The Model at my Door

by A. Richard Hunter

Book One

Chapter One

When I decided to retire, I wanted a place that would be somewhat remote, apart from the crowds and traffic that come with modern civilization, and afford me the peace and quiet of which I had been deprived throughout the years of living in Los Angeles and building a company and a career.

I had chosen the outlaying areas of Sedona, Arizona precisely because it would offer what I wanted. Ten miles from town would give me the margin of separation from people; the area was replete with forested growth and unequaled scenic beauty, yet the very artistic and upscale town of Sedona would provide the availability of fine shops and restaurants when the urge settled upon me. I had lucked upon a rather spacious cabin, set back from a county road some one-hundred yards, amidst towering trees, with a small feeder stream running through the property - I was told that the stream actually became a small river in spring and summer from the runoff in the mountains. The location and setting were perfectly suited to what I was looking for and, when I had toured the cabin - all 3200 square feet and two floors of it - I knew this was where I was meant to be. I actually paid more than what it was worth in order to motivate the elderly sellers to be moved out by the time escrow closed, and offered incentives to the title company to rush their research and close escrow in less than three weeks. I’ve never been a patient person once I’ve made up my mind.

Not one to feel an enormous level of sentimentality for possessions, I sold or gave away virtually everything in Los Angeles, except for books, mementos and heirlooms that were irreplaceable, and completely reinvented myself in my new home and community. Given the dirt and gravel road onto my property, and the presence of snowfall in winter, I traded my sleek, black Jaguar XJ for a Ford Explorer 4x4. The household furnishings were all new and selected to blend with the more rustic surroundings in which I would now live.

I was most excited about the enormous fireplace in the living room and a smaller version directly above it in the master bedroom. A third fireplace stood in the inside wall of a spacious den, directly off the living room, where numerous mahogany shelves would hold the hundreds of books that I had accumulated in my lifetime of reading. I had always loved a roaring fire on a cold and blustery day, when I could sit quietly and read with soft classical music playing in the background. It had provided me the one respite that I jealously guarded during my years of non-stop, eighteen hour days, as I ran the company that I had built through years of tireless work. Now, those rare days would become the norm and I had plans to buy many more books. I also planned to take up photography, a hobby in which I had always been interested but for which I had never found the time.

I had hired an interior designer to furnish and decorate my new home after extensive consultation regarding my tastes; movers to pack, move and unpack the books, clothes and belongings that would actually make the move with me; and a cleaning service which had suitably prepared the cabin for my occupancy. All I had to do was arrive and settle in. And do some grocery shopping.

The weather was already turning cool and the sky was a light gray color with a few very small dark clouds. The weather report suggested there could be rain or even a light first snowfall by the weekend, three days hence. I was not overly concerned about the weather but did feel it wise to put in supplies just in case there was an unusual weather pattern that wound up isolating me for a period of time. After all, I had little experience dealing with snow and icy roads and would be content to remain nestled in the warmth and security of my home when the weather was not suitable. If nothing else, it would help to guarantee me the isolation from civilization that I desired.

I sat down at the desk in my den and ticked off my list of preparations. I had sufficient firewood on the mud porch at the back of the house to last me well beyond a couple of months. The fuel tanks were filled and I was assured that it was enough fuel to heat the cabin and the water and provide for cooking for about three months. I also had enough gasoline to run the large electrical generator continuously for about 2,000 hours if necessary and the generator kicked in automatically if I lost power from the utility company. I continued checking my list, satisfying myself that all contingencies had been planned for.

I made a list of the groceries that I needed to pick up later in the day so that I would be fully stocked. The large stainless steel refrigerator in the kitchen and the enormous freezer on the mud porch would enable me to stock up on adequate provisions of meats and frozen foods and the pantry could accommodate enough supplies to last a family of four for a few months so I certainly had excess capacity.

The drive to the grocers was pleasant and peaceful, the county road being a well paved road of a single lane in each direction and not heavily traveled. I found the market easily from the directions that had been given me by the interior decorator as well as the realty agent. Pulling into the parking area, I took note that the market looked new and modern, which I considered a good sign for someone that still was wrestling to shed the last vestiges of his civilized existence.

The store was spacious, well lit and extremely well organized, and I had filled two shopping carts in less than an hour with the staples I would need, favorite foods and a few bottles of fine Brandy for those cold nights around the fireplace and assorted wines to be enjoyed with a meal. As I approached the check-out counters, I selected an aisle that was currently vacant and began to unload the baskets onto the conveyor belt. The young woman at the register smiled warmly and we bantered lightly for a few minutes as she scanned my purchases. Just as the bagging area of the counter began to reach its capacity, a teenaged boy walked up and quickly took control and began placing the items into bags and the bags into an empty shopping cart.

I was instantly struck by the attractiveness of the boy. I placed his age at about sixteen - he actually looked fourteen but I assumed he would have to be at least sixteen to be working - but wondered if he might even be older since he was obviously out of school. He was very slender, nicely tanned face and arms, his black hair styled in the ‘just out of bed’ look that was so popular with boys these days, and his emerald green eyes gave him an almost feral look and jolted me with their intensity. He had a very appealing face and smile, his full lips pulling back when he smiled to reveal almost perfectly straight teeth. When he bent over to place a frozen turkey on the undercarriage of the cart, my breath caught in my throat and I stood mesmerized by the perfectly sculpted cheeks of the small ass that was presented for my view. His snug black slacks fit tightly to the rounded orbs, pulled tight in the deep crevice between the two melon halves. I had to force myself to turn back to the young woman at the register and engage her in some additional conversation as I felt my body responding to the beautiful scene I had just witnessed.

Once everything was paid for and loaded into carts, now requiring three carts in the bagged condition, the boy turned to me and asked the same question I had been hearing for years.

“Would you like help out, sir?” His voice was soft and mellow, a pleasant tenor, and evoked thoughts that made me feel instantly guilty.

“Yes, thank you. I’m afraid I would have to make three trips to the car otherwise.”

The boy just smiled and followed me as I pushed one cart and pulled the second behind me heading for the door. As I unlocked and lifted the rear hatch, the boy began unloading the carts and placing the bagged groceries into the cavernous rear space. I tried to help but was continually distracted by watching the movements of the boys body, noting the very small waist and larger chest, the slim hips and tight little melons that I just longed to grab, the bulge of his biceps as he lifted bags. He was one appealing boy. Unfortunately, I think he realized that I thought so and was doing his best to wiggle his little rear at me each time he bent forward.

I noted his name tag. “Thank you, Chip. It’s nice to live in a town where people are so friendly and helpful.”

“Are you new in town?” His eyes were bright with curiosity and I tried to imagine that it was because he found me attractive and new territory to be conquered. I certainly wouldn’t put up a fight.

“Yes. Tonight will be my first night in my new place. I bought the cabin about ten miles out of town, on county road 152. From an elderly couple, name of Messemer.”

“Oh, I know that place. From a distance it looks like a great cabin. And so big. My friends and I sometimes tube down the stream that runs through your property but we got a little drunk last year and we were skinny-tubing,” he looked at me mischievously, “you know, tubing naked, and Mrs. M saw us and got all twisted and from then on we were not allowed to cross their property on the stream. Real bummer.”

“Don’t fret about it anymore. Next summer, you’re welcome to stay on the stream all the way across the property. In fact, you’re welcome anywhere on the property. Naked or otherwise.” I winked at him in a manner that could be interpreted as just a friendly ribbing or a teasing invitation. I could see from his expression that he was trying to figure out which meaning I intended.

I wanted Chip to remember me and as he gathered the carts together, I dug a twenty out of my wallet and extended it to him. “Thanks for your help.”

Chip looked at the money and shrugged his shoulders. “We’re not supposed to accept tips for doing our jobs. But I appreciate the offer.”

He smiled and then turned away, leaning into the three carts as he started toward the store entrance. I wanted him to have the money to remember me by, and was also struck by the realization that I could also fulfill my earlier wish in the store. I took two quick steps up behind him and pushed the twenty into the rear pocket of his slacks. I had turned my palm inward and slid my hand inside the pocket, depositing the money, and enjoying the feel of the firm muscle of the boy’s ass as my hand slid in and then out.

Chip turned, startled, and I just smiled. “I insist you keep the twenty. It will be our secret and you can use it to help finance your next date.” The boy’s expression changed to one of amusement and I was certain that he was not fooled by my words but was very much aware of why I had chosen to slide the money into his pocket in the way I had. But, as long as he wasn’t screaming for help and getting hostile, his knowing my motives could actually be a good thing.

“Thanks. Maybe I’ll drop by your place this winter, just to check up on you and make sure you’re okay. Seeing as how you’re not used to the snow and all.”

The boy was on my mind the entire drive back to the cabin and throughout the process of unloading the car and putting everything away in the kitchen. He was damn cute and his comment about stopping by my place had sent a charge through my body such that the nerve ends in my mid-section were still tingling.

I decided to check a few things out to make certain all was working. I turned on the satellite television, which was also my connection for satellite internet access, checked that I had a strong signal on my cellular phone then tested my VoIP and found the quality of the connection good. I moved from room to room testing various items and satisfied myself that everything was working as well as I had expected. The decorator had done an excellent job of coordinating installations of everything I could possibly require. Of course, she was very well compensated. Now, if only she could have installed that cute boy, Chip, in my bedroom, everything would have been perfect.

I decided that for my first night in my new, peaceful home, I would have a good meal. Being a steak and potatoes kind of guy, that meant a nice bacon-wrapped filet, a baked potato with butter, sour cream and chives, some sweet corn finished off with a healthy slice of chocolate cake. What good was it to have money if you didn’t enjoy life. I just wasn’t the type to worry about cholesterol issues - the doctor did that for me. I pulled a steak from the refrigerator and placed it on a plastic sheet on the counter while I tenderized it and then seasoned it with liquid hickory smoke, salt and pepper. Satisfied that it was properly ready for grilling, I threw the steak onto the stove-top grill where it immediately let off a sizzling noise. While the steak was grilling, I wrapped a potato in plastic wrap and placed it in the microwave and set the timer and power level. I had learned years ago that you could nuke a baked potato instead of having to wait an hour for it to bake in an oven. Finally, I placed a boil-in-bag of sweet corn on a paper placte and placed it in the second microwave, after piercing the plastic in two places for venting, and then stood back to wait for dinner to be ready.

After dinner, I was thoroughly full and feeling a pleasant buzz from the red wine that I had enjoyed, and settled into a big, soft, overstuffed chair near the large picture window to read a little and let the meal digest. Perhaps later, I thought, I would take a little stroll around the property for a bit of exercise.

The late afternoon sun had fallen behind the thick rows of trees and cast a dark shadow over the house and property. I had expected it would get dark earlier here in a forested area but was mildly surprised that it was getting this dark at five in the afternoon. I put the book down and stretched, feeling at peace with the world, and stepped out the front door onto the large full width porch. There was an old fashioned bench swing at the end to my left and several wicker chairs with padded seats and backs carefully arranged along the length of the porch.

As I stepped off the porch to the gravel drive, the powerful security lights clicked on in response to the detected movement and remained lit until I had moved beyond the sensor to walk around the property. I didn’t go far, again realizing how dark it was and that I had failed to bring a flashlight, so turned and headed back to the front of the house. I made a mental note to check into grading a walking path and putting in some small garden lights of some type so that I could take an evening walk when the urge hit me. Flashlights were so limiting.

Rounding the corner of the house, I could see a figure sitting in one of the wicker chairs on the darkened porch. I couldn’t make out who it was but I was fairly certain it was a human. That determination released my pent up breath and the tension that had suddenly taken over my body. The former owners had told me there had not been any problems with animal intrusions on the property in the fifteen years they had lived there but it was still the first thing that came to mind.

