Love in the Army Chapter 22a


Love in the Army Chapter 22
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Love in the Army Chapter 22
Robbo arrived at the central criminal courts in London which is also known as the old bailey. He had been dreading this day for months and walked over the crossing outside which was seen on the TV many times towards the entrance. His best mate Gary was with him for moral support. He was being called as a witness in the trail of four US army soldiers who were accused of attempted murder and rape of a fellow soldier in London last year.

Robbo was nervous seeing the men again as he didn't like their attitude when he left the bar that fateful night. His biggest regret was he had asked Jim the victim of the attack to go with him. Robbo had been a suspect for a while until it was proved he was back in his hotel room about a mile away when the attack took place.

Robbo met up with the prosecution lawyer and was sent to a side room until he was called Gary wished him good luck and went into the public gallery.

The morning session was taken up with the prosecution setting up their case against the four. Gary looked down at the men and thought they looked like nasty fuckers. Gary also noticed one of the men was smirking all the way through the prosecution lawyer's speech.

It was mid afternoon on the second day when Robbo was called to the witness box

Robbo took a deep breath and stood as he was sworn in.

The prosecution lawyer, David Harper, said "ok Robert on the night of 10th September last year you was in the mill street bar having a quiet drink when you met the victim of the crime is that correct"

"Yeah he came into the bar just after me and we started to talk" Robbo replied.

"Would you say the victim was a quiet or an in your face type of person?" Harper asked.

"No he wasn't an in your face type I don't like those types and wouldn't speak to them" Robbo replied.

"You were there when a group of fellow American soldiers came in?" Harper asked.

"Yeah I was, they were very vocal and the barman asked them to quiet down a bit" Robbo replied.

"Ok so what happened next?" Harper asked.

"Well I was talking to the victim, who had his back to the gang, but one of the gang had his eyes on the victim the whole time we were talking" Robbo said.

"Is it true you spoke to the men before you left?" Harper said.
"Yes I knew one of the men as we served alongside each other on a UN mission a while back" Robbo replied.

"Ok so you are a serving solider is that right?" Harper asked.

"Yes sir I am a corporal in the queen's army" Robbo replied.

"Ok so when you left the mill street bar did you think the victim was in any danger?" Harper said.

"No I didn't, being as he was also US Army. I didn't think they would do anything" Robbo replied.

Robbo was grilled by the defence lawyer shortly after and Gary thought he might lose it, when the prick of the lawyer called him a liar, but Robbo hit back and stayed calm.

Gary was in the lobby when Robbo walked through the door. Gary said "I thought you were going to punch that prick."

Robbo laughed and said "yeah but you know me I stay calm."

Gary laughed and said "I don't know about you but I need a drink after that."

"Yeah sounds good to me" Robbo said laughing.

Robbo and Gary sat in the public gallery for the rest of the six days the trail went on for and listened intently as the terrible ordeal Jim had been through was detailed. Robbo noticed Jerry, the leader of the group, sat there with a smirk on his face throughout the trial.

Jim's testimony was done by video so he didn't have to face the attackers. The defence also tried to make him out to be a liar and also tried to make out he consented to the sex. Jim, however, was composed and, like Robbo, held his cool and clearly said, even though he is gay, he doesn't have casual sex as he is in a committed relationship.

The final day was the prosecution and defence putting their cases to the jury and the judge summed up.

The jury retired to do their deliberations and Robbo and Gary were in the lobby when the usher called the case back in.

Gary and Robbo took their seats and the judge returned.

The court usher said "would the Forman of the jury please stand.

A grey haired man stood.

"Have the jury reached a verdict in the case?"


"In the case of attempted murder against sgt Jerry Albertson do you find the defendant guilty or not guilty?"

"Guilty" came the verdict back.

In the case of attempted murder against Private Marcus Bronhurst do you find the defendant guilty or not guilty?


In the case of attempted murder against Private Andrew McBride do you find the defendant guilty or not guilty?

In the case of attempted murder against Private Bradley Weston do you find the defendant guilty or not guilty?"

"Not Guilty"

In the case of Rape against Sgt Jerry Albertson do you find the defendant guilty or not guilty?


"Thank you "the usher said.

The judge looked at the four soldiers standing before him and said "ok Private Weston you are free to go."

Bradley left the box straight into the arms of his waiting girlfriend.

"Marcus Bronhurst you have been found guilty of attempted murder which is a very serious crime I have no qualms in sentencing you to a custodial sentence for this horrendous crime and I hope you will realise, while in prison, how much damage you have done to the life of the victim. I sentence you to ten years imprisonment which, as a serving US soldier, you will serve in an US military prison."

Marcus's family in the box gasped and his sister was in tears as the sentence was read out.

Andrew McBride, like your co-defendant, you knew what you were doing that fateful night and I feel you equally don't understand the terrible ordeal you put that man though that night and I hope, just like him, you take this time in prison to reflect what damage you have done to his life. I sentence you to ten years imprisonment and, like your co-defendant; you will serve that in a US military prison.

