Chapter 18: Springtime in Berlin

We had decided to spend a week in Berlin the first week of April, and Jake and Sean had arranged a week's leave. In a way I was kind of sad to see winter end. I had always loved winter best, but time marches forward and Jake and I were ecstatic about this trip to Berlin. Sean had never been there; and honestly wasn't as interested in the War in Europe as Jake and I were, but was still excited about going on our first real vacation together. We had decided to take the overnight train to Berlin, leaving as soon as they got off duty on Friday night. We wanted as much time for this trip as possible. This was also the first time Jake and I had been on the train together since the day we met almost a year ago, and he seemed almost as psyched about that as about our trip. I had told him we could fly up there and save the six-hour train trip and he'd looked at me like I'd lost my mind.

"Mikey, do you think we'll get the same compartment we had before?" He asked, grinning.

"Baby, I don't even remember the compartment number; but yeah it would be cool."

"It's 14-C. I still have the ticket."

"You still have the ticket? Damn, baby, I thought I was sentimental. Even so, there's no way for us to know if it'll be the exact same train car that we came here in. It would be great though."

"Yeah it would. Do you think Sean is going to like Berlin; he doesn't seem as excited about it as we are?"

"I think he'll love Berlin, baby; he's just not as into learning about the war as we are. He'll love the city though; there's always something to do in Berlin. And I can't wait to go exploring the city with my two men on my arms."

Jake smiled at me. "Yeah, we should turn a few heads. Do you have our tickets and everything we'll need?"

"Yeah baby, I have everything. I'm not going to stop being anal now just because we're going on vacation. Are you all packed and ready; and how about Sean?"

"We're ready, baby. I know it's still an hour before our train, but can we go ahead and go to the station; I'm too excited to just sit around here?"

I smiled at him. I understood his excitement; I was feeling it too. "Let's roll. Where's our boy at?"

"He's primpin' in the mirror again." I laughed and walked to our bedroom. I saw Sean in the bathroom, looking in the mirror. I walked up to the doorway.

"Hey sexy... You ain't ever gonna get it better than God made it, so quit worrying about it."

He grinned big and turned to me. "You make an excellent point, but I'm still gonna try." He moved his head over to the door and kissed me.

"Jake and I are ready to go; we're too excited to just sit here for another thirty minutes. Are you ready to blaze?"

He looked in the mirror one last time. "I guess I'm as ready as I'll ever be. How long is this train ride?"

"About six hours; give or take."

"And it's a private compartment?"

"Semi-private, but yeah, it should just be the three of us. Why?"

He gave me a lewd grin. "I might have to do all this again by the time we get there."

I chuckled. "You just might. Now grab your bags and let's get outta here." He reached over and grabbed my crotch and grinned at me. "Not the bags I was talkin' about, but still a good choice." He let me go and kissed me again.

"Let's roll."

We got to the train station in about ten minutes. As we were walking up to the front doors I had an image of that day almost a year ago that I'd been looking at these doors, watching Jake come out of them. It was like it was yesterday, but this time I was standing with him, his face bright with excitement and smiling at me. I liked this memory much better. We got checked in with the agent, our bags checked, and then spent the time wondering around the station checking everything out. I think we'd covered every square foot of that place when they finally called our train. Jake practically jumped up and started running to the platform. We were definitely the first ones out to the train. The porter checked our tickets and pointed the way to the compartment. I was pretty sure we'd have the compartment to ourselves, there were only about fifteen people getting on the train here. When we walked into the compartment Jake came to a stop.

"Which way is the train going to be heading?"

"North, baby."

He laughed. "Duh, that's not what I meant. Which way is facing forward?"

Sean cupped him on the back of head. "What difference does it make; you gonna be runnin' along side?"

"No, dill weed, Mike has to sit facing forward; he get's car sick."

I was touched that he'd remember but I also thought it was really cute he was so concerned about it. "I'll take this seat over here, baby; no worries about me pukin' on you."

Jake was happy and just dumped his backpack on the floor, slid it under the seat and plopped down in his spot. Sean was just looking at us wondering what the hell we were doing.

"He's not joking? You get car sick on trains?" Sean looked just a little worried.

"Don't worry, baby, I'm not gonna throw-up on ya; but yeah I can't ride facing backwards, it makes me really sick. I'm not good at riding in back seats either, except on really short trips."

"Oh...I didn't know that." He dropped his pack on the floor and slid it under the seat I was sitting on, then sat down next to me and laid his head on my shoulder. "You can throw up if you need to; it's pointed at Jake." He laughed at his own humor, then Jake flipped him off and he laughed harder.

The train was due to depart at 23:50 and arrive in Berlin at 0605, so we had all night to watch the German countryside roll by. I was hoping we'd get a little sleep; I wanted to start exploring as soon as we got there. At 23:46 the trained lurched and we started rolling. Yep, I was facing the right direction. About twenty minutes out I decided to recline my seat and just close my eyes, hopefully I'd fall asleep. No sooner had I reclined than I felt a hand on my crotch. I smiled and opened my eyes.

"Wow, Jake, that porter has nice hands." He laughed and I looked over at Sean. He was trying not to laugh and just looking at me like `yeah right'.

"Are you trying to join the Mile High Club on the ground, sweetheart?" I asked him.

"Hell yeah. I've heard about trains being really good for sex; the rockin' and the motion..." He gave me a lewd grin.

"I've heard the same thing, baby, but this isn't exactly private; people can see in when they walk down the corridor."

"There's no curtain?"

"Sorry, baby, no. This isn't the Orient Express, it's a modern train; we get a glass door."

"Well fuck. I was lookin' forward to a little train action." He thought for a second, while still massaging my crotch. My cock was rock hard. "Hey Jake..."

"No! Don't even fuckin' think about it. I ain't gonna stand guard out in the fuckin' hall." I laughed. Sean looked a little disappointed.

