Chapter 2: Down to Business

It was early Sunday evening that I'd left Jake at the train station. I got checked into the hotel later on and tried to get settled in; tried not to think of Jake. It wasn't working very well. Around eight that evening I went down to the hotel restaurant and had dinner and then returned to my room. I threw myself into my work, hoping it would keep my mind occupied, and it worked fairly well for a couple of hours. It was a little past eleven when I finally decided I needed to go to bed and get some sleep. I stripped down, turned out the lights and got into bed. I lay there for about thirty minutes just replaying the train trip and my six hours with Jake in my head.

Thinking about all the emotional stuff wasn't getting me anywhere, so I started thinking of how sexy Jake is; the bulge in his jeans, the curve of his ass, his sensual lips. I started getting hard, so I began rubbing my hard cock through the bed covers, thinking it was Jake's hard cock I was rubbing through his jeans. I was rubbing my cock with my right hand while playing with my nipples with my left. It was starting to feel really good. I threw the bed covers back and took hold of my straining dick with my hand and started stroking. I imagined it was Jake's cock that I was stroking and I started really getting into it. I'd stroke my cock, then play with my balls, then stroke my cock some more, all the while pinching and rubbing my nipples. My breath had started to become ragged and I began moaning; my cock was oozing pre-cum all the while. I swiped some pre-cum up with my finger and brought to my lips. I sucked the clear fluid off my fingers imagining it was Jake's. Mmmmm... I then went back to stroking my rigid cock and after about ten more strokes I busted a beautiful nut all over my chest and stomach. Ah, sweet release. I lay there panting and finally feeling relaxed enough to get to sleep. I didn't want to wake myself up by getting up to clean myself off, so I just used my hand and rubbed the cum all over my torso. I licked my fingers clean, grabbed the other pillow, hugging it to me, rolled over and fell asleep.

I awoke the next morning to the sound of a phone ringing. I looked at the clock and it read six. I answered the phone and heard the recorded wake up message. Not listening to the whole message, I just hung the phone back up and lay there on my back staring at the ceiling. I had an eight o'clock meeting so I knew I needed to get my ass up and get my day started, but I just laid there and started thinking about Jake again. This wasn't getting me anywhere, so I finally got up and realized I was kind of sticky all over. It had seemed like such a good idea last night, but waking up with my chest hair all matted and sticky in the light of day, I began to question it. I headed to the bathroom, drained my bladder and jumped in the shower.

After cleaning up and dressing I headed down to have a quick breakfast and get some coffee in me. I was in the car and headed to my meeting by seven thirty. The meeting started right on time and I spent two long, boring hours in that conference room trying to convince these people that I could save their company, and most of the jobs within it. The meeting broke up a little after ten, without a clear indication of success, and I called for my driver and headed out the front door. While I was waiting for the car to show up I realized this whole thing might take longer than I had first thought. First of order business was to rent a car. I hate being a passenger in a car, and having to rely on someone else for a ride was not what I had in mind.

The driver dropped me off at the front of the hotel and I walked in to find the concierge.  I asked him if there was a place nearby that I could hire a car. He told me there were two car hire agencies within a three block radius. I thanked him and headed up to my room to get rid of my briefcase and laptop. After hitting the bathroom for a little relief, I headed back down to the lobby, stopped to ask the concierge which way to the car hire and walked out to the street. I found the first car rental in less than a minute and went in to ask what they had available. I almost laughed when she told me they had a Mercedes E-Class turbo Diesel. I told her I'd take it. We did all the paperwork and she showed me out to the car. I got in the car and fired it up. Maybe the E-Class hadn't been such a good idea, it made me think of Jake again. I had to get over him. I'd never see him again and thinking about him constantly was affecting me. I started to wonder if that's why my meeting hadn't gone well, I wasn't concentrating; I wasn't in my game.

I left the car rental lot and just started driving around town trying to get my bearings and make note of places to eat, places to see and areas to explore further. After driving around for about an hour I found a little mom and pop restaurant that looked kind of inviting so I pulled in. I had a terrific lunch and felt a little better about the day. There's nothing like a good meal to get your head back on straight. I got back in the car and drove around a little more, all the while working my way back to my hotel. I was starting to get sleepy, having had only five and a half hours' sleep and being really full, and it seemed like a perfect time to go back to my room a catch a nap.

I was sleeping peacefully when I heard the damn phone ringing again. I hadn't left a wake-up call, so I grabbed the phone, still half dazed, wondering who the hell was calling. I said hello in English and was met with a couple seconds of silence. Then the voice on the other end identified himself, in German, as the owner of the company I had just been in the meeting with. I was awake instantly and apologized for being gruff. He laughed it off and then asked me if I'd be willing to meet with him again, in private, for a dinner meeting. I told him I would be glad to and suggested we have dinner in my hotel room so we would be assured of privacy. He agreed and we decided on seven o'clock. I gave him my room number and when we rang off I jumped up and headed in to take another shower. I needed to be more awake and better prepared this time.

Five minutes before seven I heard the knock on my door and went and answered it. We greeted each other and I waved him into the room. I had already had room service bring up drinks and something to nibble on, so I offered him a drink and asked him to have a seat. I asked him if he'd like to order dinner now or later, and we both decided to put the order in now. We ordered our food and then we got straight down to business. He said that he hadn't liked the way our earlier meeting had gone, and wanted to discuss things with me without the lawyers and everyone else present. I told him I agreed, and to please tell me what he had in mind. We sat across from each other hammering out details, and around seven thirty there was a knock on the door. Room service was there with our food. The waiter left the tray; I signed the check and tipped him, then sat down to dinner with my guest. I had just taken my second bite of food when the phone rang. I excused myself and picked up the phone.

