Milt's a Pensive Lover!


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Day six

"Ooh, Caleb... I knew you'd come to see me. I've been waiting for you", I muttered as he entered my room, shutting the door.

"I know you want me. I knew it since you first laid eyes on me. Thing is, how much do you want me?" He asked.

"I want you more than anything. More than the air I breathe, more than the piss I pee. I need you."

"And I need to get me a good bitch."

I barked.

"That's the way," he said, removing his shirt, exposing his protruding pectorals and rock hard abdominal muscles. "You'll be my prime bitch by the time I've finished with you. You'll be howling out my name."

He approached the bed where I sat. Thrusting his pelvic area right to my face, I wanted to get him out of his pants to get into the action as fast as possible. I started to unzip his trousers.

"No! No! That won't do!" He hissed loudly. "You're the bitch. You have to use your mouth. Go on, you have to take it all off with your mouth."

It was a struggle, but I unzipped his trousers - he helped me somewhat by taking them completely off. Beneath his boxers was hiding a hot fat log. I was hardly able to contain myself and I almost ripped them off him.

My heart palpitated in anticipation of the overwhelming lust and animal passion that would ensue

Finally - his magnificent cock. It proudly towered over me like a skyscraper. I had never imagined it to be that big. I put my face right into it and began inhaling his exhilarating pubic essence. His two balls were hanging low, felt heavy and reacted by contracting slightly as I touched his silky smooth sack.

"Hang on a minute, bitch. What about my socks?"

I apologetically pulled them off with my teeth as he flopped down onto the bed. His feet were perfect and unblemished.

The sight of the hottest naked man lying there was enough to have my manhood up at full mast immediately.

What would a dog do? I thought, why, dogs like to lick...

I reached up to his face and started licking at his forehead, his nose, his ears. And then I turned to his mouth, darting my tongue into his lips to see if he'd get the hint.

No sooner had he opened his mouth, our tongues were battling it out. Thrashing... exploring... The texture of his velvety tongue combined with the wet heat in his mouth left me weak at the knees.

Not wanting to lose momentum, I swiftly ducked down to his neck and promptly gave him a hickey.

"Hey!" He shouted.

I wanted to shut him up so I bought my mouth back up to his and before he could say another word, I started sucking as hard as I could, taking in all the hot air that he would otherwise use as words.

Down to his stiff nipples next. He moaned contently as I was licking them, so - being the mischievous bitch - I brought my teeth in close, gently scraping and then giving a quick, hard bite.

"Watch it, bitch!"

I stuffed his mouth with my throbbing cock so I wouldn't have to hear any more. Though he's the master, I'm the one in charge, right?

I followed his treasure trail, licking and nibbling at certain intervals, leaving my own trail of saliva behind, until I reached the prized possession.

Grabbing his hot, hard cock with one hand, I lowered my head over it, lapping at the head and the underside to muffled groans of ecstasy.

Suddenly, I swooped down and his whole mega love sausage was down my throat.

He stopped sucking my cock and moaned: "That feels soooooo good."

So I stopped and decided to suck on his loose balls instead. They were very heavy, very full of the love juice he would offer me shortly.

"Stop that now!" He demanded. "Get on all fours like the bitch you are."

I complied, excited at what was to come.

I let out an almighty howl as I felt his throbbing hot cock penetrate me dry, going all the way in with the first thrust.

"That's it, baby, howl like the bitch I made you!"

His fingers played with my nipples, pinching then softly and then much harder. Howl. I felt his hot breath on the back of my neck. He was nuzzling... scraping his teeth... trying to bite me...


Every penetration seemed as hard as the first. Howl. It was a very painful pleasure, but I deserved it because I was his bitch and I'd even eat his shit if he'd stay with me forever.

The anal intercourse went and on and on. Thrust after thrust. He was fucking me and I was completely helpless. The alternate long and short strokes had me gasping for breath. I tried to grab hold of something, afraid I'd fall off the ride. Caleb put his strong arms around me, lifting me up until our lips met. He gently bit my lip which had me howling out in pleasure once more.

The strokes grew in momentum until they stopped completely with his cock buried deep within my bowels. A couple of seconds later, he growled and groaned loudly. I felt the hot jets of his cum splatter deep inside me. We were together. We were one. Now and forever.

With his cock still inside me, we turned over so I was laying on top of him.

My heart began to beat faster, I felt hot and the tingling feeling which started down in my toes began to spread higher up.

