Chapter 10: Saturday with the Boys

I woke up Saturday morning in a new position. Jake was on his back this time and I was half lying on top of him, my face buried in his neck. I inhaled and smiled. Yep, this was my man. I laid there for a minute just enjoying the essence of him. After a couple of minutes my dick was starting to get hard and I started pressing up against Jake's leg, sliding it up and down a little. It felt good. I began kissing his neck while my cock got hard on his leg. Yeah, this was a good way to wake up.

"Why are you humping my leg like a dog?" He asked, still a little sleepy.

"Because it feels good." I smiled into his neck.

"Oh. OK." I smirked and continued what I'd been doing. I then reached my right hand down and felt for Jake's cock. Yep, just how I liked it; rock hard.

"You seem to like being humped liked a dog."

"Yeah, well... My cock has a mind of his own. Besides, you're right; it does feel good."

I lifted my head up and kissed his mouth. He responded eagerly. Mmm yeah, this was good.

"Mmmm that was nice, but dude you taste like stale cum and cock. Sorry..."

"Yeah, well, you're not exactly spring fresh yourself there, stud. I guess we should get up and go brush our teeth and take a shower." I looked over the clock; it was almost nine o'clock. "Damn baby, can you believe it; it's almost nine?"

"Cool. We finally got to sleep in.  Oh shit, what about the maid? Did you put the little card thingy on the door?" He looked worried.

"I don't really remember. I think I did. Oh well, she would've come and gone by now anyway; she's usually here around eight. Maybe she gets off on seeing two hot guys in bed together." I grinned down at him.

"Yeah, whatever... I guess we have to get up. The guys will be here in a while. You can hump my leg later, baby."

"It's a date." He rolled his eyes at me and smirked.

After our shower we were standing in the bedroom getting dressed and he suddenly stopped and looked at me.

"Lose your underwear again?" I asked.

"No...! I was thinking about last night; about what you said about you getting turned on when I give you orders; the power ranger thing."

"Yeah, what about it?"

"Is it true?"

"Yes, it is. I don't know why, but yeah, it's a hell of a turn on."

"You're weird sometimes, you know that?" He grinned at me.

"Thanks for finally noticing. Why is it weird?"

"I don't know. It just doesn't seem like you'd like taking orders, especially from someone half your age."

"Well, no I usually don't like taking orders, but while having sex with you it's fuckin' hot as hell. Maybe part of it is because you're half my age; I really haven't given it much thought; I just like it."

"I have to admit; it's kinda fun. Kind of a power rush actually."

I grinned at him. "I ah, kinda noticed that. It's just fun watching you really get into something; being aggressive. Besides, it lets you tell me what you want, how you like it and what's really working for you while we're having sex. It's just hot; I don't know what else to tell you."

"OK. I was just wondering about it. But yeah, it's hot. I find myself getting off on it."

"Good! I get off on it too. I mean I don't want you barking orders at me all the time, but during sex; knock yourself out." I winked and grinned at him.

He just shook his head at me and continued getting dressed. By the time we'd finished showering and dressing it was damn near ten; we had an hour before the guys showed up. While we were waiting for them we started talking about the new house again and all the things we were going to do with it; and do in it. We'd both completely forgotten about buying him some new clothes. Oh well, we could do it later. I had noticed that his laundry was gone; so I guess it was getting washed. At about twenty after ten there was a loud knock on the door. I jumped, and Jake started giggling.

"That'll be Sean; he's a fuckin dick about knocking on doors." He walked over and opened the door; sure enough is was Sean and Kevin. "Fuck dude, chill. It's a hotel, not a fucking dorm." Sean looked a little chastised. I guess he had been.

"Hey Sean!" I walked over and shook his hand, then turned to Kevin, sticking out my hand. "Mike Adler, it's nice to finally get to meet the guy behind the laughter."

He laughed and took my hand to shake it. "Kevin O'Reilly, it's nice to meet you, Sir."

"There are no officers in the room; eighty-six the `sir' bit." I smiled at him. "O'Reilly... A good Irish lad, huh?"

He smiled. "Yes Sir." I just looked at him; Jake and Sean giggled. "Er, sorry... Mike"

"Better. Come on in guys; make yourselves at home. Anyone want something to drink? Not much of a choice around here, but I can get you a bottle of water or make some more coffee."

They both said no to a drink and walked into the room. They both just looked around the room. I don't they were expecting a suite, just an average hotel room.

Sean spoke first. "Nice digs, fuck stick; must be kinda hard to go back to your little hole on base." He gave Jake an evil grin.

"Fuck you, dill weed. It's just a hotel room; don't get a hard-on."

They all laughed. I was taking the opportunity to check out Kevin. Damn, cute guys must just gravitate towards each other. He was a little hottie in his own right. He's shorter than the rest of us, probably about five seven, but kind of stocky and buff. The Irish name explained the red hair and blue eyes. I'd also noticed that we seemed to have a whole rainbow of hair color represented. Jake had brown hair, I have kind of dirty blond hair, Sean was a blond and Kevin the red head. I also noticed we were all wearing basically the same thing; all of us in jeans and t-shirts. Sean looked damn fine in his; they hugged his hot ass even better than his uniform. They weren't any brand I recognized, but they looked good on him. I knew I was perving on Jake's friends and decided it was kind of fucked up so I turned to Jake.

"So do you guys want to go and check out the house now, or we can just sit and bullshit for a while?"

Kevin actually spoke up first. "I'd like to see this house Jake can't stop babbling about; we can bullshit in the car."

"One for the house. Guys?" I asked, looking at Jake and Sean.

Sean spoke. "The house. Let's roll." Jake looked at me and grinned and nodded.

"Let's roll."

We all headed out the door and to the elevator. When we got down to the lobby our two guests started to walk back towards the front exit. I stopped them by saying we were headed towards the garage and Sean smacked his forehead and smiled. We all jumped in the car; Jake sitting in his seat next to me and the other two in the back. When we got out to the new house there were ooohs and ahhhhs all around and Kevin and Sean were lifting each up with their fingers locked together looking in windows.

"Fuck, dude, it huge!"

I just couldn't let that one pass. "Gee Kevin, thanks for noticing."

He turned as red as a red head could possibly turn and the other two just lost it. They were laughing so hard they almost fell over. Kevin just looked at me, red as all hell and shook his head.

"Fuck... OK, you got me on that one. I'll never live it down. Thanks a lot."

I smiled at him. "Anytime." The other two were still laughing.

We stayed for about forty minutes, the guys talking shit to each other and checking out the patio and back yard; explaining to each other how it could be setup for a football game, then a snowball fight range in the winter, then how great it would be for parties. I was smiling, watching them talk so animatedly and wondering if I'd just adopted two more Marines. That was alright with me; I liked them both, and I loved the way Jake was when he was around them. He was really himself and he looked so happy. He caught my gaze and I just smiled and winked at him; he blushed a little and smiled back. The exchange hadn't gone unnoticed by Sean. He just looked at me, smiled and nodded. I smiled and nodded at him; appreciating the fact he hadn't made a smart-assed comment.

The three guys decided they'd done all they could with the back yard and they were hungry. We all piled back in the car and headed back to town. When we got to the road Sean said he wanted to see what the car had. I looked in the mirror at him, smiled and punched it. We covered the two miles back to the main road in short order.

"Fuck dude! Not bad for a big ole barge." He smiled at me in the mirror.

Kevin piped up agreeing with him and Jake just turned to look at me and shook his head, smiling. I shrugged my shoulders and smiled back at him. I turned back and drove across the main road and headed to the beer garden Jake and I had eaten at once. I thought the guys would enjoy it, and I remembered the food had been really good. We got in the restaurant and were asked if we'd like a table in or out, all of us agreeing outside would be good. Once we were seated and handed menus I looked around the table. Damn fine looking bunch of guys we were.

"Lunch is on me guys. Order anything you want, as much as you want. Don't say a fucking word about money or prices and we'll get along great. If you don't believe me, ask Jake." They both giggled and turned to Jake.

"Yeah, don't mention prices around him; he has a phobia about people worrying about money." He leered at me. I just smiled back at him.

Sean was happy with that news. "Fuck yeah, let's eat; I'm fuckin' starvin'. Thanks Mike!"

"Yeah, thanks Mike!" Kevin chimed in.

"You're welcome. I think they have about twenty different beers and ales they make right here; so try a few out if you want."

"Fuck yeah!" Sean was getting happier by the moment. Food and beer; what could be better to a 23 year old Marine?

We had a great time; eating, drinking and bullshitting. We were there for a little over two hours. Sean had been trying as many beers as he could. Jake had two, Kevin had two and I even had one. I think Sean was up to about his eighth. The boy could put away the beers, and German beer was a lot stronger than American. I was actually kind of impressed; he didn't seem all that drunk; just a little buzzed. By the time we left the beer garden is was about two o'clock. We piled back in the car and I drove the eight blocks back to the hotel. Sean had even bought three bottles to take back with him. We made our way back up to the room; the guys filling the elevator with raucous laughter all the way to the ninth floor.  It was kind of fun watching these friends together; they had a good time, that's for sure. When we got in the room Sean asked where the head was. I pointed to the bedroom and told him to hook a left when he passed the chair. He grinned and headed in to take care of business. Kevin, Jake and I stayed out in the front room standing there talking. Sean was back in about a minute.