The second thought was that it was Chip. Coming to visit already. And perhaps to give me a house warming gift. Such a thoughtful boy. But as I approached the porch steps, the figure rose and I could see that it was not Chip.

“Um...hi. Is this your place? Sorry to intrude but I was hoping you could help me.”

The visitor was a boy with a pleasant voice. I could tell that he was very thin, and about six feet or so tall. It also struck me that he was standing on my porch wearing no pants. Moving up the steps, the boy moved toward me and as I got under the porch roof so that the security lights were no longer shining in my eyes, I almost gasped with joy.

The boy - a young man really, about eighteen or nineteen years of age - stood before me. His hair was light brown and rather longish and wind swept, falling across his forehead and into one eye. He had an absolutely beautiful face, almost too beautiful to be on a male, and his features were in such perfect proportion to his overall face. His eyes were a bright blue, large and steady and projecting such innocence that one had an instinctive desire to protect this young man from anything. He wore a black nylon jacket and a black V-Neck pullover shirt that was a perfect complement to his frame. Looking closer, I could see that he had a flawless complexion, lightly tanned, and his nose was as straight and dimensionally perfect as though a loving hand had carefully sculpted it. His lips were full, the upper lip slightly upturned, his jaw angular and complementary to his slender face.

My eyes dropped and I silently sucked in my breath. The boy wore gray briefs with black stripes - almost bikini style - and cupped a respectable mound at the juncture of his thighs above which I could detect a tubular shape laying along the left leg opening seam for a respectable length. His legs - omigod his legs - were the most scintillating and sexually inspiring legs I had ever before witnessed. His thighs were completely smooth - not so much as a light dusting of evidence of what might yet come. A few blond hairs on his lower legs just before being covered by the white socks that he wore at mid-calf length. But it was more than just the smoothness of his legs. It was the legs themselves. They were so long and slender, evoking images of grace and breeding, and not even a single hair protruding from the leg of his briefs, leading me to wonder whether he even had a pubic bush as yet.

As the boy nervously moved his hands in front of him, I looked up into his face and it was a feeling of looking into the face of an angel. I could not ever remember having seen a more beautiful person in my life - and I had seen some spectacularly beautiful boys in my fifty-two years on this planet. I noted that his shirt was ripped at the V-neck, exposing his chest as his nylon jacket moved, and I could see that while very thin, he had evidence of definition to his chest, a tight ridge running down the breast bone between the two sides of his chest and then spanning left and right under the pectoral muscles. He just kept getting better and better.

It seemed like I had been staring at him - in dumb admiration - for several minutes but it was actually only several seconds before the boy spoke again and thrust one had forward in greeting. “I’m Jake. Jake Masterson. As you can tell, I’ve been the victim of a rather cruel practical joke and I just happened to stumble on your place. I knocked but there was no answer. Your car was here so I figured you were about somewhere so I just waited. I hope that’s okay.”

I cleared my throat audibly and my mind silently as I took Jake’s hand in my own. His handshake was not strong nor was it weak but his skin was creamy soft and I could see long, slender and graceful fingers that were obviously well manicured and cared for. I knew this boy was something more than a runaway and had neither the intent nor the ability to be dangerous, so I invited him in to my house. “I’ll be happy to help you in any way I can. Come on in and tell me what I can do.”

I sat in my comfortable chair and Jake sat opposite me, his legs splayed widely, clearly unaware of the effect he was having on me and unembarrassed by his lack of clothing. I couldn’t help my eyes drifting to his crotch and drinking in the sight of two good sized eggs pressed up and out against the cotton material of his briefs. The word - perfection - floated across my mind once again and I did my best to tear my eyes away. It wasn’t difficult to look him in the eye - looking at his face was utter pleasure in and of itself.

“So, Jake. What happened? And, how can I help.”

“I’m a professional model. We did a runway performance today at the civic center and a couple of the older guys got it into their heads that I was trying to steal their thunder because the audience - they said - reacted better to me than to them. So, since I was the last model off the runway, they just grabbed me as I am and shoved me in a car and drove me out here to God knows where and dumped me off. I’ve been wandering around for about an hour or so trying to find a house, or a road or anything so I could find out where I am and how to get back.”

“Well, I think your so-called friends are jealous of you and have no ethics. Dropping you off out here could be dangerous. It will be cold in another couple of hours and without any pants you could suffer some real harm. And who knows what kind of wild animals are around here. I’ve just moved in so I don’t even know, although I’m told there has never been a problem. But, I can understand why they might feel threatened. You are an incredibly beautiful young man - moreso than any I have ever before seen.” The last part just slipped out and I listened to the words coming out of my mouth as the hot flush of embarrassment rose up my neck, across my face, and made my scalp tingle.

“Thank you.” Jake closed his legs slightly and I blushed more, feeling that I was found out. “I hope I’m not offending you. I spent half my time in underwear or bikini swim wear and a quarter of my time naked altogether so it’s almost second nature to me at this point. I didn’t even think about it.”

“Don’t worry. I’m not offended. Would you be more comfortable if I got you a blanket to put over yourself?”

“Not for me, but if I’m making you uncomfortable.....?” He let his words trail off and I jumped quickly to respond. “Not at all. Now, how can I help. Do you need a ride back into Sedona?”

His face twisted in confusion. “Sedona? Is that where we are? God, I knew that we had been driving for a while but I thought we were just circling around the city while they looked for a good place to dump me. Our show was in Phoenix this afternoon. How far are we from Phoenix?”

“About a hundred miles, give or take a few.”

“Oh, God. What time is it?”

“Coming up on six o’clock.”

“Shit. I’m really screwed!”

“What’s the problem?”

“Our tour bus was scheduled to leave the hotel at five-thirty this evening for Albuquerque for our next show. We’re doing a kind of western states tour for a new fashion line of menswear to try and build interest and name recognition. They’ll have already left and all my things are in the hotel and there’s no way of contacting the company rep until they reach Albuquerque. I am so fired.” A brief pause was followed by a look of panic. “Will the hotel throw out my clothes and belongings since the company rep must have checked me out?”

“Perhaps. But not immediately. Let’s start with calling to see if they have left and if they have, you can let the hotel know what has happened and ask them to keep your stuff until you can get there. It’s not as bad as it seems. I’m sure the company rep won’t blame you for this incident but I would think he would certainly fire those other two.”

“Can I use your phone?”

“Sure.” I reached in my pocket and pulled out my small cell phone and handed it across to Jake. “Just dial 4-1-1 and ask the operator to look up the hotel and connect you to the number.”

“Thanks.” Jake was already dialing and I could see the nervousness in the way his foot was twitching and the expression spreading across his face. I tuned him out as he began his conversation, an attempt at giving him the courtesy of a little privacy, but I was unable to control my eyes as they roamed up and down his body, memorizing every little thing I could see.

As Jake spoke, I noticed his right hand absent mindedly fingering his balls. The manner in which he pursued this task suggested that they were itching or irritated and the growing intensity of his finger movements suggested he was having little success in relieving the annoyance. Unfortunately, for both of us actually, there was a response but not the one he was seeking. I could see that his cock had expanded to a semi-erection as a result of his ministrations and was unable to take my eyes off the expanding tube. It appeared that he might be able to claim seven full inches when fully erect and the shape was just like the rest of this boy - perfect.

I heard Jake conclude his conversation with the hotel manager and he leaned back in his chair, his legs again going instinctively wide as he relaxed into the soft leather. “The manager told me the company rep paid for my room through tomorrow afternoon so they will have no reason to go into the room and remove my things before then. But if I’m unable to get down there before three o’clock, they will put everything into a box and place it in storage for me to pick up as soon as I can.”

“And your group? Have they already left?”

“I guess I missed them by only about ten minutes. They stayed around for an extra twenty minutes waiting to see if I would show before they left. The manager said the rep wasn’t upset as much as he was worried. They thought about calling the police to report my disappearance but the manager told them the police wouldn’t even take a report until I had been missing for at least 48 hours.”

“Do you know how to reach your rep in Albuquerque?”

“I know the hotel that we were booked into so I should be able to call him. But they won’t be there until late tonight.”

“When does your next show start?”

“Day after tomorrow. Tomorrow is a rest day. They made sure to schedule one day off between each event so that we wouldn’t get overly tired. I’m sure they’re more concerned with our looking tired rather than our being tired.”

“Never know. The rep sounds like a good guy. He was worried about you, he paid for an extra night on your room just in case you came back late after they had left. He was watching out for you.”

“Yea, maybe. Or maybe he’s just trying to sweeten me up so he can jump my bones.”

I was caught totally off guard by his last comment resulting in swallowing down the wrong ‘tube’ and setting off a coughing spasm. When I finally recovered my composure, I looked at Jake and noted he was grinning at me, totally amused by the reaction his comments had produced.

“What? You don’t think a guy would be after me? I get hit on by guys at least twice a day. It really gets kind of boring after awhile.”

“Um...I guess I wouldn’t know about that. I’ve never had that problem.”

“Oh, c’mon, a good looking classy man like you and you’re telling me that guys don’t hit on you? I don’t believe that. More likely, you just don’t know it when they do.”

“No. I’ve never had that problem. You don’t come off as gay so I would suspect that the reason guys are so open about hitting on you is because you’re a model. People just seem to assume that male models are gay in spite of all the evidence to the contrary. Me? I’ve spent my life in an office or a boardroom behind multiple layers of security and secretaries. People wouldn’t even have a chance to get to me, let alone with enough privacy to hit on me.”

We sat in the midst of a pregnant silence for a few moments, each of us weighing our mutual comments and realizing that if either of us said too much more, we may reveal all of our secrets. I was willing. I just wanted Jake to go first. I really wanted him to respond to my comment about his not appearing gay. I had expected him to say something of the nature, ‘Well of course I don’t since I’m not.’ The fact that he said nothing seemed, to me at least, to imply that he was, but then again could mean only that what people thought of his sexual orientation was of no concern to him. But the suspicion had germinated in my mind and I was now beginning to feel that he really might be gay. But, that didn’t mean he would want to be with a man who was two and a half times his age. Especially a beautiful colt like Jake. He could have any man or boy he wanted just by crooking his index finger at them. And they would thank him for the privilege.

“So, Jake. What do we do about your situation?”

“I don’t know. I need to get back to Phoenix. That much is certain. If only to get my belongings. The rest? I guess that depends on what Mike says if and when I get ahold of him on the phone. Not sure how I’ll get to Albuquerque in time for the next show even if he wants me to come there. They don’t allow us to carry more than a few dollars in change for fear of our doing something crazy. It happens when you get a bunch of young guys together in a confined area over a period of time.”

“Well, let’s do this. I’ve already had dinner but you need to eat. What say I fix you a little something, then we can relax until about eleven o’clock and you can call and try and reach this....Mike?” Jake nodded his head in confirmation. “After that we’ll play it by ear.”

“Wow! Thanks..... I just realized, I don’t even know your name.”

“Sorry. Guess I was so mesmerized by your looks that I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Brian Worthington.”

“So, what kind of work do you do?”

“None. I’m retired. I just sold my business out in Los Angeles - Worthington Financial Services - and bought this place to find some peace and quiet.”

“You were Worthington Financial? My dad had his retirement portfolio with you. He used to say he got a better return on his investments with you than any of the three other brokerages he dealt with.”

“That’s nice to hear. We certainly worked hard to keep our clients happy. But in the end, it just wore me down so I decided to retire. I wanted to get as far away from crowds as I possibly could. That’s why I bought this place.”

“It’s really a great cabin. I’ve only seen a few cabins but this is certainly the biggest one I’ve ever seen. I think this is bigger than my parent’s house.”

“Well, a guy’s gotta have space. So, what would you like to eat?”

