Let The World Go By

By Richard

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Part Three

Fire In Winter

Chapter 9

It was snowing heavily again for the third time that week. It was early to have so much snow, especially since it was just the week before Christmas. James had finished work late. To save money and gas, and since he lived so close to where he worked, he had started walking to and from his apartment. But tonight he wished that he had driven, even though he knew it was bad for the car to drive it such a short distance in cold weather.

He was cold and wet when he finally went to the building and down the stairs to his apartment. Inside he hung up his coat and took off his shoes. He felt the cold floor through his socks and carpeting which covered the concrete slab on which the building rested. It was always cold, he thought as he quickly put on his slippers.

He heated up the leftover hot dish he had made the night before. With only one person to eat it, it took nearly a week to finish it.

He turned on the radio and turned in the news station, while he waited for his dinner to heat in the oven. He listened for a while and heard nothing of particular interest, except that the snow would be letting up in the morning and clearing totally by late afternoon. James changed the station to one that played all music.

After dinner he checked his wallet — less than five dollars. He was glad that tomorrow was payday. He remembered that the car had a full tank of gas, which he had put on his charge card on Monday. He could go downtown and have one; maybe two drinks if he cared to.

He got up and peered out the living-room window. The snowing had let up a little. Why not? he thought, Just for a little while. He brushed his teeth and combed his hair, which he noted was beginning to look a little shaggy. After splashing on some cologne, he slipped on his shoes and pulled on his heavy coat. Then turning off the lights and radio, he locked the door behind him as he left.

He opened the car and took out the broom that he kept in the back seat, and swept off the snow that had accumulated since Monday when he last drove the car. There were almost thirteen inches piled up on it. Next it was the shovel from the trunk, after putting the broom back and starting the car. He probably could have backed right through the snow, he thought, but why take a chance.

The normal fifteen-minute drive into the city from where he lived, took him forty minutes tonight. Usually that would have upset him, but tonight he wasn't really in a hurry anyway. However, since it was nearly ten o'clock by the time he reached his destination, he had to walk three blocks from where he parked to the bar. After all these years, he thought, The Happy Hour was still the best place to meet people and have a good time.

James hadn't been to the bar in over a week. He had started going there regularly once he had gotten settled in. He drank his drinks slowly, and found that he would spend less money there than if he went to a movie, or most anything else for that matter. He had been to the Baths a few times, but most often, he was disappointed, and it was expensive too, especially at night.

He was beginning to get to know some of the regulars in the bar, and who was likely to buy drink in return when you bought them one. He didn't mind someone trying to hustle him for sex, he dealt with that easily, and he never bought sex. If the conversation were interesting, he would buy them a drink or two, even though he had no intention of having sex with them. But the people he tried to avoid were those who let you buy them drinks, and stand and talk with you as long as you paid for the drinks, Conversation Hustlers, they were called. After he had been coming there for a while, both kinds avoided him, especially the ones who only wanted to talk. The others would stop and talk, if business was slow, or they weren't especially interested in working anyway.

"Hello, James!" called Henry.

"Hi, how are you doing?" James called back.

"Just fine," Henry answered. Henry was one of the few people that James had met while he was still married, in fact they'd worked at the same company for a while. Once they had sex, but neither wanted anything permanent then. And now, James found him interesting to talk to, but not interesting in bed.

James stood in the doorway between The Hour and The Nineties, taking a peek at the show on stage, and then moved on into the rest room. Although James always stopped watched for a moment or two, he never lingered, and so Eddie, the bouncer never bothered him with his deep voiced, "Move on, there!"

In the rest room, the usual activity was in full swing. Even though the Nineties was supposed to be a straight bar, many of the regulars there knew that if they played their cards right, they could get a quick blow job in one of the two closed stalls behind the urinals. Since a wall separated the two sections, only minimal precaution had to be taken to prevent discovery. Management paid the proper amount to the proper people, and avoided problems with the policeman on the street. Occasionally they were come in and have a look around, just to make it look good, but Eddie always knew when they were coming, and kept traffic moving in the rest-room when they were due.

