Mexico Beach Hotel

By Greg Bowden



Something was wrong. Very wrong. The trouble was, as the new guy, the young MBA, I didn't have the background or experience to figure out what was wrong.

My boss came into my office and said, "Billy"--that was another problem; I looked so young everyone treated me as if I was a kid--"Billy, you really don't look so good." He held up his hand, deflecting my response. "I know, I know. You're young and invincible, ten feet tall and bulletproof. But you've really been putting in a lot of extra hours. Now that the budget is finally finished I want you to take some time off."

"But Kevin..."

"No, I mean it. I want you to get out of the office for at least a week. Go south, somewhere where it's sunny and warm, to a beach or something. Just get out of here!"


He turned on his heel but stopped himself and turned back to me. "Oh, yeah," he said, handing me an envelope. "Something to read on the way to the airport." He was out the door before I could say anything.

I tore open the envelope and found a check for $10,000 with a note that said You did good on the budget. Have fun. Go.

So I went.

I put on my coat, left a voice-mail message for my secretary and rode the elevator down thirty-seven floors to see my friend Larry who's a travel agent.

"Just like that? You want to leave tomorrow but don't know where you want to go?" Larry thinks travel should be long and well planned.

"Yeah, just like that. Someplace warm. With palm trees or something."

He looked thoughtful for a moment and then dug through his desk drawer. He looked at some notes and smiled. "You got money to spend for the perfect vacation?"

I thought about the check in my pocket. "Well, yeah. Some."

"Maybe not this much. But for $450 a day you can have the vacation of your young gay life. Palm trees and all."

I looked at him. "What, are you kidding? $450 a day?"

"Listen. I've never been there and only booked it twice but they tell me it's the experience of a lifetime. You fly down to this small town, way down in Belize. There's only one flight a day and that gets in late so you have to stay at some hotel. Then, the next day, they take you to this resort, out in the jungle. The rooms are supposed to be beautiful and everything's included."

I shook my head. "Belize? Where the hell is Belize?"

"South of Mexico. You fly into Belize City"

"I can't believe this. Belize? And for $450 a day what's everything?"

"Hey, I'm just telling you what they have. You get all your food, drinks, swimming, massage, palm trees; you name it. And it's gay. All guys." He looked at me expectantly. "Come on, you can afford it. At least for four or five days. That's only, let's see, $2,250."

That check was burning a hole in my pocket. If I put half of it away $2,250 was still less than half of what'd be left. Plus airfare. "Can you get me there? Tomorrow?"

He didn't even answer, just picked up the phone. I went over to a rack and looked at some brochures. It sure would be cheaper to go to Florida.

After what seemed like a long time Larry hung up the phone. "You're all set. You leave tomorrow. You go to Dallas and then Belize City. They meet you there and take you to a hotel in Punta Gorda, then they take you to the resort on Friday." He looked down at his notes. "Oh yeah, the plane's full so you have to go first class."

Oh well. At $450 a day, you should go first class anyway. Larry did some things with the computer, ran the printer and handed me the tickets.

"I put it on your Visa. Don't forget your passport and a sexy bathing suit." He stood, walked around the desk and pulled me into a hug. "I wish I was going. All those guys!"

"There's just one little thing Larry. What's the name of this place I'm going to?"

"It's called the Mexico Beach Hotel. And before you ask, I don't know why it's called that. Maybe they thought no one would know where Belize is."

So, the next morning, armed with my trusty Visa card, my passport and a very sexy new bathing suit, I sat on a wide leather seat, drinking champagne and wondering what the hell I was doing.

Belize City had a nice enough airport and sure enough, just inside the gate stood an extremely handsome man holding up a sign with my name on it. The man introduced himself as Paco, we retrieved my luggage, got in a new Mercedes and set off down a narrow road to Punta Gorda.

The hotel was pretty basic and Paco apologized for us having to stay there that night. It seems the government wouldn't allow passenger boats out of the harbor at night any more so we'd have to leave in the morning.

I hoped Paco and I would have to share a bed--or at least a room--but no such luck. After dinner and a drink at the bar we went to our separate rooms.

In the morning, around seven, there was a knock on my door. "It is Paco, Se˝ior. I have coffee."

I opened the door to find him, clad only in a towel, holding a tray with two mugs on it. "I also need a favor," he grinned, handing me one of the mugs. "The shower in my room isn't so good and I wondered if we might use yours."

I nodded and sipped my coffee wondering who we was. He cleared up the question by saying, "You will wash my back for me, no? And I..." He finished the sentence with a wide smile and a flash of white teeth.

With his towel off he was pretty much perfect. He was a big man and every part of him was in perfect proportion. His skin was a deep brown color and he appeared to be completely hairless except for his upper lip and a wide band just above his dick. His head was mostly bald and the part that wasn't was shaved. His moustache was dark but with hints of gray in it, his pubic hair was loosely curled and, when I touched it, very soft.

