Chapter 9: Weekend Liberty

We'd spent a quiet Thursday evening together at the hotel, making use of room service again. We talked and talked about the new house, furnishing it in our heads, and talking about all the new adventures in store for us. We went to bed a little after ten since Friday would be another early day for Jake. We didn't even have sex; I think we were both too wired about the new house. I woke up Friday morning the exact same way as the previous mornings since Jake and I had been sleeping together; him on my chest, snoring softly. I was lying there listening to him and started to think about what the Major had told me. `Bring me back a happy fuckin' Marine.' I smiled at the thought, and over the next hour did everything in my power to make it happen. I gave Jake a wet, sloppy blowjob to wake him up and then my cock made love to his ass while we were in the shower. He seemed pretty fuckin' happy to me when I dropped him off at the gate at eight o'clock.

I spent the morning going over all the documents I'd signed at the attorney's office, and also the legalese on the offer for the house.  There were a couple of points I needed clarification on, but a quick call to the agent and my questions had been answered. At 11:05 a.m. my cell phone rang. My old one, so I figured it was someone from the States. The caller ID didn't work while I was overseas so I just answered it. It turned out to be my business partner back home. We talked for about fifteen minutes; I told him about Jake and that I wasn't coming home. He wasn't real happy about that part but said he understood, and that he would talk to me on Monday. I pushed the `End' button to hang up and I noticed the battery on my phone was down to one bar so I plugged the phone in to charge. As I was turning around my new phone rang. I know who this is. I smiled.

"Hey sailor, wanna have good time; only five dolla."

He started laughing his ass off and choking. "Fucker, I'd just stuck something in my mouth and now it's all over my desk!"

"Well, tell Kevin not to put his dick in your mouth when you're on the phone; it's not nice; makes you hard to understand." I started laughing.

"Shut the fuck up, dude! Jeez!" I could hear Kevin rolling on the floor laughing in the background.

"Tell Kevin to take a pill; he sounds like he's about to have a stroke." I was still laughing.

"Hey Kev! Mike says to take a fucking pill before you stroke out, dude! Fuck, I'd really like to start this call over; I forgot why I was even calling."

"OK. Bye." I hung up. Then I started laughing my ass off. Not ten seconds later my phone was ringing again.

Still laughing. "Hello"

"You fuckin' smart ass!! I wasn't serious; I just needed time to think. Jeez, can't get any respect from anyone around here and now my own boyfriend's fuckin' with me." I could still hear Kevin laughing in the background.

"I'm sorry, baby; I couldn't resist. It is really nice to hear your voice though."

"That's better! Fuck! Hard to believe I'm the youngest one outta the three of us...."

"Age is a state of mind, baby."

"True that. OK. OK." Breath "OK, now I remember why I called; even though I'm starting to regret it." I let a laugh slip out. "What are our plans for the weekend?"

Uh oh, I wasn't sure I liked where this was heading. "Why, are you going out training?"

"No! No, not that. I was wondering if we could take Sean and Kevin to see the house; if it'd be okay with you."

Sigh of relief from me. "Fuck yeah, baby! Of course! Fuck, I thought you were telling me you'd be gone training for the weekend. Hell yeah though, we'll take `em out to see the house then go grab some lunch or something and hang out."

"Fuckin A! That sounds good. Thank you."

"Don't thank me for stuff like that, baby; it sounds like fun. What day and time does everyone want to get together?"

"Well we hadn't thought that far ahead yet. I've been telling them about the house and they asked me when they'd get to see it. Hold on a sec. I'll find out. Hey Kev, you wanna go tomorrow or Sunday to look at the new place?" Ten second pause. "He said tomorrow would be good, any time; he has to go with his girlfriend somewhere on Sunday."

"OK, what about Sean?"

"Hold on another sec and I'll call him out at the gate." I could hear him pick up his office phone and dial a number, then, "Hey fuck stick, what day and time do you wanna go see the new house? Yeah, of course he did. No, Kev says he can only go on Saturday; his girl has his dick in a knot on Sunday. Mike also wants to go out to lunch or dinner or something after and then hang out for a while. Sure. OK dude, I'll tell him. Later fuck stick. Mike? Sean says Saturday'd be cool with him; he has no plans for the whole weekend. He also said to say thanks."

I'm chuckling. "OK, Saturday it is. Let's say at 1100 Hours?"

"Kev? 1100 Hours good for you? OK. Yeah Mike, 1100 is good for them. Why were you laughing?"

"Listening to one side of a phone call, and the way you guys talk to each other is funny. Eleven it is. Tell `em we'll meet `em at the gate, or if they're gonna be in town already just have them come to the hotel and we'll leave from here."

"They'll probably be in town, so I'll just have them come to the hotel. And why is the way we talk to each other funny?"

