Chapter 15: Winter Solstice

We made it through the end of October and the beginning of November with blessedly less drama. Sean was pretty much back to normal now, and back on duty. I kept my promise to him by getting him off when the doctor told him he was cleared. I still didn't want him pulling anything so I did my best to keep it slow, steady and pleasurable. I sucked him and stroked him for about ten minutes, keeping things light and relaxed. The load he pumped out was definitely one for books though. His stomach, chest, abs, pubes and my hand were covered in milky white fluid. He was a happy man. We slowly resumed a semi-normal sex life. Jake, Sean and I had managed a very erotic three-way somewhere around the third of November. Jake and I had two more of our kitchen meetings, enjoying it just as much as the first time; thankfully Kevin hadn't been there to spoil the fun. Other times we kept it all to the bedroom and bathroom. Jake was still pushing for me and Sean to have a special night with just the two of us. We tried to convince him that it was more special with him there. He relented for awhile, but I knew he was brewing something up.

To all of our amazement Sean had discovered that he actually liked cooking and baking; saying it really wasn't that much different than working in his dad's wood shop, just cleaner. He also pointed out to us that he loved food, so why not learn how to make it. We didn't argue with him, and he spent a lot of time in the kitchen with me learning how to make stuff. We were still nice to him and told him how wonderful it was even when we wished we'd had a dog to slip it to under the table. He was getting better but Jake and I were getting worried we'd run out of encouragement after a while. Jake had pleaded with me not to let him cook Thanksgiving dinner; I assured him I'd make sure everything was good. I started feeling the tension rise around the tenth or eleventh of November. I knew what was coming up, and I was probably tenser than both of them together. They both were coming up for new orders; Jake on the fifteenth and Sean on the sixteenth. We were all basket cases by the fourteenth.

November fifteenth. Jake and Sean were both at the base, and I was sitting at my computer checking my email when my phone rang. I looked at the caller ID; it was Jake. I'd been dreading this phone call all day. I answered the phone hoping like I'd never hoped for anything before that he had good news.

"Hi baby!"

"We're staying!! We're fucking staying!!" I pulled the phone away from my ear and felt such relief that I felt like passing out.

"Mike!!? Did you hear me? We're fucking staying! My orders just arrived!"

"I heard you, baby! I'm so happy for us; I couldn't be any happier. Oh baby, I'm so relieved I can't tell you!! And yeah, I heard ya, baby, I don't think you really needed to use the phone to tell me; I heard ya through the door!  That's fucking incredible news, Jake! Oh I'm so happy!"

"It's fucking awesome!! I've been so scared that we'd get transferred away from you. Oh Mikey, I'm so fuckin' happy right now!"

"I know Jakey, me too, me too... Now we only have one more day of this shit to worry about." I knew that'd kind of put a damper on him, but I thought he needed to be reminded we still had Sean's orders to wait for.

"No! Mikey, you don't understand!! We're both fucking staying!! Sean got his orders today too; we're both staying with you!!"

"What!? I thought Sean didn't get his orders until tomorrow?"

"Major Benton brought `em both to us today! We're fuckin' stayin', Mikey!!"

"Oh fuck yeah!! Oh my God, baby, I can't tell you how happy I am to hear that!!" I got out of my chair and started jumping around my office acting liking a damn kid, but I'd never been happier in my life. This was so good. So fucking great!

Jake was laughing on the other end of the phone. "Now who doesn't need to use the phone? The whole base heard you from home!"

"I don't fucking care! I want the whole world to hear me!! My boys are staying home!! Oh man, that's such incredibly good news, baby! Oh I can't tell you how relieved I am!"

My face was beginning to hurt from smiling so much and I had tears streaming down my face, I was so relieved. I couldn't believe that God would smile down on me once again and not separate me from my two boys. I couldn't believe it.

"Mikey!! Did you hear me?"

"No, baby, I'm so sorry, but I'm jumping around here like a fool. What'd you say, baby?"

"I said Sean has more news for you; but I'll let him tell you. He's right here. Hold on a second."


"Oh God, Sean, I can't tell you how fucking happy I am right now. That is such incredible news, baby! Oh my God, it's so good to know my boys are staying home! I've never been this happy in my life! Thank God baby, thank God."

"Mikey! Calm down a second, I have more news for ya. Ya ready for this?"

"As ready as ever, baby; lay it on me."

