Let The World Go By

By Richard

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Part Three

Fire In Winter

Chapter 4

It was Friday morning, the day of their departure. The sky was gray, the air damp and cold. Everything was being moved to the waiting areas for departure. The many crates and boxes had been relabeled and the lists checked to ensure that their correct disposition upon arrival at Great Falls.

The planes began arriving a one o'clock that afternoon. The tedious job of loading the crates and boxes began. It began to rain, and as the afternoon wore on, the temperature began to drop. By six it was snowing heavily.

At twenty hundred hours (eight o'clock), the appointed time, the last of the cargo bay doors closed, and the men began boarding the planes. Their names were checked off on the manifest lists. As the last man boarded, the passenger doors closed, the giant C124s began rumbling their way down the snow covered runways. With the slush and snow, and with snow still falling, they needed every foot of the almost two mile long runways to lift themselves from the ground and disappeared into the darkness.

The planes flew south-southeast headed for Wake Island to make their first refueling stop. It was two-thirty in the morning, Misawa time, when the first of the planes landed on Wake's short one-mile runway. It was five in the morning when James' plane landed. By the time it was refueled and ready for takeoff again it was eight o'clock. The sun was already hot as the plane roared down the airstrip and lumbered its way skyward.

Hawaii was the next stop on the trip. Although it had been ten o'clock in the evening on Friday when James left Japan, it was one o'clock in the afternoon on Friday when he arrived in Hawaii. And it would be early Saturday afternoon before he landed in Great Falls.


The trip had been long, and everyone soon found they way to their beds. They were glad that it was over. Their lives could begin again in familiar surroundings. Of course, those most anxious to be back were those whose wives and children were waiting for them. For the rest, their return to the base was only one more stop on a journey that would only end when they were discharged from the Air Force. This was how James felt. He wondered if it would every end, as he drifted off to sleep that November afternoon, the bright sunlight streaming through the window, warming his face as he lay fully clothed on top of his bunk.

Winter descended upon the Great Plains of Montana with a vengeance. The heavy snow, howling winds, and the bone chilling cold. James had always lived in cold climates, but he never had experienced weather more severe than this was. Working out in the open made it seem worse. There were many days that they did little more than trudge through the snowdrifts to the large hanger where their offices were located, only to find that there was nothing to do when they got there, but read manuals.

Gradually winter was replaced by the less tedious spring weather. There were more flying days, and fewer days of reading.

James woke one Saturday morning with a start. It was April now, and the weather had turned warm. He headed for the bathroom and showers. The move to the new living quarters had been accomplished during the winter, on one of the days when they only could read. The new buildings were a vast improvement over the old ones. They were modern, with three-man rooms instead of open bays. He shared a room with two other men from his squadron; Gerald and Larry. Both were still asleep when he left.

He hung his towel on the hook outside the shower. There was a shower spraying next to his. With the new barracks there was no need to caution the other users that water was about to be turned on or off. James stepped into the hot spray and began soaping. He shampooed and felt exhilarated when he finished. He stepped out to see Jack James drying himself; he had stepped out moments before him from the shower next to his.

Jack was a younger member of the squadron, and worked as a crew chief. He was a rather boisterous type, and ex-high-school football player. He was always pretending that he was going out for a pass. Normally James avoided this type of personality. But Jack somehow was lovable in spite of his tendency to drink too much when the weekends came.

Jack's body was stocky, and lost much if its muscle tone from lack of real exercise, and the many beers, which he drank, almost daily. But he was still young enough so that it didn't really matter. He was hung well enough, James thought, as he watched him drying off. James had never given him a thought, sexually before. Jack was always talking about some girl back home that he was in love with, and with whom he had been sleeping since high school.

"Morning, Jack," James said.

"Hi there, James," Jack answered.

"You going into town today?" James asked.

"Yeah, I guess so," Jack answered looking admiringly at James who had just turned away and bent over to dry his feet.

"You need a lift into town?"

"Yeah, I could sure use one," James said without looking up.

So could I, Jack thought rubbing himself erotically, but said, "I'm leaving about one. Just stop over to my room then."

"Thanks, Jack," James said, "I appreciate it."

"See you then," Jack said wrapping his towel about his waist to cover his nearly erect cock.

I'll be there, James smiled to himself, I wouldn't miss it for the world!

James wanted get into town to see a movie that was playing that afternoon. Gerald wasn't interested much in movies, and Larry had already seen it. He dried off and went back to his room.

