Chapter 16: First Times

With Thanksgiving over and Christmas only a week away our lives were busy. I was working twelve and fourteen hour days on the programming for a robot that had been ordered by a company in Canada, while still maintaining household duties. I had somehow elected myself stay-at-home wife; though I don't remember making a conscience decision to do so. They both helped out a lot at home, but for the most part I was cook, laundress and home repair dude, so my days were crammed full right now. I was also in charge of Christmas; though thank God, Gretchen was right there to do everything she could to help with that one. It had been decided by all of us that we would have a German/American Christmas this year. There weren't really massive differences but I was thankful she was there to take care of the German side of things. It was the last Friday before Christmas and Jake and Sean were getting ready to head out for a weekend training exercise. I had the weekend to finish the programming, and with trying to get that done and them ready to leave, I kind of lost focus; well OK, I just lost it. Jake was the first one to walk into my office.

"Hey Mikey, have you seen my grey thermal socks?"

"I think they're in the dryer; give it a try."

"OK, thanks." He was followed two minutes later by Sean.

"Hey Mike? Have you seen my cammo backpack?"

"Last I saw, it was hanging on the rack in the garage."


Eight minutes later Jake is back.

"Hey Mike? Have you seen the black nylon rope that was in the garage?"

"Nope. Check the trunk of the car; we might not have pulled it out of there from last time."

"OK, thanks, baby." Not forty seconds later Sean appeared.

"Hey baby? Have you seen the black nylon rope that was hangin' in the garage?"

"I just sent Jake out to try the car; ask him."

"OK, thanks."

Ten minutes so far without interruption. I had a small break, whew. I was in the middle of trying to merge 245 lines of code when Sean walked back in.

"Hey Mike, when's dinner?" I just looked up at him.

"Okay... now's not a good time. Sorry I interrupted."

Three minutes later I had a visitor; what a surprise! Jake walks in.

"Hey Mikey, when's dinner?"

I gave him the same look I'd given Sean. "Ask Sean"

"He's not cookin'! I'd like to have good food before we leave."

"Don't know what to tell ya."

"Well what are you fixin'?"

I jumped up out of my chair and grabbed him by the shirt front and hauled him out to the kitchen. Sean was standing in front of an open refrigerator waiting for divine intervention. I stopped and pulled Jake around to stand next to him. Jake looked kind of scared; Sean looked confused.

"Look around you! This is what's for fucking dinner! Whatever you can pull out and fix is what you'll be eating. For fucks sake, guys, I'm really busy. I have 48 hours left to write and compile God knows how many more lines of fucking code. Act like the men you are and figure some of this shit out. Please." I threw my hands up in the air then turned around and headed back to my office. Back in the kitchen, Sean spun on Jake.

"What the fuck did you do to piss him off? I've never seen him mad before; what the fuck, dude?"

"I didn't do anything! I just asked him when dinner was."

Sean thought about it a second. "Uh oh. I was just in there askin' the same fuckin' thing. I think we fucked up, dude."

"I was only asking about dinner; why would he get so mad about that? He always fixes dinner."

"Think about it, brother... How many times did you go in there askin' where shit was? I think I was in there two or three times."

Jake looked at him like he was dented in the head. "What the fuck do you mean? What difference does it make? I only asked him a few times to help me find something."

"Jake! Wake the fuck up. He's been stressed about this fuckin' Canada shit for two and half weeks. I think he finally snapped."

"Yeah, but he does this shit for a living. Why would the Canada thing make him snap?"

"You can't be serious!? The Canada thing didn't make him snap; we did! We walk around here thinkin' he's gonna take care of everything for us. I think we pushed him over the edge, dude."

Jake thought for a second. "Oh! I get it. Oh, that's not good. We gotta go in and apologize."

"Have you completely lost your fuckin' mind? Either of us walks in that room right now and we're dead meat."

"Well what the fuck are we supposed to do, brain trust!? We have to tell him we're sorry. I don't want him mad at us; it's kinda scary. Like you said, I've never seen him mad before either."

"We act like men, dill weed. We'll fix dinner and then when he's takin' a break or something we'll take it to him and tell him we're sorry. And we can't ask him where shit is; we gotta just find it ourselves. We gotta get this shit cleared up before tomorrow mornin' or I'll be worryin' `bout it all fuckin' weekend."

"OK. Sounds like plan. What the fuck do we make for dinner?"

Sean thought about it. "Maybe orderin' out would be a better idea; we want him happy, not sick."

"How the fuck are we gonna order out? You speak German now?"

"Good point. OK, we'll fix it ourselves. I've done this; I think I've gotten pretty good at it."

Jake shook his head. "I hate to break it to ya, brother, but we were just bein' nice. Your cooking sucks, dude. I would've given anything for a dog to feed it to under the table."

Sean laughed. "That's kinda harsh, dude! But yeah, I kinda have to agree; I couldn't stand the shit myself. So what the hell do we do?"

"We just keep callin' places `til we find some fucker that speaks English. Get the phone book and the phone."

"It's in German too, fuck stick!"

"Well... We'll just look through the ads and see what looks like it might be a good place."

"Yeah, OK."

When I got back to my office I felt horrible for yanking Jake around and for yelling at them. I was sitting there thinking what a shit I'd been when I heard them talking. OK, so we've already established I have a small cruel streak in me, so I listened in on their conversation when I could've gone back out and apologized. And I'm sorry, but it was probably one of the funniest conversations I've ever heard them have. I was fighting like hell to keep from laughing several times. I mean here were two full grown men, Marines yet, that were arguing over what'd gone so wrong to piss me off and how to fix a simple dinner for us. I guess lucky for all of us they did find someone who spoke fluent English on the third try; and oddly enough it was at a Chinese restaurant. Then the arguments started over what to get me for dinner. I couldn't stand it anymore, and I wanted something I actually liked. I walked out to the kitchen with a hand-written note, handed it to Jake then turned around and went back to my office.

"Mongolian Beef, pork fried rice, two spring rolls and egg-drop soup." I heard Sean give the order to the person on the other end of the line.

"Great! Thank you! Do you deliver?" Something I was thinking should've been the first question, but oh well, that's just me. Apparently he got an affirmative answer because he gave them our address.  Sean hung up the phone and turned to Jake.

"It'll be here in thirty-five to forty minutes, dude. You got any money on ya?"

"Not a lot; about fifteen Euros. How much you got?"

"'bout ten, I think. Hold on a sec." He counted his cash. "I have eleven. Fuck, that ain't enough, dude; the damn thing came to fifty-six Euros, plus we gotta give the guy a fuckin' tip."

"Well do you have any cash stashed away anywhere?"

"Why the fuck would I keep cash stashed in my own home? We gettin' robbed?"

"For emergencies, retard, what else?"

"Fuck you. How much you got stashed away?"

Jake was silent for about a full minute. "Uh... None."

"And you're givin' me fuckin' shit about having emergency cash!? Goddamn! What the fuck do we do now?" I was biting my finger by this point to keep from laughing.

"Let me think..."

Total silence followed for about two minutes. I took the opportunity to pull sixty Euros out of my wallet and have it standing by. I wasn't getting anything done, but I figured what the hell, I'd have all weekend in total silence to get it done.

"Fuck, dude, there's smoke pourin' outta your ears but ain't nothin' commin' outta your mouth. What the fuck, dude?" Sean was getting desperate.

"Shut the fuck up; how can I think with you yellin' at me! Besides, there ain't a fuckin' thing we can do; we don't have any money. We have to go tell him."

I couldn't stand it anymore. I got up and walked out to the kitchen, trying to keep a poker face. I didn't want them knowing how funny I found all of this. I had the money stuck between two fingers and walked up to them. I held it out to Sean. He looked really sheepish and took the money. I then lifted Jake's wallet out of his pocket, opened it up and pulled out his debit card I'd had sent to him six months ago. I held it up to him with two fingers and then set his wallet on the counter and returned to my office. I sat back at my computer in case they came in, but I had a huge shit-eating grin on my face. Jake's debit card actually reminded me. I pulled up my account at the bank and had Sean added to it; a nice, new shiny debit card was being sent to him. The one really nice thing was that for the next forty minutes there was complete and total silence in the house. I had no idea what they were doing but they were being incredibly quiet about it.

At 1833 I heard someone knocking on the front door, followed by feet running to the door. At 1835 I heard the following conversation.

Jake. "Did we get everything we ordered?"

"I think so. Hold on a second. Yeah, looks like it. Did you get the table set?"

"No... I thought you said you'd set the table."

"No, I said I'd get the food ready when it got here."

"What the fuck do you need to get ready, it's in fuckin' boxes, dude? We need plates."