The McBride family were equally shocked at the sentence.

Jerry Albertson you were, no doubt, the ringleader that night and I doubt even now you will show one ounce of remorse. For the attempted murder I sentence you to 12 years imprisonment and for the rape I sentence you to a further 8 years imprisonment. You however will have to serve the first three years of your sentence in a UK prison before being transferred to the US. The US Military have agreed to your serving this time in a UK prison and in due course will be court martialing yourself and co-defendants".

None of Jerry's family was present in court when the sentence was passed.

The three men were taken away in handcuffs. McBride and Bronhurst were handed over to the Military Police and Albertson was taken away to start his sentence at the nearby Wormwood Scrubs prison.

Robbo spoke to the prosecution lawyer and said "how is Jim doing?"

"Not good but hopefully seeing these bastards go down today might help him and his partner through" Andrew said.

"I hope so, he is a nice guy. If you speak to him tell him not to let the bastards win" Robbo replied.

"I will do mate" Andrew said.

"Well I am surprised the other one got off though" Robbo said.

"Not really, Jim reckoned there were only three guys who actually carried out the assault so Brad was unlucky to be charged to be honest" Andrew said.

"Yeah he was the only one who showed any remorse as for Albertson I hope he rots in jail" Robbo said.

"Yeah let's hope, he has gone to the scrubs but will be moved to another prison in due course" Andrew said.

"I thought this would have been in a military court though" Robbo said.

The US military, once they realised their men were involved. Immediately said they wanted them tried in a civilian court" Andrew said.

"Well it was unusual but I suppose the nature of the crimes and the fact they were done in central London might have something to do with it" Robbo said.

"Yeah maybe, who knows, all I know is they had a fair trial and the three got what they deserved" Andrew said

"Yeah they certainly did" Robbo said

The press were outside the old bailey as Robbo and Gary left and a reporter walked up to him and said "are you a family member sir?"

"Umm no, I was a prosecution witness" Robbo said as he pushed his way through the press.

Robbo and Gary jumped in a taxi and headed to the hotel where they were staying.

Robbo and Gary were watching the news later when the reader said "three American soldiers were today convicted of attempting to murder a fellow soldier in London late last year. Jenny Meredith is outside the old bailey for us now.

"On the night of the tenth of September last year a 24 year old American soldier, who can't be named for legal reasons, was enjoying a quiet drink at a bar in central London. After leaving the bar later that evening he was walking down the nearby book lane when he was jumped by three other American soldiers. Sgt Jerry Albertson and Privates Marcus Bronhurst and Andrew McBride were today found guilty of attempting to murder the 24 year old. The 24 year old from New York suffered many injuries that night and as a result of his injuries he has now left the army. Sgt Albertson was also found guilty of raping the 24 year old.

Albertson was sentenced to a total of 18 years imprisonment some of which he will serve here in a UK civilian prison.

Bronhurst and McBride were both sentenced to 10 years imprisonment which they will serve in the US military prison service.

A spokesperson for the US army in the UK has issued this statement "three serving military personnel while on r&r in London carried out a horrendous attack on a fellow US soldier. We felt the serious nature of the crime meant the UK justice system should carry out the trial in a civilian court rather that a military court. We want to assure the residents of the UK these three are rogue soldiers and not all our men and woman are dangerous thugs. The military itself will court martial all three persons in due course and they will, in no doubt, be dishonourably discharged from the army. The former soldier involved in the attack is receiving the care he deserves as a respected member of his unit and as a result we would ask to respect his privacy at this time."

"So what about the fourth member who was involved?" the newsreader asked.

"Well he was found not guilty of the charges he faced and has already returned to his base whether the military will charge him with something I am not sure."

"Thank you Jenny" the newsreader said.

Gary turned the TV off and said "well I am glad that week is over mate."

"Yeah this has been going on too long" Robbo said.

"Yeah it sure has" Gary said.

Robbo smiled and said "I need to let Henry know what's happened."

"Yeah you two are getting really serious" Gary said laughing.

"Yeah I think we are meant to be mate" Robbo said.

"Yeah and this one won't run away when you are out on operations like the last idiot" Gary said.
"Yeah well James and I were never going to be a long term thing to be honest" Robbo said smiling.

"No I think that was a one nighter that lasted longer" Gary said.

"Yeah and with Henry being ex-army himself he knows what to expect" Robbo said.

"Yeah he seems to know you and your ways now" Gary said.

Robbo laughed and said "you cheeky git."

Gary then looked at Robbo and said "I need to tell you something."

Robbo looked at Gary and knew he was struggling and said "what's wrong mate?"

"Umm I have met someone and I think I am in love" Gary said.

"Wow about time, so who is she?" Robbo said smiling.

"Umm that's the problem it's not a girl mate" Gary said.

"What a bloke? Wow" Robbo said.

