November, 2000

The standard disclaimers apply.

All characters and situations are a figment of my imagination.

This story contains some pretty graphic scenes of sex between males. And if you have finally clicked your way this deep into the site its obvious you enjoy such things, so read on. But if you are underage I think you better be leaving for though biologically you can throw a boner and even father a kid and may have done all or most of this, the keepers of society feels that you should neither read nor view what you have already done!!!


  With his glowing skin and the dark glasses he looked absolutely stunning as he sat in the far corner, clutching a small bag. He must have been around 17/18 and incredibly handsome..... nay, perfect.

  I was traveling to Bangalore, on work and the flight was delayed again. It was announced that we collect our free "meals coupon" and go to the airport restaurant and wait for further announcements. I got a cup of coffee, not in the mood for food right then and returned to the nearly empty departure lounge and saw him. Immediately my dick hardened and a chill ran through me...... I'm gay you see and a guy like that is what you dream of, look out for all your life, hardly coming across one.

  I looked around, he seemed alone and I thought I would go up and introduce myself and see what happened..... He was looking straight. (at me?) as I approached him. I went up and asked.


  The guy just nodded smiling slightly. God! that smile...... it stabbed me like a hot poker right in the heart.... and I also noticed the tiny dimple that formed on his right cheek..... WOW !!!

  "Hi, I'm Amit...." I said extending my hand.

  He was still looking straight at me but made no attempt at taking my hand.......

  "Hello....... " he nodded, "Karan." Still clutching the bag.

  A little surprised and disappointed I pulled my hand back and sat down. He had an unblemished, youthful complexion and full, rosy lips and an innocent look that made me groan and feel dirty..... dirty, for the thoughts jostling in my mind, about him..... about doing things to him.....

  "Traveling alone ?" I asked again trying to start a conversation.

  "With my grandfather." he answered still looking straight ahead not bothering to look at me.

  "Vacation?" I went on.....

  He nodded again.

  Something was odd here, I thought...... he kept staring ahead as he spoke, never once looking at me and he sounded sort of uncomfortable..... Hey, was he scared of me..... I didn't look wild or scary. I'm a pretty decent looking guy in my late 20's and well dressed and clean.... What could it be?

  Just then I saw a man in his 60's approaching us with two trays, the kind the airline guys serve food in and walking up to my new companion sat down.

  "You too on the Bangalore flight?" he asked me, taking the kid's hands and placing a tray on it after removing the bag from his lap. He then carefully put a spoon in the boy's hand and asked him to eat. I was shocked ! The guy was blind......!!! Such a great looking kid and blind !!!! Now I knew why he looked straight and never took my hand.... he didn't even know I had proffered it to him..... I felt my heart melt...... I felt a tender warmth for the kid...... I WANTED him !

  I suddenly realized I was staring and also I hadn't answered the question, "Ah, yes.... Bangalore..." I finally replied.

  "Oh, we are also going there..... I'm Avinash Mahtre, retired High Court Judge, now living there in my little farm and this is my grandson, Karan, Karan Mahtre, if you haven't introduced yourselves already...." he finally stopped to put a piece of bread in his mouth.

  "You didn't get your food?" he asked chewing on the bit.

  I shook my head, "Don't feel like it."

  The next half hour was spent with him giving me a full history about himself and his work, chatting non stop as most older people do...... Then it was my turn as he bombarded me with questions, my name, age, work.... family and everything that he could think of, making me wonder and the young guy shift uncomfortably in his seat... He made a few futile attempts at making his grandpa stop the 'interrogation' with a weak "Dadu*....!" but the ex-judge never listened.

  Finally it was his turn, I was informed about what a great student he was.... and a good sportsman too and how on a fateful evening about six months back he met with an accident and was just lucky enough to survive. He was on his bike and returning home...... The flying shrapnel from the wind shield of the crashing car piercing both his eyes, permanently damaging them and leaving him blind. He had just fully recovered from that crash and was on his way to his grandparents' farm near Bangalore for a short vacation.

  Unconsciously I reached out and touched his hand and he went stiff, embarrassed..... hating the show of 'pity', which I'm sure he had a fare share of and despising it, like most young persons. But it wasn't plain 'pity' on my part..... I really felt for him..... and somehow was drawn irresistibly closer to this amazing young man. It wasn't just naked lust anymore.....

