Let The World Go By

by: Richard

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Part One

The Early Years

Chapter 8

The break between graduation and of summer school starting was just two weeks. When he was accepted for college, James had decided that he would start with two classes in the summer. He thought that it would give him a chance to get used to the routine of college and it's more stringent requirements. From the moment he got onto campus, he was certain that he had done the right thing. There were so many new things to him, so many unfamiliar places, so many new ways of doing things. It was all too confusing to him. But by the end of the second week he had gathered all the information he needed to feel more comfortable and relaxed. He adapted more quickly than he realized he could.

The dorm he had thought he would be staying at was closed for the summer for painting and other maintenance, so the temporary quarters, which had been built in 1946, were used. He was assigned single a room, a room in the temporary barracks, as they were called. There were three barracks, but only one was used during the summer, because there weren't that many resident students during that period.

It was comfortable there, and he was soon used to the routine. He took his meals in the dining hall with most of the rest of the summer school students. Most of them were older than he was, guys who needed the summer to catch up. Many were foreign students, or students from the Islands of the South Pacific, places he'd only heard of.

Two such students lived next to him, on either side, in the barracks; Jim Cabbanilla and Joe Tangho, both from Guam. Jim was from Agana City and Joe from a farming community nearby. Both were juniors in school and Jim was twenty-two while Joe was twenty-four. James learned that it was not unusual for students from Guam to be older than their United States mainland counterparts.

While the two young men were older, they didn't look older. This was advantageous for them. They knew more about life than did the guys they lived with, including James, and could get into more trouble, if they chose to.

Having lived in the city for a couple of years, they knew all the right places to go, and even had girl friends, albeit high-school girls. Even James thought they were too young for them.

With no one he knew to hang around with, James found himself attracted to them. They were handsome and fun to be with. They spoke in their native language, and sometimes he would find himself thinking that they were talking about him, and of how naive he was. He wasn't wrong about that, but not in the way he imagined.


It was Saturday, the third weekend of the session, and Jim said that he was going to a movie with his girl friend. Joe said that he couldn't get his to go, so he would hang out with James. That was fine with James; Joe interested him more than Jim, who seemed more of a braggart than Joe.

The night air was warm and quiet. Dinner was over and Jim had just left to go to the movie.

"Let's take a walk," Joe suggested.

"Okay," James said and closed the book he had been reading. There wasn't any real hurry to get it done.

They both were dressed in jeans and tennis shoes. They carried lightweight sweaters in case it turned cool.

"Let's go down by the river," James suggested, "I think that I'd like to do some exploring."

Joe led the way, as James thought he would. It wasn't long before they were totally away from the sights and sounds of the city. The sun had just slipped below the horizon and the sky flamed into brilliant reds, deep grays, and purple. A slight breeze moved the branches of the tall elms high above on the bank and stirred the willows and tall grasses below.

James got the feeling that Joe was taking him someplace specific, and not just going for a walk. They followed trails along the riverbank where signs of human activity appeared, if one was careful to observe them, some were clear and understandable, others more indistinct and only hinted at something.

"I love this," James said.

"Me too," Joe said, "It reminds me of home. It's different though, this is not tropical like Guam."

"You miss being there?" James asked as they stopped near a clump of tall willows that hide the river from view.

"Yes," Joe answered, "Oh yes." He turned to James and offered him a cigarette. He took it, even though he didn't smoke all the time, he liked how it made him feel.

Joe lighted it for him and then his own. James puffed deeply, wanting to get the rush from the nicotine, a rush regular smokers failed to get. He exhaled in a long thin puff with his head tilted upward over Joe's head.

He felt Joe's hand on his crotch. He held his breath.

"You're very big," Joe said, "Not like Jim, he's small."

"You know him that way?" James asked.

"Oh yes," Joe smiled, "Those high-school girls are just for show. He and I have been boy friends since we got here."

"Then maybe we shouldn't," James said although he hoped that it wouldn't matter.

"It's okay," Joe said, "He wants me to. That's why I didn't go to the movie with them."

"He wants you to be with me?" James couldn't believe it.

"Sure, he likes you too," Joe explained, "But he's so shy to try it with you. He doesn't want you to be mad with him."