"Fuck! Much better." He headed straight for the couch and just crashed down on it, laughing. "I had to piss so bad my gut was hurtin'. Hey this is kinda comfy..." The three of us just looked over at him and laughed.

Jake yelled over to him, "Hey dill weed, don't go stinkin' up the couch; normal people have to use it sometimes."

"Fuck `em! Let `em sit on the can if they don't like it!" He laughed at his own joke and the rest of us just shook our heads.

We all continued talking and laughing; Kevin, Jake and I sitting at the little dining table, but after about twenty minutes we figured out we weren't hearing any shit from the peanut gallery.

Jake called out. "Hey fuck stick, you passed out over there?" No response. We all giggled and then got up to go check on him. Sure enough, he was sound asleep. "Figures, the fuckin' light weight; can't handle a couple of beers." Jake started to lean over to wake him up and I grabbed his arm.

"Just leave him there; he can sleep if he wants; he's not hurtin' anything."

Jake stopped, looked at me and shrugged. "I guess if you don't care, I don't."

"Well I gotta be outta here by three. I told Gretchen I'd meet her downtown; what the fuck do I do about him?" Kevin said, pointing at Sean.

"Just let him sleep. We'll take him back to the base when he's ready to go. Don't sweat it, Kevin." I said.

"If you say so; he's your problem now, guys."

Kevin chuckled and we went back to the table to resume our conversation. I asked Kevin about his girlfriend, his parents and his home town. I also asked him how long he'd been a Marine and if he were going to make a career of it. It reminded me I really needed to ask Jake the same thing. We just talked quietly, trying to be nice about it so Sean could sleep, until about ten minutes of three, when Kevin stood up.

"Guys, I hate to break this up, but I really gotta blaze. Gretchen gets all pouty if I keep her waiting. I had a really good time; thanks for the great lunch, Mike."

"You're quite welcome Kevin. It was my pleasure; I'm glad you enjoyed it. This wasn't a one-time deal either; you're welcome to hang out with us whenever you want." I smiled at him.

"Thanks. I appreciate it." Jake and I stood up and we all walked to the door. "Well Jake, I guess I'll see you on Monday. I had a blast today; I'm glad I couldn't get you to shut up about the house."

Jake gave him an evil glare then smiled. "Shut up, Boner. I had fun today too; I'm glad you came. I'll see ya on Monday. Don't let that girl lead your dick around so much; grow some balls, dude."

"Bite me. She doesn't lead me around, and leave my balls out of this." Jake rolled his eyes and grinned back at him. They did their little fist bumping thing and Kevin turned to me and held out his hand. I shook hands with him. "Thanks again, Mike. I'm glad I got to meet you. Try to keep this dickhead in line. If you want, you can borrow the collar I keep in my desk for him."

"No thanks, Kevin, I have my own assortment of toys." He turned beat red again and Jake and I laughed. "Dude, you just make it way to easy for me. I'm sorry. I shouldn't embarrass you like that; it's not nice."

"Don't worry about it; I guess I do talk before I think sometimes. Take it easy guys; see ya later." With that he walked out, heading for the elevator. I closed the door and leered at Jake.

"He keeps a collar for you..?"

"Shut the fuck up. He does not! God!! You're such a perv, you know that?"

"You say that like it's a bad thing. Get over it!"

I leered at him again and walked off towards the bedroom. I needed to use the head myself. Jake followed me into the bathroom, bumped me over a little with his hip and whipped his dick out to take a leak beside me. I smirked.

"You decide this was kind of fun or what?"

"Shut up and pee. Yes, I did."

"We could go wake Sean up and see if he wants to pee with us too; a three-way piss." I laughed.

"Shut up, fuck stick." He stopped dead and looked over at me, worry in his eyes. "Oh God, Mike, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to say that. I'm sorry."

I just smiled at him. "Don't worry so much, baby; jeez. I know you didn't mean it in a bad way; it just fell out. You're used to sayin' it to these guys so you just said it. Besides, I kinda like my fuck stick. Wanna say hi to him? He's right here."

Jake smiled and shook his head at me. We finished pissing, I flushed the john and we walked back into the bedroom. Our bed hadn't been made; I guess the maid didn't come in. I walked over to Jake and pulled him in my arms.

"Hey sexy."

He smiled. "Hey yourself, stud."

He leaned in for a kiss. We kissed for a couple of seconds and I remembered I wanted to ask him something.

"Jacob, when I was asking Kevin about his plans for the Marines I remembered I'd been meaning to ask you about it. So what are your plans when your four years are up?"

"If you're asking if I was gonna re-up the answer is no. I'd never planned on staying for more than four years."

"So what were your plans for when you discharged?" We were still in each other's arms, but about a foot away from each other. My eyes tended to cross if I was too close.

"I don't really know. I'd thought about going to a tech school or something. I mean I've learned a lot in the Corps, but now that I'm just a glorified secretary it doesn't seem as challenging."

"What kind of class were you thinking of taking in tech school?"

"I'd actually like to learn how to make video games. I know it sounds dumb, like some kid, but there's a lot of money in it. I'm good at playing them and I've had some ideas for some new ones I'd like to play."

"It's not dumb, baby. You're right, there's a hell of a lot of money in it. Have you ever done any programming?"


"Well you're standing in front of the right guy then. That's what I went to college for, baby. I can teach you programming, then you'll be ahead of the game when you start school; you'll only have to learn about game design."

He got a big grin on his face. "You'd teach me how to program?"

"Of course I would. Jeez, I'd love it. I mean, don't think it's all gonna be fun and games around here." I leered at him.

"Well the fun and games are a lot of fun, but yeah, man can't live on sex alone."

"You can try, but yeah, sometimes you have to work and do other things. But for right now I'd like to resume that kiss."

He smiled and I pulled him back in for some more kissing. We were kind of getting into it when I faintly heard "Damn..." from the other room. I broke the kiss, and looking over Jake's shoulder, I smiled at Sean.

He recovered fairly quickly for a guy that had just woken up. "You guys need to get a fucking room!"

Jake and I both smirked. "We did! We're standing in it."

Jake smirked again and Sean turned a little pink. Jake then turned around and I pulled him up against me from behind, my head next to his left ear. We both just looked at Sean with stupid grins on our faces. Sean just looked at us chagrinned, and still a little red. I thought of something I'd thought about last night and decided what the hell.

I whispered in Jake's ear. "Baby, I don't know if you were serious last night, but if you ever wanted to try to get a 3-way going, now might be a good time." I felt him stiffen in my arms.

He whispered back. "I was just saying it sounded hot, not that I wanted to do it. Besides, he'd never go for it. And what about you; how would you feel about it?"

"I'm okay with it as long as we're doing it together and I'm fulfilling your fantasy. And yes, I think we could get him to go for it. Look at him. If you want to do this, let's do it now before we lose our nerve. Follow my lead."

He nodded his head against my ear. "I'm a little nervous, but OK."

Sean was getting curious. "What the fuck are you guys whispering about?"

"I was tellin' Jake that straight boys just don't know what's good."

"Yeah, whatever. Straight boys can out fuck any gay boy any day of the week. It takes a real man to know how to eat pussy good `nuff to get the bitch screamin'. You guys just slap each other's dicks around and moan." He laughed at his own comment.

Jake jumped in. "Yeah, whatever dude. You said so yourself; the best blow job you ever got was from a dude, so don't even go there."

"Yeah, but that's all you guys know how to do, suck cock. Well, you can fuck each other's ass, but that's about it. There's no technique, there's no rootin' round eatin' pussy and hearin' that girl moan your name out. Fucking boring, dude." Sean was giving us a shit eating grin like he had us stumped.

I decided to see if I could move this forward a little. "Sean, Sean, Sean; you're so innocent. Dude, we could have you moaning, praising God and begging for mercy louder than you've ever made any woman scream. See Jake, what'd I tell you about straight boys? He tells you all the time about how good he is in the sack, doesn't he?"

I could feel Jake get a big grin against my face. "Fuck yeah he does. Always tellin' me how good he is. I just smile and listen to his stories, knowin' he doesn't know what the fuck he's talkin' about."

We had him. "What the fuck ever, dude. You guys couldn't make me moan if you had a pussy on both sides of your face." I hugged Jake against me slightly.

"He just doesn't know, Jake; he just doesn't know..."

"Yeah, well put your fuckin' money where your big mouths are. Ain't no dude gonna make me moan and scream like a bitch."

"How much are you willing to put up?" I asked him.

"I ain't puttin' up nothin' `cause you two can't make it happen." He was looking really cocky now.

"I sure wish I had a tape recorder with me, `cause it'd be great to play a tape back to you with you moaning out, `Oh God, Oh God. Do it more!'." We all started laughing.

"Well don't be worryin' `bout it, cause you ain't gonna make it happen."

"I wouldn't count too highly on that, straight boy." I leered at him.

"Give it your best shot, dudes! You ain't ever gonna make me moan out `Oh God'!"

I nudged Jake forward by his hips. "Jake, let's show this straight boy how real men do it."

We walked out to the front room. Sean was sitting up on the couch, still with a cocky grin; looking at us like, yeah, whatever. He did have a slight red tint to him though. I used my hand to steer Jake towards the front of Sean while I went behind the couch and kneeled down and rested my arms across his shoulders, my fingers closing on his chest. Jake saw what I'd done and kneeled down in front of him and put his hands on Sean's legs. I have to admit, Jake looked kind of nervous, but I was hoping he'd get into soon. I thought I'd better get things started.

