Let The World Go By

by: Richard

This is a story that involves sex between males. If such a story is offensive or illegal for you to read where you live then do not continue go and surf elsewhere.

While this is a work of fiction and in no way draws on the lives of any specific person or persons, there may be some similarity to some real persons or events every attempt has been made to make this non-apparent.

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Part One

The Early Years

Chapter 5

The Superintendent of Chesterville Schools, Carl Fox, paced nervously back and forth across his office. The phone call that came late last evening had deeply disturbed him. The police report which he'd just finished reading did little to assuage his concern.

The list of those involved in the incident, not just last night, but over the past months, encompassed virtually the entire football and basketball teams. The only thing that helped to calm him was the fact that no one had been injured as a result of these activities.

It was nine-thirty on Friday morning, and he awaited the arrival of the students involved. His assistant, Jonas Levy, was summoning them from their respective classrooms.

There was a knock at the door.

"Come in!" he called in a stern voice. The door opened and they began filing in: Bill Beil, Buddy Jacobbs, Kevin Weaver, Stan Johnson, Tyrone Keller, Peter, Al, and Frank Mueller, and the rest, some of whom he barely recognized. But the first of them were the stars of the school's football and basketball teams, and the marching band.

When they were all assembled, he began: "You have all been gathered here as a result of this police report," he held up the paper, "I am deeply shocked and dismayed. I wonder would you could have been thinking, when you engaged in this kind of activity, when you know how damaging it can be. Drinking is the scourge of our country, and the plague of our youth. For athletes it is especially damaging.

"Further more," he went on, "It breaks all the rules of our school . . ." He continued outlining the various aspects of the offense: drinking by minors, the dangers of driving after drinking, and so forth. The police had been called by Doug, and arrived at Myron's apartment before anything more had taken place. For that, at least, both Myron and Bill were grateful. Another ten minutes, and there would be more than just drinking to the charges. Bill had said nothing, but Myron, in an attempt to get a reduced charge against them, gave all the names he could think of. Considering what could have happened, those accused, reluctantly admitted the charges.

"And as a result all of you will be suspended from classes for two days, and from all after school activities, including practice, for two weeks." Carl looked around and saw what the impact of what he was saying had on the group. Their faces were sullen, and most eyes were downcast.

It was a Friday, and in many eyes a day that very little had occurred. So many in the school and in the town did not find out about it until the weekend was almost over. Apparently no one said anything to anyone about it. It was as though it did not really happen that day at all, but rather was something that just happened. Consequently, the weekend passed quietly for most, but not all.


Dirk sat on his steps. It was that Friday night, and usually there was something to do: a friend would stop by, a movie to go to, a football game, always something. But tonight was different, the game had been canceled, and no one had called. Although it was still early and someone could still come by, but he knew this night that they wouldn't.

The sky began to darken quickly, the sun had set almost two hours ago, and twilight vanished. He stood up and looked back in through the screen door. His mother was sitting reading, and his brother sat on the floor listening to the radio.

He stretched his arms up over his head, as if to re-awaken his body, and then walked down the steps. He ambled slowly passed the Keller house. He saw the light in the window of the second floor bedroom that he knew belonged to Tyrone. He had talked briefly to Tyrone's mother on the porch when he had gotten home from school. Tyrone was working with his father at the gas station. The conversation had been brief, and somewhat sad. Dirk was one of the few who had no idea of what had been going on and was shocked that Tyrone was among those who had been getting beer from Myron. He didn't mention the incident to her. He felt that it was something that she would have not wanted to talk about. He walked on aimlessly, on and on.

Dirk was roused from his reverie by the sound of a car's horn. He hadn't been aware of where he had been walking, and found himself at the other end of town on the main street. He looked when he heard the horn and saw that it was a classmate of his, James Arneson. James was not a close friend, but one of those shy people who although they didn't stick out in a crowd, were easy enough to get along with, and usually didn't consume a lot of time. He waved.

James guided the car to the curb and leaned over and rolled down the window.

"Hi, Dirk," he called.

"James!" Dirk said, "It's a surprise to see you."

"You headed anywhere in particular, I can drop you," James said smiling.

"No," Dirk answered, "I'm just out walking."