"Mad at him? Why?" James asked.

"Silly!" Joe laughed, "Some guys don't like guys who do this with other guys. He's afraid you might be like them. One time, two years ago, he tried it with someone like you, and the guy hit him and broke his nose. Ever since, he's been too shy."

"That must have hurt him a lot," James said.

"It did," Joe said, "His pride more than his face."

All the while they were talking Joe had continued massaging James' crotch.

Joe knelt down in front of him. He reached up and undid James' belt and buttons, pulling down his pants and briefs.

James' big cock jumped up slapping his stomach as it was released from captivity.

"Very big!" Joe said smiling broadly. He opened his mouth and took it fully into his throat in a single motion.

James gasped from the shock and warmth of the possession. So tantalizing was the sensation that he very nearly climaxed right away. He put his sweater on so that he wouldn't loose or forget it.

Joe realized it at once and let go of him, "You too hot!" he said, and he stood up. He undid his own trousers and let them fall to the ground. He slipped his boxer shorts down releasing his own cock. It was good sized, and darkly colored, with no foreskin to cover the nearly black satiny head.

James knelt down and took it into his mouth gently, licking caressing it with his tongue and lips.

"You're so good," he said, "You take it all." He pulled James' head fully against his groin shoving the hot stiff dick into James' throat. James struggled a moment before becoming comfortable with it. It wasn't the size but the stiffness and angle of it pressing against his pallet that caused him to gag slightly. Once he had adjusted his position to allow a straight path for the rigid shaft, it was only a matter of seconds and Joe erupted with a flood of hot sticky cum spurting it down his tight throat. Joe soon cried out loudly in ecstasy and pain trying to dislodge himself from James' mouth, but James had reached up and grasp him by the buttocks and was holding him in place and refused to let him go. He did cease with the flicking motion of his tongue against the painfully glutted glans. Slowly he felt Joe's body relax and then he eased the pressure and cleaned the surface of the still rigid cock with his tongue and lips. At last he allowed Joe to slowly withdraw it from his mouth.

"Ohhh," Joe sighed in relief, "I've never had anyone do it so well before. Where did you learn to do that?"

"It just comes naturally to me. I just do what I'd want someone to do for me," James wiped his mouth with his tongue and then his hand, and asked, "You truly enjoyed that?"

"I'll say," Joe laughed, "Jim will be a long time in catching up with you in that department."

"You'd be surprised," James said, "Once he's had it down that way, it'll be just a matter of time before he gets the knack of it."

"Let me catch my breath," Joe said, "And we'll see if I can do it for you."

"There's no hurry," James smiled, "You look totally exhausted."

"Here," Joe said, "Have a cigarette, let's relax a moment."

He lighted both of them and handed one to James. It was now nearly totally dark, and the glowing cigarettes told others in the area where they were standing.

A cough, the flick of a lighter, the snap of a twig, told them that they were not alone any longer. James became uneasy as he saw the shadowy figures standing in the darkness nearby.

"Don't they bother you?" James asked of Joe softly.

"No," Joe smiled slightly, "In fact sometimes, it really turns me on to know that someone else is watching."

An image flashed through his mind: the remembrance of that incident when he was on the canoe trip a year ago, and of how it effected him with the others watching.

"I guess it can be," he breathed slowly as the nicotine raced through his veins, causing his head to begin spinning.

In the darkness he felt Joe slip down and begin giving his a blowjob once again, caressing his cock into unbending hardness. He breathed slowly trying to prolong the intensity of sensation he was getting. The frequency of flickering cigarettes increased as he began to moan with pleasure. As he was rising higher and higher in his enjoyment of the ministrations of his friend, he felt the sensation of a hard object touching his behind, not insisting, just teasing. Someone had slipped up behind him and was playing with his butt with the head of their hard, cock. It was moist and warm against his tense muscles.

Suddenly he reached his zenith and exploded in climax sending a torrent of fluid spurting into Joe's eager mouth. He tightened his cheeks and immediately felt a moistness come forth from the cock behind him and a sudden thrusting against him; with hands on his hips. The man behind him kissed him on the neck sending tingling sensations down his spine, and causing additional spurting from his turgid cock. Joe was continuing his tantalizing action under his foreskin with his hot tongue. James' body convulsed in delirium with the pleasure of it all.

