Chapter 17: Red Headed Step-Child

Neither of us really understood why, but Sean and I had practically become inseparable since Christmas Eve. Jake seemed to have the understanding but he wasn't quite ready to let us in on it. He seemed happier than ever about our newfound togetherness and was always telling us how great it was.

Life went on pretty much as normal until the last week of February. It was Monday, February 20 at 0915 that I was bent over getting two pie crusts out of the oven and heard my cell phone ringing. I set the two pie tins on the counter and picked up my phone; it was Sean's number on the Caller ID.

"Hey baby! What's shakin', bacon?"

"Hey sexy man. We have a problem."

"Uh oh. I don't like the sound of that. What's going on?"

"Don't panic, but we're bein' sent out on an exercise in an hour. We're gonna be out of the country for six days."

"What!? Where the hell are you going?"

"You panicked, baby. I can't tell you where were going, all I can tell you is we won't be back until Sunday night. Jake, me and Kevin are all going; well along with about a hundred other guys."

"Oh man... Fuck... OK baby, I have two questions. Are you guys going to be in danger, and do I get to see you before you leave; can I drive up there and see you guys?"

"No, baby, we won't be in any danger. And yes, you can come see us; actually we need you to bring us a few things if you wouldn't mind."

"Oh God, of course, Sean; anything; you know that. What do you guys need?"

"Get a pen and paper, Mikey."

I sprinted to my office and sat down at my desk and pulled a pen out of the drawer.

"I'm ready."

"Jake and I both need about three or four changes of clothes; everything from uniforms to socks. We also need basically everything we take on our weekend missions; like the nylon ropes, backpacks, med kits, etc.; that kinda shit. Also, I guess winter gear might be a good idea too; coats, thermals, shit like that. Just pack everything up in our duffle bags. We'll be in Jake's office. Just tell Derrick at the gate what's up; he'll let you in."

"OK, I'll get it all packed and thrown in the car. What about Kevin; does Gretchen know he's leaving, and is she bringing him his stuff?"

"He can't get a hold of her on the phone. He's sent a couple of texts but still hasn't heard anything. She said she was gonna be in meetings all day, so that's probably what's going on. I don't know what he's gonna do about his stuff."

"Is he there with you?"

"Yeah, he and Jake are right here; I'm in their office."

"Put him on the phone, please, baby."

"Hold on a sec. Oh, and thank you for doing this. I love you."

"Oh man... I love you. You know I'll do anything for you."

"I know, baby; the same goes for us. Here's Kev."

About ten seconds later Kevin was on the phone.


"Hey Kevin. Still no word from Gretchen?"

"No. I don't know how to get in touch with her other than by cell.  I tried her office, but they won't put me through to her."

"Does anyone else have a key to your apartment that's near the apartment? I will gladly go by and get your things for you if I can get in the door. I don't know if I'd have time to come to the base and get your key, get your stuff and make it back before you leave."

"The building manager has a key. He lives on the first floor, just as you walk in the main door, on the right; but I can't ask you to do that, Mike."

"You didn't ask me to; I volunteered. Call the building manager and tell him I'll be there within about fifteen to twenty minutes. Just give him my name and tell him what I'm doing.  Does he speak English, so you can talk to him?"

"I don't know; Gretchen always deals with him."

"That could be the reason why. Do you have his number on your cell?"


"Do you know how to do a conference call, or three-way call, I guess you guys call it?"


"Grab your phone and get his number. Get him on this phone we're talking on and bring me in on the call; I'll translate for you."

"OK, hold on a sec."

While he was doing that I started getting the guy's things together and shoved in their duffle bags. He did get the call set-up and we got everything taken care of in less than five minutes, with me translating for him. There was a good reason Gretchen always dealt with him; he didn't speak a word of English, short of `Hi'.  I was back on the phone with just Kevin and still packing my guy's things.

"Where do you keep your gear, Kevin?"

"All of my shit is in the little bedroom; Gretchen took over the closets in the rest of the apartment."

"You want everything I'm bringing for Jake and Sean?"

"That'll work."

"I'm on it. I should be at the base shortly; I'm just about done packing here.  Anything else you need?"

"No, Mike. I really, really appreciate this; you're a life safer."

"Please. You know you're family, right? I would do most anything for you, Kevin."

"Oh man... Thanks, Mike; that means a hell of a lot to me."

"You're welcome.  Let's get off the phone so I can finish getting this stuff packed. I will see you guys as soon as possible. Tell Jake and Sean that I love them and I will be there as soon as I can."

"OK, Mike; see you soon. Later."

"Bye, Kevin."

I finished packing my guy's stuff, threw it all in the car and hauled ass over to Kevin's apartment. Once the manager let me in I spent about ten minutes getting Kevin's stuff packed up and hauled out to the car. I'm sure I broke more than a few speed limits getting all of this done and out to the base; I arrived at the gate at 0947. I was glad I had been introduced to Derrick before, we sort of knew each other, and he passed me through with just a cursory inspection. I was pulling up in front of the building where Jake and Kevin's office is at 0950. I'd only been in Jake's office twice before, but I remembered how to get to it.  I left everything in the car and headed inside, running into Major Benton in the hall.


"Mike. I assume you're here bringing gear."

I chuckled. "A lot of it; I have Kevin's as well."

He looked at his watch. "You should be glad I'm not a cop, I'd give you a few speeding tickets; they just found out about this at 0910."

I laughed. "I was on the phone with them at 0915, so yeah, I guess I might, just maybe, kind of, sort of broke a speed limit or two."

He laughed. "You rekon? They did tell you they'd be gone for six days, right?"

"Yes, and Sean also said he couldn't tell me where they were going. I assume it's either classified or they just don't know."

"They don't know. If you give me your word not to tell them, I'll let you in on the secret."

"Sure, you got it."

"Vizinga, Russia. We're doing a cooperative training exercise with the Russians. It's something new they wanted to try out. I don't really hold out much hope for it, especially considering the language barriers, but I'm not the one who gets to decide."

"So are the Russians our allies again?"

"Beats the hell outta me."

"I guess it's better than Afghanistan; at least they won't be using live rounds, I hope."

He grins. "No, Mike, no live rounds; they won't be getting shot at; don't worry about them."

"I'll try not to. I assume once they're airborne you'll give them the head's up on where they're going?"

"Eh, they'll know before we're wheel's up; it's just easier if they don't know when they call home to tell their loved one's they're leaving. It's not exactly a state secret; it's just the way we like to do it."

I grin. "I guess I can understand that. I guess that also explains the relatively short notice."

He laughs. "Yeah, that too." He looks at his watch again. "You've got about twenty minutes to spend with them before they have to be out the door; I'll let you get in there. Have a good one, Mike."

"Thanks, Major; you too. Try not to drink too much vodka while you're there." I smile at him.

"It's the only thing worth goin' for."

He grins at me and shakes my hand, then turns and walks down the adjoining corridor. I continue on to Jake's office, stopping when I get to the closed door. I peak through the glass to see if any officers or people I don't know are in there. Nope. I knock once on the door and open it, walking in. Jake is sitting at his desk and looks up when I walk in.



I smile at him and he jumps up and runs around the desk and throws himself on me.

"Oh baby, I'm so glad I get to see you and hold you before we leave!"

"Me too, baby, me too. Oh, you feel so good... I don't want to let you go."

"I know; me too..."

