Love in the Army Chapter 21a


Love in the Army Chapter 21

Staff nurse Greg Bonner was half way through his shift and was heading off for a break. He went into the staff room and pulled his mobile out of his locker. He was surprised that his partner Jon hadn't texted him as he always does when he gets home. Greg rang Jons mobile but it went straight to voice mail thinking that maybe he hadn't charged it Greg rang the landline. Greg couldn't get an answer and started to get worried.

Tom and Ben had just sat down for something to eat. Tom had been trying to get hold of his son all evening but had failed thinking that maybe Jon and Greg had gone out for the evening Tom had decided to leave it for a little while and try again later.
Greg decided that he should try someone else and dialled in the number to Jons dads.
Tom was sat there getting worried when the phone rang.
Ben answered it as he was closer and said "hello"
"Hi Ben mate is Jon there?" Greg asked
"No mate we been trying to get him we thought he might have been with you somewhere" Ben said
"No I am on duty we are doing opposite shifts today" Greg said
Tom looked on and took the phone and said "listen mate I don't want to worry you unnecessarily but Gary Timpson is on the loose and this is starting to scare me"
Greg said "oh fuck you don't think he has done something to oh god no please"
"Greg don't panic we will go to your place and see if maybe he has been home and just nipped out somewhere" Tom said
"Ok thanks" Greg said calming down
"Well we will ring you once we have been there ok mate" Tom said
"Ok thanks Tom" Greg replied

Tom and Ben arrived at the flat a short time later and went in. They could tell that Jon hadn't been home as the food that Greg had made for him was left uneaten. There was also mail in the mailbox. Tom looked round and said to Ben "we need to phone Steph"
Tom took out his mobile and rang Detective Sergeant Steph Reynolds.
"Good afternoon Tom what can I do for you? Steph said
"umm I might be panicking over nothing but reading the post earlier that Gary Timpson is on the run I guess I have reason to but thing is I am worried my son Jon has disappeared. He left work at 2pm today and hasn't been seen or heard of since" Tom said
"Tom normally I would say that we wouldn't actually class someone as missing until twenty four hours but in this case we will file this straight away. Timpson was spotted earlier today in Coninton Park. We have already had a young man in after he was indecently assaulted earlier down by the canal." Steph said
The police investigation into Jon's disappearance started.

Ds Reynolds arrived at the Sellyoak hospital and started to go through the CCTV of the entrance and car park to see if they could confirm which direction that Jon took home. Dc Adam Yelton was watching and said to the CCTV operator "stop!"
He looked on the screen and saw Gary Timpson standing by the entrance. He then watched as he walked away from the main entrance towards the end of the car park where a path heads to the estate where Jon and Greg live.
About a couple of minutes later he watched as Jon headed the same way and followed Jon on the cctv until it lost him as he entered a lane.
Adam called this into Steph and officers started to search the area around the lane.
Pc Mark Wright spotted a hospital id badge in some bushed nearby and put a bag on his hand and picked it up. It was Jons.
Jon was tied up and was barely awake after being subjected to a horrible beating and rape by Gary and another man who Gary called Tyler. He was lying naked on the floor of this disused house scared and worried that he might not recover for this ordeal.
Steph was now carrying out house to house enquiries in the area.

Tom and Ben had been to the hospital and had brought Greg home to their house where they had been joined by Rhys Shaun Jake Ed and Greg's mum Alice.
There was also a police officer present.

The local news came on
Headlines tonight
Convicted Rapist still at large and believed to have struck again while on run.
Convicted Rapist and embezzler Gary Timpson the former head of physiotherapy at the closed Coninton Hospital is tonight still on the run. Gary Timpson and another two prisoners escaped two days ago when the prison van they were travelling in was hijacked. There have been sighting of Timpson in the Coninton area and there has been a report of a sexual assault on a young man in Coninton Park which might be linked to this case. In another development tonight police are searching around sellyoak hospital where there was a sighting earlier.
We now go over to our chief reporter Andrew Goodwin who is outside Selly Oak hospital with some breaking news
"Thank you Jill"
"Police have just appealed to people in the Selly oak area for help in finding a young staff nurse who left Selly Oak hospital after finishing his shift earlier today. Staff Nurse Jon Taylor Rees was last seen walking away from the hospital at 2pm this afternoon as you can imagine the police and his family are extremely concerned for his welfare. It has just been confirmed that Jon is the adopted son of well known local former Colonel Tom Rees and his husband Ben Rees Andrews who if you remember was the person that Gary Timpson tried to set up with some of the charges for which he is supposed to be currently in prison for. The police have asked the public not to approach Timpson but to call 999 immediately and have said to young men in the area to be extra vigilant tonight"