Jake followed me into the kitchen and I could see the look on his face as he took in all of the appliances; a double oven, Sub-Zero refrigerator, dual microwaves, a standard stove top plus a stove top that on one side was a grill and on the other a griddle; and a large assortment of food processors, blenders, mixers, juicers and assorted small kitchen appliances arrayed around the room on counters or sitting on open shelves above the counters.

“Being a model, I assume you kind of take it easy on red meat so that you can stay slim?”

“Yea. I’ve actually never been much of a meat eater of any kind, except for certain fish such as salmon. If you’ve got a head of lettuce, I could just make a green salad. That’s what I eat most of the time anyway.”

“Well, how about this. I’ll make you a nice salad and a bowl of tomato soup. It will be filling, nutritious and warm you up. I notice those gorgeous legs are getting goosebumps.” I hoped that he was getting the hint that I thought he was gorgeous so that if there was any interest on his part, he’d let me know. There was no way I would make a move on him without having at least an indication of some interest, especially after his comments about being hit on all the time. It was such a mine field to make a pass at someone these days.

“That sounds great. I love tomato soup. Especially with a slice of bread with peanut butter.” He gave me a big smile and I knew he was hinting.

“Bread with peanut butter it is.” I set to work slicing off a few cuts from a head of lettuce and chopped it, not too fine, and threw it on a plate with a few croutons and motioned at the cupboard for Jake to choose the dressing he liked. He chose my favorite - Ranch - and squeezed it out on the lettuce. I would have preferred to add a hardboiled egg and bacon crumpled on top but that would have taken another fifteen or twenty minutes. As it was, I was nervous as hell because he sat on a tall wooden bar stool right next to me the entire time, his legs spread and his bulging briefs drawing my attention constantly. I almost cut myself chopping the lettuce.

“You can eat the salad while I get the soup ready. Only takes about five minutes.” I pulled a can of Andersen’s Tomato Soup from the cupboard and opened the top and poured the contents into a bowl and placed it in the microwave for two and a half minutes. When the chime sounded, I could smell the aroma of the soup and it almost made me hungry again.

Placing the bowl of soup on the counter in front of Jake, I retrieved a soup spoon from a drawer, a loaf of bread from the breadbox and a new jar of peanut butter from the cupboard and placed them at his side. He had turned toward the counter now, which made his bulging crotch less visible but also made it easier to eyeball him without him knowing it. I knew I had to get out of the kitchen.

“Uh...while you’re eating I’m going to go and fire up the spa. It’s been a long day for me and I want to relax in the hot water before I go to bed tonight.”

Jake’s eyes opened wide. “You have a spa, too? Where?”

“Just across the mud porch through the glass door. It’s a separate room with a four-person spa and a couple of showers and a wet bar. I guess the old couple that built this cabin liked to entertain.”

“Okay I have to ask. What’s a mud porch?”

I chuckled. “Ah, a city boy. Yea, I had to ask that same question. Basically, it’s just a room inside the rear door of the house with a concrete floor with drains, a sink, and places for keeping certain types of supplies. In the winter with the snow, and in the spring with the muddy property, coming into the house can create a real mess, so the mud porch is the place you come in, take off your shoes or boots so you don’t track mud throughout the house. And when the concrete floor gets messy, you just hose the mud down the drains.”

“Oh, that’s smart. Never would have thought of that.”

“I doubt I would have, either. Anyway, I’ll be in the spa room getting the tub heated up and stocking my wet bar with some of this afternoons more important purchases.”

Once inside the spa room, I threw the switch and the jets started swirling the water. The thermometer on the wall told me that the water was currently at ninety two degrees so I figured it would take about fifteen minutes to reach the ideal one hundred three that I preferred. I placed the bag from the store on the marble bar top and began pulling the bottles of liqueurs from it. I had already stashed the brandy and other alcoholic beverages intended for the house in the kitchen cupboards and made a mental note to add a small bar to the living room when I had a chance.

I was just putting away the last of the bottles when Jake entered the room. Naturally, my eyes were instantly feasting on him. It was unbelievable the kind of attraction I felt for him and the lack of self control that I was experiencing. I had always been such an in-control person and had never conducted myself so obviously. I felt a little like a horny high school boy again - the way I had been when I was fourteen and lusting after my best friend Joey.

“Are you going to get in the tub right away or wait until later?” Jake was staring into the bubbling water and steam was already rising.

“It will be a few minutes yet before the temperature gets to where I like it. As a default, the heater keeps the temperature in the low 90's but when I turn on the jets it starts heating the water to the temperature setting I selected. I think I’ll just have a drink to relax myself a little before I hit the water.” I pulled a crystal brandy snifter from the overhead shelf and poured a very generous amount of brandy.

“Could I have one?” Jake was looking a little like he was pleading which made me suspect that he was not generally allowed - or able - to drink and wanted to take whatever opportunity presented.

“How old are you, anyway?”

“Nineteen.....well, I will be soon.”

“How soon?”

“Seven months.” Jake grinned, knowing I’d caught him trying to pull a fast one.

“Sure. Why not.” I pulled another snifter down and started to pour. “Tell me when.”

“I’ll have the same as you.”

“That’s a lot of brandy for someone not accustomed to drinking. It will make you awfully woozy if you drink it faster than just an occasional sip.” I was about to give a greater caution and then stopped myself. Was I stupid. Here Jake was, asking for a large brandy, that might decrease or eliminate any inhibitions he might have, make him woozy and able to sleep very soundly, and I was trying to talk him out of it? Jeez! And I had always claimed that my mother didn’t raise any fools. So, I poured the Brandy to about the three quarters point of the large crystal snifter and handed it to Jake.

We sat on a fairly comfortable two-person sofa that was upholstered in the kind of porous nylon material used for outdoor patio furniture, and sipped at our drinks. Our arms touched occasionally and I could almost feel the heat from his body. In any event, I was sweating.

“I think I’ll get into the water. If you want a refill or a soft drink, just help yourself. The little refrigerator is right behind the bar counter.” With that statement, I bolted toward the tub and began peeling off my clothes, down to my black Calvin’s boxers. I would have gone in naked but I lacked the nerve with Jake here. Not that the boxers would be able to conceal wood if it should start to grow.

Slipping into the hot water, allowing the heat to attack my muscles and nerves, I felt myself starting to relax almost immediately. I slipped low on the underwater seat so that the water was up around my neck for a few minutes, that straightened up and reached for my Brandy on the ledge and took a few good sips. I was leaning back, eyes closed, when I heard the chink and looked up to see Jake setting his snifter on the ledge next to me.

“That water looks so good, I think I’ll join you.”

I didn’t even have a chance to say anything before he had shed his jacket and pullover shirt, turned his back to me and started sliding his gray briefs down his creamy thighs. I went instantly hard. As those two perfectly shaped melons came into view, revealing that they were every bit as creamy smooth as his thighs - including within the valley between the cheeks - my tongue darted out to moisten my lips in an unconscious expression of overwhelming desire. I must have let out some kind of sound without knowing it - like a groan of desire - because Jake turned his head suddenly, noting where my eyes were directed.

“If you’re wondering, we models have to keep our bodies smooth. Body hair is frowned on in our work. Some of the models use hair removal lotions but I go to a salon and have the areas where hair grows lasered off. Especially on my butt.”

I tried to clear my throat and appear nonchalant - although perhaps just a little too late - as Jake stood up and started turning around to face me. “Why especially on your butt?”

“Well, if you’ve ever sat on your butt when hair stubble is there, such as when the hair starts to grow back, you know that it can be very irritating. Getting it lasered goes to the roots and it takes a long time to come back and they claim that after you’ve lasered four or five times, it no longer comes back. More importantly, you can get it lasered again before it gets to the stubble point that irritates your skin.”

Jake was now facing me but I had forced myself to turn my head for fear that I would truly betray every emotion I was feeling. I was already as hard as I could ever recall being in my life and glad that the swirling water made it unlikely that Jake would be able to see the way my boxers were tented. But Jake wasn’t finished with his surprises. The scamp slipped into the water right next to me, sitting on the seat with only three or four inches between us. It was my own person version of heaven and hell. I was really afraid I was going to lose control and reach for his cock. My nerve endings were firing so rapidly now that, even in this hot water, I felt cold.

Jake reached up and grabbed his Brandy and took a healthy swallow of the strong alcohol. He had already finished off about eighty percent of his drink which put him ahead of me. Maybe I had assumed he didn’t drink much incorrectly. I grabbed my own Brandy and took a couple of large swallows to try and catch up with him, and hopefully to dampen the shakes that had taken over my body. At this moment, I was regretting that I had never done much socializing during my life and hadn’t developed the gaydar or the social skills requisite to seduce a beautiful boy.

With that thought still making its way through my increasingly groggy mind, I looked over at Jake who was staring at me with a kind of fuzzy expression. His eyes were red-rimmed and I could tell that the alcohol was really taking effect with him. And the combination of the hot water and the alcohol was not a good thing with someone who was unaccustomed to it. The hot water had a tendency to increase the effects of the alcohol such that many unknowing people had drowned in their own spas by simply passing out and sliding beneath the water.

“I think we’d better get out of the spa, Jake. You look like you could pass out. I wouldn’t have given you so much Brandy if I’d know you were going to get in the water with me. The combination is a bit much if you’re not used to it.”

Jake just looked at me with a dazed, uncomprehending expression. I stood up and climbed out of the water and then tried to lift Jake up by his underarms from behind. He wasn’t resisting but neither was he helping and I was not in a good position to get leverage. I climbed back into the tub and stood in front of Jake and reached down and pulled him to his feet. The water only came up to the top of his thighs now that he was standing and I found myself staring at his groin.

It was almost too much for me. He was rock hard, his cock pointing at a forty-five degree angle toward the ceiling and jumping ever so slightly with his heartbeat. His cock was definitely almost seven inches in length if not a full seven inches, straight and cylindrical like a piece of pipe, the skin smooth and unmarred by veins or blemish of any kind. He was neatly circumcised, the head in perfect proportion to the thickness of his shaft - which was in my estimation a better than average thickness - and of a color that was slightly darker than the shaft itself.

I closed my eyes momentarily, trying to gather my self control, and then looked once again. His balls were loose and hanging low, probably as a result of the hot water but also at least in part a blessing of genetics. They were perfectly smooth and hairless, either again due to genetics or from some hair removal treatment. His pubic bush was full and thick above the base of his cock, not spreading to more than two inches to each side, making in the whole about four inches wide and shaped like an inverted triangle. I knew he had a little hair under his arms, I had felt it while trying to lift him from behind, but it appeared there was no other hair on this beautiful, slim, perfect body.

Jake giggled, drawing my attention. When I looked at him questioningly, all he said was “I knew it.”

“What did you know,” I asked, having to suppress a giggle of my own.

“This!” Jake proclaimed, and I felt his hand close around my erection, unaware as I was that it had popped out of the fly of my boxers as I was devouring his private parts with my hungry eyes.

I jumped a little, startled, but just stared at his hand as he squeezed my cock and manipulated it in my fingers. “I think we’d better get you out of this tub. You’re really a little too drunk to risk being in here.” I had to back my hips away while still holding him upright in order to get my cock free of his hand. Then I guided him to the edge, enduring his giggles each time my erection made contact with his ass, as I helped him to the ledge. “Hold on to the ledge while I climb out so that you don’t fall, okay?”

“Okey dokey.” Jake clutched the spa ledge with both hands while I quickly climbed out. Once beside him, he looked at me bleary eyed. “Dontcha wanna?” His words a bit slurred. Then I felt him grasp my wrist and pull my hand over to his hard cock. I tried - or at least pretended - to resist but then gave in and closed my fist around the pulsing rod, sighing almost audibly with pleasure as I felt the soft, moist skin covering a steel hard shaft, and took a few pulls on it just to convince myself that this was really happening. I heard Jake sigh with pleasure which reawakened me to the fact that I needed to get Jake into the house before he completely passed out.