I grabbed Sean's nipples between my thumb and forefinger and pinched them, and then I just circled my fingers around them until they popped up. He squirmed a little. Jake started rubbing his legs while he watched me; not looking at Sean's face at all. I think he was afraid of what he might see. When I had his nipples hard I ran my fingers up his pecs to his neck, then circled around, then up the back of his head, running my fingers through his fuzzy blond hair. I then ran my fingers down the side, and drew circles around his ears, making sure I grazed his lobes, then back to the back of his neck. He shivered just slightly. I continued around his neck back down to his pecs and back to his nipples. Jake had begun running his hands up and down Sean's legs and then he jumped to his forearms, then slowly and lightly moved his hands up to meet mine on his chest. Jake ran his hands over mine a couple of times on Sean's chest, then started moving very slowly down towards his waist, then he went to the side and came back up his arms to meet mine again on Sean's chest. Sean shivered again and let out a really quiet sigh. Jake finally met Sean's eyes and I don't know what he saw there, but I saw Jake's and they got a lustful glaze to them. Jake then ran his hands slowly down Sean's arms and stopped at his wrists. I was still rubbing my fingers around Sean's chest, nipples and abs. Jake grabbed Sean's wrists, while looking up at me. I nodded and Jake stood up while pulling on Sean's arm to get him standing. I went ahead and stood up behind the couch and walked around to the front.

Jake and Sean were standing face to face. I looked down; they were both hard as rocks. It was a nice sight. I came up to Jake and he turned his head to look at me. I grabbed the back of his head and pulled him into a hard kiss, and then I let him go and reached for the bottom of his shirt. I pulled his shirt up while he lifted his arms and I yanked it over his head and threw it across the room. Jake put his arms back down and I kissed him hard again. I broke the kiss and turned to Sean. I knew it was too soon for a kiss so I just reached out and grabbed the bottom of his shirt and pulled it up. He lifted his arms and I pulled it over his head and threw it the same direction I'd thrown Jake's. Damn! Two of the sexiest guys I'd ever laid eyes on and I was standing between them. I put each of my hands on their lower backs, bent my head down and sucked one of Sean's nipples into my mouth. He grunted. I sucked and licked his left nipple for a couple of seconds, then moved over to the right one, dragging my tongue across his chest. He grunted again. I sucked on this right one for another couple of seconds, before turning my head and body and doing the same thing to Jake. He moaned when I first landed and then grabbed my head with his left hand and pulled me in harder. After giving them both the same treatment I stood back up and pulled my own shirt off, throwing it with the others.

I wanted to get back behind Sean, so I put my hand on his hip and pushed so he'd turn to his right. At the same time he was turning I reached up with my left hand and took Jake's shoulder to nudge him the same direction. I then reached under Sean's arms and came up under them and started playing with his nipples again, while pressing up against his ass. I know he had to feel that I was hard but he didn't as much as flinch. While I was working Sean's nipples with my fingers, Jake leaned his head down and took one of them into his mouth, while kissing my finger. I pulled my finger away so he could work on the nipple in his mouth. I felt Sean's body shudder through my own. Jake just went to work on both of Sean's nipples and I started running my hands up and down his sides, then as I stood back a few inches, I'd bring my hands up his back, then across his shoulder and very lightly back down his arms. I did this twice while Jake worked his nipples. I had my head on Sean's left and as Jake came back up from his nipple worship I reached for his head with my right hand and brought him into me for a kiss. We were kissing an inch away from Sean's face and I heard him moan. I pulled back from the kiss and used my hand to steer Jake's head to look straight at Sean. I used my fingers to lightly push him into a kiss with Sean. To my surprise Sean was the one that bent his forward to kiss Jake. I almost came in my jeans watching them have their first kiss. I heard them moan into each other's mouth. I could tell there was a little tongue action too. They broke the kiss and just looked at each other for a second. Sean reached behind him with his left hand and brought it to my neck, turned his head and pulled me to his lips. Oh yeah, he tasted like beer, but oh such hot, soft lips.  We both moaned into each other's mouth, kissing for about fifteen seconds before I broke the kiss and smiled at him. None of us had uttered a word since we'd started.

I pulled my head back so I was looking at the back of his head, then ran my hands down the front of his chest and stomach, stopping at the waist band of his jeans. I had already decided that Jake would take care of the front section and I would work on Sean's ass with my mouth. If he thought he could eat pussy well, wait until he felt my tongue in his ass. I undid the button on his jeans and pulled his zipper down. I slowly pulled my hand back up between his open zipper and the hard cock pressing against his white briefs. I stuck my hand down the front of his briefs and felt the wetness of the pre-cum there. Nice. I rubbed his cock head with my finger a couple of times, then pulled it up and brought it to my face and stuck my finger in my mouth, my head right next to his. He moaned. I then ran my hand back down his torso and back into his briefs to get another finger full of pre-cum. Once I had a good amount on my finger I pulled it back out then held it out for Jake. Jake sucked my finger into his mouth and moaned loudly. He sucked on my finger for a few seconds with Sean and me watching him. When Jake was done with my finger I repeated the process, but this time I held my finger up to Sean's mouth. I saw Jake smile, then he nodded at Sean. Sean stuck his tongue out and flicked it on my finger to get just a small taste. He thought about it for a second, smiled, and then clamped his mouth onto my finger. Jake and I both moaned watching him. After sucking my finger for a few seconds he released it and I pulled it back out and ran my hands down to his hips.

I whispered into his ear. "Toe your shoes off."

Jake had heard me too so he bent down to take Sean's shoes off, and then he took his own off. He kind of tossed both pairs of shoes a few feet away and stayed kneeling in front of Sean, waiting for the jeans he knew were coming down. I grabbed the waistband of Sean's jeans and slowly lowered them down, kneeling down as I did so. As I slid his jeans down, I was lined up right with his ass so I kissed it, then moved my head around his legs and kissed Jake. Jake smiled at me and I smiled back. Jake then took over the jean removal by pulling them off Sean's legs as he lifted his feet one at a time. He tossed the jeans to meet up with the shoes. As I stood back up behind Sean I very slowly and very lightly ran my fingers up the back of his legs. He let out a light moan and I smiled to myself. Can't make you moan, huh? I continued running my fingers up until I reached the cheeks of his ass. I moved my fingers around his front, diving down to the inside of his thighs and then just ran my left finger up the middle of his balls and up the shaft of his cock. Jake was still kneeling in front, watching me. They both let out a moan. I ran my finger slowly up and down his cock two or three times before rubbing a couple of circles around the head, feeling the pre-cum ooze out into his already soaked briefs. Once my finger was wet again I brought it up to my mouth and sucked it a couple of seconds. His pre-cum was as good as Jake's. I pulled my finger out of my mouth and looked at Jake and smiled. He smiled right back at me. I brought my hand back on to Sean's hips and stuck my thumbs under the waistband of his underwear on both sides and ran them towards the front. While I was doing this I started licking his neck and he moaned again and bent his head so I had better access. I licked and kissed his neck for a few seconds, then I pulled my thumbs straight out from his body, bringing the briefs with me so they could clear the hard cock that sprang out and pulled them down over his ass, handing them off to Jake, who took them and pulled them off Sean's feet. We had our sexy straight boy standing in nothing but socks, with a dripping hard cock. Now, what to do with him...

I lowered myself down on one knee, Sean's ass inches from my face and I watched Jake sniff the underwear then toss it over to the pile. When Jake looked up I gave him a huge smile then nodded towards Sean's front and made a cock sucking motion with my mouth. He got a huge grin on his face and nodded back at me. Jake started by running the backs of his fingers, very slowly, up the inside of Sean's legs. Sean shuddered again. Jake then reached over with his right hand and lightly touched Sean's ball sack. They both moaned. Jake then took a better grip on the balls and started massaging them, running each nut through his fingers. As he was doing this he moved his head towards Sean's cock, then stuck his tongue out and ran it up the length of his cock then kissed the head, tasting the pre-cum. Sean shuddered and moaned again. I was just sitting there rubbing Sean's legs and watching Jake go to work. It's was hot as fuck and I really didn't want to miss it. Sean had a beautiful cock. It was damn near eight inches and kind of fat, but kind of veiny and sexy looking, with a pretty good size crown surrounding a nice mushroom head. I watched Jake run his tongue up and down the shaft and heard myself moan. Jake looked over at me and smiled. I just gave him my best lustful gaze. Jake continued licking up and down Sean's shaft while massaging his balls for about three or four minutes. I knew he was teasing him on purpose, and it was fun to watch, and hear Sean moan. I guess Sean couldn't take it anymore because he spoke for the first time.

"Oh God, Jakey, please suck it. Suck my cock, please, man... You're killin' me."

So, no moaning and no pleas to God either. Sure thing, straight boy. I smiled to myself and watched Jake in action. He pulled his tongue in then put his lips on the head and slowly slid Sean's cock in, keeping enough pressure on his lips that it looked like it was just barely going to fit. He got about five inches of it in, God bless him, then pulled back up and licked around the crown once and went back down. Sean let out a loud moan. I let out a moan as well; it was a hell of a sight. Jake went back down as far as he was comfortable with then just started slowly sliding the cock in and out of his mouth; just like he usually does, setting up his favorite rhythm. Sean moaned again and then put his hands on Jake's head and just kind of rested them there, not forcing Jake, but resting them and running his fingers through Jake's fuzzy hair. I watched for a few strokes, but I had an ass next to my face that I'd spent more than a few moments thinking about.