"Yeah a bloke mate, but I feel awful about it, as we should be together" Gary said.

Robbo laughed and said "fuck that mate, I could never go with you, that would like me sleeping with Joe; hell no."

Gary laughed and said "yeah that's true."

"So who is he?" Robbo said.

"Umm, his name is Angelo. He is a hunky lad whose family live in the house next door. We've been spending a lot of time together lately" Gary said.

"Wow and he has turned your head has he?" Robbo said.

"Yeah, and I know he likes me, he tried to kiss me the other day" Gary said.

"So I take it you rejected it?"Robbo asked.

"Yeah, I wanted to, but I felt I needed to speak to you about this first, before taking that step" Gary said.

"Gary, listen to me. I know you think you need my blessing but if this is what you really want go for it" Robbo said.

"Thanks mate, it is what I want. I know he gets me going, if you know what I mean" Gary said.

"Wow, too much info," Robbo said laughing.

"You can shut up, remember when you met Henry you were a bitch in heat" Gary said.

"Yeah I know," Robbo said laughing.

Bronhurst and McBride unsuccessfully tried to appeal against their sentences and in fact McBride was later charged and convicted of harassment as new evidence came out of him threatening to kill Bradley Weston and another soldier who was with them that night in the bar.

It was this guy, William Harrison, who Robbo knew. He got a further two years added for that charge and both men were kicked out of the army. No further action was taken against Bradley.

Jerry Albertson launched his appeal straight away. He claimed Jim was a liar and he wasn't the member of the group who raped him. The appeal was granted and was heard at the appeal courts in London. The three judges on the panel listened carefully to the evidence and decided there was no reason to appeal the verdict, so therefore, Albertson's conviction should stand.

Albertson was kicked out of the army the same time as his fellow defendants.

Jerry still thought he was the big man and this was his fatal error when, one day, he tried to force himself onto a fellow prisoner. That prisoner stabbed Jerry and he later died from his injuries.

Captain Matthew Taylor had arrived at his base to find Colonel Alex Milson waiting for him.

"Morning sir" Matt said.

"Morning captain" Alex said.
"What brings you here today?" Matt asked.

"Just a routine visit. I am trying to get round to all the units" Alex replied.

"Oh ok, well the lads are not due back on base until tomorrow so it is just me here today" Matt said.

"Well actually it was you I needed to see" Alex said.
"Oh ok" Matt said.

"As you are aware as result of government cuts we need to lose numbers. We have cut the ones where we can and now we need to go to rank and file. Six majors were made redundant six months ago when we merged six units. We will be merging your unit with 8th company and we will be looking to cut numbers in both units" Alex said.

"Oh" was all Matt said.

"Well first of all, the commanding officers will be cut from two to one and Major Joshua Harrison will be heading the new unit, with you as his second in command" Alex said.

"Why am I being demoted?" Matt asked.

"It is no reflection on you as a commanding officer Matthew but Josh is already a major so unless you want to transfer somewhere else or take redundancy we have no alternative" Alex said.

"Well I am not happy I have put my all into running this unit. To be kicked off the commanding officer's post like this hurts and I need some time to think what my options are" Matt said.

"Well I can understand that, but I will need your decision by the end of the week" Alex said.

"Yeah that's fine" Matt said.

Alex said, "Look Matt, this has been a hard decision. Of all the commanding officers I am speaking to today you are the one I fought to keep in role, as 12th company has really been the best unit we have at the moment and that is a legacy of you."
"Thank you sir" Matt said.

The next morning

Robbo and his mates arrived at base and Matt was in a stinking mood. Robbo had never seen Matt like this and Harvey was torn off a strip when he asked what was wrong,

Matt had the men assembled and walked out as Harvey shouted "attention."

Matt would normally call at ease straight away but today he didn't, he waited until he walked up and down the line and then said "at ease."

Robbo couldn't believe the way Matt was and knew something was up.

Matt stood in front of his men and said "ok gentlemen welcome back. I need to tell you something which I know some of you will not like but as from next Monday I will no longer be your commanding officer. Colonel Milson came to see me yesterday to inform me from Monday next week this unit will be merged with 8th company and that that unit's commanding officer will take command of the new enlarged unit. I was really unhappy about this decision and nearly quit over it but instead I have decided to return to Sandhurst and hopefully get myself up to Major so in the future I can return to command a group of guys like you. I want to thank each and every one of you for your complete support and I hope you help Major Harrison as much as you supported me."
Matt then shouted "dismissed."

Matt walked into his office and no sooner had he sat down when Harvey, Jason and Robbo walked in.

Robbo was the first to speak "Matt I cannot believe these idiots have done this. You are the best commanding officer this fucking unit has ever had."

Matt smiled and said "look guys the decision is made. There is nothing you, me or any of us can do about it, but you three guys have been my right hand men lately and without you this unit would fall apart. So don't do anything hasty because I know Major Harrison will need your help kicking 8th company into shape and the news is 8th company's sergeant has left and his corporal is up on a discipline charge so I cannot see you three have much of an issue."