"Fuck stick this, fuck stick that. Dude! Makes me really curious how someone get's the nick name `fuck stick'."

"Only because you're a perv; it's just a name. So how's your day been?"

"Great, now that I'm talking to you. How about yours?

"Busy as hell. Kevin decided he'd leave all the work here for me from yesterday; jealous about me getting a 24-hour." I heard `Hey fucker, that's not true!' in the background.

"A lot of cussing around that place; hard to believe you guys are in an office."

"Hey, it's the Marines, not some pansy ass insurance company. So what're your plans for me tonight? Rerun of Wednesday night; please..."

"We'll see, sex hound. I'm still in recovery."

"I told you I'd be your physical therapist. Just let me work out the kinks."

"Yeah, I know what kink you wanna work out. We'll see. I'm sure you'll be able to convince me somehow though."

"Marines never leave a hill, baby." In the background, `Ewwww gross! I didn't need to hear that, dude!' Jake and I both started laughing.

"Tell Kevin to quit listening and he won't have to hear things like that."

"Hey Kev, Mike said if you weren't listening you wouldn't hear shit like that. Quit bogardin' our conversation, dude. So Mikey, you gonna be here at 1700?"

"Ain't I always?"

"Yes you are, thank God. I gotta get back to work, babe; I will see you tonight. I love you."

"I love you too, baby. Don't work too hard. See you at five. Bye baby."

I ended the call and sat my phone down, shaking my head. One of my crazier phone calls. Then I thought of something, picked up the phone and called him back. He answered on the first ring.

"Damn, you really do miss me, huh?"

"I really do. I also wanted to give you a quick reminder that you might want to bring more than one change of clothes; it is a weekend."

"Oh yeah! Thanks! Damn, you're good."

"Don't you know it?"

"Yes I do! Thanks for reminding me, Mikey; I would've probably walked outta here with the clothes that are still in the backpack. I really don't have many civvies here with me anyway."

"We'll change that this weekend. I really love seeing you in uniform, but if you need clothes, we'll get clothes. And before you even start, don't go there about money."

"You like seeing me out of uniform too."

"I do. I also love taking it off of you. But we'll save that for later; wouldn't want to make Kevin throw up." Jake laughed.

"And for your information I wasn't going to say a word about money. I was just going to say you don't have to do that, but I won't bother with that either."

"You're learning."

"Yeah yeah, whatever... OK, we can go clothes shopping, but I won't be modeling anything kinky for you."

"At least until we get back to the room, huh?"

"Pretty much... I gotta go, baby; Kevin's waving at me telling me its lunch time; he must be hungry. I'll see you tonight. Love you."

"Love you. Bye."

I hung the phone up and decided Kevin was right. I picked up the room phone and had room service send me a hot pastrami sandwich and some potato salad. After lunch I sat on the couch staring at our bar. We might have to move this stupid thing with us; it seems to be our thinking post. I picked up my laptop and went to Apple's website trying to find the PDF file for directions on how to use my new phone. I found it, opened it and started reading. Talk about fun reading material. After about ten minutes I was getting sleepy. I set the laptop down and laid back and closed my eyes. A nap might be a good idea anyway; I have a sexy, horny Marine coming home for the weekend. I did pass out for about an hour and a half.

When I woke up from my nap I took the elevator down to the lobby. I'm not good at having nothing to do; I don't remember a time in the last twenty years that I wasn't always busy. I walked over to the front desk to see if they had a newspaper I could steal or buy from them. The lady manning the desk gave me her copy of the paper. When I turned around I ran into the young lady that had been on the elevator when Jake was having his melt-down.

"Hello. You're an American, yes?"

"Yes I am." I replied.

"Good, someone who speaks fluent English." We both chuckled. "I'm British, and I find myself missing hearing the language. I see that your young Marine has been feeling better lately; that's good. I was actually kind of worried about him; he seemed so distraught. Had he had bad news from home or lose a mate?"

"Nothing quite so dramatic; he was just having a very bad day and let himself go. Thank you for your concern though; that's sweet of you."

"Not at all. There's nothing wrong with just getting it all out of your system once in a while; cleanses the soul. You two look very good together; how long have you been partners?"

"Thank you. I have noticed he makes me walk a little taller; especially when he's in uniform. You probably wouldn't believe me if I told you when we met."

"You've no reason to lie to me, do you?"

"Well no. We met on the train coming down here from Berlin this last Sunday."

"Indeed. I like that; it's incredibly romantic. Like an old movie where star crossed lovers meet on the train."

"It was pretty romantic actually. We've been practically inseparable since."

"Yet here's the dashing businessman down in the lobby of the hotel by himself, scourging for a newspaper."