"I'm sorry, baby. That is feelin' really good, but we can't do much in here. Tell you what, next time we go on a trip we'll make it a longer train ride and we can get a sleeping compartment; they're completely private."

He smiled and then got a mischievous grin on his face. Next thing I knew he was throwing a jacket over my crotch. He then reached in and undid my jeans and pulled my cock out and started stroking it. Jake and I just smiled at him and shook our heads.


"Leave it to you find a way to be a perv." Jake said, smiling.

"Hey, just `cause you didn't think of it... Besides, there ain't much gonna keep me from what I want."

He reclined his seat and just kept stroking my dick with a calm smile on his face. I don't know that I was going to get any sleep but this felt damn good.

"What're ya gonna do when I cum, baby?"

"Give me warning and I'll lean over and swallow it."

He looked at me with a big grin. He'd won again. I winked at him and closed my eyes, enjoying the excellent hand job I was getting. About ten minutes later I gave him his warning.

"I'm really, really close, baby..."

He pushed the coat away with his jacking hand and leaned over and took my cock in his mouth. That alone did it for me and I let loose in his mouth, moaning; trying to be quiet about it. He was milking my cock with his mouth and tongue and it was driving me crazy. I emptied my balls into his waiting throat and leaned back in the seat, panting a little. He finally pulled off my cock, looked at Jake, then at me with a huge grin on his face. He then just pulled the jacket back over my crotch and leaned back in his seat. Jake was sitting there shaking his head and smiling. I was enjoying my post-orgasm.

"Damn, baby... Thank you; that was really nice... Felt good."

"You're welcome; and thank you for my treat."

He then leaned over and kissed me, sticking his tongue down my throat so I could have a taste of his treat. Not bad, but I liked his and Jake's a lot more. He pulled back from the kiss and just sat back and relaxed, with a sexy smile on his lips. About ten minutes later I was sound asleep. It had been an early morning and a long day; besides train motion and rocking weren't just good for sex. I woke up once when the train had jerked pulling out of a station. I looked at my watch; it was four in the morning. I now had Jake curled up against me, also sound asleep. Sean was on the seat Jake had been in when I'd fallen asleep, also sleeping. I put my arm around Jake, pulled him closer, and went back to sleep. It was around 0520 when I woke up again. I think I'd been snoring because my throat was dry as hell. I sat up a little, bringing Jake with me, and looked around the room. I knew we'd brought some water with us but I didn't know which backpack it was in.

Sean was looking at me with a small smile on his lips. "Watcha lookin' for, baby; maybe I can help you find it?"

"Water, please. My throat is really dry."

He chucked quietly. "I don't wonder; you've been over there snorin' away for the last thirty minutes or so. Hold on a second; I'll get it for you."

He reached under him to Jake's backpack and pulled out a bottle of water and handed it to me. I drank almost half of it before I pulled off the bottle."

"Damn, that was good; I needed that. I'm sorry I woke you up with my snoring; my bad." We smiled at each other.

"You didn't. I was awake when you started. I just started giggling when you started snoring. Sorry, but it was really cute. Where do you think we are?"

"Germany." I gave him an evil grin.

"Smart ass. I meant where in Germany, oh wise one."

I grinned. "We should be about forty miles outside of Berlin, at least by the time. How long did you get to sleep before you woke up?"

"Probably about four hours or so; I'm good. Once Jake told me we were trading seats I went right to sleep. You two looked really cute together sleeping and snoring away. He snores too. It was kinda like a symphony in here." He chuckled again.

"Gee thanks, baby.  I'm glad you got a little sleep, though. I don't think I want breakfast on the train but I'd sure love some coffee. You wanna keep Jake company while I go find some?"

"Stay there, baby; I'll go get us some coffee. Which way should I go to find it? I did find the head when I first woke up, but I didn't see any coffee machine in it."

"I'm trying to remember which car we're in... OK, head that way about two cars down." I said, pointing with my finger. He jumped up and headed out. I sat back and pulled Jake closer to me and looked out the window. He woke up and looked up at me.

"Good morning, Mikey. How'd you sleep?"

"Not too bad. It was nice waking up and finding you snuggled up with me. How'd you sleep, baby?"

"Good. I told Sean to move; I wanted to snuggle. You looked so cute sitting over here sleeping."

"So I've been told. We apparently snore good together as well; symphony quality he said." We both laughed.

Sean was back with three cups of coffee in a few minutes. We all sat drinking our coffee and looking out of the window, watching Berlin come into view. The train arrived right on schedule and we were ready to get off before it even stopped.

Once we had our bags, we headed out of Berlin Central Station and got a taxi to the hotel I'd made reservations at. They said it was too early to check-in but let us stow our bags with them. We went out to find some breakfast. We found a small, family restaurant about five blocks from the hotel and decided it looked like a good choice for breakfast. We had an excellent breakfast, talking about the train ride and what we'd do first. I asked them if they just wanted to start by cruising the Potsdamer Platz and go window shopping. After I told them it was probably the busiest street/area in Europe they agreed. We finished breakfast and started walking, finding our way in short order. They were both amazed at the size, the people and the buildings, hotels, restaurants and stores in front of us. We spent the whole morning just exploring. I badly wanted a picture of all of us in front of Brandenburg Gate, and we found a guy that was happy to do it. Jake showed him how to use the camera and we stood and posed; me in the middle with my arms around their waist. The guy taking the picture probably thought we were father and sons, but I didn't care what he thought.

We got back to the hotel a little after noon. I wanted to see if they'd let us check-in so we could get cleaned up a little before lunch. The desk clerk told us our room wasn't ready yet, but they did have a larger suite that was available. I decided what the hell and told him to give us the suite. We retrieved our bags, waiving off the bell-hop and headed up to the twelfth floor to check out our room. Jake was the first one in the door.