"Oh so they're not replacing the sergeant they already have then?" Harvey asked.

"No Harvey, they will not be replacing him. You will be the new units temporary second in command as they intend to appoint a new captain as second in command, as I refused to take the role" Matt said.

"I don't blame you mate" Jason said.

"What does Jess think about all this?" Robbo asked.

"Oh she is not happy but we will get through this setback" Matt said.

"Well Matt on behalf of all the guys in the unit, thank you for being there for us all, and I for one, will bloody well miss you" Robbo said.

"Yeah we all will" Harvey said.

"I will miss you guys too" Matt said.

Matthew handed over, to the new unit commander Major Joshua Harrison, who was equally shocked they had taken Matt's command away. He promised Matt he would look out for the guys like he has and Matt walked out of the office to see Harvey and his guys all standing there giving him a guard of honour as he left.

A few months later

Matthew sat in the officer mess at Sandhurst College when he spotted someone he knew walking towards him. It was Sgt Harvey Gregory; Matthew had a few months left for his training to move up the ladder. Harvey spotted Matt and walked over and said "nice to see you mate."

Matt smiled and said "what are you doing here?"

Harvey smiled and said "training I have been offered the second in command role."

"Congratulations couldn't think of a better person so how are the lads?" Matt asked.

"They are doing fine, Jason has left to take a sergeants role elsewhere, Josh is trying to persuade Robbo to do his sergeants training."

"I have always thought Robbo would be a good sergeant" Matt said.

"Yeah he would but he is being stubborn." Harvey said.

Later that night Matt made a call to Robbo and gave him a good talking to. Robbo later went to see Josh and agreed to take the sergeants course.

Matthew passed out as a major the same day as Harvey did as a captain and both men celebrated with their wives.
Major Matthew Taylor was appointed to 14th company six weeks later. This was a newish unit who up until now had had 3 different commanding officers the first was killed in action, the second resigned and the last one moved up the ladder.

Matthew arrived at Brookdale Barracks to take up his new command and thought wow this place is a dump. Matthew and Jess and family will be living on base until they can find somewhere nearby.

Jess and Matt looked at each other when they saw the tatty house they had been allocated and Matt laughed when he went inside and saw the same carpet and curtains he had in his quarters at Sandhurst and said "time the army changed their fittings."

"Well it will have to do for now but we really need to find somewhere off base" Jess said.

Matt smiled kissed Jess and said "don't worry we will."

Matt headed to the barrack buildings and met up with his second in command Captain Peter Greening.

"So sir I understand this is your first command?" Peter asked.

"Well no Peter that is not right. Whereas this is my first command as a major I headed 12th company for three years before top brass thought Captains not capable of running units" Matt said

"Yeah stupid rule, that one, I could command a unit" Peter said.

"Yeah exactly" Matt said.

Matt met his sergeant and two corporals and told all of them unless they were on formal duties to not call him sir.

Matt was soon briefed by Peter about the goings on with 14th company.
Matt had all his men out on the parade ground later and introduced himself to them.

A couple of days later

Jess was sorting through some boxes when there was a knock at the door. She went to the door and spotted a smartly dressed woman there. Jess opened the door and said "hi can I help?"

"I am Jayne Willton Howell my husband James is the barracks commander here I thought I would come and introduce myself as you didn't come to the coffee morning.

Jess looked at the woman and said "please to meet you and I am sorry but I am up to my neck in boxes and I have a little one so I don't have much time for coffee mornings, maybe in a few weeks."

"Well normal protocol is the unit commanding officers wives mix with the rest of the army community" Jayne said snootily.

"Well maybe in your little world yes, but I am sorry if I don't follow your rules, but personally as we won't be living on base for long I won't be getting too involved in the activities on base".

Just then little Osian started to cry.

"Excuse me I have a little one to feed" Jess said slamming the door in Jayne's face.

Matt had a run in with the barracks commander about the same time as Jess was having her chat with Jayne. He was not happy Matt hadn't been to the officers' mess but, like Jess, Matt told him he has a young son and a load of stuff to sort, out so officers' mess, for drinks, is not an option at the moment.

Matt arrived at the house later that evening to see Jess sitting there with Osian in her arms and said "what a day. I really don't think I will settle in here very well; I hate the place." Matt walks over and kisses Jess and takes Osian from her and says "hey how's my little soldier today?"

Jess laughed and said "maybe he will follow his grandpa and mum and be a nurse."

Matt laughed and said "yeah probably."

"i really like the unit guys but that barracks commander is a right snooty dick" Matt said laughing.

"Tell me about it. I had his snooty wife round moaning because I didn't go to some coffee morning" Jess said.

Matt laughed and said "I bet you put her in her place."

Jess smiled "yeah I doubt we will be invited round there for dinner anytime soon."

"Her husband is just as bad, a right pompous twit" Matt said smiling.