Without a word the man behind him left in the darkness, as Joe started to get up.

"That was great," James sighed.

"You're so big, I can't do it right," Joe said.

"But you did it just fine," James said.

"You're sure?" Joe asked.

"Trust me," James chuckled. "You did have a little help though."

"Help?" Joe asked.

"Yeah. Some guy was behind me. With his dick between my cheeks, teasing, threatening me with it."

"Yeah?" Joe asked in disbelief.

"And when I came, so did he," James explained, "I think he bit my neck too. Didn't you see him, or feel him."

"No, I was too busy with you to notice," Joe said leaning against him and kissing his chest.

Joe began to chuckle, "I'll bet your pants and underwear are a mess."


"If he came it's run down into them, and when you came I did too, so you got it from both sides."

James reached down, "You're right, they are wet."

"That's okay, it's dark, no one will notice," he laughed.

"But they'll be cold!" James protested jokingly.

"Here, let me warm you up," Joe said hugging him.

"You're terrible," James giggled and pretended to push him away, but kept hold of him by the arms and pulled him back up against himself. He felt the heat and moistness of Joe's cock against his legs.

"Let's go back," James said, "I want to take you to bed with me."

"Okay," Joe sighed, "I'd love that."

James reached down and pulled his pants partway up, and then reached into his jeans pocket and took out a handkerchief. He unfolded it and wiped his rear and his shorts with it. Then he pulled up the underwear and pants the rest of the way. They were still damp and cold, but he didn't care. When they were dressed again, they hurried back the way they'd come, and were soon up on the street again. A short time later they were walking into the barracks.


Later they lay quietly on the small bed exhausted from the bout of sex they'd just finished. There was a soft knocking at the door.

"Who could that be?" James asked.

"I don't know," Joe whispered, "But I'll bet it's Jim."

"Do you suppose?" James asked.

"Sure," Joe whispered again. "Wait let me get up and hide behind the door. Joe got up quickly and grabbed his clothes and stood behind the door.

James pulled on his jockeys and went to the door. He opened it a little and peered out.

"James?" it was Jim, "You seen Joe?" With the lights off he couldn't see him standing behind the door.

"Oh, not for a while," James smiled slightly, trying to look as if he'd just awakened.

"Can I come in?" Jim asked.

James started to open the door to let him in.

"You look hot," Jim said groping him in the crotch. James had forgotten that he was still mostly hard when he answered the door.

James closed the door quietly as Jim came inside. Jim quickly went to his knees and was pulling down James' underwear.

"What are you doing?" Joe's voice came softly from behind James trying sound stern.

Jim stood up immediately, "Joe?" he called softly.

"Who else?" Joe giggled.

"I might have known," Jim said giggling too. They all laughed and soon fell into the small bed.


In the week that followed the three became close friends. There was hardly a time when at least two of them weren't seen together, and often it was all three.

The following Saturday, Jim and Joe had to go to a party put on by one of the girls they had been dating. It was something that they couldn't get out of, and which had been planned two weeks ago.

James planned to catch up on some reading that he had neglected. He took his book and went outside, as it was hot and humid that evening. He sat in the shade on the steps leading to the parking lot.

He was intent on his reading and hadn't noticed the young man who was working on his car in the parking lot below.

Monroe was replacing the spark plugs in the '49 Chevrolet Coupe he owned and was just finishing up when he spotted the tall handsome guy who lived in the barracks just two doors down from his room. He'd seen him before, but hadn't really paid much attention to him. But today there was something about him that caught his eye.

Being the one of half a dozen Black students the campus that summer had restricted his social interactions with his fellow students. During the year he had a group of friends, both Black and White, with whom he associated. Dressed in ragged cut off jeans and a well-worn tee shirt and wearing an old pair of tennis shoes without socks, he hardly looked more than fifteen, though he was just past his twenty-first birthday. He was Black, of that there was no doubt, with kinky black hair, thick full lips, and slightly flattened nose, but his skin color was that of coffee with a lot of cream in it. In the heat of the evening, it glistened with perspiration mixed with the natural oils of his skin. He was a handsome man, and he knew it, but it had never been something that had interfered with his personality, he wasn't vain or big headed about it. Back home in Texas the girls all gathered around him. And while he dated girls occasionally, he didn't get involved with any of them. He had his education to think of, his mother had made that an important goal for him, and he stuck to it.