"Holy crap! This is like a fuckin' house; makes the room we had in Sindelfingen look like a Motel 6."

Sean was right behind him. "Fuck... You ain't jokin', dude. So Mike, how much did this one set you back?"

I walked in and closed the door behind me. "Don't go there. It doesn't matter; it's for our vacation and we're not gonna price everything like we're walkin' through a flea market. I call dibs on the head first." I dropped my luggage down in the living room and went in search of the bathroom.

When I got out of the bathroom I went searching for Jake and Sean; finding them standing out on the balcony, looking towards the Fernsehturm (T.V. tower).

Sean reached over and grabbed my waist, pulling me next to him. "Are we able to go up in that thing?"

I nodded. "Yeah, baby; and the view of the city is amazing. It's the T.V. tower for the whole city; probably for several surrounding towns as well." I looked over at Jake. "What do you guys want to do now? We could go get some lunch, or we could take a quick shower so we wake up a little then go eat."

Sean looked over at me with a grin. "I wanna fuck out here on the balcony. Take your clothes off."

"Sorry, horn dog, I'm not into giving free shows for the entire city. You gotta plan b?"

"Yeah, we go fuck in the shower." He reached behind me and grabbed my ass.

Jake was just shaking his head. "Are you always this much of a perv or did you take some Viagra last night?"

Sean laughed. "I'm always a perv. I don't need no stinkin' drugs to get my dick hard. Huh, baby?" He asked me while squeezing my ass hard.

"Jake, I don't think either one of us would survive if he took some Viagra. Easy on the merchandise, boy; don't bruise the melons." They both laughed.

Jake walked over to us and grabbed my other ass cheek. "Let's go check out that shower; we're never gonna get anything done if we don't give horn dog over there some release."

He kissed me and then turned around and walked back into the room. Sean and I grinned and turned to follow Jake. Sean was out of his clothes before we even hit the bedroom. I was thinking about the two of them; it was like having the perfect man made up of two guys. Jake was the sensitive, cuddly, sweet, passionate one and Sean was the insatiable, erotic, care-free, constantly horny one. When we got in the bathroom Sean walked up behind me and started pulling my shirt out of my jeans, pressing up against me while doing so, and damn if he wasn't already rock hard.

"You're not horny, are ya?" I asked him, grinning over at Jake.

"Always baby, always. Get those fuckin' clothes off." He looked over at Jake. "Damn, boy, you still dressed?" Sean let go of me and walked over to Jake. "Lift your arms up; you're takin' too damn long."

He grabbed Jake's shirt and yanked it up over his head, threw it behind him then grabbed his waist and started undoing his jeans. It took him all of five seconds to have the zipper pulled down and the jeans down to Jake's ankles. He stood back up, grabbed the back of Jake's head and pulled him into a hard, sloppy kiss. While he was kissing him, he grabbed Jake's underwear and pulled them down below his thighs. Jake was hard in no time and they both grabbed each other's cocks and started stroking. I just stood there watching; this was getting hot. They never really did a whole lot with each other unless I was in the middle. It was nice to stand back and watch them go at it.

Sean broke the kiss then dropped to his knees and took Jake's cock into his mouth, while at the same time trying to pull his shoes off so he could get Jake's jeans and underwear off. I finished stripping then walked over to the shower and turned it on, adjusting the water temperature. I turned back around to watch more of the show taking place on the floor. Sean had Jake's clothes off and was still sucking his cock; with Jake's hands on his head, running his fingers through Sean's hair. Sean stayed on the floor sucking Jake for about two minutes then pulled off and looked up at him.

"Goddamn, boy, you taste good." Sean then stood up and pulled Jake into another hot kiss. He pulled back then slapped Jake's ass. "Get in the shower, boy; we're not done. I need you all cleaned up." He then looked over at me. "You enjoyin' the show?"

"Oh fuck yeah!" I grinned over at both of them, tugging on my dick.

Sean looked at me and leered. "Good, `cause it's gonna get a lot better. You already busted on the train so it's our turn."

"Hell yeah; go for it."

We all jumped in the shower and Sean grabbed the soap and a wash cloth and started washing Jake. I just stood back and watched. I wasn't planning on interfering at all; I've waited a year to see this particular show.

Sean had the cloth all soaped up and was washing Jake from head to toe, taking extra care on his ass and crotch. He finished with the cloth and handed it to me then stood next to Jake and slipped his index finger into Jake's ass while stroking his cock and licking his ear. I watched and kind of gave myself a once over with the used, soapy wash cloth. They were both moaning and panting while Sean finger fucked Jake's ass. After a couple of minutes he pulled his finger out and shoved Jake under the water to rinse him off; while running his hands up and down Jake's body to make sure he got all of the soap. While they were rinsing off I walked up behind Sean and gave him a quick soaping up then stood back while he rinsed himself off. When they were rinsed off I jumped under the spray to rinse myself off. While I was rinsing they both got out of the shower and were drying off. I turned the water off and got out, Jake handing me a dry towel.

"Thank you, baby." I smiled at Jake.

"You're welcome. You gonna join in soon?"

"Nope, I just want to watch; I've been waiting a year to see this movie."

They both looked at me and grinned. I finished drying off and hung the towel back up to dry. We all headed into the master bedroom and I walked over and pulled the covers off the bed then went and sat down in the chair that was about ten feet from the bed. I figured I'd have a great view of the action from here. I was just kicked back with my legs spread and tugging on my cock. They both looked over at me and smiled.

