Love in the Army 

Chapter 19

By Mikkiwriter


Gavin and Dean were sat outside by the pool that Gareth had in his garden, and Dean smiled and said, “I could get used to this.”

Gavin laughed and said, “nah, you would miss the rain too much.”

“Yeah right,” Dean said, slapping Gavin on the back of his head.

“But I couldn’t live here, though. I like the UK too much,” Gavin said.

“No, it is great to visit but it is way too far away from home,” Dean said.


The next morning


The lads were up early and joined Richie, Brad, and Jaden for the short journey to the nearby beach. Dean was really excited, as he hadn’t surfed since the incident and was eager to get on the water. Gavin was nervous, as he had never got into surfing even though his late best friend Jack loved to surf.

Richie had taken up surfing after he went to Newquay Cornwall for a holiday with a group of his mates and really enjoyed surfing the waves. Jaden joked that he could surf before he could walk. Gavin was soon getting to grips with the surfing ,and was really enjoying it, even if he had fallen off more times than the rest of the group.

Gavin sat on the beach watching his boyfriend, really enjoy himself and smiled. Dean walked out of the sea with the surfboard under his arm and said, “hey, why aren’t you in the water?”

Gavin laughed and said, “nah, I am enjoying sitting here watching you lot have fun.”

“You silly bugger,” Dean said.

Gavin was watching Richie and Jaden and said, “you know, those two are getting really close. I hope Richie isn’t planning on hurting Jaden.”

“Hey, don’t worry about it. As far as we know it might just be a friendship,” Dean said.

“Yeah, but I will speak to Richie later,” Gavin said.

Dean smiled and said, “the worried older brother.”

Gavin laughed and said, “go on, get back in the water. You are really good.”

“Ok babe, if you’re ok here on your own,” Dean said.

“I will be fine, don’t worry about me,” Gavin said.


Back in the UK


Tom had just got in, and was cooking dinner for him and Ben. The joint of beef was cooking in the oven, and the vegetables were simmering nicely, so he went into the lounge. Tom picked up the daily paper and looked at the headline. “MOD to Scrap Plans to Merge the Family Support Units After Cost Review

Tom read the article and was shocked to see that there had already been over a million pound spent,  just to try and merge the three units into one. He also read that the temporary head, Nicholas Green, had already left to take up a new post. This surprised Tom as he thought that Nick would have maybe moved back to take day to day charge of the Army FSU.

It also said that General Taylor had resigned over the overspend, and that pleased Tom as he knew that  Taylor was a prize idiot. Tom always thought that he should have gone after the care fiasco. Tom decided to be nosey and try and find out where Nicholas had gone. Tom phoned Philip Trent.

“Hi Philip, its Tom Rees. How are you mate?” Tom asked.

“Yeah Tom, I am fine how are you and Ben?”

“Yeah we are fine mate. I just read the news, mate. So why did Nick quit?” Tom asked.

“Mate, I have no idea really. He told me that they told him yesterday that the new tri service system was being scrapped, and he decided that he wouldn’t return to the Army FSU.  So he has taken a role as the new head of the RMP,” Philip said.

“Really, I thought that was Thompson’s unit, mate? Tom asked.

“Oh, you haven’t heard. He got busted, mate. He has been charged with misuse of Army equipment, something to do with using an Army truck for his own use,” Philip said.

“Oh, wow. Well let’s hope this gets rid of that idiot for good,” Tom said.

“Well, as they have appointed Nick to his job, it looks like whatever the result of the court martial, he won’t be returning to his old role,” Philip said.

“So Philip, how does it feel to be in charge of the whole FSU then at last?” Tom asked.

“To be honest, it is only just sinking in,” Philip said.

“Well, I am glad you have got the role, mate. It couldn’t go to a better person. You have sunk a lot of your life into that unit mate,” Tom said.

“Yeah but so did Nick, Alex, and you, before him mate,” Philip said.

“Yeah it is that kind of role,” Tom said.

“Yeah it is,” Philip said.