James was concentrating on his book and didn't see Monroe start toward the steps. James heard the footsteps and looked up. There had been some problems with kids playing in the parking lot, and fooling around with the cars recently, so when he saw what he thought was one of them coming his way he started to get up to say something.

But he suddenly realized that it wasn't one of the kids, this was someone who lived in the building where he lived, and he relaxed again.

"Hi," Monroe said smiling as he came close to James.

"Hi," James returned.

"You're James Arneson, aren't you?" Monroe asked, deciding that he wanted to get to know him.

"Yes," James said standing up, "And you're Monroe, right?"

"That's right, Monroe Hamilton. I was just working on my car."

"Giving you a problem?" James asked.

"No," Monroe laughed, "And I want to keep it that way."

James laughed too.

"Say," Monroe said, "I'm going to get something to eat in a while, you want to go along?"

"Sure," he didn't know why he said it but he did, "Sure why not."

"Great!" Monroe smiled broadly, "Give me a few minutes to shower and change clothes."

"Okay, what'll you be wearing?" James asked.

"What you've got on is fine. It's too hot to be formal." Monroe looked him intently letting his eyes gaze at him appreciatively. He like the long sleek look of him in his jeans, the way they hugged his crotch. "If they hug your butt as good," he thought, "You'll really be in trouble."

"Great," James said, "I'll be waiting." He watched as Monroe bounded up the steps and into the building. Something inside him stirred. He brushed it aside and went back to his reading.

James had barely returned to his reading when he saw Monroe coming out of the building. He got up quickly and headed toward him.

"I'll put my book away, and I'll be right out."

"Okay, no hurry," Monroe said.

James did hurry, and stopped to use the bathroom on his way back.

"Ready?" Monroe asked as James returned.


They walked down the steps and over to the shinny blue Ford two-door sedan Monroe had just worked on.

"Yours?" James asked.

"She's all mine," Monroe beamed.

"It's a beauty," James swooned, "You really do take care of it."

"I have to," he said, "It's got to last me six more years, till I finished med-school and my internship."

"Wow," James said, sounding like a school boy, "I mean..."

Monroe laughed, "Climb in and we'll see well I did." He turned the key and the engine roared to life, and then idled back to a purr.

"Sounds like you did all right," James said leaning back in the seat, "What year is it? I never can tell one car from another."

"Yeah," Monroe smiled, "It does, doesn't it." He skillfully backed it out of the parking space, and then shifted into first. He eased it out onto the street and shifted up to second. There wasn't a hesitation as he worked it into high, "It's a '49. My folks gave it to me when I graduated from high school."


The broad tree lined street that fronted the college had few cars on it. It was early yet, and the scent of freshly mowed grass hung in the air as if it were cologne for the houses. A few children played in the yards as their mothers sat on the steps watching. Here and there a boy and his father were throwing a ball back and forth.

Monroe guided the sleek coupe up the street toward downtown. He had his favorite place in mind. They served ribs with all the fixings. He hoped that James liked ribs.

At the last minute, before walking into the restaurant, Monroe panicked when he remembered that James was White, and this was a colored establishment.

"Maybe we shouldn't go here," he said, almost ashamed that he said it.

"Why? Because it's a colored restaurant?" James asked, "If they don't mind, I certainly don't."

Monroe smiled broadly, glad that he had hesitated. He now knew he didn't have to worry about his new friend.

With the usual good service and good food, the meal was a masterpiece of Southern style barbecue. They both enjoyed it, and ate their fill. Certainly more expensive than drive-in food, but less than comparable food in a restaurant in a White neighborhood, it was well within what they could both afford, at least, once in awhile.

As they got back into the car, the conversation had come to a lull. It was as if they'd said all that they could think of to say by way of general conversation, and now were about to get into a more meaningful area, more personal, and more difficult. For a long while neither said anything, content to reflect on what each had heard the other saying earlier, and to digest it along with the tasty food they had just enjoyed.

