The toughest thing in a ridiculously conservative society is to satiate a man's sexual hunger. If someone has to fuck someone outside marriage bond, male or female, it is planned like a general and is kept so discreet that even natural grunts and moans are subdued for the fear that the others may discover and retaliate either by causing grievous injury or by killing.

In such like scenario, my sexual escapades merit a place in the record books. I essentially retain the honor of being inclined both toward pussies as much as big and dark cocks. I was introduced to homo-sex by an elderly man while I was enjoying my school days. He rimmed my virgin ass and fucked the vulnerable thing from the top with my legs up. The best thing about this initiation was the monster head of the elderly man's thick sexy penis and the anger it showed when blood was pumped in to it. After all these years, I still dream of that beautiful masculine penis my fucker had. Anyways!!

This happened when I was about 31 years and in a pretty remote place working my ass off. The nearest city of Faisalabad was 2 hours drive. The only entertainment was a shit load of porno CDs, my body lotion, my hand and an extremely lonely penis. I was getting tired. No pussy. One fine morning I decided that enough is enough and I needed to take a break. The idea was to travel to Faisalabad, buy some movies, have a hearty lunch and fool around a bit before returning to the den. So I ignited my car and reached the so-called urban district only to get more bored. After I was through buying the supplies and other chores I decided that I needed some action. I knew I needed a penis loaded with that precious copious sperm. Being where I was, I'd to be careful. I drove in the congested city and headed aimlessly towards the railway station. The station was littered with freelance massage men. I probably was early as business was not on. "Screw it", I thought and parked my car. The moment I did so, a massage boy shot forward, flashing all his oil bottles asking for business. I by that time was thoroughly bored even then I chose to be careful.

" How long have you been doing it and are you any good?" I asked the massage boy who appeared in his late teens.

" Four years. Saab G ( sir ) you will like my technique as it will relax you." He replied. I didn't want to waste time and told him that my back was killing me and can he gimme a massage there.

Beaming he said " Saab G wherever the pain is, it will vanish the moment I give you the rub down.."

He sat in the car and we drove back to my place. So my time is saved and the massage boy looked decent enough to be invited to my den. But is he horny enough? I shrugged as I thought. He better be or I'll castrate him in my den!!

"I hope you will not waste my time and do as I ask you to". I couldn't resist and asked him.

The massage boy sheepishly assured me that he would jump down from mount K-2 if I pay him his fee. I told him that was not a problem and while he rubs me with his hands he must concentrate on relaxing my tired muscles. En route he told me things about himself. So by the time we reached my den, I knew all I'd needed to know.

Inside, I asked the boy to place his round bums on the carpet and gimme 5-10 minutes of my time before he gets on with the job. He was struck with the decoration and availability of so many books and CDs. I sat down on a sofa chair to fish a joint from my stock. He was kind of confident within the confines of the wall and without seeking permission, started scanning the CD covers. I studied him. About 5'9'', a little chubby, sun burnt with long fingered hands. I lit the jay and the smoke made me wonder about the shape and size of his penis. The massage boy was almost hairless on the chest. I thought out my strategy. I'd to be slow. He was engrossed in the CD covers. I could see his cherry colored biggish womanly nipples as he was bending a bit forward and fought hard to suppress the impulse of sucking them right away. My penis had hardened and was kind of suffocating inside my jockeys.

I got up, stubbed the jay and walked inside the changing room and stripped careful to shut the door behind me. The massage boy's weakness was in my hands now. He had a flare for watching movies and my porn stock was hidden here. I took a look in the full-length mirror and saw my penis throbbing with the anticipatory excitement. My asshole tingled with the thought of a young energetic penis saying hello to it. I threw my card.

"Hey! You through with the movies? I called out.

"Yes Saab G". He said almost running to the door but not attempting to open it.

"I've some more collection in here if you wanna take a look." I made a generous offer.

Without a second thought he opened the door and walked in not realizing that the Saab was stark naked and in a high state of excitement. Suddenly, he stopped and his cheeks flushed as his mind took a note of Saab being naked and excited both. He stole his eyes away as I guided him to my stockpile of porn. Without uttering a word he crossed past me and eyed my collection. I didn't wanna embarrass him further so I told him to take it to the den and scan it in there while I needed to go to the john. While I told him this, his eyes remained fixated at my nudity. I turned to go and held my shorts in my hand. The shorts dropped from my hands and I bent down to pick it up exhibiting my ass to his naughty eyes. I could see in the mirror that he was eying my ass intently as he attempted to pick the pile. Between his wanton desire to look at his Saab's sexy ass and scan the porno stuff, more than half of the pile slipped and fell. I turned around as he started stocking it again. As he knelt down, he exhaled and I felt it on my penis. I squatted down in front of him and helped him for a few seconds. The massage boy was getting redder, sitting and tying hard not to look at my naked desires. Feeling more thrilled, I left and lit another jay inside the john, forgetting to close the door. I needed a leak but my stubborn penis was not softening. After a sweating effort of 5 minutes, I came back to the changing room to find the massage boy inside the den and on the floor engrossed in the CD covers with sexy snaps again. By this time I'd put on my shorts. I asked him if he was ready and he nodded. I picked and played him my favorite. He got up. Bingo!! His tool hidden beneath his clothes was making a pronounced statement and tent formation within the confines of his outfit was unmistakable.

