Copyright 2006
By Lee Mariner

This is a first experience story that may or may not be true; I'll leave that decision up to you.  It will contain sexual acts that have always contributed to the sexual education of any boy on the verge of puberty.

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I lived in a small town located maybe thirty-five or forty miles to the west of, Akron, Ohio.   I'm not sure what the population was but it was small enough that everyone seemed to know everybody else.  My dad, Henry Carlson, drove a milk truck for Yoder Dairies, collecting and processing milk from the surrounding farms.  My, mom, Natalie, worked part time for a local grocer while my sister, Emily and I were in school.   My name is Darryl Carlson and, I am gay. I was born during the depression, but we had food on the table, decent clothing, and a roof over our heads.  Dad had a 1935 Chevrolet Coupe but he didn't drive it very much, gasoline cost twenty-five cents a gallon.  He always said everything that we needed and the schools were close enough that we could walk.  Mom didn't always agree especially during the winter, and they argued about it. Whenever the weather was nasty and there was a nickel on the table for my sister and I to ride the bus, we knew Mom had left it.  

As much as the preacher said it was evil to have sex out of wedlock, I couldn't shake the feelings growing inside of me, and the dreams of naked boys, and waking up with my cock so hard it ached.  Whenever we were all taking a shower after our gym class, I listened to some of the older boys talking about girls, and how excited they would get thinking about putting their dicks in the girl's pussy.  It wasn't until I was eleven or twelve years old that I started having strange feelings when I was around other boys, and particularly when we went swimming naked in the creek that ran on the edge of the town.  

One afternoon in the summer of nineteen forty when, I was thirteen, I was helping my dad clean the garage, and for some reason, I blurted out my frustrations asking him about the things I had heard other boys talking about.  He laughed, and we sat on a rough-cut sawhorse while he explained the differences between male and females and how babies are made.  When I mentioned the way that I sometimes felt, he chuckled telling me to do what comes natural but where girls were concerned, keep my pants buttoned until I was married. 

My physical entry into puberty came during the time that Europe and Asia were in turmoil, and Adolph Hitler was running rampant through the weaker countries around Germany.   Japan was making a lot of noise in Asia and, even though we were not yet involved, Miss Berg our geography teacher would show us on the huge map of the world she had on one wall of her classroom what was happening, and she would try and discuss with us the changes that were occurring in the world.  We, my buddies and me, were more interested in what was happening between our legs.

I guess every young man has his own tale about his first sexual experience, tales about the mysterious and inexplicable feelings that caused fear for no other reason than they were unknown in the early years of growth.  I know that I did.  I won't go through all of the strange exciting feelings in my groin, the growth of my dick and balls, or the sudden growth of hair where none had been before.  What we didn't know, we learned by looking at magazine pictures of naked men and women. We experimented with our still developing endowments by trying to emulate what the pictures showed, and by eavesdropping on the older boys in the school showers.

My erotic fantasies and the deep desire to know more about the male penis were heightened when we were skinny-dipping. Some of the guys were circumcised and some, including me, were not.  Some had nubs that would grow to surprising proportions when it's owner got a hard on. Everyone started to compare their cocks size as we grew older, giving way to bragging rights for those that were better endowed than the less fortunate of us. Comparing cocks or playing grab-ass while we were swimming, always led to a circle jerk with everyone furtively watching everyone else as if comparing methods.  There was always a loud 'oh my God' whenever the first of us shot his load. I was always more interested in watching the intense stroking going on to be concerned with being first to ejaculate.  Unlike the others, I enjoyed slow stroking, and the enjoyment of the erotic feelings that engulfed my straining body as my climax approached.  As a result, I was usually the last in the unannounced but generally understood race to reach a climax.  At times the teasing was more than aggravating but I gritted my teeth enjoying the thought that the pool of semen on the ground between my legs was larger and thicker in consistency than the others.