The shower was barely big enough to hold us and whenever one of us moved it was always against the other. He seemed fascinated with the curly hair on my chest and belly and he lathered it several times, always including my pubic hair. He let me play with his dick while he lathered me but it wasn't until I hefted his balls that he sucked in air and became hard. Then he turned me around and slowly pushed himself into me. He took his time and it was very pleasurable. I'm sort of partial to sex that way and he showed me why. He made it last as long as the hot water did and when the water turned cool he shifted a little so that his dick was hitting my prostate with every long stroke. When I knew he was near I started to jack my cock but he pulled my hands away and held them so that all I could do was help him play with my balls.

And then he came. And came. And came until it was running down my legs. Then, in one smooth move, he pulled out of me, turned me around, squatted and took me into his mouth, right down to my pubic hair. It was my turn and what a turn it was.

After, when we were dressed and having breakfast, he told me he was sure I was going to have a very good time at the Mexico Beach Hotel.

The trip to the resort was fairly uneventful except for almost being involved in a three way crash at the breakwater. Paco merely laughed and said, "See? It is why the harbor is closed at night."

The resort itself just about blew me away. The main building was two stories and curved, embracing the whitest, softest looking beach I have ever seen. The beach was dotted with umbrellas, small tables and lounge chairs, all painted a blue that matched the sky. When we docked I could see that the beach was well populated by men, all of them in bright and skimpy bathing suits.

There was a pool with a bar off to one side and wide steps leading up to the building on the other. Paco took my suitcase and led me up several terraces to the main entrance to the hotel. The lobby was mostly white marble and sky blue tile and there didn't seem to be anyone there. "Where do I check in?"

Paco laughed again, showing those white teeth. "You already are, as you say, checked in. Come, I will take you to your room."

We climbed a flight of stairs, went down a hall and Paco opened a door, ushering me into a large, bright room overlooking the beach, on the opposite side from the pool. The room was beautiful, from the sky blue spread on the king size bed to the white gauze curtains on the doors to the balcony. Paco pointed out the air conditioning controls, "although you will never use it" and handed me the remote for the thirty-eight inch TV hanging on the wall. "You will probably use that although there is no TV here except for the movies we show you." I later found that what he meant was nine channels of some very classy porn. There was also a fully stocked bar and Paco pointed out the phone which had special buttons for everything from Room Service to Massage.

In the bathroom there was a shower that could easily hold four men--as long as they were friendly--and a whirlpool tub. There was also a bidet, two sinks and a rack of very soft towels.

"Come," Paco said. "We will tour."

For the next half hour he led me around the resort, pointing out the restaurant ("anything you want from French lobster to American hamburgers"), the bar ("try the special margarita"), the spa pavilion (patting my butt: "anything you could want"), the pool ("come after dark some night") the horse stables (patting my butt again: "when you want only to ride") and finally the beach where he introduced me to one of the beach attendants, a boy called Chelo ("sit in his section and he will service you well").

After the tour Paco had to take some guests back to the airport and I decided to hit the beach. Changed into my sexy new bathing suit I sought out Chelo who established me in one of the lounge chairs under a large umbrella. I turned down his suggestion of a margarita if favor of ice and water and turned my attention to the other men on the beach.

A short while later a man came and stood beside me. "Hello. May I sit?" He indicated the empty lounge next to me. Standing, his black knit bathing suit was exactly at my eye level. I could have sworn that something moved inside that suit.

"Sure. I'd like that." I dragged my eyes up to his face. He was very tan with dark brown hair and a killer smile. His eyes seemed to me to be a dark gold color and they reflected his smile.

"I am Dable," he said, extending his hand.

"Billy," I said, letting my eyes drift back to that black bathing suit. "From Chicago."

He sat, spreading his legs and reaching inside his suit to rearrange his equipment. Looking over at me he ran his hand over the bulge he had created and said, "And what is that you are drinking? It looks like water."

I held up the glass of ice and looked at it before going back to the study of whatever it was he was gently scratching. "It is. Or was. You know."

He laughed. "I know. But it's not what you should be drinking out here on this beautiful beach." He lifted his hand and Chelo materialized beside him.

"Two special margaritas if you don't mind, Chelo." Chelo dematerialized and Dable put his hand in his suit and rearranged himself again. When he finished the bulge looked bigger and was pointing directly at me.

He asked me how I was enjoying my stay and we chatted until Chelo brought the drinks. Dable raised his glass to me and said, "To your excellent stay." We clinked glasses and drank of the best tropical drink I'd ever had.