  "He has been a very brave young man." his grandfather continued with a touch of pride, "He didn't break down or give up..... he has learnt Braille and plans to study further. His uncle in the US is arranging to send him one of those new computers for blind people.... I don't know much about those things.... it 'talks' I suppose and the keyboard is different and he can feel and type and also all the relevant software." And on he went. I just sat there, admiring the youth that had been so brave and ready to fight his way out despite his handicap.... I also learnt that he had just turned 18 !

  Finally the overhead speakers crackled to announce that our flight was ready and we were to board the craft. We got up and slowly walked out behind the rushing crowd, the boy holding his grandfather's arms lightly. I walked behind them.

  Unfortunately we had different seats and I again saw them only at the Bangalore airport as we waited for the luggage to arrive. Mr. Mahtre invited me to visit them at the farm a few miles outside the city limits and I promised I would. Saying good bye I walked out and headed for my hotel, promising myself to make the boy mine.

  Everything went smooth and the work was done much earlier than anticipated and now I had a full 2 days before my flight back to Calcutta. I decided on visiting Karan..... I wanted to meet him, see him again. He had been on my mind all along, his awesome face hovering before my eyes.... smiling, the dimple showing.


  As I approached the house I saw him sitting on a cane chair, under a tree in the lawn, listening to some music. He looked as breathtaking as that first day at the airport..... Wearing a faded blue jeans and a green T-shirt and with his shades on he looked absolutely ravishing.

  I walked up and greeted him, "Hello Karan."

  "Amit ?" that same dazzling smile..... and this time he looked happy.

  "Yeah." I said taking the nearby chair and sitting down.

  "How was your work ?" he asked turning his face towards me.

  I groaned silently as I saw his handsome face, framed by the longish black hair...... God, he was stunning ! "Great, already done and totally free till I leave." I said.

  "Good, I was getting bored and was thinking if we... if you could come with me to town, Dadu has some people coming over and can't get away and they won't allow me to go alone...." he tilted his head slightly to the left and smiled again.....

  I heard a little tinkle..... my heart ?...... that dimple, Oooh, it was.....

  "Huh...?" I heard him say, waiting for an answer.

  "Oh, sure.... sure Karan, I'd be more than glad." I smiled back, by heart beating fast.

  "Great, I'll call Dadu and tell him and ask the driver....."

  "I have a car with me..... just call your Dadu." I said as he reached for the bell switch on the table nearby, the wires running towards the house over the grass.

  He groped around and finding it pressed the switch..... I didn't hear it ring but soon a boy came out of the house and walked up to us.

  "Tell Dadu I want to talk to him.... ask him to come here and tell him Amit, ah, Mr. Roy is here." he said as the boy came near.

  "How did you know he was there...?" I asked wondering, as the boy turned back.

  "I'm learning...... when we loose the function of one of our sensual abilities I suppose the other sensory organs become more active, more acute..... I can hear more now, smell better..... I can't see people but can 'hear' and 'smell' them." he explained.


  "Well, that was nice..... I really mean it. And thank you Amit...." he said as we got out of the car.

  "The pleasure was entirely mine" I said smiling, "I will really miss you once I go back. How long will you be staying here?" I asked hoping that he would give me some clue...... his phone number in Calcutta..... maybe..... even his address?

  "Initially I had planned to stay for about a fortnight..... but somehow I just don't feel like it anymore, I don't know why.... but I think I want to go back home." he said sounding unsure, confused. "Amit, do you mind if I come along with you.... You know, I'm not allowed to travel alone...... hope it won't be too much of a bother with me tagging along?" he suddenly asked stopping and taking my hand in his.

  I groaned, "Hey, not at all, I'd be more than glad if you came along...." I said patting his hand. "But you should first talk to your grandparents and see what they say."

  "They will never refuse it if I have decided..... they respect my decisions." Again that tilt and that smile..... Oooohhhh !

  I could hardly sleep that night...... every time I closed my eyes Karan's face floated right in front of them. And that dazzling smile ! Going out together I had seen glimpses of another person..... a lively and cheerful young man.... it was like a dark cloud parting and the bright light of the sun sparkling through..... but only in short bursts before some unknown gloom pulled a curtain over it. He was hurt.... in pain over something and it gnawed at me. He must have been a very vivacious person, full of life and laughter. But if he could have overcome the trauma of loosing his sight then what was it that was bothering him ?

  I would find out much later.....


  I returned the next day and stayed back for lunch before taking him out again...... it was another amazing evening for me, getting to know the boy, see more of him. And the following day his grandfather dropped him at the airport and we returned together.

