Milt's a Pensive Lover!


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On occasion, I'm surprised by my own stupidity. Sometimes, I think that people expect too much of me. I'm not an intellectual. I'm not a writer. I'm not even well educated.

Collin is one of those guys who has a couple of degrees, worked hard for years to build himself a nice nest egg so he could retire by the time he was forty. He soon got bored and pursued his interest in antiques, eventually gaining employment in one of the more prestigious shops in town.

I'm really not too sure of when Collin met John as they were in a relationship when I met them. John was always a very tepid kind of guy. He was a bank teller and then resumed his education to the point where he jumped from being the student to becoming the professor at his college. A couple of years ago, he was offered a promotion - head dean or something - but it was on the other side of the country. That was when Collin retired, so they both left and I kept in contact with Collin via e-mail on occasion.

Patronising. Fastidious. Obnoxious. Stuck up. I think those would be the best words I could use to describe Collin. Why do I put up with him? Because he's put up with me and is the only open gay guy in a relationship I know. Yes, he's a pain, but he's offered me advice and insights that have helped me on occasion.

I decided that it would be best for my lunch with Collin to take place at The Munch. Why? I'm not sure. Perhaps because I was familiar with it and needed to feel secure as I worried that Collin may try to make a move on me. Perhaps because it was fairly close to home. Perhaps because Caleb would be working there and I could have some fun flirting with Collin.

Flirting? With Collin? Well, I don't really know if I'd go that far because I know that Collin would take it the wrong way, and I'm definitely not in lust with him.

I walked up to The Munch earlier than expected. I thought it might be better if I made sure I grabbed a table close to where Caleb could keep an eye on us!

Luckily, I found the perfect table and no sooner than I was seated, Caleb came over to my table.

"Hi there dude. You keep whirling in and out of my life like this..." Caleb greeted me flashing his mesmerising smile.

"Yes, like a bad smell, I have no doubt, Caleb. How are you, anyway?" I tried not to stare at him, but every time I place my eyes on Caleb, I feel like a switch pops on inside me and get me heart pumping that little bit faster.

"I'm fine, run off my feet, looking forward to the holidays so I'll have a bit of a break from this place."

"Oh, what are you doing for the holidays?" I was curious.

"I'm going up to visit the folks for a few days and after that will probably just lounge around until this place reopens, I guess. What about you?"

"No special plans. Can't say I can be bothered. I'm invited to a new year's party, but there's no way I'll be going..."

"Yeah, I'm not looking forward to the whole new year thing, either..." he looked around and realised that it was still peak lunch hour and realised that he had lots of work ahead." So, what can I get you?"

Was my chat with him so enchanting that he preferred to spend some time with me? Nah, probably it was more fun than work but less fun than, say... fun.

"Well, I'm meeting somebody for lunch, and I do believe he would say it's common courtesy to wait for all invited parties to arrive before ordering," I explained.

"Oh, one of those, is he? Ok. I'll be back when he arrives." He rolled his eyes and walked off.

Caleb seemed to be in a good mood. I hadn't seen him in a few weeks and he seemed to look even hotter and my desire for him was greater than ever - even though I knew that he wouldn't be interested in me and my love for him would eternally be unrequited.

"Good afternoon, Milt," Collin suspiciously caught me off guard as sat down opposite me. "So this is your interpretation of an establishment of refined cuisine? Goodness, all these single mothers and the nappy wrapper types... I'm quite disappointed in your selection." Collin removed his overcoat and sat down.

Collin was looking well. In fact, very well for somebody a good few years older than me. I suspect that if it wasn't for his greying hair, he'd look younger than me. Smoother skin and a full head of hair can but be admired.

"Hi there, Collin. I'm happy to see you too!"

"Are you referring - by chance - to a bulge in your trousers?" He smirked.

"No way!" Yes, that was typical Collin, though he usually wasn't this upfront.

"Are you ready to order yet?" Caleb came over, raising his eyebrows suspiciously towards Collin.

"I'll have the usual, Caleb," I told him.

"I suspect I'm in a bit of a quandary," Collin began. "Certainly, a nice soup would ordinarily be called for under the circumstances. However, I think I shall dare to be even more original and order the chicken stir fry. Just ensure, if you would, that the chicken isn't over cooked as I find that far too difficult to digest, thank you."