I reached my hands up and rested them on Sean's lower back, then began moving my fingers around, lightly massaging. I was sitting with my face staring at his ass, and really enjoying the view. After about ten seconds I moved my hands lower and began running my fingers down both ass cheeks, then flipped my hands over and ran back up them using the backs of my fingers. I did this twice, then I bent my head forward and started kissing each cheek, then just started running my tongue all over them. I still had my hands resting on the sides of his ass, but my mouth was doing all the work. I'd run my tongue up the middle of one cheek, then across his crack and down the other cheek, doing it four or five times. When I got to his crack on the next round I just ran my tongue down the crack of his ass. He moaned again; I just didn't know which one of us had caused it. I ran my tongue as far down his crack as I could reach, almost getting to his nut sack, then went back up the same way. I did this three times and then I brought my hands into the middle of his ass and pulled his cheeks apart. Before he could protest I slammed my tongue into his trench and just started running it deeper, up and down his trench. I did this three times, then I stopped at his hole on the downward dive and just buried my face in his ass and locked my mouth on his asshole; swirling my tongue around and around. He yelped, then let out a groan, then moaned.

"That feels fuckin' awesome! Are you eating my ass, man?"

I nodded my head in his ass and kept right on working my tongue around his hole. I slurped and sucked and licked as best I could. I needed him to bend over more, but that would pull his dick out of Jake's mouth. I had a thought. I pulled my face out of his ass, let his cheeks go then swatted him lightly on the ass. I stood up, moving to his side and tapped Jake on the shoulder. He looked up at me and I motioned for him to stand up. I looked at Sean's face and it was a mask of hunger and lust. Good; just what we needed it to be. Jake was standing and I took Sean's hand and led him to the end of the couch, I turned him around facing me and noticed the huge smile on Jake's face. I backed Sean up to the arm of the couch.

I looked him straight in the eyes. "Sit down." He did immediately. "Keep your ass on the arm of the couch and just fall backwards. Jake and I will do the rest."

He fell back without questioning it, his legs hanging down. I looked at Jake and smiled. He grinned back at me. I then grabbed his head and kissed him hard, our tongues running around each other's mouths; me tasting Sean's cock and Jake tasting Sean's ass. It was kind of a rush. I broke the kiss and pointed at Sean's still throbbing cock.

"Get back to work, baby."

He smiled and dropped to his knees. I stood at the end of the couch and took one of Sean's ankles in each of my hands and lifted his legs up, then while pushing forward on them, bending them at the knees, I dropped back down to my knees, and as his legs went up his ass opened up in front of me. Oh hell yeah, much better. I quickly slammed my face back into his ass before he thought I might be trying to fuck him. Hell, Jake and I still had our jeans on, but you never know how paranoid a straight boy is about his ass being up in the air. I went back to rimming this boy's hot, sexy ass; my mouth locked on his hole like an air lock. I started tongue fucking him; slamming my tongue as deep in his ass as I could get it.

He yelled out, "Oh fuck yeah!! Oh my God, that feel's so fucking good. Oh, fuck my ass with your tongue, baby. Oh God, that feels so good."

I'd never had to be told twice to eat a hot, sexy ass and I continued my rim job on this man, doing my very best so that he would remember it the rest of his life. While I was eating his ass and tongue fucking him, Jake was doing a damn good job on his cock, still doing his methodical, rhythm sucking, but I knew how good that felt. Poor Sean was kind of in overload; he didn't know what felt better or whose name to use when he yelled out. I didn't want him busting yet; I wanted to bump this up a notch, and I wanted to get in on more with Jake. I ate Sean's ass for about five more minutes, but then I pulled my face out, while lowering his legs with my hands. Once his legs were dangling again I used my hands to spread them a little so I could get between them and join Jacob. I ran my tongue along the insides of his thighs as I worked my way up to his balls. I knew from the angle he was at that he had a birds-eye view of the action too. I sucked one of his balls into my mouth, tugging on his nut sack as I did so. He moaned out loud again and told me to suck his balls. I sucked on each of his balls for a few seconds then I looked up and watched Jake working his cock. I moved my head up higher and licked the base of Sean's cock as Jake was coming down. Jake pulled back up, and then came down one more time while I was licking the base. On the next upstroke he came off Sean's cock and met me with a hot, sweaty, wet, passionate kiss; Sean's cock standing next to our faces. Sean moaned while watching us make out.

"Oh fuck, that's hot as fuck, guys... Fuck yeah..."

Jake and I broke the kiss after a few seconds and both of us looked at Sean. He had a mixture of lust and wonderment on his face. I grabbed his cock at the base with my hand and ran my tongue up the entire length, while looking straight at him. He moaned really loudly. Then I pulled my face back and held his cock for Jake to do the same thing. Jake stuck his tongue out and ran it up the entire length, then back down again. I took over and did it two more times. We set up a nice rhythm passing Sean's cock back and forth for a lick. While we were doing this he was moaning and groaning more.

"Oh fuck! Fuck dudes, do you know how hot that fuckin' looks? Oh my God, that's fucking hot! Fuck yeah, lick my fucking cock! Share my fucking hard cock! Fuck yeah. You guys like my big, fucking cock!? Yeah, boys, lick my big, fucking cock!"

He was either way more into this than I ever thought he'd be or he just really liked hearing himself talk dirty. I smiled to myself and kept sharing Jake's cocksickle with him. On one of Jakes up-licks I grabbed his head and pulled him back in for another hot, sweaty kiss. We made out with each other for about a minute, letting Sean view the show. He was just watching us, groaning and telling us how fucking hot it looked. When I broke the kiss I looked into Jake's eyes; I saw an incredible mixture of lust and love in them. I decided I wanted his cock in my mouth; and wherever else he wanted to put it. I gave Sean's "big fucking cock" one last lick and stood up. I walked around the couch so I was behind Jake. I reached down under his arms and pulled him up to me. I turned him around and kissed him again, then I pushed him back, turned him a little so Sean had a good view, then ran my hands down his chest and stomach. I reached the waistband of his jeans and undid the button, then pulled the zipper down, grabbed the sides of them and just yanked his jeans down. I wanted my man and I didn't want to waste time getting to him. I dropped to my knees and grabbed his ankles one at a time ripping his jeans off of his legs. I then just reached up and grabbed the front of his boxer-briefs, pulled out to clear his hard cock and yanked them down too. I pulled them off his feet and just threw `em somewhere behind me. I sat on my knees and just looked at his body in front of me for a few seconds.

"God baby, you're so sexy..."

I leaned my head forward and just engulfed his cock, taking him all the way in, my face in his pubes. He let out a yelp and then groaned hard and yelled out.

"Oh Fuck...!" I held his cock in my throat for about five seconds.

Sean called out. "Oh fuck! That was fuckin' hot! Fuck Jake, does it feel good!?"

"Oh God yes; it feels fuckin' great! Oh God, baby, swallow my fuckin' cock!"

I pulled back up almost to the head then went right back down and held him there. They both moaned and called out. I did this six or seven more times, getting the same response each time, while at the same time running my hands up the back of Jake's legs and grabbing his ass and pulling him into me. I just kept deep-throating him and squeezing his ass. I let go of the ass cheek I had in my right hand and brought it around to his balls. I grabbed the base of his balls between my index finger and my thumb and pulled down kind of hard on them and just started slamming his cock in and out of my throat. I face fucked myself on his cock for several minutes; loving the feel and the taste; he was pumping out pre-cum like a fountain. He was grunting and moaning and Sean was moaning and saying how hot it looked. I didn't want him busting yet either, so I finally backed off. I let go of his balls then I held the tip of his cock with my fingertip and ran my tongue up it just once. I was incredibly horny, and getting more so by the second; I wanted and needed more. I stood up, grabbed the back of Jake's head and pulled him into another hard kiss. After about fifteen seconds I pulled my head back, breaking the kiss, but still had a firm grip on the back of his head. I looked into his eyes for a moment and then released the back of his head, running my hand down to the front of his body and down his chest to his treasure trail. I rubbed my finger along his trail a couple of times then stepped back away from him. I looked over at Sean.

"Stand up."

He stood up immediately like I'd given him an order. When he was on his feet I walked up to him and grabbed the back of his head and pulled him into the same kind of kiss I'd just given Jake. He moaned into my mouth and slammed his tongue in, searching out mine. I heard Jake moan to my left while he watched us. We kissed for about twenty seconds or so, and then I pulled away abruptly just as I had with Jake. I stood back from them and just looked at them for a few seconds.

"Fuck me... You guys are so fucking hot! Follow me!" I barked out and headed to the bedroom. They stepped in right behind me.

When we got into the bedroom we stopped and I turned around and looked at them again. I moaned softly. They were standing side by side, about three inches apart from each other. I walked up to them; grabbing Sean into another sweaty kiss then released him and did the same to Jake. I stood back away from them and ripped the buttons of my jeans open and shoved my pants down to my ankles. I reached down and yanked them off my legs, threw them on the chair leading into the bathroom and stood to the side of them. I left my boxer-briefs on, but I just needed easier access to my own cock; it needed to be touched. I pointed to the bed.