James stood at the urinal for a while, checking out the people who came and went. After the third man left, James left too. None of them was even interesting looking, and only the last one had enough cock to excuse a second look.

Returning to the bar, James stood along the wall watching the crowd. The jukebox was blaring, with dim and lights and the crowd, it seemed to be chaos. He wondered why he bothered to come in. He sank into a kind of level of concentration that blocked out the noise and hubbub. It was if he were watching a silent movie and he could select the portions of it that he wanted to hear and cut out the ones he didn't. All he had to do was look at a person, concentrate on him, and the voices in that area would come on, when he relaxed his concentration, they went away again.

It was eleven o'clock when he looked at his watch. He was about to leave when he saw someone coming in, whom he hadn't noticed before. He quickly turned on the sound in that area of the room.

"Hello, Jimmy," the stranger called to the bartender.

"Hi there, David!" Jimmy called back. "How was the vacation?"

"Great! How've things been?" David asked.

"Same as always! The usual?" Jimmy asked.

"Yeah," David answered.

"You were gone a long time. What was it, two months?"

"Almost!" David put his money on the bar in front of him.

"Here you go!" Jimmy said setting the drink on a napkin.

"Thanks, Jimmy. How's Bill?" David asked.

"Fine. He was out last week, but he's up and about again. His back, you know."

"Yeah," David to a sip of his drink and moved on through the crowd.

James kept David tuned in, and watched him as he pushed his way through the crowd. He would stop and chat a moment with someone and then move on. At last he moved in James' direction.

As he passed directly in front of him, James said just loud enough for him to hear, "Hello, David!"

"Hello!" David answered, but he didn't stop, although he did take a quick look at the face as he passed.

James continued to watch, he knew that David didn't know him, but he didn't say anything more to him. James knew that if he were right about him, David would be back. That kind of person can't bear the thought of someone knowing who he was, and not knowing who the person was.

As David passed further off, James turned off the sound again and looked around the room. David stopped at the far end of the bar and leaned over and spoke to the bartender. The bartender looked to where James was standing.

"Him? Oh, I don't know anything about him, except his first name. He's James. Keeps to himself far as I know."

The bartender was, as most was, a wealth of information, more or less accurate, depending upon the customer they were talking to. The better tippers got the better information.

"James, huh?" David said.

"Yeah, I think he's new in town. Must be, 'cause I haven't seen him in here except for the last two months."

"Thanks," David said, and walked away. He stood watching James, who was no longer watching him. He couldn't place either the face or the name. He went to the rest room and when he returned he walked over to where James was still standing.

"Hello again. It's James isn't it?" he asked.

"That's right, David," James answered smiling.

"How are you doing?"

"Just fine," James said, allowing the twinkle in his eye to sparkle brightly, "Just fine."

"I've been racking my brain, and for the life of me, I can't recall where we met?" David was furious with himself. He prided himself on remembering faces and names.

"It was right here," James said truthfully, then asked. "May I buy you a drink?"

"Sure. Hey no! Let me buy," David insisted.

"Screw," James said.

"What?" David asked.

"My drink, a screwdriver." James smiled.

"Oh, yeah. I must be cracking up." David hurried off to the bar.

When he returned, he said, "It must have been at my birthday just before I left on vacation."

"Thank you," James said, "It must have been."

"I was really bombed that night," David apologized. James watched David carefully. He wasn't the kind person he was usually attracted to. There was something about him, that something special sign on in his mind.

David was a couple of inches shorter than James, but about the same weight, and his hair was darker by several shades. He wore glasses with clear plastic frames. He cheeks were rosy, and his eyes sparkled when he smiled.

"That was probably the reason," James said.