He greeted the two late sleepers, who had since awakened. Larry was still in bed but lay with his hands behind his head watching Gerald who was padding about the room putting a record on his turntable. He had the best collection of music in the squadron, nearly five hundred disks, as he called them.

James' taste in music was varied, like the collection, so he enjoyed most anything he put on. Larry on the other hand liked mostly country, and that was what Gerald had put on the player.

James pulled on a pair of blue jeans that he had bought after they returned from Japan. They were finally beginning to feel comfortable after two months of washing. With a gray sweatshirt and tennis shoes, he was dressed.

"I'm going to the mailroom, want me to get yours?" he asked, as he was about to leave.

"Sure," they answered in unison.

"Okay," he returned and closed the door behind him. The short walk to the mailroom took just a minute or so. Gerald had one letter, it looked like a bill. Larry had two pieces of mail, a letter and a bill. James had but one letter, and when he saw the handwriting, he knew it was from Tommy.

""Dear Jamesan," It began, "You'll never guess where I'll be by the time you get this! Five weeks ago Mischa sent me letter, say to get passport and papers. He say, fly to London to meet him. I leave today.."

"His ship arrive tonight. He like his new job very much. I hope you are well. I wish you could be with us. I miss you very much. It be great to see you again."

""I must hurry to mail this. I write more soon. Love Tommy...."

How exciting, he thought. Tommy was right; he would have really like to have been there with Tommy to see Mischa's arrival. He read the letter over again, and then folded it to put with the other letters that he kept in a special place in his locker. His normal mail, he kept in his desk drawer at the end of the room where each of the three had a drawer and a place to sit and write, although not at the same time.

He got up and made his bed, then looking at his watch saw that it was time to meet Jack.

"See you guys later," he said as he left.

Jack's room was just three doors down the hall. Jack was just putting on his brown leather jacket when James entered the room after knocking.

"Ready?" Jack asked as he zipped it up.

"Yes," James answered. The drive into town was short, and Jack dropped James off at the theater located just one block off the main street at the end of the business district at the far end of town. He left a dollar bill on the seat, knowing that Jack would have refused it, if he had offered.

James didn't enjoy the movie as much as he thought that would. It did distract him while he was watching it, and he guessed that that would have to make it worth the price.

It was four-thirty when he had given up on anything else worth doing in town, and he walked to the bus stop to go back to the base. He had just taken a seat on the bench when a car horn sounded. He looked up and saw Jack's beat-up '45 Chevy.

"Hey, need a ride?"

"Sure do," James answered.

"Where you headed?" Jack asked with a laugh.

"Nowhere in particular," James responded truthfully.

"You know, I don't really feel like going back to the base just yet."

"What are you thinking?"

"Well," Jack paused. "I'd really like to get a massage."

"Is there a place here in town?" James asked. He had never heard of one, if there was.

"No, but I know a cheap hotel with lots of hot water." Jack said.

Sounds interesting, James thought but said, "Oh yeah?"

"Yeah, you want to try it," Jack asked quizzically.

"Sure, why not? You any good at it?" James asked, leaving plenty of room for interpretation.

"Yeah, I'm the best in town," Jack laughed as James climbed in beside him. Jack was playing the game too, he thought. Well, he mused, let's just see how good he really is!

Jack turned the car at the next corner and headed toward the edge of town where the hotel was located. Jack talked enthusiastically about this group of women he had seen walking along the street earlier. I'll bet, James smiled.

"You should have seen the one selling popcorn at the theater," James laughed, "Boobs for days!"


"Yeah!" James held his hands out in front of his chest.

They laughed.

"It'll cost us five a piece," Jack said. James handed him a ten. They went in and signed in and went up the stairs to the fourth floor. The indications of the quality of the hotel were everywhere. The floor creaked as they walked along the hallway; paint was peeling from numerous places on the wall, with many cracks in the plaster showing as well.

"You sure this place is safe?" James quipped.

"Oh, yeah," Jack answered, "They don't build 'em like this anymore."

"I should hope not!" James laughed.

Once inside the room, Jack went to the bathroom and started the water running in the tub. When the water was hot and steamy, he put the stopper in the drain and slowed the flow until it was just barely beyond a drip. Then he closed the door.

He took off his jacket, and produced a half-pint bottle of gin.

"Want some?" he asked.

James started to say no, but changed his mind, "Sure." James opened the bottle and held it up to his lips. Just the smell of it made his stomach turn. But, he took a small amount and swallowed. It was awful, and burned as it went down, but he managed not to choke on it.