“C’mon Jake. Let’s get you into the house, okay?” I put an arm around his waist from the side and swung his arm over my shoulders and guided him back across the mud porch and through the kitchen. I was about to head for the living room sofa when I realized that if anyone so much as approached the cabin, they would see this naked teenaged boy, cock-hard, sitting on my sofa or, worse yet, me guiding him through the room. So I made a right turn and took him up the stairs toward my bedroom.

As we went through the doors into my bedroom, the large California King sized bed dominating one wall, I was certain I heard Jake whisper “Yess!” as if to himself. I turned him around and sat him on the edge of the bed and he immediately flopped backward, his cock bouncing up to point directly at the ceiling and waving like a flagpole. He was staring at me intensely, an expression of longing and uncertainty spreading over his beautiful face. His smooth complexion was a little flushed, most likely from the hot water and alcohol, but it was clear he was alert enough to know what was taking place and what he wanted.

“I’ll be right back, Jake. I’ve got to lock up and turn out the lights, okay? And we’ve got to sober you up a little within the next two hours so you can call you modeling rep in Albuquerque. Right?” That brought a little jolt of recognition to his face and I could see it playing across his eyes, being analyzed. I left the bedroom and quickly locked the front door and set the alarm then turned off all the lights that had been left on and returned to the bedroom. Jake was still laying right were I had left him, eyes still open, cock still waving.

I slipped out of my wet boxers and dried myself off with a towel from my bathroom. Jake was already dry, not having had any cloth on his body to keep him wet, his skin drying almost immediately as we moved through the house, the hot water colliding with the cooler air. I helped him move up to the top of the bed and placed a pillow behind his head and looked down into his beautiful face. I just loved staring at him - any part of him - and his face just exuded a sweetness that I had seldom encountered. But that sweetness slowly disappeared, being replaced by a mischievous grin as I felt his hand close around my cock and start pulling on it. I moved forward in response to the hard pull and watched with fascination as he guided my erection toward his mouth.

The last relationship I had been in - if you could even call it that - was with an actor in his late twenties when I was in my early forties. It had been pretty much a give and take relationship - I gave and he took - but I had never really felt that he had any real desire for me. Just my money. But right now, the look on Jake’s face, a sort of hunger, and watching him pulling my cock toward his mouth, I truly felt wanted and I surrendered and gave away my inhibitions and restraints. I moved forward and climbed onto the bed, laying next to Jake, and took his face between my hands and stared deeply into his eyes. He looked back at me, unblinking. At this moment, we were the only two people in the universe and I wanted this moment to last forever.

I leaned forward and kissed Jake lightly on the lips and felt him shudder with a pent up passion that had been seeking release as he pressed his lips tightly against mine, throwing his free arm around me and prying open my mouth with his tongue to explore the cavern and prove his desires. His other hand remained busy gently pulling on my overheated cock and I suddenly gave myself a mental kick that I was not attending to him.

I broke our kiss and pushed him so that he was laying on his back. As I looked into his eyes, I caressed his beautiful face with the back of my fingers, and traced his lips, nose, ears and jaw with my index finger, dragging it finally down his long, slender, graceful neck and then down the center ridge of muscle between his pectorals. It was an exploration like what I must have done the first time I was with a naked boy when I was a teenager, wanting to touch, feel, look, memorize, every little nuance of his body.

I circled my finger around each little pointed nub on his perfectly defined chest and traced the pectoral ridge up under his arms, lifting each arm in turn to examine the small line of hairs that adorned his otherwise smooth pits. The soft, silky hairs were a light brown, only slightly darker than the light brown hair on his head and certainly lighter than the almost black hairs that crowned the base of his cock.

Continuing my exploration, I grazed my hand down his side to his slim hip, noting the slight protrusion of his hip bone, and then across his abdomen causing him to suck in his breath and giggle softly. I traced my fingers over the slight ripple of abdominal muscles, and then flat palmed my hand up and down and back and forth over his entire torso, feeling the warmth and softness of his skin and trying to communicate my feelings to him through a tactile expression.

Then, leaning over, I pressed my lips to his once more and pulled him into my arms, held him tightly against my body as I kissed this beautiful boy with a feeling I had never before felt. My hands rubbed over his back as we swabbed each other’s mouth with our exploring tongues, two fleshy swords battling for possession of the other. My hands, with a mind of their own, made their way down to Jake’s small round ass, felt the smooth skin overlaying the firm muscle, and explored the shape and curves, the crevice and the small portal that represented his most private of treasures.

I finally broke the kiss and moved my face slowly down his neck, placing small wet kisses on his soft skin as I went, sucking on his collar bone, licking at the hard nubs on his chest and the sparse hairs under his arms. I kissed and licked down one side and then up the other, then descended along his breastbone and the muscle that continued the center crease down across his abdominal muscles to the small navel. My chin was bumping against the spongy head of his throbbing cock and I felt the wetness of the head as it stabbed at my neck.

Taking his cock in my hand, and moved it aside as I continued to lick and kiss across his belly, drag my lips through the soft but curly pubic hairs, then lick and suck at each of his balls separately, testing their size and weight on my tongue in turn, and then releasing them. I continued licking down the inside of one leg, all the way to his toes, and then back up the other. Never before had I been so turned on, so enamored of a pair of legs. Jake’s legs were almost a new sexual experience for me and I took my time to taste the smooth, tight skin as I moved inevitably toward my ultimate reward.

Arriving back at the juncture of those beautiful thighs, I again took hold of his waving cock and moved my face inexorably toward it. My mouth opened of its own accord as I approached the silken head and my tongue lashed out, swiping at the sensitive tip and sending a crashing shudder through Jake’s entire frame. Descending, my lips encircled first the head and then pushed onward, sliding down along the entire length of the shaft until my nose came to rest in the next of curly hairs at the base, and my tongue swirled round and round, the back of my throat squeezing at the tender glans.

Jake had grasped the bedsheets in his two fists and was groaning loudly. I was amazed that he was gaining such feeling and pleasure from these beginning ministrations and knew that he must be very close to be reacting so intensely. I pulled back and twirled my tongue around the ridge of the head of his cock, eliciting another groan and a bucking of his hips that almost choked me. I began sliding my lips up and down the long shaft of his cock, taking the time at the top each time to tease his cockhead with my tongue and swallow the copious saliva that was being generated by my salivary glands.

Jake’s hips were moving almost frantically now and I knew he was very close to reaching his release. I lifted his smooth balls in my hand and pressed my index finger against the tight ring of muscle that served as entry to his body. The muscle resisted at first and I pressed harder, being careful not to cause discomfort, uncertain whether this was still virgin territory for Jake.

Finally, the tip of my finger popped past the muscle and I slowly and gently eased my finger deeper into Jake’s bowels. He groaned a deep, throaty, growl, and shoved his ass against my finger and I pressed deeper until my finger encountered the small prostate and I grazed it and massaged it carefully. Jake was sent into another spasm of ecstasy and I felt his cock stiffen, thicken, and his hips raise off the bed. Then, I felt the pulsing begin deep within and the feeling of his release firing through the small tube on the underside of his cock, and my mouth began to fill with the warm, creamy offering of his wonderful orgasm.

It seemed to go on for several minutes and I am sure that I swallowed multiple times. I was surprised but pleased that I had been able to give Jake such pleasure as I hoped it would help him remember me. I was certain that we would only have this one night together and then he would be gone and I was desperate to feel that he would remember me, think of me from time to time, as he traveled the country and perhaps the world, pursuing his modeling career.

When finally Jake’s body relaxed, I released his softening cock from my mouth and took a moment to clean his balls and pubic hair of the excess that my mouth had been unable to contain. I had always had a strange predilection for taking a boy’s release in my mouth, feeling it delivered greater lasting pleasure during the orgasm than pulling away and stroking the boy. But any remnants on the body were always off limits, looking and smelling foul to me and therefore something to stay away from. The real reason I chose to swallow, I would explain to myself, was that I couldn’t bear to spit it out and see it and know it had been in my mouth. All of those strange inhibitions had just suddenly and very quickly disappeared with Jake and I was not the least bothered by those feelings of disgust that had been with me for over thirty years.

As Jake’s breathing evened out and slowed, he looked toward me with an expression of almost shock on his face. “God, that was great. I have never felt such ecstasy in my freaking life! I’m so glad you were my first.”

Now I was the one who was shocked. “Your first? This was your first time? You’re a... were a virgin?”

“Yesss! I was always afraid to let anyone know about me back home, and even more afraid of letting any of the other guys on the tour know. And I didn’t want my first time to be with any of those creepy types that were always hitting on me.”

“How did you figure I was safe?”

“You’re way out here away from anything and everyone I know. And you’re just such a nice person that I figured if you were interested you would be my perfect first. I was pretty certain you at least were interested by the way you kept looking at my crotch all the time and were so nervous around me, that’s why I declined the blanket because I didn’t want to cover up and let your interest die down. But when I saw how nervous you got in the spa and then that you were hard, I was finally sure enough to take a go at it. Of course, it required a healthy dose of liquid courage to do it because you were playing so hard to get!”

“Hard to get? I was scared to death. I just couldn’t believe that such an incredibly beautiful teenager as you could possibly be interested in an old guy like me.”

“Well, let’s just put that concern to rest, okay?” As if to prove his statement, Jake rolled over and took my still hard cock in his mouth. He lacked the experience and skill and dispensed with any attempt at foreplay but I was not bothered by these unimportant issues. I was enthralled with the experience of watching his perfect lips slide back and forth on my hard flesh, feeling his tongue stab and drag across my sensitive glans, his delicate fingers gently kneading my balls. But, mostly, just watching as my cock continually impaled his face, over and over, was an experience in and of itself. I was still in awe that this perfectly gorgeous creature was sucking my cock, that I had just made the most incredibly passionate love to him that I had ever made to anyone, and that he had wanted and still wanted this to be happening with us. Truly God was in his heaven and all was right with the world. At least for tonight.

Chapter Two

We had continued our lovemaking and exploration throughout the night. I had introduced him to anal intercourse and he had discovered it was something he truly loved. And I discovered I loved entering him, watching my long pole slide between his two perfectly rounded melons as I kissed and licked at his back and shoulders and squeezed his ass checks in my hands or explored his chest and stomach and stroked his rock hard cock. By morning, we had completely exhausted ourselves and even Jake, in his youthful age, felt drained and unable to bring his cock to life again. At least for awhile.

I had been the one to mention that we had forgotten to call his rep and Jake had leapt from my bed and started pacing until I calmly guided him to the living room and the phone and he was able to connect with Mike, his rep. I listened quietly as Jake explained what had happened, and where he was, and watched joylessly as I heard him discussing the reps instructions for him to catch the tour.

In the end, I had loaned him a pair of walking shorts and had driven him to the hotel in Phoenix where he retrieved all of his belongings and packed them up. Then I took him to Sky Harbor International Airport where a ticket to Albuquerque was waiting for him.

“Thanks for everything, Brian. I couldn’t have gotten through this without you. And don’t think this is the last that we’ll see each other. I’ve got your phone number and I will definitely be calling you now and again until this tour is over and I’ll be visiting too. If that’s alright with you, I mean.”

“Alright? Let’s just say if you don’t visit me I’ll hire detectives and track you down.”

Jake grinned broadly at that, clearly pleased, and for a moment I thought he was about to lean into me and kiss me, but he glanced around at all the people in the terminal and thrust his hand out instead. “I will be seeing you again. Promise.”

The drive back to Sedona had felt so very lonely. I had never before really experienced love and I was certain that I loved that wonderful boy. I was also certain there could be little future for us. He was so young and I was old enough to be his grand....well, his father... with a late pregnancy. And he had a budding career that would keep him out and about for years before he reached an age where a model’s demand begins to decline.