Sean took Jake's hand and led him over to the side of the bed. He turned him around so Jake's legs were against the side of the bed, and then pulled him into another hot, sweaty kiss, while grabbing his ass and pulling him up and into him. They made out for a couple of minutes, licking each other's mouths and playing tonsil hockey. Sean broke the kiss and then started running his tongue down Jake's neck, then down to his chest. He ran his tongue over and clamped down onto Jake's right nipple, biting and sucking on it. Jake moaned out and grabbed his head, pulling Sean hard into his chest. After a few moments he drug Sean's head over to his left nipple and held him tight against it, moaning again. After another minute or so Sean started lowering himself, while running his tongue back to the middle, and dragging his tongue down Jake's treasure trail. Jake let go of Sean's head and just leaned his own head back and enjoyed the tongue bath. Sean ran his tongue around Jake's belly button several times when he reached it, then kept heading south. He reached up with his right hand, grabbed Jake's cock and then shoved it in his mouth and started sucking on it. Jake let a loud moan escape his mouth while still leaning his head back. He then reached over and grabbed Sean's head in his hands and followed with his movements. Sean set a nice, smooth rhythm on Jake's cock and lowered his right hand to Jake's balls and starting massaging them. Jake moaned again and tried to grab what little hair Sean had on his head. I was sitting in the chair thinking I should be taping this. I decided what the hell, and got up and went to get the video camera out of my bag.

When I got back with the video camera and the bag, Jake was sitting on the bed, his legs spread, and Sean's mouth still wrapped around his cock, sucking up and down and massaging Jake's balls. I started filming, standing to their left to get the best view. Sean looked over at me, kind of surprised to see that he was staring in a porno film. He pulled off Jake's cock.

"You gonna sell the movie when we're done?"

"Oh hell no, this is just for me. This is like the hottest thing I've ever seen in my life; I didn't want to miss the chance to tape it. Get back to work." He grinned at me and stuck Jake's dick back in his mouth.

Sean continued sucking on Jake's cock for a few more minutes, then reached up with his left hand and pushed Jake back down onto the bed so he was lying flat. He then started sucking on his balls, one at a time, then tugging down hard on them, alternating back and forth for a few minutes. When he was done he ran his tongue up the length of Jake's cock, then while slowly standing, continued running his tongue all the way up Jake's treasure trail, up his stomach and chest, and back to his mouth. Sean was lying over Jake, holding himself up with his arms and reached down and started kissing him, but just passionately, not tonsil hockey this time. I moaned, watching them make out. Jake reached his hands up to the side of Sean's face and just held him while they kissed. I was zooming in; trying to get the best shot I could of this incredibly hot scene. After about a minute or so, Sean broke the kiss and ran his tongue back down Jake's body, while sitting back down on his haunches. When he was back to Jake's dick, he licked the length of it up and down three times, then grabbed Jake's ankles in his hands and lifted them up and pushed his legs back. Jake grabbed under his own knees and pulled his legs back for Sean. I knew this was about to get really hot, so I dropped to my knees so I was at eye level with the action. I guess they were both just really into the zone because neither one of them paid any attention to me or the camera.

Sean took his right index finger and started playing with Jake's hole, just running his finger around in circles a few times, then he would press in, then back to circles. When he'd done this a couple of times, he moved his head down, and replacing his finger with his tongue, began licking around Jake's hole. Jake and I both moaned. Sean smiled and then went back to licking the incredible ass that was laid out before him. He ran his tongue all around Jake's quivering hole, and then he'd hold his tongue out and run it from as far down as he could reach, up to Jake's balls, then repeat again and again. He did this for about two or three minutes, then he stopped at the pulsing hole and just clamped his mouth over it and started tongue fucking it; trying to slam his tongue in as far as it would go. Jake moaned really loudly and I moaned right along with him. The master pussy eater was at work on one the two sweetest asses ever created by God and I wasn't going to miss a moment.

Sean was really in his zone now and was just eating Jake's ass out for everything he was worth. He would stick his tongue in and fuck him with it a few moments then he'd just start licking all around Jake's ass, then back to tongue fucking him. Jake and I were panting and moaning; Jake just louder than me. Sean kept this up for about fifteen minutes, just going to town on Jake's hot little ass. When he finally pulled his head out, Jake's ass was soaking wet and Sean's face was almost as wet. Sean looked over at me and grinned.

"Fuckin' tasty as hell. Lube?"

I jumped up and grabbed the lube out of my bag and brought it back to Sean. He put a glob on his index finger and set the tube on the floor next to his left knee. He leaned his face back in and took a few more tongue swipes of Jake's exposed ass then pulled back and stuck his greasy, left index finger up to the waiting hole. He ran his finger around the edge a couple of times then stuck his finger in all the way. Jake moaned and whimpered. Sean left his finger buried to the hilt for a few seconds then slowly pulled back out to the first knuckle. He wiggled his finger a couple of times then slid it right back in. He did this five times, then he buried his finger back in and started wiggling it around and then turning it back and forth a few times while sliding in and out. On the fifth time he added his middle finger and just shoved both fingers in to the hilt. Jake moaned loudly and whimpered again.

"Oh fuck, Sean, finger my hole. That feels sooooo good."

Sean ran his two fingers in and out of Jake's ass for about a minute then pulled out and grabbed the lube. He squirted some more onto Jake's hole, and adding a third finger, began sliding them back into Jake's hungry ass. He had a little trouble getting all three fingers in, but finally managed and just started twisting and finger fucking Jake's sweet ass. I knew he was getting him ready and I just sat on my haunches, watching, moaning and filming every second of it from about three feet away. Sean worked his fingers in and around Jake's hole for about two or three minutes then pulled them out. I pulled a t-shirt out of my bag and handed it to Sean. He smiled at me and wiped his fingers off. He dropped the shirt, grabbed the tube of lube and just held it against Jake's open hole and squirted a glob of it out. He then held the tube over his hard cock and squirted another glob out onto the head. He dropped the tube on the floor and grabbed his cock with this right hand and rubbed the lube around his entire cock. He grabbed the shirt again and wiped his hand off, then stood up looking at Jake lying on the bed.

