Chapter 5: Long Day's Journey into Night.

I got back into town without getting lost thankfully. I was glad not to have to figure out that stupid satellite navigation screen. I had an IT degree, but just using some stupid wheel to turn the heat on or change a radio station had been daunting, and it seemed like a stupid way to build a car. I couldn't image the tricks involved in getting it to tell me how to get to where I was going. Thinking these things gave me pause for a moment. I hadn't realized how set in my ways and "old school" I had become. Having a 20 year old boyfriend might be more challenging than just in bed. He loved this new, "cool shit". But I am a human male and I am adaptable. I decided right then and there that I was going to learn how to use every aspect of that stupid little wheel before I turned this car back in. I am a stubborn man and I will make that little silver wheel my bitch!

Rambling on in my head about sat-nav and a silver wheel I had missed my turn. Kind of seemed like poetic justice, at least for the car. I turned right at the next street so I could go around the block to get back to the street I wanted; feeling like an idiot the entire time.

While I was trying to make my way to my street I drove past a cell phone store. I pulled up to the curb and parked the car. I needed a new cell phone for Jake and here it was; handy. I walked back the half block to the store and went inside. A cute, young, blond guy walked up to me and asked me, in German, how he could be of assistance. I told him I needed a new mobile phone for my boyfriend. It felt really good saying that. He smiled at me and asked me what my boyfriend was looking for in a phone. Damn good question I thought to myself. I told him I wasn't exactly sure, but that he loved gadgets and touch screens, so he led me over to a cabinet filled with smart phones. He showed me several of them, but I didn't have a smart phone myself, and had never even used one, so I had no idea what the hell I was looking at. He showed me an Apple iPhone 4S. I knew my iPod, and I liked it a lot, plus I remembered everybody and their brother wanted one of these when they came out, so I figured this should work out well. I told him I would take it. I picked out a service plan; we did all the paperwork, ran my credit card, signed several documents, received my new phone and I was out of there in about an hour.

Now that I had accomplished a worthwhile task I felt better. I pulled away from the curb and continued my search back to the street I had originally been aiming for.  A couple of blocks later and I was back where I needed to be. I was actually headed back to the hotel. I wanted out of this damn suit and I needed to call my new business associate and check in with him. I got back to the hotel within five minutes and got the car parked back in the garage, grabbed Jake's new phone and headed upstairs. When I got to the lobby I saw my next door neighbors at the front desk. I really hoped they were checking out, I had a really difficult time looking them in the eye. They spotted me. Damn! I walked up to them, smiling and offered them another good morning and asked if they were out to do some sightseeing. They said no, that they were actually headed to their next destination – Austria. I felt so relieved. I said it had been a pleasure to meet them and wished them bon voyage. As I was walking to the elevator I felt a huge relief. Yeah, go say hi to the Austrian Corporal's home town; just forget you ever met me.

I got back in the room and was stripping my suit off as I walked to the bedroom. I hadn't bothered to notice that the maid was in the room. I'm batting a thousand today. She called out a greeting to me and I about jumped out of my skin. I turned around and saw her behind the bar, apparently restocking it and checking off the bottles of water than had been used. I told her good morning and asked if she had come across a shirt button by chance. She said she hadn't but would keep an eye for it, and where I had I seen it last. I told her it was somewhere on the floor in the bedroom, but I didn't know where because it had shot across the room. She smiled and nodded. I thanked her and then asked her if she needed in the bedroom. She said she would be another five or six minutes in the outer room. I smiled and went into the bedroom and closed the door.

I finished stripping my suit off and hung it back on the hanger. I was still wearing Jake's underwear, and had no intention of taking them off today. I sat down on the bed and pulled his pillow up to my face. I could smell him there; it intoxicated me. I hugged his pillow to my chest for a couple of minutes, just breathing in his scent. I set the pillow back on the bed and took some jeans out of the wardrobe and put them on. I then grabbed a t-shirt and threw it over my head while looking for my tennis shoes. I wanted to be comfortable. I transferred my wallet, keys, comb and change to my jeans pockets and walked out of the bedroom. I told the maid she was free to go in whenever she had the time. She smiled and said thank you. I decided I would go ahead and plug Jake's phone in while I was waiting for her to leave, so I could make my calls in private.

With the maid finally gone and my call completed I drug my laptop out and did a few searches for estate agents in the area. I found three and figured that was enough. I wrote down their addresses and phone numbers. I put my laptop away and went to talk to my first real estate agent. As I was riding down in the elevator I started thinking about buying vs. renting for now. We knew Jake would be in this area for at least another eight months, but after that was up to the Marines. Would they ship him somewhere else? And would they ship him to a war zone where I couldn't follow him; and where I would be terrified all the time he would get hurt or worse? I decided to take a positive track to things and determined buying would be better. Maybe if we bought the house, providence would notice and be kind to us and leave Jake in Sindelfingen. I got to the lobby and headed out the front door.

I found the office and went in. The lady sitting at the front desk asked how she could be of assistance. I told her I was looking for a house to purchase in the area; but not really in the city center. I wanted it a little way out of town. She asked me more questions to determine what kind of house I was looking for. I told her that it was for my boyfriend and me and that he was at work during the week and would only be able to look at the actual properties on the weekend or after five. I told her at this point I just was interested in a seeing a few listings that I could take with me to show him and we could discuss it amongst ourselves. She still wanted me to narrow it down a little more; great. I knew what kind of house I liked, but had no idea of the type of house Jake would like. I told her my likes and wants and we went from there. I would find out more from Jake tonight. She showed me about ten listings on the computer, I picked out five that had caught my attention and she printed the pages out for me. I gave her my name and phone number at the hotel, she gave me her card and the printouts and I left the office. I repeated this same process two more times at the next two offices. By the time I was done it was a little after eleven and I was getting hungry again. I had a folder filled with house listings and stopped at the same brew pub I'd eaten at Tuesday for lunch. It was just a good as the first time and I returned to the hotel full and feeling pretty good about the housing situation.