"I got a promotion! I'm a fucking Lance Corporal now!!"

"No shit!!? Oh my God!! That's awesome!! Oh baby, I'm so proud of you; oh fuck, that is such great news!! I love you, baby!! Oh man, that is so great!! It's about time they recognized what a great Marine you are!!"

"You're tellin' me!! You know what it's like having this little fucker outrank me?" I could hear several people laughing in the background.

I started laughing. "Oh fuck, baby that is such good news! I couldn't be more proud of you right now. Oh fuck, Sean I'm so happy for you!!"

"Thank you, Mikey. It means a lot to hear you say that. Thank you."

"Oh Sean, I'm proud of you every day; but yeah baby, this is just fucking awesome. I'm not gonna be able to sit still for the rest of the day."

"Well then get off your lazy ass and don't sit!"

"I won't, baby, I won't. Hey, tell Jake and that red-headed step child I'll be there at 1700 sharp; we're going out to fucking celebrate!"

He was laughing in my ear but I didn't care; it sounded wonderful. He finally got a little control. "Fuck yeah! Sounds fucking awesome!! Oh I can't wait to see you; this is just a fucking great day and I wanna share it with you."

"Oh I wanna share it with you too. I am so happy for all of us. Sean, this is just... Oh fuck, baby, I don't know what to say anymore."

"It's OK Mikey, I know, I know; me too. OK, we'll be at the gate as soon as we can get the fuck outta here. We can't wait to see you!"

"I can't wait to see my guys! Fuck, the time's gonna crawl but I'm so fucking happy! OK baby, I'll see you both at the gate. And congratulations on the promotion baby, no one deserves it more. I love you and I'm proud of you. I'll see you tonight."

"Oh man... You're gonna fuckin' make me cry if you say shit like that. But yeah, we'll see you at the gate at five. Jakey sends his love and you know mine is there too."

`I love you both so much, baby. Tell Jake I love him and I'll see you all at five."

"OK Mikey, see you at five. Bye, ya big stud!"

"Bye baby..."

I pressed End on my phone and just stood there looking at it, not believing it was capable of making me so happy. I set the phone down on my desk then jumped and pumped my hand in the air. Fuck Yeah!

After about an hour, when I'd finally calmed down, I decided I owed someone a thank you; I knew he had his hand in this. I called the base and was put through.

"Major Benton."

"Major, Mike Adler."

"Mr. Adler. What can I do for ya?"

"Just calling to say thank you, Major."

"I have no idea what you're talking about, Mr. Adler."

"'Nuff said. Have a good evening, Major."

"You too, Mike."

The connection was broken and I just smiled to myself. I knew in my heart he was how this had all happened. As long as it had happened I didn't care if he wanted recognition for it. I had to get ready to take my guys out to celebrate. I walked towards our bedroom stripping my clothes off as I walked. I needed a shower and a shave. I had to be at my best for my boys.

I was parked in my spot and waiting for my guys to come through that gate. It was 1707, and I was leaning against the right front side of the car freezing my ass off, catching snowflakes with my nose. I didn't care; I knew who would be walking through that gate soon. I spotted them; the two most beautiful men in the world, and one red headed step child walking towards me. I stood up and watched them walk, a huge smile on my face. They got to the shack and signed out, then waited for a truck to pass before they could walk over. Sean decided fuck it, and started running, trying not to slip and just threw himself on me. He had me in the bear hug of all bear hugs, his legs wrapped around me, holding my head close to him and just holding on for dear life. I held him every bit as tight, trying to maintain my footing. Holding a 175 pound Marine isn't as easy as you might think. We just held each other for a minute or so, not saying a word, just feeling each other. I couldn't take his weight much longer; I had to set him down.

"Sean, oh God, baby! I love you baby, but you're killin' me here! You gotta stand up or we're both goin' down."

 He giggled then put his feet down to take his weight back. He pulled back from me a few inches and just looked at me; a smile that would light up the planets on his face. I fell in love with him again right there. Jake and Kevin had made it over, both of them laughing at Sean jumping on me. Jake walked up to us and hip butted Sean.

"Move over a second, I need him too."

He threw his arms around me and pulled me in tight, wrapping himself around me like only Jake could do. Only this time he wasn't having a melt-down and it felt so good, so wonderful to be holding this man in my arms like this again.

"Oh God baby, that feels so wonderful. I love your hugs, Jakey; they get me through the days like nothing else ever could. I'm so happy for us, baby. I love you."