"It's good isn't it?" Jack asked with a smile.

"Not too bad," James lied.

Jack took a big swallow, "Well, here's to us!" He grimaced, shook his head, and took a deep breath.

Jack began taking off his clothes. He hung them up on a hook on the closet door. James followed his lead. He was beginning to feel the effects of the alcohol.

"Ready?" Jack asked tossing his shorts on the bed.

"Ready!" James replied.

Jack opened the door to the bathroom and they went inside.

A cloud of steam escaped as the door opened and closed, but with the amount of water now in the tub, it quickly rebuilt itself. Jack sat on the closed toilet while James perched himself on the edge of the tub.

"This is great," James said giggling, "Who'd a thunk it?"

"Yeah, it works, and that's what counts!" Jack laughed, the booze was working, James thought.

They stayed in the room twenty minutes, and then Jack suggested that he had already had enough.

"Let's cool off a bit."

They went back to the bedroom and shut the door to the bathroom, once again letting the steam build up.

Jack pulled back the bed covers and flopped down on the bed face down.

"Shall I massage you now," James asked.

"Yeah," Jack sighed, "That would be good."

James knew that Jack had some oil or lotion somewhere, so he asked, "Where's the oil?"

"Oh, it's in my jacket." James felt in the pockets until he found the small bottle of oil he was looking for. He climbed onto the bed and knelt between Jack's legs. He began working on Jack's neck and shoulders, warming the oil with his hands before putting it liberally on the lightly tanned skin. Jack's sighs and moans let him know that he was doing it right. He found the muscles firm but now covered with a new layer of fat. He worked his way down to Jack's waist, and then moved back on the bed and started with the feet and toes. Gradually he worked his way back up the calves and thighs, and finally did the firm ass muscles. He kneaded the insides of his legs firmly, but lightly creating the sensuous tingling effect he desired. Jack's balls lay just in sight, but he avoided touching them directly, only occasionally brushing them lightly with the back of his hands.

When he stopped, he slapped Jack lightly on the butt and said, "Now roll over."

Jack moaned, but raised himself up and lay on his back. "You're real good," Jack said looking up at James.

"Thanks," James smiled, "I try." Jack lay in the middle of the bed, and as James moved into position to begin again, Jack closed his eyes. James knelt beside him on the bed and began with the face and neck. He could feel Jack relax as he worked the muscles lightly.

Gradually James' hand worked their way down to the chest and stomach. He used a slightly firmer touch, and got the approving moans and sighs. He was glad that Jack's eyes were closed, as he was beginning to get excited from the sensations of touching Jack's body. Jack was likewise reacting to his touch. The long, thick cock lay between his legs, nestled over the heavy balls, was fully engorged, a pretty sight, James thought as he skipped to Jack's feet once again. Slowly and sensuously he worked each muscle and soon was back to the upper thighs. As James' skillful hands and fingers neared Jack's groin, the cock began to rise slowly from its resting place. Finally as James continued it raised itself fully and then relaxed partially against Jack's stomach.

James then straddled Jack's chest and began working on Jack's arms and hands. When James finished the first one, laying it across Jack's chest in front of him and picking up the other one, Jack's hand came to rest on James' thickening cock.

Without opening his eyes, Jack's finger moved about touching and feeling, causing James' cock to react by rising fully.

"I'm glad you're feeling the same way as I do," Jack said still with his eyes closed. He stroked James' eager cock slowly. Then as James finished the other arm and let it lie back on his chest, Jack reached up with both hands and pulled James down to him.

"Kiss me?" Jack asked. James did as requested. He felt Jack's tongue beginning to explore inside his mouth as his lips parted.

Jack's hands were clinging to James' back and waist.

"Sit up, let me suck you," Jack said opening his eyes and looking at James. He released his grip and James straightened up, moving up on Jack's chest until his cock touched Jack's lips. Jack opened his mouth wide, and pulled the stiff cock fully into his mouth. James moved a little further up allowing more of his cock to be pulled into Jack's eager mouth and throat. He relaxed slightly to permit Jack to take it all.

James held back and managed to stay far enough from climax to enjoy the sensations, and to allow Jack to explore all of his delicious cock. When finally he felt he could no longer restrain himself, he pulled back from Jack's eager lips.

"How about my massage?" James asked.

"Sure," Jack said. They traded positions, and James lay on his face as Jack begin his technique. Since there was no need to pretend that it was just a massage, Jack employed every movement of finger and hand to excite James' firm body. As he moved further down James body, he dragged his fingertips lightly across James' back creating an excitement deep within him.

