Milt's a Pensive Lover!


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Ignorance is bliss. Better than the state I'm in right now....

A wave of panic overtook me. I jumped onto the internet and did some research. Apparently, people being buried alive isn't some kind of urban myth, it has really happened. Albeit, not often.

When Caleb awoke, I told him about my dream and my thoughts. I said I wanted them to exhume mother, in case she was still alive. Caleb told me that after all that time in the ground, it would be highly unlikely she would still be alive.

When father got up, I told him as well. He passed me off as mad, but said he was going to go to the cemetery later in the morning, if I wanted to go along. Of course I did.

It was still early, though. I decided to put Caleb's clothes in the wash, still worrying about mother. I let him wear some of my stuff for the time being.

"You'll never wash these again," Caleb joked. "You'll keep them like this forever and savour the aroma of my crotch, I'm sure!"

I smiled as I turned the dial on the washing machine and got it going.

Father heard the noise and came in to see what I was doing.

"I hope you put a full load in there. Otherwise, it's a waste of water and electricity," he groaned. Yeah, whatever.

After a quick breakfast, we left for the cemetery.

It was a gloomy morning, but not too cold.

I went over to the office to see what the procedure was to get an exhumation going. The guys at the office were just the young and inexperienced pen pushers. They said it was impossible and that a ton of paperwork was required, not to mention the permits. Also, it was the weekend, so it would be impossible.

"But we're talking about a person's life," I argued. "I have the feeling that she could still be alive!"

"It's not possible. She'd be dead by now, anyway," was the response I got.

"OK, then I guess I'll just have to start digging with my bare hands," I told them.

I guess they thought I was some kind of nut, but I wasn't going to give in just like that. I stood there, demanding something be done about it, even screaming at the top of my voice. It's not like I'd wake any of the neighbours.

"I guess the soil covering would still be fairly soft," one of them said to the other, realising there would be no other option for them. "We shouldn't be doing anything like this, but as long as nobody else is around as you don't tell anybody. We could get fired for this," he stared hard in my eyes. He could see the look of desperation and concern within.

"Yes, fine, perfect. Let's go already!" I led them out to the grave.

Father and Caleb were at the site where mother was laid to rest. I approached with the two guys, who produced a couple of shovels and began digging.

"Hey, what's going on here?" Father demanded some explanation.

"I asked them to dig mother up to see if she's still alive," I told him.

"I don't believe this. You're nuts boy, you know. Just like your mother. I thought this was illegal, anyway?"

They kept digging. I tried to help out a bit with my hands. Caleb was hesitant, but eventually he helped as well.

"We're not liable for any damage caused to the coffin, understand?" The tall guy said.

"Yeah, sure," I sighed.

We finally reached the coffin. They had a bit of difficulty prying it open, but they held their noses as they pulled off the lid.

Before us was mother's corpse. Caleb turned away. Father was distraught. I was fixated and couldn't take my eyes off her. She had a panicky look about her, as if she was in pain or was suffering.

"Hey, have a look at that," Caleb pointed to the coffin lid.

Surely enough, the lining of the lid had scratch marks.

I felt light on my feet and the world began spinning about as I thought that mother was indeed buried alive. One wonders how long she suffered.

When I came to, we were back home. It took a moment to realise where I was - back in bed.

"Here, have a pill," father offered.

"No, I'm OK," I protested, but he forced it down my throat. I began to feel all groggy, but wanted some answers.

"What happened to mother?" I asked. "Did they get a doctor to examine the body? Was she really buried alive?" It all seemed like a bad dream.

"Shhhh... it's all under control just you relax," he hushed me.

"You'd like to have me sent off to the funny farm. You think I'm mad, but I saw her. Mother was buried alive!"

He left the room, offering no other explanation. My heavy eyes put me in a deep slumber. I had another dream. It was mother, saying she wasn't OK, that she wasn't complete. I woke with a start as her corpse reached up and grabbed me.

I'm still in my bedroom. Awake. Safe.

But the dream was bizarre and I couldn't help but think that my dreams were becoming far too macabre and soon sleeping would be difficult for me.