"Over there. Get on the bed, hands and knees, face down, ass up; sorta frog like."

They both giggled but complied. I walked over to the bed, took a mental picture of the image in front of me and dropped to my knees. I patted them both on a cheek.

"Little closer, guys; you're gonna give me rug burns knee jogging back and forth." They giggled again then scooted together.

I took another mental picture and then lowered my face into Jake's ass. Oh yeah, this is the one I knew; tasty as hell too. Jake grunted and moaned. I started munching on Jake's hole, running my tongue all around it, stabbing in occasionally then circling around it again. I lifted my face off, scooted over and did the same thing to Sean. This had been a fantasy of mine for some time; eating out two hot asses side by side. I ate both their asses for about thirty minutes, back and forth, both of them moaning and calling out for me to eat their fucking ass. At one point I'd looked up and saw them kissing, tongues darting in and out of each other's mouth. I took another mental picture for my scrapbook. About five minutes before I'd quit munching their asses I'd started swatting them; a little bit harder each time. I knew Jake sort of liked having me do it, but Sean shocked me when he yelled out once, "Oh Fuck! Slap my ass!" I gave it a really good slap and he jumped a little and moaned. When my mouth and tongue were getting sore I pulled my face away and then got up on my feet. I walked over to my duffle bag and pulled out a box of condoms I had in there, walked to the nightstand, grabbed the lube and walked back over to the boys. I had my goodies in my left hand and with my right I gave each ass a good slap.

"Get up!"

They both complied immediately. Wow, this is fun; they're both well trained to listen to orders. I showed them what I had in my hand. I gave each of them a condom and then tossed the lube down on the bed between them.

"Saddle up, guys! I want those big cocks in my ass; I'm hungry."

They looked at me, then at each other; grinned like idiots then tore into the condom package with their teeth. I looked at Jake and raised my eyebrows. He knew what I wanted.

He stood aside so I could get to the bed. "Get on the fucking bed! Now!" I watched Sean look at him in amazement then get a huge grin on his face. He knew what was up.

"Yeah, get on your fucking knees on the bed! Move!" I got on the bed on my hands and knees. "Face down; ass up. Do it now!" He liked this part.

Jake agreed with him. "Do it now!" I hesitated on purpose. "You want these hard cocks in your ass, boy? Do it!" I smiled and dropped my head down to the bed, assuming the frog position.

"Damn, he's a good boy! I should get me one of these." Sean laughed.

I was a little stunned by what he'd said but I smiled to myself. This could turn into something really hot. Hell, I'd let these two hot Marines order me around and love every second of it. A cartoon bubble popped into my head for just a second and it said, "I wonder if the neighbors are home..." I shook my head to erase it; I really didn't give a damn right now.

Then I heard Jake. "Not always; sometimes you have to slap his ass to get his attention; he zones out." And with that someone slapped my ass. I moaned.

I heard Sean. "Oh fuck yeah, I see what you mean. Maybe he needs another attention getter; he still hasn't done what we told him." I wondered what the fuck he was talking about; maybe I'd missed something when I was zoned out. Then I felt another fairly hard slap on my ass. "My boy told you to spread your legs, bitch!" That stopped me. I hated, truly hated being called a bitch.

"Guys, this is hot as fuck; it really is, but I only have one rule; and it is if either of you ever calls me a bitch again I'll cut your dicks off. Carry on..."

"Oh fuck... Mike, I'm really sorry. It won't happen again. I swear!"

"No worries, Sean; now you know. Get back to work!"

I spread my legs a little wider and waited. Nine or ten seconds goes by. "Someone needs to lube up and slide their fucking cock in my ass. Now! Hungry hole here!"

They both giggled and I felt Jake reach up and rub my ass with lube, then he stuck his finger in and worked it around a little. He pulled his finger out, then a few seconds later he was back with two; doing his usual twist, bend, tug, stroke action. My boy knew how to work my ass already; I loved him for it.

"Fuck Jakey, that's hot to watch you do that. Damn, two fingers in his ass, that's nice... Fuck."

"If you think that's hot wait `til I add the third one." I giggled.

"Shut up, boy! Men at work here!" It was Jake. I giggled again, on purpose, and felt a hard slap on my ass. I needed them both to relax and get back into it.

"Shut the fuck up, boy! Nobody asked you anything!" It was Sean taking charge this time.

"Yes Sir!"

Slap. "I said shut the fuck up! Just lay there and suck those fucking fingers in!"

Oh hell yeah.

Jake pulled the two fingers out and soon returned with three. Mmmm Yeah, baby, do your thing. He slid two into me, worked them around for a second and added the third. I groaned. Sean groaned.

"Fuck, dude; I see what you mean. Damn!"

Jake continued working his fingers in and out of my ass for a few more seconds and then they were gone. Not five seconds later I felt the head of his cock at my hole. It felt strange feeling him wear a rubber, but for this gig is was the smart thing to do. I felt him moving the head of his dick around my hole a couple of times, before he lined up and pressed in just a little. That's my sweet Jake; taking it easy on the old man's ass. I moaned a little. I relaxed my ass muscles and just pushed back hard on his cock. He slid in balls-deep, I grunted, he moaned and Sean groaned and said, "Oh fuck... Dude!" Jake held still while my ass adjusted to him. When I was ready I flexed my ass muscles a couple of times to let him know I was good. He pulled slowly back up to the head of his dick then slowly slid back in all the way. He did this three times before he started fucking me at a pretty good clip; for him anyway. I grunted and moaned every time he slid back into me. I had an idea. I started moaning louder and talking again.

"Mmmm. Oh fuck yeah! Fuck my ass, you fucking stud! I wanna feel your cock sliding in and outta my ass. Fuck yeah, baby."

Jake smacked my ass again. "Hey, boy, we told you to shut the fuck up!"

"Yeah, boy, listen from now on. Keep your mouth closed or I'll shove my fucking cock in there so you can't talk."

"Oh fuck! Fuck my ass, Jake. I love your cock in my ass! Fuck me, please!"

I knew what I wanted. The next thing I knew my ass got another slap and I heard Sean coming around the bed. I looked up and saw him pulling the condom off his dick and getting up on the bed on his knees, up to my head.

"Open your fucking mouth!" I didn't move. He grabbed my hair, though not enough to hurt me. "I said open your fucking mouth! Take my big cock in your fucking mouth, boy!"

I lifted my head up and just looked at his cock in my face. It was indeed impressive. I guess I didn't open my mouth fast enough. Ah, I wasn't listening. He thrust his hips forward while turning them and slapped my face with his cock. This boy learns fast. I turned my head the other way and he cock slapped me on that side. I turned my face front again, but still didn't open my mouth. He began running his cock head around my lips.

"Open that fucking mouth, boy! You're gonna take this big cock in your mouth!"

I decided I wanted it in there so I opened my mouth and he pushed it in. Mmmm tasty. He had slid about five or six inches in, but I was doing okay with it; I wasn't sure if I could deep throat him at this angle. He slid his cock in and out of my mouth, still with my hair in his hands. He seemed to really enjoy the position I'd let him assume. He started moaning after several seconds of my cock worship.

"Mmmm...  Fuck yeah... Oh God, suck that fucking big cock, boy! Let me see my cock go in your mouth. Yeah, that's it, baby, suck that fucking big dick!"

While I was sucking Sean's big dick, Jake was still working my ass pretty good. I still wasn't ready for these guys to bust a nut yet though. After about four or five minutes I pulled my head away from Sean's cock. I looked up at him.

"Mmmm, tasty cock; I want to feel that big cock in my ass. You think you can handle it?" He wasn't really in character anymore; he just looked down at me with a little wonder in his eyes and nodded. "Send my boy up here, slap on another rubber and show me what you can do."

He smiled big and just jumped sideways off the bed. I turned my head, following him with my eyes. He grabbed another condom, ripped the package open, pulled it out and slid it over his cock. He then walked up to Jake and slapped his ass.

"Move over, dude. I'm gettin' some of this ass. Go shove your cock in his mouth and keep him quiet."

Jake made one last thrust in, pulled out of me and ripped the condom off his cock. He backed up to let Sean take his place, but when he was coming around Sean, Sean grabbed his arm and turned him to face him and kissed him hard on the mouth. It was hot as hell to watch. Jake started to respond and they started really kissing passionately, Sean taking Jake into his arms and making out with him; Jake running his arms around Sean's neck. It was one of the hottest things I've ever witnessed but it also made me a little nervous. Maybe I'd created a monster. Sean reached down and grabbed Jake's ass in his hands and pulled him in tighter and up a little. Jake damn near lifted his legs up to wrap around Sean. They made out with total abandon for about two full minutes, kissing, licking and trying to swallow each other. Jake finally broke the kiss and stood there panting, looking at Sean. Sean was panting heavily too, but was the first to speak.

"Fuck, dude...! That was intense. I don't think I've ever even made out with a girl like that before. You're a fucking great kisser, dude; you get so into it, it's fucking intense." I already knew all of this about Jake, and I wasn't too sure I wanted Sean to know it.

Jake was still looking at him and blushing a little. "You should talk, dude; I thought you were going to swallow me. Damn, that was intense. What the fuck came over you?"