On a hot Saturday afternoon in the summer of 1941, my mother and my younger pesky sister Emily were going swimming at Phillips Swimming Pool not to far from our house, and they asked me if I wanted to go with them.  Dad was putting in overtime or he would have taken us to Lake LaSourdsville where most families went on weekends in the summer; but, from where we lived it was almost an hours drive to the lake, and gasoline was expensive.   Everyone was struggling to make ends meet because of the depression and that was probably one of the main reasons that old man Philips built a T-shaped pool on his farm, and opened it to the public charging twenty-five cents for adults and ten cents for children under thirteen. I was working after school at Holmans Paints and, I knew Mom would pay for Emily who was eleven but she would expect me to pay my own way since it would cost twenty-five cents for me.  

The pool was big with a large four foot deep section for swimming, and a roped off ten foot deep section with three diving boards, four, eight and ten foot high.  Only experienced divers were supposed to be in that end but there was always some smart ass that would suddenly swim across the diving area scaring the hell out of the divers and onlookers.   The lifeguards would blow their whistles and holler but by the time the got down from their high seats the jerk would be in the swimming section mingling with the swimmers.



I had been using the men's locker room to change into my bathing suit since I was eleven years old, and that is where I really started to realize that men were more interesting than women.  From the pictures that, I had seen, women only had one thing to offer, a hole. Men had much more than women, and the size and different shapes of the male phallus was amazing, and exciting.  I would get so excited checking out the boys who were well endowed for their ages, and the older men that, I'd have to turn my back so no one saw my hard dick.

For such a hot day, and being a Saturday it was surprising that there were only two or three kids about my age playing around and grab-assing while they changed into their swim suits, and there were a couple of older men who were in the process of dressing to leave. I was positioning my half-hard dick and balls before pulling my swimsuit up to tie off the draw strings when I heard someone behind me say, "Hi, Darryl."

Surprised at hearing my name, I spun around, still holding the untied strings, my dick, and balls clearly visible.  Marvin had come up behind me unannounced, and when I turned around, he was grinning and his eyes were twinkling.  I felt the blood rush to my head, and without answering; I quickly pulled my suit up, tying the strings tighter than normal.


Marvin was seventeen, a year older than me.  We went to the same school, lived in the same neighborhood, and although we were not close buddies, we would speak to each other in the classrooms or sometimes joke around in the hallways - I liked him. He was good-looking, and he always seemed to have a smile on his face.  I couldn't remember ever hearing him raise his voice or becoming angry with anyone. He was like a ghost who was there on the fringes but not really a part of any group.


Everyone, students and teachers alike knew Marvin was slow, and had a hard time keeping up in class.  His brain did not absorb information as quickly as that of a 'normal' kid.  Under usual circumstances concerning kids like him, he would have been placed in the county home for the "deaf and dumb", emphasis on dumb since he could hear perfectly well.  It was when he was in the third grade that he was diagnosed as retarded, and the process to transfer him was started but, it was decided by the teachers along with his and other parents, along with consultation from a state psychologist that remaining in the public school system among the children that he knew would be more beneficial than placing him the county home.  There was always the proviso that if he should become disruptive, he could be transferred.


At the time, I weighed about one hundred and forty pounds, and stood five foot eight inches tall.  High school athletics and working with weights was helping in developing a respectable physique and, while showering or swimming, I wasn't ashamed of comparison with my normal circle of friends.  I didn't plan on being a Charles Atlas like some of the other guys bragged about but, I did want a smoothly muscled, well-developed body.  One thing that I did not want was being hairy all over like some men that I had seen.  It was a turn on when I saw someone with a sparse but noticeable amount of silky soft hair on his chest, forearms, thighs and calves but the men that looked like woolly bears did nothing to excite me. 

I had never seen my Dad completely naked but, his chest was smooth, he had well developed muscles, and my hair was a thick reddish auburn like his. My friends and relatives told me that my hair enhanced the aquatic green of my eyes. A noticeable growth of hair led down from my inverted navel between twin ridges of developing abdominal muscles, merging with a silky thick bush covering my pelvis, and surrounding the thick base of my uncircumcised cock.