I smiled. I liked this lady. "Well I confess, I would much rather be with him than my newspaper, but he's on duty until five."

"Pity, to leave you all alone for the day; I guess duty calls."

"Indeed. Are you in Sindelfingen on business or pleasure?"

"Business; I'll be returning to London tomorrow. I couldn't get a flight out of Stuttgart before then."

"Significant other and family in London?"

"Yes to both." She smiled. "How astute of you; most people don't guess."

"Well in America they say we are a family; I can only assume that is true in Europe as well. One can always tell when they are speaking to family."

"I like that. About family. Tell me, Mr...?"

"Michael Adler. And you?"

"Sarah Richardson. A pleasure, Mr. Adler."

"Mine as well; and Michael, please."

"Sarah. Tell me, Michael, would you be interested in having a tea or coffee with a married gal? I cannot guarantee I'll be more interesting than that newspaper, but I will try."

"I would be honored. I can assure you that I already find you far more interesting than this newspaper. Shall we?"

I tucked the paper under my left arm, held out my right arm for her and escorted her to the hotel restaurant. We had not-bad hotel coffee and a wonderful conversation. The rest of the afternoon flew by and before long it was time to go pick up Jake. I got to the base at 1653 and pulled up to the gate. Sean was bent over picking something up off the ground. Damn, another incredible Marine ass. I'm married, not dead; I can still look. When he stood up and turned around I was sitting at the gate. I had a huge smile on my face and was giving him a thumbs-up. He smiled and turned beat red. He walked up to my window looking down at me, still red and smiling.

"I gotta tell ya, Sean, if I didn't love our boy so much, that might've done it for me."

He turned crimson. "Oh man... Don't say shit like that; you'll give me a complex or something'." He was still smiling, but the red was slowly fading.

"Don't be embarrassed, Sean. Actually, I owe you an apology. That was a rude thing for me to say. I'm sorry, Sean."

"Well don't say that either; you'll really give me a complex." He smiled at me.

"No, it was rude of me to say that. One, I'm as good as married to Jake. Two, you're straight and three, we just met and that was out of line. I apologize, Sean."

"You're killin' me here." Five second pause. "Fine, Mike. Apology accepted; even though you didn't owe me one."

"Thank you. How's your day been so far?"

"Long. Fridays suck around here; everyone's bailing all at the same time trying to get out of here. How `bout yours?"

"Probably just as long. I'll go and park; you have a customer pulling up wanting out of here." Sean spun around to look, and then turned back to me.

"No, stay and talk to me. I have help on the outbound now; Derrick can get them. I wanted to tell you thank you for inviting Kev and me to see the house tomorrow. Jake's been acting like a kid in a candy store all day telling us about it. It's funny to watch him. I've known him for two years, Mike, and this is the first time I've ever seen him truly happy. Thank you."

"I don't know if I deserve the credit. I guess if I've made him one tenth as happy as he makes me, then maybe. I know it's probably a little weird for you, the whole gay guy thing, but I love that man more than I've ever loved anyone in my life."

"I can tell; I see it when you look at him. And the whole `gay guy thing' doesn't bother me at all, so quit worrying about it. You can even whistle at my ass if the mood hits you." I laughed and he turned a little pink and smiled.

"Thank you, Sean. It's definitely one worth whistling at. You got a girlfriend here in Germany?"

"Not at the moment. I was kinda playin' the field, but I think I played it out; too many GI's, not enough women. I thought about tellin' these dumb motherfuckers around here they should be glad Jakey's gay; one less to compete with."

I laughed at his comment. "Yeah, I bet the competition is killer; but damn dude, you shouldn't have any problems at all finding a girl. I wasn't joking when I nicknamed you `blond hottie'."

He blushed again. "Thanks, but I guess my looks and my country boy charm don't ring their bell. Maybe they just like tryin' different `ringers' all the time; the ho's!" We both laughed.

"Well, do you have a girl back home?"

"Kinda, I guess. We were goin' out before I joined the Corps but really haven't written or talked as much as we should. Hell, maybe she's out fuckin' the football team for all I know."

"That's positive thinking." He laughed. "It doesn't sound to me like you really miss her all that much; maybe it wasn't meant to be."

"Honestly, I really don't. She's kind of a bubble head; but good in the sack, and one of the few girls I've been with who knew how to suck a cock." He grinned down at me.

I laughed. "Well I have heard that was hard to come by; girls good at giving head. I've always thought we should have seminars to teach `em how to do it. Make you straight boys a lot happier."

He laughed out loud. "Fuck yeah, dude! Do it! That can be a new business venture for you. You guys are much better at it. You just can't teach the class yourself; Jake would cut your balls off. But fuck yeah; teach them what men want in a blow job."