Once I was back in the room I started making a few phone calls. I needed to tell a few people that I was moving to Germany, particularly the people who helped me run my business interests. Headquarters was now going to be in Sindelfingen and a few people needed to be brought up to speed on how everything was to be handled. I wasn't independently wealthy by a long shot, but I wasn't broke either; and I relied on a few key people to keep the money rolling in. I also called the guy that was house-sitting for me to tell him it would be awhile before I was back. I did need to return to the States fairly soon; I had to figure out what to do about my house and its contents. I also asked him to send me some clothes. I'd brought enough clothes with me for a two week stay, not knowing at the time that it was to become indefinite. When I was finished talking to him I started thinking that I needed to set up a bank account here; it would make things a lot easier. Then it struck me that I already had one; well the business did, I could just open a personal account at the same bank. I needed my cell phone; all the numbers were on it. I decided I'd just call Jake from his new phone and have him look the numbers up for me. That would also serve the purpose of making my phone the first one in his phone book. I grinned to myself.

It took me a couple of minutes just to figure out how to place a call on Jake's new phone, and a couple more to save the number into his contact list. I hit send.

"Hello, Mike Adler's phone." I smiled when I heard him say that.

"Hello Lance Corporal Jacob.  Is Mike there by chance?"

"Mike!! Hi! How are you?" Then really quietly, "I miss you..."

"I miss you too, baby; been thinking about you all day. I'm fine by the way, thanks for asking."

Still quietly, "It's so good to hear your voice."

"It's good to hear yours too. Hey, guess what? I'm calling you from your new phone."

"Really? Cool. What kind is it?"

"It's an Apple iPhone 4S. I hope you like it; I had no idea what kind of phone to get you, but I knew you liked gadgets so I figured this one would be good."

"It's fucking awesome! Man... Thank you! I can't wait to see it."

"You're very welcome, baby. I hope you like it. Listen, I could sit here and talk to you for the rest of day, but this is partly a business call. Sorry. I don't know if it's possible to do while we're on the phone, but if not you can call me back. I need you to look up a number for me on my phone."

"Sure, anything for you... What's the name?"

"It's Deutsche Bank Berlin, and there should also be a name with the entry; Gunter. I need his number please."

"Sure. Hold on a second and I'll see if we can swing this during a call. You need a new phone too, man; this thing is kinda old school."

"Yeah, well I'm kinda old school too. It's actually something I wanted to talk to you about tonight; I was thinking about it earlier."

"OK. Hold on a sec; let me see if I can get you the number."


I heard a bunch of beeps in my ear as he was trying to get to my contacts list and pull the number up. I really expected the call to drop, but a couple of minutes later he was back with the number.

"Thanks, baby. See, even old school phones have a few tricks up their sleeves."

He giggled. "Yeah, and some old school men do too if I remember correctly." Then really quietly, "My balls feel like they've been drained for life. Damn!"

"You are welcome, Sir!" He laughed. "It's been great hearing your voice, baby, but you need to get back to work, and so do I. I will see you at the gate at 1700 sharp. Oh, and I'm still wearing your underwear."

"Oh man... I think my cock just jumped. You're killin' me here. I'll see you tonight. Have a great day. I can't wait to see you."

"You too, Jake. I love you."

Then really quietly, I could barely hear him, "My heart aches for you. Bye Michael." And the connection was broken.

I sat there holding his phone with my heart in my throat. I got up and plugged his phone back in to finish charging and grabbed the land line to call Gunter. I was able to open a personal account, transfer 300,000 Euros to it and have a debit card sent to the hotel all within about fifteen minutes; nothing like having a personal banker. After I finished with Gunter I drug my laptop back out and started looking for a car. I wanted to be able to drive onto the base and this was the only way to make it happen. The idea of making out with Jake in his apartment sent a thrill to my cock. I spent about an hour looking on the computer and found two that I'd like to see. They were both at the same dealer so that worked out great. I left the hotel and jumped in the Kia Benz to go see the cars, remembering to take Gunter's number with me in case I needed a wire transfer.

I found the dealer without too much hassle and pulled in. I parked and headed out to wonder around the lot to see if I could find the two cars. I found one of them after a minute and was looking through the window when a salesman walked up behind me. He spoke to me in German, of course, and asked if he could get the key for me to show me the car. I told him that yes, he could, but there were two cars on their website that I wanted to look at. He smiled big. I quickly told him that I wasn't looking to buy both, but to compare them and choose just one. His smiled dimmed just a little, but he asked me what the other one was. I told him it was a nautical blue '95 S500. The ad said that it only had 37k kilometers on it. He nodded and said it was still available. I told him I would actually like to look and drive that one first. The one I was standing next to was a '97 S320 with 70k on it, and I would rather have the V8 and the lower miles. We walked over to the S500 and he left me to my own devices while he went and got the key.

The car was in beautiful shape; hell it still looked brand new. It was double the price of the 320, at 20k Euros, but it had half the kilometers on it too. I was walking around the car, looking at it from every angle, "kicking the tires" when he came back with the key. I think I'd already made up my mind by then, but I still wanted to drive it. We got in the car and I fired it up. We drove out of the lot and he gave me turn directions as we went along. I guess he had a test drive route that he liked to follow. I wanted to get on the autobahn, and told him so. He pointed me in the right direction. He did ask me why I wanted a 17 year old car when I was driving a brand new one. I told him it was a rental and that S-Class was the only way to travel. He nodded and smiled. We got on the autobahn and got out of town where the speed limit went away. I nailed the throttle to the floor and within seconds we were traveling at 200 KPH. This'll work I decided and let off and started aiming for the next exit to turn around and head back to the dealer. An hour later, after a call to Gunter, I was the proud owner. They wanted to detail the car before I took delivery of it, which worked out fine because I didn't know how to drive two cars at the same time. I had to get the Kia Benz back to the rental agency; so much for learning how to use the sat-nav.

It was now three thirty in the afternoon. I still had a few things to do, including picking up my new car, and be at the base by five. It'd been a hell of a busy day. Tomorrow should be a lot quieter. I was headed back to the hotel and as I passed the cell phone store again I thought fuck it, and headed inside. I saw my cute, blond sales dude and told him I'd take another iPhone for myself. He just grinned big and got me all setup. Twenty minutes later I was back in the room. I grabbed Jake's new phone, leaving mine there, and headed back out the door. I got to the rental agency in just a minute, said good-bye to the Kia Benz and took a taxi to the dealer to pick up my car. 4:20 p.m.; I still had forty minutes to be at the gate. The car was spotless and the gas tank was full. I signed a couple of more papers and got in my "new" car. I had one more stop to make before I went to pick up Jake. I had seen a jewelry store during my excursions around town and I remembered that Jake had told me on the train that he'd broken his watch. I picked out a very nice Omega, had them wrap it up, paid for it with my credit card and headed out the door.