Gary Timpson and his mate Tyler Harris thought they would get away with this crime but they were wrong.

Mrs Dorothy Thomas was walking her dog around some disused buildings when she saw two men go into one of the disused houses she immediately recognised the one as the man on the TV news earlier. She rushed back to her nearby house and called 999.The Police soon responded to the call and Dorothy showed them which house she had seen the men go into.
Gary and Tyler had no idea that the police were on to them and they decided it was time to instigate the plan they had made to make Jon pay. Jon was asleep when the two men entered the room and started to beat him again. Jon was trying to fight off the men when all hell broke loose. Timpson and Tyler were apprehended by the police while a paramedic rushed to help Jon. The paramedics loaded Jon up onto a trolley and wheeled him into the ambulance parked nearby. Steph was upset when she saw the injuries on Jon and radioed the news to the officer at Tom's house that Jon was on his way to Selly oak hospital.
Steph walked over to the van where Gary had been put and said "Mr Timpson we meet again Gary Timpson I am arresting you for indecent exposure. Rape escaping legal custody and causing grievous bodily harm and read him his rights. She then went over to the other van where Tyler was in and said "Tyler Harris I am arresting you for sexual assault escaping legal custody and grievous bodily harm and read him his rights. She said to the officers "take him to the station and make sure he his kept away from Timpson I will be back later to question him".
Tom Ben and Greg were on their way in a police car with its blues and twos blaring. The rest of the family stayed at Tom's house awaiting news.
Greg ran into the accident and emergency department and asked about Jon. The receptionist knew Greg from his time working on the department and said "the doctors are with him now mate"
"Thanks Toby" Greg said
Tom Ben and Greg were sat waiting when a doctor came out. Dr Carl Ryan said "Jon Rees Taylor family?"
Greg stood up and said "here mate"
Carl recognised Jon when he was rushed in and also knew he was in a relationship with Greg so he wasn't surprised to see Greg standing there.
"Would you like to come with me please" Carl said
Tom Ben and Jon followed Carl into an office nearby
Carl told the men to sit down but Greg stayed standing.
Carl said "ok Jon has been through a terrible ordeal he has several broken bones and has suffered a terrible sexual assault. He will be admitted to a ward probably ward 8 shortly"
Gary broke down and Tom grabbed him as he nearly collapsed to the floor. Tom and Ben spent the next half an hour trying to calm him down. Alice arrived a short time later and grabbed her son into a tight hug and said "come on you need to be strong for Jon son"
Greg finally calmed down and sat next to Tom and Ben and said "so now what?"
"well we wait here until he is settled into his room in ward 8 and then we go and see him now Greg I want you to go in first but try and be strong" Tom said
"I will try I cannot believe this has happened" Greg said with tears rolling down his face
"No neither can Ben and I we cannot understand how he managed to escape and to snatch Jon in broad daylight it beggars belief to be honest"

Rhys Shaun Jake and Ed were sat in Tom's house when the late news came on.