We stand there holding each other for about a minute before either of us is willing to release some of the tension of the hug. I see Kevin sitting at his desk, smiling, and I wink at him, watching him blush a little in return.

"Where's Sean; I thought he was in here with you guys?"

"He's in the head; he should be back soon, unless he's in there killing it."

I laugh.

"I didn't kill it; I was just takin' a piss.  Move over, boy; I need him too."

Sean is coming through the door and walks behind Jake, standing there looking at me and grinning. I'm still holding Jake in my arms.

"Hi, sexy man; everything come out OK in the bathroom?"

He laughs. "Only had to flush twice this time; must not be drinkin' enough water."

"How many times did you shake it off?"

He laughs again. "Only six."

We all laugh. "For you, that's pretty good. It must be because you're here and not at home."

"Pretty much. Move over, boy, I want to hold him too."

Jake reluctantly releases the hug, kisses me and then stands to the side.

"You get two minutes and then I get him back."

Sean smiles at both of us and then pulls me into a bone crushing bear hug.

"Oh man, you feel so good, baby. I'm sure glad you got to come here before we left; I woulda been really fucked up if I didn't get to say goodbye and hold you first."

"Oh Sean, me too; it would've wiped me out. I love you, baby."

"I love you too, Michael."

Sean decides to takes his allotted two minutes just holding me. I didn't have a single problem with that plan; I was holding him just as tight. This would be the longest time the three of us had been separated from each other since we'd met, and I was not looking forward to it. Sean and I finally separated and just stood there looking at each other, with our hands on each other's hips. I leaned forward and kissed him, sliding my tongue in for just a few seconds; not caring one bit that I was doing this on a military base. I pulled back from the kiss and winked at him; he smiled. Jake hip butted Sean over.

"Hey, I want one of those."

"Anytime, baby."

I pulled Jake into me and kissed him, our tongues wrestling with each other for about ten or fifteen seconds. I pulled back from the kiss and smiled at him.

"I'm gonna miss you. I don't know what I'm gonna do with you gone for six whole days."

"I know, Michael; me too. This will be the first time we've been apart this long. I love you; don't ever forget that.

I smiled. "I never do, Jacob." I reach up and touch his cheek for a moment. "I love you."

"Don't I know it." He smiles.

I look over at Kevin, who's sitting at his desk, grinning. He's gotten more used to seeing guys being intimate with each other, though still blushes from time to time.

"Have you heard from Gretchen yet?"

"Finally. I got a simple, one line text from her telling me to be safe and she'll see me when I get back."

"I'm sorry you don't get to see her before you go. I guess she's just busy at work. Think of it this way, the welcome home could be kind of hot; she'll have gone a whole week without you." I grin at him.

He rolled his eyes. "It would be a nice change."

That wasn't really the reaction I was expecting from him. "Are you all right, Kevin? Are you and Gretchen having problems?"

He sighs. "I don't know... It seems like all we do is argue. And the once or twice a week we actually have sex, it's like she's just doing it to get me to shut up about it."

"Have you asked her what's wrong?"

"I ask her all the time; she tells me nothing's wrong. She just says work is stressing her out and she's tired. Cranky bitch would be a better description... She snaps at me for everything."

"I'm sorry to hear that. Would you like me to have a chat with her, see if maybe she'll tell me what's going on? I don't want you to feel like I'm getting in your business, but I'm worried about you and want to do something to help."

"Thanks, Mike; I appreciate the concern. You're welcome to talk to her if you want. Maybe she'll tell you what's wrong; she sure the fuck ain't tellin' me."

"I'll see if she'd like to have lunch some day this week; maybe she'll spill her guts." I grin at him and he returns it.

"Just remember to duck." We all laugh.

"Will do. I think I found all of your gear; I hope I didn't miss anything. I managed to find everything I brought for these two, except a nylon rope; didn't see one anywhere in your apartment."

"It's here in the office; sorry I didn't tell you. Thank you, Mike; I really, really appreciate you doing that for me."

"You're more than welcome. Like I said, you're family; don't worry about it. Just because you're my red headed step child, don't think you're not loved and appreciated."

He laughs. "Thanks Mike."

"Not to mention the fact I got to go through and sniff your underwear." The room busted up, laughing; Kevin turned bright red.

"Oh man... That's not nice."

I grinned at him. "Eh, don't sweat it. I only sniffed the dirty ones; the other's just smelled like fabric softener; where's the fun in that?"

My two guys laughed harder and Kevin turned a brighter shade of red.

"You have a cruel streak in you; you know that?"

I laugh. "I've been told, yes. I'm sorry, Kev; I shouldn't embarrass you like that; it really isn't a very nice thing to do. I apologize."

"Don't worry about it; I shouldn't be so easy to embarrass. Hey, tell ya what; you wanna sniff the one's I'm wearin' now?" He grins at me.

"Take `em off, big boy. Or hell, just come here, I'll sniff `em through your pants." I grin at him.

"No, that's OK; thanks for the offer."

"Hey, you're the one that asked if I'd like to sniff `em; don't get chicken now."

He laughs. "Yeah, it'd be that time that Major Benton chose to walk in here; I'll pass."

"So what kinda underwear does he have the most of, Mike?"

"You'd be proud of him, Sean; he wears tighty whitey's, just like you."

Sean turns to Kevin, grinning. "Good man. I knew you wanted to grow up and be just like me."

"Blow me, blondie; I just happen to like the support."

"Pull it out, big boy." Kevin blushes again.

Jake turns to Kevin. "When are you gonna learn not to say that around us?"

"Maybe one of these days I'll learn to stop."

Sean grins at him. "Face it, dude; you just really, really want a world-class blow job; you're just too afraid to admit it."

"I'd love a world-class blow job; just not from a guy."

Sean shakes his head, grinning. "It's the only way you're gonna get world-class, dude. Women are good, but they just don't have the cocksucker mentality to back `em up."

We all laugh. Kevin finally get's one in.

"So you're saying cocksuckers are mental?"

Sean actually blushes a little. "Hell yeah! To be a world class cocksucker you have to have a love of cock and know what feels good; to do that you have to have one of your own. And being a little mental helps you get more into it; helps you make sweet love to something that doesn't belong in your mouth."

I just look at Sean. "Hey, I don't consider myself mental. And it does belong in my mouth; that's only one of three places it should ever be."

They all laugh again. Sean turns to me, grinning. "No offense, baby, but I've seen and felt you in action; you get a little mental about it sometimes."

I grin at him. "Maybe..."

Slow Kevin has to ask. "What are you talking about; what three places?"

 I grin at him while the other two laugh. "Mouth, ass or hands; nothing else is allowed."

He turns bright red again. "Fuck... I just had to open my mouth again. I disagree though; pussy is number one. Mouth and hands are good, too. Ain't never had ass, so can't speak on that one."

Sean jumps in. "Oh dude! You gotta try some ass; it's fuckin' awesome! Just tell Gretchen you weren't aimin' right and it slipped in." We all laugh again.

"Yeah, blondie, picture her reaction to that one. Just how dumb do you think I am? I like my balls a lot and I don't feel like having them cut off."

"Pussy. Just ask her if you can try some ass; she might surprise ya."

Kevin grins. "She'd just tell me to use yours."

Sean turns around and slaps his ass, pointing it at Kevin. "If you think you're man enough; have at it."