As we talked I just couldn't get my eyes out of this man's crotch. He didn't seem to mind, in fact he seemed to like it. At least every five minutes he rearranged it, sometimes by reaching into his bathing suit and sometimes just pushing it around from outside.

When his drink was about finished he leaned very close to me and whispered, "You like it, don't you? Would you like to see it? Play with it perhaps?"

I nodded, my mouth suddenly dry. "Yes."

"There is a price to pay, you know. Everything of value has a price to pay."

I looked up and he was grinning. I leaned even closer to him, our faces not quite touching. "And the price, Dable?"

He moved just slightly away and looked me up and down. "You must go with me down to the sea. We will walk out, into the water, until it is up to our middles. You will remove and hand me your bathing suit. Then I will take your hand and we will walk out of the water and up the beach, into the hotel, to my room." He paused, letting it sink in. "Can you pay the price?"

I guess somewhere deep in my psyche there is more than a bit of an exhibitionist. I didn't hesitate. "Yes."

His eyes lit up. "Good. Let us go now."

We stood and I saw that he was well on the way to an erection. As was I. He asked me to turn around and as I turned back he put his hand on my ass and said, "You are quite beautiful. We go."

We walked down the beach and out into a warm and calm sea. When the water covered our suits he put a hand on my shoulder to steady me. I got out of my suit and handed it to him, managing to brush a hand over that bulge I wanted so much to see and play with. He smiled, took the bathing suit, wrung it out, and took my hand. "Are you..."

"Yes but hurry. I'm going to lose control of it any minute."

We walked up the middle of the beach, him in his black knit suit and me, naked. Nothing was said or done but all eyes were on us. I felt my dick stirring and knew if I didn't get to his room soon, I was going to sprout major wood right there on the beach.

I didn't make it. There were six or eight guys in the lobby, on their way to the beach. Dable stopped and introduced me to every one of them, his hand on my ass. He completely ignored the fact that I was naked and the rest tried to but I couldn't. By the time introductions were finished my dick was standing at full attention. Dable looked at it and said, "I'm sorry we can't go and have a drink with you just now but we have something... to do."

At the top of the stairs Dable took hold of my dick and pulled me to him. "You are very calm and confident." He kissed me. "I like that in a man."

In his room he let me peel off his knit suit. I was careful not to touch him but it didn't work; his dick sprang out of the suit as hard as my own. When he was as naked as I he put his hand on my ass and steered me out onto his balcony which was directly above the entrance to the hotel, overlooking the beach. The front of the balcony was solid and almost waist high so that anyone looking up from the beach wouldn't be able to see that we were naked.

Dable kissed me and put his hands on my shoulders. "Would you perhaps like to taste it first?" He put pressure on my shoulders and I slowly sank down, running my tongue over his belly and into his lush pubic hair. I let my hands play over his dick and then heft his balls as I slowly took him in my mouth. He was big, both long and thick but he didn't try to hurry me. He just let me take my time and slowly I was able to take him, until my nose was buried in his hair.

He let out a soft moan. "Please, make it wet and slick and then come back to me."

I took him into my throat and then slowly came off his dick, leaving it with a thick coating of saliva. When I stood he turned me and positioned me so I was bent at the waist, resting on the railing of the balcony. He moved behind and very gently pressed into me. I took a deep breath and the head of his dick slipped in and he paused, letting me accustom myself to his thickness. When I pressed back he slowly pushed the rest of himself into me, until I was filled with him.

He gently stroked in me for a moment and then bent down to whisper in my ear. "They all know. Any who bother to look up here know what is happening to you, what I am doing to you. They can't see me disappearing into you or the curve of your beautiful backside but they know I am inside you. Do you mind? Everyone knowing?"

I shook my head. I didn't mind; I found it very exciting. He straightened up and stroked faster in me, running his hands over my buns and whispering something unintelligible. I looked down, towards the beach. Sure enough there were quite a few guys looking up at us, some of them running their hands over their crotches. "I'm going to come."

Dable's strokes became longer until he was pulling completely out and then shoving himself back into me, as deep as he could go. It was too much and I let go, pumping my cum out against the front of the balcony. As I did Dable hissed, "Oh yes, oh yes," and I felt him pulse inside me, filling me with his seed.

When we both had caught our breath he pulled me up and walked me back into his room, his dick still in me. He slipped out when we lay down but then he rolled me onto my side and he was still hard enough to push back into me. He put his arm around me and pulled me tight against him. "A little sleep, my friend. It will be a late night."

We did sleep, for a couple of hours. When I woke he was still inside me. I lay there, in his arms, savoring the feel of his dick. I finally realized that he was no longer hard but was big enough that he didn't slip out of me. He woke and slid his hand down my belly, taking hold of my dick. I felt him begin to grow in me. When he was fully hard he stroked a time or two and then withdrew.