"No shit; that's why I thought you were setting the table."

"Whatever... Let's just set the fuckin' table and eat this shit. I'm sick of worryin' about it. My stomach's in a fucking knot that would hold up a tank."

"Mine too. Let's get this shit goin'."

I heard plates and silverware being set out, then the ice maker and three glasses being filled with ice; followed by silence for about two minutes, then Sean.

"You wanna go get him or should I?"

"I don't really wanna walk in there right now. You do it."

"How `bout we both go, and we can tell him we're sorry at the same time."


I was actually doing work when they walked in, but was really glad to see them. I turned around in my chair when they came in. They both just stood inside the doorway, looking a little nervous.

"It's OK, guys. Hey, I'm really sorry I yelled at you; I had no business doing that. And Jake, can you ever forgive me for yanking you out to the kitchen?"

"No, Mike, we're the ones that owe you an apology. We're sorry. We're really sorry we were buggin' you while you were tryin' to work. We're sorry we don't help you more around the house. We'll do more from now on; it's not your job to play mommy to us. We're sorry, baby." Jake looked at me when he was done talking.

"Everything he just said plus a huge I love you thrown on top." Sean smiled at me.

"Apology accepted. And I am very sorry I yelled; and even sorrier I got physical with you, Jacob. It made me feel like crap when I was done; I don't know why people do it all the time sayin' it makes you feel better to get it out. They're full of shit. Now how about a group hug and we go eat dinner while it's still kinda hot?"

I walked over to them and we all held each tightly for a minute. Jake looked at me when we pulled apart.

"I have to admit, you scared the crap outta me when you grabbed my shirt, but I understand why you did it. Apology accepted, baby."

"I promise you, Jake, it will never, ever happen again; I feel horrible about it. Thank you for accepting my apology. Will you forgive me? Please?"

"Of course I forgive you; don't be dumb. I love you; always. Let's go eat." I held Jake's waist and we walked out to the dining room and sat down to dinner. We had a nice dinner together, and none of us had to cook it.

Jake was looking at me and smiling, thank God. "Hey, why did you pull out the debit card from my wallet? We needed cash, not plastic."

I smiled back at him. "Baby, you can use it when you order the food. You can even put the tip on it if you don't wanna give the guy cash when he gets here. I looked at the bank records after I got back in the office; you've never even used the thing. Why not?"

"I've never needed it. I just use my Marine pay when I buy stuff. I get cash from the ATM on base then just buy whatever I want."

"OK. I was gonna say why not use the card, but we've had that conversation way too many times. I understand." He smiled at me.

"What debit card are you talkin' `bout Jake? We only have an ATM card for military pay; I don't think you can use it like a debit card, dude."

I jumped on that one. "Sean, he has a debit card that I gave him; and one just like it is on the way to you. I never even thought about it before today; I'm sorry."

"Thanks, but how can you send me a debit card for my military pay?"

"Baby, it's not for military pay; it's on an account I setup when I first moved here. Think of it as family money. You can use it for whatever you want to use it for; like ordering Chinese food. Or hell, if you want to buy a car, use the card; the money's there for all of us."

"A car!? Just how much fuckin' money is on the card?"

"Oh shit, here we go... There's currently 287,388 Euros in that account." Jake smiled at me knowing what was coming next.

"Holy Fuck! And you just had them send me a debit card on that account? Why would you do that? He spun to Jake. "And you! You have access to over 280,000 Euros and we were scrounging for cash to pay for dinner?"

Jake beat me to it this time. "I never use the damn thing; I forgot I had it. Besides, I didn't know we could order take-out with the damn thing. Quit givin' me shit!"

"Sean, it doesn't matter. He forgot he had the card; it's not a big deal."

"How do you forget 280,000 bucks? Fuck, that's like a life-time of Marine pay!"

"Well, now you have a life-time of Marine pay to spend however you want; and you didn't even have to pull more than four years." I smiled at him.

"What're you talkin' about?"

"When the debit card gets here you will have full access to every dime in that account. Spend it however you want; it's there for that. It's there for any of us to use however we want to use it. Don't worry about it. Don't tell me not to do it. Don't say I shouldn't do it. Don't tell me you don't want me to do it. Just take the card and use it whenever you feel like it. And if you accuse me of trying to buy you I will dump your ass back in the snow." I grinned at him.

He just sat, looking dumbfounded at me. Jake had a big shit-eating grin on his face; he was happy this wasn't about him.


"Just don't say it. Think it. Write about it. Do anything else, but do not say it."

I just looked at him. Jake was pretty happy with himself. Sean looked like he wanted to talk but couldn't start the sentence without saying `but'.

"OK. Thank you. What kinda car you want for Christmas?" He grinned at me.

"I have the one I want. Buy yourself one if you want. If it's more than what is in the account let me know; I'll put more in." I grinned at him.

That one wiped the grin right off his face; he was back to dumbfounded.

"Sean, please don't start this conversation. I know you don't have the benefit of having been here for the one with Jake, but please believe me, you aren't gonna win. Just accept the fact of the money. It's not a big deal, it's just money. I love you more than I love the money. I wanna share it with you; it's yours to spend. You said thank you, that's all that required. Who's doin' dishes?"

They both jumped up and started clearing the table. I knew there would be long talks about this in the kitchen and this weekend, but I didn't care as long as I didn't have to be in on them. I got up and went to our bedroom. It was amazing; it was spotless. I almost looked on the doorframe to make sure I had the right address. Wow. They still had their bags out, packing, so I thought I'd be a good guy and finish it for them. I owed them that much for all the trouble I'd caused earlier. I was just finishing up when they walked in.

"You don't have to do that, we'll do it." Jake looked at me with a shy smile.

"It's OK, baby, I wanted to. The sooner you guys are packed the more time we get to spend together. And thank you; it looks incredible. You guys do nice work."

"You're welcome. We decided we'd help you out a little this weekend even though we won't be here." Sean grinned at me.

"Looks damn good. Thank you both very much. I really didn't mean to imply that you guys need to do more around here. I was just stressed and took it out on you. I'm sorry. I really don't mind doing work around here; it makes me happy to take care of you both. I was just feeling overwhelmed; work, Christmas and you guys leaving for the weekend. I won't turn down offers of help, for damn sure, but don't feel like you have to ease my workload. You don't. I'm not normally this busy with work, so don't worry about it. OK?"

Sean walked up to me. "It ain't gonna work, so don't even try it. You do all kinds of shit around here and we started takin' you for granted. That stops now. We will help whenever and wherever needed. You tell us all the time that we're equal partners. Well we haven't been. You do most of the stuff around the house; how equal is that?" He put his hands on my shoulders and looked into my eyes, challenging me to dispute this.

"You guys work all day." I started.

"So do you."

"Your work is more physical."

"We're younger. Sorry, I never thought I'd say that, but it is true."

I smiled at him. "Yeah, it is; don't be sorry. I'm home all day and can get things done."

"We're home by 1730; still plenty of time to get stuff done, and most weekends."

"I'm anal about shit."

"We've noticed. We can learn." We both smiled.

"You think you're gonna win this one."

"I know I will."

I looked at him and thought about it for a minute. "OK." I conceded. He was getting good at this.


He pulled me into him and kissed me hard. He was good at that too. Jake stood by the door shaking his head and grinning. I think he was as happy about having someone willing to argue with me as he was about the kiss. Sean and I broke the kiss, turned around, walked up to Jake, kissed him, then took his arms and lifted him up and hauled him to the front door. He started yelling and laughing. We set him down, smacked him on the ass and took off running. The chase and the games were on. We had a great Friday night, followed by our normal sad training day Saturday morning when we had to say goodbye for two days.

I spent all weekend getting my work done while Gretchen did a lot of the planning and prepping for Christmas dinner. By 1840 Sunday evening when my two men got home I was done and had e-mailed the program to John. It would pretty much have to be tested on the production line; they had two days before production was to begin. I didn't want to go through that again for awhile; but it was worth 16 million in new revenue to the company so I wasn't too upset. I was done with that stupid program and my boys were home. Christmas was in three days and everything was pretty much on schedule. We had what had become our ritual training Sunday night orgy. The Marines had even given us two days for Christmas; including Christmas Eve this year. Made me wish it were on Friday so we'd have a four-day weekend; we could've gone somewhere.

Something was in the air on Wednesday night. I just wasn't sure what it was until Jake said he was going to spend the night with Kevin.

"Is Kevin OK?"

"Yeah, he's fine."

"Then why are you spending the night; you've never done it before? I mean, I don't care if you spend the night, baby, it just seems odd"

"I just thought it sounded fun. He has a new game for his X-Box and we're gonna break it in."