Kevin turns red again. I laugh. Jake laughs and looks at Kevin; shaking his head. "I thought you said you were gonna learn to shut up?"

"I'm a slow learner; leave me alone!"

Sean slaps his own ass again and turns back around. "Pussy. I offer you this fine ass and all you do is get embarrassed. Damn, boy, twenty-three years old, a Marine, and still a fuckin' pussy." He grins at Kevin.

"Fuck you, blondie."

"I was just gonna let ya, dumbass, but you ain't man enough for it." He grins at Kevin.

"I'm more than man enough. I just don't want any stinky, blondie Marine ass."

"Blow me, red. You'd be damn lucky and honored to have this Marine's ass."

Before Kevin has a chance to fire a return salvo the P.A. comes to life, announcing a five-minute warning to report to the quad. I look at my watch, noticing they've cut our time down by about twelve minutes, the dirt bags. Damn... I turn to look at Sean and Jake; my eyes starting to get a little wet. This is goodbye for a whole week. I walk over and pull Jake into my arms, holding him like he does me when he's had a melt-down.

"I love you, Jacob. Be very safe while you're gone. I'll worry about you guys all week. And Kevin may not get a great welcome home from Gretchen, but you can bet your hot little ass you two will. I love you, baby."

He giggles. "I love you, too. We'll be safe; I promise. I'm so gonna miss you, baby."

We hug for another thirty seconds and I turn to Sean, trying to smile for him. He pulls me into another bone crushing bear hug.

"I'm really gonna miss you, stud. This is worse than any Saturday morning training; I'm not gonna get to hold ya for a whole week. Fuck... I love you so much, Michael; I love you more than anything, baby."

"I love you too, Sean; with everything in me. I'm gonna miss you; I'm gonna miss both of you so much. Be very safe and take care of each other, please. And don't say I told ya, but go kick some Ruskie ass, baby. I love you, Sean."

He pulls back from the hug, grinning. "You know where we're going?"

I smile at him. "Yep. You'll have fun; just stay away from the vodka and the horny Russian soldiers."

He smirks and grins. "I don't like vodka and there ain't no Russian grunt can hold a candle to you. How do you know?"

"I ran into a certain Major in the hall; he told me in confidence, but said you'd find out before wheel's up, anyway. Be glad you had me bring winter gear, though."

"No kidding; it's gonna be fuckin' cold there. I wish you'd be there to keep me warm. Jake may be a little loose when we get back." He laughs.

I grin. "Not too loose, baby; I love his hot, tight little ass as much as yours. Now let's go out to the car and get your gear; I don't want you guys getting chewed out for being late."

"Yes Sir."

I turn to Kevin, watching him getting his nylon rope out of his desk. I walk over to his desk and wait for him to set the rope down.

"Come here, boy; you're not getting out of this."

He walks into my arms, holding me just as tight as Jake and Sean had. I wrap my arms around him and just hold on tight, one hand on his back, the other on the back of his head.

"You be safe while you're out there playin' soldier; you hear? You guys look after each other; I want all three of you coming home without any scars or bruises. Have a good week, and don't worry about Gretchen; I'll try and find out what's going on with her. You'll also be expected at our house for a welcome home dinner; I'll make all of everyone's favorites. I love you, Kevin."

"Thanks, Mike; I love you too. I'll try to keep those two in line and bring `em home to you in one piece. I can't wait for that dinner; can we just go have it now?"

"Let's go."

We both chuckle and break the hug, looking at each other, smiling.

"Damn, for a straight boy, you give good hug."

He smiles. "For a gay boy you give pretty damn good hug too."

I smirk. "Grab your rope, PFC; let's get the fuck outta here. And you'd better come home a Lance Corporal; what's taking you so long?"

"Hey, talk to the Major; he's the one in charge of that shit."

"I'll get ya some knee pads while you're away; they always help." We both laugh.

I turn around and grab my guy's shoulders, squeezing them a little while shoving them towards the door.

"I love you both and I'll miss you terribly. Let's go get your stuff."

The four of us head out to the car and get it unloaded, double-checking to make sure we've got everything. I close the trunk and look at them, trying to smile, but having a hard time making one happen. I'm going to miss them so very much. My thoughts are interrupted by another announcement on the P.A. They have one minute to report to the quad with their gear.

"I love you guys. Go. I'll be waiting right here when you get back."

Jake's fighting for control. "We love you. See ya later, Sir."

That almost sends me over the edge. "Me too. See ya later, Lance Corporal Jacob."

I look at Sean, fighting for control of my own. "I love you. I'll see you in a week. Remember, no Ruskie grunts..."

"I love you too, baby. See ya later..." He winks at me and turns around, grabbing his gear and walking away.  Jake grabs his gear as well, mouths `I love you' to me and walks away. Kevin is picking his gear up and stands back up, looking at me, looking kind of sad.

"I haven't had to say goodbye like this since I joined the Corps and left home; it's not fun, is it?"


"I love you, Mike. See ya later, Sir."

"Oh man... I love you too, Kevin. See ya later."

He turns and jogs away, trying to catch up with Sean and Jake. I just stand there behind the car watching the three most important men in my life walking away. I watch them until they're out of site, feeling the lump in my throat growing bigger with each step they take, finally deciding I should get back home. All I'm doing by staying here is making myself sadder. As I'm turning around to get back in the car I see a couple of stragglers running with all their gear, trying to get to the quad. I've always enjoyed the sight of all the hot men around this base, but today it just reminds me how young they all are, and how privileged and honored we should be that these young men and women have volunteered to serve their country.

As I'm walking into the kitchen from the garage I see the two pie crusts I pulled out of the oven just as Sean was calling me. I'd been planning a little surprise dessert for them. They both love pecan pie and I was going to make them a couple; one to eat here and one to take to the base with them to share with Kevin or anyone else. I stare at the crusts for a few seconds, with images playing in my mind of the two of them scarfing down the last one I made for them. Being the one left at home isn't fair. They're incredibly busy, getting everything ready to go, getting on the helicopter's to go to the airfield and then getting all their gear and everything else onto the plane. I get to sit in an empty house surrounded by all their things, the sights and smells of them, and memories of shared experiences and great times. Maybe I've made a mistake. I've devoted my whole life to them; everything revolves around the two of them. We've lived here for almost a year and I still don't even know our neighbor's. Without them I am alone and meaningless. I told Jake not to lose himself just because we're together, but I went and did it to myself.

The remainder of Monday was agony; I wandered around the house, touching their clothes and looking at the pictures of the three of us around the house. I did make the pies. I did it for something to do as well as for them; they'd have them when they got home. I called Gretchen on Tuesday and made a lunch date with her for Wednesday at 1130. I didn't really tell her why I wanted to see her, just that I wanted to be around somebody. On Tuesday afternoon I happened to meet one of our neighbors; not that we lived exactly next door to anyone. I had seen them before, a young couple with a really cute little girl of about three years old. They were out for a walk and I was out at the mailbox, so we spent about twenty minutes chatting. They told me it was nice of me to move to be close to my sons while they were stationed here, and I thought for a few seconds about if it would be wise to tell them the truth. I decided that being honest with them about what those two were to me was more important than their perceptions, so I told them the truth. They were a little shocked that both of them were my lover, but they seemed okay with it for the most part.