"Time enough for that, later," he said, kissing the back of my neck. "Now I believe it is almost the cocktail hour. Shall we shower and then go and drink something very cold and very dry?"

In the shower he washed me, laughing when his touch made me hard and then again when he pulled my buns apart and kissed what he called my little pink bud. I returned the favor and he moaned when I kissed his little tan bud.

I said I would have to go down to my room to get something to wear but he said we were the same size and I should wear something of his. He chose a pair of white pants which were tailored so that the ass was very tight and in front there was a pouch for my dick. He added a very pale blue muscle tee and sandals. He wouldn't give me underwear. "And hide that place of beauty?" he said, fondling my buns. "No, never."

He wore light gray pants, no underwear, and a darker gray shirt. We made quite a couple.

Over martinis he asked me about Chicago, what I did there and how I could possibly stand the winters there. Over dinner he told me he had a house in San Salvador and traveled some. After dinner we walked on the beach looking at the stars and then had a another martini in the bar. Around ten we went back to his room. We both undressed and he took me in his arms.

"You liked what we did today?" I nodded. "You like that? Getting... umm getting..."

"Fucked? You can say it. Come on, let's hear it. Fucked."

He grinned at me. "Fucked. You like that? I mean not just from me but just... Being fucked?"

I nodded. "Yes, I like it very much. But once in a while I like it the other way, too." I patted his naked ass.

He smiled. "Myself also." He patted my dick. "Once in a while." He kissed me. "But tonight is for you. We will have some fun, I think. Let us go."

He took my hand and opened the door. "We will go down to the playroom."

"Naked? Like on the beach?"

"We have no need of clothes in the playroom." He shrugged. "Why be burdened with them."

And so, naked, hand in hand, we walked down the hotel corridor, down some stairs, outside and into one of the pavilions. It was dim but as I became accustomed to the light I saw there were fifty or sixty men inside, a few in leather but most of them naked. Some were playing with one another and some were watching but all seemed intent on just one thing: sex.

Dable led me to a large round platform, raised a couple of feet off the floor. "Now we shall show them that which they could not see this afternoon," he whispered in my ear. "Please, again make me very wet."

I went down to my knees and took his soft dick in my mouth, clear to the base. Almost immediately it began to grow, forcing itself into my throat. I swallowed on it a couple of times and he moaned very softly and gently ran his fingers through my hair. I pulled back some so I could breath and then took him into my throat again.

"Yes. That is enough." He moved back, onto the platform and stretched out on his back. I went to lie beside him but he said, "No. Like this." He indicated that he wanted me to straddle him and take him that way.

As I slowly let myself down on him he grinned. "Yes. Yes," he said, combing his fingers through the hair on my chest and belly. "You are so beautiful."

I rocked back and forth on him, riding him, bringing pleasure to both of us. He pulled me down and kissed me. "They are all looking," he whispered in my ear. "They are jealous of me, being inside you. Shall..." He lightly tongued my ear. "Shall we let them try it? Let them feel the great pleasure you bring to me?" I nodded, not completely sure of what was going to happen.

He pushed me up so that he was deep inside me and then helped me come off of him. He pulled me back down and kissed me deeply. "You will lie here, on top of me, your organ just next to mine, between us." When I did he wedged his feet between mine and pushed my legs wide apart. He then kissed me and ran his hands over my buns, holding them apart for a moment.

I shivered when I felt a new pair of hands on my ass. Dable kissed me and put his lips to my ear. "Enjoy it, my beautiful one. Enjoy being... Fucked."

I felt what could only be the head of a dick pressing at my ass. I relaxed and it slipped into me. His strokes were strong and made me move against Dable. I was very aware of Dable's very hard dick lying next to mine, between us. I wondered if he could feel mine.

I heard a deep moan and felt the dick in me swell and pulse strongly, shooting it's load. He kissed the back of my neck and withdrew, leaving me with an empty feeling. The emptiness was quickly filled by another, larger dick. His strokes were fast and forceful, rocking me against Dable. I thought I was going to come but Dable beat me to it. He kissed me and I felt his dick spasm, shooting his cum between us, making us slick.

When the man inside me came it was too much and I came too. Dable whispered, "He made you come?"

"No. It was you, sliding against me." I kissed him and the man pulled out of me and patted my ass. "Thank you." A third man took his place.

I lost count of the cocks I took that night. I do know that Dable came once more and I came twice, both times when someone was coming in me. At some point Dable whispered to me, "Is it enough?"

"Yes. It is enough"

Dable pushed us so we were lying on our sides and then helped me up. Dable looked down at himself and then at me. "We are messy, don't you think? We shall shower."

He led me across the room to a bank of showers. "Toilets there," he said, indicating a row of stalls. He slapped me lightly on the ass.