“Well mate, I will let you get on.”

“Ok Tom, speak again soon,” Philip said.

“Yeah definitely.”


A couple of days later


25 year old Jake Edwards had grown up with his mum and who he thought was his dad, in Merthyr Tydfil. Jake works for the ambulance service as a paramedic. All was fine until last year, when his mum passed away from cancer. When she was told that the cancer was terminal, she sat her three sons down and dropped a bombshell on Jake. She told him where, as his two younger brothers were Alan’s, that his father was a soldier she had a fling with before she met Alan. Jake was lost for words, at first, but then stormed out of the family home and went to the local pub.

He started to drink heavily, more and more as his mums illness got worse, and by the time she had died, he was always drunk. He got suspended from work for turning up drunk and was now off sick. Alan tried to get through to him, but he pushed him away. It took an accident involving his youngest brother, Keith, to make him realise he had gone too far.

Keith spent three days in hospital after Jake accidently knocked Keith off a ladder, when he was cleaning windows. This was the push Jake needed and he spent the next three days perched next to his brothers’ bed holding his hand.

Jake hasn’t had a drink since.

Jake has started to try and find out some information about his real dad, or as he called him the sperm donor. He couldn’t believe that someone would just abandon his mum when she was pregnant. He has so far drawn a blank. He visited the Rhondda village, where his mum was brought up, and that didn’t give him any more information to go on.


Jake arrived at the village for the second time and started to walk around. He spotted the rugby clubhouse and went in.


Barbara Williams’ family have been in the village for years, and she knew the Taylor and the Rees families well. Barbara and her husband are stewards at the local rugby club. Barbara and Len are well known in the local village, and Barbara was known as aunty Babs to most people. It was Len, her husband, who was working the bar when Jake walked in.

“What can I get you?” Len asked.

“Just a coke please,” Jake said.

“No problem,” Len replied.

Len came back with Jake’s coke and said, “you remind me of someone.”

“Umm, I am not from around here,” Jake said.

“Well you do, but can’t place who.”

“Ok well, umm would you know an ex soldier called Matthew Taylor by any chance?” Jake said.

Len looked at Jake and said, “that’s who you remind me of, Matthew, of course.”

“So you know him?”

“Well yeah, he was well known around these parts, one of our local heroes,” Len said.

“Oh, so he doesn’t live around here anymore then?” Jake asked.

“No son, he died out in Afghanistan,” Len said.

Jake felt the tears fall from his eyes as Len said,“stay there. Let me get my wife.

Barbara saw Jake and said, “I understand you are looking for Matthew Taylor?”

“Yeah he is or was my dad,” Jake said.

“Oh my god don’t you look like him,” Barbara said.

“So who is your mum?” Barbara asked

“My mum was Natalie James, later Edwards,” Jake said.

“Didn’t her mum move to Merthyr?” Barbara asked.

“Yeah that’s right, and we lived there ever since,” Jake said.

“I remember Natalie and Matthew being together. They split a few days before he went to his basic Army training, and then he went out to that godforsaken place a while later,” Barbara said.

“So, does any of Matthews’s family still live here?” Jake asked.

“No son, they don’t. Your gran, Julie and your aunt Kathleen perished in a car crash a couple of years after your dad died, and your uncle Rhys is a nurse. He lives in England somewhere, but where I am not sure.  I haven’t seen him for a good while,”. Barbara said.

“Oh, ok. So I guess I have had a wasted journey then,” Jake said.

“No you haven’t, because I know someone I can get in touch with, who will definitely know where your uncle and cousins are,” Barbara said.

“Oh, who?” Jake said.

“Your dad’s best friend and the son of my late best friend, Tom Rees,” Barbara said.

“Oh, ok thanks,” Jake replied.

Tom, meanwhile, had been in south Wales for a two day conference at the local legion HQ. He decided, as he was nearby, he would take some flowers up to his parent’s grave. Tom, as usual, put flowers on his parents’, Julie’s, and Matthew’s graves. He headed down to his mum’s old flat, which he had kept as a place he could stay at when he was in Wales.