I'd scored a major victory. This time will not be wasted and soon sex musk will hang in the air. I was growing again as I thought of slurping on his nipples and that rock hard penis. I slumped in the comfortable sofa but being a pro, he suggested that I sit in a straight chair so that he can start with the job. So I got up and complied. He positioned himself behind the chair and watched the movie silently applying oil on my hair and massaging it. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the smoothness of his fingers. He worked his way on my hair gently and firmly. My penis was distended and pulsating, wanting to come up for oxygen. I thought of his nipples. Long and big like he was a woman. I wanted to suck them well before taking his penis in my ass. The hole was itching. I shifted my butt and unconsciously moved my arm behind to scratch my back. I'd thought I could do this without any hurdle but there it was. His hardness touched my hand and the massage boy let out a loud moan. He was spitting fire now in my hair as his hands gained speed. I rubbed the hard penis a little more.

"Saab G. Where do you have the pain?" He asked in short breath as he started rubbing my back neck with those long fingers.

I could not take it any more. My penis was swollen with anticipation and I felt I could sit down on a hockey stick and fuck it with my ass. No more careful acts now. The fucker had thrown the ball in my court. I, therefore, pointed between my ass cheeks still clad in the shorts.

He asked me to lay face down in the bed. I almost ran towards the bed. His expert hands made contact with my buttocks as he kneaded my sporty ass. My penis was buried between the bed and my abs.

"Saab G, I will not be able to massage you there if you keep wearing your shorts. It will be stained with oil. Show me your buttocks" He cuckooed.

Music to my ears. I turned around on my back and in a second removed my shorts and threw them away before showing my bums to the massage boy again. The massage boy's hands now had free access to my hairless buttocks. I felt in heaven as he moved his hands freely on the fine cheeks. Suddenly he stopped as he opened a bottle and poured it directly on my shamelessly exposed ass. He now spread it on my ass with those expert hands. I had to guide him.

" Right there between the buttocks. Yeah, right there in the asshole. "

He poured more oil. This time on my hole and rubbed his palm swiftly. Without actually realizing, I was moaning loudly. His hand was fast as I recalled my initial science lessons where the kids were told that rubbing caused heat. I felt my asshole tingling to the heat as temperature rose sharply. I was pushing back on his palm and he was responding like a champ. I was breathless with excitement.

"Saab G. Feeling better?" His voice was hoarse.

"Ah. Whenever it pains here, it shoots inside the hole." I complained. "Do you have a cure." 

The massage boy didn't need a second invitation as his long, sexy finger immediately attacked my asshole and in one smooth push it was buried in till his knuckle.

"Better Saab G?"

"No. I want another finger inside. Fill my hole with it and explore." I offered ecstatically.

He put in his second finger of the other hand. This time he had another idea. He stretched my asshole east-west with his two fingers and then north-south.. I was in ecstasy and my loud grunts echoed as he stretched me. He kept stretching me like that for what seemed like an eternity. The pressure was building and I was raising my ass every now and then. Sensing that my pleasure was peaking, the intelligent massage boy stretched my asshole again. This time the force was greater than before and after stretching, the massage boy kept it there. I was open now, ready to take even a tennis ball inside without resistance. I whimpered and the pressure on my asshole increased. I tried to close my sphincter but the sexy fingers held it there. I began to sweat and felt the fire building inside. The massage boy applied a little more force and I came. My asshole started opening and closing with every spurt. My navel and chest got wet and the sheet was flooded.

The massage boy withdrew his fingers and roamed his hands on my sexy buttocks.

I rolled on to my back now as the massage boy waited for my next move. The look in his eyes told me that he respected my demands now.

"Strip and show me yourself."

The massage boy stripped in a jiffy standing on the bed. His nipples were like a woman's.  A little chubby, very less hair and a penis that was very lovely. It was considerably thick at the center and this thickness extended right till the sexy helmet. The penis naturally curved a mite to resemble a hook. The balls were medium sized and the skin there looked very thin. The state of his wantonness was beautiful.

Lying on the bed, I pulled the massage boy to me. Felt his warm skin against mine and his hardness pressed at my belly. Hungrily I found his lips and implanted a full kiss on his lips. He moaned and pressed his naked body on mine. I fished between our bodies and held his penis from the middle, kneading it ever so slightly while maintaining pressure on his lips. I felt his penis throb in my hands as he let out a salvo of pre-cum, wetting my tummy. It was a great lube as he moved his ass to get renewed sensations on his penis held captive in my hands.