At home, it felt so empty. Seeing the two brandy glasses on the edge of the spa brought back the rush of memories of the wondrous night. Seeing him naked for the first time. Seeing his hard cock, touching it, holding it, feeling it. Kissing him. Holding him against me. The heaviness of disappointment was almost crushing and for two days I found I had little appetite for food and simply satisfied my need for sustenance with glasses of Brandy that helped dull the deep ache I felt.

I was sure that Jake intended to visit. I was sure that he intended to keep in touch. But I was old enough to know that good intentions didn’t always - in fact seldom - work out as planned. I’d experience it before and was sure I was experiencing it again. The difference, this time, was that I really, truly, deeply cared.

By the third day, I was beginning to feel disgusted with myself, with my moping about, and I showered and shaved and dressed to try and put a little normalcy back into my life. The weather was still holding and no rain or snow had yet fallen. Since I was, not surprisingly, low on Brandy, I decided to run to the store and get some more and a few other items I’d noted that I had not thought to pick up on my first trip.

My visit to the store took less than fifteen minutes and I was pushing my cart to my car when I came across Chip. He was gathering carts in the parking lot in a long line to push back inside the store. He acted as though he was trying not to notice me so I pushed my cart up along side of him.

“Hi, Chip. How are you?”

“I’m fine.” The answer seemed somewhat terse and I was afraid that after he had thought about everything I had said and done, that perhaps he had realized what I was or what I was after and had decided he wanted nothing to do with me. The old fear of someone finding me out and spreading it around swept over me.

“Okay. Well, good seeing you again. Take care.” I started to move away toward my car when his voice, sounding a bit frustrated, a bit hurt and maybe even a bit angry, resounded behind me and I glanced around furtively to see if there was anyone else within earshot of us.

“Why? Why were you so nice to me making me feel like you really liked me if you didn’t?”

I turned and stared dumbfounded at this boy. I had no idea what he was talking about and wondered if he might be mental. “I don’t understand, Chip,” I replied, spreading my hands, palms up, in an expression of confusion.

“You were so nice to me when you were here last time. Invited me to your place. Made me feel special. You know how long it’s been since I’ve ever felt I was special to someone, that they really cared about me?”

“Anything I said to you was the truth, Chip. And I do care about you. You’re a very nice person. I’m sure there must be a lot of people who care about you.”

“Oh, sure. My coach cared about me until we got caught and then wouldn’t even talk to me. My principal cared about me until I became a liability and then banished me. My dad cared about me until I turned two and he found out that I had a mind of my own.”

“I really don’t understand what you’re talking about, Chip. But what brought this all on. The last time I saw you we had a good talk and you said you would visit me this winter to see me. What happened since then to make you so angry at me?”

“Because I did visit you. That same night! I thought you wanted me but I got to your place and you were there with your boyfriend. Wasn’t he enough for you? You had to flirt with me and get my hopes up? Or maybe you just thought you could get a quickie on the side?”

“My boyfriend?” Then realization struck me. “Oh, you must have seen Jake.”

Chip just scowled at his feet but I could tell he was genuinely upset. I didn’t know what he had been raving on about with his coach and his dad but I was smart enough to recognize that he needed someone to talk to and that he was hurting, very deeply. “Listen Chip, you’ve misunderstood and I’d be happy to explain it all to you but it would take longer than just a minute or two here in the parking lot. You’re welcome to come by my place tonight. I’ll even fix you dinner if you like, and we can talk. I really want to know what has hurt you so deeply that it made you suspect I was being cruel to you. I really want you to come by and I hope you will. I know you’ll feel better once I explain everything to you.”

Chip didn’t reply for almost half a minute then, begrudgingly, he nodded his head and spoke almost too softly for me to hear. “Okay. I’ll come by after work, about five.” Then he pushed his carts toward the store and I was left to watch him, feeling immensely sad that such a nice kid was in such terrible pain and feeling so alone and abandoned in the world. But, I couldn’t believe the change in just a few days and hoped I wasn’t getting in over my head with a kid that had some deep rooted emotional problems.

True to his word, Chip knocked at my door at just a few minutes after five. He stood staring at his feet when I pulled the door open and shuffled inside when I invited him to come in. He was clearly less confident than he had been the first time I met him and I almost had to lead him by the hand to a sofa in the living room.

“I figured I would fix us a couple of steaks for dinner, with mashed potatoes and cut green beans. Does that sound alright to you? You like steaks don’t you?”

All I got in response was a grunt of assent followed by dead silence. Chip was leaning forward, resting his forearms on his knees, his hands clasped together, his head down and eyes staring at the floor. This was going to tougher than I thought if I couldn’t get him to tell me what was wrong or why he was so angry with me.

“Okay, Chip. Let’s talk. You pretty much accused me of being cruel and, I guess, leading you on the first day we met. I want you to know that’s not the case at all. The first moment I saw you I was awe struck by how very cute you are. You’ve got everything any guy of any age could want but just because a guy looks at you or even flirts with you, you can’t automatically assume that to be a declaration of commitment or something like that. If you do, you’re going to be deeply hurt an awful lot of times in your life because guys are going to be attracted to you, and because you’re so damn cute they’re going to flirt with you. They may even try to seduce you and have sex with you and then never call you again. That’s the way guys are. And they’ll tell you they love you just so they can go to bed with you when all they really want is to have sex with you, one time. If you assume that it’s love, you’re going to be a basket case before you’re twenty.”

Chip said nothing, continuing to look at his feet but I knew he had heard me because there was a slight sniffle and he brushed the back of his hand over his eyes. Knowing how much he was hurting and that, even unintentionally, I had played a part in bringing him such pain, was causing me great anxiety and pain of my own.

Seeing that I was getting nowhere, I moved over and sat immediately next to Chip on the sofa and put my arm around his shoulders and pulled him tight against me. “I’m so sorry that you’ve been hurt, Chip, and that somehow I’ve caused you such pain. I can assure you it wasn’t intentional and I can tell you with all honesty that I really do care about you, and I want to help and to understand what is going on in your life. I’d like to be your friend if you’ll let me and be here for you when you need someone.”

I finally got a little response. First, his shoulders just shook as he sobbed quietly and then, slowly, almost cautiously, he turned toward me and buried his face in my chest. I knew it was a combination of his heart breaking and the relief of knowing that I cared about him and had not purposely hurt him. I just sat motionless, allowing his tears to run their course and then handed him a tissue to dry his eyes and his sniffles.

“Do you think you’re ready to talk now?”

He lifted his head and fixed me with those intensely green eyes, still swimming with unfallen tears, and nodded his head. I held his chin between my thumb and forefinger and gently kissed him on the lips, then wiped away a new tear on his cheek with my thumb. I had second thoughts about the kiss, worrying that maybe he might read more into it than was intended, but my mind was put at ease when he smiled weakly at me, acknowledging my attempt to comfort him.

“This afternoon you mentioned something about your coach. What was that all about?”

Chip paused, looking a bit sheepish. “My baseball coach in my freshman year was really nice to me and gave me a lot of special attention and helped me to improve my game alot. We got real close and it was almost like he was my dad the way he gave me advice and talked to me and never put me down. I talked to him one day after school and told him I was scared because I had bad feelings and he asked me what they were. I told him that I liked looking at the other guys in the showers and that at night when I thought about their bodies, I got hard. I really expected that he would tell me I was sick and to never talk to him again but he didn’t. He just told me that it was normal, that all boys go through a stage where they have these feelings, some of them stay that way all their lives but that it didn’t mean there was something wrong with me.”

Chip stopped for a long moment and I was about to offer a comment when he suddenly continued. “Coach wanted to know what it was about the boys that I was thinking at night, so I told him. I’d never been able to tell anyone before because I was so scared they would call me names or kick my ass or something. But it felt so good to be able to open up and talk to him and not have him react badly. That was when he put his hand in my lap and touched me. I was hard and he just squeezed my dick for a couple of minutes until I was breathing pretty hard. When he stopped, he asked me if that was the kind of thing I wanted to do with the other guys and I told him yes. Then he told me that the reason he had spent so much time with me was because I was so beautiful and that he had fallen in love with me, and then he asked me if I would allow him to make love to me sometime. I think that was the greatest moment in my life.”

“Did he make love to you?”

“Oh, yes. And it was more than I had ever hoped for. He took me to his house and picked me up and carried me to his bedroom the way guys in the movies do with their new brides. He undressed me real slow like and when I was naked he told me he thought I was the most beautiful person he had ever known. Then he dropped to his knees and started sucking my dick.”

“Did you make love to him?”

“Yes, but not until about a week later. At first, I just let him do things to me because it felt so good, but I did squeeze his hard dick through his pants sometimes.”

“How long did this go on?”

“We were lovers all the way through the rest of my freshman year and almost through my sophomore year.”

“What happened to end your relationship?”

“We got careless and one of the other players on the team came by his house to get a replacement mitt the coach had gotten for him and saw us through the front window making love on the couch. He told his parents and his parents called the school and ratted the coach out.” At this, I could hear a little sniffling again and kept quiet to allow Chip to proceed whenever he was ready.

“The coach was fired and then arrested. When I tried to talk to him he wouldn’t talk to me. He wouldn’t even acknowledge that he knew me. After all that we had meant to each other for a year and a half and it was suddenly like I didn’t exist.”

I sighed knowing that the coach had not been heartless but had, in all likelihood, been following the advice of his attorney. “Don’t read too much into that, Chip. The coach was really scared. He’d been arrested for having sex with a minor and was probably thinking he would spend the next twenty years in the state prison. His attorney probably told him to pretend he didn’t even know you so that they could claim that the other student had mistakenly identified the person the coach was having sex with as you when it was actually a boy of legal age. It doesn’t mean he stopped caring about you, just that he was fighting for his life, so to speak.”

Chip looked up at me, a hopeful expression on his face. “You really think that’s what it was?”

“Yes, I really do. The laws are very unequal where sex is concerned. And they are very antiquated. Boys today are so mature at thirteen or fourteen that they are capable of making some very important life choices. They’re very aware of themselves. It was like that sixty to eighty years ago or whenever it was that the laws were originally put on the books. Some states even treat sex between a man and a young girl less criminally than sex between a man and a young boy simply because of the gender of the people involved. It’s a confusing world out there and not something that is likely to change anytime soon.”

“I didn’t think of that. I just thought that because I wasn’t having sex with him anymore that coach no longer had any use for me and so wouldn’t talk to me. I think that’s what hurt the most because I really thought he loved me.”

“To be perfectly honest, there are a lot of guys who are exactly like that and there’s no guarantee that your coach is any different. But from what you’ve said, it sounds to me like he really did care a lot about you. He may even have pushed you away in order to try and protect you from everything that was going to happen - all the publicity and stuff. But, what happened after that. You said something about your principal?”

“Yea. Him. Old man Barnett. When he was told about coach and me, he fired coach right away. The next day, he called me into his office and told me that he didn’t think that it was a good idea for me to continue going to school there because the other students wouldn’t accept me being there once the story about my ‘queer’ relationship with coach became public. He made me quit school and sign up for adult classes. I was only fifteen so I had to go through a lot of crap to get permission to attend the adult school. But, at least I got my diploma a couple of months ago.”

“So, how old are you, Chip?” I was confused now that I knew he had gotten his high school diploma. I was very seldom so far off on a boy’s age.

“I turned seventeen about two months ago. Why?”

“I thought you looked a little younger until you said you had your diploma.”

“Yea. Everyone says that. Some people have told me I look fourteen.”

“Nah. You look too grown up for that,” I lied, wanting to prop up his self esteem that had been taking such a beating of late. “I gather that you don’t have a good relationship with your father, either.”