Tom was spotted by Mrs Griffiths, another one of his late mum’s WI friends, and she walked over and said, “hi Tom, how are you?”

“Oh, hi Mrs Griffiths. Yeah I am fine. How are you?” Tom replied smiling.

“Yeah, I am fine thank you. So what brings you down here?” Mrs Griffiths asked.

“Well, I have a two day conference in Cardiff, so I am staying at the flat rather than pay unnecessary hotel prices,” Tom said.

“I can understand that,” Mrs Griffiths said.

“So how’s the Wi coping without mum?” Tom asked.

“Not very well, to be honest. Some woman called Jessica Hargreaves has joined and is trying to take over. And to be honest, she is a right pain in the arse,” Mrs Griffiths said.

“Hargreaves, where have I heard that name? Oh shit, yes that was the woman who set up a residents committee at the place mum lived before she moved down here to Wilton Court,” Tom said.

“Yeah, she lives at Colliery Court,” Mrs Griffiths said.

“Yeah, that’s where mum used to live. She was a right one. I had a big run in with her and eventually mum moved to Wilton Court,” Tom said.

“Yeah, well she has already alienated several long standing members, and to be honest, I have stopped volunteering as well. I just can’t get on with the woman,” Mrs Griffiths said.

“Well, it is their loss Mrs. Griffiths, because I know mum really appreciated all you did for the WI in her time as chairperson,” Tom said.

“Yeah, Lucy is well missed,” Mrs Griffiths replied.

“Yeah, she is,” Tom said.

“Well, young man, I will let you get on,” Mrs. Griffiths said.

“Ok thanks. I hope to see you again, and don’t let that woman push you out,” Tom said.

“No I won’t, don’t you worry,” Mrs Griffiths said smiling.

“Bye Tom,” Mrs. Griffiths said.

“Yeah bye.”


Mrs Griffiths walked in the rugby club and saw Babs talking to a young man.

“Hi Jill, what can I get you?” Len asked.

“Usual please,” Mrs Griffiths said.


Mrs Griffiths looked over and said, “wow don’t you look like Matthew Taylor.”

Babs smiled and said, “yeah, he does. He is his son, that is no surprise.”

“Wow, really? I was just talking to Tom Rees,” Mrs. Griffiths said.

“Oh, where did you see Tom?” Babs asked.

“He was just walking back to Wilton Court,” Mrs Griffiths said.

“Oh, he is here in the village?” Babs said.

“Yeah, he is staying at the flat while he goes to a conference in Cardiff,” Mrs Griffiths said.

Jake took in what the women said and smiled.

Babs looked at Jake and said, “right, you stay here while I ring Tom.”

Jake smiled and said, “ok, no problem.”


Tom had just got back into the flat when the phone rang.

“Hello, Tom Rees speaking,” Tom said.

“Hi Tom, its Babs from the rugby club how are you?” Babs said.

“Hi Aunty Babs, I am fine. How are you and Len?”

“Yeah, we’re the same as usual,” Babs said smiling.

“That’s good,” Tom said.

“The reason I have phoned Tom, is that we have a young man here. He has been looking for his dad,” Babs said.

“Ok, but what’s that got to do with me?” Tom asked.

“Well, his dad is Matthew Taylor, Tom,” Babs said.

“What? Matthew? Are you sure?” Tom asked.

“Yeah, as soon as you see him you will know, believe me,” Babs said.

“Ok, well I will come down now and meet him,” Tom said.

“Ok, I will see you soon then,” Babs said.

“Yeah, ok see you in a couple of minutes,” Tom said.


Tom put the phone down and sat down and thought, “I always wondered if he had kids out there.”

Tom walked down to the rugby club and walked in. He gasped, as he saw the young man sat there, and knew straight away that there was no doubt that this lad was Matt’s son.

Tom walked over and smiled and said, “well, don’t you look like your dad.”

Jake smiled and said, “really?”