I managed to get through the rest of Tuesday with slightly less longing than had been with me on Monday. On Wednesday I spent the morning cleaning house and doing some programming work before I went to town to meet Gretchen for lunch. Gretchen worked about two blocks away from the hotel Jake and I had stayed at, so we decided to just have lunch there. I was standing in the lobby at 1125 when she walked in. I hugged her and gave her a kiss on the cheek and we went into the restaurant and got a table. Once the waiter had left with our drink orders I looked at her. She did look kind of stressed out.

"Are you all right, Gretchen?"

"I'm fine; why do you ask?"

"Because you look worried and stressed out. You're missing Kevin?"


I guess I was waiting for more, but none came. "Is everything okay with you and Kevin?"

"Yeah, fine. Why? Did Kevin say something about me?"

"No. I was just expecting more of an answer when I asked if you were missing him. It made me wonder if something was wrong."

She sighs. "I don't know... How do you guys do it? The three of you always seem so happy, and all Kevin and I do is fight."

"What do you fight about the most?"

She sighs again. "There really isn't a hot topic; we argue about big things and little things. He's so immature sometimes; he'll just walk away and start playing those damn video games! He and Jake are constantly playing them; how do you put up with it from Jake?"

"Is that what has you so stressed; Kevin playing video games?"

She groans and sighs. "No, not just that; he's just... I don't know... Sometimes he just really gets on my last nerve."

"Well as far as Jake playing video games, it doesn't bother me at all. I even find myself playing them with him; they're kind of fun from time to time. The three of us will get in a video game battle and have a really great time together. Maybe you could give it a try some night and see if you like them."

"I have tried; they're stupid. I see no point in shooting at imaginary images on the television."

"Try not thinking so much in terms of what you're doing, but that you're getting to spend some time with Kevin doing something he enjoys so much; that's the way I look at it."

"That would be fine if he thought the same way. He never wants to do anything I'd like to do. Our last big argument was this past Saturday. They were having a home and garden show at the pavilion and I tried desperately to get him to go.  Would he? No, he was playing a fucking video game. Sorry."

I shake my head. "Please, I live with two Marines; I've heard a few bad words. So basically what you're saying is you don't like video games and he doesn't like home and garden shows. Perhaps there's some middle ground somewhere that you would both enjoy."

"Like what; sex? That's all he ever thinks and talks about. Well, sex and video games. Don't get me wrong, I like sex, but there has to be more than that. I can't remember the last good conversation I had with him. We used to talk all the time before we moved in together. What happened?"

"He stopped trying to impress you. It's part of the male mating ritual. We do everything we can to get your attention, but once we have it we go back to being who we really are. That, and for the most part men are a pretty quiet species. As long as our basic needs are being met we're generally pretty happy and content and seldom see the need to discuss anything."


I laugh. "Yep. Can't live with `em; can't shoot `em."

She finally laughs. "Well I do have access to whatever kind of automatic weapon it is he brings home with him..." She grins at me.

"Eh, you can't shoot him; you love him. Besides, the paperwork has to be a real bitch."

She laughs again. "Yeah, I deal with enough paperwork at work; I don't need more at home. Seriously though; how do you deal with it; you have two of `em?"

"You're forgetting an important detail; I'm a man too. I think the same way they do."

She rolls her eyes. "Hell! Sorry, sometimes I forget I'm not dealing with another housewife. No offense."

I laugh. "None taken. You're how old, about twenty-two?"

"You're not supposed to ask that." She grins. "Yes."

"I know they don't teach this in school, but men are pretty simple for the most part, and you'll learn more about that as you get older. We like things simple. Keep us fed, watered, sexually satisfied and try not to delve too far into our psyches and we're a pretty happy bunch. A few of us do take orders fairly well, and I was under the impression Kevin was one of them, so we can be taught a few things. You also have to remember that Kevin's only twenty-three; he's still in the young dude stage where it's all about having fun with your friends. I have no idea how a straight man thinks, but I think it's true for most men, that if you show us you love us and will be there for us, we'll do the same in return. Maybe not in the manner you'd like, but we do know how to show someone we love them and care about them. He needs to show you more attention and you need to show him more patience."

"But why is it always the woman that has to have patience? Why can't you men just accept the fact you need us; and yes, even you, gay man, and treat us the way we want to be treated?"

"Have you ever asked Kevin that question? Another thing that helps in dealing with us is keep things direct and to the point. You can't hint at things and you can't just think he should know what you're feeling and thinking; he won't get the hints and he doesn't know. Tell him point blank what you want from him. Tell him you want to do something besides fuck and play video games. Tell him you would like to have talks like you did before he moved in. Tell him that you would like to spend some time with him, just strolling around the park, or seeing a show together. The secret is, though, to do it without sounding like his mother. Don't talk down to him and don't treat him like a little boy. I've seen that so many times and I wonder why the man puts up with it; it drives me crazy."

"What do you mean?"

"I've seen so many women talking to their other half like a petulant child; like he's too stupid to get it if they speak in a normal tone of voice. No offense, but it makes me really, really glad I'm gay sometimes."

"I guess I've seen it too. I try not to sound that way with Kevin, but sometimes he makes me so damn frustrated. When he's acting like a petulant child it's really hard not to treat him like one. And I have tried being point blank with him; he still doesn't get it. Why can't he just meet me half-way with this?"

"How long after he moved in did you start getting frustrated?"

"I started noticing a change after about a month and a half."

"Was the change in him, specifically, or just a change in your relationship?"

"In him."

"What about him did you see change?"

"Please don't take offense to this, but he was always comparing us to you and Jake. He told me how easy and relaxed you are with each other and wanted us to be the same. I was all for it; I wanted that too. Then he started to become a little withdrawn; he'd spend more time with you and Jake or alone with his games. After Thanksgiving, when he found out Sean was in your relationship with Jake, he really started to change. I think he started to see it as something he might like, if it weren't for the sex part, and he started bringing your relationship up more and more. Every time we'd argue about something he'd ask me why we couldn't be like you guys; just be friends, I guess. I don't want to be just his friend, dammit!"

"I'm sorry about that. I think part of it might be what I said before, about him still being in the `want to hang out with his friends' stage. He sees us as a group of friends that just hang out together and live together. He tries very hard to ignore and not think about the sexual aspect of it; it embarrasses the hell out of him, and I think he just likes the guys hanging out together part of it. I think for him it's like hanging out at the base with his buddies. And I'm sorry, but I don't know what advice to give to change his thinking."

"Do you think there might be the slightest chance he's gay? Has your `gaydar' ever gone off around him?"

I smirk. "My gaydar's been in the shop since I was twelve. I've never been very good at guessing who might or might not be. As far as Kevin, I would say no, not at all. I just can't imagine him ever doing something sexual with a man. Hell, just the mere mention of anything sexual about me Sean and Jake turns him as red as his hair."

"Maybe that's why; maybe he's thinking about it and it embarrasses him when it's brought up?"

I shake my head. "I just can't think of Kevin doing anything. He's just... he's so straight."

"So was Sean."

I exhale. "I see your point. Do you want me to ask him?"

"No. I'm not sure I want to know."

"What if he is? What if he's bi, like Sean; what do you do then?"

"I don't know...." She shakes her head slowly. "I don't know. I'd love him just as much if he were, but I don't know if I could handle him possibly doing something with someone else. And it has nothing to do with that someone else being a man; I don't want to share him with anyone."