"I love you too, Mikey, Oh God how I love you. Can we just stay here and hold each other?"

"Sure baby, anything you want."

He giggled. "Well maybe after awhile we should get someplace warm; we might freeze together like an otter-pop."

I giggled. "You might have a point there, sexy. But what a way to freeze..."

We pulled apart and I looked over at Sean and Kevin. Kevin was just standing there watching the hug fest, looking a little out of place.

"You want a hug, Kevin; they're always free for the taking around here?"

He turned a little more pink, then thought about it a second. "Hell yeah, I'd love a hug." I walked over to him and pulled him in my arms and held him tight for about fifteen seconds.

I released him from my hug and then looked at him, smiling. "See, nothin' wrong with a good hug. It's like milk; does a body good." He giggled.

I turned to look at my boys; feeling such pride and such happiness I couldn't describe it. "OK guys, my nose is about to fall off from the cold, can we get in the car where it's warm?"

They all said sure and started piling in; Jake taking his seat up front. It would always be Jake's seat. I jumped in and cranked the blower up higher to thaw myself out. Sure glad I'd been bright enough to leave the car running. I drove out of the gate, spinning just a little on the ice and headed to the road. We made it slowly to town and to the beer garden we'd all had lunch at the first time we looked at the house. We couldn't eat outside this time but we had one hell of a good time inside, raising a few eyebrows. We didn't care; we were happy and so glad to be with each other. Gretchen joined us about thirty minutes after we'd arrived; she had to keep a close eye on Kevin. We liked having her there anyway; she was actually a lot of fun we she was leaving poor Kevin alone.

We stayed at the beer garden until about nine o'clock. Gretchen took Kevin home with her and I took my two Marines home. We made it back without sliding into the ditch but I was definitely taking it easy. Must be time for snow tires, I thought to myself. We got back in the house and just stood in the kitchen for a little while, talking and laughing, and feeling so happy that we were all going to be together. I checked out Sean's new rank insignia again for the twentieth time and felt so proud of him. Jake made a point of telling me I was supposed to slug him in the shoulder to make it stick on. I did as ordered and Sean told me I hit like a girl. He kept his mouth shut after the second one, while Jake was doubled over laughing. We all had to be up early in the morning; still a work day for my two guys, but it would be Friday and we could spend the weekend celebrating. We all dived into the shower at the same time and got cleaned up and warmed up then headed for bed; with only a little playing in the shower. Once we were all in bed I was lying on my back and looked up at the ceiling; looking to the heavens. `Thank you. I don't know how I can possibly thank you enough for keeping these men safe and home with me, but thank you none the less.' I leaned over Sean, gave Jake a soft, sexy kiss goodnight then did the same with Sean. I smiled to myself and snuggled up next to Sean and went sound asleep.

After the celebrating and congratulations were finally over we got back to our normal routine. The days marched on and the time flew by for us. Jake and Sean were very busy at the base, and even had a training mission the weekend before Thanksgiving. I missed them both terribly the two days they were gone, but as with every training mission before, the return home was boisterous, happy and erotic. The three of us spent that Sunday night basically fucking our brains out. We all crashed on to the bed, exhausted; especially them, having just spent the last 48 hours awake and playing soldier. Thanksgiving was in four days and I had a lot to do to get ready for it. Being three Americans in Germany on Thanksgiving our goal was to celebrate it as though we were in grandma's house on Main Street, USA. I enlisted Gretchen's help for this one. Besides, she was very excited about it; never having celebrated the holiday before. She wanted it to be perfect for Kevin and was aptly paying attention to every detail. We had that in common at least; we wanted it to be perfect for our men.

On Wednesday afternoon while baking some pies with her she gave me a little bit of a shock.

"I know Kevin is excited about this holiday. He says he will miss his family terribly; I can only assume Jakob and Sean are the same. It's wonderful they will be able to spend it with their lover and with each other and Kevin."

I finished pulling the pie out of the over that I'd had a hold of and set it down on the counter. Did she just say what I think she said?

"Yes, they both seem very excited about tomorrow." I paused a moment, then turned to look at her, a wry smile on my face. "How long have you known ?"

She smiled. "Not too terribly long. Well, I mean I've always known about Jakob, of course, but with Sean probably the last month or so. Something changed; something in the way you two look at each other. The way a man looks at his lover. The way you look at Jakob is now the way Sean looks at you." She smiled at me.