I just looked at him trying to figure out what he was up to. "You usually do that here on yours. You said Gretchen's T.V. sucks; that it's heavy as shit and even has tubes."

He laughed. "Well it does, but I thought I'd give it another try."

"What are you up to? You've been plottin' something for a month; I can feel it."

He smiled at me but didn't say anything for a few moments. "OK, I have been plotting. This is my Christmas gift to you and Sean. I want you two to spend the night together."

"We spend every night together, baby."

"No... just the two of you. You and I had time of just `us'; you haven't had that with Sean. I want you guys to have a night alone. I want you to make love to each other."

"Oh baby, you don't have to do that. We love having it just like it is; all of us."

"It's not the same, Mikey. Remember our first night together?"

"I'll never forget it."

"Well I want you and Sean to have that same kind of experience; to really, truly bond and fall in love."

"Oh... Jacob, that's not necessary. We've bonded and we love each other. I can't imagine my life without him. But we don't have to have a romantic evening to seal the deal, so to speak."

"I want this for you guys. Please just say yes."

"Why are you pushing this so hard? It kind of scares me, Jake; it's like you're trying to make sure Sean and I have each other in case you're gone some day."

"No baby! Oh God, no. I just want you two to have what you and I have. I'm never going anywhere; never. You're the love of my life; for life. I just need to do this. I can't really say why, I just need too. I need you guys to be the same as you and I are. Please, just let me do this for you. Please, Michael."

I looked him in the eyes, trying to get a grip on what he was saying; what he was really saying. I knew he'd pushed Sean and me together from the beginning. I always thought it was because he couldn't be without Sean and needed me to feel the same way. Now I was starting to understand that he, for some reason, had this incredible need for Sean and me to be like he and I. That there would never be a third; we'd be like two couples, only with three people.

"I think I'm starting to understand, baby; tell me if I'm anywhere close. You want Sean and me to be a couple like you and I are a couple; so there's never any third person; just two couples that happen to be made up of three people?"

"Exactly! I knew I married a smart guy. Yeah baby, that's exactly what I mean. I don't want there to be a third; it makes it sound like an afterthought, like it's not intentional. I don't want that."

I smiled at him, still staring into those beautiful brown eyes of his. When I was twenty-one years old I could never have been as giving or as sure of myself and my partner as he is. I admired him for it. He is the one person I've met in my life, including Sean, that was just truly giving of his love, and wanted those around him to feel love the same way. To be immersed in it.

"Well you might have married smart, but I married beautiful. And not just physically; you have a beautiful soul Jacob Robert Harrison. I love you; always and forever."

"So you really understand?"

"I do, Jake. Thank you. It's the most precious gift I've ever been given; even by you. To love someone; to express love for someone with total immersion is what you're doing, and you're leading me to the same place; with Sean and with you."

He just got a beautiful smile on his face and nodded. "You do understand..." He leaned forward and kissed me softly. "I love you." He ran his hands slowly down my face then turned, grabbed his backpack and walked out to the garage to get his bike.

I was still just standing in the living room looking towards the garage door, with a look of, wonder I guess, when Sean walked in. He stopped about two feet to my left.

"Are you alright, Mikey?"

I turned to look at him. He was every bit as beautiful as the man who had just left the room. "Yeah... Yeah, I'm good. I'm very good actually."

"What's going on? You look like you just had a religious experience or somethin'."

"I think I just may have. Jacob just showed me what true love is really all about; how to love someone with no reservations whatsoever; how to love them with purity of heart and soul. It's amazing how simple he makes it all sound. Like we've both said, he has a magical way of cutting through the bull-shit in life. Sean... Jacob is the first person I've ever met who really does know the true definition of love."

Sean walked over to me and pulled me into his arms and held me. Not a bear hug, but just held me. "I know, Michael. I know all too well. I experienced it the first time that horrible day in Afghanistan." We just stood there for awhile; Sean holding me in his arms. When he pulled back a little he looked at me and gave me a small, `private' kind of smile. "He wants us to have that same kind of love, doesn't he?"

"Yeah, he does. He's gone to Kevin's to spend the night. He wants us to make love with each other; to bond, to make love and have the same kind of first night he and I had. He wants us to be a couple like he and I are so there are no thirds, so there is no third person; just us. So it's Sean and Mike and Jake and Mike; two couples, three people."

"That sounds like him. Do you want that too?"

"Yes. Do you?"


I looked at Sean and smiled. "Hold me again. Please, just for awhile longer." He pulled me back in his arms and just held me. No words were spoken between us; just feeling each other's heartbeat.

After our hug I went to the kitchen to get dinner ready to serve. Sean set the table for just the two of us. I brought the food out and we had a nice dinner. I don't know if you could call it romantic, we just talked about general stuff. We asked questions about each other's life before we met; tried to learn more about each other. We'd had a few talks like this before since we'd known each other, but this more personal. Asking about things like first loves and best friends growing up. It was actually a really nice conversation and I enjoyed it a lot, and learned some new things about Sean in the process. When we were done with dinner we got things cleaned up; with me rinsing and loading the dishwasher while Sean brought things to me and cleaned the table.

I wanted this to go as naturally as possible, but for some reason it felt a little forced. Like we were expected to hop into bed and fuck each other's brains out. I decided I'd make some cappuccinos and we had them out on the back patio and talked some more until we started freezing our asses off. When we got back inside Sean stoked the fire in the fireplace and we stood in front of it and tried to thaw out a little. We just stood there letting the fire warm us; we didn't really talk much or hold hands or anything.

I looked over at Sean. "This all seems kind of forced, doesn't it? Like we know we're supposed to do something but it's not feeling natural."

"Yeah, I guess that's what it is. I feel a little uncomfortable for some reason, and I've never felt uncomfortable before when I knew we were goin' to make love. It always makes me really happy actually."

I thought about it for a few moments. "I have an idea. Come with me, baby."

I reached out and took his hand in mine and led him in front of the couch. I stopped and let go of his hand and started pulling the couch cushions off and throwing them on the floor, lining them up like a small bed. He looked over at me and grinned. I knew what he was thinking but that really wasn't it.

"I recognize that grin, baby; but I hate to tell ya, that's not what this is."

"OK, then what're you doin' throwin' cushions on the floor?"

"You'll find out. Be patient, baby, it only gets better from here."

I walked up to him and pulled him to me. I kissed him lightly on the mouth and pulled back. I reached down and tugged the t-shirt out of his cammo pants. I got it over his head, threw it onto the recliner and then dropped down to my knees and untied his shoes.

"So far this is goin' exactly like the grin on my face was suggestin'" He looked down at me and gave me a lewd grin.

"I don't go this fast when I'm trying to seduce you. This is just to get your clothes off for other things. Lift your foot up."

He smiled at me and lifted his left foot up and I took his tennis shoe off. We did the same for the one on the right then I reached up with my hands, undid the buttons on his pants and just pulled them down to his ankles. He lifted his feet one by one again and I pulled his pants off his legs and threw them over to the recliner. When I turned my face back to him I was lined up with his crotch; and sure enough he was growing. Only a semi at the moment but it was getting a little bigger in his tighty whiteys. I did my best to ignore it and looked up at him and smiled. He had a huge grin on his face.

"Stop looking at me like you think I'm about to stick your cock in my mouth. Believe me, baby, that's gonna happen, but not right now. Get on your knees and join me down here, please."

He dropped to his knees and was kneeling in front of me; about a foot away from my face. I leaned forward and gave him another light kiss.

"Now lie down on the cushions, face down, please."

He smiled lewdly at me again and then did what I'd asked. When he was lying down and comfy, his legs spread just a little and that incredible ass of his sticking out in those white briefs I almost moaned.

"Damn, baby, that's nice. OK, hold it right there for just a minute; don't move, I'll be right back."

I jumped up and went to our room and shucked all of my clothes off and pulled on a pair of cotton gym shorts. I grabbed the lotion off the dresser, and then I grabbed a tube of lube and jammed it in my pocket on the way back to the living room. Why make two trips? When I got back to the living room he was in the exact same position I'd left him in. One thing about my two guys, they always followed orders to the letter. I dropped down to my knees beside him and set the lotion on the floor next to his right leg. I straddled him and sat my ass down on his. That was kind of nice just by itself. He giggled.

"Oooo baby. I knew you liked my ass but you've never just sat on it before."

"I love your ass, but I have other plans. Shut up and enjoy."

I grabbed the lotion and got my hands all slippery then ran a bead down the middle of his back. He hadn't seen the lotion and was a little shocked. He yelped and shivered.

"Damn, baby, your cum is usually a lot warmer than that; you were outside too long."