"You want to go for a ride?" James asked, he didn't often get to use the family car, and was willing to drive almost anywhere. Besides, he was sort of partial to Dirk. He admired his easy manner with people.

"Sure," Dirk said opening the door to get in, "I would enjoy that." He climbed in and eased himself down in the seat. James drove off.

Moments later they had completely run out of city streets, and were on the highway headed South out of town. There was little conversation between them.

It was Dirk who broke the silence.

"You headed anywhere in particular?" he asked, not that was concerned, just curious.

"No," James smiled, "Just driving."

"Want to go to the Dam?" Dirk asked. The Dam was a small concrete dam on the Little Sioux River Pome de Terre that had created a swimming area and park. While the place was called The Dam, it wasn't the dam itself that was of interest, it was the parking area in the park that was meant when one said The Dam. It was the parking area that was known as a favorite place to make out.

"Sure," James said eagerly. He headed out of town and speeded up once he was on the highway. He slowed the car and when he came to the turn and carefully made the left-hand turn onto the gravel road leading to The Dam. They were quiet as the car cruised easily, but slowly down the road.

A few miles down the road, another left turn, this time onto the hard-packed dirt road which led into the park grounds, and eventually up to the parking lot near the buildings, a snack stand, changing rooms, and bathrooms. At night these were all locked up, but it didn't matter much to those who came out there at night.

It was fully dark now there and there were no other cars in the parking lot. The car slowed to a stop just inside the parking area next to the snack stand, this hid the car from sight of those driving in, should there be any.

James turned off the engine and took the keys from the ignition, a habit he'd learned from his father. When you turn it off, his father always said, put the keys in your pocket. That way you won't leave them in the car should you get out.

"Shall we go for a walk?" James asked after a few moments of silence.

Without saying anything Dirk opened the door and they both got out. James locked the car out of habit more than the fear that someone might take it.

It was still quite warm, and they were comfortable walking along the beach in shirtsleeves and shorts. Before long they were out of sight of the buildings standing near the shore in an area well away from the beach area. Straggly Box Elder trees, a variety of maple common through out the country mixed with wispy willows hid their presence.

Dirk stood looking out over the water with his back to James, and didn't notice that James was standing very close to him. When he turned around to say something to him they touched. James arms grabbed him as if he were falling.

"I'm sorry," James said, "I thought you might fall." They looked at each other in the darkness of the night sky. It was hard to see what the other was thinking, but there was no mistake in the feeling that the strong hands told him.

Dirk had never touched James before, nor been touched by him. The sensation was tantalizing; and was quite reassuring at the same time. James had never been in this situation with anyone in his class before and was not quite certain how to proceed. He liked the way it felt, and his pulse quickened as he continued to hold Dirk firmly in his grasp.

"I'm not going to run away," Dirk said softly at last, "If that's what you're thinking." Already his body was responding to just the touch, and he felt light headed and giddy.

"I'm sorry," James said relaxing his grasp letting his arms fall to his sides.

"No," Dirk said, "No reason to let go. Just not so tight."

James was not afraid anymore, and he took Dirk lightly into his arms and leaned closer. Their lips met. Each felt the moistness of the other's mouth against their own. It was clear that both were enjoying their first kiss.

Dirk allowed his body to move closer to James as James eased him gently to himself.

He could feel Dirk's warm crotch against his with the pulsing hardness inside. He soon felt Dirk's fingers exploring within his short pants, squeezing his rock hard organ. Just the touch was enough to force him to withdraw for fear of exploding.

"Ohhh," James said, "That feels good." He tried to relax, but in vain. "Please stop," he said, "or I'm going to cum!"

"You feel good," Dirk said, "And so big!" he swooned as he thought of the pleasure that might be his. But he withdrew his fingers, as he didn't want it to end this way.

James gathered his confidence and unzipped Dirk's shorts. Then he let his hands roam through the opening in Dirk's shorts. He felt the long slim shaft through the underwear. He instantly became aware that Dirk was uncircumcised like him. He was pleased as so many guys he had touched were circumcised. A little more movement and his fingers slipped inside the warm skin. As he moved them up the shaft the nearly rigid organ flexed. He moved them back to the ample foreskin that still covered the glans now oozed with the slippery lubricant his touching had evoked. He knew that he wanted to taste it and to take Dirk in a way that he hadn't with anyone in a long time.