Now I moved and asked him to lie on his back. Next I attacked his sexy nipples biting them. He cried and I bit further. These two beauties would've made any broad proud. I sucked on his right tit and then gobbled his left tit. I was throbbing again. From his tits I moved down to his tummy, navel and then between his pubic bone and the musky penis. The massage boy clearly never had this kind of fun before and his moans and grunts found no end.

The pre-cum oozing out of his penis looked to be a delicious natural cuisine. I dined on it. Taking the helmet in my mouth I closed my eyes and sucked. I kept it up for a minute or two before taking it in completely. The thickness of his penis forced my throat to open up. I moved my head up and down the length of his shaft. He was fucking back now with a vigor. It was height of excitement in him and it was building all the time. I didn't want him to shoot just now. I abruptly stopped and left the bed.

The massage boy looked at me as if complaining to have been left out.

I lit another jay rich in aroma and flavor and motioned the massage boy to move his lazy bums from the bed and come to papa. His penis was now bursting. I placed my sexy butt on the comfy sofa, spread my legs and looked at my penis that was half alive and looked innocent with its head on my big balls. The massage boy knelt between my thighs and asked him to suck my penis and revive it. He held it and massaged it a little before taking it in his mouth. The warmth and moistness of the mouth made me jerk my buttocks upwards. As a result, my brown penis went further in his exploring mouth and saliva began to appear on the side of his full pouting lips. He was sucking hard trying to satisfy his Saab G.

Excited to the fullest, I decided that the time had come where I must take his delicious meat up my sexy asshole which was pretty well lubed. I asked the massage boy to lie on his back. I spat on my palm and applied it gently on his penis. I now faced him and proceeded to sit my ass on his hook. The helmet made contact with my hole and I guided it with my hand. I put more of my body weight and felt the familiar opening of my hole. The helmet was in now and I could feel its inverted V just betwixt my anal lips. The feeling made me want more as I proceeded taking it in my ass. The helmet went past my sphincter followed by the shaft and finally I felt it all in my safe haven. A wave of familiar pain developed. I gripped the hook with my anal ring and sat there feeling the massage boy's penis waiting for the pain to recede from my neglected hole. I wriggled my ass and looked at him in his eyes. He was moaning and eying my big penis. I stroked it and offered him graciously to hold it. The massage boy extended his hand and held my throbbing beauty. He was making ecstatic sounds and rubbed my penis to no end.

I was happy. It was turning out to be a great fuck and the feeling of contentment poured in me the moment my ass accommodated his male hardness. It was like sitting on a pole. Bending forward on his chest, I now started my joyride on his pole. My buttocks moved fast. All the way up and then down then up and then down. It was an intense feeling of satisfaction. He also started his upward thrust. We built a great rhythm as every nerve in my body tingled. The den was filled up with sex noise and the musk was in the air. The massage boy's hands held my buttocks open and fucked my ass. He was coming close to shooting a bucket full of his sperm. The slapping sounds increased as I jumped my ass vigorously on his penis. The massage boy's eyes were shut and he was panting, feeling that familiar feeling take control and guide him to do what he surely hadn't done before.

And then it happened. I felt his penis swell in my asshole and the massage boy arched his back sending his hook inside to a place that made me feel good. And then he shot. I felt thick globs of cum fill my ass as I milked him with my anus. He cried out loud as spurt after spurt he emptied his balls in my ass. I was grinding him and the shoot was still on. And then he was finished.

I got his penis out of my ass as I felt his juicy nectar flow down my thighs. My penis still needed to come. The sexy massage boy still had his eyes closed, his head on the pillow. I moved my penis close to his lips and straddled his chest. I rubbed the helmet on his lips but the ecstatic boy didn't open his eyes. I held my penis and slapped it on his right and then left cheek. This brought him back to his senses. I could tell he took a fancy on my penis. He swallowed the head and sucked. I fucked his mouth and my penis kept moving in and out of his mouth. He had no control over his saliva now as it began to escape his thick lips. I fucked his mouth till I felt my load travel to the helmet. I brought my glistening penis out of his moist mouth.

"Open your mouth boy." I ordered and he opened his mouth. I aimed and shot. It was bull's eye. The first spurt was long and thick and then the rest followed. I came in his mouth, cheeks and forehead. After the last spurt, I replaced my  tool in his mouth again and he sucked me dry.

It was a great fuck in a stupid place worth every dime. My ass temporarily felt satisfied. But for how long??

The massage boy fell in love with me and visited me almost daily before I stepped out of that location. Needless to say every time he gave me a massage, we ended up fucking. With sheer hard work and repeated practice sessions, he got more and more arty.

Wherever he is, I wish him well.

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