  I met his parents at the airport. Thanking me profusely they invited me over to their place for tea the following day...... and I had no reason to refuse. I went and soon was visiting Karan practically every other day and his parents didn't seem to mind, on the contrary were happy to have me drop in....

  "At least he is smiling again." said his mother one day as we sat in his room laughing at something I had just said.

  We started going out too, for walks down the Chowrangee, the Maidan and the Victoria Memorial gardens. We frequented the Band Stand and sat there watching the boats sail by. And as I got to know him better I saw those fleeting glimpses of the true Karan, the Karan that had got hidden behind the tinted glasses along with the pierced eyes..... He seemed a very warm and loving person, vivacious, with an impossible sense of humor..... he could just make you burst out laughing at the most mundane of things..... saying the most outrageous thing..... and the best part - he had an extremely 'naughty' mind that I absolutely loved ! And with each passing day he amazed me more and more. He also talked a lot about the past..... happier days, his school, friends...... but there was still something I couldn't put my fingers on..... something that made him fall silent and go quiet all of a sudden.....

  It had been about three months now since we had met and were going out nearly every day when I decided to broach the subject of his sexual orientation..... find out if he was even interested in men, sexually. So one day as we sat by the river bank I asked him the one question that would give me a clue..... a hint.

  "Karan, a guy like you must have had the girls running after you...." I started, "Any one special ? Want to tell me ?" I asked.

  The smile on his face vanished as I felt him go slightly stiff..... "I'm sorry if I have said something wrong." I quickly added.

  He smiled again, "No, you don't have to be sorry. And why should you be..... ? Yes there was a girl, a very special girl, but she decided that she preferred someone who could still see." And he laughed. But the pain was clearly visible.

  I cursed myself for being so selfish..... God, why did I have to rake up a painful memory to fulfill my own desires.

  "Lets go back." he said slowly rising. And we left.

  I didn't go to visit him the next day, feeling guilty.... angry with myself, angry at being so insensitive. He called later in the night asking why I hadn't come. And I made up a story about having important work and promising to go the following day.

  As I walked into his room he asked me if I could take him to my place, "I want to see the coins again." he said.

  He had been to my place a couple of times and when I had shown him my coin collection he just sat there, feeling each piece with his fingers as I explained them to him..... telling him about the origin, the rulers, the patterns on the tiny silver pieces. He was absolutely fascinated and it was over three hours when I finally put them back in the cabinet and we left.

  "Sure Karan." I said, suddenly feeling very happy.


  As we entered the house I led him to the couch and sat him down and then went into the kitchen to get him a coke.

  "Here...." I said putting the can in his hand. "You sit and I'll get the coins out."

  "Can we talk some...... before you get them out?" he asked.

  "Sure." I said sitting down beside him.

  We sat in silence for a while and then he turned towards me and smiled.....

  "Tanya, my girlfriend, is young and maybe couldn't handle my blindness...." he said, sounding calm, "After you asked that other day I have thought about it and I think I don't blame her anymore...... don't hold it against her. I suppose I have forgiven her..... maybe I would have done the same thing too, ran away from reality......" he paused. "I'm no longer angry or hurt...... and thanks to you for bringing it up...... or I would have kept it all bottled up, going on hating her...." he placed the can on the table and reached out for my hand, touching me, squeezing it lightly and he smiled again, tilting his head...... "Thank you Amit !"

  I just sat, amazed..... 18 yet so matured, when guys his age were just going wild.... freaking out.

  "You never told me about yourself...?" he asked suddenly releasing my hand and smiling, the dimple showing.


  "Yes, your girlfriend...... when do you plan to marry ?"

  "Well, I don't have a girlfriend....." I paused, "I'm gay." I finally let go.

  He sat still...... unmoving, frozen. Then he kind of relaxed, a soft smile hovering around the corner of his pink lips... the beginning of a flush appearing.

  I took off his shades and putting them on the table I placed the back of my hand on his cheek and slowly caressed him..... he stiffened but sat still. I leaned forwards and touching my lips kissed his cheek..... He gasped softly and gripped the arms of the sofa tight, shivering...... I moved my face lower and kissed his neck as he his tilted his head further, giving me better access... He was breathing hard now.....

  "A...Amit..... please..... stop." he said weakly.