Missing Nurse Found alive escaped convicted rapist and convicted sex offender arrested.
Convicted Rapist Gary Timpson is back behind bars tonight after a dramatic cause of events took place earlier this evening for the latest we join chief reporter Andrew Goodwin outside Selly Oak hospital for us.
"Thank you James"
"Police earlier this evening put out an appeal to people in the area after they were worried for the safety and well being of staff nurse Jon Rees Taylor seen here. Jon had finished work here at the hospital at around 2pm today. He left after speaking to his partner a fellow nurse here. Jon is the adopted son of one of the original victims of Gary Timpson's fraud convictions Ben Rees Andrews and his husband Tom Rees Andrews. We appealed in the earlier program and it was on our earlier bulletin that a local woman saw the photo of Gary Timpson. The woman was later walking her dog when she spotted two men acting suspicious around some derelict houses nearby. She recognised Timpson and immediately called the police. Police arrived and arrested both Gary Timpson and another man 30 year old Tyler Harris who is also a convicted sex offender. Jon is currently in a serious but stable condition with his family at his bedside" Andrew Goodwin reporting for Midland Tonight
"So what about the police Andrew have they made any further statement" James asked
"No Detective Sergeant Stephanie Reynolds who his heading up the investigation hasn't as yet made a press statement but they have said there will be a press conference in the morning" Andrew said
"Ok Thank You Andrew" James said

A few weeks later

Jon left hospital yesterday and was staying at his family home with his two dads. Greg his partner was staying there with him. His physical scars from the day had started to heal but his psychological scars would take a long time to heal. Ben had been given permission to ask Ryan Huggins to talk to Jon and Jon has had a couple of sessions so far at Coldbrooke hall. Greg now refuses to walk to the hospital and always takes his car when he is working. The lane where Jon was snatched has had new lighting put in there and a CCTV camera now covers it as well.

Gary Timpson admitted all the charges against him but was shell shocked when the judge told him that as this was his third conviction for rape and sex offences that he would be sentenced to life imprisonment. Tyler Harris was already serving a life sentence and received a further life sentence with parole not available until both have served 15 years. Ben Tom Rhys Shaun and Greg all sat in the public gallery as the sentences were passed.
As they were leaving the court Tom was shocked to have a microphone in his face and saw his old fore Jayne Ellington standing there "do you have comments on the case Colonel"
Tom said "no comment" and walked away saying "I can't believe that bitch is still working"
Ben laughed and said "she was always a bitch"

Jon's solicitor Marcus Grant made a statement on behalf of Jon and his family.
"Ladies and gentlemen Jon and his family have been through a huge ordeal of which Jon is still suffering the effects. Gary Timpson and Tyler Harris are two very dangerous men who today are back behind bars where they should have been all along. The escape wasn't organised by these men but by convicted drug dealer Alan Moore who is still at large but they escaped in the aftermath. We hope that both men never see the light of day again and the family have asked for privacy at the time to let Jon heal and get back to a normal life thank you"

A few months later
Greg has returned to work on the wards of the hospital but now takes his car to work so that he doesn't need to walk. Jon is still off sick and Greg wasn't sure if he would ever return to the hospital.
Jon was starting to get better and had started to go out alone recently for the first time since his attack. He was finding the help he was getting from Ryan Huggins at Coldbrooke hall was helping him a lot. Jon had made his mind up that he wouldn't be returning to the hospital.
Jon had discussed this with Ryan. Ryan had told him not to be hasty and to leave it a little while and then if he felt he couldn't go back then he could resign.
Jon arrived at Coldbrooke hall and parked in his dad Ben's spot knowing that he had finally managed to persuade both his fathers to take a break away and that both had departed to the lakes to visit old friend Alex and wife Lisa.
Jon walked into Coldbrooke and headed down the corridor towards Ryan's office he was walking past a room and heard a voice shouting "help"
Jon ran in to see a young paralysed soldier on the floor Jon ran over to the bed and hit the emergency button and then went over to the young man and said "stay still a minute mate helps on its way"
Alice and two nurses ran into the room and Alice smiled and said "now Joe how many times have we got to tell you if you want to get out of bed you need to call a nurse to help you"
Jon helped the nurses help pick up Joe back onto his bed and Alice checked him over making sure he hadn't hurt himself.
Alice then said "thanks Jon"
"No problem I was heading to see Ryan when I heard Joe calling" Jon said
"Yeah this one is a stubborn little shit he has been picked up eight times this week he just won't call for the nurse if he keeps on I will have to put restraints on him" Alice said laughing
Joe said "yeah funny look you guys are busy I don't need a nanny I can walk but problem was my crutches were over there"
Alice said "ok well we will get them over this side of the room but you still need to ring the nurse before getting up "
Joe said "ok point made"
Jon laughed and said "he is a stubborn one"
Alice smiled and said "you seem happy today Jon"
"Yeah I think I am finally getting through the shit" Jon replied
"Well that's good" Alice said
"Yeah well with Greg and Ryan helping I am finally sorting myself out but I don't feel like I can go back to work at the hospital though" Jon said
"Well maybe you can come and work with your uncle Rhys here" Alice said
"Yeah maybe" Jon said
"Look at the way you helped Joe you would be a great addition to the team here Jon" Alice said
"Well all I did was to hit the emergency button and check he was ok" Jon said
"Why don't you talk to Greg and Rhys and see what they say" Alice said
"Yeah can't hurt" Jon replied
"No it can't" Alice said smiling
"Anyway I need to go and see Ryan" Jon said
"Ok catch you later" Alice said
"Ok" Jon said walking away.