“Got that right! He’s never had much to do with me. I’ve stayed away for as much as three straight days and he hasn’t even noticed, much less cared. I think he blames me for my mom’s death because she was sick for two years after having me and when she died he just stopped paying attention to me. If my grandmother hadn’t been there I doubt I would have ever been fed and would have died. Maybe I’d have been better off.”

“No! Don’t ever say such a thing. You’re an important part of this whole fabric of humanity and losing you would leave an irreparable hole in that fabric. You cannot be replaced. You’re entirely unique and special.”

I was prepared this time when the waterworks started again and I crushed Chip to my chest and stroked my fingers through his hair and kept planting small kisses on the top of his head until he had again regained his composure.

“I guess now it’s my turn to explain what happened the other night when you stopped by.” Chip looked up at me expectantly, almost communicating with his eyes that he wanted, or needed, me to tell him that what he thought he saw hadn’t been real; that it had only been his imagination. “The person you saw with me the other night was a boy named Jake Masterson. He’s a professional model. He had just finished doing a modeling assignment - you know where they walk down a runway in front of a lot of people who buy clothes for the big stores or write reviews on the new fashions - and had been modeling underwear. A couple of guys kidnapped him and dumped him off in the woods somewhere around here. He was sitting on my porch just wearing his underwear when I came back from a walk and asked if I could help him. He had no idea he was so far away from Phoenix.”

“Wow. Poor guy. He did seem awfully pretty, like a model would have to be.”

“Well, he was very pretty and I guess I kind of flirted with him the same way I did with you. It’s just who I am. I’m usually very shy but when I see someone I really like who really grabs me by the..... well, you know, I guess I lose my caution and inhibitions and become a little overly flirtatious. I guess I’m just trying to kind of subtly let the guy know I like him in case he’s interested while being able to back up and claim he misunderstood if he gets offended.”

“You did okay with me, right up until you used that twenty dollar bill trick to cop a feel of my butt!” Chip was grinning widely at me, victorious in the knowledge that he had seen right through my little charade.

“Yea, I guess that was a little obvious, wasn’t it?”

“Damn right! But I didn’t mind because up until then I was really uncertain whether you liked me or were just a very friendly type of person.”

“Anyway, I helped Jake contact his hotel in Phoenix and contact his modeling rep to let the guy know where he was and what had happened. And I drove him to Phoenix the next day to get his things from the hotel and catch a flight at the airport.”

“So, he stayed the night?” My heart dropped, knowing that I couldn’t conceal the whole truth from him but not wanting to hurt or disappoint him. The tone of voice, filled with such innocence, was almost pleading for me to put his mind at ease and tell him that nothing had happened between us.

“Yes. I let him stay here for the night. But I have to be honest with you. I don’t want to hurt you, Chip, but Jake more than just stayed the night.” I held my breath, waiting for the response, and watched as I saw the struggle with emotions that played across his cute face, his eyes twitching ever so slightly. “I was very strongly attracted to him. Who wouldn’t be because, as you said, he was very pretty. He had concluded that I was into him because of my playful flirtations and, as I later found out, he was a virgin and was almost dying to have a first time with some guy.”

“So, you guys had sex?”

“Yes. He actually seduced me, believe it or not. We had a couple of Brandy’s in the spa and...”

“You have a spa?!!”

“Yes. Anyway, we had the Brandy’s in the spa and we both drank enough to reduce our inhibitions and he had gotten into the spa naked, which really had me shaking with nervousness, and then he made a move and I gave in. I mean, I wanted to in a big way and, was just a very nice night. It had been years since I was able to make love and cuddle up to someone in bed.”

“So are you guys lovers?”

“After one night? Not at all. I mean. I think I have some very strong feelings about him and all, but he’ll be traveling the world and making a name for himself as a male supermodel, I’m sure, so I don’t even think he’ll remember me after awhile. He hasn’t called since so he’s probably already forgotten me.” Those last words cut into me like a knife in my gut and I struggled to keep it together and not betray the sense of disappointment and longing that I felt. The whole truth was that I felt reasonably certain that I was in love with Jake and would have given everything I had to have him permanently in my life. Such a foolish thought.

“I can tell you really care about him. And you really care about me. Thank you. I’m sorry that I was so mean to you before. I guess I’ve just been lonely since, y’know, and thought there might be something between us and then saw you with someone else who was really cute and sitting in your living room in his underwear.”

I hugged Chip to me, comforting myself with his presence as much as comforting him. It always felt so good to hold a strong, vital young man in my arms. Truth be told, I didn’t need sex to be happy. I could be fulfilled merely by being with a special boy and hugging him, maybe kissing him occasionally, or stroking his face with my fingers. Cuddling in bed was icing on the cake even when there was nothing more than that. But making love to a special, beautiful boy was a slice of heaven. I couldn’t deny that.

“So, shall I fix those steaks and potatoes now?”

“You bet! I’m starved. Tears really take a lot out of a guy!” Chip flashed me that wonderful smile as I got up and headed for the kitchen.

After we had finished eating and put the dishes in the dishwasher, Chip wanted me to show him the rest of the house. He especially liked the den, particularly when I sat on the sofa and pressed a button on a remote control and the bookcases moved apart on the opposite wall revealing a 60" Plasma screen television set. It still amused me that this particular feature had been installed by the old couple about two years earlier as it was not really something I would have expected a couple in their late seventies to be interested in. Different strokes, as they say.

“What about the spa?”

Somehow I had known that he was going to press me on that particular feature of the house. “Follow me.”

I led Chip out the door to the mud porch and then across the room and into the spa facility. Chips eyes got enormously large and round when he looked the room over and saw the ‘hot tub’, as he was accustomed to calling it, sitting peacefully in the center of the room.

“Can I try it?”

“Do you have swim shorts with you?” I was testing.

“No. But Jake went in naked, why can’t I?”

“You sure you want to get naked in front of me? What if I take one look at your body and decide I can’t control myself.”

Chip clapped his palms together quickly. “Yippee!!” Then he flashed me one of the most seductive, sexual smiles I have ever seen, including who knows how many experienced porn actors.

“Just so you understand that we’re friends. Not lovers. I don’t want you to get hurt again, okay?” Chip just nodded solemnly, then smiled to let me know it was okay. “Problem is, you little stud, I am attracted to you but I’m also a little....I dunno....confused right now because of Jake. I don’t want to get into anything with anyone until I know I’ve got my head on straight. It’s been a long time for me so I’m afraid it’s a little too easy for me to fall in lust and think it’s love.”

“Just don’t get your head too straight. If it’s not at least a little bent you won’t be interested in my naked body.” He giggled at his own joke as he stuck a hand in the water. “It’s cold!”

I walked over and threw the switch and the spa tub came to life. “It will take about fifteen minutes to heat up, maybe a little less. I like it really hot so it may reach a comfortable temperature for you a little faster.” I walked over to the bar. “You want a coke?”

I had opened the refrigerator and was about half way to pulling a can of Coke out when Chip walked up behind me and looked at the twelve pack of Budweiser.

“Can I have a beer?”

“I don’t thing that’s such a good idea, do you? You’re underage, you’re here alone with me, and you’re getting into the spa, and you’re going to be naked. You really think you want to depress your inhibitions more than they already are?”

“I don’t care about that. I just like beer!”

With a soft chuckle, I put the Coke back on the shelf and pulled out a Bud. “Okay, but just this one. I don’t want you to get drunk.”

“It’ll take more than a single beer to get me drunk. More than a six pack, actually.”

“So, you’re telling me you’re an alcoholic?” I smile inquisitively at him.

“No, I just started drinking beer when I was about eleven - my father didn’t care about me, remember? - and I guess I just built up a tolerance. I’ve only actually gotten drunk a couple of times. The first time when my grandmother died. The second time after my break up with coach.”

“Okay. I just don’t want anything bad to happen to you.”

Chip looked at me with genuine emotion in his eyes. “You really mean that, don’t you?”

“Of course I do. You’re a really nice kid. You deserve all the good things that life has to offer but you’ve been dealt a really lousy hand so far and yet you keep on plugging. You deserve to have things go right for a change.”

Chip ducked his head away from me and covered by leaning over to put his hand in the water. “I think it’s warm enough for me to get in.” I stood watching as he unbuttoned his white button-front dress shirt that he wore for work, pulled the tails free of his slacks and slid it off his shoulders and arms. He blushed slightly, noting me watching him, as he peeled the white T-shirt over his head revealing his bare chest.

I had already assumed he had a good physique from observing him at the store but I was little prepared for what I saw. His shoulders were strong and wide, rounded with muscular definition that accentuated the rounded biceps and corded muscles in his arms. His chest was solid and flat, the muscle well defined but not bulging with evidence of weight lifting or intentional body building. His torso was clearly V-shaped, the body of a swimmer and portraying all the athleticism of an active teenaged boy. His waist was small, perhaps twenty seven or twenty eight inches, and sloped into his white 2X(ist) briefs, the waist of the briefs a full three inches above the waistline of his low hanging slacks. His body was lightly tanned - probably a bit faded from the tan that he had during the height of summer - and was as smooth and creamy soft looking as a newborn baby’s behind. Or, at least, what I assumed a newborn baby’s behind would be like. There was a small dark freckle on his side, next to the ridge of muscle that ran from under his pecs to his underarm and I looked closely at the small tuft of black hair under his left arm as he raised the shirt over his head. This was a magnificent body for a seventeen year old boy. More defined and hard looking - more masculine - than was Jake’s body, making Chip appear more aggressive and confident than his emotions had portrayed him to be.

As Chip loosened his belt and popped the fly, lowering the zipper on his slacks, he looked over his shoulder at me, rather shyly. “Are you going to watch me getting naked?”

I smiled pleasantly, probably unwillingly flashing him a lecherous look. “I’m only human you know. Why would I pass up an opportunity to look on something so beautiful?”

“Can’t you just turn your back until I get in the water?”

“Hey, you’re the one that wanted to go naked in front of me, remember? But if you’re that embarrassed, I’ll let you have some privacy. I know what it’s like for boys when they feel their equipment doesn’t quite measure up.” Oh, I knew I was rubbing it in with that statement but I was only human and I really wanted to see him naked. I couldn’t help myself in spite of the standards which I had always held myself to. I wanted to dare him so he wouldn’t banish me from viewing his body and he uncovered it and stepped over the ledge into the tub.

“Hey! I’m not embarrassed about my equipment! Coach told me I was bigger than average! I just think I deserve a little privacy here.”

“Well, believe what you want. I understand. The towels are in that cabinet,” I said, pointing to a row of formica cabinets along the east wall, “I’ll be in the living room when you finish.”

“You’re not coming in?”

“You said you wanted privacy.”

“Not the whole time. Just until I get into the water.” His voice was almost a tone of pleading and I decided that I had taken the teasing as far as I could without risking hurting his feelings or upsetting him.

“Okay, I’ll leave for a minute and let you get naked and safely into the water and then I’ll come back and join you.” I left the room and hurried upstairs to my bedroom where I stripped and pulled on a pair of gym shorts. It might help to dampen the tension - and the testosterone - if I climbed into the spa with shorts on. I was sure that he had in mind to get a good look at me while depriving me of that same opportunity, so I was prepared to throw a monkey wrench into his plans.

When I re-entered the spa room, Chip was safely settled in the water up to his neck. He didn’t hear me come in over the rush of the jets in the tub and was a bit startled as I stepped into the water near him and settled down a few feet away. It looked as though he might have been stroking himself under the water which would explain why he had jumped so when I got into the spa.

“You’re wearing shorts?”

“I had to. Otherwise you would have seen me naked before I got under the water.”

“I would have turned my head.”

“Sure you would.” I smiled knowingly at him and he blushed crimson, confirming my suspicions.

Chip slid over next to me and lifted my arm and placed it over his shoulders. “I like it when you hold me. It makes me feel like you’re protecting me.”