"What about your lads they ok?" Jess said.

"Yeah my second in command seems ok but we will see" Matt said.

A few months later

Matt had settled in as the new commanding officer at 14th company. He was well liked by his men and their respected families. Matt and Jess had finally moved off base a couple of weeks ago to a large three bed house in a nearby village. Matt still doesn't get along with the barrack commander and he has asked for Matt to be removed from post. Colonel Milson though made a radical change and moved Colonel James Wilton Howell to another posting. There was a huge sigh of relief across the whole base when they moved on.

A few days later Colonel Jonathan Harris former barrack commander at the now closed Cheedam barracks arrived to take command.
Matt knew Jonathan and was happy to see someone he knew at Brookdale. Jonathan wasn't happy with the look of the place and asked for the unit commanders.

Matt alongside 15th and 17th company commanders, Ryan and Harry, went into the office.
Jon smiled and said "morning guys."
"Morning sir" they all replied.

"When I arrived here yesterday I wasn't amused to see the state of the place. I know it is an older barracks but so was Cheedam and that never looked like this. The whole place looks uncared for and we need to make it look like it is cared for at the end of the day. We are the people who live here day to day. So what I want to do is to give the communal areas a spruce up. I have called ground maintenance to get the lawns all cut because they look like they haven't been cut in months.

The guard house looks like it is about to fall down. I don't know when that place last saw a paint brush but it needs to be done soon. So what I want is some support and getting the men and their families involved in making this place a better home to us all."

Over the next few days the place was given a total makeover, all the lawns were cut and trees pruned. The guard house, at the entrance to the barracks, was given a complete revamp with new windows and doors and a repaint. New signage was also added.

Private Kian Keeling had been in 14th company for six years and had hidden his sexuality well until Private Sebastian Newton joined. It was love at first sight for Kian, but Seb didn't return the love. Seb was going through a rather messy divorce when he joined and didn't notice the secret love Kian had for him.

Things changed for Seb recently and he found himself looking at Kian in a different way. Seb had had a gay experience when he was younger but fell for his ex wife soon after and put it to the back of his mind. Seb noticed the way Kian dressed in his uniform, always showed off his cute arse. and Seb found himself boning up a few times.

Kian and Seb were off barracks in a nearby town and were staying in a Travelodge. They had booked two rooms but Seb was talking to Kian in his room. Kian was getting ready to go out and came out of the bathroom wearing just a towel. Seb smiled when he saw Kian's shaved blonde hair and he immediately sprung a boner, when he saw the water droplets run down Kian's silky smooth chest. Kian was oblivious to Seb's lust until Seb grabbed him and started to kiss him. Seb was soon on his knees sucking on Kian's 7 inch uncut cock as Kian moaned. Seb looked up at Kian as he sucked on his rock hard cock and smiled and stood up and dropped his trousers and smiled and said "babes I want you to fuck me."
Kian was taken aback but seeing that hot bubble arse he had lusted about in front of him was too much. He leaned over and kissed Seb and said "wow I can't wait."

Kian soon had his cock inside Seb's tight virgin arse because, even though he messed around with lads when he was younger, he had never been fucked.

Seb was moaning and groaning loudly as he felt Kian's cock go in and out of his arse. Seb's cock was dripping precum all over the bed and finally Seb screamed, "Fuck I am cumming" His cock exploded sending cum flying all over the bed. Kian kept fucking and then shouted "fuck I'm going to cum".

Kian pulled out of Seb and Seb jumped round just as two huge loads of cum came out covering Seb's face.

The two lovers kissed and cleaned up and went out and enjoyed their night but returned to the hotel and went to bed in Seb's room together for more fun.

Kian and Seb are out to most of their unit and the former commanding officer knew about their sexual relationship and chose to ignore it. The lads were hoping the new Major would let them carry on but were trying to be discreet

Matt was walking from the officer's mess one evening and saw Kian and Seb kissing. He didn't let on he knew because as far as he was concerned it was private between those two.

Matt had been in a meeting with Peter and was heading out to his car to head home to Jess and Osian when he overheard a conversation between two of his privates.

Private Joshua Wilton and Private Ross McKenzie were playing cards and Ross said "I saw those benders kissing again earlier"

"Yeah they are always at it, the bent bastards" Josh replied "Well let's hope this major gets rid of them soon. I don't think it is right having those two queers around here" Ross replied

"Yeah that's for sure" Josh replied

Matt walked in and shouted "Private McKenzie, Private Wilton Attention"
The two privates jumped up and stood for attention.

"You two are two of the laziest pieces of shit I have ever had the misfortune to have in my unit. I just heard every word of what you two were saying and let me tell you something. I will not tolerate homophobes in my unit. I am issuing both of you with final warnings for threatening behaviour and don't think I won't have great pleasure kicking both of you out of this unit, because believe me I have dealt with homophobic pricks like you before. I also will be sending both of you on acceptance and tolerant behaviour courses. Dismissed"

Ross and Josh walked out of the room fuming but knew they had been rumbled

Sgt Frank Wilson, the unit's sergeant, was due to leave shortly as he decided to move on and leave the armed forces behind. Matt has been speaking to HQ about his replacement and was surprised when he was told his new sergeant had already been appointed and would arrive a few days after Frank leaves.