  I pulled back and looked at him, he was still gasping and shaking slightly..... "Does it feel bad ? If it does I will stop..... but if it makes you feel good and nice, the way I'm feeling, then why deny yourself ? And for how long....?"

  "I.... I don't know..... I'm.... I'm not sure. I don't want any more pain than I can handle..." he said softly, turning his face away.

  "There won't be any more pain...... trust me Karan." I whispered softly.

  He sat quiet as I again kissed him on the cheek and then slowly turning his face kissed him on the mouth. He shook with the sudden intake of breath and moaned softly. His hands gripping my arms.

  I licked his luscious lips, tracing the outline with my tongue and slowly pushed them apart..... He made a gurgling sound, maybe pleading me to stop, as I entered his hot mouth, probing deep. He was holding me tight now, fingers digging into my arms as his tongue moved..... tentative, exploring, fencing..... We were both gasping, breathing harshly, nostrils flared..... eyes shut tight.

  I pulled back and looked at him, he was flushed, face a deep crimson, the lips wet and puffy....he looked ravishing !

  I reached for the T-shirt and pulled it off, he didn't protest, and groaned loudly as I saw his naked torso, smooth and soft, the pink nipples already hard and pointed..... I took one between my finger and thumb and lightly tweaked it while the other was claimed by my mouth..... he smelled so good, fresh and clean..... and so male...... I sucked his boy tits, my hands running all over the silky surface, feeling him, caressing him..... He just sat there, slumped back and moaned softly. I got his whole chest wet with my saliva before I moved lower and tickled his navel with my tongue while my hand went to his crotch to grab and squeeze the ample bulge..... He groaned and pushed back, his hands now on my head, pulling my hair.

  I kissed him again, squarely on the mouth, crushing my lips against his, licking them before shoving them apart to thrust my tongue in. He took a sharp breath and slowly, hesitantly his hands moved higher and finally wrapped around my neck, pulling me closer.

  I was surely arousing new feelings in him.... feeling that he was sure would never be awakened in his body after he lost his eyes.... Feelings that we all crave but some are denied for no fault of their own....

  I stood up and raised him and holding him we went into my bedroom......

  "I.... I .... we must stop, please...." he whispered as I reached for his belt.

  "Don't worry Karan, I'm not going to hurt you..... I won't do anything you don't want me to.... I love you Karan, have loved you ever since that moment I saw you at the airport." I answered as I pulled it off and started lowering the zipper.

  His cock was hard and throbbing as I parted the thick material and lowered it down past his slim waist. The tiny brief was tented by the straining cock, the front packed by his meat..... and wet where the pre cum had soaked the fabric.

  His hands made another weak attempt at stopping me but let go as I leaned forward and kissed his dick through the sheer cotton of the briefs. He pushed out, grinding his pubes into my face, filling me with the aroma of aroused teen crotch, sexy.... intoxicating.

  I stood up again and stripped myself, releasing my rampant cock to spring out and forward, bobbing with delight at the sight of Karan..... I knelt down pulling off his brief and gawked at the teen cock in front of me ! It was impossibly tantalizing...... in its sheer beauty, pink and tender, so full and engorged, throbbing, the pre cum spurting out like from some sprinkler. The silky head partly exposed by the semi retracted foreskin...... so yummy..... The dark pubic hair, thick and curly, forming a perfect frame for the cock and balls.

  My tongue darted out to lick at the tip and he nearly screamed..... I planted a quick kiss on the wet head, my hands reaching behind to grope.... knead the full cheeks. I turned him around and shook with lust at the sight of those incredible cheeks, soft and smooth...... and glowing..... rippling as he shifted. I buried my nose in the crack and licked the globes with quick short strokes of my tongue...... my hands kneading...... squeezing the ample flesh. My head was buzzing and I thought my cock would explode into a million smithereens.....

  I quickly stood up, turning him once again and taking him in my arms in a tight hug. He moaned as he felt me, felt the heat of my raging cock nestled between us and buried his face in my shoulder. I caressed his hair, kissing whatever part of his face I could reach. Suddenly he pushed me away and said in a quivering voice....

  "I.... I want to..... feel you...."

  I took his hands and placed them on my shoulders, "Go ahead...."