"You ready to take this like a man, Marine?"

"Oh fuck yeah, give me that big fuckin' cock. I wanna feel you inside me."

Sean grabbed his cock and aimed it at Jake's waiting hole. He lined up and rested the head right at Jake's opening, and then started moving his cock around in circles, spreading the lube around. After about five circles he stopped, lined up with Jake's hole again. He applied a little pressure and the head slipped in. Jake and I both moaned. Sean pulled back out again, waited about five seconds then lined up again. He was teasing poor Jake. He slipped his head in again and held it for a few seconds. He did this five or six times before Jake couldn't stand it any longer.

"Stop fucking around and slide that fucker in my ass, fuck stick!"

I laughed at the context of fuck stick. Sean looked at me and gave me an evil grin. He turned back to Jake and just leaned his hips forward, sliding his whole cock into Jake's ass in one slow thrust. Jake screamed out.

"FUCK!! Goddamn, boy, that's not nice! It's like having a pole shoved up your ass!"

"Hey, you said to slide it in, so I did; quit your bitchin'."

With that he pulled his cock back out to the head and let it rest there a moment, flexing it, then slid right back in, going balls-deep. Jake let out another loud moan.

"Goddman you! Let it sit there a minute so my ass can adjust."

"OK... I'm sorry, that was mean; I won't do it again. Tell me when you're ready and I'll take it easy on you." Jake just nodded his head. After about a minute he looked up at Sean.

"OK, but take it easy for a minute, will ya?"

Sean looked down at him and smiled. "Thought you said you were gonna take it like a Marine?"

"Fuck you! You try having that big fucker shoved in your ass and see if you take it like a man. Just take it easy for a few then you can make yourself happy, OK?"

"I'm sorry, baby; I'm just fuckin' you, er, fucking with you. I'll be nice from now on."

"Yeah, whatever... Just start slow, OK?"

Sean smiled down at Jake then pulled his cock back to the head, then immediately pushed back in, only this time going really slowly. When he bottomed out, he looked at Jake. "Better?"

"Yeah... Do it again; felt kinda good."

Sean pulled back out to the head once again, and then slid right back in, still taking it easy on Jake's poor ass. He set a rhythm of this for about five minutes, just slowing fucking himself in and out of Jake's ass. I stood up and walked to the other side of bed, by Jake's head, and started filming from there. Sean looked up at me and gave me a cheesy grin, then started fucking Jake a little harder, while reaching down to put his hands on the back of Jake's thighs. Jake started moaning and whimpering, while reaching behind him and grabbing my cock to stroke. Sean was fucking Jake's ass like a well oiled machine, just pumping in and out, bottoming out every time, but not really slamming into him. After about five minutes of this, he let go of Jake's thigh with his left hand and brought it back kind of hard on Jake's ass, slapping him. Jake yelped and Sean looked at me and grinned. He gave Jake's ass another good slap then grabbed his ankles and pulled his legs wider apart. I leaned forward to get a better view with the camera and Jake reached his head up and took a swipe of my balls with his tongue. I shivered but kept filming the action at his ass. About five minutes later Sean pulled out of Jake and looked up at both of us.

"You're gonna have to move, baby. Jakey, slide up on the bed; I need more leverage."

I stood up and backed away from the bed, still holding the camera pointed at them. Jake lowered his legs and then turned and slid up to the head of the bed, resting his head on a pillow. He brought his legs back up and grabbed behind his knees again, sticking his ass back up, waiting for Sean to plow back into him. Sean got up on the bed and got up right on Jake's ass, resting on his knees and just slipped his cock right back in. He grabbed Jake's ankles and just started thrusting in and out of Jake's ass while sitting on his knees. I stood at the side of the bed, pointing the camera down at the action taking place before me. After about five more minutes of fucking in this position, Sean leaned forward while moving his legs out behind him and was leaning over Jake while his cock was impaled in Jake's ass. He started fucking Jake hard and fast, the bed bouncing and Jake moaning and whimpering.

"Oh God... Oh God, Sean... Fuck yeah, fuck my ass. Oh God, that feels so good; fuck my ass!"

Like me, Sean never had to be told twice to fuck, he just started slamming into Jake's abused hole, pulling out to the head of his cock and then slamming right back in again. Poor Jake was practically folded in half, Sean's cock buried in his ass, being slammed into the headboard over and over. I was walking around the bed trying to film from different angles; my favorite being from behind, watching Sean's incredible ass flexing and his big cock slamming in and out of Jake's ass. Sean continued fucking Jake in this position for about eight to ten minutes, then he got back on his knees, pulling Jake back down with him; never pulling his cock out. He buried his cock balls-deep in Jake's ass and just held it there for a few moments. I was wondering if he was shooting his load, but I hadn't heard the usual cussing and groaning that usually accompanied one of Sean's orgasms. Sean had actually been really quiet during this whole thing, which was unusual in itself; the only sound being heavy breathing and grunting.

Sean pulled his cock out, waited about three seconds then shoved it back in again. Jake groaned and yelped.

"Oh fuck! Do that again! It's fuckin' awesome!"

Sean pulled out all the way and did it again about six more times, Jake grunting and saying `fuck' each time. Sean then set up a nice, smooth rhythm going back to just fucking Jake's ass, smoothly, but still bottoming out with each down stroke. After a couple of minutes he leaned over Jake while fucking him and started making out with him. While they were making out and fucking I took the opportunity to bend down and grab the lube and squirted some onto Sean's hole. He squealed a little but kept fucking and kissing Jake. I dropped the tube and used my left index finger to lube up Sean's hole; while still holding the camera with my right hand. I finger fucked Sean's ass for a couple of minutes while they continued to fuck; Sean pressing his ass against my hand with every up stroke. I pulled my finger out when Sean pulled off Jake's mouth and I went and stood on the side of the bed to film some more action. Sean had Jake's legs in his hands; holding them up in the air while he continued to fuck him. Sean had set up a nice smooth rhythm again, just fucking Jake's ass, while looking down at him through his spread legs. I thought of reaching in and giving Jake a hand with his dripping cock, but decided he shouldn't cum yet, he needed to get payback on Sean for the hard fucking he was enduring.