"So what's up tonight, James?" David asked, still puzzled. Somehow he didn't think that he would forget meeting someone like James, even if he were bombed.

"Nothing much, just checking out the action," James answered coolly.

"See anything interest here so far?"

"Just one so far," James set up the trap.

"Yeah, where's he at?" David asked looking around.

"Look just across the bar from me," James answered.

David looked and laughed when he saw himself in the mirror. He turned back and smiled.

"I like you, James, you're something special!" He laughed. He didn't enjoy being taken in like that, but with James, it somehow was different. James knew what he liked, and knew how to get the attention he wanted.

"Thanks, I like the way you look too," James answered smiling as he sipped his drink.

"Let's sit a while." David pointed to an empty booth, and they walked back and sat down.

"Here," David said, "You sit on the inside. If we both sit on the same side, we won't have to shout, it kinda noisy back here."

"Okay," James slid to the inside of the bench-seat of the booth, and David sat down beside him. He turned slightly so he was facing David.

"You know, James," David said, "You really got me going you know that, don't you?"

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that to you. But I figured it was right just for you."

"You're right there too," David laughed, "I don't usually get taken like that.

"I'm used to doing the picking," David said. "I guess I just get nervous if I think someone's trying to pick me up."

"I sort of feel the same way." James wasn't sure how relaxed he should be with David.

"I like you, James," David leaned over and kissed him, then with his right hand reached down and explored James' crotch, and added, "I like what I feel down here too."

"What's not to like? I haven't found any that I didn't like," James said and added, "If I liked the rest of the person."

"You've got that right," David laughed. "You ready for another?"

"No, thanks, I've still got half."

"Stay put, I've got to get another," David said and added, "Please?"

"I'll be here," James smiled.

David hurried off to get another Brandy-Seven. James was as David chatted with several people standing at the bar. He certainly was popular. He wondered why. It'll take some doing to find out too, he thought, I'll bet it's not really that obvious.

"Sorry it took so long," David apologized. "But I just got back, and everybody wants to know how the trip was."

"So where did you go on your trip?" James asked as he offered David a cigarette.

"Thanks," said David taking the cigarette and accepting a light. "Well, first I flew to San Francisco, stayed there for two weeks, and then went on to the Islands for six weeks, then back to California, and then home."

"You did have a good time, I take it?"

"You should have been there," David laughed, "You can't imagine San Francisco! It's wall-to-wall guys! And I mean hunks!"

"Sounds like you enjoyed yourself," James smiled.

"I'm still a little sore, if you know what I mean?"

"I can guess. How were the Islands?"

"The weather was perfect, the sun and the sand and the water."

"You look like you have a nice tan. Although it's a little too dark in here to really tell."

"Yeah, I really did, and it's an all-over tan too. I stayed with some friends who had a very private pool," David winked.

"Sounds nice."

"I took a lot of picture both places. Two of the rolls I had developed in San Francisco."

"Oh, that kind!" James mussed.

"Yeah, and you should see them! Wow!" David laughed.

"Makes me hot just thinking about them." He took James' hand and put it in his lap, "See?"

"Uh-huh!" James felt the growing bulge. "At least you didn't wear it completely out on your trip."

"I hope it never does!"

"So do I," James said. They looked at each other. Neither could decide who was going to make the invitation. James felt it was up to David, since he had said that it was his preference. And David felt that James should, since he actually made the contact.

James looked at his watch; it was a little after midnight.

"Shall we go?" he said looking at David.

"Why not? My place or your?" David answered smiling back at James.

"Yours," James opted and added, "That way I can get to see your pictures."

"Okay, my place it is then," David agreed.

They slid out of the booth and put on their coats. Outside the door they stopped. They agreed that they both should drive, that way James could go work directly from David's place in the morning. They walked to James' car, since it was the closest.

Then James drove to David's car parked another two blocks down the street. David climbed out and got into his car, and then James followed as David drove to his apartment.

