Let The World Go By

by: Richard

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Part One

The Early Years

Chapter 3

The summer ended all too quickly, and the opening of school classes resumed before anyone was ready. The pace of events was faster than anyone in the senior class could imagine. Their last year in school was rushing by. Few could help but regret the lost chances for remembering, least of all, Dirk Weston. He had always been a bit of a sentimentalist, and now he could barely stand the sense of loss he was beginning to feel, and the year had just begun. It had not affected many of his classmates as deeply as it had him. He berated himself for being such a baby.

His dark black hair tumbled across his pale face. He was not one for exposing himself to the burning sun. He burned if exposed for more than a few minutes, even his lips would blister. He resolved to remain white if that's what it took to look good. Those others, he vowed, could get tanned if they wanted, but not him; it was far too painful.

He stood on the front porch of his parents' home, a smallish, story and a half bungalow just barely a half block from the main street of Chesterville. It was still warm for September, and perspiration covered his slim frame that drenched his tee shirt and shorts. He had trotted around the block five times, and then taken a shower. He wasn't a fitness nut; he just liked to keep his body in shape. His running had begun as rehabilitation from a childhood injury that had cost him a year in school. If his mother were any indication of how he could become, he would do almost anything to prevent that.

Teddy Blacker appeared at the corner and waved. The Blackers lived in an apartment over one of the stores down town, in the same building where he father had his accounting offices. Teddy was three years younger than Dirk, and Teddy's older brother, Justin was only a year younger than Dirk and was in his class in school. That was how they came to be friends. Teddy had none of the arrogance of Justin, and all of the good looks and sensitivity. Over the years Dirk had come to realize that Justin's bearing came from his extreme sensitivity and loving nature, and from his attempt to hide it from his classmates. When he was alone with his few close friends, among whom Dirk counted himself, he found Justin was disposed toward friendliness and as plain and fun loving as anyone. He was brazen, almost brutally frank when threatened in crowds, whereas Teddy, on the other hand, was shy and withdrawing.

Teddy hurried up the steps and stood next to him.

"Have a good run?" he asked, looking for all the world like a puppy asking for a bone.

"Yeah," Dirk admitted, "but it was a bit too warm for that sort of thing today. I took a shower five minutes ago, and I need another already."

Teddy giggled, "Even I know better than that."

"I know, I know," Dirk admitted, "so do I, but I was so warm when I got back that I just needed to cool off a bit."

"Silly goose." Teddy teased.

Dirk reached out to cuff him, but Teddy arched his back and darted out of the way.

"What time's your mother get home?" Teddy asked standing just out of reach.

"You know," Dirk faked a scowl at him, "she's due here in fifteen minutes."

"Then we've got time," Teddy said shyly, "if you want to."

"Oh, Teddy, you're hopeless!" Dirk sounded exasperated, "It's way to warm for that."

"It's never too hot for that," he emphasized the word the same way the Dirk had, "at least, not for me."

"You're a regular bunny rabbit, Teddy, I swear. You'll do it anytime, anywhere." Dirk turned toward the door, "Come on in, if you want to, I'm going to get a drink."

Teddy followed his taller friend into the house. He was about the same build as Dirk, only several inches shorter. Their friendship had grown to something more several years ago, not that anyone ever suspected, at least no one who did, ever said anything. Dirk's good looks, talent, and good nature made him friends with many of the young people his own age, younger and older, as well. But Teddy remained his exclusive best friend.

"Want something?" Dirk asked pouring himself a glass of cold water into a glass filled with ice. He was aware immediately that he had given him an opening.

"Yeah!" Teddy said grinning at him, "You!" Teddy stepped close to him and put his arms around him.

"You heard me!" Dirk protested, "It's too warm!"

"I know, I know." Teddy relented, "Just a quick kiss, then. I'm so horny I could just die."

"I can see," Dirk teased, giving him a quick peck on the lips, "you've got a wet spot on your pants already."

Teddy backed up and looked down. He pushed down on the erection that threatened to tear through the fabric of his trousers.

"See what you do to me!" Teddy feigned dismay.

"You do it to yourself." Dirk feigned disgust and stepped away, "You rabbit you!" Teddy giggled and put his arms around him once again. They hugged a moment. This time it Teddy who pulled away, stroking Dirk's now hard cock as he retreated.