I walked into the living room where Caleb had the heater on and his clothes hanging in front of it in a vain attempt to get them to dry.

"Hey, you're up," he smiled at me. "I was getting a bit bored sitting here alone."

"Where's father gone?" I asked him.

"He didn't say, just that he had some business and would be back soon," he told me.

No sooner had he said it, that father had returned home.

"What's going on here?" He quizzed us. "Why is the heater on? You're wasting all this power just to dry some clothes!"

"We don't have a drier and it would take days for them to dry outside," I groggily explained.

"Listen here, son," father sat down. "You're supposed to be a responsible adult. You know there's nothing like a free ride in life."

"Ahhhhh... I think I should go and check on dinner," Caleb departed.

"Don't think you're going to have it easy any more. You've got to pay your way around here. Now that your mother's gone, you've got to pull your weight."


"How am I supposed to do that? I don't have any money, you know!" I told him.

"Get a job! Are you so hopeless that you can't even get a job? I could find one in an instant," he boasted.

"Well, you can go right ahead, because I've been looking for ages and haven't found anything yet," I explained.

"You haven't been looking hard enough. Let's get one thing straight, there'll be no freeloading here. If you don't pay your way, you can get out!"

Oh, he's going to play dirty now, is he? I still have some ammunition up my sleeve.

"OK, I'll go!" I surprised him.

"Great, pack your bags!" He taunted.

"I will. But we'll just see who'll be cooking for you, cleaning for you. Taking care of the house. You can't even boil and egg and don't think your beloved daughter-in-law next door will do it for you as she's busy enough with the kids!"

I shut him up. He was gob smacked as I never stood up to him before.

There was a knock on the door. It was David.

"Hey, grandpa!" He welcomed my father.

"Hi, kid! How have you been?" Father hugged David. "Let me look at you! You've grown since the last time I saw ya! Hey, what's that in your face? You getting fluffy, are you!"

David beamed as his grandfather had asserted his masculinity.

"I have something for you, hang on until I go dig it up," Father went off to his room.

I told David about the situation with mother, how she was buried alive.

"Wow, I didn't think anything like that could ever happen."

I felt heartbroken. The pill was wearing off and I considered popping another to help get me through.

"Did you like the earrings she was wearing? They were apparently given to her by her grandparents. I'd never seen them before, but auntie had them," he said.

Earrings? She wasn't wearing any! I stared at her long and hard and didn't see anything on her ears.

"She wasn't wearing any!" I told him.

"Ummm... yes she was, uncle. You didn't see them on the day of the funeral, but everybody else commented on them, saying it was a pity she didn't wear them when she was alive as they suited her perfectly," David explained.

Again, I was dumbfounded.

Caleb returned, saying that dinner would be ready soon.

I introduced him to David, and vice versa, telling David that Caleb's a friend of mine.

David was surprised as I don't think he'd ever net a friend of mine before!

"Caleb, did you notice mother's earrings?" I asked him.

"I wasn't looking at her," he answered.

Father returned with a T-shirt for David.

"Thanks, I'll wear if during the Summer," David told him.

"Father, did you notice mother's earrings?" I asked him.

"No, was she wearing any?" He responded.

"She was wearing her grandmother's earrings," David told him.

"I don't think so. I didn't see any. But I really wasn't paying attention," Father shook his head.

"So, not only was she buried alive, but they stole her jewellery!" I was incensed.

"Oh, no, not this again," father wasn't amused. "Take another pill, Milt, and put a sock in it."


That night, as Caleb was going to bed, I wondered if it was couth for me to ask to join him.

"Are you coming to bed or will you stay up and jerk off on your computer thinking I can't see you?" Caleb asked.

Well, I didn't know how to reply to that, so I just gave him a big hug.

"You know," I began, "I really, really like you a lot. I feel like I'm in a dream that you're here with me right now. I'd do anything for you, you know... I'd live for you, die for you..." I bowed down my head.

His eyes narrowed as he gulped sentimentally.

"Don't say anything like that. You'll find somebody worthy. I'm just not him," he said.

"Well, I don't want to think about the future, just the present. I can't think of you leaving..."