Finally it was James who spoke.

"I can't tell you when I've enjoyed myself more."

"I'm glad you liked the food," Monroe said pensively.

"I don't mean just the food, though it was special," James looked at Monroe smiling, "But being with you, listening to you, learning about you and your family."

Monroe reached out and put his hand on James' arm, "I know what you mean." He started the car and drove off headed, where exactly, he wasn't sure. The sun was beginning to sink low in the sky, aflame with golds and reds, a promise of another nice day tomorrow.

He turned onto the boulevard that wound along the river. The tall elms with their dark green foliage shadowed the road and nearly blotted out the sunset.

"Park along here somewhere," James suggested, "We can walk along the river and watch the sun go down."

Monroe saw a spot and pulled into it.

"You think this is okay?" Monroe asked.

"I don't see any signs saying we can't?" James said, "Besides, all the rest are here. Why can't we park too?"

Monroe had never walked along the riverbank at this close proximity. He was surprised that one could get down so easily. There seemed to be trails everywhere, and people walking along them. As they walked he became increasingly aware that there were only men on the trails, and soon also aware that the main interest here was not the sunset. He became tense and agitated.

"Are you sure this is okay?" he asked.

"Yeah," James said, "It's gorgeous, isn't it?"

"Yeah," Monroe said smiling at James' apparent innocence, "You surely are."

He put his hand on James' shoulder as they walked in an effort to calm his nerves.

James was aware of the growing sense of intimacy that was developing between them. His excitement was causing his heart to race and his groin to tingle.

They passed into a thicket of willows and suddenly they were totally alone. Both stopped at the same time and turned to look at each other.

Monroe pulled him close to himself and felt the warmth and excitement of the younger body pressing against him. "Nothing," he felt, "Could stop it now, nothing."

It was James who broke off the embrace. "Let's go back to the barracks, to my room," he said breathing heavily, becoming drenched in perspiration, "I want to be with you, alone." Monroe nodded and taking James' hand they headed back toward the street above.

It was fully dark now, and their shoes sounded on the loose stones of the parking lot. Neither was aware of the eyes that followed them. Once inside the barracks, it was Monroe who suggested that they go to his room, as there was less chance that anyone would disturb them. James remembering the last time with Joe and Jim, he agreed.

Once they were alone behind the securely locked door the pent-up passions broke loose and they were soon naked on the floor tangled in an unrestrained orgy of desire.

In the tranquility of the night the fires of passion occasionally rekindled and they exhausted themselves in untamed desire, until at last they could not continue. Sleep ultimately crept over them, and rest cured their bodies of the fatigue of the encounter.


It was just passed noon on Sunday when James slipped quietly out of Monroe's room and over to his own. He shed his clothes again, and went to the shower-room. Monroe had insisted that they not meet there out of fear of what occur between them if they did.

As he entered he heard the familiar and welcome sound of water spraying in one of the stalls. He wet down his face and soaped it, then quickly spread the shave cream on his fingertips. Slowly and deliberately he smoothed on the shave cream, working it into his light beard. In a few minutes he was finished shaving.

He gathered his gear together and walked back to the shower area and selected a stall at the back of the room. He hung up his towel and turned on the water. After adjusting the temperature, he slipped inside. There were no curtains on the stalls, which was why he chose the one that he had. The man in the second stall was someone he didn't really know. The only things he knew about him was that his name was John, he was a member of the football squad, nice looking in a strange, macho sort of way.

James lathered up the soap in his hands and began washing himself. The tingle of the water against his skin was refreshing. He took a dab of shampoo from the jar and quickly worked up a mound of lather in his hair. It was when he was rinsing the shampoo from his hair that he realized that someone was watching him. He turned toward the opening to see who it was. It was John, the man he'd seen in the other shower on his way in. He was drying himself and grinning.

"Sure feels good," the man said, "After a long night in the sack."

"Yeah," James answered trying to be friendly, "It does."

"Did you have a good sleep?" John asked. Something in the tone of his voice told James that it wasn't about sleeping that John was asking. And when John moved the towel from in front of himself to dry his back, that James saw that John was fully erect.