The next morning

Matt called the unit on parade and said "right guys two things I want to speak to you about, first is tomorrow we say goodbye to our friend Sgt Frank Wilson. I have only been here a short time but in that time Frank has proved to me what a great person he is. So on behalf of myself and the rest of the unit Thank you Frank." "The second thing I want to speak about is something I spoke to my former unit about and that is homophobic behaviour. I overheard two members of this unit last night making derogatory comments about two fellow unit members. I will not tolerate any form of bullying in my unit. The two members have been spoken to by myself last night and issued with warnings. I will tell you something, just because someone is gay doesn't mean they are perving on every man they see. I know from experience because what you don't know about me is I was brought up by my dad and his husband. It has made no difference to me whatsoever and I repeat, while I am in charge of this unit, I will not tolerate any homophobic bullying in my unit, understand."

The whole unit shouted "yes Sir."

Kian and Seb looked at each other and smiled.

Josh and Ross were still reeling from the bollocking they had got.
Matt was really happy as he had just been sent the file on his new sergeant and it is none other than Sgt Jason Green.

Jason and his wife and children arrived at Brookdale to take up his new post. They have recently had a new addition to their family. A bouncing baby boy called Kyle. Jason had been told to report to Captain Peter Greening so he had no idea he would be working under Matt again.

Jason headed over and met up with Captain Greening. Peter smiled and said "welcome to 14th company we have a good group of lads but one or two needs bringing into line from time to time. I am second in command of the unit and you will report directly to me or Major Taylor.

Jason still hadn't clicked and said "yeah that's fine."

"Major Taylor apologises for not being here to meet you but he is at HQ this morning" Peter said.

Corporal Nigel Brookes shouted "attention" as Jason and Peter walked into the room.

"At ease" Peter shouted.

"Right guys; I want you all to meet your new unit sergeant, Jason Green. Jason has come to us with great admiration from his old units and I am sure he will fit into our unit fine" Peter said.

"Thank you captain I am sure we will get to know each other over the next few days, but let me assure you, I don't suffer fools lightly and I have seen a few over the years. This is my second posting as a sergeant as I acted for a few months in my last unit while, the then unit, sergeant was out injured. So I am not a wet behind the ears type who you can take for a mug. Any indiscipline in this unit will be dealt with swiftly. Am I making myself clear?"

"Yes sir" the unit replied.

"Unit dismissed" Jason shouted.

Peter smiled and said "that should let them know."

"Yeah I wanted them to know I am no pushover from the start" Jason said.
"Well you sure did" Peter said.

Matt arrived back just after the parade and saw Jason had the men running around the exercise yard and smiled knowing Jason was making them know who is boss.

He spotted Ross and Josh looking well pissed off as they ran around.

Matt went into his office and Peter walked in and said "well this sergeant has really shaken them up."

"Yeah that's Jason for you he is a nice guy but won't suffer fools" Matt said.

"Umm you know him?" Peter asked.

"Yeah Jason was in my old unit as a corporal he was also sergeant when Harvey was out injured he is a good guy who had a bad time a few years ago" Matt said.

"Well he didn't say he knew you" Peter said.

"I am not sure if he knows I am the commanding officer" Matt said.

"Well I did say Major Taylor so I thought he might have clicked" Peter said.

"Yeah you got to remember I was captain when I was in the old unit" Matt said.

"Oh yeah" Peter said.

"Well maybe it's time I met up with my old mucker" Matt said smiling.

"Well he has just sent the lads back in" Peter said.

"Ok let's shock an old friend" Matt said.

Jason was in the mess room speaking to Kian when Matt walked in. He had his back to the door. Kian went to stand but Matt signalled him to stay seated. Matt smiled and said "well Jason, we meet again mate."

"Wow that's a surprise I should have clicked when Captain Gregory said Major Taylor" Jason said smiling.

Kian was looking shocked at the exchange between Jason and Matt and then Jason said "Matt and I go back a long way, he helped me out a couple of years ago."

"Oh ok" Kian said.
"Anyway Jason, let's go to my office, there's a couple of issues i need to discuss with you" Matt said.

"No probs" Jason said.

Matt and Jason went into his office and shut the door.

"First of all it's great to see an old face" Matt said.

"Yeah Matt it's great to be back with you."

"So I hear congratulations are in order, a little boy wasn't it?" Matt asked.

"Yeah he is gorgeous" Jason said smiling.

"I am so made up for you guys, after what you went through" Matt said.

"Yeah thanks Matt, but how did you know?" Jason asked.

"Let's just say a certain newly promoted brummie told me" Matt said laughing.