Alice found Rhys discussing a rota issue with one of his charge nurses and said "are you busy?"
"Umm nothing that can't wait why?" Rhys asked
"Just want to ask you something" Alice said
"Ok Daffyd I will get back to you on that issue let me sees if I can get someone to cover that shift but tell staff nurse hollins we need more notice next time"
"Ok mate I will tell her" Daffyd said
Daffyd left Alice and Rhys alone.
"I was just talking to Jon he has decided to quit the hospital" Alice said
"Yeah I had a feeling that was coming to be honest" Rhys said
"Yeah Greg said he thought he was going to quit" Alice said
"Well maybe he feels if he goes back there it might happen again" Rhys said
"I don't know but he was adamant that he isn't going back" Alice said
"He is a good nurse and it will be a great loss to the hospital" Rhys said
"Yeah well I suggested he came here to work" Alice said smiling
"Yeah that would be great" Rhys said

Later that day
Greg was sat in the canteen when a friend of Jons came over and said "so what do you think of Jon quitting then?"
"well Fran I knew he wasn't happy about coming back so to be honest it came as no surprise when he phoned and told me earlier that he was meeting Harry in HR to tender his resignation" Greg said
"Yeah we had pretty much expected him not to come back but he will be greatly missed by all of us" Fran said
"Yeah it is going be strange for me as well not having him around" Greg said
"So what's he going to do?" Fran asked
Greg smiled and said "he is going to join the nursing staff at Coldbrooke hall where his dad Ben is head of physiotherapy and his uncle Rhys is the nursing manager"
"Your mum works there as well doesn't she?" Fran asked
"Yeah she is the general manager and head of the medical care unit" Greg said
"I am surprised you are not following him" Fran said
"No not really we never worked together that much anyway" Greg said
"No that's true" Fran said

A week later
Jon pulled into the car park and parked his car. He walked into Coldbrooke hall as a member of staff for the first time. He walked upstairs to ward 3a where he was working today. He walked through the door and spotted the charge nurse behind the desk.
Charge Nurse Daffyd Williams spotted the young nurse come in and said "good morning you must be Jon I am Daffyd but you can me boss" smiling
Jon smiled and said "pleased to meet you boss"
Daffyd laughed and said "nah call me Daffyd I was teasing you"
Jon noticed that Daffyd had a strong welsh accent and said "so what part of Wales you from?"
"Oh my family are from Pembrokeshire and I grew up near to Tenby" Daffyd said
"Lovely part of Wales" Jon said
"Yeah it is beautiful and when we can my wife kids and I go back and visit" Daffyd said
Jon said "my family are from the Rhondda valley"
"Yeah I knew that Rhys told me all about the Taylor and Rees clans" Daffyd said laughing

Jon was soon helping patients in and out of bed and making sure the bedbound patients were comfortable.