"Sure," James said smiling, "How about you?"

"Not as good as you did, though."

"Oh? How's that?" The statement puzzled James.

"I mean, I saw you and that nigger come in last night." John sneered.

James was infuriated by the remark. Why would anyone use that word? And why would anyone care whom he came in with? He glared at John and said nothing.

"Did you enjoy sleeping with him?" John leered.

His worst fears became reality.

"What makes you think that?" James asked trying to be calm and collected.

"Well, I saw you come in with him," John said and added, "I didn't see you go to your room."

"How long did you watch my door," John smiled, "I mean, did you watch all night long?"

"Of course not!" John was indignant, "Why should I?"

"Well then, how do you know how long I stayed, or if I even went there at all?"

John was clearly guessing, and becoming confused. "I meant..."

"Don't assume anything," James grinned, "If you want to sleep with him, I'm afraid you'll have to talk with him about that."

"It wasn't him that..." John stopped realizing that he'd said more than he'd intended.

James started to laugh, but said simply, "Ohhh." He noticed that John's erection had remained firm and upright throughout the conversation.

"You really ought to do something about that," James said laughing and pointing to the less than five inches of hard dick, "Someone could get the wrong idea."

"I didn't mean any harm by what I said," John stammered, "I just thought that I should warn you. Some people don't kindly to niggers around here."

"He's a Negro," James said firmly, "And he's a friend of mine. Any objections?"

"No," John said softly, his erection began to wilt.

"As far as my sleeping with you," James frowned, "I don't think that I would enjoy it that much even if that's what I might want to do." He lowered his gaze to John's crotch and up again. He turned and continued his shower.

John covered himself and hurried from the shower-room, defeated in his attempt to find out about James. If James had slept with Monroe, he didn't really care, but if he didn't want to sleep with him, that was something different. It hurt his ego, and he would get even with him for that. Besides, he thought, he wasn't that good looking, and surely his dick wasn't that big.


James was just finishing drying when Monroe appeared in the shower-room. A smile flashed across their faces as they saw each other.

"Ohhh," James said, "You missed it!" He told Monroe about the incident with John leaving out the offensive words, ending with, "And you know, he had the nerve to suggest that he and I sleep together."

Monroe listened grinning as James gave him the details.

"I always thought that he was," Monroe said, "I never gave him any thought. I had no idea that he was such a small person, he's such a jock and all." They laughed.

Several weeks went by, and Monroe and James became closer friends, and although James continued to see Jim and Joe, he never slept with either of them again. They saw him and Monroe together, and assumed that they were having an affair. Although they were a bit jealous, they never let on, nor did they really care, they had each other.


Summer classes were nearly over, with one more week before exams. James and Monroe studied together, each helping the other. It was surprising to Monroe how much James was able to aid him in his studies, even though he'd never taken the courses. It seemed that he had an instinct about problem solving which transcended the subject matter.

James left Monroe's room late on Friday night, to let Monroe read his notes again. They hadn't had sex in several days, but Monroe had asked him to wait until the next night so he could finish reading. James was not upset by the request, and was looking forward to the next day with relish. He was horny, but not in the mood to press the matter as he also had studying to do.

A radio blared in the room next to his. He could tell he wouldn't be able to study with it going, so he decided to go for a walk. "Maybe when I got back," he thought, "it will be off."

It was warm, in fact rather humid, and he wore only a tee shirt and his lightweight shorts with sneakers. He was not conscious of any particular direction he was walking, and soon found that he was walking along the riverbank, but high above on the sidewalk next to the parkway that followed the river through that section of the city.

A sliver of a new moon barely lighted the later summer sky. As he walked he was aware that the car traffic would slow as it came passed him and then speed up again once they were beyond him. It seemed a non-offensive way of cruising. It was not until he came to a short stretch of the road that had several streetlights that were burned out, that he heard the footsteps behind him.

With all the traffic on the parkway he felt in no particular danger, and continued on down the sidewalk. He was in the middle of the darkened stretch when he realized that who ever was following him was nearly upon him. He turned. At first he didn't recognize him, but then as a car passed by, he saw that it was John.