“Oh, yes there is no doubt you are Matt’s son, mate,” Tom said.

“Anyway, let me introduce myself. I am Tom Rees, and I was your dad’s best friend. We met when your late Nan moved next to my parents when I was six, and we stayed as best mates right until his death,” Tom said.

“Well, I am Jake Edwards. My mum,, Natalie James, met Matthew in the red lion pub and they started to see each other,” Jake said.

“Yeah, I remember her. She was the love of his life, at the time,” Tom said.

 “They split up and Matthew later went to do his basic training, and they never saw each other again,” Jake said.

“No, they didn’t. I remember them splitting. They had a huge row, in here actually, and your uncle Simon punched Matthew, and all hell broke loose,” Tom said.

“I didn’t know about that,” Jake said.

“As you said, Matthew left a few days later, as we both went for basic training,” Tom said.

“Mum found out a couple of weeks later that she was pregnant.  My Nan moved the family to Merthy,r where we settled,” Jake said.

“Well, first of all, I hope you understand that Matthew never knew you existed, because if he had, you would have met the most doting dad ever,” Tom said.

“I just wish I could have met him,” Jake said breaking down.

Tom grabbed Jake and hugged him and said, “hey, come on don’t get upset.”

Tom then said, “now let me tell you about the Taylor family well at least what’s left.”

“Ok thanks,” Jake said.

“Well your dad was one of three children brought up by their mum Julie after their dad died. Matthew was the second oldest he had an older sister Kathleen and a younger brother Rhys. A couple years after your dad died sadly your aunty Kathleen and your Nan died in a car crash. Now your aunt had a son call Jon who after living with your uncle Rhys for a while who I later adopted. Rhys married his childhood sweetheart Susan shortly after leaving school and a year later they had a son who they name Matthew after your dad,” Tom said.

“So is my uncle still alive?” Jake asked

“Yes very much,” Tom said smiling

“Oh, ok so I take it you know where he is then?” Jake said.

“yeah I know where Rhys is anyway Rhys and Susan’s marriage fell apart when Matthew was 3 and they divorced Rhys took custody of Matthew after Susan decided that she didn’t want a kid cramping her style.”

“Nice woman,” Jake said.

“Oh, yeah she is a bitch believe me anyway Rhys later met someone else and fell in love and they have been together ever since,” Tom said.

“So he has a new wife,” Jake said.

“No exactly you see Rhys fell in love with another man,” Tom said.

“Oh, wow a gay uncle that is cool,” Jake said.

Tom laughed and said, “well Rhys isn’t the only gay I met my husband in the Army and your cousin Jon met his partner in school”

“Oh, ok so what about Rhys’s son?” Jake asked

“Well Matthew is the token straight he has married a lovely woman called Jess and she is due to have their first child anytime soon. Matthew is a captain in the Army and is currently out in Afghanistan for his third tour,” Tom said.

“Oh, wow another family hero,” Jake said.

“So what about you what do you do for a living?” Tom asked

Jake smiled and said, “well I am currently off sick but I am a paramedic with the ambulance service I am hoping to go back soon”

“Well that is another heroic job,” Tom said.

“Yeah it can be but after my mum died I hit the booze really bad and I nearly lost it so I have been off sick for nearly a year and if I don’t go back soon I will lose my job,” Jake said.

“Well you seem to be getting your head together now so hopefully they will let you back,” Tom said.

“well I hope so I got suspended because I turned up drunk and I had to go in front of a disciplinary panel and I was given a final warning and I am worried if I don’t go back that I might end up as a technician and not a paramedic which is the job I love,” Jake said.

“Well I hope it works out for you mate,” Tom said.

“What about you what do you do?” Jake asked

“I head the military support unit for the Royal British Legion,” Tom said.

“Wow I bet that it a rewarding job,” Jake said.

“Yeah it is sometimes,” Tom said.

“So Babs said that Rhys was a nurse?” Jake said.

“Yeah he is a charge nurse at Selly Oak hospital where he deals with military causalities,” Tom said.