I returned her smile. "And this doesn't bother you; doesn't make you uncomfortable?"

"Why should it? It's no different than it was before; just more. The ancient Greeks and Romans, usually military men themselves, often had one or two male lovers. Just because modern society thinks it wrong, why should I?"

"You're ahead of your time, Gretchen. I'm glad you're alright with this. Does Kevin know?"

"I haven't told him, but I think he's starting to come to the realization on his own. He sees the same things I see; he's just not as intuitive or as open about it."

"Do you think he will be troubled by it?" I looked a little concerned. I didn't want Jake and Sean's relationship with Kevin to be strained by this.

"I don't think he will be troubled by the relationship itself so much as learning to deal with Sean's newly discovered homosexuality. He sees Sean as the archetypical male; the `regular Joe' I guess you would say. He may struggle with that part of it."

I nodded my head. "I can understand that myself. I never expected it either and I live with him and have loved him for quite some time. I hope he doesn't struggle too much with it; doesn't fight it so hard that it effects their friendship."

"As I said, I'm not aware of where Kevin might be with any of this; I'm only making assumptions. Perhaps he already knows fully and is fine with it."

"Or perhaps he only suspects and doesn't really want to learn that Sean is in a sexual relationship with a man; or men."

"The guys were right; you analyze every detail very thoroughly don't you?" She smiled at me after she said it.

"I have to. Whenever those two are involved, or their happiness is at stake, I have to."

"You do love them both, don't you?"

"With every ounce and fiber of my soul."

"Kevin loves them as well, and he would never do anything to hurt them or their relationship with you, or with him. He treasures their friendship as much as you treasure their love."

"I know he does. And they love him as well. I guess only time will tell. Are you about ready to put those pies in the oven?"

"Yes. I have never heard of making a pie out of a pumpkin before but it seems like it might be good."

"It's actually not one of my favorites, but if you bury it in whipped cream it's not too bad." I laughed.

"So you like your whipped cream with a little pumpkin basically?"

"Yes. The only reasonable way to eat pumpkin is as a bread, and we're making that next." She smiled at this then picked up a pie and carried it to the oven.

We got all of our baking and prep work done before the guys got off duty. I drove out to the base and picked all of them up and brought them back to the house. Kevin didn't seem the least bit surprised that he was coming home with us; I guess Gretchen had texted him. Kevin and Gretchen had dinner with us then went back to their place. They had rented an apartment together in town; things were getting more and more serious between them and we were all sure there would be wedding bells in the near future. We were happy for them, though still a little worried about Kevin being led around by his balls in a vice.

Jake and I cleared up the dinner dishes after they'd left; Sean, still convinced that was truly woman's work and beneath him. I was going to have a talk with that boy one of these days. Although, he didn't have the slightest problem cleaning the bathroom; and given the choice I'd take the kitchen any day. For Marines, those two had terrible aim. One day after seeing the toilet and the floor I went out to the living room and demanded to see their firing range certificates, both of them being so proud of being marksmen. I told them why I wanted to see them and they both laughed hysterically, so I went and got them a mop and a rag.

When Jake and I were done with the dishes and had the kitchen cleaned up I grabbed him from behind, spun him around, pulled him to me and kissed him.

He grinned at me. "What'd I do to deserve that?"

"You took a breath of air." I smiled at him.

He laughed. "Wow, if I'd known it was that easy to get a kiss..."

"You've always known it was that easy." We grinned at each other.

"Yeah, but I still like hearin' it. I've taken several breaths in the last few seconds, where's my kisses?"

I smiled at him and pulled his head to me and kissed him again; only this time holding the kiss for a couple of minutes; just melting into him, holding him close. We finally broke the kiss and looked into each other's eyes for a moment.

"Nice... You're yummy, you know that?"

I looked at him and giggled. "I've been told, yes. But I still like hearin' it."

"Anytime you need to hear it, baby, just kiss me."

"You got it, you sexy fucker. I love you, Jacob."

"I love you too. Now what's on your mind? You've had this look in your eyes for the last few hours. What's up?"

"Nothing earth shattering, but we all need to have a little chat about a conversation I had with Gretchen. Let's go join that boy out there who thinks he's the man of the house." Jake laughed hard and followed me out of the kitchen. We walked into the living room holding hands and Sean looked up.