"Robbo of course" Jason said laughing.

"Yup I spoke to him a little while ago, just after you had left the unit.

Harvey was up at Sandhurst and he told me the great news" Matt said.

"Yeah we are made up, to be honest, he will never replace Jessica, but Kyle is gorgeous and got his dad's good looks" Jason said.

Matt laughed and said "yeah right."

"Right, anyway mate, back to business. I need you to be discreet with what I am about to tell you" Matt said.

"Yeah no problem" Jason said.

"Private Kian Keeling and Private Seb Newton are in a gay relationship, but they don't know I know this. Problem is we have two big homophobic pricks in our unit who we need to keep an eye on. They have already felt the rap of me and will probably be careful around me from now on; but I need you to keep your ears to the group mate" Matt said.

"You know me Matt. I have no problems with gay people. God, my best mate is gay and you know that, so who are these pricks so I can start giving them some grief" Jason said smiling.

Matt laughed "well not too much grief or I will have them in here crying."

Jason laughed and said "yeah like you would listen to them."

Matt laughed and said "yeah, but anyway they are privates Joshua Wilson and Ross McKenzie".

"Oh that idiot McKenzie, I have already had a run in with him this morning. He is the laziest bastard I have ever met" Jason said.

"Yeah Wilson and McKenzie will definitively need a good kick up the arse mate" Matt said.

"Leave them with me, they won't know what hit them" Jason said laughing.

Over the next few weeks Jason made Joshua and Ross's lives hell. He had them on yard patrol for a week. Ross was on early duty, so he had to be up at 4am and Joshua had the late one week and the following they changed round. Ross hated getting up that early, and one morning decided, fuck it, and stayed in bed. Jason had suspected Ross had been shirking and decided to check up on him. When he walked round he found him missing. Three minutes later Ross was dragged out of bed and given a complete dressing down by Jason in front of the whole unit later that morning. He was also put on extra duties and was detailed to clean the floors in the parade room.

Joshua thought he might get away with shirking as well when he was on a late duty. He went back to his room and was caught by Matt. Jason went nuts on both of them the next morning on parade and called both a disgrace to the uniform and told both of them they will be on punishment detail until further notice.

Peter was really taken by Jason and said to Matt "wow he is really getting the discipline back up to where it should be."

"Yeah but we both know those two were the main instigators of the poor discipline in the unit" Matt said.

Ross decided to quit the army a few weeks later and begged his parents to pay for him to leave.

Matt didn't try to change his mind.

Joshua started to toe the line after Ross left because he knew he wanted to be in the army. His grandfather and uncle had both been army guys and it was something he had wanted since a little boy.

The unit started to gel as a team and all the lads realised Jason, Peter and Matt were good guys but, if you cross them, they will come down on you like a ton of bricks.

Gary Monk arrived back at his Cambrian home and immediately went round to Angelo's house.

He had decided it was now or never. He knocked on the door and Angelo's mum answered "sorry love, Angelo's not here, he has gone home to Italy for a few days"

"Oh ok" Gary said

Gary was gutted but decided to send Angelo a text.
"When you come home I want to talk to you mate"

A few days later
Angelo Giuseppe arrived home to his family in Cumbria and was nervous after receiving a text from Gary. He had convinced himself Gary was going to tell him to keep away. Angelo went round to Gary shortly after Gary had arrived home from the outdoor pursuit's centre where he works.

Gary had just come out of the shower and heard the door knock. He quickly put on a pair of tracksuit bottoms and went and answered the door.

Angelo's saw Gary there with just a pair of trackies and watched the water dripping from his wet hair drip slowly down his smooth well defined chest.

Gary smiled at the sexy black haired hunk and said "come in."

Angelo came into the hall and Gary shut the door and then shocked Angelo by grabbing him and kissing him.

Gary lifted Angelo's tight white t-shirt over his head revealing his well defined hairy chest to Gary. Angelo's hands were running up and down Gary's body. Gary grabbed Angelo and pulled him upstairs to his bedroom. Gary pulled his trackies off revealing his 7 inch uncut cock to Angelo. Gary pulled Angelos trousers and underpants off and Angelo's 8 inch uncut cock came into Gary's view. Gary was in awe of the throbbing cock and immediately dropped down and slowly put it into his mouth and started to suck on it.

Gary was starting to get used to the cock in his mouth and Angelo was moaning and groaning louder and louder. Gary was glad his house was detached as the noises the two of them were making would have the neighbour's complaining.

Gary pulled off the cock and stood up and kissed Angelo. Without saying anything, Angelo knew what Gary wanted to do next so, he lifted Gary's legs up and slowly lined his cock up to Gary's virgin arse. Gary had been hoping for this and had bought a dildo to try. Gary gave out a groan as Angelo's cock slowly went into his tight arse.