"I can understand that. I still don't think he is though. I think it's just what I said, that he sees the three of us as just the guys, and its fun to hang out with us and not deal with his relationship with you. He just needs to grow up a little if he's going to make a commitment like he has with you. Hell, the three of us were convinced we'd be going to your wedding sometime soon."

"You're not the only one. He hasn't asked though. And now I'm not sure I'd say yes. He has to figure out what he wants more; me or his buddies."

The waiter brought our drinks and asked to take our orders, our conversation dying after that. We never really got around to that topic again; we talked more about work; both hers and mine. She had to be back at work, so after a quick lunch she was out the door and I was headed back to the car. I looked at my watch. 1207. Wow, that was a quickie; I may have to have an early dinner to make up for it.

I really didn't know what to make of our talk. I knew more than Kevin did at this point, but I still didn't know where it was heading. I had a better understanding of where she was coming from. I'd be upset too if Jake and Sean were constantly over at her house playing video games, or always telling me they wished our relationship was more like hers. I didn't really know what to do about it though. I could have a talk with Kevin and tell him he's about to be in a shit-storm if he doesn't clue in pretty soon, but other than that I didn't really know how to handle it. I sure as hell had no intention of changing my relationship with my guys just to make hers easier, and I wasn't about to tell Kevin that he couldn't hang out with us. Like I'd told him, he was family and he was welcome in our home anytime he wanted. I was sure of only one thing; she was dead wrong in thinking he might be gay curious or bi; that just wasn't our Kevin. As it turns out, if I'd been in Russia with the three of them I'd know I was pissing in the wind on that one.

Wednesday night, Vizinga, Russia, fifteen kilometers east of the Russian army base. There are three hundred men; a hundred U.S. Marines and two hundred Russian Army soldiers in a four acre clearing on their second night of combined training. Everyone is in tents; my three Marines sharing a four-man tent. They're all in their own sleeping bags. It's seven degrees Fahrenheit outside and my three guys have found a way to stay warm. They've been talking shit to each other and talking about sex for the last hour and a half. Sean turns his head back to Kevin.

"I told ya, dude, you just need to get yourself a world-class blowjob; you'll feel better about everything."

"Gretchen doesn't really like to do it. She'll do it, and she's not too bad, but she doesn't really like it."

"Who said anything about Gretchen? I said you needed a world-class blowjob, and those only come one way." He grins at him.

"With a dude?"

"Fuck yeah, dude."

"Are you offering?"

"Would you accept it if I were?"

Kevin shakes his head. "I don't know, man... That's... I don't know..."

Sean turns to Jake. "Hey, do you wanna help me show this dumb shit what a real blow job is supposed to feel like?"

Jake grins. "I don't know, Sean. He's our friend, it might be kind of weird, don't ya think?"

Sean grins bigger. "I was just your friend when you and Mike brought me over to the dark side. Come on, brother, let's show this poor, mistreated, misguided straight boy how sex was meant to be."

"What about Mike? What would he think about it?"

"He'd think it was hot; quit worryin' about it."

Jake grins. "He probably would. Wasn't he just asking us about this the other night?"

Sean smirks. "Yes he was. Get your ass outta that sleepin' bag and come around to help me with this straight boy."

"Hey, I'm right here; don't talk about me like I'm some trick you picked up from a fuckin' bar, fuck stick."

"Sorry about that; I'm just tryin' to get a little help from my partner here. Don't take it personal."

"And besides, I never said I was gonna let you do it anyway."

"Have you been thinkin' about it since I brought it up?"

"A little."

"Is your dick hard?"

Kevin blushes. "A little..."

Sean laughs. "Fuck yeah! Come on, Kev, you know you wanna try it. Just tell your head to shut the fuck up and just enjoy it. We're pretty fuckin' good at it, if I do say so myself."

Kevin groans. "Fine... Let's do this. I have to admit, you've both told me so many fuckin' times that men are better at it than women that I've gotten curious to find out if it's true."

"Hell yeah! And yes we are. Just kick back, relax and enjoy, brother."

Jake smirks and get's out of his sleeping bag, but then decides he might need it; it's incredibly cold.

"Hey, it's fuckin' cold as fuck out here; just trade places with Kev. We'll just have him in the middle, but stay in our bags. His dick might get cold, but then it shouldn't since it'll be wrapped up in something warm." He giggles.

"OK, that'll work, too."

Sean stands up in his sleeping bag and tells Kevin to scoot over in his. Once Kevin is in the middle, Sean get's back down, straightens out his sleeping bag, then sits back up, turned facing Kevin.

"Pull that cock out, boy."

"Damn, dude. No dinner, no movie; just whip my dick out, huh?"

Sean giggles. "You want romance, huh? I can do romance too, but didn't think you'd be able to handle making out with a dude."

Kevin thinks about it a few seconds. "I'm not sure... Kiss me and I'll see how I feel about it. Don't just attack me though."

"Pussy. I've been with girls like you; they want to take it slow too.  Come here, sexy boy."

"Fuck you, blondie; I'm not a fuckin' girl!" He thinks again for a couple of seconds. "Fine, kiss me like a fuckin' man then."

"Oh fuck yeah. Come here."

Sean leans over Kevin, connecting with his mouth and holds it for about five or six seconds without using any tongue. He breaks the kiss and looks at Kevin, grinning.


"Not gross. Just different."

Sean laughs. "Thanks a lot, brother."

Kevin blushes. "No! I'm sorry; I didn't mean it that way. It's just that I always thought it'd be really gross to kiss a guy, but it wasn't."

"Well, try Jakey; nobody kisses better than he does."

Kevin turns to Jake, blushing again. Jake blushes too and smiles at him.

"Are you sure about this?"

Kevin sighs. "Yeah, Jake; I'm sure. I've actually thought about this before with you guys. I know I'm always saying I would never do anything like this, but I have thought about it; but only with you guys." He blushes furiously.

Jake smiles at him. "Well, thanks for that; it actually means a lot to me that you trust us that much; or are turned on by us that much." He grins at Kevin, making him blush again.

"Trust. Well and maybe just a little turned on, too. Not that I spend much time checkin' out guys, but you're both really hot."

Jake blushes. "Thanks, so are you. Are you ready?"

"Yeah, lay it on me, brother."

Jake leans forward, meeting Kevin half-way and bringing his left hand to the side of Kevin's face, gently touching it while their lips meet. Kevin responds a little, and then Jake demands entry with his tongue, running it around Kevin's lips. Kevin opens his mouth, letting him in and meeting Jake's tongue with his own. They moan into each other's mouths; Kevin bringing his hand up to Jake's face and resting it there, just above his cheek. They hold the kiss for about thirty seconds; moaning lightly the entire kiss. Jake pulls back from the kiss, blushes again, and looks at Kevin, smiling a little.

"Was that OK?"

Kevin smiles. "That was really nice, Jake. Sean's right; you're really good at that."

Jakes blushes again. "Thanks. Sean's pretty damn good at it too; he was just holding back in case you freaked out. Try kissing him now."

Kevin smiles and turns back to Sean, who grins.

"Kiss me again, blondie; but make it a good one."

"Quit callin' me fuckin' blondie and I'll consider it."

"Done. Fuck stick."

Sean laughs. "That's better. Come here, you sexy little fucker."

