same manner as his own. In one corner of the room there was a stool, and James had wondered what its purpose was. Tommy went over and brought it close to the sink. He motioned James to sit down on it. Tommy took the bar of soap and made a lather in his hands and then applied it to James' face. He then took a straight razor from his bag.

With the skill of a barber five times his age, Tommy shaved James' beard. The feeling was so pleasant that he hardly realized that he was being shaved. He had shaved before he left the base just hours before. But when Tommy was finished James felt his face. There was a completely different feeling. His face was as smooth as his eyelids.

"No need to shave tomorrow," Tommy said with a smile.

"Thank you," James kissed him tenderly. "That's the best bath and shave I've ever had."

"Most welcome, Jamesan," Tommy bowed. "It is my pleasure to serve you and bring you joy and happiness."

"And what can I do for you, to repay you and bring you joy and happiness?" James asked.

"To be Jamesan!" Tommy said. James' eyes brimmed and he took Tommy to his arms and held him close to him.

Tommy sensing what might happen next, said, "We must go now, or papasan be pounding on our door soon!"

They quickly dressed and put on fresh clothing. Tommy repacked his bag and put the towels they had used on a square on the floor near the door and left.

They went back to Tommy's place and dropped off their handbags.

"I'm going to buy you dinner, Tommy," James said. "Where shall we go?"

Tommy realized that no matter what he said or did, James would have his way, finally agreed.

"We go to Paper Tiger." Tommy said, "They have good food."

They both put on heavy sweaters and went out into the night air. It was ten-thirty by the time they reached restaurant. It was not a large place, nor was it crowded. A hint of incense floated in the air mixed with the aroma of cooking oil.

Tommy spoke to the hostess who seated them at a table away from the door and off by themselves.

"What do you like?" Tommy asked.

"I haven't the vaguest idea of what to order," James said, "Besides it's your dinner, you decide. Have whatever you like best."

"It is expensive!" Tommy smiled.

"If it cost me my life, it is yours!" James returned.

Tommy laughed, "It not be that expensive!"

He called to the hostess who returned and took their order. James understood none of what was said, with the exception of Saki, which came at the end.

The woman retreated to the kitchen. James took two cigarettes from his pack and offered Tommy one and lighted both of them. The woman returned carrying a bottle wrapped in a white linen cloth and a cooler. Tommy spoke to her. She put down the bottle and cooler. She returned a few moments later with two tall thin glasses. She bowed and went away.

Tommy picked up the bottle and twisted the wire retainer at the top of the bottle and uncorked the champagne, carefully pouring it into the glasses. He replaced the bottle in the cooler. He handed one of the partially filled glasses to James.

"To friends!" he lifted his glass. The glasses touched and they sipped the sparkling wine. They chatted while their meal was being prepared.

Throughout the remainder of the meal, the woman brought plates and bowls, and kettles and more bowls, each filled with a different delicacy; chicken, beef, pork, and seafood, of several kinds. Each was combined with vegetables and sauces. After all the food was tasted, and they sat hoping that it was finished, she brought more hot tea and the glasses filled with hot Saki.

They sipped the hot wine, and smoked cigarettes while they chatted. The hostess brought the check and it lay forgotten until they were ready to leave.

"I'll check it for you, so you are not cheated," Tommy said and looked at the items, adding them carefully. "It's okay," he said and handed it to James.

"Do I dare to look?" James asked.

"I tell you it expensive," Tommy smiled.

"It was very good," James said picking it up. It was four thousand yen, just over eleven dollars.

"See! I say very expensive!" Tommy said laughing.

"How much tip?" James asked.

"No tip here," Tommy explained. "They be insulted. They own place. No tip."

"Very well," James said, and he put four one thousand yen notes on the table with the bill.

Outside once again, Tommy led the way.

"Thank you very much, Jamesan. It was very good dinner."

"You are most welcome, Tommy," James replied. The crowd was thinning, as the hour was late. The walked back in the direction from which they had come.

"Tommy?" he asked, "Is there a place to dance?"

"Yes, but it is far. Better we go tomorrow, okay?"

Tommy answered, "If you want drink, we can stop nearby my house."

"No. I've had enough to drink for tonight, unless you want some?"

"Oh no, no more drink, I not walk too good already, see?" Tommy pretended to stagger.

"Let's just walk then, okay?" James suggested with a grin.

"Good, I like to walk with you. Friends see I have good friend, handsome American."

James frowned and asked, "They don't think you're bad to be good friends with an American man?"

"Ohhh no, Jamesan, they think you are very rich American, because they knew I very expensive to be your friend."

James did not think he approved of Tommy's logic, but he really did not care what anyone in town thought. It was unlikely that anyone from the base would see him; even if they did, he could just tell them that Tommy was taking him to his sister. That was perfectly acceptable, as long as he did not get VD from the sister. He also disapproved of that bit of logic, but such was life. It wasn't always logical, or moral, and often neither.

To be continued

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