I pulled up to the gate at 4:52 p.m. and asked the sexy blond Marine at the shack where I could park to wait for someone. He pointed to a line of six parking spaces to the right and said I could park there. I pulled around and backed the car in. I knew Jake was expecting to see the Kia Benz, so I wanted to be able to see him walking up so I could get his attention.

I sat in the car with the radio on, my window and the sunroof open, and just watched all the sexy military guys coming and going. I found out that this had once been a Panzer base back during the war and was now the domain of an Army unit, but also had Marines stationed here as well. I was kind of in seventh heaven, with all these hot guys in uniform walking around. I had put Jake's phone on the center console behind the shift lever and had hidden his present next to my door. I didn't want him to see it. I was going to give it to him a little later. The more the clock ticked the more nervous I became, for some reason. I had butterflies in my stomach. Here I am, a 40 year old man, acting like a 16 year old school girl waiting for her quarterback boyfriend to get out of practice. Jesus.

1707. There he is. I almost missed him; I wasn't expecting what I saw. I had thought the dress blues were hot on him, but there he was in desert cammo and I almost came in my jeans. Oh my... Now I understood why I had butterflies in my stomach; there was my quarterback walking toward the gate and I thought I was one lucky, fucking girl. He was looking toward the parking spaces while he was walking to the gate and spotted a Mercedes sitting there with me behind the wheel. He just started laughing and waved to me. I'm sure I blushed, but I didn't care. He checked with the blond hottie at the gate and then walked to the car with a shit eating grin on his face. I smiled back, knowing my face was crimson, while he walked up and pulled the passenger door open.

He leaned his head in the car, smiling. "It's bigger! What did you do, give it some testosterone after lunch?"

"What, are you jealous that you don't get it all?"

"I'd better be the only one gettin' it."

"I can't imagine giving it to anyone else, baby. Throw your backpack in the back seat and get in."

He did so and sat in the seat, grinning. Then he spotted the phone.

"Sweet! Damn, thank you, Mike. I don't know what to say. I wish I could lean over and kiss you."

"Hold on to that thought. You're very welcome. I hope you can figure out the dumb thing, because you're gonna have to teach me. I went back and got one for myself."

He smiled big. "Sweet!" I laughed.

He picked the phone up and turned it around in his hands looking at every angle. Then he swiped his finger across the front to wake it up. "Cool!" I laughed again. He looked at me and winked. "Hey, let me be a kid at Christmas. This is fun." I just smiled at him and nodded. He played with the phone for a few seconds, set it back down, and reached behind him for the seat belt and put it on. "Let's get the fuck outta here."

"Let's roll."

I started the car and pulled out of the parking space; we both waved to the hottie in the guard shack, and I pulled back out on to the road.

"So, nice wheels; what happened to the Kia Benz?"

"I bought this and took the other one back to the rental agency. I wanted my own car, and I wanted one we could get a permit for. I've had this fantasy all day about you, me and your apartment." He chuckled. "Nice outfit by the way. I almost came in your underwear when I spotted you. Damn fine lookin' man!"

"Well be good to my underwear, they have to last you a while longer since I forgot to grab a pair; I'm still wearing your jock. Oh, and I have your phone in my pocket; do you want it?"

"Just keep it until we get to the hotel. I don't need to call anyone; you're right here."

The ten minute ride back to the hotel went by quickly, with us just enjoying each other's company. I pulled into the parking garage and found a place to park. I closed the sunroof and turned the car off. Jake took his seatbelt off and started to open the door.

I grabbed his arm. "Wait..."

He closed the door again and looked at me. Then he bent forward and kissed me. And wow, what a kiss it was. We started moaning into each other's mouths. It wasn't really why I had stopped him from getting out, but it turned into a really great idea. We sat there passionately making out with each other for a good five minutes. I finally pulled back breathless.

"Holy crap, baby! Thank you!"

"You are welcome, Sir!" We both started laughing.

I reached down with my left hand and grabbed the watch, the reason I had actually asked him to wait, and brought it up.

"This fails miserably in comparison to that kiss you just gave me, but I picked up a little something for you. I remembered something you told me during our train journey. With my love..." I handed him the package.

He took the package and then just looked at me, love in his eyes, searching my face. I just smiled at him and nodded towards the box in his hand.

"Go ahead and open it."

He looked back down to the box, and with slightly trembling hands, began to open it. He got the paper off and opened the box and just stared at the watch.

"Oh my God. Holy crap, it's incredible." He looked back to me with tears starting to flow again. I reached up and wiped a tear off his cheek.

"Put it on! Let's see how it looks." I didn't want this turn into something dramatic, it was just a watch. He just looked at me.  I smiled at him. "Go ahead; I wanna see it on your wrist."

He picked the watch up out of the box and slid it over his hand and snapped the band closed. Then he brought it up to eye level and just stared at it again. Uh oh. I acted quickly.

"Looks good!" I grabbed his wrist and brought it closer to me. "Yep, that'll work. The guy at the store said it had a lifetime warranty so don't worry about it getting abused while you're on duty or whatever. And if you need to we can have the band adjusted so it fits your wrist just right." I let go of his arm and reached to open my door. "You ready to go upstairs and get changed? We have dinner plans."

He nodded, still staring at me. I opened my door and got out of the car. He finally opened his door and got out and started walking. I reminded him about his backpack and he opened the back door to retrieve it. He opened the zipper of his pack and put the box in it, and then he put his new phone in his pocket and walked with me to the lobby entrance. There was an open elevator available and we got on it. As soon as the doors closed I found myself with 170 pounds of Marine wrapping himself around me; he was literally clinging to me, sniffling and trying to envelop my body into his own. I just held on tight for the ride.