I laughed then looked at him with a slight grin. "Something you wanna share?"

He turned red again. "I don't know; do I? Yeah, OK, I already told Kevin and Jake, but yeah I've let a couple of dudes go down on my cock. And yeah, it was the best fucking blow jobs I've ever had. Just don't print that in any papers or nothin'."

"I'd never betray your confidence, Sean. Glad to know you enjoyed the blow job; we aim to please. Maybe that's the difference. We love doing it; most women look at it like it's a growth that needs to be cut off." He started laughing again.

"Ain't that the fuckin' truth. Good one!"

"So Sean, I told Jake that after we check out the house I'll take you guys out to lunch, then we can just hang; or if you guys want to hang with Jake, then go for it. I told Jake a couple days ago that I want him to spend time with you and Kevin; and whoever else. I also want you to know that you are welcome in our home anytime. I mean that; no bullshit. You're his friend, and he needs to have you around." I'd sort of eased into slipping Kevin out a little bit; I knew Jake and Sean were closer.

"Thanks man! That's fuckin' awesome; I'd like that. But yeah, dude, we want you there too; fuck, don't ease your way out of the picture. And thanks for the invite to your house; I appreciate it. He's my best friend and I don't want to lose him."

"I know, Sean. You're his best friend too. I would never dream of coming between you guys. Our home is your home; always."

He got a little quiet. "Thanks Mike. That means a hellva lot to me. I'm startin' to see why our boy loves you so much; you have a big heart."

"You're welcome, Sean. And thank you." A car pulled in behind me and honked.

"Fuck! Back to work. You know the drill, Mike; I'll talk to you later. Our boy will be out shortly."

"Thanks Sean."

I put the car in gear and went and parked in `my' space. Sean and I had been talking so long that I only had to wait a couple of minutes for Jake to come walking up to the gate. He smiled at me, then he and Sean talked for a minute. Sean pulled Jake's head against his; a bro hug I guess, and released him. They were smiling at each other, then bumped knuckles (must be another bro hug kind of thing) and Jake headed towards the car. He opened the back door and chucked his backpack in, then got in the front, smiling at me.

"Hi ya sexy!"

"Hi yourself, Marine. Have a good day at work, dear?"

He laughed. "Yes, I did actually. How was your day watchin soaps and eatin' bon bon's?"

"Every bit as good as yesterday. On the Young and the Restless I found out that Drake is really Emily's half-brother, and..."

Jake was laughing his ass off.

"Not buyin' it huh?"

"No Mikey, I really can't picture you watching a soap."

"Me either. Ready to blaze?"

"Yeah, let's see what this big ass boat's got." He gave me an evil grin.

"Be careful what you ask for..."

"Oooo, I'm scared." He leered at me.

I started the car and pulled out of my space, then swung around the guard shack, both Jake and I giving Sean our usual half-salute. When I got to the road I checked out the traffic situation. Right was far clearer ahead so I turned right and just nailed it. Within about fifteen seconds and two 6,000 rpm up-shifts we were doing an indicated 200 KPH. Jake was watching the tach and speedo.

"Fuck dude! Slow the fuck down!"

He was grinning from ear to ear. I let off the gas and touched the brakes a couple of times and we were back down to 90 KPH.

"Goddamn! I didn't think this big ass fucker was that fast. Holy Christ!"

"Well, with over 300 horsepower and governed at 155 it's not too much of a slouch. It was built for the autobahn, Jake."

"I guess, fuck. OK, I won't say that again. So just how fast is 200 KPH?"

"It's about a hundred twenty-five."

"Fuck... Sure didn't take long to get there; that fuckin speedo was climbing like someone was chasing it."

"The old girl does pretty well for herself. I'll take you out on the autobahn this weekend; we'll see what she can do."

"Hell yeah! That would probably be a lot safer than a two-lane road, too."

"Most definitely. Let's find a place to turn around and head back to the hotel." Jake's phone started ringing.  He answered it.

"Hello." A long pause followed by laughter. "Yeah, well he was trying to show off. I talked shit about his car and he took it personal." A ten second pause. "I know; you should've felt it from in here; big ass fucker's like a rocket." Giggles. Pause. "Speedo read 200 KPH; Mike says that equal to 125 MPH." Pause. "Tell me about it; my ass was trying to suck the leather up." Another pause followed by laughter. "Fuck you! Leave my ass outta this conversation." Another ten second pause. "Yeah, well...I regret it now." A five second pause. "OK, later, fuck stick; I'll see ya tomorrow." Click.

"Sean says to tell ya `fuck yeah' and he heard it open up from inside the shack.'"