"But I've told you already that I have to leave, to go and stay in the mountains awhile. I have a friend, Doug, who lives near the cabin and he might be able to help me out..."

I stared into his eyes. The thought of Caleb leaving me was akin to having a dagger thrust right into my heart.

Caleb jumped into bed and pulled the covers over.

"Hey, are you coming or what?" He asked me.

"Sure, I'll just switch off the light," I told him, flicking it off and jumping in with him.

He turned around and we were face to face. I felt his hot breath on my cheek.

"Please don't make me your saint or saviour. I'm nothing like that. I have a past that would shatter all your illusions of me," he whispered in my ear.

I didn't say anything. I couldn't. All I wanted to do was savour the moment with Caleb in bed with me.

Before no time, Caleb was fast asleep, and my body was exhausted after the strain over recent days, so I wasn't far behind.

Of course, I was hesitant to fall asleep. I thought I'd be plagued by a nasty nightmare again. It had me pondering if we really did go to the cemetery to find mother buried alive, or was it just some kind of hallucination? It could be the pills I was on, I suppose. I didn't want to bring it up again with Caleb. I didn't want to make him think that there was something wrong with me - that I was unbalanced or something.

I had the most beautiful dream. Caleb was bathing in the shower. I was looking at the rippling muscles of his body. He noticed me and smiled, gently tugging at his crotch. Continuing to wash himself, he'd look at me and I noticed that his cock was rising rapidly. I was turning him on.

Next, I was rushing about. He wasn't in the shower any more; somebody told me that he'd died. I have the touch of death and everybody who falls for me is doomed.

I woke with a start, perspiration rolling down my face. Caleb was in a deep slumber.

I wanted to jump onto the internet, to get away from the realm of my dreams, but as I fumbled to get out of bed, Caleb mumbled and I thought I was going to wake him up. Shit, sleeping with another person takes some getting used to!

Hence, I stayed in bed, not wanting to sleep, but at some point I must've fallen asleep as I had another dream:

Caleb and I were in bed. It was a bigger bed than this. He had a lusty smile on his face and I knew he wanted to play fuck games with me.

"Can I ask you a favour?" He asked with an almost childhood innocence, rubbing his growing masculinity.

"Sure, what is it?"

"Can you suck me off? I heard that you're really good at it."

Being in his trance, I couldn't refuse. I leaned over as he pulled the covers off, exposing his throbbing phallus.

It was the most perfect thing I'd ever seen. The head glistened from the pre cum he'd rubbed over it. His hairless ball sack hung loosely and the balls responded lightly when I gently fondled them.

In turn, I licked and gently sucked them, pulling them into my warm mouth. Caleb purred gently. Looking up and him, his eyes were shut and a warm, loving smile covered his face.

"Don't stop, it feels so good... don't stop..." he begged, moaning softly.

Grabbing the base of his fat cock with one hand, I rubbed his balls with the other, which made him smile.

In my hand I held the staff of life itself. It felt sublime. Caleb was my god and I was going my best to make him happy.

Gently flicking my tongue on the underside of his cock head, I squeezed out a few more pearly drops of pre cum, which I promptly licked up. It was the sweetest nectar.

"I'm going to suck every last drop of your manhood," I teased him. This made him smile and mutter something under his breath.

My tongue eagerly poked at his piss slit. I was rewarded by the odd drop of nectar which was the tastiest entree - but I was looking forward to the main course.

Wrapping my lips around the edges of his mushroom head, I let my teeth gently scrape the underside of his cock. He moaned loudly, appreciating my gesture. My hard sucking actions were also greeted with gentle signs. With my lips completely wrapped around his cock, I created a type of vacuum, and the harder I sucked, the louder he groaned.

Slowly, I alternated the sucking for full head bobbing and licking his whole magnificentness. The fat cock tickled the back of my throat as I took it all in, wanting my god to feel nothing but pleasure. My nose was buried in his pubic bush as the sparse hair on his ball sack tickled my chin.

Caleb writhed about intensely and I knew he wouldn't take much more of this. Before I knew it, his cock was having spasms in my mouth and I felt the hot, salty reward fill my mouth. Instinctively, I swallowed some of it, but I wanted to retain as much as I could in my mouth, to completely savour the love juice

I kept his cock in my mouth, mixing with the juices, until it began to soften. The position I was in made it impossible to swallow to I expelled his hot semen above his pubic patch, but licked some of it off in a gesture of goodwill.