"I'd better get going," he said, "Mother's having dinner early tonight, some kind of meeting or other."

With that Teddy bounded for the door and down the front steps, leaving Dirk with his mouth open, for he was about to give in to Teddy's request to be intimate. He ran to the door just as Teddy was about to turn toward the street.

"Bye!" Teddy shouted.

"See you!" Dirk called after him. He waved from the top of the steps and watched as the slim figure ran and occasionally skipping down the street toward his home.

He pulled his wet tee shirt off revealing his lily-white complexion. Dirk was about to go inside when another familiar figure appeared hurrying passed Teddy.

It was Tyrone Keller, a classmate and neighbor, living just two doors down from Dirk's home. Tyrone was a handsome kid, and talented too. Music was his fortè: he played saxophone in the band, piano and organ, and could sing like no one else Dirk knew. Dirk was jealous of this talent, but tried not to let it show. He and Tyrone were friends of sorts, not to the extent that he and Teddy or Justin were friends, but friends none-the-less.

Tyrone slowed as he approached Dirk's place, and Dirk drifted down the sidewalk to greet him.

"Just coming from work?" Dirk asked.

"Yeah," Tyrone grinned. He liked Dirk, more than Dirk liked him. Dirk's white skin glistened in the early evening sun. The lines of sweat trailed down to his shorts that stilled bore the hint of an erection.

"You been running again?" Tyrone asked still grinning, and giving Dirk the up-and-down.

"Yeah," Dirk answered not embarrassed by his condition, for he realized that it gave the impression of being larger than it actually was. "I just got back a few minutes ago," he hesitated and added, "Just before Teddy arrived."

"Oh," Tyrone said raising his right eyebrow like he always did, "I met him just a minute ago. How do you stand him?" The bulge didn't fool Tyrone. He had seen him hard, so he knew. He didn't care. Dirk was bigger than he was. He wished that something would happen between them. He didn't need actual sexual contact, just a touch or a kiss. He envied Teddy's position in Dirk's circle of friends.

"Oh," Dirk smiled knowing that Tyrone didn't really have anything against Teddy, except that he was so close to Dirk, "he's just silly, like me. We get along fine."

"Well," Tyrone said, "he is silly, I'll give you that." Not given to subtlety, he said what was on his mind, even before he thought about it. His mother told him that it was his greatest imperfection. She prided herself on having taught him all the social graces.

"What you doing later?" Dirk asked, knowing that Tyrone was always busy in the evening practicing either the piano or organ or having voice lessons. Even though he had long ago outgrown the small spinet organ his mother had bought him a year after he started piano, he still played it when he knew that she was listening. For real practice he went to the church where he could stand on the pedals and boom out music like the Bach Toccata with which he so loved to show off.

"Oh, I've got to practice as usual," Tyrone answered, knowing that Dirk knew that too. "But I'll get away about nine if you want to do something."

"Stop by," Dirk said, "maybe we can go for a walk or something." He knew that Teddy was right, Tyrone had a thing for him, and it made him tingle to think about it, not that they were likely ever to do anything.

"Okay, see you." Tyrone waved and continued on down the block toward home.

"Yeah." Dirk said cautiously, "See you." He watched as Tyrone turned up his front sidewalk and turned to wave once again to Dirk. He returned the wave and went back inside wiping his chest with the shirt he carried. The phone was ringing. He picked it up.

"Hello?" Dirk said into the receiver. He knew who it was and wondered what Teddy wanted.

"Hi! It's me. I'm home." Teddy sounded excited and out of breathe.

"So you are," Dirk smiled.

"Did he stop?" Teddy asked.

"Did who stop?" Dirk asked.

"Tyrone, of course, did he?"

"Sure, why not?" Dirk simulated perplexity.

"He sure is cute in his dirty, greasy clothes,"

He wasn't sure if Teddy was teasing or not. "I hadn't noticed," Dirk ventured, "I suppose he is."

"You know he is, silly," Teddy laughed, "and he's got the hots for you."

"Don't be idiotic," Dirk blushed and knew now that Teddy was serious.

"He has," Teddy continued, "I've seen the way he looks at you."

"No," Dirk protested, "he looks at all the guys like that."

"Does he?" Teddy's voice quivered in mock surprise, "Oh I hope so."