When I was through he pulled me under a shower with him and proceeded to wash me, from my hair to my feet and then allowed me to do the same to him. Several men watched us for a while before one bent and put his hands on the tile wall. The others all fucked him, still watching us.

Dried off, we walked, still naked, back to Dable's room. "I shall inspect you," he said, bending me over the bed and pulling my buns apart. When he was through he kissed my little pink bud and pulled me up. "You shall have a bath," he said.

He put some sweet smelling crystals in the tub and ran the water. "It is very hot," he said. "It will relax you." He watched me gingerly get into the tub and then said, "I will return very soon. You will stay in the bath."

It was damn hot but it felt wonderful. And it did relax me, to the point that I was almost asleep when Dable returned bearing a bottle of iced champagne and two crystal flutes on a silver tray. He helped me out of the bath, dried me and applied some sort of ointment to my little pink bud. Then we went to bed and drank champagne.

I woke to the smell of coffee and a kiss. I took care of my need to pee and climbed back into bed with him. He pushed me down on my back, swallowed the hot coffee in his mouth and went down on me. I gasped as he took me into his mouth, still very hot from the coffee. He held me in his mouth until I was completely hard and brought me to the brink of orgasm with his tongue. Then he pulled off and grinned at me.

"A little tease, uh? A little something to give you an appetite for more, later. For now we will have breakfast."

I made a grab for him but he was too fast for me and laughed. "You are hungry? I mean not for me but for food?" I had to admit that I was.

He insisted that I wear a tiny thong bathing suit that didn't even cover all of my pubic hair or any of my buns. The back was nothing but a narrow strip of cloth that fit neatly between them. When I put it on it made me hard again. "That's not all the suit," I said, squeezing my dick through the flimsy fabric. "Most of it's because of your tease."

He laughed. "I left you that way so you will come back with me later and let me finish." He gave me a pair of loose shorts and a shirt to wear to the restaurant, "So you will not inflame the staff with desire. Then we will go to the beach where I can show you off."

The smell of food in the restaurant made us both realize how hungry we were so we skipped breakfast and sat on the patio under a sky blue umbrella with thick, rare steaks and a bottle of red wine. Afterwards we walked through the gardens at the back of the hotel, admiring the bright blooms and listening to the birds calling from the jungle beyond. Dable took my hand in his and we found that we didn't need to talk.

An hour later we settled under another sky blue umbrella on the beach. "You were quite magnificent last night, you know," Dable said, combing his fingers through the hair on my belly. "I have never seen a man take, and give, such pleasure as you did. Did you know, one man came three times to you? His pleasure was as great as yours, as was mine."

He'd gotten tired of my belly and was now playing with my nipples. "You have got to stop that," I said, "or my dick will burst out of this thin little pouch you call a bathing suit."

He grinned. "Ah, then, of course, I will. Come, we will walk." He took my hand.

"I can't. Everyone will see what you do to me, that you make me hard."

He laughed. "That they saw last night. Now they will only see red cloth and think that you are the biggest man here. Come."

We walked through the others on the beach and into the surf. When we were waist deep I made a lunge and managed to get his trunks down to his knees. I reached for his dick and found it as hard as mine.

"Turnabout?" He ducked down in the water and when he came up he handed me his trunks. "And yours?"

I slipped out of the thong and handed it to him. He grinned with delight and kissed me. "Now we must swim, make ourselves presentable in the daylight."

We swam and played in the water until both of us were soft again. Then, without a word, we handed each other our suits and steadied one another while we got into them.

We stayed on the beach until early afternoon when Dable began to play with the hair on my chest again. After a short time he leaned over and whispered, "I think it is time for a little afternoon sleep, no?"

We went to his room and took a shower where we again washed each other from head to foot. When we were through we were both in serious need of release. We got on the bed, head to crotch and began a game of who-can-last-the-longest. Dable won, of course, but only by a half minute or so. Then he turned around, gathered me into his arms and said, "We shall sleep now."

Later we had cocktails and dinner on the terrace and then watched the show by the pool. The show consisted mainly of men stripping and, once naked, falling into the pool where they played with whoever wanted to play. Unlike the night before, this was lighthearted and casual. There were a few orgasms but not many.

"Do you want to join them?"

I shook my head. "Last night was enough. Tonight, just you."

We went to his room and found a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket. We undressed and drank a toast to each other. "You know," he said, running his finger along the length of my dick, "I think perhaps it is `once in a while.' For you too?"

I put my hand on his ass. "Yes. For me too."

He folded a pillow in the middle of the bed, put a towel over it and settled himself. "I am yours," he said, "but I wish to see as you enter me, to see your eyes."

I straddled his chest and lightly rubbed the underside of my dick over his lips. "Will you wet me?"