I awoke feeling refreshed - and with a hard on. Well, at least things were starting to get back to normal.

Caleb was just waking up. He turned to look at me as he stretched his arms.

"Wow, that was a wild night," he smiled.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"It's a bit embarrassing..."

"Well, go on, tell me!" I politely demanded.

"I had a wet dream. I feel all wet," he got out of bed and showed me the evidence. Surely enough, there was half-dried sperm above his pubic patch.

Hmmmm... I wonder...

"Do you remember the dream?" I quizzed him.

"No, not at all. I'm a very heavy sleeper. You could have raped me for all I know," he sniggered.



After breakfast, father wanted to go to the cemetery, but the ominous weather outside had us thinking that it wasn't such a good idea.

Father was not one to just sit around. No, he had to do something all the time. Even if it was freezing cold outside.

"How long are you planning on staying, Caleb?" Father asked, certainly because father didn't like house guests.

"Actually, I'm going to leave tomorrow. Bright and early for Mount Nixon," he said. I felt my jaw dropped.

"You going skiing?"

"No, I know somebody who owns a cabin up there. I'll be going for a few days."

"That will be nice for you, I'm sure."

I felt like my world was falling apart all over again.

"I was going to ask Milt..." Caleb looked at me, "... if he'd like to come with me for a few days."

"Me?" I looked puzzled but my feeling of gloom became one of unexpected joy.

"Yes. It's a way of me repaying you for all that you've done for me lately."

"Milt can't go," father told Caleb. "His mother's still warm in the ground and he can't go out enjoying himself so soon, it's not permissible."

What? Woah... how dare he???!!!

"I'm going. That's final!" I banded my fist on the table, stood up and marched out of the room.

Caleb joined me in the bedroom moments later.

"You see that? How he treats me like a child? What does he think I am? I'm not the gullible fool at his beck and call like I once was. I have my own life and he's not going to control it!" I explained to Caleb.

Caleb stood silently. I wasn't sure if he agreed with me or not.

"Have they got a computer up there?" I asked. "I have more writing to do."

"Yes, don't worry about that. They even have the internet, I think. Just take it all on a floppy," he informed me.

"What should I take with me?" I was overwhelmed at the thought of leaving this place, if only for a few days.

"Lots of warm clothes. We can get the fire going but if we leave the cabin, you'll need something as it's much colder up there than it's ever been around here."

"I hope there's plenty of wood for the fire," I smiled.

"I'm certain there will be."

I spent the rest of the day excited, packing lots of odds and ends, just in case they're needed.

The night that followed was one without much sleep. I tossed and turned, with no fear of waking Caleb. I wonder if I'll feel better up in the mountains with Caleb. All that fresh air... let's see if I feel liberated... who knows, we might even...!!

Caleb set the alarm for some unearthly hour, just as I'd nodded off to a bit of slumber. He said it was best to get going early to avoid the morning peak and to make it to the cabin by the afternoon.

Father didn't get up to fare us well - a sure sign that he didn't approve. It's not like he could have slept through all the noise we made packing the car and driving off through the pre dawn frost.

I felt so exhausted that I had nice little naps on the drive up to the cabin. The warmth in the car and the driving motion helped.

I did wake up when Caleb stopped for a break a couple of hours later. We went out for a walk in the fresh mid morning air, refuelling and purchasing a few snacks.

The rest of the drive was somewhat more fun. Caleb put on some songs and tried to sing along, making up most of it as he went along. Typically, the songs - or his interpretations of them - were about bawdy wenches and their exploits. At least it helped pass the time.

"We're almost there," Caleb informed me. "You see that mountain?" He pointed to the snow-topped mountain.

"Yes, what about it?"

"Well, half was up the mountain is the cabin. There's a resort up the top, so we can go and have some fun there, if you like," he said.

My idea of fun and his are somewhat different, I think. Perhaps we'd get to have all sorts of fun!