"Sure," Dirk proposed, although he didn't really think it was true. He didn't want to think that, but Teddy was so insecure even in his games.

"Well, I got to run," Teddy's voice brightened, "Talk to you later."

"Bye, silly duck," Dirk said smiling again as he recalled Tyrone's phrase.

"Bye," then the phone clicked in his ear. He hung it up.

He walked up the stairs to take another shower and get ready for dinner. He went to his room and pulled a pair of briefs out of his dresser drawer. Then sat down on the bed to take off his shoes. He stood up and pushed down his running shorts, peeling his underwear down with them. He threw them at the laundry basket that sat in the corner next to the door. Casually he looked down at himself and pulled down on his half hard cock and felt the foreskin move sensuously across his cock head. He look up at the mirror across the room and stared a moment at his reflection. He smiled faintly; I do look pretty nice. He picked up the clean underwear and strode boldly to the bathroom across the hall.

After he had finished his shower he looked at the clock on his dresser. His mother should be home any moment He'd have to do his homework after dinner. He took a clean pair of shorts from his bureau and pulled them up over his underwear and slipped on a comfortable pair of shoes without putting on any socks. God, he thought, I hope this heat goes away soon!


Across town in the more affluent section of town, Barbara Weinberg and Kevin Weaver stood on the front steps of her parents home. Doctor Weinberg had moved to Chesterville nearly nineteen years ago to set up his medical practice after a stint of three years as an assistant on the medical staff at University Hospital in Minneapolis. His children had been born here, and the family enjoyed a comfortable life.

Barbara and Kevin had been dating for the past year, and it was common to see them together almost anywhere. Kevin was one of the school's top athletes. He wasn't especially big, but he was quick. He was quarterback on the football team, and guard on the basketball squad. A natural leader in sports, most of the guys in the school envied him.

Barbara's brother Ray had been co-captain of the football team his last year in school, just a year ago. This year he was in Korea, activated with the National Guard unit from Chesterville. Kevin and Ray had been good friends, and it was Ray who had suggested that Kevin should date his sister.

Though they had dated for a long time, Barbara had managed to keep Kevin from even suggesting improper advances. Most of the time, Kevin for his part was happy with the arrangement. He had a lovely partner for dating, one who was a model of decorum, and who didn't make unreasonable demands on his time. It was an ideal relationship for these high-school sweethearts. They could be affectionate without getting into trouble.

Even though most of the guys were in the same boat as Kevin, he took a good deal of kidding about not getting laid. Of course they didn't get this information from him, but from the girls that they knew. Though he was extremely shy about that situation, he managed to maintain that there was plenty of time for that.

This night they were talking about the up coming campaign for Home Coming Queen. Being far and away the prettiest girl in school, at least in most eyes, she was certain to be nominated and elected.

Barbara tried to convince Kevin that he needn't nominate her. "Someone else will surely do it," she said. She was not being conceited, just confident.

"I don't see why I shouldn't do it." he protested, "After all, we are going steady. What could be more natural?"

"I think it just looks funny." she pouted a little, and kissed him lightly on the lips.

"If you're sure?" he said.

"I'm sure," she purred. She kissed him again, and the discussion was closed.

He waved as he headed down the long sidewalk and off toward his home three blocks away.


At the city run liquor store, Myron Olson stopped to pick up two cases of beer and a bottle of whiskey. He was an auto mechanic in the town's only full service auto body shop, was stocking up, as he put it, for the weekend. He was tall and lean, standing nearly six feet and only 155 pounds. He wore a pair of ragged cut off blue jeans and a tee shirt, and a pair of well-worn tennis shoes without socks. He wasn't much into wearing underwear and his thick uncut dick was constantly being unruly and trying fight its way out of the tight jeans. There was a hole further down the leg through which the head of his dick could be seen if he got a serious hardon.

The young clerk at the store grinned at him as Myron leaned against the counter causing his jeans to bunch up just at the right place. Myron returned the smile wondering what the man was thinking. I know he just got married, he thought, and his wife's pregnant already. Could it have been a shotgun wedding? He reminded himself to check him out sometime.

"See you later, Mr. Walters," he called as he headed out the door after carrying out the cases of beer and returning to get the bottle of booze and the small bag of ice he had purchased.