"Coming right up!" Caleb whooshed back towards the kitchen.

"So, it's Caleb, is it?" Collin asked me. His gaydar probably knew what was going on. Or he caught me staring at Caleb for a little longer than I should.

"Yes, that's his name," I didn't want to give away any more information. It's none of his business. There's nothing to tell and I wouldn't want him trying to play the matchmaker or spoil things by having chat with Caleb. I wouldn't put anything past Collin.

"You're wanting to have a torrid affair with this Caleb, correct?"

"What gave you that idea?"

"The smouldering look you had as he approached the table. I fell that he still makes you nervous. However, you would be more than willing to lash out and stick your hand in his trousers. Am I correct?"

Collin was good at understanding people. Right from the offset, he knew who he was dealing with and if he was getting a raw bargain or the real thing. I've never had that gift. But then again, I'm just an antisocial stuff up.

"Nothing will ever happen between us," I sighed.

"Wait until his girl is on the rag and if he's aroused enough, he'll even go for my dog," he sniggered.

I gently sighed and wondered if that was true or not. It didn't matter as Caleb doesn't have a girlfriend - as far as I know!

"And what other exciting things have been keeping you amused? I trust you finally have a new, well-paying job or that you've finally taken my advice to further your education?"

I could have bowed my head, but decided that I wouldn't let him do that to me. He's done that to me somewhat in the past when I used to visit him in his mansion. Especially after I'd come home to my little room, wondering why he's got all that and I have nothing, nor will I ever. Collin has a way of making me feel powerless and small. And the way I feel at the moment, I don't think I can take any more negative energy in my direction.

"No, I have nothing," I replied honestly.

"How typical! I assume you're spending all your time at home feeling sorry for yourself. How original is that, it's what you were doing a good decade ago. I had hoped you'd be out of that phase by now. I see some things just don't change."

Collin was good at handing out advice, but that was about all. Never had he endeavoured to help me out in any way. Even by offering me a part time position at his shop. He's got all these contacts all over the country, surely one of them could slot me in somewhere?

I felt a lecture coming, but fortunately, our lunches were delivered, so he stuffed his mouth and didn't say much.

"How's your mother?" He changed the subject.

"She's OK, I suppose. As good as the doctors expect. At least she's not on dialysis and not injecting insulin. That would really get her down."

"I'm glad to hear that your healthy respect for your mother continues to grow..." he obviously recalled the times when mother and I didn't see eye to eye "... but what happened to your life? Why are you wasting away minding the old crone?"

"I'm the only one she has. Father's overseas."

"That's not entirely true. What about your brother?"

"We don't discuss him in public," I whispered.

"You didn't answer my question: What about your life?"

"My life will begin once mother's dead."

He stopped eating, put down his cutlery and looked up at me. "You are fucking joking, correct? The way she's going, she'll be alive until you're in your sixties. She's been sick since you were a teenager, correct?"

I nodded.

"So much for the unpleasantries, I didn't want my trip, and indeed our rendezvous, to begin on a sour note," he said, continuing with his meal.

"Yes, why did you come here? You said something about John and something about visiting friends." I was curious.

"As I said, John's having this fling and we've separated. However, the house is in both our names and he's clever enough to realise that it's not as simple as him selling off and moving on. Ergo, John has decided to continue his illicit liaison on the side - when I'm not around - and we play mom and pop in front of our friends, but we sleep in separate bedrooms.

"Yes, I came here to catch up with some old friends. I trust not all will be as disappointing as you. Besides, this will give John some time to experience life without me mothering him."

I nodded as I concluded with my meal, noticing Caleb prancing up and down as the lunch rush was nearing the end.

"Did you enjoy your meals?" Caleb asked us.

"Yes, just fine, thanks, Caleb," I smiled.

"To be honest, I felt that the chicken was just an afterthought that was thrown into the recipe. It wasn't marinated adequately. Other than that, it was fairly average." Collin was definitely one for telling it how it is.

Caleb had a puzzled look on his face as he turned to me as if to say is this guy for real? He took out plates and left us alone.