Gary was soon getting used to the feeling of the cock going in and out of his arse but now he was on his stomach as Angelo fucked him harder and harder. Gary had never felt feelings like this before. Gary's cock was throbbing and dripping precum everywhere as Angelo was fucking him. Gary shouted "fuck me" as his cock gave out a huge throb sending cum all over his bed. Angelo felt Gary's arse clamp as he came and shouted "fuck" as his cock sent a huge load of cum right into Gary's tight arse. The two men collapsed into a heap on the bed and then Gary said "fuck that was fucking amazing" and pulled Angelo to him.

The lads showered and then went to bed together holding each other and Gary leaned over and kissed Angelo.

The next morning

Gary woke up and smiled as he felt Angelo in bed with him. He leaned over and kissed him and said "morning sexy."

Angelo laughed and said "morning gorgeous."

The men laid there in each other's arms and Gary said "you know, I never thought I would feel loved like this ever."

Angelo smiled and said "you know I thought I had blown it when I kissed you."

Gary smiled and said "yeah I know, I am sorry for the way I reacted, but I needed to sort something out before I could commit."

"Yeah, let me guess, a certain brummie with the name of Robert" Angelo said.

Gary laughed and said "well yes that's the one, but don't call him Robert, he hates it, its Robbo."

"So I take it he is cool with it then?" Angelo said.

"Yeah he is cool and anyway he is shagging that hot fireman he met when there was a fire in the village near the barracks" Gary said.

Angelo laughed and said "are you sure this is what you want though?"

"Oh yes, after last night, I am sure as long as I got you in my bed, I will be the happiest newly gay man alive" Gary said smiling.

Angelo smiled and leaned over and kissed Gary again and said "fancy a shag?"

Gary laughed and said "I would love to but got to go to work baby."

Angelo looked glum and said "ok."

Gary laughed and went down and started to suck Angelo's cock. Angelo was groaning and moaning and after a little while shouted "oh fuck babe I am cumming" as his cock gave two or three huge throbs covering Gary's face and hair with cum.

Gary laughed and said "that's it babe, mark your territory."

The lads jumped in the shower.

Gary left for work but not before kissing Angelo.

Jake was smiling when he saw the happy smile on Gary's face.

Jake said "wow someone is happy today. You look like the cat that got the cream."

Gary smiled again and said "yeah something like that mate."

A few months later

Gary and Angelo's relationship is now common knowledge. Jake and Tony were a bit surprised when Gary told them, but both lads supported Gary. His mum Jackie was also shocked at first but as soon as she met Angelo she could see how much they loved each other. Angelo's parents already knew their youngest son was gay so it came as no surprise he was now living with Gary at their cottage.
Gary had bought the cottage from his aunt and uncle as he felt he was stopping them coming to Cumbria. They later bought another cottage near Windermere.

Robbo and Henry were both on leave and headed up to Cumbria to spend some time with Gary and Angelo. Henry was driving his prize Mercedes S class as they pulled up outside the cottage. Robbo noticed Gary's car wasn't there and got out and walked up the path and knocked on the door. Angelo opened the door and said "hi mate."

"Hi Angelo where is he then?" Robbo asked as Henry walked up the path carrying the suitcase.

"Guess" Angelo said.

"Work" Robbo said.

"Yeah they had a big function there today. He is helping the guys tidy up, he won't be long" Angelo said.

"That's Gary, putting others first" Robbo said.

Angelo laughed and said "that's what he says about you mate."

Henry laughed and said "yeah he has defiantly got that right."

Gary arrived home a short time later and grabbed Robbo for a hug and said "good to see you mate."

Robbo smiled and said "wow you look so happy."

"Hey I am always happy; you know me" Gary said smiling.

The four men sat down for a meal together and just as they were about to eat Robbo said "umm I have an announcement to make."

Gary went to say something but Angelo stopped him.

Robbo smiled and said "Henry and I have been having a long talk recently and last night I proposed to him and I am so happy that Henry Morrison is going to be my beautiful husband."

Gary jumped up and grabbed his mate into a hug.

Angelo congratulated Henry with a hug.

Gary then grabbed Henry and whispered in his ear "hurt Robbo and I will hunt you down."

Robbo laughed and said "you know you can't whisper for shit."

Henry laughed and said "I won't, knowingly, hurt Robbo. He is my soul mate. I knew it the first time we met in Bremdon that day."

Robbo smiled walked over and kissed Henry.

The four lads enjoyed their meal.

Henry was looking out of the window in their bedroom and said "wow this place is wonderful; look at the view as the sun sets."

Robbo was behind him and said "yeah it is beautiful; Gary is a lucky fucker to have this place."

"How did he get to buy this place?" Henry asked.

"Well originally he rented it from his aunt and uncle, but after living here for a year he made them an offer and they accepted" Robbo said.

"Well then he is a lucky fucker" Henry said laughing.

"But then again so am I as I get to bed you" Henry said smiling.

Robbo laughed and said "no I am the lucky one I get to bed a sexy fireman."

Henry laughed and grabbed Robbo and said "well come on then soldier boy."