I just smiled at him and continued driving like a grandpa back to town. When we passed the road to the gate I honked and we both waved to Sean. We got back to the hotel and headed up to our room. I had kind of been looking around for Sarah, I was going to introduce her to Jake, but I didn't see her. We walked in to the room and I closed the door. Jake chucked his backpack on the couch then walked up to me, pulled me into his arms and planted a big, wet, sloppy kiss on me; my favorite kind from my favorite guy. We stood in the entry way making out for a few minutes before Jake broke the kiss.

He grinned at me. "I've been waitin' all day to do that."

"I could tell; it was...hungry. Thank you."

"You are welcome. Wanna try another one?"

"You never have to ask, baby."

We landed on each other's mouths again and made out for another five or six minutes. My dick was starting to grow and Jake's had been at full mast since he'd walked up to me; and he kept pressing his crotch into mine to make sure I knew it. I grabbed his hips and pushed him back a little, then broke the kiss and looked into his face, smiling.

"Watch where you're pointin' that thing; you could hurt someone."

"He doesn't want to hurt you; he just wants to say `Hi'." Then he leered at me.

I looked down at Jake's crotch. "Hi!" I looked back at him and grinned.

He looked down at my crotch. "It looks like he wants to say `Hi' too."

"Well he can't, he's grounded. He pissed me off so I grounded him."

Jake started laughing. "What'd he do?"

"He pissed all over the edge of the toilet bowl."

Jake laughed again. "Maybe you should've just choked the shit out of him until he threw up. That's what I do when mine misbehaves." He started laughing again.

"I've tried that before, but I discovered he liked it too much. So I thought I'd try the grounding thing. Time-outs didn't work either."

Jake was still laughing. "You're a goof, you know that?"

"I'm glad somebody appreciates it. So what do you wanna do now?" I knew as soon as it left my lips I'd screwed up.


I rolled my eyes and smiled. "How'd I know you'd say that?"

"Why ask the question if you already knew the answer?"

"It was too late; it'd already fallen out of my mouth."

He laughed again. "You need to have that checked out. I don't want things fallin' outta your mouth after I put `em in there."

I think I was about to have sex with this hot man standing in front of me because I didn't know any other way to save myself from this conversation.

"You know you've won, don't you? I can see it in your eyes."

"Yep. You know you can't resist me; why do you try?"

"As an exercise in futility; I've heard its character building."

"Baby, you are more of a character than any one man can handle. Now stop pretending you don't want to take this uniform off me and make sweet love to me. You're just delaying the fun."

"You're pretty sure of yourself, huh?"


I pulled his face back to mine for another kiss, while at the same time reaching for the top button of his shirt. We both had known he'd win; I guess the game was part of the fun. I was starting to wonder if I'd really survive the weekend though. Could I keep up with his 20 year old hormones? He was horny and ready to go at the drop of a hat. I was beginning to be glad I was healthy and in pretty good shape; it's my balls I was kind of worried about. It'd been a while since they'd had to ramp up production like this.

I don't think what we did would qualify as `sweet love' like he'd said; it was more like monkey sex. It was hard, fast, hungry and fairly quick. When were done we needed a shower as much for the body fluids as the sweat. He'd also discovered that he liked stripping me out of a suit as much as I liked stripping him out of uniform; and he used my tie for things it'd never been used for before. When we were done with our shower he seemed to be a `happy fuckin' Marine' all over again. While we were standing naked in the bedroom he asked me if he could get a pair of my `drawers'. He didn't have any clean ones.

"You know where they're at, baby; help yourself. Do you need to do some laundry?"

"Yeah, I haven't done any since I went to Berlin. I haven't really had time. Well, I haven't had any interest; I was much more interested in you."

"What all do you have in your backpack?"

"Two pairs of jeans; one dirty, two t-shirts; one dirty and a pair of socks."

"That's it?"

"'Fraid so."

"We're going clothes shopping in the morning. No arguments."


"What about uniforms? How many clean ones do you have?"

"None." He smirked. "I'm not good at laundry; I hate it. If I can stand the smell I'll wear it."

I looked at him, rolled my eyes and grinned.

"Okie dokie. Well until we move into the house there's a really great service at the hotel; laundry. They will pick it up, clean it, iron it and return it all in the same day. We're going back out to the base before dinner and you're going to go in and get ALL of your clothes, including uniforms and bring them back out to the car with you. By tomorrow afternoon you'll have all sparkly clean clothes without having to lift a lid on a washer."

"Why would they wash all my clothes?"

I grinned. "They live to do nothing but wash your clothes, baby. And they will be washing your clothes for you until we move out of here."

He smiled. "Really!?"

"Really. For four hundred bucks a night they'd better. And by laundry day next week they will have a whole bunch of new clothes to wash for you."

"You're paying four hundred bucks a fuckin' night; for a bed? Damn!"