"Can I suck you?" he whispered breathlessly.

"If I can suck you too," Dirk whispered. He wanted more than anything to suck James' big hot dick. They both started to loosen their pants.

"Let's move back to the grass," Dirk suggested. He led the way holding James hand. When they arrived at the edge of park area James looked to see if there were any cars in the lot. There were none, and he lay down on the grass next to Dirk. They kissed again and quickly renewed their explorations. Just as quickly they slipped off their shorts and underwear, exposing their heated bodies to the coolness of the night air. The grass prickled their skin, but it did not deter them.

Guided only by their instinct they rolled so that they each had the other's cock in their mouth. Moments later each erupted in glorious climax leaving them breathless in the darkness. Dirk moved his lips to taste the residue that oozed from James's cock. It moved with a slight pulse in his mouth. Dirk took the mostly softened cock in his fingers. He could feel the moistness still on his skin and more at the end. The organ soon began to respond to his touch.

James sighed as Dirk's tongue again probed inside the foreskin. Although it was still sensitive from his recent orgasm he didn't want him to stop.

He reached out his hand touched Dirk's chest and felt him tremble as he brushed past one nipple. He let his fingers trail down Dirk's stomach toward his crotch and felt the slight impact of Dirk's cock as it slapped against his stomach. James's finger explored the hard length and squeezed lightly on the burgeoning head, and felt a new round of oozing precum at the end of the foreskin. His finger picked up some of the liquid and moved on down under Dirk's ball sack. Dirk moaned as the fingers continued on down until they came to his now quivering butt hole. When he felt the wetness of James's finger rub lightly across it, Dirk moaned.

He pulled himself up and across James's chest. "I want to feel you inside me." His breath was hot and his voice raspy with passion. He felt James's cock leap in his fingers. James turned his head toward him and he felt James's hot lips on his own.

As their lips separated James asked, "Are you sure?"

"I'm sure," he whispered, then giggled, "I'm not so sure my butt will agree, but I want to try at least."

James sighed a little, "It's going to hurt more than just a little."

"I know. But I want to try anyway."

"Okay, roll on your stomach. I'll try to get your relaxed." Dirk did as James asked; feeling the stubble of cut grass poke into his chest and groin he pulled his shirt and shorts under himself. He felt James move up behind him and his body tensed. Then as James put his hands on his back and shoulders his breath went out of him in a great sigh.

James kneaded Dirk's soft white skin softly moving from shoulders down his back in long smooth strokes. He could feel Dirk's muscles begin to relax slightly. He gradually continued his massage down onto the mounds of Dirk's butt cheeks. The skin was so smooth and sensuous that his cock leapt toward his stomach and flopped back between his thighs. He then moved between Dirk's legs pressing them further apart with nudges from his knees.

He heard Dirk's soft sighs and breath begin to be faster. He leaned over and began kissing the white mounds lightly. He felt Dirk's body move upward to meet them. Even though he had never done this to anyone before, he knew that he wanted to. Slowly he pressed open the cheeks and lowered his lips toward the opening. He passed his tongue along the insides of Dirk's cheeks as he proceeded toward his goal.

Dirk moaned with joy was James's tongue finally pushed lightly against his closed opening trying to relax himself. It quivered as he felt the hot wet tongue pressed against it. James moved away from it for a moment as he felt Dirk's shudder. James pursed his lips and opened them slightly to let a trail of saliva move down to the tightly closed opening. Again his tongue went down to attack it. This time he pressed firmly against it. It yielded slightly as Dirk willed himself to relax.

James inhaled the pungent aroma from Dirk's butt and felt the passion within him grow. His dick throbbed, as it sensed that its time was coming. James raised himself up partly and took more saliva from his mouth on two fingers. He lowered them to the opening and press lightly. It began to open and he pushed one in slowly. He marveled at how smooth and sleek the inside the passageway was, and how the anal ring squeezed tightly against his slimy finger. James paused his movement until he felt Dirk relax again. He moved his finger further up into the channel and came to a slight bulge inside. He wasn't sure but he thought it was Dirk's prostrate, and as he moved his fingertip across it Dirk moaned and the ring clamped down tightly on his finger.