  He touched, soft and fluttering...... sensuous...... his fingers felt me..... reaching first for my face, touching my eyes..... tracing my eyebrows, over my cheek bones and then down my nose and to my lips and as I nipped his fingers he giggled, pulling them away. He felt my ears and my hair and then down my neck he went to my chest...... feeling the smooth skin there, touching and tweaking my aroused nipples. We both were breathing hard..... audibly. He moved closer as his hands traveled lower, over the flat stomach to finger my navel and then lower still..... He paused as his fingers came in contact to the fine line of pubic hair and then taking a deep breath he went down and grasped me ! I shuddered as my cock twitched violently at the touch of his soft hands. .... I moaned and he gave a short laugh.

  "Feels good?" he asked.

  I nodded before quickly adding, "Yeah !"

  He wrapped his fingers around and started to stroke me as his other hand went lower and took my scrotal sac, squeezing the large globes. I closed my eyes and pulled him closer, kissing his open mouth, sucking on his tongue. And he continued, to stroke me..... fondle my balls..... He reached back and felt my ass cheeks...... fondling them, kneading..... his hands traveled up now, over the narrow waist to the broad shoulders and then grabbing them he pushed into me, rubbing his groin into my pubes, smearing us both with the fresh teen juice.

  I pushed him towards the bed and slowly pulling away sat him down before pushing him further back till he lay there, on his back, staring blankly up at the ceiling..... I climbed in and bending over him kissed him all over, from head to foot, making him moan and thrash around at the impossible pleasure I was arousing in him.... He kept calling my name while his fingers pulled at my hair, shoving my face closer, into his tingling body.....

  I shifted, lying perpendicular to him and started licking his groin..... licking the throbbing shaft.... the rolling balls, the pubes, catching the hair between my teeth to pull gently, making him groan louder and push up..... My hands roamed the awesome body of the young, touching, feeling the soft, silky skin..... raising goose bumps as it fluttered over the tingling surface..... I kneaded his thighs and tweaked his nipples and he just thrashed and moaned. Moving higher I reached those mouthwatering nips once more and took one in my salivating mouth..... holding it between my teeth as my tongue lashed over the sensitive tip.

  There was another part I wanted to taste, explore with my mouth....... I raised his arms high and looked at his armpits my breath coming in harsh gasps.... The soft black hair looked mesmerizing..... I ground my face, inhaling the fresh boy scent, my tongue already licking the deep depression. He was bucking now, making the bed squeak ominously. I moved to the other arm, leaving this all wet and glistening.... but I just didn't seem to get enough of him.... I went crazy, moving from one pit to the other, then back to the nipples and back to his puffy lips and down again...... I must have spent over an hour just licking and kissing his whole body before lust prodded me to move lower and back to his cock.

  The poor guy was bursting..... the clear liquid gushing out in a steady stream. I held the thick base and peeled back the foreskin, fully exposing the bloated cock head..... so tender, like a ripe plum. Kissing the head I opened my mouth wide and took him in. He hollered and pushed up, leaving the bed completely, just the back of the head and the heels touching the surface, shoving into my mouth, nudging my gullet......

  "Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh !" he roared as the muscles at the back of my throat clamped down on the flared head of his cock. He shivered and shook..... pulling at my hair mercilessly.

  I squeezed him...... working the muscle over the large head and felt him quiver.... filling me with more of the salty honey of his teen dick. I took his balls in my hand and squeezed them softly as I lifted up exerting suction on the shaft. And then with just the head inside I lashed it with my tongue and slowly swallowed him in again..... First time with a mouth around his dick and all the suction, he just yelped and went stiff before shoving in one last time, he exploded..... wad after thick wad of juicy cum, fresh and warm..... salty and creamy. I gulped like a starved beggar..... relishing every bit of it.

  He gave a whimper and fell back, drained. I released him and moved up.... he was gasping for air as I took his face in my hands and kissed him on the mouth, giving him a taste of his own cum. He sucked my tongue like a thirsty traveler, relishing the taste and smell. I pulled back and saw the sticky strands trailing between our lips, coating his with its creamy sheen.

  "That wasn't bad...... was it?" I asked softly, tousling his hair.

  He smiled, the dimple showing, deeper, more pronounced. He shook his head.

  "Do you regret anything that happened?" I asked again.

  "No....... I loved every bit of it...... I never knew this could be so beautiful...... Thank you again, Amit." And we kissed.