"Don't know; just felt like I was goin' along for the ride; it was fuckin' hot."

They both stood there looking at each other. I had to snap them out of it. "Hey, hungry ass here; needs a cock in it!" That was enough to break the moment for Sean.

"Fuck yeah, here comes the big cock; you ready?"

"Show me what you got." I looked at Jake. "Get that sweet, delicious cock over here, baby and slide it in my mouth. I wanna taste you." Sean was lined up with my hole and Jake climbed up on the bed and smiled down at me. I smiled back at him and winked. "Gimme that cock, baby; it looks tasty." He grinned down at me and moved in to feed me his cock.

While Jake was feeding my mouth, Sean had slid all eight inches of himself into my ass. Talk about feeling full. He felt good in there, but damn. Not a little dude by any means. As Jake continued fucking my mouth Sean fucked my ass. He slid his cock in and out slowly, letting me feel every inch of him about three times, then on the last outbound, reached down and slapped my ass and grabbed my hips and started fucking me like he meant it. Every time he'd bury his cock in my ass it would move my head forward onto Jake's cock. This was a nice thing; I really didn't have to do any work at all; just get fucked from both ends, moving back and forth like a pendulum. They fucked me like that for about ten minutes; Sean changing up the action at my ass from time to time while Jake pulled out occasionally and cock slapped me then stuck it back in for me to suck. It seemed like every time Jake would cock slap me, Sean would slap my ass; he must've been watching the action in front of him. I wasn't sure how close either one of them was getting; they were grunting, panting and swearing. I knew Jake's balls were pulled up pretty close to his gut, but had no idea where Sean was at. I had one last idea. I wanted to see both of these guys bust. I pulled off Jake's cock and looked up at him.

"I wanna watch you guys cum, baby. I wanna see you both shoot your fucking loads." Jake looked down at me with a huge grin on his face and nodded. He swung off the bed just like Sean had and I pulled forward, easing my ass off Sean's cock. I spun around on the bed and looked at Sean. "I want to watch you bust your nut, Sean; Jake and I both want to watch you bust your fuckin' nut."

"Fuck yeah, we do. I wanna see you bust, dude."

He thought about something for a couple of seconds then got a huge grin on his face. He dropped down to the floor, spinning around up against the bed, sitting on his ass. He scooted his ass out a ways so he was leaning back against the bed. He looked hot as fuck, as usual.

"Dude! I want you to bust on my fuckin' chest. I want both of you to bust on my chest. I think it'd be hot as fuck to see you guys strokin' your cocks and then cum all over me."

Sean and I looked at Jake then at each other and got huge grins on our faces. I answered first. "Fuck yeah, baby, that'd be really hot."

"Hell yeah it would. Goddamn, dude, you're actually gonna let us bust a load all over you?"

"Fuck yeah, dude. It sounds hot; don't you think?"

"Don't have to convince me. You just stay right there."

Sean grabbed his cock in his right hand and started beating off. I walked up and stood next to him on his left, putting my arm around his waist, resting my hand on his hip and started jerking my own cock with my left hand. While we were both jerking our dicks, Jake had a killer lusty glaze in his eyes and just jacked his cock while he rubbed his left hand all over his chest, nipples and tummy and then up and down his treasure trail then back up to his nipples. I liked the view. I turned my head into Sean's neck and started licking it and running my tongue around his ear then back down to his neck. After a couple of times he reached up with his left hand, grabbed my head, turned his face to mine and pulled me in for a really hot kiss. He slammed his tongue in my mouth and throat fucked me a couple of times, and then just started moving his lips and tongue all over my mouth. I can see why Jake got so into it; this boy had a way with his mouth. He finally pulled away from the kiss and let go of my head. He went back to concentrating on his cock. I decided fuck it, I may never get another chance and I sucked on my finger getting it all wet and then reached behind him and started probing his hole.

"Oh fuck! What're you doing, dude?" I wiggled my finger around a little, just applying a little pressure, not going in. "Ungh...! Oh God... Oh fuck, man, that's fuckin'... Oh man..."

I started licking his neck again and sucking on his ear lobe, then ran my tongue all the around his ear a couple of times, finishing off by starting at his chin and licking up the side of his face.

"Oh fucking hell! Oh God, oh God, oh God... That's so fucking hot!"

I was still wiggling my finger around his hole, but then reached over to my own hole and swiped some lube off my ass and went back to his hole. I put my finger back to his hole and he whimpered. I ran my greasy finger around his hole a couple of times and then pressed against it, still not trying to get in, just applying pressure and getting it lubed up a little. He flinched once, but then whimpered again and started babbling, while I ratcheted up my tongue work on his neck, face and ear.

"Oh... Fuck me! Oh my fucking God. Oh... Fuck... (He whimpered this one.) Oh God... Oh fuck, I'm so fucking close. Oh God..."

I looked down and watched him jack his big cock; it was an amazing sight; it was so flared and so purple and seemed just fucking huge.

"Oh fuck me... Oh baby...! I'm gonna fuckin' cum! Oh God! Oh God yes..." I knew this was it and I slipped my finger in his ass to the hilt and started wiggling it around, rubbing his prostate. "Oh my fucking God!! Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck!! I'm fucking cumming!! FUCK!!!"

Jake and I both watched in amazement. It was truly epic. The first volley shot out of his cock, at least a quarter cup of it, and headed straight for Jake. I'd never seen such a huge amount in one spurt before. It arced through the air and landed on Jake's chin, splattering all over his face and mouth, then running down onto his neck. The second one wasn't quite as massive but still pretty sizable and it came flying out of that big flaring cock and followed the first one to Jake's face. I almost felt bad for him, but I knew he loved every ounce of it. I wiggled my finger around again, pressing hard against his prostate.

Sean screamed out. "OH FUCK!!!"

He started panting and sucking air in like a drowning man. Another powerful blast came shooting out of his cock. What he was losing in volume he kept up in distance; it barely missed Jake's mouth, landing under his chin and running down his neck. Jake had the biggest grin on his face I'd ever seen on him. I didn't blame him; it was fucking epic as hell. Sean sounded like he was fighting for air, so I pulled my finger out and got behind him and put my arms around him in time for the fourth shot. As it launched out of his cock I pulled him back to rest against my body; holding him while he drained his balls all over Jake. The fourth one landed on Jakes chest with a splat. I smiled over at Jake but he was looking down at the new seed on his body. Sean let go of his cock as one more shot came flying out. It didn't have any power behind it and landed on Jake's leg. I think Sean was just in overload and had just let go. He leaned back into me, letting me take most of his weight. He whimpered a few times, and still panting and sucking air, let out one final glob of cum and it hit the floor in front of us. He was still sucking in air, but his breathing was regular for the most part so I wasn't too worried about him. I just held him in my arms while he came down. He whimpered a couple more times.

"Oh man... Oh baby, that was so intense..., so intense. I've never cum like that in my fucking life. So intense... Oh baby, just hold me for a minute, please..."

"I'm right here, Sean, I'm not going anywhere. That was fucking epic, dude!"

I held him under his shoulders, feeling the sweat from his pits on my arms, and rubbed my hands up and down his stomach letting him come back down. While I was holding him I was also watching Jake spreading cum around his body with his fingers. He still hadn't touched the huge mess on his face, but he was enjoying the white sticky fun that had landed on his chest. It was hot to watch and my dick responded, twitching against Sean's ass. He didn't flinch or move, he just turned his face to look at me.

"That is kinda hot isn't it?"

"Oh fuck yeah. I've never seen him do that before..."

"Well just don't think about stickin' that cock of yours in my ass; I'm not ready for that right now." He exhaled.

I smiled at him. "I would never do that to someone who isn't ready."

He smiled back at me. We turned our heads back forward and watched Jake playing with his treat; he was like a little boy, a very sexy little boy, playing with a new toy. My dick jumped up against Sean's ass again. Sean felt me smile and smiled too.

"If you think you're good to stand up on your own, I need to take care of something soon, or you're gonna be taking care of it." I smiled big. He laughed and pulled himself up.

"Have at it, stud. Let's see what you got."

He went and sat beside Jake to watch the show. He reached a finger over to Jake's face and wiped it through a big glob of his own jizz. I thought he was going eat it, but he held it up for Jake to eat. Jake sucked his finger in and slurped the cum off. I groaned and Sean looked up and grinned. He pulled his finger out of Jake's mouth and swiped up some more of his jizz with the same finger. I thought he was going to sit there and feed Jake his load, but instead he tried this one himself. He held it up to his mouth and stuck his tongue out a little. I groaned louder. He grinned at me and then stuck his tongue out more and just wiped his finger down across it, leaving the cum sitting on his tongue. I groaned loudly again. He locked his eyes on mine, his tongue still sticking out with the cum on it, then opened his mouth and pulled his tongue in. I was just about to lose it.

"Oh fucking hell, that's about the hottest thing I've ever seen, dude."

I was beating my cock while looking into his eyes. He closed his mouth, tasting what was on his tongue, then swallowed it, still looking at me. He grinned. I moaned and kept beating my cock. Sean then stuck his finger back onto Jake's face and swiped up another glob of the precious fluid. He pulled his finger away from Jake's face but then held it out in front of Jake's slightly open mouth. Jake locked eyes with me and smiled. I smiled back at him and groaned again. He stuck his tongue out and Sean wiped the cum off on it just like he had his own tongue. Jake pulled his tongue back in and closed his mouth, feeling and tasting the gift that had been placed on his tongue. He was still looking right at me, and with a lust filled gaze and slight smile he swallowed.