Jon was soon settled into a routine at Coldbrooke and really enjoyed the slightly less stressful environment. Jon was running a ward for the first time as acting charge nurse after Daffyds wife was taken ill suddenly and he needed time off. Rhys had asked another staff nurse Yvonne to step up but she turned it down as she wasn't able to work full time. Jon was shocked when Rhys asked him to take over until Daffyds return.
Rhys had managed to get an agency nurse into do Jon's shifts while he did Daffyds duties.

Jon was behind the desk in the ward corridor when an older woman walked up and said "good afternoon can i see the nurse in charge please?"
Jon smiled and said "that is me I am acting charge nurse Jon Taylor Rees"
"Oh ok I am staff nurse veronica Harvey I am from the Nursing care agency" Veronica said
"Yes I was expecting you if you come with me I will show you were the staff room is" Jon replied
"Don't mind me saying but aren't you a bit young to be in charge of a ward" Veronica said
"Well I am only covering for a regular charge nurse who is off on compassionate leave at present" Jon replied
"This is the staff room and through there is the ladies cloak room and toilets" Jon said
"Ok thank you I will get rid of my bag and coat and i will find you" Veronica said
"Ok I will be by the desk or with a patient" Jon said

Jon didn't like her attitude at all.

Veronica came to the desk and said "so what do you want me to do?"
"Ok you and Lee here can do the tablet run for me starting with room 8 Sgt Nathan Johnson" Jon said
"Ok so where's the tablet trolley and room?" Veronica asked
"Lee has the keys and he will show you and will take through which medication to issue to which patient" Jon said

Veronica and Lee walked away and she said "don't you think he is too young to be running this ward"
Lee smiled and said "no not really Jon knows his job well he was until recently working at the Selly oak hospital on the military medical unit"
Jon meanwhile went to the ward conference room where he was meeting with Ben and Ryan to discuss ongoing treatment for a patient.

Jon was going through the patients file and spotted that the tablet chart for Andrew had been put in there. Jon said "sorry guys I need to get this chart to Lee it shouldn't have been put in here"
Ben said "ok"
"I'll be right back" Jon said leaving the conference room.

Lee was going through the list of patients and checking their medication charts and veronica was getting the dosage and tablets ready.
Jon walked through the door and said "I just found this in Andrew Mason's file"
"But that shouldn't have been in there" Lee said
"Yeah but it looks like Paul must have accidently picked it up when he was updating the file earlier" Jon said
"I was trying to work out whose chart was missing as I had 11 and not 12 patients" Lee said
"Right I better get back or Ben and Ryan will think I have deserted them" Jon said smiling
Jon left the room and Veronica said "well there you go put a whipper snapper in charge and mistakes happen"
A few hours later
Jon was glad his shift was coming to an end between Nathan having a bad night and the constant around the clock care that Andrew Mason needed and the bitch of an agency nurse nit picking everything he did Jon was at the end of his tether. Jon was in the charge nurse office when the emergency bell rang out he immediately ran out of the office and headed into Andrews room. His condition had deteriorated and he was slowly losing his fight. Alice was called and she was trying to make his comfortable.

Jon went to the desk picked up the phone and called Andrews family in. Jon felt this was the shift from hell but managed to stay composed. The Mason family arrived soon after and they all sat at Andrews's bedside as he slowly passed away. Charge Nurse Tyler Milton arrived to relieve Jon and Jon handed over and filled in the full details about the patients he also informed Tyler of Andrews death. Tyler could tell Jon was upset and said "look mate we did everything in our power to help Andrew but his injuries were just too bad and unfortunately we cannot save them all but we give them all the best care possible"
"yeah it's been a hard shift and that agency nurse she has undermined at every opportunity" Jon said" mate she is an agency nurse we can get rid of her easily" Tyler said "yeah I know she didn't like me telling her what to do and I know she called me a whipper snapper" Jon said smiling
"Well you are a whipper snapper but until Daffyd returns you are in charge mate and if she doesn't like it tough luck" Tyler said
"Well I need to update Andrews file before I go home but I will be glad to go home today" Jon said
"Well I better get the morning handover to the staff and update them with the overnight news" Tyler said
Rhys was informed of Andrews's death when he arrived at work and knew this would probably affect Jon so he headed straight to the ward. Jon had just finished writing the time of death etc in Andrews file when Rhys arrived.
"You ok Jon" Rhys asked
"Yeah I am ok but one thing can we please not have the same agency nurse tonight she made the shift worse she didn't like me telling her what to do" Jon said
Rhys laughed and said "oh one of those nurses I had one like that when I first took over as a charge nurse soon sorted her out"
"Yeah I bet you did anyway time to go home sad about Andrew but as Tyler said earlier we can't save them all" Jon said
Rhys said "no we sadly cant and don't worry I will sort the agency nurse out"