"I'm cumming... I'm cumming!" I yelped out helplessly.

And as the streams of hot lava began to spew from my volcano...

I woke up.

I woke up feeling wet.

I'd had my first wet dream since I was a teenager.

Fuck, that was hot.

It took a minute to realise that I was in my room, in my bed, all alone. It was dark. What day was it? Recently, the days and nights had all blended into one.

I was wet and it wasn't just because of the semen, but also of perspiration.

When was the last time I ate? Oh, I remember mother bringing me some herbal tea to drink with some crackers.

"It tastes like cat pee," I complained.

"Actually, dog pee", she corrected.

I felt hot. No, cold. No, hot.

How many days have I been here in bed and I still don't feel any better?

Somehow, I managed to get myself out of bed. After a visit to the bathroom, I jumped onto the internet to see that it was Thursday. Where have the past few days gone?

I sent a quick message to Tassy, telling her about my bout with the flu.

It's too cold.

Back into bed, with an abundance of blankets to keep me warm.

I can't cope with this. Being sick is fucked. Just put me out of my misery and let me die.

No, I'm no fun when I'm sick. I don't think anybody is.

It had been so long that I could hardly remember when I was well. I felt claustrophobic.

How many days have I been in this room and why does it resemble a match box nowadays?

Still, somewhere 'round the back of my mind, I kept thinking that I would get better and things couldn't get any worse, right?

Back to sleep and let me awake when I'm all better.

Night-night and dream of... fornicating dogs.


Day eight

When I woke up in the morning, it was like the sun was out shining and I felt like getting up and greeting the new day with a song.

Woe for me as the howling wind did away with that fantasy. Still, I felt so good, I jumped out of bed and had a hot, refreshing shower. The first shower I'd had in ... well, I don't know how many days.

Washing my pecker & his pals, they reacted favourably to my gentle caresses. It's been a while since we last had a bit of fun, eh? No, I don't think the wet dream the other night counts...

Cupping my heavy balls with one hand, I began massaging gently ... mmmmm... very full today guy, we can't have that, I took a firm grip with my other hand after I poured some conditioner on it as lubricant. Mmmmmm...

It felt like I'd not played my favourite game in an eternity. A few more yanks and I felt my balls retracting. It was almost time.

I pointed my hot cock up and could see right down to the slit... mmmmm... the familiar sensations soon took over, and my orgasm literally left me weak at the knees as I held on to the shower door.

One, two, three, four massive streams of hot cum spewed out, landing on my neck and chest. I felt a drop even make it up to my mouth.

Man, that felt good. Haven't felt this good in days...

Mother was in the kitchen, drinking her morning cup of tea.

"You're better, I see," she said.

"Yes, I'm feeling great today," I chirped.

"You're lucky you had me to look after you and to feed you when you were sick. I hope you'll remember that one day when I'm old and frail."

I smiled.

"I know you will," she smiled. "You're one of the few people I trust - I even eat your cooking and you know that I just don't let anybody do my washing up."

Yes, mother was precious about her old cutlery, crockery and glassware. Most is old junk, things she was even given as wedding presents. All still in good condition after all these years.

I suppose I am good at preserving things. After all, if it breaks, I ain't got the money to fix or replace it, so I've got to take that extra bit of care.

"Make sure you change your sheets as I'm sure they'll be filthy after the past few days. All that sweat...." she advised.

Following the quick breakfast, I tidied up my room somewhat, and then jumped onto the internet.

After having caught up with the latest photo set of my latest hunk, Bo Shore, I checked up on some new DVD releases and... woah! Zom-Boner 2: Stone the Bone is being released next week! This films should be great, from what I hear. This time around, the highly aroused living dead can only be destroyed by achieving such a high level of arousal that their boners turn to stone and break off! That's what kills the fiends! Pity I can't afford a copy.

Oh, got an e-mail from Tassy:


Hope u r feeling better. I've had a very sore tail l8ly and had lotsa tests so feeling a bit blech and not much in the mood 4 work.


Tassy's had a sore tail for months now, she thinks it's a slipped disc or something from one of her aerobics classes but it's not gotten any better. Well, it will eventually, I suppose. Everything takes time.

No e-mails about the jobs I applied for. Well, they kinda sucked and I don't think I really wanted the jobs anyway.

"Milt," I heard mother yell out so I went in to see what she wanted.

"Would you be a dear and do some shopping today? I've got a list and I'll get you the money."

"Yeah, well, it'll be nice to get some fresh air after being caged in all those days."