The elevator stopped and I looked at the lights overhead but it wasn't our floor. A young lady got on and pushed the button for the floor above ours. She was looking at us, especially at Jake because she saw how wet his face was, and asked if he was alright. Jake was still wrapped around me and I told her that he would be fine, and thank you for asking. She nodded and smiled. The elevator stopped at our floor and I told Jake we had to get off the elevator. He finally let go of me and we walked to our room. I opened the door and let him enter ahead of me. He took about five steps and just stopped. I closed the door and walked up behind him and put my arms around his chest, nuzzling his neck.

"I love you. You gonna be OK...?"

He nodded his head and I kissed him on the neck. I drew my arms across his chest and took his shoulders and turned him around to look at me. I reached up to his face and wiped the tears away. I smiled at him and kissed his mouth softly. I pulled back and looked at him again.

"You ready to get changed, or do you want to stay here for awhile?"

He finally spoke. "I don't know what to say... I don't know how to thank you."

"You don't have to say anything. The look in your eyes speaks volumes, and I believe every word they're saying. Baby, it's just a watch; a small token of my love. I wanted you to have a new watch, and there it is. Like I told you in the car, it doesn't hold a candle to the kiss you gave me."

He smiled a little. "That was a great kiss. We need to do that in my apartment to make your fantasy come true."

"I'm looking into the eyes of my ultimate fantasy, but yes, we do need to do that in your apartment. I don't know why, but I think it would just be really hot to make out with you at your place."

He finally smiled big. "It's just a couple of small rooms, no big deal about it. But yeah, I'd like that too."

"The big deal is that they are your rooms, with your stuff in them, and your scent all over the place. Besides, it would kinda give me an inside look into your life; how you live, what you like to surround yourself with.  I'd like that."

"You might need to settle with just my scent, there really isn't much in there. And what do you mean by scent? I smell?"

I smiled at him. "God no, baby, you don't smell. You have a scent, a unique smell that is distinctly you. Think pheromones. You know how an animal can track the scent of another animal, right; well it's the same thing. Humans are just animals. The only thing is this is the first time I've been this aware of another's scent since the first time I was in love."

"So basically I smell good to you, even when I'm dirty and sweaty." He gives me an evil grin.

"Yep, that about covers it. Sometimes dirty and sweaty can be a hell of a turn on; don't discount them."

He laughed. Thank God. I needed to see him laugh.

"Now, even though you look so incredibly hot in that uniform I want you to go change into some civvies so we can go eat dinner. My stomach is grumbling and I've heard yours grumble a couple of times." I spun him around, slapped his ass and pushed him towards the bedroom. He laughed and started walking.

He was finally ready to go and we were soon in the elevator and he took my hand in his and just smiled at me. The doors opened at the lobby and he didn't waver once, just held on to my hand and walked to the front doors. I pulled his hand to follow me when we got outside; I had already picked out a restaurant. Now walking around in Berlin holding hands with another man went completely un-noticed by most people; it seemed to be the gay Mecca of Europe, but I wasn't as sure about a suburb of Stuttgart. I needn't have worried; few took notice of us, and the ones that did usually just smiled at us. We arrived at the restaurant, albeit a little early by European standards, it was only six o'clock. But we had a long evening and an early morning ahead of us and I wanted to get started. Jake let go of my hand when we walked into the restaurant, but it hadn't gone un-noticed by the maître d. He smiled at us and then showed us to a quiet, corner booth. I'd have to tip that man on the way out.

We had a fantastic meal of traditional German food, and spent two hours just talking to each other; it reminded me of our time on the train and I was a happy man. I wanted Jake to just talk about himself; his life, his family, his friends and anything else he could think of. I mixed stories of my own life in with his when appropriate and we had a great time. I discovered that he'd grown up in a small town for the first 16 years of his life, then his mother re-married and they moved to a small farm. His step-dad was a "dick" according to him, but his step-brother had turned out to be a nice guy and into a great friend. I guess his step-brother, Seth, was the only person he's ever told that he thought he was gay. He took it well, Jake said, occasionally calling him cocksucker when they were alone, and then them both laughing. His mother had never worked, always taking care of the family, and then his father when he got sick, so she didn't know how to handle being a widow; hence the fairly fast re-marriage. I also discovered that his favorite activity, outside of the bedroom anyway, was racquetball. He said he learned how to play when he got to high school and spent hours in the gym at school smashing the crap out of that ball against the wall. That went a ways towards explaining his incredibly strong legs and great ass muscles. I told him he would have to teach me so we could play together; just try not to give me a heart attack.

The time had flown by while we were in the restaurant. I was so engrossed in Jake's story I hadn't noticed the passage of time; and when I noticed it was dark outside I was kind of surprised. The waiter had left the check long ago, so I picked it up and asked Jake if he was ready to go. We agreed that we both needed to take a leak first, but yeah, he was ready. I left 60 Euros on the table for a 50 Euro check, thinking our waiter deserved it for losing a second customer because we'd been there so long. We both took care of our bladders and while he was washing his hands I palmed a 10 Euro note. We left the restroom and headed towards the door. The maître d was at his podium, and as we walked by I reached to shake his hand and slipped the bill into his. I thanked him for the great table and he smiled at me.

Once out on the sidewalk I grabbed Jake's hand, interlocking our fingers, and we set off for our walk. We were talking happily again, saying how great dinner had been and how much we'd enjoyed the evening. We were just wandering around town aimlessly, looking in store windows, talking, laughing and just enjoying the whole experience. I spotted a blond head I thought I recognized about fifteen feet ahead of us. When we got closer, the blond head's face broke into a big smile. It was Kilian, my cell phone guy. We stopped and I introduced him to Jake.

"Kilian! It's nice to see you out here this evening. This is my boyfriend, Jake, or Jacob, if you prefer." Jake, this is Kilian, the nice guy that helped me pick out your phone."

They smiled at each other and shook hands. "It's nice to meet you. I loved the phone, thanks for steering him to that one." I was glad Kilain spoke fluent English and I didn't have to translate.

"You're welcome, Jake. It was my pleasure to help out. It's great to meet you, I was wondering what the man looked like that could make another man light up so much when he spoke of you." I blushed. They both laughed.

"Eh, he just needs glasses. Thank you though. I'm sure I probably light up a little when I think of him too."