"Oh fuck me, Jacob... That was fucking hot as hell. Goddamn, boy!"

Jake gave me a huge smile and then Sean looked up at me and smiled again. He then got up on his haunches, reached over to Jake's face with his finger and swiped up a really big glob on his fingers. He stood up and walked over to me, standing inches from my face. He leaned forward and kissed me. When he broke the kiss his finger was there with the offering on it.

"Gimme your tongue."

I slipped my tongue out, and with one of the sexiest smiles I've ever seen, he wiped his finger off on my tongue. I wasn't letting him get away that easy though; I grabbed his hand and sucked his finger into my mouth with my own tongue coming along for the ride. The taste was incredible. He had the sweetest cum I'd ever tasted. He sucked in a little air and then let me suck his finger for a few seconds. I let his finger out of my mouth and then swallowed hard. He grinned at me, then turned around and went back to Jake and sat down. Jake was watching my every move, watching me beat my cock and smiling, then just watching my face. I saw Sean lean closer to Jake and I stood transfixed as he flicked his tongue out and ran it up the side of Jake's face, gathering a nice load of cum on it. Then he put his finger under Jake's chin, turned his face and kissed him; feeding Jake his tongue with the load of cum on it. That did it.

"Arrrrggggg FUCK!!! Here it comes!! Oh, fuck me!!!" I squeezed my cock hard, then just let go of it and the first volley flew out. "Oh Fuck!" It shot out and landed on Jake's crotch, splattering all over his balls. They both started laughing; I was trying really hard not to because I was kind of busy, and then another volley shot out. It arced out and hit Jake's thigh. I squeezed my cock hard again then let go as the next one was on its way up. "Fuck...!" I pointed this one towards Sean and it shot out and landed on his thigh. He looked up at me and gave me another sexy smile. I started beating my cock again and two more oozed out and landed at their feet, onto the carpeting. I was panting and trying to catch my breath. I looked over at them and grinned. They laughed and then smiled at me.

I took a couple of deep breaths and then looked at Jake. "Sorry `bout the balls, baby, didn't expect that." We all laughed.

When we were calmed back down I looked at Jake, his cum covered body and slashes of cum all over his face, then down at his still rock hard cock. I licked my lips. I walked over and sat on Jake's other side. He was now sandwiched between Sean and me, and seemed pretty happy about it. I looked over at Sean and gave him a sexy smile of my own.

"Sean, we have to give our boy some relief, don't ya think?"

He grinned. "Oh fuck yeah. We can't leave him hangin' like this, covered in jizz."

He looked at Jake and grinned. I reached my hand down to Jake's cock, then slipped my fingers over his balls and swiped up some of my own cum and coated Jake's cock with it. I started stroking his cock for him, constantly varying the speed and pressure, occasionally twisting my hand around. He and Sean were just watching me work, big grins on both their faces. I jacked his cock this way for about five or six minutes. I knew he was starting to get close; his balls were pulling up again. I looked up and Sean was sucking on Jake's right nipple. I smiled at Jake and he smiled back at me. I motioned at him that I'd let go and let Sean take over if he wanted. He smiled big and nodded. I smiled big back at him.

I let go of Jake's cock and reached up and grabbed Sean's right hand from Jake's stomach and pulled it down and wrapped his fingers around Jake's dick. He pulled his mouth off the nipple, looked at me and grinned.

"Your turn; my hand's getting tired."

He smiled his sexy smile again and then let go of Jake's cock, reached up to his face and scooped up some cum and came back down and wrapped his hand around Jake's dick using his cum as more lube. Jake and I both moaned. He started slowly fisting Jake's cock, coming all the way up to the head, and just like me, watched the foreskin pull over the head. He seemed as mesmerized by it as I am. Must just be guys with cut cocks that find this so fascinating? He then ran his fist back down to Jake's balls, stayed there a second then ran it back up, watching the foreskin again. I was watching it too; I loved how it moved. He did this five or six more times before getting down to business. He first ran his open hand up the shaft, coming over the top and then moving in circles a couple of times. Jake groaned loudly and Sean and I both smiled. Then he continued over the top and down the back side with his open hand. Once he reached Jake's pubes he took Jake's cock back in his fist and began pumping it in smooth steady strokes. Jake started moaning again. I began slowly and very lightly running my fingers down Jake's left leg, coming up under his balls, tickling them for a second and then doing it all over again. Jake was panting.

"Oh fuck, that's fucking awesome! Oh God... that feels so good."

"Good; just relax and enjoy the ride, brother." Jake moaned again.

I leaned up and forward and gave Jake a wet, sloppy kiss. He moaned into my mouth and searched my tongue out with his. We tongue wrestled while Sean stroked his cock. I pulled back from the kiss after about a minute and licked up the side of his face catching Sean's jizz on my tongue. It was cold by now, but still tasted just as sweet. I kept it on my tongue and fed it to Jake. He sucked greedily on my tongue as I slipped it into his mouth. I broke the kiss and licked up the side of Jake's face again, getting some more cum on my tongue. I then pulled back and turned towards Sean. Sean grinned at me and met me half-way and I fed him his own cum back into his mouth, with him sucking it off my tongue. Jake groaned really loud.

"Oh Fuck... That is fucking hot. Goddamn... Now I know why it made you cum; holy shit... Oh fuck, do it again, PLEASE..."

I pulled off Sean's mouth and went back to Jake and licked around his neck and all over his chin, getting a nice big load. I stopped and showed the load to Jake and brought it back over to Sean and he met my mouth hungrily. He sucked my tongue in and then started making out with me. That was what Jake had needed. He screamed out. Sean and I broke our kiss and watched the show.

"Holy fuck!! Here it is!! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck... Oh God, here it fucking cums! Arrrrgggg!!!!" The first volley was epic Jake; it launched out of his cock and sailed right over his head on to the bed.

"FUCKIN A, DUDE!!!" Sean started milking Jake's cock for more.

Jake screamed again. "Arrrrgggghhhhh! FUCK!" The second volley launched out and arced beautifully through the air and landed on Jake's head with a splat. I grabbed Jake's balls and started milking them while Sean milked his cock. Jake grunted and screamed again.

"Holy Fuck!!! Ahhhhh...!" The next one shot out of his dick with as much force as the first one and landed right in his mouth. He'd seen it coming and opened his mouth as wide as he could. When the entire stream was in his mouth he closed it and swallowed hard.

"Fuck yeah, baby; that was fucking hot!!"

Sean agreed with me. "Oh fuck, you sexy little motherfucker!! Swallow that fuckin' load, boy!! Fuck!!"

The next one shot out and landed right on his stomach. Sean and I went back to work to milk out some more. We were enjoying the show. Jake moaned really loud and screamed again.

"Oh fuck guys, have some mercy!! FUCK!!"

The next one launched out and landed pretty close to the previous one, with a smaller splat, on Jake's tummy, right on his treasure trail. He started panting and whimpering.

"Oh please... oh please, oh God, oh God... Please guys... I can`t take anymore... Please baby, please. Oh God..."

The next one just shot out on to the bottom of Jake's trail and ran into his pubes. I let go of his balls but Sean was still enjoying watching his foreskin move up and down so he was lightly stroking Jake's cock to make it happen. Jake was just about beside himself; moaning and panting; whimpering and pleading with Sean to stop.

"Oh God... Oh God... Sean, please, I'll do anything, just please... Oh God, please... Sean, I'm fuckin' beggin'... Oh God... please, baby, please stop... Oh my God, Sean..."

One last small load oozed out of Jake's cock and slid down, dripping onto Sean's fingers, and then running down over Jake's incredibly tight balls, and down to his ass. Sean finally took pity on poor Jake and let go of his cock, then brought his hand up to his face and licked some of Jake's cum off. He smacked his lips and smiled. He reached his hand over and offered me some. I licked it off his hand and then smacked my lips and smiled. Poor Jake was under us, panting and trying to catch his breath, still whimpering.

"Oh God... Oh God... Oh fuck... That was so fucking intense." He had a slight catch in his voice like he was on the verge of crying. Sean noticed too.

You OK, baby? I'm sorry, Jakey, I'm sorry. I should've let go when you asked. You OK, baby?"

Pant, pant, pant, sigh... "Yeah, I'm OK. I'm OK. It was just so fucking intense; I didn't know what to do, what to say, what to do..."

I started rubbing his tummy in slow circles. Sean reached up and ran his finger up and down his face, talking softly to him.

"It's OK, Jakey. You'll be OK. Mike and I are right here with you. Just relax and come back down... You were fucking awesome, dude; that was fucking epic as fuck! Damn boy, you sure know how to bust a nut!! I'm proud of you!"

Jake was pulling himself together and coming off his rush, still panting a little, but had regained his normal breathing pattern. I was still running my fingers around his stomach and just letting him be quiet and get himself together. Sean had stopped rubbing his face, but was resting his hand on Jake's arm, rubbing lightly and smoothly; helping him to relax. After about two minutes Jake was back to his old self and leaning back with a huge grin on his face. I looked over at him and winked. He smirked.

"Must be feeling better, huh baby? I love you." I smiled at him again.

"Yeah, feelin' good, Michael. I love you too, baby. Oh man..."