I hugged his shoulders. “I will always try to protect you.” Then I leaned over and kissed his ear. As I did so, I tried to pear through the swirling water at his crotch but all that was visible was a vague image of darkness - probably from the black pubic hair that would be found there.

I felt Chips hand rest on my knee and slide slowly up the inside of my thigh. “What are you doing?”

“I’m touching your leg.”


“I’m trying to get you horny dammit. Just cooperate.” It was a voice of teasing combined with an edge of frustration so I said nothing more. I would let this play out the way his mind was conjuring it.

I held my breath as Chip’s hand slid closer and closer to my shorts, and sucked in my breath when I felt him snake his hand inside the leg opening. I knew that if he continued he would find a very big, very hard surprise awaiting him. It struck me that if it was okay for him to be feeling me up, why couldn’t I feel him up. I may not have been allowed to see him naked, but I should certainly get to feel him naked under these circumstances.

I took my arm from around his shoulders and dropped my hand in the water, letting him hand come to rest about halfway up Chip’s thigh. I felt him flinch and heard the intake of breath as I surprised him with this move, yet he made no effort to stop me so I knew I was home free. Instead, Chip seemed to become more aggressive, pushing his hand further up my shorts to make contact with my relaxed balls. I moved my hand also, contacting his own set of plump eggs and marveling at how little hair I seemed to be able to detect.

As Chip struggled to navigate inside my shorts, trying to find my cock, I slid my hand up his abdomen and then down into his pubic bush, feeling his hard cock against the back of my hand, then reversed my hand and closed it around his pole. Chip gasped with pleasure and almost unconsciously bucked his hips as I made intimate contact with his hard cock and began to explore it with my fingers.

“Can’t you take off those shorts? I can’t find anything.”

“That’s because you’re looking in the wrong place. But, if you want them off of me, why don’t you take them off yourself.”

Apparently this invitation pleased Chip immensely as his face was suffused with a grin bigger than ever and he moved in front of me and grabbed the waist of the shorts and started tugging on them, trying to get them over my hips. Finally, I lifted my butt off the seat and he was able to pull the shorts down my legs and off of my feet. He balled the shorts up and threw them out onto the concrete floor, effectively eliminating any chance that I could put them back on before getting out of the water.

I expected Chip would take his seat again but instead, he remained on his knees in the water, in front of my, pushing both of his hands up along the insides of my thighs until he reached my crotch. He found and took hold of my cock in both of his hands and just explored the entire area with his probing fingers.

“Geez, you really are big!”

“No, not really. Maybe a little more than average but there are lots of guys a whole heck of a lot bigger than me. Don’t you surf the internet?”

“How big is it?”

“Last I checked, it was just a little over eight inches.”

“That’s big! Lots bigger than me!”

“You’re still growing.”

I caught both of Chips wrists in my hands and lifted them from my cock. He looked at me questioningly but surrendered as I pulled his arms and body toward me and encircled him in my arms, placed my lips against his and gave him a brief kiss. Then I took him by the shoulders and twisted and pulled him until he was sitting sideways on my lap, my arms wrapped securely around him and my face nuzzling his neck. I think one of the reasons I liked younger and smaller guys was because I loved to have a boy sitting on my lap while I held him and caressed him, kissed him and nibbled at his ear lobe, and felt his warm skin pressed against my own. That wouldn’t be quite as possible - or comfortable - with an older or larger man.

He squirmed in my lap, pressing my rock hard cock against my abdomen and I dropped one hand into his lap to feel and gently stroke the hard rod that rose from the nest of crisp black hairs. He settled into me and leaned his head over onto my shoulder, completely content to be held and caressed. I turned my head sideways to his face and kissed him once more on the lips, this time harder, with more passion, pressing my tongue inside his mouth to seek his own.

Chip sat up, lifted himself off my lap, taking my cock in his hand, and then slowly lowered himself back down to my lap, directing my pulsing cock at the small opening until it slowly slid deep into his bowels. He had enjoyed a relationship with his coach for over a year so it was not surprising that he had experience. What was surprising was how tight his ass felt around my pole. I would have thought the coach would have used him frequently enough that his ass might have stretched out somewhat, but apparently not. Or, Chips ass was far more resilient than I was giving it credit for. And, it had been about eight or nine months since their relationship ended.

Chip was now raising and lowering himself on my cock, squeezing his ass muscles as he rose up and relaxing them as he sat back down. The feeling was truly exquisite and combined with being able to look into his cute face and kiss him deeply as my cock fucked his cute little ass, was just a little more incentive to get my passions soaring. I felt his own hard cock rubbing against my stomach as he raised and lowered himself on my cock and I worked my hand between our bodies to take hold of the hard flesh. This seemed to motivate him even more and his speed increased. He fucked my cock furiously and I stroked his cock quickly, both of us breathing hard and fast, our lungs gasping for oxygen as our bodies used up every bit that our open mouths could bring in.

I knew I was about to go over the top. That familiar hot tingle was starting around my anus and spreading to my balls. It wouldn’t be long now, I knew. Just as my cock began tightening for the final spasm and I felt the sperm shooting up along the stalk of my sex, I also felt the pulses in Chip’s cock and knew he was releasing his juices as well.

As our mutual orgasms completed, Chip collapsed forward against me and I held him tightly, kissing him everywhere my lips could reach, caressing my hands over his back. We stayed like this for ten or fifteen minutes until Chip finally regained the strength to raise himself up and my softened cock popped free of his ass. Then we kissed some more and finally got out of the spa and headed for the shower stall against the back wall.

This was finally the opportunity I had awaited so impatiently. I watched the firm muscle of his well-shaped athletic ass, dimpled at the sides, as he walked ahead of me. His walk was a kind of rolling gait that caused his hips to move seductively from side to side so easily, the two halves independently rising and falling with each step he took. His ass was hairless except for deep within the crevice, and seemed to bubble out from his low back and form a perfectly rounded shape that ended where his ass connected with his thighs. There was no mistaking - this was the work of an artist and Chip’s athletic pursuits had only served to make it better than ever.

As we stopped at the shower stall, I reached in and twisted the faucets to start the water. It would take a few seconds for the water to get warm and as we stood, facing each other, I examined the front of this adorable teenager, just as I felt his eyes sweeping over me. Chips shiny black pubic hair was like a thick brush that grouped tightly around the base of his now soft penis. It did not spread to his legs nor up his lower belly, although a tiny, thin line of sparse hairs did form a treasure trail up to his small navel. His penis was about five inches in repose, hanging in an arch over two plump, forward thrusting balls that were sprinkled lightly with black hairs.

I stepped back, not having seen his naked legs before and wanting to compare them with those magnificent legs of Jake’s that had enflamed my senses. They were strong legs, reflecting muscle around the knees, lean, solid, firm, but not so much so as to suggest a regular workout. They were not as long nor quite as slender as Jake’s, but they were perfectly matched to the rest of Chip’s body.

As we stepped into the shower, I grabbed the soap and began soaping up Chip’s body. This was finally my chance to explore, to feel everything, and I took full advantage. I washed his chest, teasing his nubs into hard little points, washed his shoulders and arms and enjoyed the feel of teenage muscle. I reached under and soaped his balls, cleaning the spongy orbs carefully, spending more time cleaning his cock than was necessary (until he was fully hard once again) and rinsed him off. Then, reaching around him in an embrace, I soaped and washed his back, dropped my hands to his magnificent little bubble butt and caressed and washed each globe, working my fingers deep into the crevice to rub at the tight little portal. Finally, I dropped to my knees and washed each leg, each foot, carefully and with great attention, enjoying this opportunity to explore every millimeter of Chip’s marvelous body.

When I had finished washing him thoroughly, I took his hard cock in my mouth and delivered one of my best blow jobs ever as he stood, his hips undulating back and forth, driving his cock like a piston in and out of my mouth while my tongue raced back and forth over his sensitive glans. When his release overtook him, his hips froze in place, his cock pulsing out his seed into my mouth, and I held his small ass tightly in my hands to keep him from collapsing to the tile floor as his legs began to buckle.

After finishing our shower and drying ourselves off, we padded naked through the house to my bedroom and cuddled next to each other to await the return of our senses and our energy. I felt at great peace with my arm around him, his head laying on my chest, his hand lazily doing figure eights on my stomach and entwining his fingers in my pubic hair. I knew I was in danger of falling in love.

Chapter Three

The days turned into a week, then two, and three, and four, and I found myself spending a lot of time with Chip. I was becoming very comfortable with him, perhaps too comfortable, and it frightened me a little. I had concerns about the growth of a relationship with someone who was so emotionally fragile and vulnerable as a result of an unfortunate series of tragedies and events in his life. I continually cautioned him, as gently as I could, not to become overly invested in a relationship with me and leave himself open to further disappointment and pain.

“Is it because you don’t want to be in a relationship with someone?”

“No. I would love a relationship. And I wouldn’t be unhappy if that relationship were with you. My concern is for you; if you start expecting it or wanting it too much and it doesn’t happen, that it will hurt you again. My real fear is not that a relationship will happen but that it won’t and you’ll suffer because of it.”

“Well, if you want a relationship with me, what’s stopping us from having one?”

“You’re a really sweet and special boy, Chip. You deserve someone very special. I can honestly say that I love you, but at this time - at this moment - I can’t say that I’m in love with you. And there’s a very big difference.”

“Like what?”

“Well, I love you and care about you. I want you to be happy and secure in life. I want what’s best for you. Most boys receive that kind of love from a father. Because you didn’t, any kind of attention or love shown you automatically becomes a romantic love in your mind and sets you up for the possibility of disappointment. On the other hand, a romantic love is the kind of all consuming emotion that you feel for just one person that you can’t imagine ever being separated from. When you’re apart, that person is all you can think of. When you’re together, you can’t stand not touching them. Even snuggling in bed doesn’t seem to allow you to be close enough. It’s an indescribable need to be with that person in a way that is closer than humanly possible.”

“Well, don’t the things we do kind of mean that we have a romantic love?”

“Not necessarily. We have a lot of passion based on lust and we do love each other in the way that we genuinely care about each other. But if you think about it, you probably would have to admit that a lot of your feelings are based on our sexual relationship, the fact that I make you feel safe and secure, and that I’m someone you can talk to and be yourself with. That doesn’t, to me at least, rise to the level of that all consuming romantic love.”

“You still think about Jake, don’t you.”

I sighed, hesitantly, wincing at Chip’s perceptiveness and the sudden knot in my stomach. “Yes. I do think about him from time to time. And quite honestly, I don’t really even know why. We had that one night together and then he was gone and I haven’t heard from him since. But I have this vague sense of having missed out on something, maybe something that I waited my whole life for, and it keeps me on edge. You’re the only person in my life capable of making it a little easier and helping me to get past it and that makes me think that maybe there is something bigger planned for us, but afraid of trying to force it and winding up hurting you.”

“You know what I think?”


“I think that you think too much.”

I laughed loudly. Chip always had such a way of lightening the mood whenever I got into one of my introspective moods. “I think you may be right.”

“One thing is true though. You are a lot like a father to me. A lot more than my own dad ever was. And I’ve learned that there’s a big difference between love and sex. You really love me. Coach just wanted to have sex with me.”

“And that’s one of the things I’ve wanted you to learn. The difference. I also want you to experience sex with boys your own age that you feel an attraction for. You can’t really know if a relationship with someone my age is right for you if you haven’t experienced some level of relationship - even a purely physical one - with someone your age.”

“I know. You keep telling me that. I feel like you’re trying to be my dad. I wish you were my dad, except then we couldn’t have all this fun.”

“Aha! Freudian slip. You want me to be your dad and then you refer to our physical relationship as ‘fun’. Doesn’t that tell you something? Sex really is fun, but when it’s with someone that you are truly in love with and meant to be with, it’s so much more than just fun. It’s kismet. It’s the sun, the moon and the stars all rolled up in one neat little package.”