"Don't forget the laundry service. The bed's only twenty bucks, it's the laundry that's so expensive." I threw him an evil grin.

"Smart ass!"

"You seemed to like my ass thirty minutes ago."

"You make a good point. But seriously, this room is four hundred bucks a night?"

"Why are you so obsessed with the cost of everything?"

"Because we never had any money when I was growing up. You throw these huge numbers around like it's nothing. It's just... different for me."

"Well stop worrying about money. I grew up poor too; hell we were on food stamps when I was a little kid, until my mom remarried. Dad had a good job and we moved up a little; but we still lived pretty much pay check to pay check. I put myself through college working two jobs at the same time I went to school. After college, John and I started this business and started making good money at it. Over the years we've made damn good money at it. I guess I've just gotten used to having it; used to a better lifestyle. I don't throw these numbers around to try to impress you, or to scare you. The money just doesn't freak me out the same way because I have it I guess. And I love buying things for you, so don't freak out every time I pull out a credit card. OK baby? For me?"

"Credit cards have to be paid back. It's not like you're just pulling this stuff outta your ass. I don't want you spending your hard earned money on me."

"Come with me. Please."

I took his hand and led him into the living room. I grabbed my laptop and opened it up. I logged on to my main bank in Colorado and showed him the balance. I then pulled up my other account in Colorado and showed him the balance on that one. His eyes were huge, but I soldiered on. I pulled up the account I'd just opened in Germany and showed him the balance. I went to my account holder page on that one and added his name to it. He grabbed my hands off the keyboard.

"What the fuck are you doing?"

"I'm putting your name on the account; you have full access to it now. I'm gonna have them send a debit card in your name for it. Spend every dime of it, I don't care; it's yours if you need it."

"What're you doin'? Don't do shit like that, Mikey. Why are you doin' this?"

"I'm doing it because I want to. I'm doing it because you mean more to me than money. I'm doing it because I love you. I'm doing it because I don't want you to ever want for anything, ever again. And I'm not doing it to buy you or your love. I already have both; I don't need to pay for it." I had tears streaming down my face by the time I got it all out.

He grabbed my face in his hands and just stared at my eyes, trying to understand what was happening. I could see love and confusion in his, but didn't know what he was thinking.

"You can't do this, baby. I don't want you to do this."

"Why can't I? It's the means to an end. We have arguments every day about money and we both end up crying and frustrated. I hate feeling that way. I hate seeing you hurt; it tears me apart inside. I hate arguing with you, but especially about something that doesn't mean jack shit if you don't share it with me. What the fuck is the money good for if I can't share it with you; to buy houses and cars? Fuck that. I've learned there are more important things to me, and he's holding my face in his hands and it makes me feel loved and wonderful." I shuddered an exhale. "Jacob, I love you with all my heart and I flat refuse to ever have another argument with you about money."

He sat holding my face, tears streaming down his now too, searching my eyes. To walk into the room you'd think we'd both lost our minds; sitting there naked, with a laptop open next to us, staring at each other, crying. I just sat and waited for him to say something. He stared into my eyes for about two minutes and it kind of scared me because I didn't know what he was thinking. He finally spoke.

"I don't know how to respond to this... I don't know what to say, Michael."

I finally let out the breath I'd been holding. "I know I never have to ask, but just this one time. Do you love me?"

No hesitation whatsoever. "Yes."

"Then just say, `Well OK then!' and I'll say, `Well fine!' And we'll be done with this. Please, Jacob."

He smiled just a little. "Well OK then! Dammit!"

I got a huge smile on my face. "Well Fine!"

I stood up and wrapped myself around him; just like he does to me when he's having a melt-down. It felt great; I knew now why he did it. I just held on to him, not wanting to ever let go. After a couple of minutes we finally pulled apart; both of us having trouble breathing due to pressure. I looked at him and smiled. I grabbed his face in my hands.

"We're done with this, right?"

"Yes, we're done with this, Michael."

"You have no idea how happy that makes me. Just think though, now you really do get to write the checks for the mortgage." He just smiled at me and rolled his eyes.

"Oh boy..." We both laughed.

"Let's get dressed and get out of this damn room. I need some fresh air and we have things to do."

"You got it, sexy man. Wanna watch me put your underwear on?"

I got a huge grin on my face. "Almost as much as I wanna watch you take `em off later."

He smiled and we walked back into the bedroom to get dressed. Just five days and four roller coaster rides through the bank of hell. I had an interesting future with him.

When we pulled up to the gate at the base Sean saw us and got a big grin on his face and walked up to my window.

"I knew you'd get sick of him and bring his ass back here!"

"Shut up, dick weed! He's not bringing me back."