However, my thoughts went back to something darker. Something more startling that Caleb told me the night he appeared on my doorstep - that somebody's out to kill him.

"How do you know that they won't be out to kill you up here? They could be following us, you know," I told him.

"Nah, I doubt it. They don't want to have any witnesses so as long as you're here, I'll be fine. Besides, nobody knows about this cabin and I only found out about it a few days ago."

"What about this Doug guy, how does he fit into the picture?"

"You ask too many questions... I'm sorry but I don't want to tell you more than you have to know."

I frowned.

"It's for your own protection. You don't know what we're dealing with here," he said.

I suppose that made sense. Still, the whole situation was bizarre and fantastic - and I was caught up in the middle of it.

As we ascended the mountain, we drove through some misty fog which was very eerie. The clouds were hanging low and I felt like we were entering the set of a cheesy slasher film.

"Here we are!" We unpacked the car and walked into the cabin.

Comfortable. Yes, I think that would be the best way to describe it.

To say the truth, I had a bit of a headache from the trip & being rather tired from last night, so I was a bit out of it.

"Just outside the door is where they store the firewood. Luckily they left some in here for us, to get us started," Caleb informed me as he lit the fire. "There's an axe behind the front door too. You may need that to split the logs down some."

Great, I'd never used one of those before. Hey, perhaps this would start my career as a logging guy or something.

I walked through the house. A bathroom, a couple of bedrooms, kitchen and living area. It was mostly an open planned affair with the main living area in the centre. A good way to heat up the place, I suppose.

The computer was in the corner of what was the guests' bedroom. I tried to boot it up but nothing happened.

"The power's probably down," Caleb said. "It happens a lot in these parts. Let me go check the fuse box."

I tagged along with him, curious as to how he knew so much about the house and area if he just heard about the place a few days ago.

Caleb flicked a switch on the fuse box and the power came on. At least I know what to do when a romantic evening was called for. A night snuggling with Caleb by the fireplace, a nice candlelight dinner and then a night of unbridled passion!

The fire was roaring and the heat was intense. It was great to sit by it and keep warm. I hadn't felt so hot since last summer. Summer. Will I get to see another summer?

"I brought some marshmallows," Caleb smiled. "We'll have some after dinner, OK?"

I nodded, smiling.

Though I had only been in the cabin for a few minutes, I felt completely free and relaxed. It was like I have not a care in the world and the ball and chain of old were something akin to a distant, previous life. Things were good and were going to get better - I was going to ask Caleb to fuck me tonight!

I jumped onto the computer. It was a bit of a relic, but at least it was working.

"Are you still writing that tale of yours?" Caleb snuck up to me and gave me a fright.

"Yeah," I replied.

"When am I going to read it?"

"Whenever you like," I turned around to smile at him. "Tomorrow. You can read it all then."


"I've got everything on this floppy," I told him. "Every part, every link. I even have all my e-mail info here s I'm too lazy to type it in all the time. You can even check my e-mail if you like!"

"Why would I want to do that?" He was puzzled.

"So you can see all the hot messages all the dirty old men send me!" I smirked.

"How about a sneak preview? How's the story going to conclude?" He asked.

"That depends..."

"On what?"

"On many things. On what happens in life. On you..."


"Yeah, you know. You just might end up writing the conclusion to it, you know!"

"Me? Never! I'm not much of a writer," he smirked.

We giggled at our absurdity as I wondered where this sense of silliness had come from.

"I've got to go and start on dinner," Caleb said. "It may take a while as I'm not too familiar with this kitchen."


So I sat here and wrote and wrote, until my fingers got tired and I was completely up to date.

And now Caleb yells out to me:

"Go and fetch some more firewood, OK? We don't want the fire dying down in the middle of the night. Bring in some big chunks but chop them down a bit, ok?"

Peering outside the windows, I see it's almost dusk and wonder if it'll resume snowing overnight. A cavalcade of cars flickering their headlights on are heading up the mountain - probably going to the resort.

So, this is the life. Me sitting, writing, chopping wood for the fire. Who knows, tonight things just might happen. Things that just might change my life - forever.

But for now, an axe and several eager logs await, so I'd better be off.