Let The World Go By

By Richard

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Part Three

Fire In Winter

Chapter 14

James drove back to The Hour and easily found a place to park. He didn't quite know why he went back, he suddenly found that he wanted to sleep with a man again, and tonight, any man would be okay. He knew that he could just go to the Baths across the street, but he liked to look around here first. He found no one who interested him, and so he found himself going to the Baths.

He signed in, paid his money and went to find his locker. All the rooms were taken, and since he didn't really want to stay until morning, didn't mind taking a locker. He walked back to the room that had the tall wooden lockers and found his.

It wasn't a very fancy establishment, as baths went, probably barely met the safety codes. But it served the purpose. It had two dozen of the wooden lockers, and perhaps thirty or so rooms. The rooms had beds and a place for an ashtray, a rather small table attached to the wall next to the bed and a light that could be turned on or off. There were three steam rooms, one wet and two dry, and a swimming pool that was open sometimes. And there was a shower room between the pool and the steam rooms.

James got undressed, hanging his clothes in the lockers and putting his shoes and stocking inside too he wrapped the meager towel about his waist. While he was in the process of undressing a constant stream of people passed through the area, as the room had two doors.

He hadn't been to the Baths in several years, so he was what was called, a regular. Most of the people who passed through were older men, not too attractive, even in their prime, and certainly not now. James ignored them totally, and went in to the shower room.

He adjusted the water to the temperature he wanted and hung his towel on a hook on the wall next to the shower. James smiled as he noticed that the parade was now between the pool and the hallway, again he ignored them.

Since one of the steam room doors was located in the shower room an additional number of people were noticing James, the newcomer. Of these people one or two James judged, with only physical characteristics as a guide, to be of interest to him. And none of them were attractive to stir within him even the beginnings of an erection. He was doing more in that direction with soap and water as he showered.

He was just finishing with the soap when a tall man appeared from the hallway. Now there, James thought, Was something to be excited about. He was muscular, but not a bodybuilder type, shaggy dark blonde hair, fair skinned, light blue eyes, and by the way the towel fit him, more than adequate cock. I could live with that, James said to himself. The man smiled as he entered the shower room and saw James who was beginning to rinse the soap from his body.

The tall blonde went to the shower next to James' and waited for James to move out from under the water. When James failed to move, he spoke.

"I'm going to turn on the water."

"Sure, go ahead," James answered, then realizing why the man mentioned it, "Sorry, I forgot." James stepped out from under the spray. Once the man had his water adjusted to match James' they both stepped back under the spray.

"Did you just come in?" James asked.

"Yeah, you?"

"A few minutes ago." James answered. When James first started going to the baths, he was puzzled by the question, but as time went on he understood why people asked. He soon found out that it was better to try to get together with someone who was just entering the baths, because they probably would not have had sex with anyone for, at least, a few hours. Not too many people were as exciting after having an orgasm within the last hour or so.

The man soaped his body quickly, keeping a casual eye on James who was rinsing slowly. Each began to experience the beginnings of arousal, each stimulated by the sight of the other's body. Although they still hung slack, both were nearly their full dimensions by the time that James had finished rinsing.

James stepped out from under the spray and waited as the other man did the same, then James quickly turned off his water, and the man resumed his position and began rinsing too. James did not bother to dry himself with the towel, but simply took it from the hook and went into steam room.

The steam room was dimly lighted. It was just a long room with a drain by the door with two levels of seating. It was all concrete that had been painted countless times as evidenced by the irregular surface. When James entered there were three people seated on the lower tier. One had his towel draped over his head and was obviously not interested in the other two people in the room with him. It was just as obvious that they were interested in him, as they were sitting watching him intently, stroking themselves slowly to maintain erections. James noted that they were not worth observing, but the one with the covered head might have been.

Since he had already secured the attention of someone, in whom he was interested, he went to the far end of the room where he would be alone, and where there would be room for him too. He draped the towel across his lap as he sat down. A few minutes later the tall blonde from the shower joined him. They sat quietly, neither speaking, nor giving more than passing notice that they were aware of the other's presence.

The temperature of the steam room had dropped sufficiently, causing the steam to begin emitting from the vent near the doorway. It flooded the room, and soon it was impossible to see anything save the gray forms sitting in the room. The three men sitting nearest the door got up and left, first the man with the towel over his head, followed by his two admirers.

"You're here alone?" asked the man seated next to James.

"Yes," James answered.

"Me too," came the voice again.

"Do you have a room?" James asked.

"No, there weren't any."

"I don't either," James said.

"Is the pool open?" he asked.

"I think so," James said, "At least I saw people walking in and out."

"Good," the man said, "Let's go for a swim."

"Okay." The man got up and James followed. They walked to the pool room. It felt cold as they entered. The tall blonde laid his towel on the chair next to the pool and climbed on the diving board. He dove, slipping into the water with barely a sound, save that of the board rebounding from his jump.