Kevin leans forward, meeting Sean half-way this time. Their lips meet and Kevin's tongue is the one demanding entry into Sean's mouth. Sean happily obliges and meets it with his own. They make out for about thirty seconds as well; moaning into each other's mouths and having a tongue war; wrestling for dominance. Kevin pulls back from the kiss and looks at Sean, grinning.

"Damn, you were holding back. Fuck, dude; you're damn good at that."

"You're pretty fuckin' good at it too. Is your cock hard yet? Mine's fuckin' rock hard."

"Oh hell yeah; mine got rock hard when I was kissing Jake; now it's leakin' pre-cum like a faucet."

"Good; that's just the way we wanted ya; hard and horny. I wanna see your sexy, little body, but it's too fuckin' cold in here, I'll have to settle for just your cock and balls. Drop `em."

Kevin grins at Sean and then wiggles his pants and underwear down in the sleeping bag; his now rock hard, leaking seven inch un-cut cock springs back and slaps his tummy. Sean moans and Jake leans over to have a look; nodding appreciatively.

"Nice cock, Kevin. I have to admit, I've wondered what you were packin' in there. Nice."

Kevin grins and blushes a little, looking at Jake.

"What else have you been wonderin'?"

Jake grins. "OK, I'll admit I've checked out your ass quite a few times too; it's really nice, dude. Any chance you could roll over and let us have a better look at it? We promise not to stick anything in there; I just want to see it."

"Yeah, dude; let's check out that cute little ass of yours." Sean grins at Kevin and then licks his lips, making Kevin giggle.

"Fine, but you ain't stickin' nothin' in there."

"We promise; though, you'd really enjoy what I'd like to stick in there." Sean grins at him again.

"No way, man. I've heard about that big ass cock of yours; ain't no fuckin' way you're stickin' that in me."

"I wasn't talkin' about my cock, dude. I wanna shove my tongue in there."

"What!? That's fuckin' gross, dude!"

"No it ain't; it's fuckin' hot as hell, dude; you'd love it, I promise."

"You'd really stick your tongue in my ass? That's fuckin' weird, dude."

"Haven't you ever heard of a rim job? Fuck, dude, they're better than a blowjob. It's like eatin' pussy. And feelin' a hot tongue roamin' around your hole feels fuckin' excellent!"

Kevin looks at Sean, considering what he's told him. Even though the idea sounds kind of intriguing, it's too damn cold to have his ass sticking out, much less getting wet.

"Maybe some other time, dude; it's too fuckin' cold in here to have my ass hangin' out, gettin' wet."

Sean laughs. "You make a good point. So just roll over and let us check it out; then we'll take really good care of that leakin' cock of yours."

Kevin blushes a little again and then grins. He lies back down and then rolls over on to his stomach; pushing his ass up a little. Jake and Sean both moan loudly. Sean reaches down and grabs a cheek, massaging it a couple of times. Kevin flinches a little, but then relaxes and enjoys the attention.

"Fuck, dude, that's a sweet ass; it's makin' my mouth water. You need to get some fuckin' sun though; you're whiter than white, dude."

"Thanks, I guess. But who the fuck's gonna tan their ass? I ain't layin' out in the sun with my fuckin' ass hangin' out."

"I guess I can see your point. Come on, Jakey, you gotta grab a cheek; it's nice and firm. Besides, you've been scopin' out his ass for awhile; you gotta feel it."

Jake grins and then reaches in Kevin's sleeping bag and grabs the other ass cheek, massaging it and feeling all around it while Sean's doing the same. Jake smiles at Sean.

"I see what ya mean; that's fuckin' nice." He looks down at Kevin. "You have a sweet ass, Kev. I know it looks damn good in your cammos, but it's even better just hangin' out. I'm with Sean; I can see myself with my face buried in there."

Kevin giggles and Sean laughs. Jake and Sean spend about five more minutes feeling Kevin's ass up; roaming all around it, massaging it and rubbing it. Sean pulls his hand up and gives it a little swat, making Kevin jump.

"Damn, boy; fine ass!"

"Thanks, but don't be spankin' it. Are you two done with my butt yet?"

Sean gives it another little swat, making Kevin moan just a little. Sean grins at Jake.

"If you don't want me swattin' it, why'd you moan?"

"Shut up." The three of them laugh.

"Roll over, boy; it's time to get a closer look and taste of that meat."

Jake and Sean pull their hands out of Kevin's sleeping bag and then Kevin rolls back over onto his back, looking up at them with a grin on his face. Sean and Jake smile at him and then at each other. Sean looks at Jake and then down at Kevin's dick.

"You're the one that's been checkin' this boy out; have at it."

Jake grins and then looks at Kevin. Kevin returns the grin and Jake leans down and kisses him again, sliding his tongue into Kevin's mouth, meeting up with his. They make out with each other for about a minute before Jake breaks the kiss and starts moving his head down. Sean pulls the sleeping bag down, following Jake's head as he descends on to Kevin's cock. Jake sticks his tongue out and scoops up some of the pre-cum that's pooled up on Kevin's cockhead. Kevin flinches and then moans a little. Jake looks up at him and smiles before turning his face back to the hard cock just inches from his mouth. He decides fuck it, and just engulfs it, taking Kevin's cock down three quarters of the way, swishing his tongue back and forth along the base. Kevin moans out loudly and then grunts.

"Fuck, dude! That's fuckin' incredible; nobody's ever taken that much of my cock before. Fuck..."

Sean giggles, looking down at Kevin's face.

"Nobody loves cock more than Jakey does; he's a true master cocksucker. Besides, me and Mike taught him everything he knows. Fuck, Mike can take mine all the way down to my pubes and hold it there."

Kevin groans again, thrusting his hips up a little. "Fuck...! Damn, Jakey, that's fuckin' incredible! Yeah, suck my cock, dude."

Jake pulls back up to the head, swirls his tongue around a few times and then goes right back down; trying to take Kevin in all the way. He gets to where he can feel Kevin's pubes tickle his nose and starts to gag, pulling back up and off. He looks up at Sean and Kevin and grins.

"That tastes fuckin' sweet, dude. You have a beautiful fuckin' cock."

He goes right back down on it, taking him about three quarters of the way again, then comes right back up, going right back down. He sets up his favorite rhythm, just sucking Kevin's cock as far down as he can go then right back up then right back down again. Kevin's moaning and starting to pant a little. He reaches down and grabs Jake's head, following his movements. Sean's watching Jake in action and rubbing his own cock through his cammos.

"Fuck, Jakey, that's fuckin' hot, brother. Yeah, boy; suck that fuckin' cock. Don't get him off though, I wanna taste too."

Jake pulls off and looks up at Sean, grinning.

"Well then get your ass down here; we can share it for awhile; like Mike and I do with yours."

"Fuck yeah, move over, boy."

Sean moves his ass back so he can get in on Jake's cocksickle, giving Kevin a quick, sweaty kiss before lowering his head down to Kevin's crotch. He gives Jake a quick kiss and then shoves Kevin's cock down his throat, taking him all the way. Kevin moans out loud and grunts.

"Fuck...!! Goddamn, dude; that's fuckin' awesome! Oh God, Sean; suck that fuckin' cock..."

Sean gets to work on Kevin's cock, sucking him down all the way and then coming back up; taking a good lick around the head and then going right back down. He sucks Kevin for about two minutes before pulling off and looking at Jake, grinning.

"Your turn."

