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I hate the holidays to say the least. Remembering all the times we'd go to visit my aunt as a child. Uncle would get dressed up as Santa Claus to amuse my younger cousins. Yes, there were presents, but that wasn't the point. We never really got to spend time together as a family; father was always off working or boozing, and mother would be feeling unwell.

This year was no better. Of course, it was different as father wasn't around and we didn't go out anywhere. Mother and I just stayed home and every day was the same as the one before. Except for the fact that I didn't have a computer until I finally switched it back on yesterday.

I was expecting it to let out a puff of smoke or explode, but nothing like that happened. After carefully cleaning my video, I switched that back on and it was also working as well as before. Imagine three weeks without a video and computer!

Yes, it was an ordeal. It was too cold to do anything, so mostly I sat in with mother as she knitted or read. On occasion, she'd tell me stories about the olden days. Growing up impoverished. Leaving her family and marrying into an indifferent family. Emigrating and the depression that followed her like a bad dog for years. Giving birth to me, to bring some light in her life it began falling apart.

The more she spoke, the more I realised that I really didn't know very much about her, nor about anybody else in my family. Father never spoke about his family, mother made the odd reference.

I expected it to be boring. You know, the cliche about old people reminiscing about their days of glory and all that. But it was nothing like that. Not only was I rivetted, but I also discovered just how much of mother is in me. Mother and I were connecting. For the first time in all these years.

New year resolutions are for those who want to lose weight and those who have money to spend. I do still want to lose weight, but I know that I won't do much about it. Exercising is monotonous. I all but gave up my exercise routine.

No, I didn't go to my sister's new year's party. I understand that brother didn't go but I'm not sure about David. I haven't seen any of them.

Generally, I prefer to spend my new year's eves sitting home alone. Warm and snug in a blanket, a couple of snacks in front of me, I'd watch some newly purchased porn. The one I watched last year was a load of fun - New Year's Ejaculation.

As you can imagine, without all my essentials in working order, life has been a bit boring. I even began going to bed early and waking up by daybreak. If that wasn't bizarre enough, I went on a mid winter cleaning binge and rearranged my room.

Yes, it was around this time that I found some old, forgotten dirty magazines hidden in a corner somewhere. These were among the first porn magazines I'd ever seen - borrowed from others, of course. They looked so dated. Well, the one's with the hideous '80's hair cuts were hideous, but the ones from the '70's were fun. The models were enjoying themselves and the ejaculations didn't look like watered down mayonnaise. Most importantly, they had very hard stiffies, real pubes and took their socks off when getting down to business.

Late one night during that period, I pulled out a stack of my dirty magazines, perused them, getting all the while more and more aroused.

I made a "mural" - I had each magazine open to a specific favourite page and laid out all the magazines all over my floor. That way, I could see all the hotties who'd given me pleasure all these years.

I stood up and looked down at them. There were so many. Who'd be the one to put me over the edge this time? The anonymous couple having anal sex with their heads thrown into the air in orgasmic bliss? Would it be Rex and his I know you want it but you can't have it look in his eyes as he touches the tip of his cock? Or perhaps Tony, with the sassy look about him, gently tugging at his loose ball sack?

The more I looked, the more I recalled events pertaining to certain periods in my life. Like the first time I ejaculated, or the time I was - almost? - caught by my brother. Even the first time I attempted anal penetration!

It was cold in my room, but I felt hotter and hotter. I was almost dizzy as I felt my orgasm approach. With the first spurt, I was weak at the knees and thought I was going to collapse. Fortunately, my bed as right behind me, so fell into a heap on that. The climax was exhilarating yet exhausting.


On the weekend, we attended David's birthday party.

I felt a bit uncomfortable going to his house after all these months. Fortunately, my brother Mick was too busy to notice me - or so it seemed.

I fondly recalled one the of the first birthday parties we threw for David. He must've been about five or six when they adopted him and the following year, they threw a huge party. David was great at making friends, and in the short time since he moved here, he made numerous. Lots of children were invited and attended.

"Not the naughty ones from my class," he informed me. "But Michael is coming and he's cute!"

After all these years, I smile at the thought that a little boy could describe another little boy as cute.

Of course, I wasn't going to question David's sexuality. I still don't. I don't care what he is - I'll accept him no matter what. Still, I wouldn't feel comfortable about him knowing about me. Not as long as he's under the same roof as that brother of mine.

"You made it, Uncle," David's embrace brought me back to the present.

"I said I'd be here, didn't I?" He was so happy to see me having kept my promise."You expecting many people?"

"Not sure of who will come because of the weather. Aunt said she might come if the kids finish basket ball in time..." yes, that would be typical of my sister "... and I've invited a few guys from school."

I didn't intend on buying him anything for his birthday, but when I was rummaging a few days earlier, I found a few CDs of games I bought a while back. Sure, they were kind of old, but David's computer was also old and he couldn't play any new games.

"Oh, Uncle! Thank you very much," he hugged me again.

"I'll go in and set them up on your computer, if you like," I offered. At least that would keep me away from the undesirable elements.

David nodded. I'm sure he knew what my ulterior motive.

Old computers aren't much fun. We all know that. I liked David's computer, though. Even though it was old, I liked it because it was my old computer. When I got my current one, I passed my old one onto him. I knew all its idiosyncracies.

I put the CD in and waited to hear the loud whirring rumble die down before it finished loading and I got started on installing the game.

David loves his computer, and fortunately he hasn't clogged it up with rubbish. Well, he can't play all those new flashy virtual reality games as it's not fast enough and hasn't got enough memory - I've tried, you know!