“Yea, yea! There you go again. But I still want to make love to you every day. And see? I didn’t say anything about ‘making fun’ to you. So that blows your theory.”

“Maybe, but right now I’m going to blow something else.”


I rolled over on top of him and kissed my way down his body to the hard flesh that was the stuff of dreams and made love to him slowly and tenderly, wanting to make it last as long as possible and give him all the joy and pleasure he deserved. I did love him and was even beginning to think that I was in love with him. Problem was, in addition to not wanting to hurt him, I was very much afraid of getting hurt myself. Our age gap was substantial and I had recurring visions of him coming by and introducing me to a new ‘friend’ that he had met and acting a little giddy around the other boy. That made it impossible, at least for now, to admit to him - or even to myself - that perhaps my feelings for him went far deeper than I let on. That, and the unsettling longing I still felt for Jake.

Chip and I had taken lessons from history. We were careful to not become intimate in a place where we could be observed or caught by anyone else. That meant that we pursued our passion for each other in the spa room or my bedroom or den, or planned ahead and had blinds, shutters or draperies closed in rooms which had exterior windows. The chances of being caught were admittedly slim, but it wasn’t worth the risk and we kept our wits about us.

“I’d better grab a shower and go. I have to be at work in thirty minutes and my boss has been riding my ass because you’ve made me late so many times these past few weeks.”

“I’ve made you late?” I chuckled.

Chip shot me a toothy grin, stuck his tongue out at me as he darted into the bathroom, then stepped back into the room to wiggle his cute, and naked, little ass at me before disappearing again.

“That’s the reason you’re always late.” I shouted. “Because you just keep revving up my engine.”

I lay back on the stack of pillows on my bed, thinking about how happy this cute boy had made me in just such a short time. The one real relationship I had, the one I had really invested myself in, had been so painful when it finally fizzled that I had kept my distance from anyone and remained alone for far too long. It felt good to let myself go and put my heart into it with someone I could fall in love with. But, I knew I was holding back, afraid to let go completely, afraid of taking the big chance.

Chip interrupted my reverie when he returned wet from his shower, toweling his hair while I admired his beautiful teenaged body. It seemed like he was just getting better every day.

“Stop perving on me.”

“I wasn’t perving. I was admiring.”

“Stop that, too. Or you know what will happen and I’ll be late for work again. Do you want me to get fired?”

“Not such a bad idea, is it. Then we could stay in bed twenty-four hours a day.”

Chip’s attitude became suddenly serious. “I have to go home tonight.” He paused, waiting for my reaction. “I haven’t been home in three days and my dad left me a voice mail on my cell this morning, asking where I was. I don’t want him to start getting suspicious and trying to find out where I’m going or who I’m with.”

I felt a tug of disappointment but I knew he’d rather be here with me than at his house with his father. “You’re probably right. I’ll miss you, though. Probably won’t sleep a wink without you next to me.”

“Don’t try to make me feel guilty. It won’t work. I know how soundly you sleep. A train going by right outside couldn’t keep you awake. You probably couldn’t hear the train over your snoring anyway.” He gave me his famous smile as he pulled on his black uniform slacks and reached for his white shirt. “I think I’m going to have to do laundry. This shirt reeks!”

“There’s a clean one in the closet. I did some laundry early this morning and washed a couple of your white shirts.”

Chip pulled the soiled shirt off and threw it on the floor. “Thanks.....daddy!” He pulled the clean shirt on, all the while giving me that teasing look that was so much a part of who he was. If I didn’t fall in love with him, it would be because there was something wrong with me - not with him.

After Chip was gone, I lay around lazily for awhile then finally arose and showered and wandered around the house. The plan for my retirement had been to spend my free time reading, maybe doing a little writing, and just generally enjoying having no obligations to press upon me. But at the moment all I was feeling was...lonely.

The cabin always felt so empty when Chip wasn’t around. Yet, I knew that if he were here every hour of every day that the newness or freshness of our relationship would probably get a little ragged around the edges after awhile. Some private time and space was necessary to a healthy relationship but that didn’t mean I had to like it.

I opened and heated a can of soup and sat at the kitchen island to finish it off. I was just putting the bowl and spoon into the dishwasher when the phone rang, and I hurried to answer. No one ever called me or even knew house number, for that matter. A twinge of concern passed through me, fearing that Chip might have been in an accident on his way to work, what with the roads starting to get a little dicey with the advance of winter weather.



“Yes, this is Brian Worthington. May I help you?”

“My, aren’t we formal. This is Jake.”

My senses stopped. My brain froze. My breathing was suspended. I felt my legs getting weak and sat down suddenly on the sofa before they gave out entirely.

“Are you there? Brian?”

“Uh....yes. Sorry, Jake. You just really caught me by surprise. Kind of knocked the wind out of me.”

“Well, I’m glad to know that I can still have that effect on you.”

“How are you? Where are you?”

“I’m doing great. Right now I’m in Los Angeles. At the airport actually. I have a flight to New York in about thirty minutes. It’s the first chance I’ve had to breathe since I said goodbye to you at the Phoenix airport.”

“So what’s been happening. Must be good if you’re that busy.”

“Well, yes and no. Yes because my career has just taken off incredibly. No because it’s like I have no alone time and no personal life.”

“Tell me what’s happening.”

“Well, when I got to Albuquerque, Mike met me at the airport and took me to the hotel. He’d already fired those two guys that kidnapped me and put them on a plane home. I didn’t bother to tell him that they’d actually done me the biggest favor of my life.” I could hear the faint chuckle and could picture his smile. “But I did the show there and at the end, Mike introduced me to an agent who had been in the audience and had inquired about me. We left that night for New York so he could introduce me around to some people and since then I’ve been to Paris, London and Milan. I’m going to New York now because Hugo Boss wants to sign me to a contract as their media model - both print and broadcast. I guess I’ll be in New York for a few months.”

“Wow! I’m really happy for you. It’s great that everything is falling into place for you.”

“Yeah, sure caught me off guard. I was never completely sure that I wanted to be a professional model with all that it requires. But this has kind of been fun and I’ve seen a lot of places I never thought I’d see in my life. And I can’t believe how much money they pay me just to walk down a runway in my underwear or pose for pictures. It’s almost obscene.”

“You sound really excited.”

“I am. But you know what would excite me a lot more?”

“What’s that?”

“I was hoping you might consider coming to New York for a week to see me. I’ve been thinking about you so much and wanting to see you again. I wouldn’t have a lot of time but I’ve gotten my agent to agree that I will at least have Saturdays to myself and every night after eleven o’clock until seven the next morning. I could try and get some more time to spend with you but at least that much I know we could have.”

“There must be a lot of gorgeous guys in New York that you could be with?” It was not a question of what he could do so much as it was an attempt to find out if he’d been doing anything with anyone since the night we had together. That emotion shocked me. Possessiveness and jealousy were foreign to me - or at least had been up until now.

Jake’s voice betrayed a touch of hurt and he spoke more softly when he replied. “I don’t want you to come visit just for what we can do when we’re alone together. I’ve really missed you and I want to see you. I know that sounds stupid since we only just met that once and spent one night together but it’s the way I feel. I haven’t felt that way before and I haven’t spent any time with anyone else. And a few have tried.”

“Why haven’t you. There’s nothing wrong with being with someone you like.”

“I’m different than most guys, I guess. I don’t have sex with someone just because they’re attractive or sexy. I’ve always believed that sex is the ultimate expression of love and commitment and that can’t be achieved on a first date or even a second. It’s a kind of bonding that takes place, don’t you think?”

“But we......”

“I know what you’re going to say. How can I feel this way when I slept with you, a complete stranger, the same night we met.”

“Well that did cross my mind.”

“I can’t really explain that, Brian. Maybe it was because I was a virgin and anxious to not be one anymore. Maybe it was some kind of special chemistry that I felt with you or the fact that you treated me special at a time that I really needed help and needed to feel special.”

“You are special, Jake. Never let anyone tell you differently.”

“See? You’re one of the good guys. Not just an old toad looking to score with a young guy for the night. And I think you project that and maybe I picked up on it and that was why it was so easy for me to be with you, not to mention that I really wanted you. And maybe that was why I drank all that Brandy, to drown any remaining reservations, or doubts, that might keep me from doing what I think I really wanted to do. I really think I might love you but I don’t know for sure because this has never happened to me before.”

“You sure you want me to visit you there? What happens if someone gets wind of the fact that you’re spending your nights with an older man? Won’t that hurt your career?”

“In New York? In fashion? You kidding? If anything it would probably make me even more in demand. And yes, I really do want you to visit. Actually, I’d rather come visit you there but it won’t happen for a few months at least and I don’t want to wait that long. I want to see you and spend a lot of nights together. We don’t have to make love if you don’t want to. We can just talk and get to know each other and see if what I think I feel is for real and find out if you feel it, too.”

My hands were actually shaking and my mouth had gone dry. Just hearing Jake say he thought he might love me was causing my vision to blur and the prospect of seeing him again and spending time with him was like a dream come true. How does that saying go? ‘A dream is a wish your heart makes.’ And I knew my heart had been wishing fervently to see Jake again, if only one more time.

“Yes. I’ll come visit you in New York. We can walk through Central Park holding hands.”

“Yaaahh, right. I think that’s pushing it, even for New York. Besides, I’m gonna be very recognizable soon with all the media exposure. And I’m gonna be wearing a skimpy pair of bikini briefs on a marquee in Times Square standing about fifty feet tall.”

“Wow. If you’re fifty feet tall overall, how many feet will that make your....”

“Don’t you dare say that!” Jake was laughing with a tone that let me know he was shocked that I would even ask that. “THAT will still be the same size it was when you helped yourself to it over and over and over that first night.”

“Like you were complaining!”

“Did I say I was? The only complaint you’ll get from me will be if you don’t do it again, at least a hundred times.”

“I guess I’d better pack lots of chapstick.”

“You are sooo bad. This is another side of you that I didn’t see before. What else is there that I don’t know about you?”

“You’ll have to wait until I see you to find that out. So when do you want me to be there?”

“How soon can you come?”

“About two minutes after I get you naked.”


I changed my tone of voice to convey seriousness. “How about the first of next week? I’ll have to take care of a couple of things here so that I don’t create problems and that might take a few days to handle the right way.”

“Okay. Right now they’ve got me at the Waldorf Astoria on Park Avenue. It’s a really classy place with high ceilings and all art deco from the 30's. Kind of expensive so they’ll probably move to somewhere a little less upscale for my permanent quarters but I should still be there by the time you get here. Maybe you can get a reservation in the hotel on the same floor as me - I’m on the eighteenth floor unless they make a change by the time I arrive tonight. Anyway, I can call you if anything changes.”

“Not to worry. Even if you move elsewhere, I’ll check in at the Waldorf and then you’ll be able to catch me there. I’ll call you when I have my airline and hotel reservations and let you know when I’m scheduled to arrive, okay?”

“Great. I’m so excited. I can’t wait to see you.

“I feel the same way, Jake.”

“Crap. Gotta go. They’re calling my flight. You have my cell number?”

“No, but I can call you at the hotel tonight or tomorrow.”

“Well, just in case my cell number is 310-555-4044 and it seems my coverage is everywhere. I have more bars!”

“Okay, I’ll call you when I have the reservations. Be good and be safe. New York is a big and dangerous city for the uninitiated.”

“I’ll be traveling by limo with a two hundred fifty pound driver. I should be okay. Gotta run. Miss you. Bye.”

Suddenly he was gone and I just sat staring into space, still not believing what had just happened. And absolutely petrified at the thought of having to tell Chip and risk shattering his fragile ego and his hopes. I knew I had to tell him, but how?

To Be Continued

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