“So he deals with the injured soldiers?” Jake said.

“Yeah both Rhys and Shaun his husband are charge nurses and my son Jon and his partner Greg are staff nurses there,” Tom said.

“Wow so a big caring family then?” Jake said.

“Yeah and my husband Ben is head physiotherapist at a rehab centre for injured soldiers,” Tom said.

“Now that must be a hard job,” Jake said.

“Yeah it can be especially when you can’t fix everyone up like you would like,” Tom said.

“Anyway why don’t we go back to my flat and I can ring Rhys and see if he can come down to meet you?” Tom said.

“That sounds ok,” Jake said.

Tom and Jake left the rugby club and Tom then said, “but first I want to take you somewhere”

“Oh, where?” Jake asked

“To your dad’s grave,” Tom said.

“Oh, what he is buried here?” Jake asked

“Yeah in the local cemetery,” Tom said.

“Ok then,” Jake said.


Tom went down to the local cemetery and walked the usual route. He walked up to Julie’s grave first and said, “well Jake this is your gran Julie’s grave”

Jake looked at the stone which said, “Julie Taylor much loved mother and grandmother”

Jake felt a tear in his eye and Tom put his arm round him and said, “ok”

Jake nodded and Tom walked to the next grave and said, “and this is your dad’s grave”

Jake looked at the inscription “Private Matthew Darren Taylor much loved Son Brother and Best friend taken from us too soon rest in peace”

Jake said, “that’s nice but it is missing dad”

“Yeah well we didn’t know that when that was put on maybe we can get it changed it is looking a bit old now,” Tom said.

“So dad was a private?” Jake asked

“Yeah he never wanted to go up the ladder he was happy taken orders off people,” Tom said.

“So how about you?”Jake asked

“Well I was a corporal when Matt died and then went on to the Army Family Support Unit which by the time I left I was colonel,” Tom said.

“Wow so you had a good career,” Jake said.

“Yeah I did but I knew when the time had come to get out,” Tom said.

“Yeah I suppose,” Jake said.

“Ok let’s go,” Tom said.


Tom and Jake got back to the flat and Jake sat there as Tom went to into the nearby cupboard. Tom smiled as he found what he was looking for.

Tom walked over to Jake and said, “let’s have a look at these”

Tom sat next to Jake and started to go through the photo album. Tom smiled and said, “here we go”

“That’s your dad,” Tom said, pointing to Matthew.

“Oh, wow I do look like him,” Jake said.

“Yeah I told you,” Tom said smiling

Tom left Jake looking through the photos and went over to the phone.

Tom rang Rhys’s home number

Shaun answered “hello”

“Hi Shaun is Rhys there?”Tom asked

“No mate he is in work anything I can help you with?”Shaun asked

“No mate I need to speak to Rhys about something,” Tom said.

“Ok mate well he finishes work at 2,” Shaun said.

“Ok mate,” Tom said.

Tom rung off and dialled another number.

“Ward three good afternoon,” Kathy answered

“Hello can I speak to charge Nurse Taylor please tell him it’s Tom Rees,” Tom said.

“One moment please,” Kathy replied

“Afternoon Bro what can I do for you?” Rhys said.

“Hi bro are you sitting down I got a bit of a surprise for you?” Tom said, smiling at Jake

“Oh, what kind of a surprise?”Rhys asked

“I have someone sat with me in my flat in south Wales who you need to meet,” Tom said.

“Oh, who?” Rhys asked

“Your nephew,” Tom said.

“What? My nephew” Rhys said.

“Yeah he is Natalie James son and Matt was his dad,” Tom said.

“Are you sure?” Rhys said.

“Oh, I am sure mate you just got to look at him to see he is Matt’s son,” Tom said.

“Oh, wow umm I finish at 2 so I should be there by 5. Ask him to stay there with you until I get there please,” Rhys said.

“Yeah no probs. Oh, do me a favour. Bring Jon with you. He is off today,” Tom said.

“No problem, have you told Jon?” Rhys asked

“Not yet you were the first,” Tom said.