"Does it hurt?" Again he stopped his movement.

"Ohhh!" Dirk hissed between his teeth, "It feels so good. I didn't know it could feel like this."

"Let me know if it begins to hurt and I'll stop."

"Okay. You'll know." Dirk giggled slightly causing his opening to clench and relax once again.

James moved his finger back against the spongy object pressing slightly on it. Again he felt Dirk's ass grab hold of his finger and another pleasure filled moan breathed from his chest. He did it again.

"Okay." James slowly withdrew his finger nearly to the end. He dropped more spit onto his fingers and rubbed it onto another finger. He pressed it against the opening next to the one already in place. As he did so he moved the finger already inside further back and the outside one harder against the opening. It gave and suddenly there were two fingers inside side by side. Hesitantly he moved them both further in trying to avoid the bottom of the slick channel where the spongy object was. He heard as slight gasp as he proceeded into it deeper. One more finger he thought to himself, and he'll be ready.

James repeated the procedure with a third finger and again heard the slight moans from Dirk as he entered. Again the clenching and relaxing of the opening. This time he couldn't avoid the prostrate and Dirk moaned loudly and clenched his whole rear end, clamping tightly. James recognized the jerking movements of Dirk's body for what they were; Dirk had lost it, and spurting his cum into his shorts. Almost a sobbing sound came from his chest.

"I'm sorry," Dirk sobbed, "I just couldn't hold back."

"Hey that's okay," James said softly. He started pull his fingers out slowly.

"Wait just a minute, don't pull them out yet."

James held his fingers in place and waited until the pulsing stopped. The gradually he removed them, and at the opening withdrew one at a time. When they were all out he spit into his hand several times and smooth it onto his dick that now hung hard but slack between his legs. It responded to the stroking motion and regained the rigidity necessary for entry. He grabbed his throbbing cock and pointed at the quivering butt before him. He hesitated a moment wondering if Dirk's butt would open for him again. The way he felt at the moment he wondered if he could keep from cuming even if it did.

Just before he started his entry he pulled the foreskin fully out and away from the head to give some skin motion to make it easier. He dropped another bit of liquid from his mouth on to the end of his dick. Then with care he moved it to the opening that he located with his other hand. With a slow easy movement he pressed the pointy end of his cock against the opening. The foreskin gave way, rolling back as the tip began to press harder against the ring. Ever so slowly he could feel it begin to give way to his insistence. He held his breath to maintain the even pressure he needed. Suddenly he felt it give way entirely, and a gasp from Dirk's lungs. He had to stop his pressing to keep from falling into Dirk too quickly.

"You okay?" he asked.

"Yeahhh," came a whisper from Dirk, and he began to pant again.

James slowly eased himself against Dirk gradually forcing his way in. Inch by inch he entered new territory with his hard thick dick. Every inch of length was matched by almost an inch of thickness as it approached his maximum diameter about half way in. By the time James was half way in Dirk was moaning loudly.

"I'm almost there," James lied.

"I'm glad." Dirk sighed, "If it gets any thicker I'm going to split."

James slowly eased back an inch and then pressed forward again. Then he felt Dirk begin to push back against him. James once again wet his fingers and rubbed them along the handful of dick that remained outside Dirk's ass. He pressed forward again knowing the soon he would be pressing against the prostrate bulge inside. He knew he had to get passed it quickly to have any chance of getting do any serious thrusting against Dirk's butt. If Dirk climaxed again James was sure that he would too. He was already gritting his teeth and biting on his lips for forestall his own orgasm.

With the added lubrication on his dick he managed to quickly brush by Dirk's prostrate with only a quick moan escaping from Dirk's lips. And with another thrust James was in. Another soft moan. He lay quietly against Dirk's back to give them both time to regain their balance. Slowly he raised himself from the prone position and placed his hands on Dirk's hips. He eased himself back slowly, once again grazing the sensitive organ inside. He knew from his own experience that most guys didn't have the same problem. Either they were much thinner, or they were short enough that they only occasionally would make contact.

"You still okay?" James asked.

"Yeah, I'm doing fine now." The final bit of pain had begun to subside inside his bowel and he was beginning to enjoy the full feeling that no one before had given him. But he also realized that he was so very close to climaxing again. His teeth bit into his wrist as he felt James thrust forward again.