He nodded and took me into his mouth. He pulled me forward until he had all of me and I felt him swallowing on me. When I pulled back my dick was coated with his thick saliva.

"Please. Now."

I moved back over his body and he bent his legs, presenting himself to me. When I pressed the head of my dick against his little tan pucker it relaxed and opened to me, welcoming me. As I entered him our eyes locked and I hoped he could see the pleasure in mine that I saw in his.

When I was completely in him he whispered, "Yes. Yes," and pulled me down to kissed me for a long time, holding my face between his hands.

I moved in him, long, very slow strokes. He reacted by grasping my ass and pulling me into him as deep as I could go and then releasing me to pull back. We did this, at the same slow pace for a long time, until his eyes began to glaze over. He pulled me down again, into a kiss. "It is time," he mumbled. "Yes, it is time," and he came, as did I. A long, drawn out orgasm that seemed never to end.

Later, showered, dried and sitting naked on the balcony he toasted me with his champagne. "You have many talents, I think. That one is very high among them."

I leaned in and kissed him. "Thank you. That's high praise from the master."

We slept late the next morning and fell into an easy sixty-nine when we woke. At the end he slid his thumb into my ass and pressed it against my prostate, making me come. When we were finished he kissed me and said, "You have very strong muscles down there when you come. Perhaps we could find a man to do that for you, take you in his mouth and make you come while I am inside you." He pulled back so I could see his grin. "I would like to feel that, inside you."

He seemed to have an unending supply of bathing suits and that morning he handed me a white one, cut in a low "V" both back and front, the front so low that it barely hid the base of my dick. Dable chose a cream colored suit that wasn't cut quite as low but was very nearly transparent in places. "We shall show ourselves off," he said. "So we might catch someone." We covered up with loose shorts and tops.

At breakfast I got to thinking and said, "You know? This is my third day here and I've never even been in my room except to change into my bathing suit that first day."

He laughed. "Perhaps they will give you a refund." His face fell, "Unless you wish to go to it, perhaps to be alone. Or with another."

I reached across the table and took his hand. "No, nothing like that, Dable. Being with you has made this perfect for me. It just occurred to me that all I've worn were your clothes and you may get tired of dressing me, that's all."

He smiled again. "Perhaps. But I will never tire of undressing you. And those things never looked so good as on you.

Later, on the beach, Dable said, "You see that man, the one looking at you?" He nodded towards a tall redheaded man with serious muscles. "He is the one who came to you three times in the playroom. Do you suppose..."

It took me a moment to connect it to what he'd said that morning. I laughed and finished his sentence. "... that he'd like to blow me while you fuck me?"

"Am I so obvious?"

"Yes, and I love you for it. Shall I ask him?" I nodded at the man and he got up and came over to us.

"I'm sorry," he said, "but you look very familiar. I'm Jack, by the way." He stuck out his hand.

I rose and shook his hand. "I'm Billy and this is Dable."

Dable stood up and offer his hand. "We have been admiring you."

Jack blushed and nodded. "I've been doing the same to you. But this man," he looked at me, "seems so familiar. Are you by any chance from Chicago?"

"I am. You look familiar too. Where do you work?"

"Grossman and Jones, you know..."

I did and it suddenly dawned on me where I had seen him. "I work for TotalCom, five floors above you. I've seen you in the elevator.

He looked me up and down. "Yeah, that's it. If you'd been wearing a suit and tie and carrying a briefcase I would have recognized you right away."

Dable smiled. "Well then, since you are old friends you will join us. He gave a careless wave of his hand and Chelo was immediately beside him. "A lounge for Mr. Jack here and three of your special margaritas." Chelo did his disappearing act and very quickly there was another of the beach boys, bringing the lounge. We were no more settled than Chelo appeared with the drinks.

We talked about Chicago and how cold it was there. Dable talked a little about San Salvador and how warm it was. We had lunch on the beach and then went for a walk, ending up at the pool where we had a drink and watched the boys, a few of them naked, for a while. About three I grinned at Dable and said to Jack, "We're going up and have a little nap. Would you like to join us?"

His face lit up. "I was thinking about something along those lines but didn't quite know how to get around to it." He looked at both our crotches. "I'd like to see you from the front."

We went up to Dable's room and found that all three of us fit nicely in the shower. Jack washed both Dable and me and then we washed him. Dable was quite taken with Jack's wiry, copper colored pubic hair and Jack was quite taken with Dable's dick.

"That is a pretty thing," he said, taking it in his mouth once we were on the bed. Dable grinned at me and patted my ass, telling me where that pretty thing was going.

After playing some we arranged ourselves and Dable slid into me while Jack and I sucked on each other's cocks. It was almost sensory overload for me, having Dable stroking in my ass while Jack sucked on me and I sucked on him. His dick felt very good in my mouth, slick and very smooth, and he loved it, fucking my face for a while and then pulling it out so I could suck on his balls. When I moaned, telling him I was close he came off me and moved around so he could suck on Dable's balls. That nearly set Dable off.