“Well ok, I will leave that to you ,”Rhys replied.

“Ok mate, I’ll let you get on and I’ll see you later,” Tom said.

“Yeah, see you later bro,” Rhys said.

Jake was looking through the photo album and spotted a photo of Matt in his uniform with Tom and two other guys, which was obviously taken somewhere in combat.

Jake said, “Tom, where was this taken?”

Tom looked at the photo and smiled and said, “Wow, I didn’t know mum had kept that photo. It was taken in Helmand on the tour we did before the one when Matt died. That is Charlie. He died with your dad and that is Ben, my husband. The tall guy in the background is our commanding officer, Brad. That brings back so many memories. We came home just after that was taken, and me and your dad had some downtime, so we came home to here and hit the town in Cardiff. If I remember correctly, your dad pulled a blonde and I had to consol her poor boyfriend.”

Jake laughed and said, “so, he was a player was he?”

“Well, he wasn’t in a relationship so it didn’t really matter, and don’t forget he didn’t know you existed. Otherwise, I think he would have been a doting dad,” Tom said.

“Yeah, I know. So, he never found anyone to settle down with?” Jake asked.

“No sadly, not that sort of thing happens with Army people. Lots of woman can’t live the life of an Army wife, not seeing their husbands or boyfriends for months at a time can be really difficult,” Tom said.


“I can imagine that is difficult,” Jake said.

“Yeah, I found it hard when Ben was still in the unit, after I joined the Family Support Unit,” Tom said.

Jake smiled and said, “so, did you love dad?”

Tom smiled and said, “yeah, I loved Matt as my best friend, but our relationship was purely platonic and I always felt that he was more of a brother than a best friend.”

Jake smiled and said, “That’s good.”

“So, how about you? Any Miss Rright in your life?” Tom asked.

“No, I haven’t had any Miss Rights. I don’t swing that way. I was in a long term relationship with a fellow paramedic, but when I hit the bottle, I got nasty and I hit him and it ended badly,” Jake said, with tears running down his face.

“Have you tried to speak to him since?”

“No, I cant I hurt him and doubt he would ever forgive me,” Jake said.

“Well people can surprise you, but you know him,” Tom said.

“Yeah,” Jake said.



The next day


Tom left his flat and headed to his meeting in Cardiff. He felt exhausted after the emotional day yesterday. Jake and Rhys finally left the flat at 11pm, after their first meeting. Rhys, like Tom, spotted the way Jake looked so much like his late brother. Jon stayed at the flat with his dad, before heading home, while Rhys checked into a local hotel.


Rhys was having breakfast in his room at the hotel, when his phone went off.

“Hi babes,” Rhys replied.

“Hey babes.  So when are you coming home?” Shaun asked.

“Well, I will be coming home later, but I will be back down here at the weekend. I want to spend some time with my nephew,” Rhys said.

“Yeah, It might be a good idea,” Shaun said.

“I want him to know that he is a part of my family, and that he is welcome to spend time with us anytime. He is a good guy who has been through hell this last year. His mum died and he went completely off the rails and hit the bottle. He has been sober now for a few months. He is hoping to return to his job as a paramedic soon,” Rhys said.

“Wow, sounds like he has had it hard, babe.”

“Yeah and I hope that finding us might just help him get his life back on the right track,” Rhys replied.

“Yeah, let’s hope so babe,” Shaun said.

“Yeah,” Rhys replied.



Jake was still reeling with what had happened the day before, and finally got up at 11am. H went downstairs to see his dad Alan sat there.

“You ok son? You seem distracted,” Alan said.

“Yeah dad, I am really happy,” Jake said.

“Anything I need to know about?” Alan asked.

“Well yeah, I met my uncle and cousin yesterday,” Jake said.

“Oh, wow and by the look on your face it went well?”Alan asked.

“Yeah, they are great,” Jake said.

Alan knew that Jake had been looking for his real dad since his mum had died, and even though it had hurt at first, he had come to realise that Jake needed to find him.