James began to move faster now as his own passion began to build. Soon he wasn't able to control his movements and thrust forward with a fury he'd never known before. Faster and faster he moved. Dirk's groans of pleasure mixed with his own groans of joy. Harder and faster he pushed against Dirk's butt that now were beginning to be wet with perspiration. His balls slapped against Dirk's butt as he thrust. Beads of sweat trickled down James's chest and collected into rivers that ran down to his crotch and mixed with the lubricant on his dick.

He gasped and gulped a great mouthful of air as he felt the indescribable feeling of pain and pleasure grab at his groin. His balls pulled tightly up against his body and his whole being clenched and he felt the first flood of semen escape from his body and rush headlong through his cock and out against Dirk's bowels. At that same moment he felt Dirk's ass ring grab at his dick.

Dirk felt the first spurt of sperm laden fluid escape into him and the huge dick expanded in orgasm pressing against his prostrate. He own cock exploded causing him to clench his body, trapping James' cock within him. He felt James thrust against him again and again as he exploded with more and more cum. Suddenly James collapsed on his back gasping for breath. Dirk's cock twitched a couple of more times sending the last of his own cum into his already matted groin. He felt the last flexes of James's cock inside him.

James gasped for more air trying desperately to gain enough air into his oxygen-starved lungs. He felt the last of his involuntary pulses and those of Dirk's ass against his cock. As he had hoped they had cum at almost the same time. Beside the pure physical joy and pleasure of the experience there was the emotional joy that he had been able to give so much pleasure to Dirk.

Dirk lay pinned to the ground feeling the weight of James's body against him. He struggled too to get his breath. He felt James's trying lift himself away from his body.

"Oh don't leave yet," He pleaded.

"I'm not," James sighed, "But I know I'm crushing you under me."

"That was so marvelous. I can't believe how good you feel inside me."

"Ummm," I'm glad. "It was wonderful for me too."

They lay quietly breathing almost in unison for several minutes while they regained the strength to move.

Dirk began to giggle, almost uncontrollably.

"What?" James asked smiling.

"I was just thinking of what my mother would say if she ever saw my shorts in their present condition. They feel as if they been dunked in a bucket of slime."

"Next time we'll have to bring some towels or something."

"God!" Dirk sighed, "I sure hope that there'll be a next time."

James giggled a bit, "I'd be mad as hell if you'd done that to me with my dick."

"I wish mine even close to your size so I could show you how good it feels."

"I think I'll be just fine with what you've got. Let me get off you, my arms are starting to cramp." James eased himself up and then slowly withdrew his now soggy and limp cock. He heard Dirk gasp as it escaped the ass ring that had held it in place. It dropped down between his legs still full and thick, but spent and slimy with cum. He reached into the back pocket of his shorts that lay nearby to get the handkerchief he knew was there. First he gently wiped Dirk's tender opening and cheeks, and the wiped his dick. He could tell that there was none of the usual mess he associated with fucking a guy. He wondered about that.

"I guess we'd better get back," Dirk whispered after a long restful pause.

James slowly got to his feet. He reached down and took Dirk's hand helping him to get up.

"Yeah," James said pulling close and kissing him again. "It was great," he smiled, and pulled on his shirt and underwear. Then he stepped into his shorts.

"Yes," Dirk said returning the smile, "More than I could have believed."

"How many times did you cum?" James asked.

"Three, I think," Dirk giggled and added, "Although I don't know how much there was in the last one."

"Gees," James laughed, "Three to one. That's pretty good." They both laughed and headed over to where the car was parked.


Myron hadn't seen it all, but enough to get him thoroughly excited. As was his usual practice, he hadn't driven his car into the park, but left it parked beyond the entrance around a curve out of sight, and walked up to the area.

He had been standing in the shadows as the two young men had emerged from the trees and taken a position on the grass. Fearing that he might be observed, he kept his position in the darkness and watched from afar.