So after I got sick of playing on the internet, I took the old shopping trolley, plugged in some cool music to keep me entertained and off I went shopping.

Yes, I walked right past the Munch. It looked like they were having a rather busy afternoon and I could hear lots of commotion somebody yelling something out, but I couldn't make it out on top of my music and the other noise - and I didn't want to hear, anyway. I didn't even bother to see if Caleb was working there. Why should I waste my time if he's not interested, right? Sure he was all hot and hunky and let's not forget the dream I had about him the other night... but... but....

The shopping list was long, I took the better part of an hour finding everything as they keep on shuffling items around - on purpose, I bet to make up want to buy more stuff from their shop; a typical yuppie ploy.

At least I didn't have to put up with their filtered in house elevator music. Egh.

The queue was long, I flicked through some tacky gossip magazine, which made me giggle as I'd never heard of any of the celebrities whose dirty laundry was being aired.

The thought that it wasn't going to rain made me smile. Then again, around here, the weather changes several times a day. Walking back home, I wished that the sun would come out. I felt like it was appropriate to compliment my mood.

"Hey, dude, what's up?" A tap on the shoulder made me jump.

Turning around, I saw my beloved diamond eyes - Caleb. It had been so many days since I saw him last that I swear he'd grown even more beautiful.

"Didn't you hear me before?" He asked.

"When, now?"

Caleb shook his head, "no, before when you were walking down."

"Oh, I heard something, but didn't realise it was directed at me. Guess I was too wrapped up in my thoughts, " I replied.

"Kewl. Who were you thinking about?" A smile beamed on his face.

"Nobody in particular..."

"Hey, haven't seen you around in a few days."

Oh, had he missed me or something?

"I had the flu..." I replied, "today's my first day out."

"Take it easy. You don't want a relapse now, eh?"

"Yeah... I guess..."

"I better let you get back to work," I was about to continue on with my journey home, when he started talking again.

"It's quiet at this time and I'm getting ready to sign off for the day. Anyhows, I wanted to apologise about the other day," he began.

"The other day...?"

"Yeah, I had something on that I couldn't get out of at such short notice..."

"Oh, yeah... you were studying..."

"Ummmm..." Caleb looked down like a kid who'd just been caught out.

"That's cool. Your career is your future so you should be doing your best to strengthen it," I was talking now like somebody on a cheap daytime talk show.

"Look, I still wanna see the film, if it's cool with you..."

"Yeah", I started, nonchalantly. "You'll have to give me a couple of days, though. The place is a mess and I haven't had a chance to clean up for a while."

"Okay..." he smiled.

"And I don't have a TV, I watch everything on my computer monitor, so we'll be in my bedroom watching on the small screen." Well, I had to test the waters. I knew that if he was worried about his masculinity being threatened, he wouldn't want to spend so much time so close to me.

"That's kewl, I download films sometimes and watch them on my PC too..."

"OK, great," I smiled.

"Yeah, well... today's Saturday, so how about we do it on... say... Tuesday or Wednesday?"

"Better make it Wednesday."

"Kewl," he replied.

I gave him my address and phone number "in case something comes up". Yeah....

We finished organising our first "date" and I rushed to get home before dark.

"Where were you all this time? I was worried. Come check my blood pressure," Mother snapped at me.

I was excited, worried. Mother couldn't get me down.

Her blood pressure was up.

"You really shouldn't worry about me. I am an adult, you know."

"Yes, but you're still my baby..." she said.

Yeah, being her last born, I suppose I'll always be her baby.

Wednesday seems so far away and yet the thought of it being only a few days away made me panic; so much to do in so little time.

I felt somewhat exhausted after my first day out, but decided to jump on the internet and spread my news to Tassy:


He's coming here to see my Zom Boner!!!
Don't know if I'm excited or what.. but right now I'm feeling scared and mostly... tired.
As u see, I'm feeling much better now. Hope your tail is better too


I noticed that I had that wallpaper of Bo Shore with protruding erection in the foreground, so I changed it, switched off the computer and jumped into my bed - with the fresh linen.


Day 10

A night of troubled sleep.

Seeing as I'd spent the past couple of days not doing anything but cleaning up, reorganising my room, making sure all was fine and perfect for my visit from Caleb, you'd think I'd be exhausted. Not so.

Actually, I suppose I was worried and kept thinking of things. You know, all the silly things that enter one's head when one's is all nervous: "What if I say something inappropriate? " "What if he thinks I wanna bonk him?" "What if I'm making something of nothing?"