"Ahhhhh. How sweet, the womenfolk are done with the dishes; come out to join their man." Jake and I just looked at him like he'd grown an antenna on his head.

"We got your man hangin', Fred. Sure hope you're wearin' your warm socks; it's kinda cold outside." I just looked at him; not smiling; not grinning; just looking.

"Uh oh. I stepped in it, didn't I?"

"Yeah, baby, you kinda did. I know you meant it as a joke, but it really didn't work as one. Sorry. Try again later." I winked at him to let him know it might work later.

"I'm sorry. To both of you, I apologize."

"Apology accepted, baby. We have something else to talk about."

Sean looked over at Jake. "Jake...? Do you accept my apology?"

"Of course Sean, I knew you were just joking. Like Mike said, it just didn't work as one. No worries, brother." He smiled at Sean to let him know it was ok.

"Just wanted to make sure; you haven't said anything. OK, so what's up?"

"I had a talk with Gretchen today while we were baking. She knows about all of us. She knows about me and you, Sean. She has no problem with it at all. She guessed it, she said, by how we'd been looking at each other. Of course there's no problem with any of that. She doesn't know if Kevin knows though. She never said anything to him, but she thinks he may have figured it out on his own; the same way she did. Are you guys worried about Kevin knowing; and if so, do we need to run any kind of damage control?" I looked at each of them in turn.

They were both speechless for a few seconds. Sean spoke up first.

"OK... I don't care if Kevin knows or even thinks he knows. I do care about how he handles it; I'm hoping he won't have a problem with it. I don't want him being weird around me; he's my friend and I care about him. On the flip side, I don't care who knows; he can tell the entire fucking Marine Corps for all I care. I'm not hiding from anyone; especially about this. I love you both with all my heart and I am deeply in love with you, Michael. If Kevin or anyone else can't deal with that, then fuck `em all. There's no damage control required, Michael."

I nodded at him and smiled. Jake looked at him and gave him a thumbs-up.

"I don't think Kevin would really have a problem with it anyway. He's never had a single problem with Mike and me. I think the only problem he might have is accepting you as a big ole homo." Everyone giggled. "Everyone on that base has this image of you as this super-straight, jock playboy. I think if anything he would just have trouble believing you could actually be suckin' cock." He gave Sean a lewd grin.

Sean laughed. "Gee thanks, brother. I can always count on you to take the bull-shit outta everything."

I smirked. "I told him that once a few months ago. He does have a special ability at that. I guess we're in agreement. There's really no problem.  Gretchen basically said the same thing, Jake; that she thinks Kevin would have more trouble believing Sean is gay or bi than having any kind of problem with our relationship."

"Good, that's settled. Now which one of you little sweeties is gonna grab their man a cookie?"

Jake looked at me and shook his head. I looked at Sean.

"Too soon huh?"

"Jake...?" I looked over at him and moved my eyes very slightly towards the door.

We dove at him and each grabbed an arm and a leg and picked him up. He started laughing, thrashing and screaming.

"NO!!! Don't!! I was just joking! Arrrggghhh! Please stop! Oh fuck!!"

We got him to the front door, I let his arm free and yanked the door open, then finally got his hand again after flailing around and we carried him outside and dumped him in a snow bank. We looked down at him, he in nothing but tighty whiteys and socks, and took off like a bat out of hell for the house. We got in and slammed the door shut and locked it. We heard him yelling outside and started laughing.

Not ten seconds later he was beating on the door, yelling. "Wilma!!!" Jake and I both laughed harder. "Oh come on guys, its fuckin' cold out here! Please!!? I'm sorry! I'm really sorry!! Come on guys, please!? I'll do anything! I'll do dishes, I'll mop the floor on my hands and knees; I'll do anything. Let me in, dammit!!"

I yelled through the door, "Your feet wet yet!?"

"Hell yeah they are; it's fuckin' snowin' out here, baby. Please!? I love you. I'll do anything you say, just open the door. Please?" Jake looked at me, still giggling and winked.

"Get on your knees!"


"On your knees; it's the only way you're gettin' back in here tonight." Jake started laughing again.

"OK baby, I'm on my knees. Beggin'!"

"Not quite what I had in mind, but still good. When I open this door you will walk in here on your knees, come in ten feet, turn around and face us."

"I'm ready. Just please open the door, please! My nuts are about to snap off."