"What?" Collin asked as I gave him a dirty look. "You didn't expect me to praise it? I was just being honest!"

I tried to kick him under the table, but my feet couldn't reach that far.

"Have you been reading anything noteworthy lately? I've gone back to the classics," he closed his eyes and smiled as if he was taken to some magical paradise.

"Only some porn on the internet. Nothing that would interest you."

"You always had that crude streak in you. It's the result of bad breeding you know. And that of a bad education. All that pornography, I don't know what you see in it. You should be out there experiencing all that, not watching others copulating shamelessly. Even my dog has more refined taste."

I rolled my eyes, realising that I'd just been insulted but didn't know how to fight back. So I didn't. I just sat quietly and wondered why I bothered to waste my time coming to this lunch. Oh, that's right! It's because Collin offered to pay, and it had been a while since my last outing for lunch.

"All right, I think I have had enough of these pathetic schoolboy games," he announced enigmatically. "I did come here for another reason."

"What's that?" I pricked up my ears. Do I really want to hear this?

"I came to make you an offer."

I didn't know if I'd heard correctly. Me? An offer? This was going to be hilarious.

"As you know, John was promoted to faculty dean last semester. If you come to stay with us, I'm certain I could get him to squeeze you into a nice arts course, to get you started. No need for you to worry about your finances either. We need a bit of help around the shop and old Miss Burnley is going to retire one of these days - or die - so you could do the administration for us. What do you make of all that?"

I was stunned. This was something I never expected. An offer to expand my horizons and career. But... there was a bit but... I'd have to move to the other side of the country and - if I read between the lines correctly - have to be Collin's plaything. I'd often suspected that was his ulterior motive.

"Can I think about it?" I asked, ideas and plans rushing through my head. Money, I'll have money again! What's the first thing I'm gonna buy with my first pay?

"I insist you do. Just remember, this could be the new opportunity you've been waiting for. I'll be leaving after the holidays, so you'll have a couple of weeks to tie up any loose ends and rid yourself of your pornography. It will also be the ideal time to start at the beginning of the new semester and the shop is fairly quiet so we'd be able to train you adequately," he suggested.

Hmmm... tempting....

"I'm afraid I'll have to love you and leave you," Collin looked at his watch and stood up. " I have to snoop around the local antique shop and report back on the prices of some rare tea cups."

"Sounds exciting," I said cheerlessly.

"I trust I shall hear from you in the next few days?" He extended his hand to shake mine.

"Certainly," I shook his hand. "I'll email you."

As Collin walked out, I noticed his designer suit. Well tailored. Nice freshly polished leather shoes. That could all be mine.

I was contemplating his offer, when Caleb brought me back to reality by sitting right where Collin sat a few moments earlier.

"What did he want?" Caleb interrogated

"Why are you concerned?" I replied protectively.

"I'm just curious. There's something strange about him. The way he was looking at you..."

"Are you telling me you're jealous?"

"No, it's just that... I think I should tell you... I suspect he's gay!" Caleb sniggered.

"What?" I mocked a shock look "No way! To think that I've known him for a lifetime and knew it all along! Does that bother you?"

"No, it's just ...."

"What? You worried he'll take me away from you?" I sniggered in an ironic tone.

"He looks sly, cunning... I dunno. Don't think I could ever make him a friend of mine," Caleb looked down toward the floor.

"He's all right - not too uppity for you, is he? That'd be a bit of a change from your friends!" I smiled slyly.

"No chance. But there's a difference between high class and obnoxious. Anyway, I thought you didn't like yuppies. " He looked up at me. Into my eyes. Don't do this, his eyes were telling me. They were pleading with me, nay begging.

I didn't have an answer for him. I was lost in his eyes. It was like he and I were the only ones on the planet and the world revolved around us.

"Be careful," he whispered.

Caleb broke the gaze, returning to his work. He didn't utter another syllable.

I had to get home. I had things to work out. I suppose I could've told Caleb all about the offer, but after he told me his thoughts of Collin, I knew it would be futile.

Walking the long route home, I barely noticed the increasing howling wind. All I could think about was the offer as I tried to weigh up all I had here and all I'd have if I moved.