I wasn't expecting him until the late afternoon, how would the time pass until then? I decided to do some exercises... I have some weights tucked under my bed. Not very heavy, and I don't bother with them very much as I think the idea of having big biceps at this age would be a bit... impossible. Still, I pumped up until I was so sore that I couldn't go on. It only took a couple of minutes - me being so out of shape.

"Are you expecting somebody?" Mother asked. I just let out a "hmph" and continued on with lunch.

I'm not the best communicator at the best of times, especially with my family. I suppose I assume they know what I'm going to say, so I usually don't bother. Besides, I really don't like talking very much and usually have nothing to say to anybody, so what's the point in just blowing out more hot air? Not to mention that my private affairs are all none of their business.

It's different with Tassy. I know that she's a nice person and would never mock me, no matter what rubbish comes out of my mouth. With Tassy, I'm more of a man, with mother, I'm just her lil boy. With others... I'm very cautious, I suppose. That's why I generally lose it. I'm fine once the ice is broken, but the ice is several feet thick.

I had a refreshing shower, so I'd smell all nice and fresh for Caleb....

Decided to burn a nice fragrant oil to make the place more homey... and then I thought I wonder if he'll think that it's all too gay? Well, that's his problem. I'm not going to change who I am for him. Well, not that much.

He arrived - late. It was so nice to see him there and to have him come into my house, into my room, into my realm.

I suspected that he came straight from work, he looked tired and I felt he wasn't his usual chirpy self.

"How's it going? You find the house easy?" I got the conversation going.

"Yeah, I'm OK. You're not that far from the Munch so it wasn't hard to find your place," Caleb nervously darted his eyes checking out my room, but trying not to be caught doing so.

"I hope you can cope with the scent", I pointed to the oil burner. "You know these old houses can get all stuffy, especially now during the colder weather when it's impossible to open the windows every day."

"Oh, yeah, it's kewl."

Yeah, great. You're really in the mood for fun aren't you, Caleb?

"How's work?" I asked.

"You know. Same old..."

"... and college?"

"Oh. Ummm.. Yeah, kewl, I suppose. Or as kewl as it can be. Heh..."

I fumbled a bit on the computer and got everything going.

"OK, here we go... for your viewing pleasure, the special director's edition of... The Zom-Boner!"

I pressed play and the film commenced.

Deep in the voodoo jungle, the narrator began, deep where the annual vacation of the multinational Nixon Corporation was held that fateful week. Deep in the territory of magical rites and rituals. From the curses of the disgruntled witch doctor sprung out to life the most fiendish of the vile creatures ever known to the undead: The Zom-boner...

The main theme started as Caleb finally relaxed and appeared transfixed. I didn't want to sit too closely to him, in case he thought I'd make a move on him. Or in case I felt that I couldn't help myself... heh heh...

They may look meek and innocent, continued the narrator, but come night, they're on the rampage. They're out, seeking their prey. Lascivious flesh theirs for the taking!

The film continued with a scene of the fated hottie being pursued by a creature of the title.

"I won't hurt you. I don't want to eat you," the creature growls. The hottie smiles once the creature pulls off his loincloth to reveal his huge, swollen springing boner.

"Is that for me?" Asks the hottie.

Without another word, the creature puts one hand over the hottie's mouth and penetrates his first victim to death.

"Hey, that's kewl", Caleb laughed.

"Just wait until you see the bit that was cut out of the other version!"

Tons of carnage, raw penetrations followed. Screams, moans from the screen. Cordial guffaws from the two of us.

"Here it comes", I told him.

Surely enough, on the screen, my darling Caleb saw the three second controversial fellatio shot.

"Oh dude! I can die a happy man now! That was the greatest!" He chirped.

We sat through until the end of the film, where the creature found its way onto a boat and was sailing off to terrorise the rest of the humanity in the big city (well, that's supposed to happen in the sequel). I felt so good about the fact that everything was going so well and Caleb appeared to be appeased.

"How about a nice cuppa?" I asked.

"Yeah, sure," he replied with a smile. A smile that could make me swoon.

I ran into the kitchen to fix it and grab some cookies.

Mother followed me into the kitchen and began quizzing me.

"Who's that in your room? What are you two doing in there? What are the noises I've been hearing?"

"Don't worry. We've just been watching one of my monster films."

"Why don't you ever bring girls to the house? When are you going to get married? What are you waiting for? When I was your age, I had two kids..."