"You take care, Myron." Walters gazed wistfully as he watched him leave, catching a glimpse of bare ass cheek through a hole in the jeans. He felt himself harden slightly. Fat chance of getting any of that, he thought. He saw his next customer coming toward the door and he moved back behind the counter hiding the eminent bulge in his slacks. Damned if I wouldn't like to though, he sighed longingly.

Myron had just turned twenty-one during the summer, and supplied most of the teenagers in the city who wanted to get those forbidden beverages. He purchased something nearly every day, so as not to seem as though there was anything out of the ordinary going on.

In reality, it fooled no one. As long he kept it under control, no one said or did anything. However, let a serious incident happen, an accident or disturbance, and someone was going to jail. Myron knew that, and that was why he was quite careful about to whom he sold the beer, and how much. The whiskey was for his own use.

He climbed in his old, beat-up pickup truck, and drove off.


It was still barely light outside when Dirk stepped off the front porch and ambled slowly down the front sidewalk. It had cooled a little outside, but his room upstairs was still stuffy. He had decided to take a walk until it had cooled off. He wore a pair of store bought shorts and a soft blue tee shirt, again his shoes with no socks. As always, he had checked himself in the mirror before leaving his room. He looked good and he knew it, and he always wanted to look good.

In a small town like Chesterville it was virtually impossible for anyone to go anywhere and not be noticed. It wasn't so much that people were nosy, but rather that in the summer with the heat, the shades were up to let in the breeze, if there was any. Many people sat out on their porches.

People greeted him when he passed by. When he passed Tyrone's home, Tyrone's father waved and said, "Good evening, Dirk." He was on his way back to the service station and had on his greasy coveralls.

"Good evening, Mister Keller," he returned, thinking to himself, He's a nice looking guy, even if he is old. He could hear the piano inside the house as Tyrone practiced. He continued on down the street walking slowly.

He looked up at the sky. It was dark and full of stars that twinkled in the warm summer sky. He paused momentarily as he saw a falling star tracing its brief trail across the all but black firmament. Instinctively he made a wish, and proceeded on his walk. A moment later Tyrone joined him, who padded along beside him silently.

"Hi," he said softly.

"Hi," Tyrone answered. He was dressed similarly to Dirk, but had socks on under the sandals he wore.

Dirk looked at him and thought, those shorts are getting a bit too small, but they look good. "It does work," Dirk said after a moment.

"What does?" Tyrone asked as they continued on down the sidewalk.

"Oh." Dirk said, almost forgetting that he had said it, "Wishing on a falling star."

"Oh," Tyrone answered frightened of asking.

"I saw one a minute ago."

"And what did you wish?" he was desperate to know.

"That you would come out and walk with me," Dirk was glad that they were friends.

"Serious?" Tyrone asked.

"Sure," Dirk looked at him, "why should I lie?"

"No reason," Tyrone smiled sheepishly, "I was just surprised, that's all."

"Where we headed?" Dirk asked.

"I don't know," Tyrone grinned, "it's your walk," he paused, "and your wish."

"Then I think that should we go to the river," he suggested. The river, as he called it, was little more than a trickle this time of year. It was the creek that formed the boundary on the East side of town with the farm that lay just across its muddy banks. They continued on walking, taking the turn that would take them to the river.

There had been no frost yet, and the leaves on the trees were, for the most part, a dull green, not the crisp green of spring or early summer. The path they followed went right to the edge of the bank, and in the darkness appeared to end.

Dirk turned to the right and they walked for a short distance along the bank before he stopped and asked, "Are you game?"

"Sure, if you are," Tyrone answered. They were referring to the steep trail to the actual creek's edge some thirty feet below. At best, it was slips and slides all the way down. It was, however, the preferred way of getting down. Getting back was another matter. About a half mile down stream the two banks became one with the surrounding meadow, and that was the way they would have to return.

"Okay," Dirk said, "I'll go first. I'll call you when I'm down." He took hold of a tree limb at the edge he began his descent. A slight cloud of dust rose as he slid down. It was unseen in the darkness, but the scent of it rose to touch the nostrils of his companion above.

"I'm down," he called softly up to Tyrone.

"Okay, I'm on my way," Tyrone said and stepped into the darkness. From below Dirk watched as he shuffled and slid his way downward toward him. He braced himself for Tyrone's arrival and caught hold of him as he reached where he was standing.

