MWM Pt 2 Married White Male --- My first man-to-man camchat.

This story is based partially on fact. It is a story of erotic chat and video between two adult males.

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The email was from the guy with the nip clamps and dickrod videos. He stated that he added me to his Yahoo and Skype and he was online in both now. If I contacted him in the next few minutes, we could chat in either program. I immediately replied and stated I would contact him in Skype and hoped to chat with him.

I opened my Skype program. I sent an IM to him and waited for him to reply. In just a few seconds, he replied that he was online and ready to chat and.....whatever, if I wanted. I replied that "Yes" I wanted to watch him online as he played but wasn't sure I could cam in return. He said no problem and I accepted his video call. ̇We both had audio so we could talk rather than type.

We exchanged a few pleasantries and told our names. His name was Doug. We both said that we were glad to meet each other and went on from there.

Doug's cam showed him from the neck down, shirtless, with boxer shorts sitting on his sofa. The dialogue went like this:

Doug was fondling his crotch through his shorts and running his other hand over his chest stopping at his nipples and playing with them a bit as we chatted. My cock was slowing hardening, lengthening and thickening as we continued this chat which I found tremendously exciting.

Doug's cock was hard now and making a big mound in his boxers shorts. That mound and the fondling of his furry chest and nipples as we chatted only added to the excitement of my first live chat with a man about sex and sexplay.

With that, Doug takes off his boxers completely. His big, stiff cock and balls are close to the cam with his hairy chest and roving hands in the background. My breath caught in my throat as I realized I was actually watching a guy 'live' show me his nakedness! It was like a throwback to the circle-jerk days, only this time the feeling of sexual heat and horniness was incredibly greater! Greater than it had been in years for me. I felt incredibly hot and horny and feverish and as if all the nerves in my body were tingling in unison.

End of part 2.