I could tell by the look on Sean's face that he was getting close, and he just kept fucking, never changing the pace or the rhythm. He lasted about five more minutes, and then started just slamming into Jake's ass, making them both yelp and grunt.

"Oh fuck!! I'm gonna fuckin' cum, Jakey!! Here it comes, baby! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Arrrrggghhhh!!!" With that, he slammed balls-deep into Jake's abused hole and just opened up the gates. I watched his body convulse and tense as his orgasm took hold of him. He was panting and moaning loudly. "Take my fucking load, boy!! Arrrrggggghhhh! FUCK!!!"

I was down on my knees filming, moving the camera back and forth between their faces and where their bodies were joined. It was better than any porn flick I'd ever watched. I wanted to grab my cock and start jacking off but I wanted to wait and see what else happened.

Sean's orgasm finally subsided and he just stayed there, balls-deep in Jake and started coming off his high. Jake was just looking up at him with a kind of wonder on his face and then a slight grin formed on his lips. Sean was standing straight up on his knees, his sexy body covered in sweat, looking down at Jake, panting. After a few moments, he grinned and then pulled his dripping cock out. He leaned down and gave Jake a sweet, warm kiss then pulled back up. He looked over at me and grinned at the camera. He then sat back on his haunches and looked at his surroundings for a few seconds. When he turned and looked back to Jake, Jake looked up, grinned really big then pulled his right leg up and swung it over Sean's head. He rolled off the bed right in front of me, leaned down, kissed me, and then turned around to Sean. He pulled his left hand back and slapped Sean's ass kind of hard.

"Get on your fucking hands and knees; now, boy!" Sean laughed. "What? You think I'm joking? Get on your fucking hands and knees. Better yet, get on your arms and knees and stick that ass out. It's my turn, motherfucker." Sean turned and looked at me. I just shrugged my shoulders.

"What? You afraid you can't get as good as you give? I believe the man told you to assume the position." I grinned back at him. Jake looked at me and gave me a huge smile.

"What the fuck? You think I'm gonna let you fuck me?"


I looked at Sean. "It's only fair, baby, you just fucked him like a dog; I think he deserves a shot at that fine ass of yours. Besides, you think I was just finger fucking you for the fun of it? You're ready to go. Get on your arms and knees. And don't forget to arch your back."

Sean just turned his head back and forth looking at both of us. "Oh fuck... You're gonna take your revenge out on my ass, aren't ya?"

Jake just smiled at him. "Assume the position."

Sean rolled his eyes and then got down on his arms and knees, sticking his ass up in the air and moving it side to side. Jake reached up and slapped it hard.

"Oooowwwww! Motherfucker; I didn't say nothin' `bout slappin' my ass! Just get up here and let's get this over with."

"Ahhhhhh. The big, tough Marine worried he's gonna get hurt by little ole me?"

"Just shut the fuck up and stick that pencil dick in. You ain't big `nuff to hurt me."

Jake turned and grinned at me. He then reached down and grabbed the lube and slathered his cock up really good with it. He climbed up onto the bed and stood behind Sean. He grabbed the tube and lined it up with Sean's hole, squeezing really hard on the tube, dumping a huge load of lube on Sean's asshole. Jake then tossed the tube behind him over his shoulders and reached up with two fingers, scooped up a big glob of lube and shoved his fingers into Sean's ass.

"FUCK, DUDE!! Take it easy; almost virgin ass here; damn!"

Jake laughed and looked over at me. "Virgin ass? How many times have you fucked him, Mikey?"

"I don't keep count, but I'd guess about fifteen or twenty." I smiled at Jake.

Jake slapped Sean's ass again. "That's for fuckin' lyin' to me."

"You slap my fuckin' ass again and I'll rip your little dick off and shove it down your throat. Get on with this." Sean looked over at me and grinned and winked.

Jake pulled his fingers out of Sean, and then, while on his left knee and his right forward, foot flat on the bed, lined his cock up with Sean's hole and just pushed all the way in, grunting out when he hit bottom.

"FUCK!!! Give me some fuckin' warning next time!"

"Like you did to me? What? You can't handle my `little dick'? Thought you said I wasn't big enough to hurt ya?"

"Fuck you! Just start fuckin'."

Jake laughed then pulled his cock out of Sean's ass. He then grabbed it with his right hand and slapped it on Sean's hole a couple of times. Sean groaned. Jake lined up again and slid his cock back in balls-deep. Not really fast, but steady and strong.

"Fuck... You enjoyin' yourself, motherfucker?"

"Yep. Now shut up and take it like a man."

Jake pulled his cock out to the head then slid right back in again. They both grunted when Jake hit bottom. Jake repeated this five more times and then bottomed out and stayed there, flexing his cock inside Sean's ass. Sean groaned. I walked over behind them to catch the action from the rear; this could be kind of fun to watch. Jake pulled his cock all the way out again then just thrust right back in. Sean grunted and groaned. `Fuck, dude...' Jake pulled back out to the head; made his cock jump a couple of times then slid it back home. He did this six or seven times then let go of his dick and grabbed Sean's hips. He started thrusting into Sean, burying himself every time, over and over again for about three or four minutes. I leaned forward on the bed and stuck the camera up under Jake's ass to get a bird's eye view of the action. I could see it through the viewfinder and it was fucking hot as hell watching Jake's cock slide in and out of Sean's ass, his balls slapping into Sean's. Jake fucked him like this for another two or three minutes then pulled out. I pulled the camera away and walked to the side of the bed to resume filming. Jake was slapping his cock on Sean's ass cheek when I resumed filming. He looked over at me and grinned really big. I knew what was coming before Sean did. Jake pulled his right hand back and slapped Sean's ass again.