To my knowledge Marvin did not participate in school athletics and was rarely if ever in the locker rooms so I was speechless when I saw how well built he was.  He must have been two or three inches taller than me and probably weighed close to one hundred sixty or sixty-five pounds. His hair was dark brown and his eyes were a striking aqua blue.  The muscles of his broad shoulders rippled as he moved, and the chiseled muscles of his chest were well defined with large dark aureole's encompassing twin dark brown almost black nipples jutting out from his thick chest muscles. The muscles of his arms were smooth but not bulging, his stomach was flat and his abdominal muscles were like two ridges of rock with a thick growth of silky dark hair filling the valley between them, and then disappeared into the elastic waistband of his tight fitting dark green Johnny Weismuller swim trunks that displayed a very prominent bulge. 


Stunned by how gorgeous he was, I gasped, my voice croaking as I said, "Hi, Marvin, what's up? Going in or leaving?" I asked barely able to suppress my admiration. 

"I'm going swimming," he answered. "My dad dropped me off, and he told me that if I stayed out of the deep end, I could swim until four o'clock this afternoon, and I should be ready when he gets back." 

"There's no one else with you?" I asked, swiveling my head back and forth to see if anyone else was in the locker room.

"No, but before he left, he asked the guy at the gate to see if the lifeguards would keep an eye on me," he answered innocently.  "My mom works on Saturdays, and when someone where my dad works called and asked him if he could come in and work overtime, he brought me to the swimming pool instead of leaving me at home by myself. I already knew where to go to change clothes but, the guy at the gate showed me anyway. When, I saw you come in and start to take your clothes off, I figured you were going swimming, and I thought maybe you'd let me swim with you and we could play together."

My heart was racing like a piston pump and, at his suggestion of playing together, my cock stiffened and there was a tingling feeling in my groin. The feeling of excitement within me was increasing and, I was having a hard time controlling my breathing but inhaling deeply, I managed to say,  "No reason that we can't, Marvin. My mom and sister are here but I really don't want to swim with them all afternoon.  Have you showered and rinsed your feet in the disinfectant?"

"Not yet," he replied, grinning, his beautiful blue eyes gleaming with excitement as he turned toward the shower entrance doors.

* * * * * * * *

I don't know if the erotic excitement that, I was feeling was being felt by Marvin as we stood under the shower water rinsing off; but, his hands seemed to linger over the growing bulge hidden by his suit, and he didn't hide it.  Once or twice, he pulled the waistband of his suit away from his belly, and while the water fell like rain over his glistening body and into the opening, he ran his free hand inside the suit fondling his cock.   The fire in my loins increased and, his eyes glistened, shifting down to the growing bulge in my crotch.   Instead of turning away as I would normally have done, I loosened the drawstring of my trunks and returning his gaze, I held my suit up with one hand while I moved my free hand inside of my trunks.  Gripping my throbbing cock, and breathing in deeply, I boldly moved my hand in a stroking motion.  I saw Marvin's broad chest expand as he inhaled, and looking around furtively to be sure we were alone, he moved closer whispering, "how big is it, Darryl?"

"Big enough, how about yours," I replied, teasing him a little by barely pulling the waistband of my suit open.

"I've never measured it but if you want, I know where we can go so no one can see us," he answered, squeezing his cock, and breathing a little heavier.

I felt my nuts tightening signaling that my cock was close to exploding, and my legs were trembling from the excitement.  I knew he was retarded but he seemed to be as excited as I was, and his eyes gleamed when, my voice trembling with excitement, I asked. "Where, Marvin?" 

"Follow me," he replied as he pulled his hand out of his trunks letting the elastic waistband snap against his flat stomach. Turning away from the door that opened onto the pool, he moved quickly toward the door at the other end of the shower room that led into the men's bathroom.

Pulling the strings tightly, I shoved the ends into my suit as I followed, Marvin into the men's room. He waited, holding the door open until I caught up with him, and he said, "No one's here."   I was surprised that he knew of a place in a crowded swimming pool where we wouldn't be seen, and a little concerned about where we were going. But, when he said 'no one's here', I didn't figure being in the men's room as being any safer than in the shower, and I was about to protest when he said, "Come on, Darryl, it's safe in here."   He opened a smaller door that led from the men's room into the swimming pool pump and filter rooms.

There were two rooms, one with two pumps, and the other room with filters almost as big as the pumps.  The pumps hummed but not noisily, and the swishing of the water through the filters was all the noise in the room that Marvin led me into.  There was some water on the floor in the filter room but the floor was slanted toward a gutter that led along the wall emptying the water into a drain.