James watched as the man glided through the water toward the other end. When the man's head appeared on the surface to breath he shook it to clear water from his nose and eyes. Taking a breath he dove again and turned at the end of the pool and headed back. Halfway back his head returned to the surface. He turned and swam to the side and put his hand on the edge to steady himself as he striped the water from his hair and face with the other hand.

James walked along the edge of the pool to where he was. He had no desire to embarrass himself by trying to do what the other man had done. He could have, no doubt dived into the water and swam the distance, but it would have been without the grace and form of the other man.

"How's the water?" James asked as he approached.

"Great! Come on in!" the man called back.

James laid his towel on a bench nearby and jumped in by putting one hand on the edge and easing himself quickly into the water, causing a minor splash. The man quickly grasped his body as he returned to the surface.

"You've got a great body," the man said.

"Thanks," James responded. "I'm James."

"My name's Ron." the man replied.

"You Tarzan?" James laughed.

"Yeah, me Tarzan. You Jane?" Ron laughed.

"Sometimes," James said smiling, "Sometimes, me Tarzan too!"

"Great!" Ron released his grasp on James and dove under the water. James watched as the man swam a little way away from him and came up for air. Ron turned toward James and dove. With two easy strokes he pulled up to where James was hanging in the water. With his hands, Ron grasped James hips and closed his lips about James' cock. The sensation excited James and his cock responded by becoming erect. Ron's tongue worked along the shaft and toward the glans that was still shrouded by foreskin.

Ron released his grasp and pulled back and then returned to the surface.

"That was great!" James said.

"You're telling me! You've got a gorgeous cock. Let's get out of here."

"Okay," James said. Ron swam to the end of the pool by the door, with James close behind. Ron climbed out and grabbed his towel. When James climbed out, he realized his towel was half way down the pool. He dove back in and swam back. He climbed up the side and grabbed his towel wrapping it securely around his waist. He stripped the water from his hair and face with his hands and hurried after Ron.

Ron led the way to the locker-room. There he opened his locker and took out a pack of cigarettes. His locker was next to James'.

"Want one?" Ron asked.

"Sure," James took one from the pack. Ron shook another to the opening and took it with his lips. Then he put the pack back on the shelf and picked up the lighter. He lighted both of their cigarettes and returned the lighter to the shelf beside the cigarettes.

"I'm surprised that you smoke," James said.

"I suppose I shouldn't, but I enjoy the relaxation it gives."

"Yeah, I enjoy the taste too, most of the time," James said exhaling a plume of smoke toward the ceiling.

They stood talking, apparently unaware of the people who were watching them.

"We've attracted quite a crowd," James said in a whisper.

"I noticed," Ron answered his voice barely audible. "Do you mind being watched?"

"Sometimes, it's okay," James wasn't exactly sure what Ron had in mind.

Ron set his cigarette in an ashtray beside the bench in the center of the room. Then he motioned James to join him at the bench. Ron gently pulled James' body close to him, and with James still covered by the towel and standing in from of him, he seated himself on the bench. His hands glided down James' sides and came to rest on his hips.

Ron's mouth moved to James' stomach and began caressing it. Slowly he moved lower, and began massaging James' cock through the towel. Shivers of excitement ran down James' back as he responded to the sensation.

Ron removed James' towel holding it so that it hid both James' behind and his own head from view. His mouth sought out James' rising cock and began the familiar sucking motion. James responded pulling Ron's head closer to himself, forcing his now fully erect rod down Ron's eager throat. James relaxed his hold on Ron's head and allowed him to continue. Ron sensing that James could tolerate very little more without climaxing discontinued. He rewrapped James' towel lifting James' cock so that it was held in place pointing upward by the towel.

Ron picked up his cigarette and took a drag on it, holding the smoke within his lungs savoring the sensation, and then blew it out toward the ceiling away from James' face. He stood up and leaned close to James.

"Drives them crazy," he whispered, "They can see, but not see."

James put down his cigarette, and repeated Ron's performance, carefully shielding Ron's body from view with the towel. Ron was longer and thicker than James, and was also uncut. James' expert tongue quickly brought Ron to full excitement and nearly to climax. Somehow Ron managed not to ejaculate even though James slowly bathed his shaft and glans with his tongue. Then James replaced Ron's towel concealing as best he could, the fully erect cock within the folds. Ron sat down beside him and handed James his cigarette.

"You do that very well," Ron said softly. I wish we could be alone."

"We can," James said, "If you don't mind leaving here."

Ron's eyes brightened, "Not at all, you've got a place to go?"

"Sure," James said. "Are you driving?"

"Yes," Ron said, "But I can't stay too long."

"My place is not far, ten minutes by car."

"Great! Let's go." Ron stood up unwrapped his towel, allowing his giant cock to stand out from his body for all to see. If it had not been for the music on the sound system's speakers, the gasps from the onlookers would have been clearly heard. James stood up too, and revealed his body to them as well. Both Ron and James ignored them, and hurriedly proceeded to get dressed. Ron dried his hair with the towel and with his fingers massaged the nearly dry hair into its shaggy shape. James on the other hand- dried his and combed it into place, using the mirror to see that it was right.