A few weeks later

Tom and his team from the military support unit had been invited to the Cheddam Barracks closing ceremony. Ben had gone with him and there was a huge contingent of current and former soldiers and families there. Alice Bonner was there as she felt she needed to say goodbye to the place where she and her late husband Tim spent a few years living.
Colonel Robert Knowles stood up and said "my lords ladies and gentlemen thank you for coming here today as we say goodbye to Cheddam as a serving base for the UK armed forces. Cheddam Hall was gifted to the army by the Wills family in 1902 and has served the army well through two world wars and countless other military operations since. Over the years it has seen people come and go and a few come back to it. Cheddam barracks has served as home to thousands of British armed forces personnel a lot of you today will have personal memories of the place but i want to share one of mine. Five years ago i took over the job of overseeing the units based here and the first time i arrived here was just after fourth company had had a huge hit in Afghanistan and was struggling to come to terms with the losses they had suffered. The local people in the village and army families got together and with their determination helped the men and woman of the unit get through that horrible time. I also want to thank the past and present barrack commanders for their community work which has made this base part of everyday life of the people of Cheedam now without further of do i ask you to stand as the men and woman of 4th 5th and 6th companies march put of the gates for a ceremonial goodbye."
Tom and Ben saluted as the men and woman marched past them.

Tom and Ben then stood in silence as they watched the regimental flags being lowered for the last time.
Tom watched as the flags were handed over to the local school for them to hang,
Tom and Ben walked over to the old barracks area and Tom stood there and said "you know I remember the first time Matt and I walked in through the doors and how we looked back and saw Mum Dad Julie Kathleen and Rhys standing there as we did with proud looks on their faces"
"yeah i can remember when i was posted here i was like where never heard of it but do you know i loved this place much better that some of the other places we were based" Ben said
"Yeah Ravenhall what a dump that place was" Tom said smiling
"Oh hell yeah that was a dump" Ben said laughing
"Greenick is a dump I feel sorry for 5th company being sent there" Tom said
"Yeah I never liked that place" Ben said

Te two men walked into a room marked 4th company and smiled when they looked at the unit commanders listed on the wall Tom was surprised when he saw his name on it and said "wow they added my name to it"
Ben laughed and said "well you did head it for a little while babes"
"Yeah but only when Daffyd was injured" Tom said
"You know babes standing here i can hear Tim shouting attention" Tom said
"Yeah i know it is surreal" Ben said
They walked further down the corridor and Tom said "standing here I can see Matt sat there laughing and joking Charlie over there on the phone talking to his wife Andy messing around and you sat there laughing at Andy"
Ben laughed and said "I wonder where he is now"
"Yeah I maybe we should set up a reunion babes" Tom said
"Yeah that would be nice" Ben said
"Yeah it would be nice to see what the rest of the lads are up to these days"
Tom walked down to another room and opened the door and was standing there with tears running down his face as Ben arrived alongside him.
Ben saw the tears and put his arm round tom.
Tom said "this is the room Matt and I shared I have so many happy memories here I can't believe all this will be flattened and new executive homes are going here"
Ben said "yeah me too this is where I met the love of my life"
Tom smiled and said "yeah me too"
Tom and Ben leaned into each over and kissed and then ben said "come on lets go" and Tom and Ben walked out of Cheedam Barracks for the last time both men saluted the old place as they drove out of the gates.......

Well we say goodbye to Cheedam and for a little while to Tom and Ben.
But don't worry they will return.
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