It was a brick-fronted bungalow and David motioned for James to park behind him, as he had to leave the other side clear for his roommate's car. He owned the house.

David unlocked the door and stepped inside. He took off his shoes, and James did likewise. They went up the stairs to his room.

"This," David said with a wave of his arms, "Is my humble abode."

"Very nice," James said looking around.

"Actually, the only thing that's mine is the radio. Walt furnished the room when I moved in," and then added when he saw the expression on James' face, "We're just friends. Really good friends, and that's all."

"I'm convinced!" James said throwing up his hands in a gesture of surrender.

"Can I get you something to drink?" David asked.

"No, thanks," James said, "I've had plenty."

"Take your coat off, and make yourself comfortable," he said. He disappeared down the stairs to fix himself another drink.

James took off his coat and hung it over a hook on the closet door that was standing ajar. He looked around trying to judge the person who occupied the room. There were a few paperbacks on the bookshelf, mysteries and science fictions. The magazines on the table were news types, and a bodybuilder magazine. A couple of nondescript prints hung on the wall that completed the furnishings.

"Here we go!" David returned and handed James a tall glass.

"A screw?" James asked smiling.

"Yeah, a screw!"

They touched their glasses, "To Life!" David said. They each took a sip of their drinks.

"I hate to drink alone," David said as he closed the door to the room. He turned on the radio and adjusted the volume. Soft music floated it seemed, from nowhere.

David put his drink down and walked over to where James was standing. He unbuttoned James' shirt slowly while looking intently into his eyes. He eased the shirt back off James' shoulders and down his arms, slipping it completely off. He draped it across the nearby chair. Then with equal slowness and ease he removed James' tee shirt and placed it with the first shirt.

David pulled James close to him and kissed him gently at first, and then with more vigor. James opened his mouth and allowed David's tongue to explore it. James responded by undressing David as they stood together. When at last the clothes were gone David stood back. His tan was complete, James thought, only his face and neck were slightly darker than the rest.

David looked at James standing before him. His pale white skin was smooth and virtually without hair. It reminded him of a white marble sculpture. James penis hung fully enlarged, but slack between his thighs. David sat down on the bed and took is fully into his mouth. It responded to the warm sensation by becoming fully rigid.

James closed his eyes for a moment as David worshiped him with lips and mouth, his hands kneaded his butt. He finally pulled away from David's eager mouth.

"I've got to rest," James sighed, "Or it'll be all over too soon."

David sat up, his own cock bobbing before him, "You've got the most beautiful cock I've ever seen."

James sat down beside him and kissed him and force David onto his back. After the long lingering kiss, James began exploring David's body with his lips and fingertips.

His tongue swirled about the shaft and glans evoking moans of pleasure from deep within David's throat.

With an abruptness, which surprised David he climaxed with such force, that James was taken aback briefly. But with the skill that he had acquired over the years, he opened his throat and force his captive within it as the spurting fountain continued to erupt again and again.

"Ohhh," David groaned. "Ohhh!"

When the flow stopped James raised himself up from the still throbbing rod, and began to wash its every inch of surface with his tongue, causing David to shudder in ecstasy.

"Please, James," David said huskily, "You've got to stop. I can't stand anymore!"

James relaxed and lay down beside him. David pulled up the covers on the bed, and said, "I'll take care of this in a bit," he touched James' slightly slackened cock.


James woke with a start and found that David was still asleep. Carefully he got out of bed. He carefully opened the bedroom door and looked for the bathroom. He hurried down the hall and closed the door. When he returned, David was still sleeping. He peered out the frosted window. The snow had stopped for the moment, and a crescent moon tried in vain to peer through the clouds, but cast a faint glow on the clouds. He climbed back between the sheets and cuddled up next to David. For a long time he lay there listening to David's slow even breathing, and soft wind blowing outside as it whipped the freshly fallen snow into drifts.

To be continued

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