"So you two have been together for a long time?" Kilian asked.

We both laughed and Kilian looked a little confused. I offered an explanation.

"Not exactly, Kilian. We actually met Sunday morning. We've known each other four days now, and it's been the best four days of any lifetime."

"Wow! That is incredible! You both look like you've been together for years, so easy with each other, so in-sync, it seems like. So I guess love at first sight is possible, yes?"

We both answered at the same time, "Yes!" We all laughed.

"Well let me be the first, maybe, to wish you both many, many happy years together."

"Thank you Kilian, and yes, you are the first. Oddly enough, you're the first one to know about us at all. Wow." We all laughed again.

"You honor me. Thank you. I don't want to part, but I will leave you to continue your walk; I need to get home and feed my dogs. Have a wonderful evening. Jacob, it was my great pleasure meeting you. And Michael, you know where I work if you need another phone." I chuckled. "Though seriously, I wish you the best of health and happiness; it was a great pleasure meeting you as well. Goodnight gentlemen."

"Thank you Kilian and I hope you have a wonderful evening as well. Goodnight."

"Goodnight Kilian."

We were about 20 feet away when Jake looked at me and gave me an evil grin.

"What?" I asked him.

"You do have a way with the young hotties, don't you?" He was grinning from ear to ear.

"Shut up." He just started laughing. "He just happened to be the one who waited on me when I walked in the store."

"Yeah yeah... You spotted him across the room, swatted two old ladies out of your way and headed right for him." He laughed even harder at this own joke. "I know how you old pervs work; checking out the ass of some sweet, innocent boy riding the train... And don't think I didn't also notice the hottie PFC at the guard shack; you parked right across from him."

He was really enjoying himself, laughing and giggling like a little kid. It was actually kind of cute, but reminded me of something I'd been afraid to talk about with him.

"Laugh it up `innocent boy'. I'll show you checking out asses when we get back to the hotel."

"Oooo. Maybe; maybe not. You can look but you can't touch; you said so yourself just this morning. Ha!"

His face was lit up in a huge smile of self satisfaction. It was contagious. I was standing there a foot away from him watching him having fun and couldn't help myself. I grabbed his shirt front and yanked him to me and kissed him hard on the mouth. He wrapped his arms around me and just melted into the kiss. I think we attracted a few gawkers, but neither of us gave a damn at that moment. The kiss lasted about a full minute. I still had a hold of his shirt, and I yanked him back to where he had been.

"That's a great way to shut you up; I'll remember that." I turned and started walking with a huge grin on my face.

He stood there for a couple of seconds then ran up to me and bumped into me with his hip, watching me damn near fall over, and started laughing again.

"You can't shut me up that easily, you little shit." He turned and walked back the other direction, still laughing.

I ran up behind him as quickly as I could move and grabbed him around the middle.

"Who're you calling a `little shit'?"

I lifted him off the ground, spun him around and tried to throw him in the other direction. Then I took off running like a bat out of hell the way I'd been walking. I knew there was no way in hell I could out-run him, or run as long as he could but I was giving it everything I had. We'd run for about six blocks when he caught me. I knew I was in for it; and we'd attracted quite a bit of attention during the chase. He was about ten feet behind me and yelled out.

"I got you, fucker... Your ass is gonna be mine!"

He closed the last ten feet in what seemed to me like two steps. He grabbed my arm, trying to pull me to a stop, then he got a hold of my waist and I knew the jig was up. Besides, I was panting like a dog in heat and I didn't think I could run too much further anyway. He got me stopped by yanking on my waist, and then he spun me around a couple of times from behind. I was finished. He let go of my waist and was bent over with his hands on his knees panting and laughing at the same time. I was in pretty much the same position, and panting too, but not laughing. I didn't have the breath or the energy. I lifted my head up and looked at him. He looked up.

"Goddamn you're quick. I didn't think I was gonna catch you there for a while." Breathe, breathe. "You don't play fair either! Throwing me and taking off..." Pant, pant. "Oh fuck... that was fun! Fuck..."

He stood back up and l stood up too. I had finally managed to get my breathing back to resembling normal. The on-lookers had dispersed by this time, deciding we both just needed to grow up. He walked up to me and draped his hands on the top of my shoulders.

"That was fucking fun..." Then he pulled my head to his and kissed me. He broke the kiss. "You OK?"

"I'm great." I said smiling.

He let his right hand drop, turned me with his left, put his arm across my shoulder and walked away with me. I put my right hand around his waist and we walked that way the ten blocks back to the hotel. We were about five blocks away when he turned his head to me, said, "Hey!" and when I turned he kissed me again, smiled, and kept walking. He did it again about a block from the hotel; with an added I love you. We walked into the lobby the same way we'd walked down the street and headed to the elevator. The young lady that had been in the elevator earlier saw us a got a big grin on her face. She winked at us and continued on her way. We rode the elevator back up the ninth floor and headed to the room. Once inside, both of us walked towards the bathroom. We stopped and laughed.

"How're we gonna do this?" Jake asked.

"Easy. You stand on one side of the toilet, I'll stand on the other and we'll have dueling piss streams. Just no pissing on each other's pants leg and try to keep it off the floor."

He laughed and we went to have our pissing contest. When we were done, and not a single drop on the floor, we went back out to the living room. I asked him if he wanted something to drink when he sat on the couch. He nodded. I got both of us a bottle of water and joined him on the couch.

He took my hand again, and we just sat next to each other for a few minutes without speaking. He laid his head on my shoulder and breathed a sigh of relief. I dropped my head down so it was touching his and did the same. Kilian had been right, we were at ease and in-sync with each other and it made me smile. Jake started to lift his head, so I lifted mine and he turned to look at me.

"This has probably been the best day of my life. Thank you for sharing it with me."

I smiled at him. "I'm honored to do so."

He smiled again and turned his head forward and stared at the bar. I turned to look too, but watched him out of the corner of my eye. We stayed that way for about ten minutes.

"Watcha thinkin' about?"

He got a dirty grin on his face. "Sex! But only for the last thirty seconds or so, before that I was thinking about our dinner and then how much fun it was playing with you on the street. That was a fucking blast!"

"Yes it was; I had a great time! I haven't played like that in a long time. It felt good; made me feel young again."