Above all, what would I tell mother? She would worry herself to death and that's before I even left - and I don't think I want to feel responsible for her death!

The low hanging clouds brought the day's end faster. The rustling tree branches and bits of trash that had been picked up and were blowing away made me realise that a storm was brewing so I got home as quickly as I could.

I walked into our familiar family room, where mother was merrily knitting and keeping warm sitting by the heater.

"It's freezing out there," I shivered, removing my warm gloves, hat and scarf.

"Yes, I could hear the wind howling through the trees. I'm glad you're home as I was worried about you."

"You're still knitting?" I sat down by her.

"Yes, I've almost finished the sleeves of the jumper for the baby..."

"Good, so what are you going to knit next?"

"I don't know. My eyes are sore. I didn't really want to knit this but felt obliged for the baby."

I rolled my eyes and sniggered.

"Which reminds me," she continued. "Your sister-in-law told me that they're planning a surprise party for David's birthday and we're invited."

David's birthday? Is it that time already? It's difficult enough keeping track of the days, but when the weeks and months start rushing by, I begin to feel as old as mother.

"So what are we going to buy him?" Mother asked.

"Oh, I don't know. A toy car or something?" I replied.

"I think he outgrew them years ago," she laughed.

"How old is he again?" I was confused. I have recently had enough trouble trying to remember my own age, let alone others.

"He'll be turning sixteen. What did you want when you were sixteen?"

Hmmmm... I really, honestly wanted... Zac. A boy of my own. "A car?" I offered.

"Well, I don't think we can afford to buy him a car, unfortunately. Well, if you can't think of anything, I'll just give him some cash."

Great. And I'll end up giving him nothing as I don't have much cash and giving him five dollars is hardly worth the effort.

"When is the party?"

"Oh... she told me... in a couple of weeks... I can't remember exactly! I'll go over and ask her later when I've finished this sleeve. I was concentrating on the knitting and wasn't paying attention to what she was saying."

"Great, well I hope you'll have fun at the party!"

"What do you mean? You're coming to the party, aren't you?" She put the needles down and peered at me over her glasses.

"Why should I? I don't even talk to your beloved son, and I'm sure there'll be many of his friends there. Besides, David will have lots of his friends there so there'll be a lot of people there I despise or can't stand..." Hmmmm... David's friends. Might be of interest... all those hot adolescent boys... Fuck! What am I thinking - it's like I have one thing on my mind and will do anything to satiate my sexual appetite.

"You have to go - you're his favourite uncle, you know. The boy looks up to you. I know he's not been around much lately, but during the summer he'll be in your hair again like last summer. I'm sure your brother wouldn't do anything to harm your relationship with David..."

True. He was always my favourite and - as annoying as he was at times - he loved spending time with me, watching me on the computer or reading to him. Who could forget all the times I baby-sat him when he was little?

"I've finished the sleeve, so I'm going next door to find out about the party and to see if I have to re knit the sleeve a third time," she sighed.

"Be quick, it's very windy and cold out there and it looks like there might be a storm coming."

"Don't worry, it's not like I'm going far. If anything, I'll stay there until the storm moves on."

I made myself comfortable, switched on the television, flicked from channel to channel, only to find pathetic sporting programs, or mouldy old films about princes and damsels in distress.

Hearing a light knock on the door, I turned to see who it was. It was David.

"Hi uncle," he seemed unhappy.

"Hi there, boy! What's wrong with you?"

"Just stressed out with school. I can't wait for the break. I'm counting down the days."

"Then why do you look so glum?"

"Well, I did something I know I shouldn't have done. That why I came here, I had to tell you as I don't know who else to tell."

I sat up, switched off the TV and opened up my ears and mind.

"OK, I'm listening." David always came to me when he was having problems and couldn't face his parents. I suppose I feel like a surrogate father to him at times!

"I was eavesdropping before when granny and mother were talking..."

"Oh.... I see... and that's the problem?"

"No," he explained, head hanging low. Taking a deep breath, he continued, "I heard something about a party they're planning for me... a surprise party."

"Okay. So I guess the bubble's burst and it won't be a surprise... don't worry, just don't mention it and act surprised at the party and I'm sure they won't care..."