Sean grabs Kevin's dick and points it toward Jake, grinning and moving it in circles a couple of times. Jake giggles and lower's his head back down, taking Kevin in about half way and then coming back up to the head, swirling his tongue around and taking him back in. He sucks Kevin's dick for about a minute and then pulls off, making a popping sound and looks at Sean.

"Go for it."

Sean grins and take's Kevin back in his mouth, setting up the same rhythm Jake was using; going half-way, coming back to the head, swirling his tongue around and going back down. He sucks Kevin for another minute or so while Jake is massaging Kevin's balls, moving each testicle around in his hand and then grabbing his sack and gently squeezing. Kevin is about beside himself, panting and moaning and telling them how great it all feels. Sean pulls off after a minute and looks at Jake.

"Your turn again. He tastes fuckin' sweet, doesn't he?"

"Oh fuck yeah he does."

Jake gives Sean a quick kiss and then engulfs Kevin again, sucking him just like before. Sean decides he wants to join in and moves his head down and to the side, taking a swipe of Kevin's balls. Kevin lurches up a little and moans out again.

"Oh God... Oh man... That's fuckin' hot; lick my balls, dude; please."

Sean follows orders and starts licking Kevin's balls, trying to stay out of Jake's way while he's sucking dick. They spend about three more minutes doing this before Kevin's about ready to sell state secrets.

"Fuck, oh fuck; I'm gonna cum if you guys keep that up."

Sean and Jake both pull away and look up at him, smiling. Sean grabs his balls and squeezes a little.

"That's kinda the idea, dude."

"Yeah, but I don't wanna cum just yet. It feels too good and I don't want it to end yet."

Sean grins at him.

"You wanna taste your own cock?"

Kevin grins. "Sure. But I've tried before and I can't reach it."

Sean and Jake laugh.

"No, dill weed, I meant do you wanna make out with us, tasting your cock on our tongues?"

Kevin grins again. "Fuck yeah; come up here."

Jake and Sean both move back towards Kevin's face, Sean arriving first and landing on his mouth, slamming his tongue in. Kevin groans and starts moving his tongue all around Sean's mouth, tasting himself for the first time. They make out for about thirty seconds before Sean pulls back and Jake's right there, sliding his tongue into Kevin's mouth. The two of them make out for another thirty seconds or so, and then Sean's back. They just go back and forth for a few minutes, tasting each other and sharing Kevin's cock flavor. All three of them are panting and moaning, trying to out-do each other with each kiss. Kevin finally turns his head to the side, panting and trying to regain some control.

"Oh fuck... Oh fuck... That's fuckin' hot as hell, dudes. I never dreamt that making out with a guy could be so fuckin' hot."

Sean grins at him. "You're pretty fuckin' good at it for a straight boy. You get into almost as much as Jake does."

"It just felt so good; I couldn't control it." Kevin smiles at both of them.

Jake grins at him. "I keep tryin' to tell ya, dude; it's fuckin' hot. Maybe now you'll believe me."

"Oh fuck yeah; I believe ya, brother."

Sean looks down at him, grinning. "You ready for some more cock action?"

"Hell yeah; go for it."

Sean thinks about it for a second. "You've only been with Gretchen, right?"

"For the last year or so, yeah; why?"

"Just thinkin' about something. Just relax and enjoy, brother."

Sean and Jake both move back down to Kevin's cock, Jake beating him to it and taking Kevin back in, sucking him down as far as he can before gagging and then pulling back up and trying it again. He continues sucking Kevin's cock while Sean's massaging and licking his balls, both of them listening to Kevin moan and pant. Jake hand's off to Sean and finishes what Sean's started on Kevin's nuts, while running his left hand up and down Kevin's legs. Sean sucks Kevin for about thirty seconds and then pulls off, grabbing the cock in his fist and moving the foreskin up. He watches as Kevin's foreskin slides up, partly hiding the head he's just been sucking on. He moves his hand up and down for about fifteen or twenty seconds, just watching the foreskin slide back and forth while grinning up at Kevin. Kevin looks down at him and grins.

"You like that?"

"Fuck yeah; do you?"

"Feels great. I'm guessing you don't have one of your own to play with."

"Nope, but sure wish I did; it's fuckin' fun to watch it move back and forth." He grins at Kevin.

"Knock yourself out; it feels really good. I like doing it too when I jack off; its kinda fun to watch it. Besides, it feels good too."

Jake pulls off the balls in his mouth and looks up, grinning.

"Yeah, he has a foreskin fetish; he's constantly playing with mine. It's like he's trying to do a fuckin' puppet show with it." They all laugh.

"Hey, it's just fun to watch it move. And I'm not the only one; Mike enjoys the hell out of it too; it's like he's talkin' to it." They all laugh again.

"Well you've had your fun with it, move your hand; I want it back in my mouth."

"Greedy little shit." Sean grins at him and moves his hand away.

Jake winks at him and goes back down on Kevin's cock, sliding his mouth up and down and then swirling his tongue around the entire length of it, then sucking some more. Kevin starts moaning again and thrusting his hips up to meet Jake's mouth. Jake sucks for another couple of minutes before pulling off and then running his tongue up and down the entire length, starting at Kevin's balls and finishing at the head, running his tongue around it a couple of times and doing it all again.

"Oh fuck! Yeah, Jakey, lick my fuckin' cock. That feels so good. Oh fuck yeah!"

Sean grins at Kevin and then leans his head back down and takes Kevin's dick in his mouth while Jake's at his balls. They kind of meet in the middle and Jake licks the side of Sean's face and then goes back to Kevin's sack, sucking one of his balls into his mouth. Kevin is moaning louder, thrusting his hips up to push himself deeper into Sean's mouth.

Jake and Sean spend another five minutes switching back and forth sucking Kevin's dick and balls before he gives them a pre-emptive warning.

"Oh fuck, I'm gonna fuckin' cum! God... Oh man... I'm gonna fuckin' cum, guys!"

Sean pulls off and looks up at him, while grabbing Kevin's cock in his fist, starting to stroke it.

"Fuck yeah, dude; bust that fuckin' nut, boy."

Jake pulls his face away to watch the show. Sean's stroking Kevin's dick and then starts milking the head; Kevin's finished.

"Oh fuck! Here it is. Fuck me..."

Sean holds his dick straight up while still milking the head. The first salvo files out about two feet into the air, and then sailing back down, lands with a splat on Kevin's red bush. The second one is flying out before the first one has landed, shooting about a foot into the air, sailing off to the side and landing on the sleeping bag, right next to Kevin's thigh. The third salvo is right on its heels, flying up about a foot as well, and landing on Kevin's treasure trail. Jake has a hold of Kevin's balls while he's shooting and starts to squeeze them a little, making Kevin moan loudly and fire another shot; this one making it about seven or eight inches into the air and coming straight back down onto Sean's fingers. The next two just kind of ooze out, spreading all over Sean's fingers and down into Kevin's pubes. Kevin's panting and moaning the entire time, his eyes closed, just enjoying his orgasm. When he's finally spent himself, Sean gives his dick one last milk and then lowers his head down and swipes up some of the load onto his tongue. He turns his face and reaches up with his right hand, pulling Jake into him for a shared cum kiss. They make out for about ten or fifteen seconds, passing Kevin's juice back and forth with their tongues. Kevin happens to open his eyes and look down at them.