"Marvin," I said.  "How did you know about this place?"

"I'll tell you, if you let me see yours," he answered, his eyes twinkling as he moved closer to me, hooking his thumps into the waist band of his trunks and pushing down until the thick dark hair around his cock was showing.

"Two can play the same game," I thought to myself as I revealed as much of the hair around my cock and saying, "Not until you tell me unless you want to push your suit down at the same time I do."

"Okay," he said, breathing in deeply, and grinning broadly after thinking for a minute. "That's fair."

Standing about two feet apart and facing each other, we both hesitated before pushing our swimsuits down.  We both had hard cocks in the shower room, but during the time I was following, Marvin, my cock had softened some and from what he was showing, his wasn't as hard as it had been although there was still an impressive bulge visible.

My heart was beating like a trip hammer as more of Marvin's hair showed.  Both of were trying to match each other in revealing what we had, and both us were as hard as steel when the thick bases surrounded by equally thick silky hair.  We were breathing so hard, it sounded like we panting with anticipation as inch by inch our cocks came into view and then sprang free. 

"Oh, Jesus, Marvin," I gasped, watching as his uncircumcised cock slapped against his hard stomach and then bounced freely.  "Your huge," I exclaimed.

"Not much more than you, Darryl," he said, grinning, and wiggling his legs until his swim trunks fell free so he could kick them aside.  "Maybe an inch but no more than that, Kirk said his was eight inches long.  When he let me put mine on top of his to see if we were the same size, he sort of flattened the hair around it with his fingers, and mine was about an inch shorter."

"KIrk," I thought for a moment and, I wondered if, Marvin meant Kirk Morrison, one of the seniors ahead of us in school. He was a gorgeous, blond headed, eighteen-year-old soccer player, and built like an Adonis.   I had seen him in the locker room showers, and even soft, his cock was big. I wondered how big it was, and if his cock felt satiny smooth and soft when it was hard but, I didn't know what to do so, all I did was jerk off thinking about it.   "Kirk, who?" I asked.
"You know him, Darryl," he replied, looking at my turgid cock while holding and squeezing his. "He goes to our school, and he's one of the lifeguards here at the swimming pool.  Once when, I was swimming, I had to pee, and when I went to the bathroom, he followed me. He stood next to me and started stroking his cock until it was hard.  I never saw another boy's cock all hard like his was and I got all funny feeling inside of me watching him.  I couldn't stop my cock from getting hard, and when he saw it, he pulled his swimsuit down, and turned toward me showing me his balls and how big his cock was.  When he reached out and put his hand on my cock, I wasn't sure what to do; but it felt good when he pulled on it, and I didn't want him to stop. After a minute or so, he looked at me and said we should go somewhere else where we wouldn't get caught, and he brought me in here." 

My legs were trembling from the excitement that was sweeping over me as I visualized the scene of Marvin and Kirk in the bathroom. My mouth was dry from anticipation, and Marvin's cock hypnotically swaying from left to right, it's blood engorged head sliding in and out of it's protective sheath, a drop of a clear liquid oozing from the urethral aperture. It took an effort not to reach out and grasp his cock although every fiber in my body screamed with the desire to wrap my fingers around it gorgeous length.  With an effort, and breathing heavily, I looked into his eyes, suppressing the urge, as I moved closer, my voice trembling with emotion as I asked, "Do you still want to see whose cock is bigger?"

"Sure," he answered, grinning, his eyes twinkling as he thrust his hips forward, the head of his cock almost touching mine.  "I still bet we are almost the same size," he said in a kidding tone as I duplicated his movement, pushing my cock toward his until the semi sheathed crowns made contact.

The sudden contact was electrifying, and a hot bolt of electricity rushed through the length of my cock spreading over my loins, and into my balls. I felt my balls contracting at the electrifying sensation, my muscles flexing from the intensity of the erotic feelings coursing through them.  Marvin's chest was heaving as he breathed, but when he pushed his cock down slightly, I could feel the head of my cock resting on his.  Wrapping his fingers around our cocks and then thrusting his hips forward, waves of intense rapture rolled over me, and I felt his cock sliding under mine. His fingers were loosely clinched not tight, and when the crown of his cock touched my balls, I sucked air deep into my lungs, gasping, "Jesus, Marvin, that feels fantastic."