I laughed, I couldn't help it. "It's not cum, you goof, its lotion. Just relax and enjoy. You're about to get a full body massage from someone that's been told numerous times that he does it better than most. Just relax, baby; this is all about you."

"Mmmmmm, OK."

I leaned forward, my own semi hard dick pressing into his ass, which made him giggle again, and started on his neck. I then worked his shoulders and back to his neck and around behind his ears. He was moaning and telling me how good it felt. I ran my hands down lower and started swirling the lotion around all over his back and then, starting at his shoulders, did a slow deep massage all over his back; never going below his waistline because I was still sitting there. I did his entire back for about twenty minutes before I decided it was time to go lower. I was saving the best for last, so I just swung my leg over him and kneeled next to him on the floor. I grabbed the lotion again and ran a bead down his left leg. He shivered again. I guess next time I might warm it up a little first. Like I've said, I am not a foot guy by any stretch of the imagination, so I pretty much just gave his feet a cursory massage. I started getting serious again on his ankles, up through his calves and on up to his thighs, not going anywhere near the bulge that was visible between his legs. I spent about fifteen minutes on each leg before I was satisfied that he was ready for the next stage.

I reached up with my right hand and tugged at the back of his underwear, just pulling them down enough to reveal that incredible ass of his. I looked for a minute and decided this wasn't going to work unless I at least pulled them down to his ankles, or better still, just off his body. I decided off would be best; for both of us.

"Lift your ass up, you sexy fucker."

He giggled and complied and I pulled the white briefs down over his hard cock and then down his legs and off his feet. I decided what the hell; I had them in my hands, so I took a deep, long sniff of the crotch. Mmmmm yeah, smelled just like him, and just like sweaty cock and pre-cum. He giggled again.

"You're sniffin' my drawers, aren't ya?"

"I sure the fuck am, baby; couldn't pass up the chance." He giggled again.

"You can keep `em if you want. From me to you, baby."

"Thank you. I will."

I set his underwear down right in front of the couch and then squirted a big load of lotion on my hands and rubbed them together. I guess it wasn't nice to keep laying beads of cold lotion on him. I got the lotion all warmed up and then ran my hands along his waist then down the sides of his cheeks, across the bottom and then up along each side of his crack. I then coated his entire ass in lotion and started a deep tissue massage on his ass cheeks. I'd never got to spend this much time just rubbing and kneading his ass before and I was having a blast. To think that five months ago I couldn't even dream of doing this to him, here I was and he was moaning and loving every squeeze, rub, grab and light finger rubs I could come up with.

"Damn, baby, I never thought a butt massage would feel so good. Damn..."

"You like that huh? Well you have to remember the glutes are a pretty serious muscle group; they need to be worked out just as much as the others."

"Yeah, but you're havin' way more fun than any masseuse I've ever had."

"Oh hell yeah. I've always loved your ass, baby; now I get to run my hands all over it; feeling the muscle, the texture and the sexy blond fuzz. I'm a pretty happy guy."

He giggled and then moaned as I stuck my fingers deep into his left cheek and rubbed back and forth. I think I'd spent about a half-hour on his ass before I was ready to give it up. It was time for the front and this was where both of us were going to be challenged to get through with it before it turned sexual.

"OK baby, roll over. It's time for the front."

"You gonna sit on me again?"

"I'd planned to."

"Oh hell yeah, this is where it could really get fun; your ass pressing against my cock."

"Yeah, well, we gotta try to be good for at least long enough to get your chest and abs, don't we?"

"I'll let ya know."

He rolled over and got situated on his back, and once comfy looked at me, grinned then looked down his own torso then back up at me. I knew where he was looking. I just smiled at him.

"I know he's there, baby; he's really hard to miss. I'll make him happy, I promise."

I straddled his cock and sat down on it. I was still wearing my shorts, but I could sure as hell feel him pressing up into me. With eight inches of 24-year old horny Marine cock it was really difficult not to.

I tried my best to ignore the feelings running throughout my ass and grabbed the lotion and squirted a big glob onto my hands and warmed it a little. I leaned forward and started with his shoulders again. I tried not to lean to far forward because I knew it would result in a kiss, which would lead to a passionate kiss, which would lead to hot sweaty man-sex. I concentrated and just started rubbing his shoulders then down to his chest, across his nipples then back and forth and down his sides, then over to the middle. I ran my fingers lightly up his treasure trail all the way back to his neck. He moaned and thrust up into my ass again. I ignored it as well as I could and started the same routine all over his chest and abdomen; doing the treasure trail thing again. I spent about twenty minutes on his torso then stopped and looked at him, smiling. His eyes were closed and he looked like he was in a really nice place. When he realized I hadn't resumed my touching and massaging he opened his eyes and looked at me.

I smiled at him. "Hi sexy. We're at a crossroads here. I can do your legs like I did on the back then work my way back to your cock, or we can skip the legs and I can start the mouth massage on the cock that's trying to bury itself in my ass."

He smirked. "Ooo, we do have a dilemma. The leg massage felt pretty good, but, I don't know... that mouth-cock massage sounds fuckin' incredible." He smiled up at me and winked.

"I guess that pretty well solves it."

He nodded slowly then made his cock jump. I wiggled my ass on him and then got off and kneeled next to him on my arms and knees, sticking my ass in the air. His hand went to my ass immediately and grabbed it and then started kneading it. Mmmm that felt sooooo good. I lowered my head down and just ran my tongue the length of his cock, starting at the head and working down to his balls, running my tongue between the two and then back to the base of his cock. He shuddered and moaned. I then ran my tongue back and forth and around the base, then back up the shaft. I kissed the head of his dick, then stuck my tongue in his piss slit and wiggled it around a few times, running it in circles. He moaned again and I tasted a gift of pre-cum on my tongue. I then pursed my lips and just started pushing his flaring mushroom head in and out of my lips, but never taking him in past the head. I did this about six or seven times. He kept trying to push his cock into my mouth but I'd pull away when he did.

He couldn't stand it any longer. "Oh God, baby, please take it. I need to feel you take my cock. Please, just let him in."

I kissed the head then just sank down on him; taking his cock as far as I could. He grunted. I held him in my mouth for a couple of seconds then very slowly came back up to the head. I licked around the head a couple of times then slowly took him back in. While I had his cock buried in my mouth I started moving my tongue back and forth, sweeping it across his dick. He moaned and grunted. I did this several times and then slowly came back up. I kept the head of his cock in my lips and swirled my tongue around there too. After I did this a couple of times I just started sucking up and down, over and over, keeping a smooth steady rhythm for about four or five minutes. He was moaning, and kneading and grabbing my ass. I pulled off his cock with a nice good plop and then ran my tongue all the way up his treasure trail to his neck, then came up the underside of his neck and landed on his mouth. He buried his tongue down my throat trying to get a taste of his own cock. We made out and licked each for about three or four minutes.

"Take those fuckin' shorts off, Mikey, I want your cock; how `bout we 69?"

"Fuck yeah, baby."

I reached down and yanked my shorts off and then spun around so were in a 69 with me on top. That's what I'd wanted anyway; it made it easier to deep throat him. I struggled with that eight inches of his in any other position, but this one I had it made. I got myself positioned over his cock and just went down. I took that fucking thing all the way to his pubes and just held it there for about ten seconds.

He grunted loudly. "Oh fuckin' A, baby! Oh my God, nobody has ever deep-throated me like you do. God, that's fuckin' great!"

When he was done talking he took my cock into his mouth and took about five of my seven inches and just started suckling on it. It felt awesome. He was holding it in his mouth, running his tongue around and then sucking it like it was a piece of candy. I moaned and pulled my mouth off his cock.

"Oh fuck yeah. Damn that feels good. It's like you're suckin' on candy, baby."

I took his cock back in all the way to his balls and then just started sucking up and down, going all the way then pulling back up. I loved it. I loved his big cock; and I loved it in my throat even more. After a couple of minutes I pulled off his cock and went for his balls. I pulled them one at time into my mouth and would press my lips together hard and yank on them like I did with Jake. He groaned on my cock; that felt just as good as the candy sucking thing he was doing. I moaned on his testicle, dropped it then pulled the other one in and did the same thing to it. I did this a couple of times then went back to that big juicy cock and started sucking it some more. While I was sucking his cock I felt him pull off of mine and then lick my balls a couple of times. It felt damn good, but then he reached behind me with his hands and grabbed my ass cheeks and spread them apart. It got my attention fast. I was wondering; would he really do this? I didn't have to wait very long for the answer.

