Let The World Go By

By Richard

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Part Three

Fire In Winter

Chapter 5

Winter completely vanished as spring blew in from the west bringing the warms days, and the valleys began to green. The mountain streams flowed slowly at first, increased to torrents as the snow melted, and decreased to become babbling brooks as their levels decreased to normal once again.

James was glad when he once again received a letter with Tommy's now familiar handwriting.

"Dearest Jamesan. We're in New York now. It is very exciting. Mischa arranged for me to work this one trip. I be flying back to Tokyo next week after he sails to London.

"We are arranging my flight back to stop to visit you on the way. You don't know how remote (notice word- Mischa tell me) you are. I call before I leave New York.

"It was exciting trip, but I must hurry back to Papasan. I hope he is all right.

"Mischa wanted me to live in Poland with him, but I can not leave Papasan by himself. Maybe someday soon, I will join him, when Papasan is gone.

"You take care, GI, I see you soon. Love always, Tommy."

James beamed as he put the letter away. He returned to his bunk and lay down and closed his eyes. He tried to visualize how Tommy looked: his smile, his soft silky hair, his small lean body. A tear traced down his cheek and he slept.


It was Wednesday before he got the call from New York he had been waiting for. It had been arranged; Tommy would arrive on Thursday morning and would stay until Sunday night. James arranged for a three-day pass for the weekend. He went to the communications officer's office and explained to him that he might be a little late the next morning. There would be no problem. Then he phoned the Rainbow Hotel, and made reservations.

After work, he went to Jack's room. He had asked Jack about using his car, when he found out that Tommy was coming. Jack had agreed.

"It's all set, Tommy's coming tomorrow," James said.

"Oh, that's a shame," Jack frowned, "The car's busted."

"Ohhh! Damn!" James said. "Well, I guess...."

"Hey! No, I was only kidding!" Jack laughed before James could finish.

"You bastard," James cuffed him on the shoulder.

"Here are the keys, and it's got gas in it too." Jack chuckled again. James and Jack had become good friends after their one meeting, and although it had not occurred again in the month that had elapsed, James was sure that Jack would want to again.

"Have to good time," Jack said.

"Thanks, you're a real buddy."

James had told him about Tommy and Mischa, and Jack felt badly that they weren't able to be together. And with James' pending marriage the next year, it looked like it might never be possible. It certainly wouldn't work as long as he was in the military, it just couldn't be arranged. But Tommy was now with Mischa, and James felt no ill will toward them for that.

Jack and James chatted awhile before going to dinner together at the mess hall. James went to his room when they returned and began preparing for the next day, and the weekend.

His alarm went off at five in the morning, which was very early. He quickly turned it off so that it wouldn't wake the others. Jerry mumbled something, but did not wake. And Larry never stirred, one had to literally dump him on the floor to wake him at any time other than his normal waking hour.

James hurried, got dressed, and then he left the barracks. The car roared in response to his turning the key, and James headed for the airport. Even with the light early morning traffic, it took forty-five minutes to cross-town to the airport. Located on a bluff outside the city, it was often covered with fog that rose from the river below. More than one aircraft had landed short of the runway and crashed into the bluff. The base commander, a bright promising officer, named Malmstrom, had done just that a year ago on a training mission.

He parked the car and walked to the waiting area. It was not foggy this morning, and he sat down to wait. The flight was shown on the board as being on time. He had fifteen minutes to wait. He lighted a cigarette and tried to relax.

The silver colored plane with the symbol of a duck painted on its tail finally appeared in the distance, and gradually lowered itself to the runway. Shortly thereafter, it rolled to a stop a short distance from the passenger service building. A stairway was pushed up to the plane, and a door just behind the wing opened, and passengers began descending the steps. One of them was Tommy, carrying a handbag in one hand and a clothes bag over the other shoulder.

James got up and walked to the area where they would be entering the building. He was all smiles, and Tommy's eyes lighted up when he saw James waiting for him.

"Hello!" They both said at the same time.

James took his bags from him, and hugged him. They didn't kiss, but it didn't matter. The warmth of the hug was enough for now.