I looked at Jake and nodded. He just grinned and winked at me. I undid the lock on the door and pulled it open. There was poor Sean, shivering, on his knees looking up at us. I stood aside, opening the door wide and he started shuffling in on his knees. I closed the door when he cleared it; it was cold out there. He came in about ten feet, turned around and looked up at us. He shivered again. I was starting to feel bad for him, but he still needed to learn his lesson.

"Brrrr, it's fuckin' cold. I'm so sorry. Jacob. Michael. Please forgive me. I won't ever say that again."

"What do you think, Jake, can he be taken at his word?"

"Normally I would say without question; but he is kinda cocky sometimes. Maybe he needs to learn a little more respect."

"I agree with you. I'd take him at his word any day, but he's been cocky all night; still needs to learn a lesson."  I looked at Sean.

"Lance Corporal!"

"Sir! Yes Sir!" He snapped to attention while still on his knees. I almost grinned but caught myself.

"On your knees you will walk over to the fireplace, about-face, then sit like a puppy and warm-up until we say you're done. At that time, you will walk to the kitchen, on your knees, and lick the floor until we tell you to stop. Is that understood, Lance Corporal!?"

"Sir! Yes Sir!"

He shuffled over to the fireplace and sat back on his haunches like a dog. It was kind of cute, actually. We let him stay there for about five minutes; longer than he'd been outside we thought, and then walked over to him.

"Lance Corporal!"

"Sir! Yes Sir!"

"To the kitchen, jarhead!"

"Sir! Yes Sir!" He shuffled into the kitchen and stopped in the middle, coming back to attention.

"Lick that floor, Marine!"

"Licking, Sir!"

He actually bent down and licked the floor. Jake and I just looked at each other, amazed. We'd mopped the floor earlier so we weren't too worried about him getting something nasty on his tongue, but we were amazed he was doing it.

"Enough!" He snapped back up at attention. "Lance Corporal, do you feel like you're being degraded?"

"Sir! Yes Sir!"

"Do you like being degraded?"

"Sir! No Sir! It fucking sucks, Sir!"

"Are you ever going to degrade the two men who love you most in the world ever again?"

"Sir! Fuck no Sir! Never again!"

"On your feet, Lance Corporal!"

"Sir! Yes Sir!" He jumped up onto his feet and stood at attention.

"At ease, baby. This is done. We couldn't let it pass again. You do that to us all the time and it was getting kinda outta hand."

"I'm so sorry guys. You know I didn't mean any harm, but yeah, I can see how it got old. I'm very, very sorry, guys." He looked really contrite.

"'Nuff said."

I walked up to him and pulled him into my arms; Jake wrapped him up from behind and we just held each other for a minute. I pulled away just a little and looked at him. I winked and smiled. He smiled back.

"So..., and please correct me if I'm not remembering this right, but wasn't it at Jake's birthday party you said the words, `ain't ever gonna happen, baby; just keep dreamin' the dream.'?"

He turned a nice shade of pink and started laughing his ass off.

"You! You remember that? Oh hell, `course you do, you remember everything. Fuck! I've been had! You got me, baby, you both did. Fuck...!" He was still smiling though.

"No, you weren't had; it wasn't planned. You hung yourself with the cookie thing; but yeah, you were dumped outside, on your ass, in the snow, in your skivvies. So I guess I'm dreamin' the dream." I got a big, shit-eating grin on my face.

"Yeah maybe, but you had help. It took both of you to get me out that door. Don't forget that part..." He leered back at me.

"Doesn't matter, baby, you were still out there wailin' on that fuckin' door yellin' Wilma." We all started laughing again.

"OK. OK. You got me. I bow to your superior prowess; you da men. Whatever, my feet are still wet and my toes are cold."

"We're sorry, baby. We have a really nice way to warm you up. You interested?"

"Oh hell yeah. Show me."

We each took one of his hands and he froze in his tracks.

"What's wrong?"

"You're gonna haul me back outside, aren't ya?"

I giggled. "No, baby, we're done with that shit; now we just want to use you for your body."

He got a huge grin. "Oh... OK!"

He unlocked his legs and walked with us towards the bathroom. I reached out and grabbed a cookie when we passed them and handed it to him. He gave me another huge grin. We had to get him warmed up first so we thought a nice, hot shower would do the trick.