The next thing I knew I felt a hot tongue flick over my hole. Oh man! Then another hot flick of the tongue, and then he just started licking all around my hole, down my perineum and then back to my hole. This was amazing for several reasons, not the least of which, it felt fucking awesome. I guess the master pussy eater was going to try some ass tonight.

I pulled off his cock for a second. "Oh fuck, baby, that feels fuckin' awesome."

I took his cock back in my mouth and started deep-throating him again. I then felt his tongue tentatively push at my hole. I relaxed my ass as much as I could and it slipped in just a little more. He kept it there for a couple of seconds then started swishing his tongue all around my hole again. Oh hell, that felt so good. I decided I needed some ass for myself so I pulled my mouth off his cock, reached under his legs with my arms and pulled his legs up so his ass turned up to meet my mouth. I wasn't nearly as hesitant. I locked my mouth over his hole and just started tongue fucking him for all I was worth. He grunted then said "Oh fuck..." then swished around my hole a couple of times before he did the same thing to me. He just locked his mouth on my hole and went ass munchin'. It felt fucking fantastic. I groaned into his hole but just kept licking and fucking his hole with my tongue. We ate each other's asses for about six or seven minutes, and he was every bit as good as he said he was at eating pussy. I was in heaven. I had one of the hottest asses I'd ever laid eyes on in my face and his mouth was on mine. Oh hell yeah...

He pulled off my ass first, then took my cock back in his mouth and started sucking me off again. I licked a few more times on his ass then pulled off.

"Fuck baby, you are a master pussy eater; that was fuckin' totally awesome. Damn..."

I felt him smile on my cock but he kept right on sucking. I went back down on him and took him all the way in a few more times, then just set up a nice rhythm. We sucked each other for about seven or eight more minutes before he started to roll to his right, basically making both of us fall off the cushions. When we landed I pulled off his cock and untangled myself from his legs. I was laying there on the floor with my head still resting on this thigh, his big cock inches from my mouth. I felt him lean up on his arm. I turned and looked at him. He had a big smile on his face.

"Fuck, dude; that was kick ass! You're right though, it's just like eatin' pussy, just without all the noise and no clit to worry about."

I laughed. "Well I coulda started screamin' and moanin' but I didn't want to distract ya."

"I'm glad. That was good; and fuck baby, you are a fuckin' master at that. My ass feels so good right now." Then he got kind of a serious look on his face. "I want you to fuck me, Mikey."

I just looked at him, shocked. "Are you sure? That's a hellva jump, baby, from lickin' ass to wantin' a cock shoved in yours."

He thought for a few seconds. "Yeah, I'm sure. I've thought about it a couple of times. You and Jakey keep tellin' me how good it feels; I'm ready to find out." He smiled at me.

"OK. Well actually, fuckin' hell yeah, baby; I'd love to. But I want you to be absolutely sure; and I want to do it where I can see your face. I wanna know how you're doin' as I go in."

"Sounds good. How do you wanna do it; me on my back with my legs up?"

"Ultimately yes; that's my favorite position. But let's start with you riding me; it gives you complete control over everything that way."

He got a big grin on his face. He was anxious to try this. I reached over and grabbed the shorts I'd pulled off and got the tube of lube out of the pocket. I held it up and he started giggling.

"You're like a fuckin' boy scout; always prepared."

"Not as much as I thought I was; this was actually intended for my ass."

"Looks like there's enough in there for both; get that fuckin' tube open and let's get on with this."

I grinned at him then took the cap off and squirted some onto my index finger. I was already at his crotch so I just had him pull his leg up more so I had easy access to his ass. I slid my finger around his hole a couple of times, then I put a little more lube on it and went back and pressed my finger at his hole; not trying to go in, but just applying some pressure. His asshole slammed shut, and then he grinned at me and relaxed. I wiggled my finger around his hole a little then pushed in again. I slipped in to the first knuckle. I stopped and wiggled my finger just a little; trying to get him used to having something in his ass. He exhaled and relaxed a little more. I slid my finger in to the second knuckle. His ass clamped onto my finger and I stopped.

"Just relax, baby; I know this feels weird. Just breathe and relax." He nodded his head, smiled and exhaled again. I felt his ass muscles relax and I pushed in the rest of the way. He grunted. "Breathe and relax, Sean. Just breathe, baby. I won't do anything more until you're ready.

"That feels fuckin' weird as fuck, dude. But when I relax a little it sorta feels kinda nice. I know you've had your finger in there before getting me to cum really hard, but this is different `cause I know where it's leading."

"I know, baby; just relax. It's more a mind game for you than a physical thing. Your ass is just like mine and Jake's; it can take much more than this. It's just your head gettin' in the way, baby."

"OK. OK, I can do this."

He smiled at me then exhaled again and relaxed his ass for me. I slid my finger in and out slowly a few times. He nodded at me and smiled. I slid it in and out several more times then started twisting it around side to side a little. He moaned. I slid it in and out some more, adding the wiggle to it with each stroke. He moaned again and looked at me and smiled. I smiled back while I was running my finger around inside of him. I then started doing Jake's bend and tug motion on him. He grunted and moaned.

"Damn, that felt kinda good."

"It's Jake's favorite move. I thought I'd try it out and see how you liked it; I love it when he does that."

"Yeah, it feels good.'

He smiled at me and exhaled again. I felt him relax a little more and just started wiggling my finger around inside him; adding twisting, bending and tugging motions. After a few minutes of this I thought I'd try a second finger. Instead of pulling out I grabbed the lube with my other hand and squirted some on my middle finger while I held my index finger in him. I set the lube down right under his ass and then slid my middle finger in him to join the other one while I was on an out-stroke. He moaned and grunted and then tightened up.  I looked up at him and smiled.

"Breathe and relax, you sexy fucker; this is gonna feel good, I promise."

He smiled and nodded at me. I began moving both fingers in deeper and then turned them back and forth while buried all the way. He grunted and moaned loudly. I smiled up at him then pulled my fingers back to the first knuckle then slid them in quickly. He grunted and clamped down on them. He exhaled a couple of times then relaxed his ass for me. I started moving my fingers in and out at a steady pace five or six times, then added some twisting and bending to it. He moaned and then smiled at me. I did a bend and tug, then went back to just sliding them in and out; adding speed and twisting each thrust. I did this for about two or three minutes. I grabbed the lube again and added some to my ring finger and had it waiting at his hole when I pulled the first two to the edge. I just added the third, sneaking it in when I was going back on the in-stroke. He moaned and grunted. He only clamped down now for a second or two at a time, then he'd relax and let me do my thing. I finger fucked him for about five more minutes, using my whole bag of tricks before I pulled my fingers out. I grabbed my shorts and wiped my fingers off on them then rolled onto my back.

I looked at him and smiled. "You ready for this?"

"Yeah, let's do it. Whadda want me to do?"

"Straddle me, but stay on your feet and just squat over me. Don't come down yet. I gotta get some lube goin' here."

He laughed and I got some lube on my fingers and rubbed it into my aching cock, then put a big glob on the head of my dick. I got my dick all greased up while he was getting in position. When he was squatting over me he looked down at me and stuck his tongue out at me.

"Nice, but I know where it's been." We both laughed. "That's it baby; just keep this whole thing relaxed and funny if necessary. Like I've told Jake numerous times, sex can be funny and fun; doesn't have to be so serious." I put some more lube on my index finger while I was talking and then rubbed it all around his hole. He just grinned down at me. "OK baby, whenever you're ready, Sean. Just squat over my cock until you feel it against your hole. I'll guide it there for you. I just want you to relax and breathe. Don't put weight on it until you're ready. Just go for it, baby."

He looked down at me and gave me a `duh' look then laughed. I smirked and then nodded to him. I grabbed my dick to aim it while he lowered himself down. I felt my cock make contact with his ass; it felt so warm and so fucking hot. I still couldn't believe this was happening. He stopped when he felt the head of my cock on his hole.

"Houston, we've made contact." He looked down at me and giggled.

I was chuckling. "Nice one, baby; I like it. OK, whenever you're ready; just exhale, relax and lower yourself down; it's all you now, sexy."

He nodded and then exhaled two or three times. I smiled at him and then I felt the pressure of his ass moving over the head of my cock.

"Oh fuck... God, Sean that feels so good, baby."

He added a little more weight as my cockhead stretched his hole. When he got to the ring he stopped. He looked at me. I mouthed `I love you'. He smiled and then exhaled a couple of times, relaxed as best he could and then added more weight. He slid right past the ring for about three inches and then stopped again.

"Fuck... I feel full. You're fuckin' big, baby. It's like takin' a really huge fuckin' dump."

I chuckled. "Kinda, yeah... Actually, keep that idea. I want you to push out a little like you are takin' a dump. Don't push like you're actually trying to shit on my dick, but just relax and push like it's a big ole turd you're tryin' to get outta there."