"You are young, Mikey."

I chuckled at the `Mikey'. "Well, like I told you before, sometimes I act like I'm twelve. But it's fun to do so."

"Hell yeah... Who says you have to act like a grown-up all the time? It gets dull."

I figured now was as close to a good segue as I was going to get. "Speaking of... Does the difference in our ages bother you at all?"

No hesitation. "Fuck no! Why would it?"

"Don't know. I am twenty years older than you."

"So what? It's just a number; a date on a calendar. Why? Does it bother you?"

"No, not at all."

"Then why are you asking?"

"I just wanted to know how you felt about it."

"I feel just great about it. It's a non issue for me. You're a man, I'm a man, and we love each other; the numbers don't mean anything."

"Good, I'm glad to hear it. Like I said, I was just wondering..."

"Does this have anything to do with me giving you shit about Kilian and calling you a perv?"

"No, baby, it just reminded me to ask you about it. I'd thought about it earlier. And it doesn't bother me at all for you to call me a perv. I am one, and proud of it."

He laughed. "That you are, baby. That you are... And it's one of your greatest assets in my opinion."

"Thanks for noticing, I appreciate it."

He laughed again, and then put his head back on my shoulder. He hadn't let go of my hand since we sat down and it felt great. I squeezed his hand a little and laid my head back on his. This right here was what it was all about.

We sat on that couch holding hands for more than an hour without uttering a word, and I couldn't remember being so happy. We were just lost in our thoughts, daydreaming, and secure in each other's presence.


"Yeah baby?"

"I've started thinking about sex again... You ready for bed?"

"I am now..." I lifted my head off his and when he looked up at me I was grinning.

He got a huge shit eating grin on his face. "Oh, hell yeah...!"

We stood up together, turned off the light and walked into the bedroom. About two feet from the bed he stopped dead in his tracks.


"We have a problem."


"You said no sex tonight."

"You're right, I did. So let's not have sex, we'll make love instead." His grin returned. "No acrobatics, no yelling, no spanking. We'll make sweet, passionate love to each other. Sound like a good alternative?"

He nodded his head up and down. "Mmm Hmm..." I could see the lust building in his eyes and it was a huge turn-on.

"Come here..."

 I pulled him to me and wrapped my arms around his waist and just started kissing him, softly at first, but each kiss growing in passion. I did my best to keep our kissing tempered as much as possible, I didn't want this turning into another fuck fest like we'd had last night.

We stood in each other's arms kissing for about five minutes and I could feel that he was rock hard against me; not that I wasn't just as hard. He was the one that finally broke the kiss. He just looked into my eyes, then grabbed my hips with his hands and pushed me back about a foot. He didn't smile, he didn't say a word. He just looked my body up and down, just like I had done to him numerous times already. He finished his inspection and started pulling my shirt out of my pants. I lifted my arms up so he could get my shirt off, and once off, he laid it down gently on the floor. He then started running his hands slowly up and down my sides, all the while just looking at my face, occasionally glancing down at what he was doing. He continued the rub and then started massaging my chest and stomach, then up to my shoulders, back to my chest and so on. His touch was electric, yet so smooth and caring. I was as turned on as I'd ever been. He rubbed my nipples a couple of times each, then bent and kissed each one just once. He was then back to his original position and his hands moved back down to my hips and over towards the buttons on my fly.

He spoke very softly. "Toe your shoes off, Mikey."

I did as requested, never breaking eye contact with him. He started undoing the buttons on my Levi's and I took in a much needed breath of air. He undid each button of my jeans agonizingly slowly, and once all five were undone he started rubbing the palm of his right hand on my lower stomach and snaking his fingers into the waistband of his/my underwear, then pulling back up; basically following my treasure trail in out of the underwear. The whole time never touching my cock or making any move toward it. It was agonizing ecstasy. After a couple of minutes he pulled his hand away from me and reached back for the waist band of my jeans. He slowly dropped down on one knee and brought my jeans along with him. I didn't have to wait for the ankle tap this time; I lifted my feet up one at a time when he reached my ankles. He pulled the jeans off of me and set them on the floor next to my shirt. He then pulled my socks down, one at a time and pulled them off my feet, laid them with my other clothes and slowly stood back up, running his hands lightly on the outside of my legs. He was standing in front of me again, looking into my eyes, still not smiling or speaking, then reached down and grabbed my wrists. He brought my hands up to his chest and laid them down palms flat, and slowly guided my hands across his chest, over the smooth fabric of his t-shirt. I moaned. He slowly moved my hands around on his chest for about a minute.

In a really husky voice he asked. "Do you want me?" I almost came.

I replied in a whisper. "Yes..."

He still had my wrists in his hands and he moved them back down to my side. He didn't let go, but instead used my hands to walk me forward, then turned me and led me to the end of the bed, while he walked backwards, never breaking eye contact with me. When we got where he wanted me, he turned me facing the bathroom, sat me down on the bed and released my hands. He whispered again.

"You're not allowed to touch yourself; just watch."

With that, he walked about five feet away from me and, with his back to me, started slowly pulling his shirt out of his jeans. As he lifted the shirt higher I could see the muscles in his back and on up to his shoulders. I moaned. It was a beautiful sight. He left the shirt bunched up around his neck, then reached behind himself with his hands and started running them softly over his ass, at the same time arching his back just a little. I groaned. He kept doing this for about two or three minutes, then he grabbed a cheek in each hand and stood back up erect. I groaned again. He let go of his ass and slowly ran his hands around his sides to the front, then up to where the shirt was at this neck. He was still facing away from me. He grabbed the edges of his shirt and slowly finished pulling it over his head. He laid the shirt down on the floor and just stood perfectly still with his arms at his sides. The definition of his back and shoulder muscles was simply incredible and I groaned again. I hadn't even thought once about my dick; I was so entranced watching him strip.