"Look," he said, intensifying the feelings when he grasped our cocks squeezing them tightly together. "I told you we are almost the same size."

"Man, Marvin, yours sure looked bigger than mine," I exclaimed, looking down between us, enjoying the feeling of his hand squeezing our cocks, the sheathed head of my cock buried in the silky dark hair surrounding his cock.

We stood almost immobile, except for the slow movement of Marvin's hand as he gently squeezed our throbbing cocks.  The situation was surreal, two horny, virile and naked teenagers on the verge of discovering their sexuality; but, restrained by not fully knowing what young men could do to satisfy the feelings being generated by their raging hormones.  Self-gratification was accepted as normal, and generally done in private; but a relationship between two males, and what it entailed was, for the most part, unknown.   After several seconds, I ran my hands over my chest, down over my hard abdomen. Placing my hand on top of his, I squeezed and asked, "Is this all you and Kirk did, Marvin?"

"Nah," he answered, looking around nervously. "He didn't tell me what we were going to do but afterwards, he told me we were friends, and friends don't tell anyone else about what we did together - it was a secret just between us."

Inhaling deeply, I moved back, Marvin still holding our cocks tightly, moved with me until my back touched the wall. Leaning back against it, I lifted my arms and placing them on his shoulders, and looking into his eyes, I whispered sexily, "Were friends, aren't we, Marvin?"

"Yeah, Darryl, I've always liked you," he replied, looking back into my eyes, his hand squeezing and moving our cocks in just the hint of a piston movement. "I like feeling your cock touching mine the same way Kirks did.  His was bigger and fatter but, it felt good just like this."

"You did what we are doing now, Marvin, his cock under yours, and you held them like you are now."

"Unh huh," he grunted, squeezing tightly and leaning forward, breathing heavily, his chest touching mine, his head over my shoulder, his forehead touching the wall.   "He did it, to us, and was playing with our cocks at the same time, stroking them together like this.  I thought I was going to shoot but he stopped before I did," he said, dropping his hand from our throbbing cocks as he pushed away from the wall. 

My heart was beating fast as; Marvin stopped playing with our cocks. When he pushed back, his gleaming eyes met mine and, I said, "Another minute, and you would have felt me shooting, Marvin; but when Kirk stopped, he didn't leave you all excited did he?"

"Nah, he said, he always did it that way to get hot, and then it would really feel good when he did this," he said dropping down on his muscular haunches and placing his hands on my thighs, he engulfed my cock with his mouth.

"Oh shit," I exclaimed, looking down at what Marvin was doing, surprised by the feeling of his mouth on my cock. The sudden and unexpectedly exquisite feelings that swept over me as my cock disappeared between his lips, and putting both hands on his head, I moaned softly,  "Do it, Marvin, suck it."

Grabbing my ass cheeks with his hands, Marvin almost savagely sucked my cock trying to force more of its throbbing length down his throat.  My body responded to the exquisite feelings of my first blowjob, and my hips started pumping, automatically fucking his mouth.  When I felt the fires in my loins blazing, and my nuts tightening as he groaned and hummed, Running my fingers through his golden hair, I glanced down and saw the blur of his hand as he jerked off while sucking my cock.  A bolt of fire engulfed me as I watched the erotic action, and my nuts tightened as I said, urgently, "Marvin, I'm going to shoot in your mouth if you don't pull off."

He didn't stop sucking and the intensity in my loins increased until I growled, "Suck it, Mar, and swallow the cream from my nuts.

My cock swelled, hardening and the sperm gushed filling his mouth, and I knew he had to be swallowing every gushing stream but, as the force of the ejaculation slowed, he quickly released my cock and spit the nectar of my loins into the gutter. A feeling of disappointment over came me for a moment, until he took my wilting cock in his mouth, his lips draining the remainder of my cream swallowing it.  