He was a little annoyed, but decided against any action. The hesitation in his turning around allowed John to pull along side of him. Fully dressed and in the darkness John seemed bigger than he had in the shower-room. They greeted each other and continued walking.

In barely the blink of an eye, two men jumped from the darkness ahead of them. James couldn't see who they were, only that they were large men. They grabbed him, and the other, John, led the way. As they tussled, James felt himself being pulled further into the darkness and into the underbrush that grew along the sidewalk. A sharp blow to his head from a massive overhead tree branch, and he fell limp in the arms of his captors.

Pain called him from his slumber, pain in his head, and pain everywhere, it seemed. It felt as if he had been dragged across burning coals, his skin felt torn and bleeding. He tried to move but was restrained by two pairs of strong arms and hands. It was still dark and he could barely make out anything.

"He's coming to," one figure whispered.

"Don't let him go," another whispered back.

"Well, nigger-lover, it's about time you woke up." That voice he recognized, it was John.

James kept silent. Now he could see a little more as his eyes began to focus better and become accustomed to the darkness. John was kneeling on the blanket next to him, and two others were kneeling also, one on either end of him. He lay on his back with one man holding his arms and the other his feet. Where exactly he was, he couldn't tell, but it had to be somewhere along the river, in a small clearing in a clump of willows.

"Let's see the light," John said.

"Here," he was handed a small flashlight by the one sitting on his feet. As the man shifted slightly, he moved his toes and could tell he still had on his sneakers.

John turned on the light and shined it on his face. James squinted and turned away from the light.

"Don't be shy," John laughed, "But you will look a little worse for wear tomorrow." Then he turned the light on James' body. "That's what we really want to see anyway."

It was then that James realized that except for his sneakers he was naked. He'd had on only the tee shirt, shorts and underwear, and now these were gone.

He felt John's hands exploring his body slowly as if entranced by what he was doing. James closed his eyes, feeling that if he couldn't see what was happening, it wouldn't affect him.

He was wrong. Every touch, every tracing of the soft fingers on his body excited him. His body responded in exactly the way that John intended.

"You see," John said giggling, "He does like Whites too."

He was now fondling James' fully erect cock. James opened his eyes to see John leaning over it and putting his tongue on it, and then opened his mouth and slid it down over the burning shaft.

James struggled, but couldn't move. He hated himself for responding to what John was doing, but there was no controlling what was going on in his body. All his body knew was that someone was caressing it, and it responded in the way it had learned.

"Ohhh," John said taking his mouth away, "He does taste good." John cupped James' balls in his hand and smiled, "They are so big. I'll bet you've got a big load too!"

James tried to withdraw from what was happening. But the harder he tried to relax, the more excited and harder his cock became.

John got up and took off his pants and underwear. His small cock was hard up against his belly. James turned his face away from the sight of it.

John knelt down next to him. "Turn his head around, and let's see if he gives a good blowjob." Rough hands grasp his head and forced it toward John's hard cock. John pushed it down and into James' mouth. At the same time the guy sitting on his legs leaned over and put his mouth over James' raging hard-on. Both felt good. As revolted by what was happening to him, he could not help but enjoy the sexual part of it.

"Don't let him cum yet," John commanded. The man took his mouth away. James moaned. Another few seconds and the command to stop wouldn't have done any good. John thrust his cock in and out of James' tightly closed lips, and in a moment shot his load into his mouth. James gulped to contain the fluid and instinctively flicked his tongue around causing John to thrust again and send one final spurt shooting down his throat.

"My turn!" said the guy holding his arms. In a moment he and John switched positions. Although not much longer, the diameter of his cock was twice that of John's, short and fat. The thrusting and grunting which followed did little to quell James' passions, his cock remained hard and up against his belly.

It didn't take the guy long to cum either, apparently his excitement was as great as James'. When he was finished, the guy sitting on his legs leaned over and teased James again.

"Okay," the guy said, "Now it's my turn." He switched positions with the one who had just shot his load. In spite of the pain and discomfort James could see that we was going to enjoy this one. He was surprised to see how big it was. It was almost as long as the other two combined, and as big around as the second guy.

The guy thrust it into James' mouth and pumped back and forth for a while.