"Guten Abend." I said into the phone, remembering to say it in German.

"Mike?" His voice. Oh man, his voice!

"Jake!! How are you?"

"I'm fine. Is it OK that I called you? Is this a good time?"

"It's great, but hold on for just a second. I want to go to a different room."

I looked over at my guest, "Please accept my apologies for this, but I absolutely have to take this call. Will you excuse me for a couple of minutes, please?"

He looked up from his food and said to take my time, he was enjoying his dinner. I put the phone back to my ear.

"Jake, I'm gonna put you on hold for just a second while I walk to the bedroom. I'll be right back."

He chuckled. "OK."

I practically ran to the bedroom and snatched the phone up.

"Jake! You there?"

"Yeah, I'm here. Did you sprint, you sound winded?"

"Kinda. Sorry about that."

He chuckled. "No problem." There was a four or five second pause. "I'm sorry if I'm interrupting something."

"No Jake, not at all. I'm having a business dinner with the guy whose company I'm trying to buy. We were just shoving food in our faces, so don't worry about it.  He seems happy with his food, so let him eat; I'd rather talk to you."

Long pause again. "OK." Long pause. "How are you?"

"I'm good; how are you, Jake?"

"I'm OK." He said, then quiet.

I paused. "I lied, Jake; I'm not good at all. I can't concentrate. It took me forever to get to sleep last night. All I do is think about you... I'm sorry if that makes you uncomfortable, but I have to be honest with you."

I heard him expel his breath like he'd been holding it. "Oh man..." Then silence again.

"Jake? Jake, are you alright?"

"No, but I'm a little better right now."

"What's wrong, Jake? Talk to me, please!" I pleaded.

More breath expelled from him. "This is the fourth time I've dialed your hotel. Every time the phone would start to ring I'd hang up. I didn't know what to say. I didn't know if you really wanted to hear from me again." He sounded like he was holding back a sob. My heart wrenched.

"Oh Jake, you have no idea how happy you made me by going through with this call. Believe me, if I'd known how to get a hold of you I would've called you last night while I was trying to get to sleep. I can't believe I'm hearing your voice again..."



"I...I...I need to see you. I can't get away tonight, but can we meet for dinner or something tomorrow after I get off my duty shift?"

"Oh God, of course, baby; name the time and place."

Did I just say baby to him out loud? I guess I did.

Pause again. He heard me; uh oh.

"Would your hotel be OK? We could have dinner together and talk, if that's alright with you."

"That would be great, Jake. What time do you get off your duty shift?"

"At 1700. Oh, sorry... At five o'clock."

I chuckle. "It's OK, I know military time. Do you know the hotel I'm at? Do you need me to send a car for you?"

"No, that's OK; I know the hotel you're at. I actually looked it up on the computer today at work. It turns out its only five kilometers from here. I can take the bus into town. I should be able to be there by 1730; uh, five thirty."

"1730 it is. Are you sure you want to take the bus? I can send a car. Hell, I can come and get you myself."

"No, don't do that. The bus is fine."

He expels more breath. Under different circumstances this could really turn me on, listing to him breathing heavily.

"OK, bus it is. I'll expect you around 1730 hours."

He's expelling another breath he's been holding.

"Jake, are you sure you're OK?"

Pause. "Yeah, I'm OK. A little nervous and kinda scared, but basically OK."

"Oh man... You're scaring me now. Are you sure you don't want to come over now? I can have this guy outta here in thirty seconds flat."

"No! Sorry. No, that's not necessary. I'll be OK. This was just kind of a nerve wracking call to make. I'll be OK, I promise. I doubt I'll sleep any tonight, but I'll be all right. Don't worry about me." He didn't sound so sure of himself.

It was my turn to expel my breath. "I doubt either one of us gets any sleep tonight. And I will worry about you, but that's my problem, not yours. Try and get some sleep and I will see you tomorrow at 1730. Oh, my room number is 901. I guess you just asked the front desk for me by name, but that's my room number. Nine- Zero- One."

"Got it." Pause. "Mike?"

"Yeah Jake?"

The longest pause yet. "Thank you."

"Oh man... You're welcome, but I don't know what for..."

"For being there when I called." He says, barely above a whisper.

He just succeeded in wrenching my heart right out of my chest.

"Always Jacob... Always!"

"Goodnight Mike..."

"Goodnight Jacob..."

I heard the click of the connection breaking and my heart went with it. I just sat on the edge of bed trying to decide if I should cry or jump up and touch the ceiling. I was going to see him again! I don't even know at what point I'd fallen in love with this man, but there wasn't a single doubt in my mind that I had. I've been in love before, but never had I felt it so powerfully and profoundly.

I tried pulling myself together enough to go back out to my dinner. I went in the bathroom and washed my face, trying to hide the fact that I'd had tears streaming down it for the last ten minutes. I felt I'd done all I could do and walked back out to my guest.

I'd been on the phone with Jake for about ten minutes I discovered. I ate my cool dinner, but really didn't give a damn. We finished our business meeting, agreeing to meet again the following day, same time, same channel, to get the lawyers and accountants back in the game. We had ironed out and agreed on most of the details and the final cost. After I saw my guest to the door, I closed it and turned around, leaning against it. Then it hit me. My business would be finished in the next two days. I couldn't leave Germany. Not now; definitely not now. Fuck it, if I had to do it to be with Jake, I'd move here. No question about it. With that thought in mind I went and got ready for bed. It had been an emotionally draining evening and I felt exhausted.

I got in bed and starting thinking about the phone call from Jake. He sounded so scared that it scared the hell out of me. I really hoped he would be all right. I was very worried about him, but also so drained and so exhausted that I actually fell asleep.

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