He started laughing, but in the process relaxed his ass muscles and suddenly he was all the way down. We both groaned. I was in awe. I couldn't believe this sexy ass straight Marine jock was sitting on my cock. It was amazing. And God, it was so nice and tight. I felt like my dick was in a nice, warm velvety vice.

"Oh my God... Fuck, baby, you feel so good. That's fuckin' incredible, Sean."

"Glad you like; it's my best ass." We both started laughing. "Ooooo. That feels kinda weird. Good weird. Laughing with cock in my ass; kinda makes it vibrate and it's rubbin' something good."

"You think its good; you should feel it from this end. Holy fuck..."

"You like my nice, tight ass, huh?"

"Oh fuck yeah. I've loved your ass since the first time I saw you; but this just makes me... Oh fuck, baby..."

He grinned down at me. "Glad to hear it. I guess now I'm supposed to move back up, huh?"

I laughed. "Well, that is kinda the general idea, but make yourself happy. This feels fucking incredible too."

He pulled his ass up the length of my aching dick, stopped, smiled at me then slowly went back down, balls-deep again. We both groaned, he grunted and pulled back up again to the edge and slid right back down again. I moaned out loudly and he smiled at me. He pulled himself back up and then back down again; he just started fucking himself on my cock, ten or eleven times, then on the last upstroke he stopped and looked at me.

"OK you fuckin' stud, I'm doin' all the work here. It's your turn."

I got a huge grin on my face and he laughed. I pulled my knees up, planting my feet flat on the floor, grabbed his hips and slowly slid my cock up into him. We both moaned again. I pulled back down then went right back up.

"Oh fuck me, that feels so good; I can't believe how good that feels on my cock."

"Well then do it faster, dammit; it's feelin' pretty fuckin' good from this end too."

I sure as hell didn't have to be told twice to fuck the ass I was currently buried in. I started fucking him faster, just setting up a nice, smooth rhythm. We both started moaning louder and louder as I fucked his incredibly hot ass. I wasn't slamming into him, just sliding my cock in and out of his tight ass. I didn't even really bottom out, I wanted it to feel nothing but pleasurable for him; nothing but the feel of my cock sliding through his ass; like a well-oiled piston. I fucked him like this for about five or six minutes then decided he was ready for round two. I pulled all the way out and looked up at him.

"Lay down on your side, baby."

"Which way?"

"I don't care at this point. Pick a side; both are good."

He laughed and got off me and then lay down on his side on the cushions. Perfect choice I thought. I got up and got behind him and lifted his leg up and set it on my shoulder as I moved in closer to him. He turned around and looked at me with a huge grin on his face.

"Fuck, baby, you have no idea how many times I've fucked a chick like this; it's fuckin' hot as hell."

"Let's hope you feel the same way about it from that point of view."

He turned a little pink and laughed. "You're cold sometimes, you know that? That wasn't nice." He laughed again.

"Eh, you'll like it just as much, I promise. I don't have your cock, but I'm not too bad with the one I have."

"Shut up and start fuckin'"

I pushed my cock back in his ass and buried it balls-deep and just held it there.

"Oh fuck...! Goddamn, boy, I feel like you just shoved a fire hose up my ass."

"So you have a thing for firemen now?"

He laughed again. "Fuck you, just start fuckin'"

I laughed again and pulled my cock back out to the head then right back in again. I just started fucking him the way I had been with him on top. Steady, smooth strokes. I looked down and watched my cock sliding in and out; still just totally amazed this was happening. He looked so fucking hot lying there with my dick sliding in his ass. While I was watching the action I pulled my cock all the way out then just slid it right back in again.

"Oh fuck me... What the fuck was that?"

"I pulled all the way out then just fucked right back in. You like?"

"Oh fuck... Yeah, I liked. I shouldn't but I did. Do it again."

I pulled out all the way, waited for two seconds then slid all the way in again. He moaned really loud and grunted. I did it again five more times and he was panting and moaning. Hell, we were both panting and moaning. I started fucking him steady and smooth for a couple of minutes, then increased the tempo. I grabbed tight to his leg and started fucking him fairly hard and fast.

"Oh fuck!! Goddamn that feels good. I can't believe I just said that, but fuck, Mikey, that feels good."

"It sure the fuck does, baby."

I kept up the semi-slamming fucking for another three or four minutes. I couldn't maintain this pace; I'd cum too soon. This was kind of a fantasy fuck for me and it wouldn't take a whole lot to get me over the edge. I slowed down and then stopped, buried in his ass. I looked at him. He was sweating and panting. Goddamn, he was so fucking hot.

"You ready for something new?"

"Hell yeah if it's as good as this. Whadda have in mind, you big dicked fucker?"

I laughed. "Wanna try it on your back and with your legs on my shoulders?"

"Oh fuck yeah. I like that one too. You can kiss from that one. Pull that fuckin' thing out and let's do it."

I wasn't really sure this is what Jake had in mind for us, but Sean was too much the straight boy jock to do the sweet, loving, make love by candlelight gig. We were just fucking; having good old fashioned hot sweaty man-sex. It was great with me; I loved every minute of it.

 I pulled out. "Get on your fucking back, boy! That ass is mine!"

He just rolled sideways on the cushions, arranging himself in the middle, then threw his legs up and pulled them down to his chest, that incredible ass pointing up in the air.

He looked up at me. "Stick that fucking cock back in there!" I kneeled over his ass, positioning my cock right at his hole and just drove straight in. He grunted and yelled out. "Oh fucking hell!! Fuck yeah!"

I lowered my body down, pushing his ass down a little with my weight so he was perfectly lined up and just went to town on his ass. I just started fucking him hard. Not really all that fast, but he grunted and moaned with each thrust as I bottomed out in him. I fucked him this way for another six or seven minutes, leaning down occasionally to get a sloppy kiss, then I'd pull my head back up and concentrate on just fucking. Every once in a while I'd pull all the way out and then just shove myself right back into him.

"Oh fucking hell! Fuck my ass, Mikey. Fuck my fuckin' ass! God that feels good. Yeah, just like that. Slam that fuckin' big cock in my ass, boy."

I just kept fucking him like this as long as I could hold on. I was so into this zone; I had no idea of my surroundings. There could've been a thousand people in that room and I wouldn't have noticed them. I was barely hearing him moaning and swearing. All I could think about was that I was actually fucking his ass and we both loved the hell out of it. After about five more minutes I needed to stop or slow down or I was going bust in him.

I just stopped suddenly and pulled my dick out of him. "Get on your hands and knees, boy; I want that ass sticking out ready for my cock. Do it now!"

He dropped his legs, rolled over onto his hands and knees then worked his way back over to the cushions. He then lowered himself down onto his arms, arched his back and stuck his sweet ass in the air. I kneeled behind him, slapped some more lube on his hole and slid my cock back home. I grabbed his hips and just started fucking him; sometimes hard and fast, other times slow and easy, changing the rhythm every eight or nine strokes. He was still moaning, panting and swearing. I pulled out once and slapped his left ass cheek kind of hard then slid my cock back in. He yelped and grunted and moaned louder. I fucked him another seven or eight thrusts and did it again with the right cheek. He grunted and moaned. I slapped each cheek one more time and then continued fucking him hard. I was starting to get close, I knew this wasn't going to last too much longer.

"You want my fucking load, boy?"

"Oh fuck yeah! Give me that fucking load!"

"You want it in your ass or on your chest?"

"I want both; I'm a greedy motherfucker." I heard him but wasn't really sure how I'd pull that one off from this angle. I figured it out. I pulled out of him.

"On your back again, boy! Now!"

He rolled over onto the floor and pulled his legs up. I moved over to where he was and slid my cock back in his ass and started fucking again. I fucked him for about three more minutes and I was at the very edge. I had decided the first volleys, the best ones were going to go on his chest; the rest could go inside. I pulled my cock out and started milking it with my fingers. He kept his legs up and just watched me.

"Fuck yeah, baby, milk that fuckin' cock. I want that goddamn load. Give me that fuckin' load, boy!"

I felt my orgasm begin and I started really lightly stroking the head of my cock. I grunted, feeling it come. "Fuck me...! Here it is! Take it, boy!"

The first volley shot out of my cock and landed just below his neck, followed quickly by the second, landing on his chest. I pulled my hips back and quickly shoved my cock back in his ass and finished off inside of him, slowing moving my cock in and out of his ass. I wished he'd milk my cock for me, but he didn't know about that yet from the bottom position.