The contact was pleasant, and stirred within him the desires that he normally tried to suppress when it came to Tyrone. However, tonight he allowed himself to feel them, and to see where they might lead.

Tyrone for his part sensed something that he rarely felt when they were together. Something in the way that Dirk grabbed hold of him when they collided. Though he liked Dirk a good deal more that he cared to admit to himself, he tried not to let it surface. Tonight he felt his blood begin to stir as they stood in the moment with their arms and bodies intertwined. Almost as quickly as they joined, they separated.

"You're good at this," Dirk said admiringly. He was glad that Tyrone hadn't been at the bottom to see his arrival. It had been far from graceful, and it wasn't just that there had been no one to catch him at the bottom.

"Thanks," Tyrone grinned, "you're good at catching too."

They stood looking at one another for a moment, as if trying to decide whether either were trying to say more. Deciding that nothing more was intended at the moment, they started walking down stream along the hard packed mud bank. There were patches of now dried grass that had grown between the trees.

In the dim light they saw a fallen tree devoid of all but a few branches. It provided a bench on which one could sit and talk, if they decided to do so. Dirk pulled himself up and perched on the main trunk that lay across the path. It was four feet off the ground and Tyrone stood on the path facing him.

"What are you thinking," Tyrone asked looking up at his friend silhouetted against the nearly black sky. Barely able to see him, he stepped closer and put his hands on Dirk's thighs as he waited for a response. He felt the warmth of his skin through the lightweight shorts that he wore.

"Nothing much," he replied, looking down at Tyrone. He felt the warmth and pressure of his touch. It once again stirred him to feel more. It felt good to be here with him. Despite the understanding between himself and Teddy, he knew that it was going to feel even better.

"I'm thinking," Tyrone whispered hopefully, "that you're feeling the same thing that I feel."

"And what's that?" Dirk asked feeling that he was about to be trapped into saying more than he wanted to say.

Tyrone moved his hand, exploring Dirk's crotch, "What I feel here tells me that you want me as much as I want you."

"What you feel," Dirk responded by moving slightly away from the roaming fingers, "is a natural reaction to someone touching me."

"No," Tyrone said almost defiantly, "a little hardness maybe, but this is more than a little." He squeezed a little more tightly on the turgid shaft. It moved in response.

"Don't," Dirk protested, and he struggled to keep control of his emotions. He moved so that he could jump down from his perch as it was compounding his arousal. "I'm going to jump down," he said, not wanting to jump right onto Tyrone.

Tyrone back away and when Dirk jumped down, he slid into Tyrone's waiting arms landing right at his feet. Tyrone held him tight, and pulled their bodies close together.

"I want you," Tyrone whispered.

Dirk surrendered to Tyrone's words, "Oh," he murmured quietly, "I want you too." Their lips met, hot and stinging, their tongues touching and exploring, while their hands and fingers guided as if by instinct to the most erotic areas of each other's bodies.

They moaned in anticipation as just their movements against each other moved them higher and higher in their approach to climax. By sheer will alone, they prevented the explosions that were so close. At last they pulled apart and quickly opened their pants. They dropped them to the ground and stepped out of them. Soon they were naked except for shoes, their bodies once again grinding against one another. Perspiration flowed down between them lubricating and intensifying the sensations that mounted as they continued to kiss.

Tyrone's hand moved between them and positioned the two rigid organs next to each other and quickly pulled himself against Dirk's body. There was no stopping now, and with a groan he exploded in ecstasy sending a flood of thick sticky semen between them. As Dirk felt the first spurt on his belly, he responded and returned with his own copious spurts of liquid fire, moaning and gasping as it continued.

For a long time they clung to each other, their breathing gradually slowing until near normal. It was Tyrone who broke the silence and the fantasy of the moment. The strange sound, as they separated caused them both to giggle.

"If we'd stayed together a moment longer," Tyrone said beginning to laugh aloud, "We would have been stuck together forever."

"How shall we get clean?" Dirk asked as he dabbed at his belly with a fingertip feeling the sticky residue. Absently he touched his finger to his lips and wiped his lips with his tongue. It was nothing like anything he tasted before.

"We have water here," Tyrone pointed toward the stream near where they stood.