"Motherfucker! What'd I tell you `bout slappin' my ass?"

"Quit yer bitchin'! I was just keepin' it warmed up." He slapped his ass again and then rubbed around the spot he'd slapped. Sean just shook his head. "OK, since you don't like me slappin' your ass, then roll over on to your back. I can't slap your ass from that position as easily. It is kinda hard to resist though. Mike's right; you have a fine ass, boy!"

"'bout fuckin' time you noticed. Nah, this position is fine; I don't want you smashin' my fuckin' balls while fuckin' me on my back. Get back to work, pencil dick."

After hearing that, Jake lined up with Sean's hole and just slammed home. Sean grunted really loud but didn't say anything or complain. I don't think Jake knew, but I did, that Sean loved to be fucked hard. He also really loved having his ass slapped but would never ask Jake to do it; he had to figure it out on his own. Jake pulled his cock all the way back out then slammed home again, this time staying buried deep inside Sean's ass. He made his cock jump several times while he was in there then pulled back out and did it all again. I was glad I was getting all of this on video; it would be the hottest porn flick I'd ever watched.

After playing around a few minutes Jake got down to business and started really going to town on Sean's ass. He was using his usual steady, smooth rhythm, but adding a few twists and turns while he was at it. Jake kept fucking Sean's ass like this for about eight or ten minutes. Sean was moaning like a cheap whore and panting like a dog. I knew he loved it as much as Jake was. Jake finally stopped, pulled his cock out of Sean's overheated ass then looked over at me and grinned. He then pulled his left leg forward so he was on both feet, straddling Sean's ass. He grabbed his cock and pushed it down a little, lining it back up with Sean's eager hole. He swirled the head of his cock around a few times then sunk it back home. Sean and I both moaned. Jake fucked him like this for a few minutes, slapping his ass every other time when he'd pull up. Sean was just moaning and whimpering. I think Jake caught on to it when Sean let an `oh fuck yeah' slip out when Jake slapped his ass one time. Jake continued fucking Sean in this position for another five minutes or so then just pulled out and stood straight up on the bed, looking down at Sean.

"Lance Corporal! Get on your fucking back, Marine!! Do it now!!" I heard Sean giggle once, and apparently Jake did too. He reached down and slapped Sean's ass kind of hard. "I said do it now, motherfucker!" Sean reached behind him and rubbed his ass a couple of times then rolled over on to his back and looked up at Jake with an evil grin.

"Pull your goddamn legs up to your chest, Marine!" Jake then snapped his fingers a couple of times. "Let's go!"

Sean smirked then pulled his legs up, grabbing under his knees and thrusting his ass up at Jake. Jake looked down at him and smiled, then lowered himself down on his knees, lining himself up with Sean's ass. When he got in a comfortable position, he lined his cock back up with Sean's hole and just sunk it home. Sean and I both grunted and groaned. Jake pulled back out to the head and then sunk back in him again, bottoming out and making them both grunt. Jake stayed buried in Sean for a few moments then started fucking him with regular, powerful strokes, going balls-deep on every down thrust. I was standing at the head of the bed, next to Sean's head and filming while jacking my own cock. Watching Jake's powerful hips thrusting into Sean's hot ass was a sight I'd never thought I'd get to see; it was fucking amazing to watch. Jake was just steadily fucking Sean's ass, using every inch available to him and making Sean and I both moan at the same time. Sean reached up with his right hand and grabbed the side of Jake's ass and tried to pull him in deeper on each thrust.

"Oh fuck yeah... Fuck my hungry ass, dude! I can feel your cock sliding along my ass; it feels fuckin' awesome... Oh hell yeah, baby, fuck me..."

Jake never broke stride or concentration; he just kept fucking Sean in that steady, powerful rhythm of his. It was an incredible sight to behold; my two hot Marines, naked and fucking, both of them so into it. I was getting closer to busting with every one of Jake's thrusts. Jake continued fucking Sean for another ten minutes before he announced that he was ready to unload. I was there first though, and just started jacking my cock over Sean's head, aiming it at Jake's chest and I cut lose.

"Oh fuck me!! Here it is, baby!! Arrrggghhh...! "I started shooting all over Jake's chest, and then I held my dick straight up so the load would come straight down onto Sean's chest and stomach.

"Oh fuck yeah!! Go baby! Cum all over me; fuckin' A, dude!!"

Sean was saying this while looking up under my balls and watching me unload on him and Jake. At the same time Jake started unloading into Sean's ass.

"Oh fuck... oh fuck... I'm fuckin' cummin'!! Oh God, oh fuck yeah..."

Jake shot the first two volleys into Sean's ass before he pulled out and jacked his next four onto Sean's chest and stomach, matching them up with mine. We were all panting and moaning, and Sean just had a huge grin on his face watching Jake and I bust all over him. I was trying to catch this whole thing with the camera but was having a difficult time keeping it steady. Jake and I finally finished our orgasms and were both panting and looking at each other, smiling. Sean was below us, just caught up in the whole cum bath and grinning like an idiot.

Sean spoke first. "That was fucking hot as fuck, guys. Do it again!" Then he laughed.

I looked down at Sean and just rolled my eyes. "Yeah right, baby, you do it again; I'm outta fluid."

He laughed again. While I was looking at Sean I looked a little further down and noticed he was rock hard again, as usual. I had an idea. I handed the camera to Jake.

"Here baby, take this and start filming." I reached down and scooped up some of our jizz and then wrapped my hand around Sean's cock and started stroking it. He moaned.

"Oh hell yeah, baby. Jack my fuckin' big cock; I can add to my treat."