"Now," the guy said, "Roll him over. He's going to get fucked, since he's apparently into that sort of thing!"

The very thought of it sent shivers down his spine, and his cock began to droop.

"See what you've done," John giggled, teasing James' semi-hard cock, "You've frightened him."

John and the guy on his legs rolled him onto his stomach while the third guy tried to position himself to enter James. He managed to push his cock down between James' legs, but couldn't get the angle he needed to enter.

"Okay," the guy said, "Kneel up and don't try anything funny!" The guy sitting on James' legs moved away while the one sitting on his butt slid down so that James could comply with the instructions. James somehow managed to pull his knees up and with his head down on the blanket and his arms out in front of him; he was in the best position that he could maintain. The man with the big dick once again tried to gain entrance. But the position still wasn't going to work.

"Roll him back," the guy said, "We'll do it the other way!"

Once again on his back he felt his legs hoisted onto the guy's shoulders. This time there was no problem. The big, fat dick, now well lubricated with pre-cum, slipped easily inside. It didn't feel bad, as he relaxed to accommodate it. It wasn't as big as Monroe's, but not bad.

As excited as the guy was with all the delays, it didn't take him long to reach his climax. James felt him thrust and shoot. The hot liquid shot up inside him, and the guy moaned in delight. The guy fell on top of him as he finished. His body was warm and damp. James was glad that it was over.

"Did he cum?" John asked.

"How should I know," the guy asked.

"Well, get off so I can check." The guy did as John asked. For a moment James was glad that John was there. But then as John began sucking on his cock, teasing it back to full hardness, he regretted his gratitude. He had to give John credit; he did know how to give a blowjob. But with all the determination he could muster, James withheld the prize. He'd gotten himself into a state of mind that precluded his climax. He even managed to let his dick soften, so much so that John soon gave up.

"He must have cum," John said, "He's gone soft already."

"Here," the guy with the big cock said, "Let me try." They traded positions.

James once again got hard, and then maintained his level of excitement just below the pinnacle. He was enjoying it, but was withholding the sought after ejaculation. But the guy was not going to be denied. He knew where James was on the climb toward climax, and he knew how to force him over the top. For another few minutes he enjoyed the sucking and playing, and then he took his hand away from his own dick which was about ready to shoot again, and shoved two fingers into the still wet opening of James' butt. The sudden invasion and shock on his prostate sent James over the top. He sent a spurting load into the guy's throat and mouth. With all that the guy could do, he couldn't contain it all, and some began running out the sides of his mouth and dripping onto James' belly. Again and again James shot spurt after hot spurt of cum. He guy withdrew his fingers and quickly resumed stroking his own cock to climax. Then he fell exhausted on top of James.

Both lay breathing heavily as John complained, "Ohhh, I wanted to make him cum." John stood up disgusted and got dressed.

"Oh well," he said finally, "Let's get out of here. I'll see you two guys tomorrow." John quickly disappeared in the darkness, soon followed by the guy who'd originally been sitting on his arms, the one with the short fat cock.

James lay with his eyes closed, trying to recover, sensing that he would soon be alone in the darkness, naked and not knowing where his clothes were.

"Bastards!" said the remaining guy. Slowly he got up and began straightening up his clothes. James lay silent on the blanket waiting for him to leave.

"You okay?" the guy asked.

James opened his eyes to see him kneeling over him.

"You okay?" he asked again.

"Yeah," James managed, "I'll be okay." He sat up and looked around.

The guy got up and went a little ways away. "Here," he said, "My name is Greg. Here are your clothes. I'd like to stay and help you, but I can't, you know. You know your way back?"

"Yeah," James sighed, "I guess I can find my way once I get up to the street."

The man started to leave. He stopped and turned around, "You're a good fuck, you know. And you give a really good load." And James was suddenly alone in the darkness.


James went to the shower-room as soon as he got back to the barracks. The lights were all off in the rooms, and the hall lights were dimmed. He looked in the mirror as he undressed in the bathroom. He looked awful; his face was bruised and his hair mussed, and there were small scratches all over his body. But nothing was broken, though his head still ached.

He adjusted the water to warm and stepped under the spray and collapsed.


To be continued

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