"As I recall," Dirk said, "there's barely enough water to cover our feet."

"That's here," Tyrone answered, "but about fifty feet down stream there's a small pool with a sandy bottom where there's a couple of feet of water."

"Let's go then," Dirk said, "before this stuff dries completely." They picked up their shorts and headed off; following the stream toward the pool that Tyrone described trying not to get their clothes against their bodies. If viewed from a distance it looked as if they were walking on a tight rope trying to keep from falling off.

As they approached the pool, which was around a slight bend in the stream, they could hear voices, laughing and giggling before they could see the pool itself.

"Stop!" Tyrone whispered as he stopped. Dirk stopped as well, and they listened.

They cautiously approached the area and halted a short distance away so that they remained hidden in the darkness, and yet close enough so that might observe who was in the water.

As they looked they were surprised by what they saw. Two young people frolicked in the cool water, laughing and splashing. It was also a surprise to them because of whom it was they saw. It was one of their classmates, Jill Grogan and a young man they didn't know.

"That's Jill isn't it?" Tyrone asked barely whispering.

"Yes, it sure looks like her." Dirk responded in an equally quiet voice, and asked, "But who's the guy with her?"

"No one I recognize." Neither said anything further, but stood silently watching and waiting for them to go away, barely daring to breathe at times when the two naked figures passed dangerously close to where they were hidden.

After what seemed to them like an eternity, the girl and her friend went to the bank and climbed out of the water. At the bank, scarcely visible, they stood kissing and embracing.

The two hidden friends stood clutching their clothes and listened and watched. There was little else that they could do; at least without giving away the fact that they were there. To their appreciation, the couple they were watching finally climbed up and away from the water.

They couldn't see what they did after that, but they heard a car door open and close, and after a short while, they hear the car drive away.

Quickly they washed in the cool water, and barely drying they dressed. They clambered up the bank at the same spot they had seen Jill and her friend ascend, and then hurried back toward their homes.

They spoke only a little as they walked home, each deep in their own thoughts, as they recalled what had transpired between them. Considering what they had seen at the pool, they were grateful that their classmate and her friend had been already at the pool instead of arriving later while the two of them were in the water doing whatever they might have been doing. They scarcely whispered a good night before separating and going to their homes.


When on the following afternoon, Saturday, Teddy knocked on the front door of the Weston house; Dirk was in the back yard watering the small garden that he tended for his mother. He heard Tracy, their little black dog, begin to bark, and knew that someone was at the front door. He hurried around the side of the house to see who it was.

"It's you," he said seeing Teddy waiting on the steps.

Somewhat startled Teddy turned, "Oh!" he said smiling, "You're out back."

"Yeah, watering the garden," Dirk answered returning the smile.

"I just came by to see what you were doing," Teddy said.

"Come on," Dirk said, still feeling a little guilty about what he and Tyrone had done the night before, "you can talk to me while I finish." Teddy scampered down the steps and followed as Dirk led the way to the back yard and the garden where he had been working.

The garden was neatly tended, and mostly shaded from the hot sun by the tall elms that grew around the end of the lot. It was not a large garden, just a few rows of this and that, with a small patch of berries and squash which grew at the back edge along the wooden picket fence that was threatening to fall down and divided the yard from the alley.

Both Dirk and Teddy were dressed in worn jeans that had been cut off and hemmed. Dirk was shoeless, while Teddy had tennis shoes with no socks. Neither wore shirts, Teddy because he could get away with it, and Dirk because he was working in the shaded part of the yard. Dirk's pale skin was in stark contrast to Teddy's ever deepening tan. Seeing him like this made Dirk slightly jealous of Teddy's being able to tan so nicely without burning. Teddy's infectious smile and friendly manner made him easy to be with.

Faintly aware that Teddy's bearing was effeminate, he was glad that Teddy was younger than himself. It was easier to pretend that he didn't know. He had never thought of his inclination as being the same as Teddy's. But after last night's activity with Tyrone, he was beginning to wonder. He realized that he liked being with guys more than with most girls; he thought it was because he hadn't met the right girl yet.

"You're awfully quiet today," Teddy said. "Is something wrong?" He sensed that Dirk was pondering something.

"Naw," Dirk denied, "it's just that I didn't sleep too well last night, with all the heat." He turned the hose and threatened Teddy with it.