11% complete....

Wow, is it slower than I remember, or what?

It felt weird being on a computer again, and it's the thing that inspired me to get my beast up and running again, no matter what. I remembered that I hadn't checked my e-mail in such a long time - ordinarily I start flapping if I don't check it a couple of times a day, but I'd grown out of the addiction.

44% complete...

"... he's doing it right now." I heard David's approaching voice so I turned around to look. He wasn't alone. "Uncle, this is Tom, Dylan and Michael. I don't know if you remember them but they've been here in previous years."

"Yes, I think I remember you all... my, my... you've changed quite a bit since the last time I saw you! You look like fine young men now!" I was very impressed with David and his friends. OK, so they were all very kind and courteous and were very cute. But way out of my league so it was pointless in even thinking about anything like that.

And then, like a sledgehammer to the back of the head, I remembered Caleb. I wondered if he was back in town yet and if The Munch had resumed business for the year. I have to go investigate one day.

97% complete...

"Well, it's almost done, so I'll leave you boys to it," I got up, ready to leave.

"No, stay here, Uncle, it's boring out there," David informed me.

Well, the offer was kind, so I decided to sit back and watch the boys play the new computer game. They really got into it and knew just what button to press - it would've taken me ages to work it all out.

"Dinner's ready," a familiar voice yelled out. It was mother. "Oh, here you are, Milt. I thought you'd left."

I smiled as we got up and made our way to the dinner table.

I sat by mother, adjacent to Michael and nowhere near Mick. It was pleasant enough.

"What about the cake? It's getting late," mother wondered as dinner was over.

"Oh, wait a minute!" David rose up and ran out "The video camera!"

Within a flash, he'd returned and handed me this miniature bit of plastic. That's the video camera?

He showed me how to use the basic functions, how get stop and start recording and how to use the zoom function.

Glancing over to my brother, I felt as if he was gritting his teeth. Heh heh heh...

The cake was brought out, I started recording, carefully zooming in on David and his friends who were standing there behind him, ensuring Mick was out of all the shots.

"I want a copy of the video," mother told David as we were leaving.

"Sure, granny. Thank for coming," he gave her a hug and a peck on the cheek. "Are you sure you want to go, Uncle? The guys are going to sleep over tonight. You can stay longer if you like."

I thanked him for the offer, but said it would be best if I went with mother as she gets anxious about being in the house alone at night.

I couldn't get David and his friends out of my head. If only all kids were that nice. It was a very pleasant surprise.


As previously stated, yesterday was the day I got the computer up and running again. It was a busy day in itself as I spent much of it on the internet, catching up on e-mails and everything, with mother complaining about me hogging the phone line. Pity I can't afford cable...

I had a couple of desperate sounding e-mails from Tassy, wondering if I'd disappeared off the face of the earth. I replied with an abbreviated version of what had happened. She must've been on line as she sent a brief reply almost immediately:


C u 4 lunch @ the munch on Sat??


I replied saying that would be fine. I'd not seen Tassy since before the holidays and wanted to hear all the latest gossip!

There was an e-mail from Collin:


I am extremely disappointed as I have not as yet heard from you regarding the offer.

Unfortunately, I have to leave in the morning and don't have your telephone number on my person - and wouldn't risk being verbally abused by your mother - so I cannot contact you in another manner. Please call me if you get this message in time


The message was dated a few days ago, so he'd long gone.

I'd forgotten all about Collin, you know. Well, in the first couple of days, I thought about him and his offer. Then I thought of all the things I'd miss around here. The more time I spent with mother, the more I wanted to spend with her, and the more I realised that one day she would no longer be here, so I'd have to make the most of it right now. I'm nothing but a mommy's boy!

I swiftly sent an e-mail to Caleb:

Hey, Cal,

Haven't heard from you in a while. How'd your holidays go with the olds? Are you back in town and has the Munch opened yet as Tassy and I are hoping to have lunch there on the weekend?


Of course, during the time I was online I was merrily downloading smut to keep me amused! A life without hot hunks and giant cocks is no life at all, I think.

I rummaged through the job ads, but by this time, I felt so flustered with the afternoon on the internet, that I really wasn't concentrating very hard. Sure, I'd gotten back to my old life again, but I sort of missed life without the computer.

Gee, did I really say that? Yeah, afraid so.

Anyway, switched the darn box of bits and chips off and spent the rest of the evening with mother.

Last night, had a bizarre dream that I was giving myself a hair cut, but my hair didn't feel like hair - rather it was like dog fur! I awoke, tugging on my hair, making sure I was still me and not a dog. It was the most bizarre feeling.

We had a very nasty hail storm today. The roads were covered by white golf ball sized hail stones. We were lucky no windows were broken - apparently, it caused a lot of damage in other neighbourhoods.

Again, I jumped onto the internet, only for a short while. I had a message from Tassy:


Have some good news 4 u!

I was offered a position in an office with an old friend of mine, so I'm leaving this place.

U should apply 4 my old position asap! I've told them a bit about u and they seem interested, so call them. Use the # on my card and ask for Madge or email your resume to her at the general address on my card!!

C U on Saturday 4 lunch!

Good luck, pussy paws x'ed


Wow... that was a bit of a surprise. I wonder if that's what Tassy was going to tell me a few weeks back but never got around to it. How sweet of her to think of me.

I swiftly wrote up a cover letter, tacked on my resume and e-mailed it off.

Who knows, the tide could be turning.