James drove the old Chevy carefully back to the city. He pulled up to the hotel and parked just beyond the entrance, at a meter. It was early, and it didn't need to be fed. Once inside Tommy's room, they hugged again, this time they kissed. When they parted, James saw the tears in Tommy's eyes.

"What's the matter, Tommysan?" he asked.

"Oh, Jamesan, I miss you so!" He began to cry.

"I know," James said, "I know. I missed you too, Tommy. But you're here now. And we're going to have great time this weekend."

"I sorry, Jamesan. I no want to cry. Mischa told me no cry." Tommy tried to smile.

"I know," James said again. "It's not easy to choose. And if it were anyone but Mischa, I would not have let you go."

"You do understand," Tommy said. "I love you both. I can no live with both." He dried his eyes.

"I love you very much, just for caring how I feel. But we don't always get what we want. And as long as he's good to you, Mischa and I will be friends too. And you and I can be friends too."

"You'll always be best friend," Tommy smiled, "Number One!"

"Come here, Little Number One," James said, "Kiss me!"

"I here." They kissed once again.

"Now, I have to go to work. You can sleep, if you want. If you get hungry, the dining room downstairs is fine. I'll be back for dinner this evening at six."

"Okay, Joe," Tommy smiled. "I be okay."

James left and drove back to the base, arriving just as most of the men were going to breakfast. He joined them and hurriedly changed clothes for work.


The day dragged as they had little to do. And at four-thirty when the day was over, James hurried back to the barracks to get ready for the evening. Jack was going with him and had even offered to buy dinner. He was eager to meet Tommy.

Jack drove the car to the hotel and waited in the car while James went up to get Tommy. When they returned, Tommy climbed in the middle and James sat beside him. After the introductions, Jack drove the car to the highway once again. They crossed the bridge leading to the little village of Black Dog where the copper smelting plant was located. It was there that the La Casa Loma was situated. Both the outside and inside was styled as an adobe dwelling with rough white plaster and dark beams.

The menu was extensive, filled with various Mexican-American dishes that had become popular in the area. Tommy had never eaten anything like any of these dishes before, so between the two of them, James and Jack selected the Combination for him.

They ordered Margaritas which when they arrived puzzled Tommy. The ring of salt caused him to wrinkle his nose, but when he tasted the slushy mixture changed to a smile.

"Is very good!" he said.

"You have to be careful of these," Jack explained. "They sneak up on you."

Tommy looked at James, puzzled by the idiom. James and Jack laughed as they tried in vain to explain it to him. The food arrived and the sight delighted Tommy and aroma of the platter placed in front of him. The plates were large and covered with food.

"Ahhh!" Tommy exclaimed, as he tasted the first item. "It spicy!"

"Oh, yes, but very good." James said. They laughed and talked as they ate their dinners.

Tommy was excited by every new taste that he found. But when his plate was still one third covered with food he said, "I can eat no more! Too much food!"

They all laughed. Mexican coffee was served last, and they sipped dark rich brew slowly as they relaxed after the filling meal.

It was ten-fifteen when they drove back across the river and into the city. They dropped Jack off at his favorite bar, and headed for the hotel.


Sunday evening came quickly, and when Tommy had finished packing most of his things once again, his eyes were filled with sadness.

"I hate to leave you, Jamesan," he said. "I sorry I hurt you too much."

"Don't be sad, Tommy," James said. "I'm glad that you were able to visit me. Mischa is a good man, and I know that he loves you very much. I'm glad that you and he are best friends."

Tommy hugged him tightly, and James' eyes misted too as they stood together feeling the warmth of their bodies close together, for perhaps the last time.

"Thank you, Jamesan. But you," he couldn't finish. One couldn't help but love Tommy. He was all that anyone could want in a lover. He wondered if he had find that same kind of love with Elaine, he doubted it, but was resigned to try none-the-less.

"It's time, Tommy," James said finally.

"I guess."

James carried the bags to the car with Tommy following. The drive to the airport was silent. They had said their goodbye before leaving the room, and there was nothing more to say. Tommy sat with his hand on James' leg as they drove. Every time he looked at James he felt sad, and had to look away to keep from breaking down again.

James, Tommy thought, Will find someone, someday. I hope it not too long!

To be continued

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