"Are you forgetting about my friend Tassy?" I reminded her.

"Oh... her... I've got a headache. I'm not feeling well. Check my blood pressure?"

"I'll do it later. I'm busy now."

I returned back to my room with the drinks and snacks and Caleb was curiously looking around. Fortunately, I'd put my collection of dirty videos in a couple of boxes under the bed and in the closet.

"Nice room," he commented.

"Well, it's my room. My world, I suppose."

"Good computer too. You can capture video with it?"

"Yeah, I can. The PC is getting a bit old and I'd really like to buy a DVD so I can watch all the cool stuff that's coming out these days - Like Zom-Boner 2!"

"Yeah, you should," Caleb chuckled.

There were a few moments of awkward silence as we sipped our hot drinks and ate the cookies. I wanted to look at him. I could stare contented at him forever, into those big, beautifully honest eyes.

I decided to be bold, for once.

"So, are you married?" I asked.

"No way, dude! What made you think that?" Caleb laughed.

"Oh, nothing, just curious." Well, that was a step in the right direction.

"I'm living alone at the moment but was with some friends until now. What about you?"

"Oh, I live with an enemy - my mother."

He chuckled again. What a sweet smile. That mouth - if only I could make it mine!

"I know what you mean. I left home a few years back and don't miss the olds very much."

Speaking of the devil, mother decided to pop in... but lucky for us, she brought us some more cookies.

"I thought you might want some more," she said sincerely as she was leaving the room.

I didn't introduce them. Who cares, it didn't matter anyway, did it?

"See what I mean? She pops in at the most awkward moments!" I brazenly stated.

More silence. It was like the passage between my brain and my mouth was clogged. I should've made up a list of things to talk about with him, things to ask him.

"Hey, its getting late and I think I'd better be going," he finished sipping his drink and got up.

"Oh, so soon? You sure you can't stay?" Well, what else could I offer as an incentive?

"Yeah, I had an early start at work this morning and want to go home and hit the sack."

If only you knew what I'd give to hit the sack with you!

"Oh, ok then," I walked him to the door, noticing that mother had gone to bed so I whispered. He thanked me for the entertainment and left me with a "see ya later, dude".

That was it. He walked into my life and he walked out of it, it seemed, and I just sat there like a blubbering idiot.

I felt unhappy, I felt stupid and I kept thinking of things I should have said to him, thinking that I should have made more of the situation.

I tried imagining a life of utopia with him and how great it would be. But just as I have to take a breath to live, reality would crash right through my fantasy and remind me of what a loser I really was. Born a loser, die a loser. Loser, thy name is Milt.

What could I do to cheer myself up? I really wasn't in the mood for anything. I watched a slide show of the world's hottest guys stroking their meat, but I couldn't help but think about Caleb.

Oh, Caleb, where will you sleep tonight? In a cold bed all by yourself? If only you knew how I felt for you. If only you knew that I'd do anything to be with you, to warm your bed, to make you happy.

Some time after midnight, I heard mother get up. She gets up several times a night to visit the bathroom as she's got kidney problems. However, the footsteps stopped at my door. I went to see what she was up to.

"I'm not feeling well. My head hurts..." she complained, "Check my blood pressure?"

We went into the lounge and I checked her blood pressure.

"It's too high, didn't you take your tablet tonight?" I told her, concerned.

"No..." she said, "I forgot, with all the commotion around here..."

"What? Why? You know the doctor said you must take them every day, They help regulate your blood pressure, without them, it's all over the place and it stresses out your body too much."

"I know... if I could afford them I would, but I only take them every couple of days, if I don't forget."

"What?" I was flabbergasted. This was news to me.

"Well, between these, the ones for the blood sugar, the cholesterol, and my sleeping tablets, I could blow most of my pension on them if I were to take them every day."

She took a tablet and claimed she felt a bit better.

"When are you going to the doctor? You really should be checked up properly..."

"I'll make an appointment tomorrow, but I don't know when they'll fit me in. Don't forget that I have an appointment at the hospital for my kidneys in a couple of weeks."

"Yes, I know. I'll come with you..."

Mother went back to bed.

I felt even worse than before. Firstly, it was my fault that she couldn't afford her medication - if I was working, I'd buy it all for her! Secondly, that I put Caleb ahead of her tonight. I thought that maybe he would be my future, but after tonight, I really don't think he'll ever want to see me again.

Loser, thy name is Milt.

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