While I leaned against the wall enjoying the warmth of sexual afterglow, Marvin rested his head against my abdomen, his hands moving slowly over the backside of my thighs and calves.  After several minutes, he stood, placing his forearms on either side of my head, and resting his hard muscular body against mine, his soft cock pressing against mine, and our balls touching.  Looking at me intently for a second, he said, "That was the first time someone sucked on your cock."

"Yeah, sure it was, and you surprised the hell out of me when you did what you did," I replied.

"I felt the same way when, Kirk did it to me," he said, his eyes shining brightly.  "It felt good didn't it?"

"Good," That is a hell of an understatement, I thought, looking into his eyes as, I exclaimed, "Good, Marvin, it was fantastic.  It doesn't feel that good when I jerk off."

"I know, that's why, I brought you here," he said.

" mean, you planned this Marvin?" I asked.

"Not right off, I didn't but, when I saw you in the locker room with a hardon even though you were trying to hide it, I got all horny and wanted to see you naked," he said. "I told you that, I liked you and I've always wanted to learn what it was like to jerk off with you, and maybe learn why I felt the way I did about other boys. You always hung around with the other guys, and I didn't like some of the names they call me."

"I'm sorry, Mar," I replied, feeling ashamed at having not said something when the guys teased, Marvin about being a 'dummy'.  What we had just done together showed that he was no dummy at least not physically.  "Marvin, Kirk didn't just suck you off and that 's all you guys did, was it?" I asked, hesitating at asking even though I was curious.

"No," he answered, a twinkle in his eyes.  "He wanted me to let him fuck me but I really didn't know what it was until he showed me, and then I said no He got a little angry trying to make me feel ashamed after he had sucked my cock but, I still wouldn't let him do it."

I knew what fucking a girl was but not a boy, and my curiosity was aroused. "What did you do, jerk him off or suck on his cock like you just did to me," I asked.

"I can show you if you want me to," he said, pushing away from the wall, his swelling cock swinging slowly.

"Marvin," I said nervous at seeing his cock getting hard although I was feeling the erotic excitement of curiosity. "You aren't going to hurt me are you?" I asked.

"Nah, I'd never do anything to hurt you, Darryl," he answered.  "What, Kirk did won't feel as good as what we did but, it won't hurt."

"Just don't try anything funny," I said, my cock swelling as he stroked his to a full hard. 

Moving behind me, his thick hard cock swaying, he said, "Lean over just a little, Darryl, but don't worry, I ain't going to try to put my cock in your asshole."

"Your damn right you aren't," I said, looking over my shoulder and leaning over a little as he had asked.  "If you want to do that, find some girl to fuck."

"I don't like girls, and I don't think you do either, Darryl, "he said in a deep husky voice as he moved toward me.

When he placed the head of his cock below the cheeks of my ass, I felt a little better although, I was still apprehensive until, I felt his cock sliding between my legs until the head touched my ball sac. Leaning over my back, and sliding his hands around my waist, he gripped my turgid cock with one hand while placing his other arm across my abdomen. Pushing his groin tightly against the cheeks of my ass, he pulled me tightly to him, whispering in my ear, "Close your legs tight and relax, Darryl, you'll like this."

Marvin jerked me off while he slowly moved his cock back and forth between my legs.  He was right; the sensation of his thick, throbbing cock pressing up against the soft perineum flesh between my balls and ass hole was fantastic.  Supporting myself with my hands resting on my thighs, I moved my body in relation to his thrusting hips and, he whispered, "Do you like it, Darryl, does it make you feel the way I felt when, Kirk did it this way with me?"

The intense feeling of his cock sliding between my legs was so exquisite that for a brief moment, I tried to imagine what his cock inside of me would feel like.  The climax building in my loins erased any thoughts of that yet to come experience, and I groaned, "you better hurry, Mar, I'm ready to shoot."

"Go ahead," he replied increasing the tempo of his hand jerking my cock and the intensity of his hips driving his cock between my legs.

"Oh, shit," we both, exclaimed as the sperm exploded from the blood-engorged crowns of twin throbbing cocks.  Glancing down between my arms, Marvin was almost feverishly stroking my cock as thick streams of my cream spilled onto the floor.  His muscles flexed, holding me tightly to him as he reveled in the throes of his climax.  I felt his cock swelling and hardening, his thick, sperm running down the inside of my legs; and, I felt his full weight resting on my back as muscles relaxed, and his cock slowly wilted.  