"Actually Sean, we're just here to pick up his damn clothes; he doesn't do laundry and I can't take the smell anymore." Sean started laughing and Jake punched me in the shoulder.

"I can't let you drive in, Mike, sorry. Until fuck stick over there get's you a permit you're not allowed on base."

"Not a problem, Sean. I see my space is empty; he'll just have to hoof it."

"Oh yeah, I forgot I can get you a permit now. Let me outta here and I'll go get my fuckin' clothes." He took his seatbelt off, opened the door and got out."

"Hey chicken dick, how're you gonna carry `em?"

"With your mouth; it's big enough!" They both laughed. "I can use my duffle bag. Wait here!" He started jogging away. I just looked up at Sean and shook my head. He laughed.

"What can I say, Mike; I didn't raise him?"

I chuckled at his joke and put the car back in gear. I thought of something.

"Hey Sean, what is the process for getting a permit? I assume they'll want to run a check on me too; make sure I'm not a terrorist or anything."

"Yeah, pretty much. Jake has to start the application, and then you have to come in and talk to the Major. After that, they'll get all the info on the car, then in a couple of day's you'll have a permit. It's just getting dick weed to get the ball rolling."

"OK. Thanks Sean."

"No problem, dude."

I pulled around and parked back in my space waiting for Jake to come back with his clothes. I spotted him about fifteen minutes later laden down with his Marine duffle bag. It looked like he hadn't washed anything in a month. I started laughing and looked over at Sean. He saw me laughing so he looked to see why. When he spotted Jake he about lost it. He looked back at me and shook his head again.

Jake stopped at the gate and I'm sure I can safely assume they were talking shit to each other. Jake turned toward me, while flipping Sean the bird behind him, and walked back to the car. He threw his duffle bag in the back seat then jumped in the front. I just looked at him and shook my head.


"Nothing baby; just didn't expect such a big load."

He started laughing. "You've told me that before, but you didn't seem to mind."

I laughed too, while turning a little red. "True that, smart ass!"

"Shut up. You love my ass. Let's get outta here."


I put the car back in gear and we left. When we got back into town I asked Jake if he wanted to drop his clothes off first or eat first."

"Eat dammit. I'm starvin'!"

"'Nuff said."

We found another nice mom and pop place and had a great dinner. We took the opportunity to learn a little more about each other; especially food likes and dislikes. He decided I was just weird and we left the restaurant around seven thirty. When we got back to the hotel we went through his pile of dirty clothes, which took almost thirty minutes, and I called the front desk to request a laundry pickup in the morning. Once I had that taken care of we were sitting on the couch again, staring at that stupid bar, holding hands. I looked over at him. I couldn't read his face but he seemed content enough. I squeezed his hand and he looked at me.

"Do you want to go out and do something? You look kinda bored."

"No, I'm not bored. I was just sitting here thinking. This is more than I usually do on Friday night. Kevin is usually with his other half and Sean is usually out chasin' pussy. Most of the time all I do is sit and watch T.V. or play video games. Sometimes, if I just can't take it, I'll even do a load of laundry." He grinned at me on that last one.

"By the looks of that pile over there you don't get that bored very often. Okay, I was just wondering. I'm usually still working in the evening so I've kinda forgotten what people usually do."

"This is pretty much it, Mikey. But no, I really ain't bored; I was just thinkin'."

"What're you thinking about; if you don't mind me asking?"

"My mom, actually. I know that sounds dorky, but I am."

"It's not dorky at all. To tell you the truth, baby, I was thinking about my mom earlier today. I was actually getting ready to call her when you called me from work. I just kinda spaced it out after we hung up."

"Do you have a good relationship with your mom; is she OK with you being gay?"

"We have a great relationship. We talk all the time; although we never really talk too much about me being gay. But then I don't really talk about it that much. To me, it's not what defines me; it's not really who I am. It's just a part of me. Most of the time I don't really refer to myself as gay even, but homo or queer; it's actually more accurate."

"I can identify with that. I don't spend much time thinking about being gay; it's just a part of me.

"My thoughts exactly. I think you should always act like a man. Even if you've got a dick in your ass, a dick in your mouth and a dick in each hand, just act like a man. If I wanted someone who acts like a girl I'd date a girl."

Jake started laughing. "That's a lot of dick, baby. Damn! Four dicks, no waiting!" We both started laughing. "But yeah, I agree with you completely."

"Damn, Jake, it's like two minds with but a single thought."

He smiled at me. "See baby, we belong together."

"Hell yeah we do."

"So, now what? And NO! Not sex. I'm not re-loaded yet!" I grinned at him.

"That's `cause I have all your ammo in me." Evil grin. "I did want to ask you something; it's just kinda... weird, I guess."