Jack and I came at about the same time and Dable quickly followed. We made a lot of noise. Later Dable told me he had never experienced anything like being inside me when I came. He was very sweet about it.

We napped, me between Dable and Jack.

When we woke Dable announced that it was time to go down for some iced gin. Jack ran his hand over my ass and wondered if the gin couldn't wait for a bit. Dable patted Jack's buns and said, "It will be better after a little wait. Come. We will drink gin and think about how good it will be."

After dinner we went back to Dable's room where I found my suitcase on the luggage rack and my bathroom gear on the counter. When I looked at Dable he just shrugged and said,. "I hope you don't mind. I had the boy bring it." I kissed him and we both proceeded to undress Jack.

When we got in bed Jack petted my ass and said, "I really want in there again, Billy. It is so... I don't know. It's just a nice place to be."

Dable leaned down and kissed Jack. "We will make it better this time. You will experience both of us, at the same time."

I took Dable in my mouth to make him hard and wet and then held his dick as it started into Jack. When he was all the way in I did the same for Jack, except he was already very hard. As Jack slid into me both Dable and I groaned, he from Jack's ass sliding along his dick and me from the bulk of Jack's dick sliding into me.

As Jack stroked in me he also moved on Dable. "Ah, Jack," Dable said softly, "you have most of the work. But then you also have twice the pleasure so it is equitable."

It was very good and I knew exactly when Dable came because it made Jack come too. I felt him shooting in me and I knew Dable was shooting in him. When we disconnected Dable moved over behind me. "May I?" he asked. I pushed back against him, taking him into me. Jack, on the other side, pressed back up to me and I slipped into him. This time I had most of the work but as Dable had said, I had twice the pleasure so it was equitable. I also came first and made Dable cry out with his own orgasm.

We dozed for a while before Jack dressed and said he was going down to the pool. Dable and I decided just to curl up together and sleep. In the morning Dable opened himself to me again, lying on his stomach and bearing my weight on his back. Afterward we breakfasted on the beach and then went horseback riding in the jungle.

In the afternoon Dable introduced me to the pleasures of the spa where two handsome young men took us into the shower and washed us before two more handsome young men laid us side by side and massaged us until we came.

After dinner we found Jack in the bar and took him up to bed with us. We did what Dable said was his favorite thing: fucking me while Jack and I blew each other. It happened again, I made Dable come simply by coming myself. Jack spent the night with us and in the early morning he fucked me while Dable blew me.

We had breakfast in the restaurant and then it was all over. Paco came to the table and gently reminded me that it was nearly time to go and I should get packed. I laughed and Dable looked at me inquiringly. "I don't think I ever unpacked," I said to him. "So I have nothing to pack."

We went up to the room and both Dable and Jack kissed me and patted me on the ass. "I shall miss you," Dable whispered. "Come back."

There were three other men leaving that day so we were five in the boat to Punta Gorda and then in the Mercedes to Belize City. At the airport Paco saw to our check-in and walked us to the gate and waited for the plane to come in. There were five new guests on it.

The flight to Dallas was uneventful as was the one to Chicago where I got in at seven in the morning. When I got home the message light was flashing on the phone. I ignored it and went to take a hot shower. I'd slept on the plane so I wasn't in too bad a shape; I decided to go into the office. But first the phone.

It was a message from my secretary. "Billy," she said with some anger in her voice. "Call me the minute you get in and do not, I repeat, do not come to the office before you talk to me." She gave me her cell phone number and cautioned me again not to go to the office before talking to her.

I called immediately and she answered on the first ring. "Where the hell have you been?"

"I told you..."

"You said you were going to some beach hotel in Mexico. Do you know how many hotels there are on a beach in Mexico?" I tried to get a word in but she went right on. "And who's this Louise you went with?"

Louise? "What are you talking about, Sue?"

"Your message said you were going to a beach hotel in Mexico with Louise. Now..."

"Hold on. That's the Mexico Beach Hotel in Belize. That's where I was. Honest. Now what's going on?"

She wasn't overly coherent but what I got was that on the same day I went to Belize, Kevin, my boss, had disappeared. Only unlike me, he had disappeared with eleven million dollars. And everyone who knew about it thought I'd gone with the money and Kevin. The auditors were in an uproar and the executives, from the Chairman on down, were in a little bit of a panic. The FBI was involved.

"I'll be right there."

I went directly to the Chairman's office. When his secretary saw me she said, "You may go right in. He's not expecting you but I'm sure he'd like to see you."