Grunting, I pushed upwards, saying as I did, "Marv, your to fucking heavy for me to hold up."

"Sorry," he replied, standing up and leaning back against the wall. His sperm slick but still impressive cock hanging - resting on his balls.

"That's what you and, Kirk did?" I asked, looking around for something to wipe the sperm off of my legs.

"Yeah," he answered, chuckling softly.  "It's kind of messy but, he told me to put my suit on and wash off in the pool."

Damn, Marvin.  Someone will see me if, I go out with your shit all over my legs," I exclaimed a little irritated at his nonchalant attitude.

"No one will see you if we sit on the edge with our legs in the water," he said, still chuckling, his blue eyes twinkling. "There is a door hidden behind a wooden screen that's only a few feet from the deep end."

"I remember the door but, I didn't know it led into here," I said, feeling a little better about cleaning up without being seen.

Pulling our suits on, Marvin led, and I followed as we left the pump rooms.  He looked around the edge of the screen, and glancing an 'all clear' at me, I followed as we crossed the narrow concrete walkway to the edge of the pool.  Quickly sitting down, I swished my legs around in the water, and I heard Marvin chuckling as he watched me.

"Do you still want to swim?" I asked, looking around to see if Kirk Morrison was sitting in one of the three elevated lifeguard stations - he wasn't.

"I guess so," he replied, standing and then helping me up out of the pool.

We both heard my mother screaming my name, and I was tempted to ignore her but, Marvin, punching me in the ribs with his elbow called back to her, and waved.

"Hi, Marvin, " Mom said as we waded through the crowd of kids to where she and my sister were hunched down in the water. "Where have you been, Darryl?" she asked before Marvin could reply.

"Sitting on the edge of the deep end watching the divers and talking," I replied. "Why?"

"No reason," she said. "I hadn't seen you, and I was wondering."

"Well, Marvin's dad left him here alone; and, I was sort of keeping him company," I said quickly. "What time are we leaving?"

"Whenever you want to," she replied.

Kneeling with my head above water, I glanced at Marvin. "Marvin's dad is going to pick him up at four o'clock; and, I was thinking maybe, I could hitch a ride home with them, and you and Emily could leave whenever you wanted."

My mother hesitated for a moment, looking at Marvin who was kneeling next to me, his head above water but one hand touching my thigh.  "Do you think, your dad would do that, Marvin?"

"Sure he would, Mrs. Carlson, your house is only one street over from ours," he answered, as he ran his hand over my back. "Besides, if you guys leave, dad might get upset if, I'm here alone."

"Oh," Mom answered, hesitating and thinking for a moment. "I guess it would be a good idea if Darryl stayed," she said, as she turned away to look for Emily.

Glancing at Marvin, I saw the impish twinkle in his eyes and then the feel of his hand clutching at my crotch, his fingers playing with my hardening cock. "You can't still be horny," I whispered cautiously, looking for my mom and pulling my hips away from his hand.

"Lets swim out in the middle, and I'll show you," he said teasingly, with an impish look in his eyes.

"You be careful, Darryl," Mom said from behind me as Marvin swam away, the muscles of his powerful shoulders rippling. 

"I will, Mom," I answered, as I swam after, Marvin who was bouncing up and down at the break point between the deep and shallow sections of the pool.  His skin glistened golden in the sunlight from the water, and his blond hair had darkened some from being wet. Twice, he bounced higher than he should, and I saw the impressive bulge in his crotch.

"Oh, Lord," I thought as I swam, my hard cock aching. "I don't know who said he was retarded and had a hard time learning but, he knows what sex is."

Marvin and I learned a lot about each other over the years, and we taught each other the different ways boys could have sex.  I was drafted into the Army in nineteen forty-five after my eighteenth birthday.  Marvin wanted to join when I did but he was classified 4F because of his condition.  He didn't really understand why he couldn't go, and when the bus left without him, tears ran from his grief filled beautiful blue eyes.