"Flex your fuckin ass, baby, please!" He started flexing his ass muscles and that did it. "Oh fuck yeah... Fuck yeah, baby. Milk my fuckin' dick, boy!"

I could feel his ass muscles wrapping my cock up and I just drained every drop I could produce into his hot bowels. I finally had to quit moving; my whole body was just on overload, my cock sensitive as all hell.

"Oh God, baby, you can stop now. Please stop. My dick is gonna fall off."

He giggled and stopped flexing his ass. I just kneeled there, my cock still dripping in his ass, panting like a steam engine. I opened my eyes and looked down at him. What a fucking sexy ass fucking sight. He was laying there, my load on his neck and chest, sweat covering his body, his cock rock hard, and a look of pure lust and satisfaction on his face. I lowered his legs down on either side of me and just looked at him.

"Oh fucking hell, Sean. You look so incredibly fucking sexy right now. Fuck me... Goddamn, boy, that was fucking amazing; you're fucking amazing." I was still panting but managed to smile at him.

"You're pretty fuckin' amazing your damn self. That was so much more, so much better than I could've ever believed it could be. Goddamn, boy, you fuck like a locomotive."

I laughed and still just kneeled there looking at him. I couldn't believe just how incredibly sexy he looked right now. He was always very sexy to me, but now, just...

"I was so into it; so into you, I really had no idea what the fuck I was even doing most of the time. I just knew I had to be the best I'd ever been. I wanted you to like this. I needed it to be good for you."

"Oh fuck, man; it was good. I fuckin' loved it! I still can't believe I love it, but I sure the fuck did, baby. I love you, baby, and I want you to do that again; whenever you want. I'm yours, Mikey."

I couldn't think of anything to say. I just tried to give him the best smile I could and nodded.

He smiled back at me and nodded.

I looked down at his still hard eight inch cock and I knew I wanted it. I wanted it now. I reached over and grabbed the lube and squeezed some out on my finger and washed my hole with it, sticking my finger in a little ways. Then I squeezed some more out and grabbed his cock and lubed him up as best I could with what I had on my finger. I lifted my knee over his legs then kind of waddled up over him, straddling him, then lined his cock up with my ass and just slowly sat down on it.

"Ohhhhhh fuck! Oh God, that feels good. But fuck, boy, you're fuckin' huge!" I pulled myself back up about four inches and then sat back down again. Talk about feeling full.

"Oh damn, baby, you feel so good; so fuckin' tight. Ride my big cock, baby."

I pulled back up again then sat back down, going balls-deep and just held him in me for a few moments; trying to let my ass adjust to the invasion. I looked down at him and grinned.

"Feelin' good... Damn, you said you felt full; you should try your own cock out some time. I feel like I just sat on a fucking fire hydrant."

He started laughing. I looked down at him and just gave him a lewd smile. I pulled back up again, going all the way to the head then flexed my ass muscles just a little and then sat back down again, his cock sliding up into me like a missile. We both grunted. I pulled my feet in a little closer so I could just squat over his cock and fuck myself on it. I just started riding his big dick, up and down, squeezing his cock with my ass when I'd bottom out, then pull right back up again. We both started moaning, his hands on my legs, his cock fucking my ass and the sound of skin meeting skin over and over again. I fucked myself on his cock for about five minutes, but I wanted more; I wanted him in control and I wanted it hard and deep. I pulled myself off his cock and stood up; my legs a little wobbly. I looked down at him with nothing but lust on my face.

"Stand up, baby; I want you to fuck me good."

He stood up and I reached down and grabbed one of the cushions and threw it on the couch right in the middle. I sat down with my ass on the edge of the cushion and laid back, pulling my legs up and then grabbing my ankles to hold. He got a huge grin on his face, got down on his knees in front of me and lined up his cock with my waiting hole. He set the head of his leaking cock right at my hole and just pushed in all the way, bottoming out and then holding himself inside, making his cock jump in me.

"Oh, fuck me... Damn, boy that feels so fuckin' good. Oh God... Mmmm yeah, baby, flex that big fuckin' cock in me."

I was still looking at him with pure lust on my face. He flexed his cock again then pulled out to the head and shoved in again. We both grunted and groaned. He pulled himself back out again, only this time all the way out, then he lined up his cock and shoved it right back in my ass, pushing my body up higher on the couch. I grunted loudly and told him to do it again. He pulled all the way out and then just lined up and power dived into my ass. We both groaned hard, but there wasn't time for more, he pulled back out again and did it again. Then he pulled himself out, brought his right hand up and slapped the bottom of my ass hard. He slapped me again twice, and then drove his throbbing cock back into me.

"Oh fuck yes, boy, slap my fuckin' ass. Fuck me with that big fuckin' cock! It feels so good. My ass is yours, baby, do it! Do whatever you want; just fuck me!"

"Of fuck yeah, baby. I'm gonna fuck that fuckin' tight ass."

He grabbed my hips in his hands and just started power fucking my ass; slamming home with every stroke and then pulling all the way out to the head of his cock and then slamming home again. We were both grunting and panting hard. He fucked me hard and fast for about nine or ten minutes. I didn't know how he could keep from busting for that long but he did. He had sweat rolling off his sexy body and I just watched him fucking me; looking right at his eyes, then down at his crotch slamming into me. We were both kind of far away in our own zones, but the sounds of his flesh slapping into mine and our breathing was still audible to me. I needed to cum again so I grabbed my cock and started beating it. He looked down at me and smiled, then grabbed my arm and pulled it away. I just looked at him like `what the fuck' and he grinned and shook his head `no'.

He fucked me hard for about five more minutes, and then he slowed down, slapped my ass again, then grabbed my cock and started pumping it. He set up a nice, slow, smooth rhythm with both his fucking and jacking my dick. I was moaning and panting and loving every touch and feeling and emotion that was taking place in my body. I felt the first signs of my impending orgasm and started thrusting my cock faster through his fist. He started jacking my cock faster, but managed to keep the same slow pace fucking his cock into my ass. I couldn't hold it any longer; I felt the load shooting up the length of my cock then just explode out onto my chest.

"Oh, Fuck Me... Stroke my fucking cock; yeah, stroke it; make me cum, baby."

"Yeah boy, do it! Cum on your fucking chest, baby! Let me see that fucking load, boy!"

I just kept pumping cum on my body, panting and moaning. I think I let loose with about five loads of hot milky jizz, my ass muscles tightening hard on his cock as I did. That sent him over and he pulled out, stood tall on his knees, grabbed his cock in his left hand and started stroking and just busted his nut all over me. I saw the first volley fly out of his throbbing cock and head right for my face. I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue out. It landed just below my bottom lip, but I still got a good taste of it on my tongue. I felt the rest of it on my chin, sliding down my throat to my neck. The next one shot out and landed right on my neck, joining with the first one to slide down. The next one flew out and landed on my chest with a small splat. I just looked at it and watched it spread out a little. I missed the next one while I was checking it out, but I felt it land on my stomach, just above my belly button. I looked down and checked it out. It felt so warm and good on my skin. The next couple just oozed out of his cock and landed on my own cock and balls. It felt so good to have his load all over my body; mixing with my own load. He squeezed his cock hard one last time, let it drop and just looked up at me with a look of lust on his face.

"Fuck!!! That was a good fuckin' nut! Oh fuck, baby, you look so hot with our fuckin' cum all over you!"

He was panting a little and just looking at the jizz covering my body. I was still checking out the loads of cum that were all over my body, then looked up at him and smiled. He pulled himself up and then swung his ass around to sit on the couch next to me. Then he leaned his head down and stuck his tongue out and licked up the cum that was running down my chin. He held the white fluid on his tongue then fed it to me. I sucked it greedily off his tongue and moaned. I loved the taste of Sean's cum; it was always so sweet. It always made me think he ate nothing but sugar, but he really didn't. He pulled off my mouth and then swept up another load off my neck and brought it back to feed me. I reached up with my left hand and pulled his head down, locking his mouth onto mine and just sucked the cum off his tongue and out of his mouth. We sucked on each other's tongues for about a minute then I let go of his head and he pulled back and looked at me, smiling.

"Damn baby, that was hot. You taste so good; you have such sweet fuckin' cum; I can't get enough of it."

He grinned. "I'm just a naturally sweet guy, baby."

"Yeah you are; one of the sweetest. Fuck, baby, that was good. You were like a fucking machine. I loved it!"

"Anytime, you sexy fucker. I love your fuckin' ass, baby; it always feels so warm and tight; my cock just feels right at home." He grinned at me again.

"Mmmm, he is at home."