The Chairman was, to say the least, surprised to see me. Before I said anything I handed him my boarding passes and passport, showing when and where I'd been. He said only two words: `With Kevin?"

I shook my head. "Alone." I explained about Kevin telling me to get out of the office for a few days, the bonus and the trip. He said he knew about the bonus, had approved it himself, but not that I was going to be away. Then the rest of the story came out.

Kevin had set up an account called the "Tax Anticipation Account." Over a period of nine or ten months he'd funneled just shy of $11,000,000 into, and apparently out of, that account. Where the money went no one knew but the account was empty.

So was Kevin's apartment. So was Kevin's checking account. The FBI had been notified of course, and they were going to see if he had left the country but that would take a lot of time, perhaps enough time to spend eleven million dollars.

But that wasn't the worst part. The worst part would come when our clients and stockholders found out about it and decided we were not a trustworthy company. So far the information was on a need-to-know basis but it couldn't be kept that way for very long.

"Mac, his boss, says he should have known. He says Kevin was secretive and had no friends in the company to speak of. He's a complete blank. No one even knows if he had family or a girl-friend or, for that matter, a boy-friend."

It occurred to me that I did. He had a girl-friend. When he first came to work for the company I'd developed something of a crush on him and saw to it that I went to a few of the same bars he did. One night he'd shown up with a good looking woman on his arm and had introduced her as his fiancÚ. It was, I thought at the time, his way of telling me that he knew what I was doing and to back off.

We had a drink and when Kevin went to the men's room I stayed and talked to the girl. It was my way of telling him that I had gotten his message. It turned out that the girl worked for a bank, running the wire transfer department and she gave me her card. When Kevin came back I ordered drinks for both of them and said good night.

I commiserated with the Chairman for another half hour, promised not to leave town without telling him personally and went back to my office. After another half hour of explanations to my secretary I went into my office and stared out the window. I still had that card somewhere. I knew that because I never throw away anything related to work.

It took me about an hour to find it, in my secretary's Rolodex. I had her call the bank to set up an appointment but it was as I suspected. The woman had quit the week before.

It took our auditors, who just happened to be the bank's auditors also, slightly more than a week to find our money. It took the FBI another week after that to find Kevin and the girl.

While the FBI was still looking for Kevin I ran into Jack, the redhead with the serious muscles, in the elevator. He wondered if we might get together for a drink, maybe dinner. I said, "Sure."

We met at a quiet little bar near the building and looked at each other over drinks. Even under his business suit you could tell he worked out. Or maybe that was because I'd seen him naked more than I'd seen him in clothes.

After a few minutes of small talk about jobs and the weather I cut to the chase. "You stay with Dable? After I left?"

He nodded. "You really got to him, Billy. I mean, he talked about you all the time and a couple of times, when he was, as he so delicately puts it, inside me, he called me Billy. I called him on it and he apologized, but he did it again. Several times."

I laughed. "I got him to say `fuck' once, but only once. He is delicate, you know?"

He nodded. "You really ought to go back, Billy. Maybe let him get over you."

"Sure, I'll just do that. You have his schedule?"

Jack looked at me oddly. "What'd you mean, his schedule?"

"When he'll be there again. I don't think the hotel would just give me that kind of information."

Jack cocked his head. "You mean you haven't figured it out? Billy, he owns the place. He's there all the time. Well, I guess he must go to that house in San Salvador sometimes but certainly not during North American winter when everyone is there."

I hadn't figured it out but it made sense. How else would my stuff get moved to his room? How else would that big credit for `room not used' get on my credit card? I wondered if it would be enough to get me back to Belize because if the truth be told, Dable really got to me, too.

Jack and I had dinner and then went to my place, for old times sake. In the morning we promised to get together soon and do it again.

While the FBI was industriously looking for Kevin the audit staff was working on reorganizing things so it could never happen again. I worked closely with them and, in the end, helped reorganize myself out of a job.

The Chairman called me up to his office on what would be my last day with the company.

"Bill," he said, "I'm really sorry it worked out this way. After all, you had the clue that put us on to him. You've been with us for what, two years?"

"Not quite. Two years in May."

He smiled. "We'll call it two years. In these circumstances company policy requires me to give you severance pay of a week's salary for each year worked." He handed me an envelope. "There's more to company policy than that but I'll bet no one's ever read the rest. Let me read it to you. `Any employee who recovers monies lost to the company, other than by his normal duties, is entitled to, and shall receive, ten percent (10%) of those monies.'" He handed me another envelope and I had to sit down.

After lunch and some hand shakes I went down to see my friend Larry, the travel agent.


I got off the plane expecting to see Paco holding a sign with my name on it. He was there alright but Dable was standing beside him. Dable hugged me and asked how long I would stay.

"Until you tire of me I guess."

"Then forever. Come. I have made arrangements."


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