We all finally got to sleep at around eleven; drained, warm and feeling pretty good. I still had to get up at five to throw the damn bird in the oven, but it was ready to go, I just had to slide it in there. Up to this night we'd had Sean in the middle, but tonight they both insisted that I sleep in the middle. That was more than alright with me; I loved having my guys on either side of me. There's no greater feeling of love and protection in the world than to be in the middle of two hot, capable, totally giving and loving Marines. I slept like a baby.

Thanksgiving Day. I heard the alarm going but really didn't want to do anything about it. I was warm, safe and had two arms thrown over me; who'd want to leave that? I finally managed to reach up far enough to kill the noise and looked around the room. It was still dark. Who came up with this idea of turkey for Thanksgiving anyway? Oh yeah, the people with the funny hats. I slid out from between Jake and Sean and made my way to the kitchen. I figured if I got this done quickly enough I could jump back in bed. I turned the oven on, grabbed the bird out of the fridge and slid his ass into his new home for the next several hours. Good. I checked to make sure the coffee maker was due to come on at seven and went and got back in bed. I did manage to go right back to sleep, and when I woke up a few minutes after seven I had one arm on me and one blond head. This is better than turkey any day.

We were up and playing video games when Kevin and Gretchen arrived. I was still a little curious about how Sean would play this out. I didn't have to worry for long. Sean, God bless him, was never one for pussy-footing around an issue. About ten minutes after our guests had arrived Sean told Kevin he'd like to talk to him in the kitchen. I knew where this was going, but I kept my seat; this was between them. Kevin got up and followed Sean out of the room. When they got in the kitchen Sean offered Kevin a beer then got it for him.

"I'm glad you and Gretchen could be here today; it's nice havin' you here." He smiled at Kevin.

"I'm glad to be here; thanks for invitin' us. What's on your mind, Sean?"

"I just wanted to clear something up for ya that might be tuggin' at the back of your head. I guess Mike and Gretchen had a talk yesterday `bout it, but I wanted to have one with you."

"Sure. Fire away." Kevin looked at Sean just a little nervously.

"You already know about Mike and Jake. Well I wanted to tell you that I'm also a part of that relationship. Think of it as a group thing."

Kevin was dead quiet just trying to take in what Sean had told him. He looked up and grinned. "You're fuckin' with me, dude. There's no way you're havin' sex with two guys. No fuckin' way, dude; nice try."

Sean smiled at him. "'fraid so, buddy. No jokes, no lies."

"But you're like a total pussy hound; there ain't no way you're sleepin' with two dudes."

"Yep, sure the fuck am. And let me tell ya, ain't no broad got anything on what those two are capable of; what all three of us are capable of. I don't mean to freak you out, Kev, but I'm tellin' you the God's honest truth. The three of us are in a relationship."

Kevin looked at him kind of stunned. "You ain't fuckin' around, are you?"

"Nope, I ain't fuckin' around, Kevin. I know this is really hard to grasp; difficult to adjust to, but I really hope you'll be OK with it. Our friendship means a lot to me and I don't want to lose that over this."

Kevin was still just looking at Sean, trying to figure out if he'd really heard him right. "So you and Jake and Mike are boyfriends? That's really weird, dude."

"Well it's kinda complicated but we make it work. And it's more like Jake and Mike and me and Mike. Me and Jake are still brothers, but yeah we have sex with each other; well in three-ways anyway. We've never done anything with just the two of us."

Kevin stood there shaking his head, trying to take it in. "I don't understand. How can you, of all people, be having a three-way relationship with dudes?"

"Let me try to explain it a different way. If Gretchen brought another girl into your relationship and wanted to share her with you, would you do it?"

"Fuckin' A! In a heartbeat. But that's me with two women, not two dudes."

"OK. Hang with me a second. You love Gretchen, of course, but you also find yourself falling in love with the second woman. Gretchen was very okay with that, wanted it as a matter of fact. Would that seem like a good thing to you?"

"Yeah... I wouldn't have a problem loving two women at the same time; it'd be kinda hot and kinda nice actually."

"So, other than the fact it's two guys here, what's the difference?"

"It's two guys. You're not gay. I mean, you know me Sean, I have absolutely no problem with gay guys; I love Jake and Mike, but you're not gay, dude."

"No, I'm not gay. I don't identify as gay. But what's wrong with being bi? Nobody ever said you couldn't love both men and women. And believe me, it's really hard not to love around this house; it's full of it, all the time. It's almost overwhelmin' at times."

"So you're in love with Jake and Mike?"