Hearing their moans and gasps as they lay upon the ground, his hand moved instinctively inside his jeans. It was just the sort of thing that he need tonight, and his reason for driving out to the park. He pulled out his hard cock and released his load as James had finished cuming inside Dirk. He wished that he could have been involved, or been in the position on top as the Arneson boy had been. He'd often seen Dirk and wished that he'd had the chance to fuck him, but the opportunity had just never happened. It would someday, if he had his way, but it wouldn't be anytime soon, since in a few days he'd be gone on his way to prison.

Waiting until the other car had left, he started walking back to his car. He'd gone only a little way when he saw the headlights of an approaching vehicle. He ducked into the shadow of a tree and held his position as the new car draw past him into the lot. Was this what he would want to watch? He gazed at the car to see if he could make who was inside. But he could not see well enough. After the car parked he listened still hidden in the darkness. The telltale giggle of a young girl told him that it was time to leave. He had no stomach for watching a couple of teenagers bounce around in a car. There was nothing really to see, and no opportunity to get involved.

Wearily he made his way up the path to his own car, and drove home.


James dropped Dirk off in front of his house, watching until Dirk waved to him just before going inside. He smiled and drove off toward home. He felt closer to Dirk now than he had toward anyone in a long time.

Dirk climbed the stairs to his bedroom slowly. His body ached but with a kind of pleasurable sensation which he'd not felt in a very long time. He was certain that James was the largest person he had ever let to enter him. It wasn't nearly as painful as imagined that it would have been. Even though he had cum three times already he became instantly hard again as he recall the long easy strokes that James used once he'd gained full entrance, the intense pleasure as the huge cock passed his prostrate sending shivers of ecstasy through his body. He was glad that he had made preparations for that before leaving home that night. He climaxed for a fourth time; this time into a towel he kept in his bed and drifted off into a dream of a cowboy riding a great white stallion across the dusty prairie.


The weekend passed slowly for those involved in the scandal. Most stayed at home, and brooded about the consequences of their actions. Bill in particular was in a despondent mood, feeling that it was all his fault that everyone was in trouble. If only he hadn't gone to Myron's that night, nothing would have happened.

Buddy, too felt a sense of guilt about it. If he hadn't put Bill off, maybe he wouldn't have been out that night. If he hadn't been so eager to fuck Ronnie instead of Bill, things might have turned out differently.

Doug felt it too. It was his call to the police department that started this whole thing off. If he hadn't seen what he did, or hadn't called when he saw it. What did it matter that they had a few beers? Who did it hurt? As he walked down the street of the sullen sleepy town, he knew the answers to the questions. He knew that he had done the right thing, but still he regretted the outcome.

It was nine-thirty Sunday night, and he was just out walking, nowhere in particular, just walking. He rounded the corner where the filling station stood, the one where Tyrone helped out on weekends so that his parents could have a night out together.

He spotted Tyrone who was just locking up for the night. Sunday's were usually slow, and this one more so than most.

Tyrone waved to him. He stopped and decided that he might as well wait and they could walk together. He walked over to the building and stood waiting as Tyrone finished turning off the lights.

"Slow tonight?" Doug asked.

"Really slow!" Tyrone answered putting the keys into his coveralls.

Doug had really not paid to much attention to Tyrone, he wasn't on any of the teams, and they were his main interest. Tyrone's slim frame barely filled the dark blue coveralls, leaving him look skinny inside.

"Don't feel so badly about this thing," Tyrone said as they started to walk, "The guys don't blame you. Some of the parents do, but they'll soon forget about it."

"You don't blame me?" Doug asked.

"No, of course not," Tyrone smiled, "We all knew that it could happen. We knew the chance we were taking. It was a stupid thing to do, and we got caught."

Doug felt relieved. At least he didn't have to worry about how the guys felt. It was somehow less important now, even though his coworkers and superiors blamed him. Of course they really couldn't say that, but the way they had been treated him at school, he knew that that was the way they felt.

"We just have to find a new source," Tyrone quipped light heartedly, and quickly added, "Just joking! Just kidding!"

Doug's face showed the horror he felt when he heard Tyrone made his offhand remark. "You scared me there for a minute," he said.

"I'm sorry," Tyrone said, "It was a thoughtless thing to say." Thoughtless, perhaps, he thought, but true. Of course, they'd have to be a bit more careful this time, and they would find someone else to be their supplier. Right now they would have to lie low, and be patient. But at the right time, they would seek out someone, someone who could be trusted. Someone, Tyrone mused, like Doug, who was above suspicion, and someone with a reason to be taking the chance. Yes, he thought, someone like Doug.