“So, what about your dad? Did you meet him as well?” Alan asked.

“Well no, he died years ago in Afghanistan,” Jake said.

“Oh, I am sorry son,” Alan said.

“Yeah but it is ok, because I don’t really need two dads, but I want to get to know Rhys and the rest of the Taylor family,” Jake said.

Alan smiled and said, “of course you do, son. They are your family.”


“So, you said you had a cousin as well?” Alan asked.

“Yeah, Jon. He is a staff nurse at Selly Oak Hospital.”

“So you met him as well?”Alan asked.

“Yeah, he is my late Aunt Kathleen’s son. He was brought up by my dad’s best friend after she died,” Jake said.

“Oh, ok so she died a few years ago then?” Alan asked.

“Yeah. Kathleen and my Nan died in a car crash,” Jake replied.

 “You know, I think your mum knew that,” Alan said.

“Why do you think that?” Jake asked.

“Well, I remember her telling me that knew she these people, when the accident was reported in the Echo,” Alan said.

“Well, yeah she would have known them I suppose.”

“Yeah, she was in school with your dad, and she said he had an older sister, but never mentioned that he had a brother,” Alan said.

“Well, Rhys was his younger brother. So maybe she never knew him, but a lot of local people remember mum and Matthew being together, and in fact, I need to speak to Uncle Simon. Matthew and him had a big fight in the rugby club, just after he and mum split up,” Jake said.

“Oh, I don’t know anything about that,” Alan said.

“Well Babs, the steward at the club, remembers it well,” Jake said smiling.

“So, when are you seeing Rhys next?” Alan said.

“Well hopefully at the weekend,” Jake said.

“Good, it seemed to have had a good impact on you,” Alan said.

“Yeah, it has made me see some sense of it all. Now I am going to get a shower, then I am off to see  my boss Nick to see if I can finally get back to work,” Jake said.

“Oh, great son. I am so glad you finally feel ready to go back,” Alan said.

“Yeah, if I don’t go back now, I don’t believe I would ever go back,” Jake said.

“Well, good luck. Let’s hope Nick agrees to you going back, but don’t rush back into it, maybe go back part time at first,” Alan said.

“Yeah, that sounds like a good idea,” Jake said.


Jake went up stairs and jumped into the shower.

Jake came downstairs a short while later dressed in his suit and said, “ok I am off.”

Alan smiled and said, “ok, son good luck.”

“Thanks dad,” Jake said.


Jake spent the next hour with his boss Nick, discussing his return to work. Nick agreed to Jake returning, however Nick said that he felt Jake would need to take a refresher course before actually going back on the frontline. Nick was surprised when Jake agreed to the course, saying that he had been out of the loop for a year, so maybe a refresher course was a great idea.

Nick booked the course for Jake, and it would mean that Jake would be attending the course at the ambulance HQ in Cardiff.

Jake came out of the office and stopped dead in his tracks when he saw his ex partner, Justin standing there talking to one of the other ambulance drivers.

Justin spotted Jake and smiled as Jake walked towards him.

Justin had forgiven Jake, even if Jake didn’t know. Justin knew the shit that Jake had been through, and knew he didn’t mean to hit him, even though he knew that is what all domestic violence victim say.

Justin said, “hey mate, nice to see you. So, you are you coming back?”

Jake smiled and said, “sure am, but I am going on a two week refresher course first.”

“Well, it will be great to have you back,” Justin said.

“Yeah, it will be great to get back to normal,” Jake said.

Justin then said, “look mate, we need to talk. Why don’t we meet up later?”

Jake said, “yeah, we do need to talk. What time you off?”

“I am off at 5, so why don’t we meet up at the bull at 6,” Justin said.

“Yeah ok, see you then,” Jake said.



Jake and Justin spent the evening in the bull, mainly talking things through. Jake was happy that they were at least talking if nothing else happens.

They left and made their separate ways home.