"You can always ask me anything. What weird thing did you wanna know about me?"

He giggles. "Well... about that four dicks and no waiting thing. Have you ever done that? Been with more than one guy?"

I was wondering if this would be good or bad. "Yeah..."

"Really!? Fuckin' A! You perv! How many?"

I started laughing. "A few 3-ways and one 4-way."

He laughed again then looked at me with sort of awe. "Fuck... Awesome dude!" Then, with some indignation. "You slut!! And you have the balls to call me a horny fucker!?"

"You are a horny fucker; but so I was I when I was twenty. That's when these happened; when I was in my 20's, in college. I had a lot of lost time to make up for and I did. There are lots of horny boys in college, and some don't mind playing with each other."

"Damn, I should've gone to college instead of the Marines. I don't think any of these guys are fucking around, and I was always too afraid to find out."

"Baby, there are guys on your base fuckin' around; you just don't know who they are. Believe me, you're not the only one there that likes dick."

He laughed. "I guess not. There's about a thousand guys there; someone's gotta be suckin' some cock."

"Pretty much. Statistically it's supposed to be something like one out of ten people are gay; then they're those that don't mind playing around with a guy once in a while." He got a big grin on his face; I knew he was thinking of Sean. "Then they say guys away from home or women for a long time, like military and prison, it's up to like forty or fifty percent. So yeah, there's some cock sucking going on around there somewhere."

"Damn and I didn't figure it out."

"I'm not sure I'm good with where this is headed." I said, looking right at him.

"Oh... God baby, no. I `m not saying I wish I was fuckin' around with these guys now; it's just... you gotta wonder what could've happened; before I met you."

"OK, I see where you're coming from. I do understand the need, and the curiosity, baby. I just told you I was a slut when I was your age, so I do understand. I have to admit, being with two or three guys at the same time was a fucking rush. I won't lie; I had a good time being a slut."

He laughed again. "I bet you did; slut. Well, ex-slut." I stuck my tongue out at him and he gave me an evil grin. "I mean hell yeah, I've thought about being with a few guys at the same time; I've even checked out a few in the showers that I thought would be fun. Who hasn't thought about it? I guess it's just a fantasy that guys have. I know straight guys think about doing two or three girls at once; believe me I hear about it all the time."

"I bet you do, being surrounded by a bunch of horny Marines talking about banging two or three or four girls at the same time. It's a guy thing. The only difference with big ole homos is we think about doing it with two or three or four guys. Actually the 3-ways were more fun. When it's a 4-way you just end up splitting off into pairs, so it doesn't really seem any different once you get down to the fucking. It's pretty fun at first, getting to play with three dicks at the same time, but still ends up being one guy, usually."

"You're making my fucking dick hard talking about this shit, Mikey."

I gave him an evil grin. "I can't help it if you`re getting mental images of this shit."

"Well I am, dammit. We gotta change the conversation or you've gotta do something about this hard dick."

"I could flick the head of your dick with my fingers; that might make him go back to sleep."

"Oh, fuck no. That would hurt like a motherfucker. You can't hurt him; he loves you."

"No, I'd never hurt him; I love him too. I don't want him out of action either. So what do you think I should do about it; since you think I caused it?"

"You did cause it! I think you should make him happy."

"And how would I go about makin' him happy?" I leered at him.

"You always seem to find a way; he's happiest when he's with you. He loves every part of you; your mouth, your ass, your hands. Pick one or two; I'll leave the details up to you." He leered right back at me.

"You're a cocky little shit, huh?"

"There ain't nothin' little about me; and you love my cocky. So get to work. Don't make me start givin' orders."

"In the words of my one true love, Ooooo I'm so scared!"

"You might be."

"Haven't you figured out yet, baby that it turns me the fuck on when you go all `power ranger' on me?"

He burst out laughing. "Oh man, that's some funny shit! I can't believe you just said that!"

"Well OK that really didn't come out quite the way I'd wanted it to."

"You think? That was fuckin' hilarious! I got your fuckin' power ranger hangin', baby!"

I was laughing as much as he was. "Oh shit... That was funny. Can I do like you and just start this call over?"

"Yeah, and I won't hang up on you either."

"I didn't hang up on you, dammit! I said `bye' first. Jeez. Never mind. Let's try this again... OK. Haven't you figured out yet that it turns me the fuck on when you start giving orders and telling me how you like it? There! Is that better!?"

He started laughing again. "Hell yeah it's better. But my fuckin' dick went soft because I was laughing so much. Goddamn! Now you have to start over."

"Works for me; I love making your dick grow. What the fuck're you waitin' for? Give me a fucking order, Marine!"

"Fine! Get on your knees and pull my fucking cock out of my pants! Now!"

And we were off and runnin'...

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