"That's not it..." he continued, turning his head up to look at me. "They said you probably wouldn't want to come. Is that true, uncle?"

"You know that I don't get on with your father. Besides, you'll be busy with your friend and won't notice me missing."

"Well, that's not the point, Uncle. You've always been there for me. Remember the time father told me that I was adopted and I wanted to run away? You're the one who stopped me from doing something stupid that night. What about the time mother lost the baby and I thought it was my fault and wanted to kill myself? You put some sense in me..."

Yes, I remembered all those instances, and dozens other more. "You were a little boy then, you're almost a grown man now."

"I know, but I still want you to be there, you don't have to talk to my father, you know."


"Besides," he beamed a smile, "you can shoot some video footage with our new digital video camera!"

"Oh, when did you get that?" I was curious.

"Father bought it a few weeks ago, mainly for the baby. It's really cool..."

"I'll bet it is..." That'd be right. My dear idiot sibling was showing off again, it's one of those childish look what I've got and you don't games once more.

I tried to work for him last year, I spent hours doing his book work and inventory, for which he said he'd pay me in cash. I saw no cash, instead he handed me down his old computer - which I didn't want anyway - and my old computer went to David. The cash would've definitely been preferred. I could've even bought my own copy of Zom-Boner!

"So, are you coming, Uncle? Please?" David's grovelling returned me to the present.

"Hmmmmmmm....grrrrmmmppphhhhhh..." I mumbled. What could I do? I couldn't let him down. "OK, I'll be there, but only for a little bit."

"Great!" he gave me a warm hug, like he used to when he was a little boy - he never grew out of it - said "see ya" and left.

Oh, I thought. I didn't ask him when they were planning on having the party. If it's too far off, I might not even be here...

Mother returned. She opened the front door as a gust of bitterly cold wind seemed to blow her back into the house.

"The people on the weather said it was going to be a very windy night. I think we should just sit and pray that nothing happens to us."

"I think I'll just go into my room," I rolled my eyes in disbelief.

As it was cold, I decided to may myself a nice hot cocoa to take in with me. I rarely switch on the heater in my room, so the hot drink would help keep me warm. That and the throwover rug mother wove last winter.

I tried to kill some time watching Zom-Boner yet again and sorting my downloaded porn simultaneously, as the gale outside seemed to make the windows rattle. It felt like a hurricane or something. But we've never had such things in these parts.

With a mighty, crashing thud somewhere outside, the power went off.

Fuck... I know I've got a small candle here somewhere.

I felt along my desk, unaware that I'd just tipped over my cup of cocoa, until I felt the moisture on my sleeves and heard the liquid drop off the back of my desk to... who knows where...

Fuck. It's my computer and video! They're all going to be stuffed - not to mention the power plugs are all back there as well! Fuck!

I found my candle, only to remember that I didn't have any matches...

Grrrr... things going from bad to worse.

Breathe. There's nothing you can do about it now.

I went in to mother.

"Where are your candles?" I asked with a tone of urgency.

"In the kitchen, the last drawer on the right. There's a box of matches near the stove." Fortunately, there was a bit of light coming in through the windows. The wind was still wild out there, I pitied anybody who was out there tonight.

Rummaging through the drawer, I located a couple of candles and a flashlight. The batteries were almost flat, so we could only use it momentarily and only when absolutely necessary.

After lighting the candles and putting them in cups so they'd not drip, I took one in to mother.

"At least it isn't so cold in here as I had the heater on," mother tried to look on the positive side.

I went into the kitchen and grabbed a sponge and headed for my room.

"Where are you going? It's cold, stay in here with me!"

"I had an accident. I spilt my drink everywhere..." I told her and ran into my room. With candlelight, it was impossible to see where the spilled cocoa had landed. I blotted the carpet behind my desk and felt like I mopped up a good deal of it.

Better unplug everything for when the power returns, just in case.

Grabbing a blanket, I returned in with mother.

"Everything OK in there?" She asked me.

"As OK as it can be for tonight. I'll have to wait and see in the morning," I replied.

"You know, this reminds me of the olden days in the village. We didn't have any power back then and used lamps with gasoline..." she began. I felt this was going to turn into one of mother's long, labourious history lessons.