  We lay for a long while that way..... wrapped in each others arms and then I felt him reach out and touch my face...... he held me and pulled me closer, kissing me. Kissing...... caressing, feeling...... I hadn't cum yet and my cock throbbed painfully but I didn't want to jack off, the very idea seemed so gross right then, especially with Karan by my side..... and neither did I want to force him to do anything for me... Then he reached lower...... groping..... searching..... I lifted my thigh and opened them as he reached my pubes and found me. He took my raging cock in his soft hands and gasped again as he felt me for the second time.... the stiffness, the heat. I felt him move his hands, stroking me, gently and then felt him tug.... pulling me by the cock as he started to move lower. I understood what he wanted and smiled as I got up and scrambled into the new position.... pulling him on his side, my groin at his face and my mouth back to where it wanted to be, sucking.

  I felt the wet hot tongue lash out and stab at the slitted tip and moaned around the teen cock. Karan licked and lapped the bursting head of my dick as his hands continued to stroke the thick shaft. He suddenly lunged forward and took me in and at that moment I thought I was finished ! I shook and had to really control myself from shooting. He took me in about halfway and then stopped, his tongue licking the sides of my throbbing pole. His other hand deserted the shaft and went to my loaded balls..... feeling, toying with the large globes..... exploring.

  I too let my fingers wander..... caressing his thighs, playing with those beautiful balls, squeezing them gently and then I reached behind and into the deep crack. He made a nasal whimper and spread his legs wider as my fingertip found the tiny, wrinkled rosebud of his anus. It twitched as I pressed my finger against it, the lips quivering and he chewed my cock with more force.

  He went on sucking me...... doing what I had done, imitating my actions...... He held my cock with one hand and moved his head in a slowly motion, up and down the long shaft, using his tongue to lick the sides and the tingling head..... pressing the pointed tip to the piss slit every now and then. And again following my action he too reached behind and slid his fingers into the cleft of my ass..... parting the cheeks to finger the tiny hole.

  But that's as far he went for at that moment I pushed and slid my middle finger into his anus and pressed against his prostate....... He nearly bit off my whole damn dick as he let out a loud moan around my buried cock and came..... He nearly drowned me with the copious discharge...... !

  I was close too..... and as he shivered and shook, pumping my gut with his ejaculation I felt the pit of my stomach knot, readying itself for the release...... I moved my head back and moaned loudly..... his cum splashing my face.....

  "Ka.... Karan..... I'm about to..... oh, cummmmm..... " and took him in again.

  "Nnnnhhhhh.... " he replied, pushing my groin into his face with the hand on my ass and taking me deeper into his throat.

  And I exploded unable to hold back any more...... It was massive..... mind boggling ! It felt like everything had liquified and was being pumped out of me...... and the cum shooting out of me and into his mouth was traveling through him to be re-pumped into my own gulping throat by his prick.... and then back again into him..... joining us in its never ending flow......

  And we slobbered and gulped taking every bit of semen the other could give !


  We were dressed and ready to leave...... he didn't get to see the coins that day, but who cared..... there would surely be another day, another time when I would finally get a chance to get them out and show them to him..... But it seemed a very distant possibility right then...... with the hunger that raged in both our souls we would probably only get to close the door before pouncing on each other and everything else would be forgotten....

  As I led him out of the bedroom I kissed him once more and tickled his dimple with my tongue asking....

  "Did it hurt, huh ?"

  He stopped me and slowly feeling his way to my face touched my lips before kissing me on the mouth.

  "I was hurt, very hurt. Angry with the world, with myself...... but I was also determined to overcome it, especially after I was rejected by Tanya, to go ahead and achieve what I had planned to. Maybe it would be a bigger challenge now.... maybe more difficult but surely not insurmountable I reasoned. And when the physical wounds healed finally and I got back the use of my legs..... my grandfather asked me to go over to his farm for a few days and think things over before I came back and started where I was forced to leave off." he stopped for air.......

  "And then I met you...... I don't know..... I never understood, but every time you held my hands, touch me it felt funny.... I felt funny, so alive.... like a fresh breath of life had been injected into my very soul..... I never really understood it all but suddenly I wasn't interested in being there.... I wanted to come back...." he paused again..... "I wanted to be with you.... hear your voice.... be close to you, feel your touch. The time we spent together once we got back here was so lovely for me..... I forgot all my pains and the moment you left I felt sad and lonely. And then slowly I felt the stirring in my soul and started thinking of you in a different way..... in a sexual way and for the first time after my accident I masturbated..... thinking about you. And when today you told me you were gay I felt like I was dying.... and then you touched me and kissed me....." He didn't get to finish that as my mouth covered his and he fell silent.

  I didn't want to hear anymore, I didn't need to. I had my answer !


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