Sean smiled at me then got up off the couch, looking down at me. He held his hand out to me and I took it. He pulled me up off the couch, kissed me, then pulling my hand led me to our bedroom. He steered me into the bathroom, let go of my hand and turned on the shower. When he got it adjusted how he wanted it, he took my hand again and pulled me into the shower with him. He stood behind me, and using his hands, rubbed all the cum around on my body, rubbing a good bit of it on my nipples then down my treasure trail to my cock, then all over my balls and back up to my neck. After he had the cum spread all over my body, he kissed the back of my neck then pushed me closer to the water with his hips, using his soft cock to help him out. He rinsed all the cum off of me, running his hands all over my body to make sure he got it all. When he was happy with the cum rinse he turned me around in his arms and reached up behind my head and pulled me in for a kiss. It was a fucking incredible kiss too; he just ran his lips all over my mouth, swirling his tongue around and then into my mouth then all around again. We made out for about two or three minutes, just melting into and tasting each other. He kept a grip on the back of my head with his right hand and rubbed my back and ass with his left; grabbing and then pinching my ass with his strong fingers. My hands were roaming all over his back, grabbing and kneading his ass, then running up his back, massaging his shoulders then back down to his incredibly hot ass.

When we finally broke the kiss he just looked into my eyes and a small smile curved the corners of his mouth. "I love you. I love you more than I ever thought possible."

I smiled back at him. "I love you too, Sean; as much as I know how."

We smiled at each other again, then kissed again for just a moment, and began to wash each other. We spent about twenty minutes in the shower, just touching each other and washing each other's body. When we got out of the shower and dried off, he took my hand again and led me to our bed. He pulled me into his arms and kissed me deeply, then broke the kiss and nodded to the bed. I climbed into bed and he climbed in after me. We just lay next to each other on our sides, looking at each other and slowly running our fingers around each other's bodies. I was staring very deeply into Sean's eyes and just started to become overwhelmed with feeling and emotion. I stared hard into his eyes, starting to feel nothing but love and lust. My dick started getting hard and I just continued running my hands over his body. I pulled him into me, our cocks touching each other; still just staring into his eyes. I felt like I could see his soul; I had such incredible feelings spread throughout my body.

I was still just looking into his eyes, not kissing, not anything, just looking into his eyes. I could feel his cock was as hard as mine. We started rubbing our cocks against each other, both of us panting a little and just staring hard into each other. I reached my arm around his waist and pulled him hard into me; still just rubbing our cocks together. My face was only an inch from his, but we still didn't kiss; we just breathed in each other's breath and rubbed our cocks together; the passion and emotion overtaking us. Our breathing was continuing to increase with our rubbing cocks, our eyes still locked on each other's. I'd never felt such strong emotions before; just looking at this beautiful man, merely an inch from my face. We stayed like this for about six or seven minutes, just being, just feeling the other. Our breathing was ragged and we were panting. I started whimpering and still just stared hard into his eyes, my lips against his, but still not kissing. I felt myself going over the edge; I couldn't believe I was actually cumming again, after just having shot two great loads. He was panting and moaning, his hand on the back of my head, just feeling my hair and my head, panting and moaning, then I felt another warm sensation on my balls and I knew he'd just had another orgasm.

We were breathing hard into each other's mouth, still not kissing, just staring at each other. I was still whimpering and then my body started shaking a little and would twitch.  I did this several times, still just looking into his eyes. I just could not drink enough of him into me to satisfy myself. My body twitched a few more times, I was still whimpering a little and just held him tight against me. I'd never experienced anything like this before in my life; it was just so fucking intense I thought I'd have a damn heart attack.

I was finally starting to regain some control, but I still couldn't let him go; couldn't let him move. I just held his waist, pulling him against me, still staring into his beautiful blue eyes, feeling myself getting more and more lost in them. I still whimpered from time to time and started feeling really overwhelmed with emotion. I couldn't bear the thought of this man ever pulling away from me. My lips were still touching his but we still didn't kiss. I was starting to get a little scared, I'd never felt such strong emotions before, such need, such fear that someone would leave me. I needed him more than I'd ever needed anything in my life. I was starting to freak a little and pulled back from him a few inches. I finally broke contact with his eyes and looked down.

"Oh my God... Oh God..." I heard my voice break. "Oh God... Sean... Oh God, baby..." I was panting and trying to get some control back; I couldn't. I was just overwhelmed. "Please, Sean, please... Promise me, baby, promise me you'll never leave me; please, baby, promise me. I couldn't live if you ever left..." My voice was breaking again.

Sean was touching my face with his right hand, his left still behind my head. "Look at me, Michael. Look at me! I promise. I promise I'll never leave you, baby. I love you. I'm not going anywhere... I'll never leave, Michael."

I looked at him for a moment and then lowered my head again. I felt ashamed that I was feeling so needy, so scared of him leaving. "I'm sorry... I'm so sorry, baby. I sorry I'm being so needy; I can't help it though. I'm sorry..."

"Oh baby, no... Don't you dare say you're sorry; don't! I love you and I'm not going anywhere." He pulled my chin up with his finger and kissed me softly. "I love you."

He kissed me again, then ran his hand down to my waist and pulled me against him. I felt so safe in that moment; I couldn't explain it even to myself. I stayed pressed against him, my face next to his; just feeling his skin on mine. We stayed like that for about ten minutes.

My mouth was incredibly dry; I'd been breathing and panting through my mouth, and I felt like it was getting hard to swallow. I pulled my head back and looked at him.

"I gotta get something to drink, baby; my mouth is so dry. I gotta get something to drink."

"You want me to go get you some water?"

"No... that's ok. I'll go get it. I just need fluid, baby. I'll be right back. I promise. Do you want anything?" I sat up in bed and with my right leg pulled in, sitting in the middle of the bed looking down at him; still feeling so overcome; I just couldn't stop looking at him.

"No baby. I'm fine. Go get something to drink. I'll be right here."

"You're sure you don't want anything; I'll bring it to you?" I just couldn't pull myself together. My voice broke again. "I'll do anything for you."

He smiled at me. "No baby, I'm fine. You go get something to drink. I'll wait right here for you."  

I just nodded my head and got up and went to the kitchen. I still hadn't paid any attention to the sticky mess that was covering my crotch. I grabbed a Gatorade out of the fridge and just downed half of it. I felt like my body had dried up. I screwed the cap back on the bottle then burped. I could hear Sean chuckling in the bedroom. I smiled. That was my man in there. I took the bottle with me and went back to our bedroom.

He looked up at me and smiled big. "All better now?"

I blushed and grinned. "Yeah. I needed that; both the fluid and the burp." He laughed. "I brought the rest back for you, Sean. If you need it, it's here, baby."

"Thank you, Michael. Come back here; I want you close to me." I set the bottle down on the nightstand and crawled back into bed with him. I was back on my side, both us within inches of each other, our hands on each other's sides. Sean looked down at our crotches, smiled then looked back at my face. "You think we should clean ourselves up: might get kinda sticky by morning?"

I looked kind of confused for a second then realized what he was talking about. "Oh! I guess we should. I'll go get a warm washcloth. Stay right here."

I rolled over and got back out of bed. I got the washcloth and cleaned him all up, then went back in the bathroom, rinsed it out and cleaned myself up. I left the cloth on the sink and went back to bed. I got back in our original position. I was still feeling a little out of sorts; I just couldn't shake it for some reason.

Sean was watching me; a little concern showing on his face. "Has that ever happened to you before, baby?"

I shook my head no and responded. "Not like that; never. I did frottage once with a guy when I was about 22 or 23, and we both came, but I never experienced the same overwhelming emotion. It was just getting off. And we'd been making out the entire time. No Sean, I've never had anything even close to that happen to me."

"Are you OK?"

"I'm fine, baby. I'm fine. I'm just still trying to get a grip on myself. I've never been so overwhelmed and overtaken with emotion before. It's kinda scary."

"You're tellin' me. I thought we were going to just implode into each other. I've never felt such strong love, and yet total lust at the same time. It was incredible. Are you sure you're going to be OK? I'm worried about you, baby."

I smiled at him. He has such a big heart; I just couldn't get over how strongly I felt about him right now. "I'm going to be OK, baby. I will. I just need to relax and maybe get some sleep. I feel drained and exhausted."

He nodded to me and smiled again. "OK, my love. Just close your eyes and relax. I'm right here. I'll never let anything bad happen to you. I'm here and I'm not going anywhere. Just close your eyes and go to sleep. I love you. I love you, Michael. Get some sleep, baby."

I just nodded and closed my eyes. "I love you, Sean. Goodnight... I love you."

I just let myself relax, feeling him touching me and looking at me; knowing I was safe and loved. He reached up and turned off the reading light over our heads and then pulled me into him and just held me while I fell asleep.

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