Ronnie smiled as he strode down the street thinking about where he was going, and what he was going to be doing. He liked Joey Schemer. Joey, like Teddy, his classmate, was a carefree kid, a bit effeminate, perhaps, but cute in a youthful sort of way, never would be handsome, only nice looking. But his good nature more than made up for his lack in other areas. What Ronnie liked about him, had to do with his physical stature and sexual equipment. Most people had no idea of what he had there, and Ronnie liked it that way.

At seventeen Ronnie was small in the dick department, by any standards. But he made up for his lack there by being able to handle any size, and in any way that his partner wanted. His skill in oral sex was legend, among those who enjoyed that, but it was his experience in the anal variety that really set him apart from the rest. He was a gymnast, and despite the smallness of his equipment, he could suck himself while getting fucked by a partner.

He paused outside Joey's house before ringing the doorbell. His thoughts had given him an erection, and he needed to conceal it, though it was no great task, it was necessary to pretend that it didn't exist, lest someone suspect why he was calling on Joey.

Joey answered the door, and smiled in his impish way as he could see it, even if others did not.

"Come in, Ronnie," he said, "I'll be just a minute."


Tyrone and Doug reached the place where Doug would leave Tyrone to go on to his own apartment.

"You in a hurry to get home?" Tyrone asked.

"Not really," Doug answered.

"I just got a new recording that I thought you might like."

"Sure," Doug said, "If you're sure it'll be okay."

"It's okay," he laughed, "My folks are away for the weekend, won't be back until tomorrow."

"Okay," Doug said. He liked Tyrone's looks. He wondered what it might be like to have sex with him, and from the look in his eyes, he was about to find out.

The modest home was delicately furnished. Tyrone's mother put all of the money she could earn by playing piano and organ at the church and other various functions into her home. It was her one consolation. She'd given up much to marry Tyrone's father, a man she had learned too late, with too little ambition and even less talent. His one saving grace was that he loved her, and would do anything to keep her. From a well-to-do family in the East, she had been on vacation visiting friend in Minneapolis when she met Ralph Keller. He was a handsome man with long legs and arms, a delicate face, with, it seemed to her, traces of promise. It was love-at-first-sight for both of them. They were married soon afterward, and she came to live in this little prairie town just as the depression was about to end. With her prodding and help, he established a modest business selling gasoline and servicing automobiles. She didn't know the slightest about either, but she knew business, and it was she who made things happen.

But she was not happy; not until Tyrone was born.

He was to become her only hope for happiness. She pampered him and gave him all that she could, which was quite a lot really. She instilled in him her love for music and the arts.

Ralph became a brooding figure of a man; his one love was so wrapped up in the child that there was no time from him. He was jealous, but powerless to do anything about it. He drank too much, and for a time was headed down the road to becoming an alcoholic. Had it not been for a poorly constructed stomach that would not tolerate so much abuse, he would surely have succeeded in ruining his life, and that of his family. But when an ulcer developed early on in his drinking, he gave it up. He could not bare to leave her, even if she didn't love him anymore, or share her bed with him after Tyrone was born.

Tyrone was aware of this, to some extent, as he grew older. His defiance of his mother, when it suited him, gave encouragement to his father, and gradually he was winning her back.

Doug marveled at what he saw in the house. He had no idea that such simple elegance was to be found in this town. He would have liked to meet Tyrone's mother, if she was anything like her home.

Tyrone put his new recording of Aida on the phonograph and carefully adjusted the tone and volume to show it off at its best.

"Sit here," he suggested to Doug the sofa where the music could be appreciated to its fullest. When Doug had seated himself on the sofa, Tyrone sat down next to him.


In the predawn glow, Doug made his way back to his apartment. He was exhausted from the round of sex with Tyrone.

Several times he had tried to leave, and found that he couldn't break away. He would suffer for his indulgence today, he thought. Even if Tyrone didn't have to go to school because of his suspension, Doug did. But the satisfaction which sex gave him, seemed worth it. He would time for a quick nap before showering and dressing for classes.