He started raising his hands back up the sides of his body, then slowly back to the front and I could tell that he was rubbing his nipples. He toed his shoes off and then ran his hands back down the front of his body and stopped at the waistband of his jeans, hooking both of his thumbs in. Then he turned his head around and looked at me. I moaned. He slowly turned his body around to face me and I could see his thumbs hooked in the waistband of his jeans, with his fingers pointing down, covering what I could see was an incredibly hard cock. He pulled his right thumb out of the waistband and then used his index finger and ran it up and down his denim covered cock. After he rubbed his cock five times he lifted his finger to his lips and sucked it in. I groaned. He sucked his finger a few times then put it on his right nipple and ran it in a circle a couple of times. He looked down at his finger on his nipple, then pulled it off and stuck it back in his mouth. He sucked it a few times, sliding it deep in and out, then pulled it out and ran it down his torso back to his cock.

He put the palm of his hand over his cock and thrust into it a few times, then pulled his left thumb out of the waistband and began thrusting into both hands, with them spread far enough apart that his hard-on was running up and down between them. I moaned, "Oh God..." He thrust a few more times and then slid his hands up his fly until they met at the button on the waist. He opened the button and then pulled the zipper down. He put his hands back together like before and thrust his hips into his hands again. I could see the white material of my jock strap he was wearing and the outline of his throbbing cock. I groaned really loudly. He stopped thrusting and gripped both sides of his jeans and slowly started to lower them down over his hips. When his jeans were just about to his thighs he stopped. He then turned around about two thirds of the way and showed me his ass, while reaching back with his left hand and giving it a little swat. My cock jumped and I moaned again. He gave his ass another swat and then turned until his back was to me again and I had a bird's eye view of his incredible ass. He grabbed his jeans again and slowing began lowering them to the floor, while simultaneously bending over at the waist. I caught my breath as his cheeks pulled apart and I saw the hot, furry hole nestled within.

"Oh, fuck me..." I whispered.

He lifted his right foot up just enough to clear the floor, still bent perfectly at the waist and pulled the leg of his jeans off, then repeated the procedure on his left leg. I could see the incredibly defined muscles of his legs while he was bent over and I just stared in amazement. He set his pants on the floor next to his shirt, then reached back with his hands and grabbed his ankles. After a few seconds he ran his hand down while pulling his socks off and then set them on top of his jeans. He reached back and grabbed his ankles again, but this time started slowing standing back up, his hands running up the back of his legs and back to his ass. He was standing fully back up, with his ass cupped in his hands. I felt like I had drool running out of my mouth. He then started slowing moving his hands to the front of his body while at the same time turning around to face me again. As he stopped turning, his hands continued up his stomach to his chest and nipples, then slowly back down to his sides.

He looked like a god to me standing there with nothing on but my jock strap, his cock straining against the fabric and his perfect body glowing with the light from the bathroom. He started walking towards me and stopped about a foot from where I was sitting. I could see that the pouch of the jock was literally drenched with his pre-cum. Then I moved my eyes up, slowly taking in every inch of his body until I locked eyes with him again. He bent over slightly at the waist and reached for my hands. I put my hands in his and he pulled me to a standing position in front of him, our eyes never drifting from each other.

In an even more husky voice, he asks. "Do you still want me?"

I reply in an intense whisper. "Yes...!"

He let go of my right hand and led me back to the side of the bed. He stopped, turned me to face him with my legs backed up to the bed and then released my left hand. He put the palms of both hands on my chest and slowly ran them down my chest and stomach, sliding to meet in the middle right above my waist. He slid both of his hands, flat against my stomach, into the waistband of my underwear; his fingers from both hands on either side of my aching cock. He pulled his hands straight out from my stomach, bringing the waistband with them out over my cock and then pulled them down to my ankles, while lowering himself onto both knees. I stepped out of the underwear and he ran his hands up the insides of my legs stopping just below my balls. He reached out with his right hand and took hold of my ball sack and started massaging it. I moaned deep within my gut. He messaged my balls for a few moments, then let go and slid his right index finger up the outside edge of my dick all the way to the head then back down again. He did this four times and then he grabbed my cock in his fist and leaned forward, parted his lips and slowly slid my cock into his mouth.

"Oh my God... Oh... fuck me..."

He took about five inches of the available seven into his mouth and just suckled for a second, then started sucking my cock in and out of his mouth, licking the head when he'd be on an upstroke and then right back down. His did this with the same methodical rhythm over and over again, occasionally massaging my balls with his left hand. It was sheer ecstasy. After about four or five minutes he added a new twist and started playing with my ass with his right hand. I felt something wet on his finger and he probed my hole for a couple of seconds then slipped his finger in. I moaned and probably belched out a load of pre-cum into his mouth. He only had his finger in to the first knuckle, but he would wiggle it around, then bend it and tug on my opening. After a bit, he pulled his finger out then a few seconds later it was back, and it was wet again. I decided he was using his own pre-cum to lube his finger. That was probably the hottest thing I'd ever imagined.

His finger found its mark again and he slipped it back in, only this time he put it all the way in. I clenched my ass on his finger and moaned. I let go and he just started running his finger in and out of my ass, all the while never losing his rhythm on my cock. He pulled his finger out again and a few seconds later was back, only this time with two wet fingers. He had to push a little harder this time, but he slipped them both in and started working them around inside my ass, twisting, then bending them and tugging, then back to stroking. I wasn't going to last much longer at this rate. Then the fingers were gone again. He played with my balls a few seconds with his left hand, then the wet fingers were back and this time there were three of them. Oh man... He probed my hole again with one finger, slid the second finger in after a few strokes, fingered me for a couple of seconds and then added the third. Holy crap! I clamped his fingers in my ass again and groaned from way down deep. I released his fingers a little and he started the twisting, bending, pulling, probing gig again. I was seconds away from losing it and let him know.

"Fuck... Oh fuck... I'm gonna cum, baby."

He just nodded his head on my dick, but never broke stride. OK, I thought to myself, he wants this one. About ten seconds later I gave him his final warning

"Oh fuck! Here it is!  Oh..."

He stopped sucking, pulled his mouth to the edge of my cock, grabbed it with his fist and started milking me. I exploded into his mouth, swearing like a sailor the whole time my balls were contracting and pumping my milky load onto his tongue. I could feel him swallowing through my cock, over and over again as I pumped my load into his mouth. After what seemed like about ten blasts I was finally finished. I let out one last oh fuck and exhaled loudly. He still had my cock in his fist and in his mouth, but he slowly pulled off my cock, then he licked the head to get any he'd missed, and finally released it from his mouth. He kept hold of it in his hand, then looked up at me and smiled broadly. I looked down at him and winked. He laughed.