Teddy backed away laughing and protesting, "Don't, I just did my hair!" He brushed his hand through it carelessly tossing his head askew like a model posing for a photographer.

"Don't do that!" Dirk protested, "You look like a silly girl when you do that!"

Teddy looked startled, he hardly realized that there was any difference between the way guys did things and girls. Besides, he liked the way it felt when he did that.

Dirk at once saw the look on Teddy's face and realized that he had hurt his feelings.

"I'm sorry, Teddy," he said, "it's just . . .," he stopped not knowing how to say what he really wanted to say. He wasn't even sure what there was to say.

"Come on in," Dirk said turning off the water, "Let's get something cool to drink."

Teddy's face brightened, "Okay," he teased, "I'll have a cold beer!"

Dirk put his arm across Teddy's shoulder as they walked to the house.


James Arneson stood on the tractor looking back at the field that he had been plowing. The heat of the day had soaked his shirt and though he was wearing a straw hat to protect his face, had darkened his skin even further. His loose fitting overalls hung from his lean frame letting what breeze there was to cool his body somewhat.

A quarter mile away, on the adjoining farm another tractor was performing the same task as he was. He watched for a moment. The faint figure driving the other tractor waved to him. James returned the wave, and then sat back down on the seat and continued his chore, turning over another three-foot wide strip of stubble. Overhead the gulls circled watching for worms and insects occasionally swooping down to pick one up, and then climbing back up to get another look.

James wondered who was driving the other tractor, Joel or his father. They had been neighbors and friends for as long as he could remember. Unlike himself, Joel liked working on the farm. Not that James really disliked it, it was just that it really didn't appeal to him as something he had want to spend the rest of his life doing.

But he wondered as he pulled the trip-lever to raise the plow at the end of the furrow and expertly re-pulled it at the beginning of the next, what it was that he did want to do for the rest of his life? It certainly was time to begin thinking about that. He knew that were things that he like doing, but he didn't know that he had enough talent for them. He continued thinking as he worked, as the plow ate up the strip of stubble between the two ever-larger strips of fresh black dirt.

He glanced at his watch, it was nearly six-thirty, the time his mother said that he should stop for dinner tonight, as it was Saturday and they would eat earlier than usual. He looked down to the other end of the field, end closest to the farm buildings and the house; and he saw the other tractor and plow heading for home. It was his brother. James looked and saw barely a five-foot strip of stubble left where he was working, which meant that one more round would finish it. Even though it meant that he'd be late, he decided to make the extra trip around and be finished with this end of the field.

By the time he pulled into the yard next to the other plow and tractor it was past seven o'clock. He shut off the tractor and climbed down. As he walked the short distance to the house, he wondered what was for dinner, suddenly aware that he was hungry. He beat the legs of his overalls with his hat sending small clouds of dust floating down. He became aware that he was dirty, and felt grimy. He pulled off his shirt as he walked, shaking off the loose dirt, and exposing his tanned skin to the cool air. It felt good after the day in the burning sun, even though the perspiration had made dark trails down his chest and back.

"Hurry and wash up," his mother called when he walked into the kitchen, "We're near ready to eat."

"Okay, Mom," he answered. He headed for the basement where the shower was located. He hoped that his brother hadn't used all the hot water already, a hope that was dashed when he turned on the water and tried to adjust it to warm. It wasn't totally cold, but it certainly wasn't as warm as he'd have liked it.

He slipped out of his overall and underwear and stepped under the spray. It felt good, even if it wasn't warm. He watched as the water washed away the dirt from the field making a river of muddy water in the bottom of the shower stall. When the water was clear, he took the still wet bar of soap from the tray and lathered up. The fresh scent of the soap stimulated his body and he began to be aware of himself again. He wondered why it was that whenever he stood in the shower that always happened. He was aware of other thoughts too, but pushed them aside, trying instead to think of what lay ahead at the dinner table. Hurrying to wash off the soapy lather, and dry himself, he pushed down on the semi-rigid organ. It felt good to touch himself like that, and wished that he had time for . . .

"Dinner's ready!" his brother called from the top of the stairs.

"Be right up!" he returned, "Tell'm to go ahead!" He knew that they wouldn't start without him, but he always said it anyway.

To be continued

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