"Has the wind outside slowed down?" I asked in an attempt to shut her up. It worked. She shut her mouth so we could concentrate on the noise outside. What had been a howl moments before was now barely a whimper.

"I think I'll go outside to see if they've got power up the street," I strutted off, knowing full well that mother would protest me going out this late.

Walking down to the corner, the traffic lights were out. Cars were driving cautiously. The streetlights were all out. In fact, the whole neighbourhood was without power.

Gee, I wonder how many people grabbed this opportunity to fuck in the dark.

Wandering down a few blocks, I saw what I assumed to be the culprit. A huge tree planted on the median strip had been split in half by the ferocious wind and brought down with it a power pole.

Great, it'll take them hours to come out here and restore the power.

After reporting back to mother, she suggested we have an early night. I reluctantly agreed, as there was nothing more I could do tonight and I would get up early in the morning to see what damage that damned cocoa had done to my prized possessions.

My sleep was restless, the dream I had was as wild as the night's wind.

I dreamt that I was watching one of my porn videos. Except that the cock on the screen looked familiar. It looked like mine. And the legs were mine. And the torso. I was in a porno! I was partnered with... my beloved hunk Bo Sharpe!

Bo grabbed me towards him, using his powerful biceps. I tried resisting but it was pointless; fate had it so that I would get fucked by my idol!

"Get down and eat my meat!" He forced my head down towards the tool of his arousal. It was fully erect. A finely cut throbbing hot piece of man meat pointing upwards, reaching beyond his navel! One huge tool that I - at first - reluctantly began to nibble like a mouse.

"Suck it, swallow it all!" Bo demanded.

I was helpless. My tongue was lapping hungrily at his almighty power tool like a dog enjoying his first bone in days.

"Yeah, that's the way. Lick it real good. Make it nice and hard and slippery so I can poke you with it!"

Cut to the next scene where he's rubbing his hard cock up and down my crack, eagerly awaiting the moment he'd finally penetrate my tight hole.

"Yeah, this is gonna hurt, but you'll enjoy it". The first thrust felt like he's just put a sword in me! It hurt like buggery... hehehe... But as I'd grown accustomed to the feeling of his thickness, I wanted more and more.

"Fuck me harder, faster, faster!" I yelped in a voice that would make any self respecting whore quiver.

Bo obliged, making his strokes longer, faster. Pulling out almost fully and then thrusting back inside full throttle.

"Deeper! Fuck me deeper!" I ordered.

I thought I was going to faint as I felt his fat cock head rubbing up against my prostate. It was a feeling that had me weak at the knees, so Bo had to help keep me up!

The balls that happily slapped against my butt cheeks slowly retracted. He was getting close to his orgasm.

Bo began to breathe in heavily as his breaths became moans and his moans grunts.

With a final three-two-one countdown, he thrust fully forward into me, spilling his hot love seed deep into my bowels.

"Cut," somebody yelled. I looked up at the voice which came from behind the cameras. "That was awful! You know that you've got to cum in his mouth, Bo! What's wrong with you?"

"Can we roll again?" Bo asked, looking at me slyly. I knew I was in for it again but....

I woke up. It was still dark but peering outside my window, I saw that the streetlights were back on; the power was restored. However, I was still feeling tired, so I went back to sleep.


As expected, the first thing I did in the morning was to check out the damage I'd caused the night before.

Unfortunately, I couldn't find much of the frigging juice. Either I mopped it all up last night, it evaporated or soaked into something... grrr... the power plugs felt sticky, so I guess it was a good idea that I unplugged everything.

In any case, I wouldn't risk it. After cleaning up as much as I could, I decided that I'd leave it. I'd let any fluid evaporate. I wouldn't switch on my computer and video for a few days.

Yeah, great fun. With nothing much else to do....

Mother noticed that I was annoyed and feeling down, so she asked me to go shopping for her and use up all the money which translates as buy yourself a special treat too.

The something special was a real cocoa, served by Caleb at The Munch.

Fuck. With all that's been going on, I forgot all about Collin and his offer.

Still, all I could think about was my computer! What would I do? What about my writing?


"What's wrong with you today? Get out of the wrong side of the bed?" Caleb asked.