"Mmmmm Tasty! Mikey snacks. I approve."

Then he kissed the head of my dick again, let it fall from his hand and stood up. He grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into a deep kiss, sharing his treat with me. I had to agree; tasty and I approved too. He broke the kiss then turned me around, swatted my butt and told me to get on my hands and knees on the bed. Hell yeah, baby, take charge! I did as I was told and assumed the position. I bent my head down so I could look out from between my legs and watched him pull the pouch of the jock to the side to let his raging cock pop free. It was a beautiful sight indeed. I saw him open a tube of lube and smear it all over his cock, getting himself ready to enter me. I scooted back on the bed so my legs were hanging off the edge and my ass was right where he could fuck me while he stood up. He put another glob of lube on his fingers and stuck them in my waiting ass. The lube felt good, it was like he had warmed it up. He ran three lubed fingers in and out of my ass for about ten strokes, then pulled them out and smacked me on the ass.

"Oooooo baby!" I cooed. He laughed.

He dropped the tube of lube on the floor and walked up to my waiting ass, his hand guiding his cock to my waiting hole. I felt the head of his dick on my hole and just relaxed and pushed back until he was completely buried in me. I grunted and he just yelled out; I think I took him by surprise. He stayed buried balls deep in my ass for a few moments before starting to slowly stroke his cock in and out. He set up the same kind of methodical rhythm he'd used when he was sucking my cock. It actually felt really great, and he was using every one of his seven and half inches on every stroke. I could almost feel his foreskin pull back every time he drove back into me. The only part of him that was touching me was his cock; I had no idea where his hands were, but after about five minutes, he grabbed my hips and just slammed his cock home. He grunted and I yelled out. He then pulled his cock all the way out and repeated the process several times. I remembered that he'd really liked watching his cock slide in and out of me last night, I guess he still did. He power fucked me for about five more minutes and then just started using quick, small thrusts. He did this for a couple of minutes before going back to the methodical thrusts. I figured out that these were the ones that were most sensitive to him, because about ten strokes later he gave me a warning.

"Oh Fuck. Oh My God... I'm gonna cum. I'm gonna fucking cum!"

He slammed his hips forward, driving his cock balls-deep in my ass and began unloading his hot, juicy load into me. I just kept milking his cock with my ass muscles and enjoyed the ride. This was fucking awesome! He had a death like grip on my hips, his cock was buried to the hilt in my ass and his balls were coughing out a really nice load of boy juice into my hungry hole. I'm not normally a bottom boy, pretty versatile, but not just a bottom, but with him I didn't care. He could fuck me all he wanted. I did want to take his hot little ass eventually, but right at the moment I was a happy camper.

He was still standing behind me, moaning and panting and coming down from his orgasm. I was wondering if the load was as big as the first one he shot yesterday. It might be a good idea to find out before we went to bed; I didn't want to wake up in a pool. I was enjoying feeling my man in me and I could occasionally feel his cock jump a little. I clenched my ass muscles one last time to milk him and he yelped. He slowly pulled his softening cock out of my ass. I was looking down between my legs again as he pulled out of me and I watched a big glob of his juice fall out and hit the floor. Hot, but it definitely called for a trip to the bathroom before bed. I lifted my head up and turned to look at him over my shoulder. He was just standing behind me, looking at my ass and down at his cock. Then he looked up at me and grinned. The grin just kept getting bigger. I smiled at him and then got up off the bed and pulled his face to me for a kiss. We kissed for a few seconds before I broke it and reached around him and smacked his ass.

"Good game, baby!" He laughed.

I kissed him again and told him I really should go take care of something in the bathroom. He smiled and nodded. When I returned from the bathroom he was all cleaned up too, and had grabbed the pair of clean underwear I had offered him this morning, and put them on. He looked just as good in them as he had the jock so I wasn't too disappointed. I grabbed my/his underwear off the floor and put them back on. He just grinned and shook his head.

"What? They're not nasty yet."

"Whatever... I had `em on for two days, dick juice dripping into them, and you've had `em on all day with more dick juice running into them. Not to mention how many times we've both used the toilet wearing them. Yeah, they're still like brand new." He grinned at me.

"Well I like `em just the way they are. If you really want me to though, I will put on a clean pair before I jump into bed." I grinned back at him.

"I'm just giving you shit. I like seeing you in my `drawers'. It's a turn-on."

"Sweet! Let's go to bed." I said, grinning at him like an idiot.

He just started laughing at my use of `sweet'. We at least had a nice clean bed to get into tonight since we hadn't had acrobatic sex on it for four hours this time. We made sure all the lights were turned off and then we both climbed into bed, snuggling up next to each other. We were lying face to face, staring at each other.

"Hi!" I smiled.

"Hi yourself."

"I love you, Jake"

"I love you, Mikey"

I smiled. "I love it, but why `Mikey'?"

"Because tonight when we were playing and chasing each other you were acting like a `Mikey' and I thought it was awesome! You have your `Michael' side when you're being sweet and kind and loving, then you have your `Mike' side when you're all business like, and tonight I got to see `Mikey', and I fell in love with you all over again."

"Wow..." I touched his face with my finger and smiled at him.

 A few minutes had passed with us just staring into each other's eyes.  I gave him a shy smile.

 "Thank you."

"For what?"

"Your striptease tonight. That was the most erotic, beautiful, sexy, mind blowing thing I've ever witnessed and I am forever in your debt."

"Shut up. Don't say things like that. I was just trying to please you. To turn you on as much as I was."

"It worked. It was brilliant! I will never forget it as long as I live."

"Shut up and go to sleep. It was just me taking my clothes off."

I think he was embarrassed so I let it drop.

"I love you, Jacob. Sweet dreams, baby."

 I kissed him on the nose and rested my head back into the pillow.

"Sweet dreams to you too. I love you more than you'll ever know..." He gave me a shy, sweet smile, relaxed and closed his eyes.

We were both asleep fairly quickly, another incredible and busy day under our belts. I felt so blessed to be lying in this bed next to this man. I did sleep like a baby this night; I couldn't imagine ever sleeping without him next to me again.

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