The next week Myron stood on the steps of the Court House in the glare of hot afternoon sun. He was alone, and for the first time in a long time, he recalled the day three years ago that he had buried his mother and father. They had died together in a car crash; no one knew what happened, it just happened. Tears welled in his eyes today, just as they had that day.

What was it that was so wrong about what he had done? It wasn't as if he'd forced anyone to come to him, to buy what he had to sell. Yet he was blamed, just because he was older and should have known better. There was not trial, just a hearing with a judge, two lawyers and himself. He pleaded guilty to the charges against him. What else could he do? He was guilty. And now, or in a matter of days actually, he was going to jail. Not just a city or county jail, but to a state prison, not just for a few days, but for six months. He could barely stand he was so shocked when the judge had pronounced the sentence.

As he slowly climbed down the steps one by one, his first instinct was to run. To leave this sleepy little town, where he really had no reason to stay. But he couldn't do that: he'd given his word that he wouldn't. And whatever anyone said about him, he wouldn't go back on his word, he wasn't a liar.

As he walked the ten blocks to his apartment, he wasn't aware that anyone saw him. He went inside the building and up the stairs to his apartment. Once inside he lay down on the bed and began to sob, great deep sobs which came up from the depths of his soul.


Dirk walked slowly to school. He missed the company of having Tyrone beside him, as they would climb the hill to the school each day. Joey caught up with him and together they made their way to school. It was to be a sultry day, full of gloom and shadows, as the weather turned toward fall a hint of rain in the air.

James climbed down from the school bus just as Dirk and Joey came up the walk. It cheered him just to see them. His mood had so far been gloomy as well. He called to Dirk and hurried to catch up with them.

Joey, who had just now learned James's secret from Dirk in a quick whisper, was all smiles as he and Dirk waited for James to join them. Not that Dirk told him anything substantive, just a hint, an innuendo.

"James, do you know Joey?" Dirk asked.

"I've seen him about," James smiled and extended a hand, "It's nice to meet you, Joey."

"Likewise," Joey returned, not usually at a loss for words, could think of nothing else to say. But what words failed to convey, his eyes blared out for all to hear.

He's absolutely gorgeous! Joey screamed to himself, and eyed him up and down, mostly down.

Although such attention to his crotch usually brought James to semi-hardness, today it did more than that. He shifted his notebook so that it mostly covered the offending area and he gave Joey a look of recognition, and a little, of dismay. He was glad when the loud clanging bell sounded, and a great rush to get to class before the second bell. The three parted and went to their separate rooms, Joey on the second floor, Dirk and James on the third.


The sounding of the final bell of the day brought an end to the sense of comradeship which school had given them. The senior and junior classes felt the gloom more than the rest. Two more days of separation from their suspended classmates were ahead, days filled with more gloom and hatred toward the administration that had so selfishly acted to protect itself. It didn't take a genius to know that the school officials had known about the situation long before it happened and had done nothing to stop it.


Tyrone was glad that he had something active to do with his time while on suspension. He was luckier than some. His spirits had been lifted considerably by his encounter with Doug the night before. His loins had tingled constantly all day in remembrance of the long and arduous session. Sex, he thought as he cleaned up after a long day at the filling station, was the one thing that could conquer all depression, the only thing worth really striving for.


Doug, on his way home after classes that day, also remembered the past evening, but with a different sense of discord. Oh, he had enjoyed it, of that there could be not doubt, but the fact that he had been carrying on with minors again, still bothered him. It was the sort of thing that kept him in a constant state of depression. His one vice, if you will, his greatest sin, his love of sex with young guys. It was his personal road to hell.


The rest of the week passed as had the first days, and although the suspensions were completed, and the offenders returned to classes, the gloom barely changed. There were still the suspension of the sports and other activities that were to continue for the two-week period. Although the rest of the football games would be played, it wouldn't be the same until those who were on suspension were back on the team. To add to the gloom, the weather turned rainy and cold. This climate of impending winter settled in on the sleepy community as a blanket, encompassing everything, and everyone.

And as if these events were not enough, the first caskets from the war arrived by train, accompanied by smartly dressed soldiers, some barely able to hold back the tears which they felt for the people, which made them look even grimmer than they actually were.

To be continued

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