"I wish that mine would look like that," James said.

"It could," Ron said, "It's all in the cut."

"You must have a great barber," James said.

"Expensive!" Ron laughed. They were both fully dressed. They pulled on their jackets and left, leaving the frustrated onlookers behind with their dreams.

Ron followed James easily through the light traffic. It was nearly two-thirty, and most of the bar crowd traffic had dispersed.

Ron found a parking spot two blocks from James' building.

James waited as he parked, and then Ron got into the car. James drove to the parking lot and pulled into his space. They walked the short distance to the door where James used his key and left them in. There were a few people in the lobby talking quietly. They gave quick admiring glances at the couple as they crossed to the elevator.

Once inside James' room, Ron pulled him to chest kissing him fiercely, renewing his passion. James opened the bed and they quickly removed their clothing. With gentleness and facility Ron entered James' anal opening. James was breathless as Ron pumped his long rigid tool slowly into him with ever increasing vigor. Long before James was ready for it, Ron exploded with wave after wave of explosive force shooting his cum deep within him.

When the spasms subsided, Ron lay beside him beginning to breath more easily.

"I'm sorry," Ron said. "But I couldn't wait. It's been such a long time, since I've been with a man."

James was not unhappy. It had been short, perhaps, but it was exhilarating none-the-less.

"You're married?" James asked.

"Yes." Ron said. "Two kids." Ron lighted a cigarette and lay back with his head perched on one hand.

"I've got four," James said as he lighted his own cigarette. They were both silent again as they enjoyed the repose and their smokes.

When Ron was finished with his cigarette, he leaned over and began to suck James' now flaccid cock. Slowly he began to respond, filling Ron's mouth with warm hard cock. Ron brought James to the brink, and let him slowly return from the edge of desire while continuing to massage James' moist ass with his fingers. When Ron sensed that James could not tolerate another approach to the edge, he lay back next to him.

"I want you to fuck me," Ron said, "Long and slow."

"Okay." James sat up and positioned himself between Ron's long legs. He leaned over and took Ron's rigid cock in his mouth bring Ron quickly to the brink, and let him retreat to the plateau of desire once again. Then he lifted the long muscular legs to his shoulders. With a generous amount of lubricant from the jar on the table nearby, he massaged his own cock returning it to full readiness. Then he played with Ron's tight opening, pushing some of the grease inside gently with a fingertip. He massaged the opening slowly and felt it relax, allowing more and more of his finger to glide easily into it. James applied more of the grease to his finger and re-entered. He found the bulbous prostrate and massaged it slowly. Ron's cock responded, bobbing upward as James stroked across the rounded surface inside.

"Now, please!" Ron whispered.

James adjusted his position so that he was poised directly above the opening. He relaxed his cock so that it drooped into position just touching the glistening opening. Slowly he moved into the tightly clenching ass. He paused and allowed Ron to relax and let him enter fully. He felt himself sliding slowly into the cavity below.

The sensations of tension were leaving the area surrounding his cock now, and a slow rhythmic grasping was beginning. He began to respond by pushing fully into Ron slowly. Ron's breath stopped and he clenched tightly around him. James paused, and waited until it relaxed. Then James began his climb to the top. He watched Ron's face as he lay with his eyes closed. His breathing was slow and regular now; a slight smile of intoxication was on his lips. With one hand James began stroking Ron's rigid pole. Already it was moist and hot, the foreskin sliding easily as James continued to stroke it.

As he increased the speed of his pumping action, James felt Ron approaching the peak of desire. James leaned over as he continued to move in and out, and managed to close his lips over the glowing purple glans below. His tongue twirled about the moist head causing Ron to moan with ecstasy. Harder and harder James pushed against him, finally reaching his goal and exploding in a fiery spurt of cum deep within Ron's gut. He pulled himself down further onto Ron's rigid cock as he continued to expel his load and felt the moist fluid rising into his throat as Ron joined him in climax. He thrust again and again against Ron's hot butt and the pulses of orgasm continued.

James finally collapsed upon Ron's chest exhausted. He lay there for a long moment before rolling off and lying on his back. They both were silent as James slowly recovered his breath.

"I'm sorry," Ron said at last, "But I've got to leave."

"I understand," James said looking over at him.

"I want to do this again sometime," Ron said.

"I'd like that too," James said.

"Maybe next time, it can be longer."

James got up and went to the bathroom and turned on the light. When he returned Ron got up and went in. Ron hurriedly cleaned himself up and dried with a towel. Then he returned to where James was sitting on the sofa smoking a cigarette.

"Here's my number," James said. "It's best to call near six o'clock in the evening, or before seven in the morning."

"Great! I really enjoyed this, James." Ron smiled; he leaned down and kissed him passionately. James got up and went to the door with him.

"Take care, Ron," James said.

"You too," Ron answered. "I will call you."

"Okay." James opened the door and let him out, watching as Ron walked to the elevator and disappeared.

To be continued

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