"Jake and I have a different relationship; we've always loved each other deeply, but not ever in-love with each other. We're brothers and we'll always be brothers. But yeah, I'm very much in love with Mike. Like I said, it's kinda Jake and Mike and me and Mike."

"But all three of you have sex with each other...?" Kevin was still fighting to understand.

"Yes. That's how it started. We had a three-way the night after we looked at this house the first time. I was talkin' shit, like usual, and they told me they could get me off; make me call out to God. And goddamn, did they ever. It was the best sex I've ever had in my life, Kev. And it wasn't just the sex, it was after, too. I felt so loved and needed and safe. I can't describe for you, but yeah, I didn't know what hit me."

Kevin sat thinking some more, just looking at Sean. "So you're in it for the hot sex."

"No, Kevin, not at all. Sure, the sex is still fuckin' amazing, but no, we could stop having sex today and I would never leave these two. You know I'll never leave Jake's side, but not Mike either. I love that guy with all my heart and soul; you have no idea. I've never felt so loved and so safe in my whole life and I will never give that up. It's taken me awhile to accept this so I don't expect you to just say `oh ok' and be done with it. If you ever need to talk to me, please do. I'll help you understand as much as I can. But I want this to be okay with you. I will tell you though, that ultimately, those two men out there are the only ones who truly matter."

"I'm tryin', Sean. This is gonna take some getting used to, dude. I... I'll just say this. You're happy; that's all that really matters to me, dude. The rest of it is just... stuff. Just give me a little time to process all this." Kevin looked at Sean with a lopsided grin.

"Thanks, Kevin. I am happy; happier than I've ever been. Take all the time you need. I'm here for ya if you need me."

"And you said Mike and Gretchen talked about this yesterday?"

"That's what Mike told us last night, yeah. She'd already figured it out, I guess. Nothing like women's intuition, huh dude?"

"No shit. She knows things about me before I know `em. Fuck. It's scary sometimes."

"You ain't lyin', brother." Sean paused, looking at Kevin. "We OK, dude?"

"Of course, Sean, we're always OK, brother."

Kevin walked over and gave Sean a hug; a pretty long one for Kevin. They broke the hug and looked at each other. Kevin just started grinning and soon Sean was grinning just as big. They slapped each other on the back and headed back out to join the rest of us.

"Everything OK?" I asked when they came back in.

"Everything's Jake." Sean replied and we all looked at Jake and laughed.

Jake looked around the room. "You're damn right everything's about me. Get over it already."

It was a little quiet for a few minutes but everyone got back in the spirit of the holiday and started having a good time. Dinner was a huge success. I'd never seen three happier men than Sean, Jake and Kevin. They just couldn't shovel enough in fast enough to satisfy themselves. With every bite they just kept praising Gretchen and I for the food and how great it tasted. No better praise in my book than three happy men far from home, stuffing themselves until they're sick. Gretchen decided this holiday was a pretty good thing; she loved all the food; all the variety at just one meal. She also liked the pumpkin pie, with or without a ton of whipped cream she told me. Kevin and Gretchen stayed until about eight that evening. When they were getting ready to go Sean was standing right behind me with his arms around my middle and his chin on my shoulder. Kevin happened to look over and see it. He just got a shy smile on his face and nodded to Sean. Jake walked the couple out to their car to say more goodbye's and make sure Kevin was OK.

I looked at Sean. "You OK, baby?"

"I'm fuckin' great, baby! I love you. Thank you so much for dinner; it was a true masterpiece. I'm gonna be gettin' a letter off to grandma tonight and tell her I finally found someone who cooks better than her."

"High praise indeed. You're very welcome. You think Kevin's gonna be OK?"

"Yeah, he'll be fine. It may take him a little while, but he's a good guy; he'll come `round. Like you and Gretchen thought; his main concern seems to be me being a big ole homo." He laughed.

"Yeah, but you're my big ole homo; that's all that matters to me."

"Me too." He kissed the side of my face and reached behind me and grabbed my ass.

Jake came back in the house, spotted us still standing there and got a huge grin on his face. I don't know what he really thought about Sean and me but he seemed very happy. And he loved taking pictures of us together; he must've filled up a 16-gig memory card by now. I stuck my finger up and motioned him over to us. I felt the need to be the center of a Marine sandwich right then. We stood there holding each other for a few minutes then broke it off and went our separate ways, cleaning up stuff and getting ready for a quiet guys-night evening at home together.

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