I grinned down at him and just kept jacking his cock. I would've started sucking on it but I remembered it had been buried in Jake's ass and I didn't feel like that particular taste at the moment. I just kept jacking Sean's cock for all I was worth, twisting and pulling while I was stroking him off. It only took him about three minutes to produce another nice load. No wonder he was horny all of the time; he had a factory in his balls producing baby batter. He gave me a warning and I just started using my thumb and index finger on the head of his cock, waiting for him to blow.

"Oh fuck yeah; I love it when you do that. Get ready, baby, here it comes! Fuck yeah!"

He started shooting, the first volley landing right under his chin, followed closely by the second one landing on his chest. I just kept massaging the head of his cock with my fingers and another load shot out and landed on his sternum, laying a bead down to his belly button. The next one came out and landed right in his belly button, leaving a small bead on his blond, fuzzy treasure trail. The last one shot out and joined the other on his treasure trail. I then fisted his cock a couple of times to milk out all he had to give. He moaned really loudly and then belched-out one last glob that ran down the side of his cock, over my fingers, stopping in his pubes. I let go of his cock and looked down at him. He grinned up at me. I then looked over at Jake and found myself staring into the lens of a camera; Jake grinning from ear to ear behind it. I smiled at Jake.

"And... Cut!" They both laughed.

Sean jumped in. "No! Not yet. Keep filmin', Jakey."

He used his right hand, and starting at his balls, put his fingers in the cum and started moving it around his body; rubbing the cum into his skin. He ran his right hand all over his stomach and chest, rubbing and spreading the cum all around, and switching from looking at us and the camera to watching what he was doing. He skin was glowing from the jizz he was spreading around himself, and his right hand was milky white from the cum on it. He was having a really good time doing this, making sure he got his nipples all wet and sticky, then back down to his pubes, then all over his stomach. When he finally had all the cum rubbed into his skin he looked at the camera and gave a sexy smile to it. He looked up at Jake.

"Give the camera back to Mike, please." Jake handed the camera to me. "Now come here, sexy boy."

I jumped off the bed and kneeled down on the floor next to Sean's head. Jake lay down on top of Sean and they started kissing slowly and passionately. Sean wrapped his arms around Jake's back and held him close while they continued to kiss. It was probably the hottest scene I'd witnessed all afternoon; and there'd been some incredible ones. They just lay there making out with each other for about five minutes, panting and moaning into each other's mouths. I could tell Jake had just let go and was giving Sean one of his soul kisses and it was incredible to watch from my vantage point. When the kiss was over, Jake lifted his head up a few inches and just stared into Sean's eyes. Sean looked at him and smiled.

"Thank you, Jakey. That was incredible... I love you."

"I love you too; always and forever."

Jake smiled at Sean then laid his head down next to Sean's and just sighed and relaxed. I turned the camera off and laid it down. This was an incredibly personal moment and didn't need to be taped. I got up off the floor and picked up the lube and the t-shirt that were on the floor, dumping the empty lube in the trash and putting the shirt on the chair I'd sat on. I went around and picked up all the clothes and set everything on the floor in front of the chair, grabbed a robe out of the bathroom and headed out to the balcony. I wanted them to have this time alone together.

I guessed it had been about twenty minutes when I heard them in the living room. I was standing on the balcony, having a smoke, looking out at the city when the door opened behind me. Sean walked up behind me, grabbed the cigarette out of my hand and took a drag on it, then handed it back and pulled me into his arms from behind.

"Hey baby... You feel good. You OK? Why're you out here all by yourself?" Sean whispered in my ear.

"Mmmmm. You feel good too; wet though. I'm great. Just watchin' the city and giving you guys some time together. How `bout you; you OK?"

"I'm fuckin' great, baby. There's nothin' like hot, sweaty man-sex then a nice hot shower to fix ya up. It was fuckin' incredible. I was thinkin' in the shower, wondering why I've been holding back for so long with Jake. I'm really glad we did that; it was amazing."

"It was. At least it was to watch it." I thought about what he'd said for a moment. "I think you guys needed to do that finally. I think you've been holding back from Jake because you were afraid it would change things between you. And it has, but it will be a good change; just go with it and don't over-think it like I would."

Sean smirked. "I agree. And I won't analyze the fuck out of it either, like some people we all know."

He released me, stood beside me, snatched the cigarette out of my hand and took another drag off it. He didn't give it back, but walked away about five feet and looked out over the city, smoking my cigarette; standing there in nothing but boxer briefs. He looked damn good too.

"Hey, fuck stick; that's my smoke you've got."

He laughed. "Get your own; this one's mine."

Jake had walked out onto the balcony to join us. He looked at me and smiled. Then he walked over to me, reached into the pocket of my robe and pulled out the lighter and pack of smokes. He lit one up and stuck it in my mouth.

"There you go, baby; that big bully steal yours?" We all laughed.

"He did, the little fucker. Thank you."

I pulled Jake into my side and he slipped his arm around my waist. We were all just standing there looking out over Berlin. I turned my head to Jake.

"So can I assume we've finally come full circle? We're all where you wanted us to be; three couples but one threesome?"

Jake got a huge grin on his face. "Mmm hmm." Then he thought for a few seconds and looked over at me. "This is how it was always supposed to be, Michael; this is what I was trying to tell you that night in the living room. You understood most of it, but blondie over there is a slow learner. We are all connected; we are a true family and nothing can ever come between us or separate us now. We all love each other completely and totally, without reservation or doubt, and that's how it was meant to be."

I looked at Jake and winked at him and smiled. There was a warm breeze blowing and the sun was right over-head. It was a beautiful day in the city that had once seen such chaos and destruction. We both looked over at Sean and he was standing there watching us; a warm smile on his face. He turned back around to look out, Jake and I walking up beside him; me in the middle with my arms around my two men; all of us one.

The End.

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