I told him about last night's embarrassing situation.

"Sometimes, I'm baffled by my very own stupidity," I explained.

I was expecting him to laugh, but instead he was very sympathetic.

"You see, I do this on line diary thing and don't have a computer to do it on, so it's very frustrating. More than the fact that I can't watch any of my videos and play on the internet," it felt good to get it out of my system.

"Well, if that's the problem, I guess you can come and use mine." He offered.

"Wow! Great! Thanks. I have most of the stuff on a floppy so all I have to do it append the most recent events. I hope it won't take too long."

The feeling of awe I had for Caleb was inexplicable. Sometimes, the best surprises are the ones least expected.

I arranged to go to his place after he finished his morning shift, which gave me ample time to do the shopping, return home for lunch and make myself decent.

"Welcome to my happy home," Caleb greeted me at the door. "I was just about to jump on line to catch up with the news. I'll only be a minute."

We walked into his computer room as Caleb sat down and revved up his machine. I noticed that the house was vaguely more tidy than the previous time I came over, the night of the video party with his friends all those weeks ago.

"Hey, were you affected by the blackout last night?" I curiously asked Caleb.

"Yes, it was annoying, but I ended up having an early night". Funny. It looked like he hadn't slept much to me. I suppose that over sleeping can do that to some, the more you sleep the more tired you look.

"You're not expecting any of your friends, are you?" I joked.

"No, not today. I'll pass on your regards to them, though," Caleb smiled.

Now, I'm not much of an expert on computers, but I could tell that Caleb's machine was flashy. It looked fairly new and ran very fast.

Caleb jumped on line and loaded up a web page with the latest news.

He froze when he saw one of the headlines.

"What's wrong? What happened?" I was concerned.

He just sat and stared at the monitor. I peered over and read a few lines of what was on the screen.

Homicide detectives are investigating another brutal slaying, this time in the city's north. They say the body of sixty-three year old underground film maker Piers Walinsky was found was discovered late last night, after the power was restored to the area. Investigators say it's too early to link it with the other slaying in the city over recent months and aren't ruling out links to a Satanic cult at this stage.

Well, the news would be enough to give anybody the creeps. There was a murder last night and it happened in this part of town. Very creepy and enough to make you want to stay indoors after dark.

"You don't mind if I check my e-mail while you're on line, do you? I'll be quick, I won't bother replying to any. There might be some job offers, you know..."

Caleb jumped off and let me sit in the warm seat he left behind... mmmmmm... I was tempted to have a whiff of the upholstery!

"Can I get you something to drink?" He asked.

"No, I don't want to risk having another accident," I chirped logging into my web mail account.

"Well, I'm going to go up and have a quick shower, so I'll leave you to it."

Caleb rushed out the door as I took a look into my mail box. A couple of items of junk that I deleted, something from Tassy, but I didn't look at it as there was a reply about a job application I sent a few weeks back.

There was a number for me to call, so I wanted to write it down.

Where does Caleb keep his scrap paper?

I opened a couple of drawers, not wanting to snoop, but still... An assortment of pens, paper openers, printer cartridges and CDs greeted me in the top three drawers. In the bottom one, I found a ream of paper, but had to pull the ream out so I could pull out a single sheet without making a mess.

Under the ream, I found a curious handwritten scrap. There was a series of letters. A list of half a dozen. All but the bottom couple had ticks beside them. It's probably just a code of mnemonics to help him study, or some password to a hidden partition on his computer where he keeps all his pussy flicks!

I grabbed the paper and pen and scrolled down the e-mail.

Due to the upcoming holidays, we unfortunately are unable to accept any calls beyond Thursday the 18th.

I couldn't believe my luck. That was last Thursday! I missed it! Fuck!

As upset as I was, I decided that I didn't have time to throw a tantrum and that I decided to try and get on with my writing. Besides, there were no guarantees that I would get the job knowing my luck...


So there you have it. I've been here at Caleb's for over an hour. He's popped in a few times, and I suspect he's anxious to jump on the computer himself, so I'd better jump off, go back to my measly little abode, hope that it'll snow for Christmas and that the new year will be better than this one has been. It couldn't get any worse, surely?