"Oh fuck! That's fuckin' hot!"

Sean pulls away from Jake and leans down, getting another load onto his tongue and turning back to Jake. Jake meets him with his tongue already on the way into Sean's mouth, and then sucks the cum off his tongue, making Sean and Kevin moan.

"Oh man... Oh fuck, that's fuckin' hot to watch. I can't believe you guys are sharing my fuckin' cum; that's fuckin' hot!"

Sean breaks the kiss with Jake and goes back for another one, swiping up the load on Kevin's trail and turning back to Jake, meeting his hungry mouth. They make out another ten or fifteen seconds, sharing Kevin's milky cum. Sean breaks the kiss again and looks at Kevin, grinning from ear to ear.

"You wanna try some of this shit; it's fuckin' tasty as hell?"

"Fuck yeah, bring it on. I've tried my own jizz before; it's not bad."

Sean and Jake laugh and then Sean sweeps up another load from Kevin's trail, bringing it up to Kevin's waiting mouth. Kevin meets his tongue, slamming his own into Sean's mouth, tasting his own load and sucking it off Sean's tongue. They both moan into each other's mouth while Jake's moaning a little himself watching the action.

"Oh fuck yeah, that's hot! Feed him his load, Sean; make him eat it."

Sean pulls off Kevin's mouth and grins at him.

"Swallow it, boy."

Kevin grins at him and swallows hard, and then smacks his lips. Sean and Jake laugh.

"Not bad... Like I said, I've tried it before. But I have to admit, it's a lot better having it fed to me. That was fuckin' hot." He looks at Sean. "Get me another one, boy."

"Oh fuck yeah, you sexy little fucker. Be right back."

Sean leans down and scoops up the load that landed on Kevin's bush, getting as much of it as he can and bringing it back to Kevin's mouth. Kevin meets him and shoves his tongue into Sean's mouth and moans. He spends about twenty seconds sucking and licking around Sean's mouth, trying to get every drop. He breaks the kiss, looks at Sean, grinning and swallows hard. Sean and Jake both moan.

"Fuck, boy; you're just a cum hungry straight boy, aren't ya?"

Kevin grins. "Hey, I just like my own; not sure about tryin' anyone else's."

"Yeah, we'll see. When we get you back home you may be seein' what mine and Jake's taste like."

"Yeah, maybe; maybe not." He grins at both Jake and Sean.

"Damn, you're a sexy little fucker when you grin like that."

Kevin blushes and smiles at Sean. Sean leans forward and kisses him again, sliding his tongue into Kevin's hungry mouth. They make out for about forty-five seconds, moaning and panting. Sean breaks the kiss and looks at Jake, smiling.

"Come give this boy a kiss; he's hungry." They all laugh.

Jake leans forward and meets Kevin's mouth, both of them tongue wrestling for domination. They make out for about thirty seconds before Kevin pulls back, panting.

"Damn, you're fuckin' good at that. Where'd you learn how to kiss like that?"

Jake smiles at him. "Mikey."

"Fuck... If he taught you, he must be fuckin' incredible at it; I may just have to try him out, if he's willing."

Sean laughs. "I don't think you'd have to ask more than once."

Kevin blushes again. "So you two aren't the only ones who've been lustin' after me?"

Sean grins. "I don't know, but I know Mikey; he likes `em young and hot and you definitely qualify." Kevin blushes again, making Sean and Jake giggle.

"Well if you've both been lustin' after me, why'd you wait so long to do anything?"

"We were just waitin' for you to get curious enough to wanna try it. Teasin' ya is one thing, but we're not just gonna start mackin' on ya; that's not cool."

Kevin smiles. "Yeah, I guess I see your point; that wouldn't have been cool. Well, I have to admit, I'm glad I finally got curious enough; that was fuckin' hot. And you're right; you guys give incredible fuckin' world-class head. I can't remember the last time I came that hard. Thanks guys."

"You're welcome, dude. We loved every inch of it." Sean grins at him, making him blush again.

"Well, are you guys gonna get off now?"

"Nope, this was all about you, brother. We're savin' up for Mike; he likes big loads." Sean and Jake both giggle again.

"Well, thanks again; that was great. We may have to do this again; but only somewhere warmer. My fuckin' balls are already startin' to get cold. I think I'm gonna pulls my shit up and try to get some sleep." He smiles at them. "Thanks guys."

Jake smiles at him. "You're welcome, Kev; glad you enjoyed it."

"More than any blowjob I've ever had."

Jake smiles at him and watches as Kevin pulls his pants back up, buttoning up and bringing his shirt and coat back down over his sticky tummy. Jake and Sean both get snuggled down into their sleeping bags, trying to warm back up now that the sex is over. The three of them all get comfy and look up at the roof of the tent, moaning a little. They all giggle once.

About an hour later, Jake is freezing his ass off and still hasn't gotten any sleep. He leans his head up and looks at the other two.

"Are you guys awake?"

Both Kevin and Sean answer at the same time. "Yeah, it too fuckin' cold to sleep."

"Well, I have an idea. Let's just zip two sleeping bags together and all three of us can sleep in it; we can share each other's body heat. This is fuckin' ridiculous; I'm freezin' my fuckin' ass off."

Kevin answers first. "Fuck yeah, why didn't we think of that sooner? Hell, I learned that in Boy Scouts."

Sean can't resist. "So, you've been sleepin' with dudes since you were a boy, huh? That explains a lot." Sean and Jake laugh.

"Fuck you, blondie. I wasn't fuckin' `em; just sleeping with them. Fuckin' perv."

They all laugh again and then climb out of their sleeping bags, taking Sean's and Kevin's and zipping them together. They all climb in, snuggling up close to each other and exhaling. Sean and Jake have Kevin sandwiched between them, all of them facing the same direction. Sean giggles once.

"Much better. I don't have to sleep alone and I get to suck off your body heat."

Kevin smirks. "Just don't take all of it; I need some too."

Jake giggles. "Would you two just fuckin' go to sleep? We have to be up in a few hours and kick some Russian boy soldier ass. I'm not gettin' my ass kicked by some wanna-be Marine because I didn't get any sleep."

Sean laughs. "G'night Bam Bam; G'night Pebbles." They all laugh.

Kevin turns his head to Sean. "Fuck you, Fred; I got your Bam Bam hangin'."

"Who said you were Bam Bam?"

Jake howls with laughter.

Kevin smirks. "Fuck you. Go to sleep."

After they giggle for a minute or so they finally manage to fall asleep. At 0500, Major Benton is going around waking up his Marines. When he opens their tent he just looks at them, grinning. His three Marines are cuddled up together, arms thrown over each other, sleeping peacefully.

"Fuck, leave it to these three to find a way to stay warm while the rest of us freeze our asses off." He clears his throat kind of loudly and then grins, waiting for the inevitable shocked reaction. "Uh Hmm! Are you three planning on joining us today?"

Sean looks up at him. "Good morning, Major."

"Are you comfy, Lance Corporal?"

Sean grins. "And warm too."

"Glad to hear it. And unless you've got your cock buried in that boy's ass, I expect you all to get up and get out here. You've got two minutes."

"Yes Sir. And no, he wouldn't let me." The Major smirks. "I tried to tell him the friction would keep him warm, but he wasn't buyin' it." Sean smiles and Major Benton smirks again, grinning.

"Fucker... Get up!"

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