A few weeks later


Jess Taylor had been feeling pains all day, and started to worry that she might be in labour. She called her mum, who was equally worried, and told her to speak to the maternity hospital. Tanya Gregory arrived at the house a short time later and could tell that her daughter was indeed in labour. The contractions were getting closer together and she decided it was time to take her into the nearby hospital at Green Park.

Jess was in a right state as the baby wasn’t actually due for at least another month. She had hoped that her husband would have been home, but it wasn’t to be. Two hours later, with Tanya at her side, and Rhys, Shaun, and her father, Joe outside. A bouncing baby boy weighting 7 pounds eight ounces was born.

Rhys was in tears as he met his beautiful grandson and said “wow, doesn’t he look like his dad?”


Matthew, meanwhile, had no idea what had happened at home, and was out on patrol with his guys when his son was born. He arrived back at the base camp and was met by Major Barry Wilson, from the Family Support Unit based at the camp.

“Matthew, we have some news from home for you,” Barry said.

“Oh, what’s happened?” Matt asked.

“Congratulations young man, you are a dad. Jess gave birth earlier to a baby boy,” Barry said smiling.

Robbo and Jason were with Matt when he got the news, and both jumped up, and went over and tapped Matt on his back and Robbo said, “congrats mate!”

“Thanks, lads. So, is Jess ok?” Matt asked.

“Yeah, mother and baby are doing fine,” Barry replied.

Matt couldn’t stop smiling, but was also unhappy that he wasn’t there for the birth, but knew this kind of thing happens when you are in the Army.

Matt’s mobile buzzed, and he noticed it was a photo text from his dad. Matt opened the photo and smiled as he saw his son for the first time.

The whole unit was in a happy mood for the rest of the day. Matthew texted his dad and asked him to email him a photo, so that he could print it off. He wanted to put it on his desk, with the photo of Jess and himself.


Matt spoke to his dad on Skype, later that day, and Rhys told him that the photo was on way. Jess was still in hospital, but was being released tomorrow. So hopefully he would be able to speak to her then.


A few days later


Matt had finally seen his son, even if it was just over Skype. He was in heaven and couldn’t wait to get home in a few weeks to finally hold his boy. Jess and Matt had discussed names and came up with Osian Rhys Joseph Taylor. Jessica chose the name Osian, as it was a traditional Welsh name, which had been used in her family for a few years. In fact, her brothers middle name is Osian. The other two names were after the grandfathers.


A few weeks later


Matthew and his unit were finally on their way home. He was really excited to get home, and finally get to meet his baby boy. Jess was also eager for her husband to have some time to bond with their son, before he goes back out on operations.

The flight went without a hitch and they landed at RAF Brize Norton. When the men left the plane, Matt walked out and spotted his wife standing there, and ran past his men and into his wife’s arms. Robbo, Harvey, and Jason watched as Matt took hold of his beautiful son for the first time. After a couple of minutes, he walked over to the lads and said, “guys, meet Osian, my son.”


 The lads all made a fuss of the baby and Matt then said, “well guys, go and meet your families and I will see you back at base in two weeks.

Robbo had recently ended his relationship with James, and now was a single guy. So he decided a visit to his mum was on the cards. Paula was surprised that the relationship had ended, but understood why. James had found it hard with Robbo away a lot.


Later that night


Robbo had stayed overnight at a hotel in London, and went out to enjoy the sights of the capital. He went to a bar and met an older man named Jim. Robbo was talking to the guy, and realised that he was military, like him. The guy was a Corporal in the US Army, and his unit was based at a base in the east of England. Robbo liked the guy and handed him his number, hoping that maybe they could at least be friends. There were also other US Army people there, and Robbo also spoke to them. Robbo wasn’t so happy with this group of guys and noticed that one of them had been watching Jim while they spoke. Jim was still in the bar when Robbo left and Robbo went straight back to his nearby hotel.

Jim left the bar a short while later.

Jim was walking down an alleyway that led to the street where his hotel was, when he was surrounded by the group of American soldiers. One of the men said, “Hey faggot! How about taking us to your hotel room so we can gangbang you?”

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