Jack's skillful hands worked James' feet and legs, and returned to knead and pummel his buttocks deftly.

"Roll over," Jack said as he slapped James' ass lightly.

James complied. Jack sat on is chest and began to work on James' face and neck. James opened his eyes and saw that Jack was still fully erect. It was thicker than his own and nearly as long. And it was uncircumcised with a generous amount of skin through which the glans could move.

Jack stopped massaging, and pushed the stiff cock downward toward James' mouth. James opened wide and pulled Jack toward him, swallowing the hot flesh. He massaged Jack's butt as he pulled him deeply into his throat.

"I want to fuck you, James," he said wistfully.

"I was hoping you would," James replied.

"Front or back?" Jack asked.

"Front," James answered, remembering Hobbie's warning. Jack covered his cock with the oil and then reached down and smeared some more of the oil between James' cheeks. Then he lifted James' legs placing them on his shoulders. Slowly he played the head of his cock on James' ass, allowing James to relax and prepare for oncoming assault. The massage and foreplay had relaxed James sufficiently to allow the thick cock to slide easily into his opening, which caused Jack to gasp. He nearly climaxed immediately. Totally excited, he bit down on his lips hard and squeezed hard with is ass muscles, and avoided the untimely event. Then as the urge subsided, he began the slow easy motion. As he once again came close, he began pulling himself completely out and then forcing his way back in again.

James sighed and moaned. Only with someone with a goodly amount of foreskin and control, would he allow such a maneuver. The irritation later otherwise was too much.

Finally Jack could control it no longer and erupted with torrents of sperm laden fluid thrusting deeply with each spurt. At last he collapsed on James' chest, still hard and still pulsing, although nothing more came. James squeezed tightly with his ass and felt the reaction deep within him. Jack moaned quietly as he lay motionless for several minutes.

When he at last withdrew, he looked down at James and said, "I want you to fuck me too."

James nodded.

"I'll have to wait a bit before I can relax enough for that though," Jack said lying back on the bed close to James. They lay quietly for half an hour.

"More steam?" Jack asked sitting up.

"Yeah, sounds good," James sat up too and then followed Jack into the clouded bathroom.

Jack turned off the water, and they sat in the quiet white vapor for nearly fifteen minutes before Jack finally said, "I'm ready now."

They dried off with the meager white towels. Jack lay down on the bed on his back.

"Let me suck you to get your cock up and ready," he said.

James knelt over him and Jack began massaging the flaccid cock. Slowly it responded engorging and stiffened as Jack's lips caressed it.

"It's ready," Jack said grabbing it with his hand and stroking it slowly. "Use lots of oil," he said.

James smoothed on a generous amount of oil to his aching tool. Then lifting Jack's bent legs to his chest, he applied more oil to Jack's eager ass. When he felt the opening begin to relax he pushed his finger slowly inside. Jack moaned with pleasure as James explored the dark cavity, probing gently against the hard prostrate inside.

Jack relaxed more as James continued his exploration with one hand for several minutes, while stroking his anxious cock with the other. As Jack's sighs became more insistent, he removed his fingers and grasped his own cock and pushed slowly burying it deeply inside Jack's ass. When he was fully inside he reached down and began stroking Jack's limp cock. It began to respond and then James began trusting slowly back and forth.

Jack's eyes closed and he moaned, "Fuck me hard!" James stepped up his motion, thrusting hard, his balls slapping the back of Jack's ass.

He timed the motion of his cock with those of his hand on Jack's hard cock, bringing Jack once again to the brink. When he was about ready to explode, James leaned over and with some difficulty pulled Jack's cock into his mouth as it erupted for a second time. As James felt the warm fluid spurt into his mouth, he thrust deeply sending a river of his own inside. Jack moaned in delight as James continued thrusting and swallowing.

James sagged down on Jack's chest as he felt his energy leave him. They lay quietly, but breathing heavily for some time.


It was dark outside when they had finished dressing. They were both hungry, and Jack suggested the Italian restaurant called Gina's. James agreed.

"I guess that I don't have to tell you to keep this quiet," Jack said as they left the hotel.

"Of course not," James smiled.

"I really enjoyed it. I don't do it very often. But I enjoy it when I do."

"I'm glad. I had a great time too."

"I've been wanting to do it with you for a long time," Jack said. "But I wasn't sure how you would react until I saw you this morning. And when you bent over like that in the shower, I was sure you were okay."

"I'm glad you noticed," James smiled again.

To be continued

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