I turned around and sat down next to Jake, Sean did the same and we all just sat there enjoying our high. We sat quietly for a few minutes, lost in our own thoughts.  I was the first to speak; I couldn't let this pass.

"So Sean... What was that about us not being able to make you moan and plead to God?

"Shut up, Michael... I said no such thing..." Jake laughed out loud.

"Oh don't even try it!" Jake retorted when he quit laughing. I just sat and listened to them, grinning.

Sean sat quietly for a moment before speaking. "OK... I'll admit it. That was THE most intense thing I've ever experienced in the twenty-three years I've been alive. I think I might just go gay. Fuck, I had no idea sex could be that fun or that intense. You guys blew my mind."

Jake was first. "So we're good, huh? You can tell us; we already know anyway."

We all chuckled but then Sean kind of blew me away again, "Jake, you and Mike are the best there is. I would give every dime I have to experience that again. I mean fuck, dude, think how hard you came and how intense it was; do you guys do this all the time? I'm fuckin' jealous as fuck if you do."

I piped up. "No Sean..., not all the time, but yeah, we've had some incredible fucking nights in the last five days. I can safely say more like that than not. See what you've been missing chasin' pussy all these years?"

"No shit! Damn! I've been with a lot of girls but none of `em has ever known how to do ANY of that shit. Fuck, I'm still freaked you licked my ass; that just fucking totally blew my mind. But fuck it felt sooooo good. Where the fuck did you learn how to do that?"

"Same place you learned how to eat pussy. I just dove in one time and had at it. Discovered I loved the fuck out of it and just tried to do the best I could. That is probably my favorite thing to do; I love it as much as you love eatin' pussy."

"I could tell. Fuck. I can kinda see how it's just like eatin' pussy, just no clit to work on. Same mouth and tongue motions though. Just having your face buried in an ass seems a little too wild for me to try. Well, Mike, you'd be a master pussy eater if you ever jumped the fence; I'm tellin' ya."

"Thanks. I'm glad you liked it. I know Jake here seems to enjoy the fuck out of it."

"Oh fuck yeah, I love it! The first time you did that to me I thought I was gonna pass out; I never expected my ass to send feelings like that through my body. But then, everything we've ever done has sent fuckin' incredible feelings through my body."

"Testify, dude!!" We all laughed. "You ain't shitin', brother. My body felt things it's never felt before; the whole fuckin' time!"

"Well, Sean, I have to admit you shocked the fuck out of me several times. I never expected you to get so into it."

"Believe me, Mike, I never expected to either. It just started feeling so good and so intense I decided fuck it, just roll with it and enjoy it."

Jake chimed in. "Fuck, I guess you did. You freaked me the fuck out a couple of times, but it was just so fuckin' hot I just quit thinkin' about it."

"I freaked myself out a few times, but fuck it, it was hot and it was fun. I'm not gonna worry about it."

"Just how are you doing with all of this, Sean?" I asked. "I mean I know it's still a little early, but how're you doing with this emotionally?" I was genuinely concerned about him.

He thought for a few seconds before answering me. "I'm actually doing a lot better than I thought I ever would in the same situation. I don't know if it's because I haven't let it get in my head or if it's just `cause I don't care if it's in there. I just had the best night of my life, and that's really all I'm thinkin' about. So I kissed a guy, throat fucked my best friend and ate his cum. I don't really care right now. It doesn't gross me out; I'm not worried about it. So I guess I'm doing OK."

"If you ever do start freaking out about it, you have to come and talk to one of us; or both of us. We care about you more than you know, and we don't want you in any kind of pain, including fucked head syndrome. Promise us you'll talk to us about it if it starts fuckin' with you. Please, Sean, this is serious."

"I will, I promise. Who else would I talk to about it anyway; it has to be you guys. I love you guys too, so I'm good with this. It sure the fuck ain't a bad thing, is it?"

"No, it's not a bad thing at all; but it has changed some things about you that have been there your whole life; sometimes it fucks with people."

"I understand what you're sayin. I'm just not feeling bad about anything right now. I liked and enjoyed everything we did; what's to feel bad about? Fuck, maybe I'm bi and just didn't know it until tonight. I mean, I know I'll never give up girls and pussy, but who's to say I can't have both? I didn't do anything with you guys that I didn't like the fuck out of... But I do promise that if it starts fuckin' with my head I'll talk to you guys about it."

"Good. That's all I'm asking from you. And hell, you could be right; there are a lot of people out there enjoying the best of both worlds. OK, enough serious talk; I'm sticky, Jake you look like a glazed doughnut (we all giggled) and Sean my arms were under your pits so I know this; your sweatin' like a pig. Let's go hit the shower and then go get something to eat. I think we burned off every calorie we had at lunch."

Sean and Jake answered together. "Fuck yeah!"

Jake smirked. "I think I could really use a shower right now; all this cum is starting to dry. But, guys, I wouldn't trade it for a million dollars. That whole thing was the hottest thing I've ever seen in my life. Thank you both."

He smiled at both of us, turning his head back and forth then grabbed our knees and pulled himself up. Sean and I both reached back and slapped his ass. He yelped and we laughed.

"Good game, dude!" Sean told him and I busted up.

I drug my ass up while Sean did the same and we all headed for the shower. We decided we'd all fit in there, and fuck we'd just come all over each other, why not shower together. We played a little grab ass, but nothing serious and actually finished, all three of us squeaky clean, in less than thirty minutes. We were all standing naked in the bedroom, them trying to remember where their clothes were. I'm the only one that had underwear and pants in this room. I laughed and pointed to the door.

"Remember? Out there somewhere."

They both had an `oh yeah' moment and headed out to get dressed. We were done in no time and headed out the door to go eat. We decided to just walk. Sean knew a place he'd like to go and Jake and I just followed along. It turned out to be another beer garden, of course, knowing Sean, and we had a great dinner and laughed our asses off and talked for another two and half hours. It was almost eleven by the time we got out of there. We all headed back to the hotel and got back in the room. I was standing behind Jake, holding him in my arms, nuzzling his neck, and I looked over at Sean. He had a nice smile on his face.

"This sounds so gay, but you two look really good together; happy. It looks nice."

We both blushed. "Thanks, Sean." I said. "We feel really good together too."

"Yeah, thanks, brother; that means a lot to me to hear you say it."

"Well, it's true."

"I'm just throwing this out for reference, no hurry at all. Do you want us to run you out to the base tonight, or do you wanna just crash here? I told you once already, you're always welcome in our home; even if it's just a hotel." I smiled at him.

He smiled back at me then paused, thinking hard about something. After a few moments he spoke. "This will probably freak you guys out again, but I would like to just crash here; but I would like to spend the night with you guys; in your bed. I don't even really know why, but seeing you two holding each other, it just made me not want to be alone tonight; to be held, if that's OK with you guys." He flushed crimson after he got it out.

Jake spoke first. "Sean, one of the house rules around here is you never have to ask for a hug or to be held."

I joined in, "He's right, Sean. That's rule number two; we already went over number one." He smiled and turned pink. "But yeah, you never have to ask to be held. Hugs and love around here are always free. You are more than welcome to share our bed with us."

He looked a little choked up, but just grinned. "Thanks guys. I needed that."

"Anytime, Sean. Besides, we need someone to sleep on the bed where Jake shot his first load." They both laughed out loud.

"Well fuck, I already ate some of it I might as well sleep in it too. Seriously though, thanks guys. I love you both."

Jake smiled. "We love you too, brother. And you're right, you ate it, you can sleep with it."

We all laughed again. The three of us flopped down on the couch, Jake and I making sure Sean was in the middle and with our arms around him, sat and bullshitted for another hour and a half before we deiced it was bedtime. When we were all back in the bedroom we started getting a little shy for some reason. Jake snapped us out of it.

"Last one in bed has to lick my ass."

They both laughed and dived into bed, Sean in the center. I just stood there looking at them. Numerous things were running through my head, some good, some really bad, but still enjoying the view. They both got quiet and just looked at me.


"Why are you just standing there, zonin' out?"

"I wanted to be the last one in bed, baby. You said something about licking your hole if I got to be last in bed."

They both busted up laughing, but after a few seconds Sean threw the covers back next to him.

"Get your ass over here. You don't wanna be lickin that boy's ass right now; I heard him fart earlier." We all laughed again, but Jake had to defend himself.

"Hey! Thanks a lot; I was gonna get my ass licked and you opened your big mouth." He was grinning from ear to ear.

I shook my head, smiled at them and climbed into bed next to Sean. I turned on my side, Jake doing the same and we both just threw our arms over him and held on tight. He ate it up, just sighing and wiggling his head deeper into the pillow. Jake and I smiled at each other over his chest, and then kissed him on the cheek. I reached behind me, turned off the lamp and then cuddled up next to Sean, nuzzling his neck like I always do with Jake and exhaled.

"I love you, Jacob. Sweet dreams, baby."

"I love you too, Mikey. Sleep well."

Jake and I both giggled. "We love you, Sean. Sweet dreams!"

"I love you guys too. Now go to sleep. Jeez."

We all kind of sighed and soon the two Marines fell asleep. I looked over them both at the clock. 12:39 a.m. It'd been a long, strange, freaky, sexual, scary good day. I closed my eyes, snuggled in closer to Sean and let my mind wander.

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