The Model at my Door

by A. Richard Hunter

Book Two

Chapter Four

New York City was not one of those places I had any particular desire to be. It was too crowded, too busy, too fast paced, too.....everything. It was exactly the kind of environment that I had worked to leave behind when I retired and settled in Sedona. But it had one important thing going for it. Jake was here.

I was as nervous as a freshman on a first date about seeing Jake again. The age difference was as much a concern for me with Jake as it was with Chip. Jake was only a couple of years older than Chip and given his looks, his career and exposure it was more than just a little likely that he would have thousands of guys wanting him. And a lot of those guys would probably be fellow models who were as gorgeous, sexy and desirable as he was. But I wasn’t about to let my insecurities keep me away.

One other thing concerned me. I had spent my life, mostly for business and career reasons, with one foot in and one foot out of the closet. I had never denied who I was or claimed or pretended to be straight, had always registered my objections openly if someone spoke ill of someone who was gay or of gay people in general, but I had not been one to voluntarily proclaim myself to the world or even to new acquaintances. I had seen no purpose in introducing myself to new business associates, “Hi, I’m Brian Worthington, and I’m gay. Nice to meet you.” It seemed somehow superfluous and absurd. Now, however, there was a good chance that I would be entirely out of the closet and might appear in newspapers as ‘the mysterious older boyfriend’ of the newest supermodel.

I wondered whether it was already happening. The look that the hotel clerk had given me as he checked me in was mildly unsettling. The Bellboy - or whatever it was they were being called these days - had seemed especially attentive and had seemed to be quite obvious in the manner in which he wiggled his small rear end as he led me down the hallway to my room. I told myself I was being paranoid and then wondered if I really cared. Did it matter what other people thought of me? I had no employer to be concerned about. I had no family that might object. The only two really important people in my life were Jake and Chip and they already knew - too well - who and what I was. To hell with anyone who doesn’t like it, I finally decided. But the thought of having my picture on the front page of a newspaper was just a little intimidating just the same.

A knock at the door drew my attention and I hurried to answer thinking that perhaps Jake had left word to be notified when I checked in. Opening the door I was greeted by an astonishingly beautiful teenaged boy with pale blonde hair, sunflower blue eyes and the most incredibly smooth and flawless complexion I had ever before seen. He gave me a wide smile and then spoke in a gentle voice with the strong hint of an accent that I couldn’t quite place.

“You must be Brian?”

I think I must have stuttered when I finally found my voice after a long pause. “Y...yes, I am.” I was sure this young man was impressed with how glib I was.

“I’m Karl.”

The boy stood there as if that explained everything. I could tell by the expectant smile on his face that he was waiting for me to invite him in but all I could do was look at him with confusion while trying to get my rapidly beating heart to settle down. Finally, the boy’s smile wavered and he spoke again.

“Jake told you I would stop by when you checked in, did he not?”

I finally heard something that sounded sensible, but not entirely. “, I haven’t talked to Jake yet.”

“I’m so sorry. He said he was going to call you and let you know that I would come by to take you to the shoot he is doing.”

A lightbulb went on somewhere deep in the darkest corners of my mind. “My cell! I turned it off at the Phoenix airport and I haven’t turned it back on.” I quickly pulled the phone from my pocket and turned it on and was greeted shortly with the image of an envelope on the display. I pushed the voicemail button and heard the familar woman’s voice telling me ‘You have one new message....First message from phone number.....’. Soon I heard Jake’s voice telling me he was in a shoot that was going to run over and would send his closest friend and fellow model Karl Andreassen to pick me up at the hotel and bring me to the shoot location because he was anxious to see me. I had my phone on ‘speakerphone’ mode so both Karl and I were equally embarrassed when Jake concluded with, “You’ll like Karl. He’s as cute and sexy as hell and wait until you see his cute ass in a pair of briefs.”

I was scrambling to either turn off the speakerphone or disconnect the call but by the time I did it was too late and the two of us just stood looking at each other wide-eyed and red faced.

“Uh....c’mon in Karl. I just barely got to the room and haven’t unpacked as yet. Can you wait a few minutes while I get myself organized?”

“Oh, sure, yes. There is no hurry. I am free for the rest of the day and Jake will be shooting for at least six more hours. That is why he wanted me to come and get you so you would not be wondering why he was leaving you sitting in your hotel room.”

I started unpacking my bags and hanging the clothes in the closets and placing underwear in the drawers of the armoire. I put my small travel bag in the bathroom and returned to find Karl sitting in one of the comfortable arm chairs near the window, surveying the suite.

“This hotel room is almost as large as my parents entire house near Stavenger. It is quite, how you say, overwhelming how big everything is in America.”

I was still a little flustered by the beauty of this teenager but he seemed very relaxed and a genuinely nice kid. As I turned and looked at him as I asked a question, my gaze was drawn to the ample lump at the juncture of his long and slender legs, crossed at the ankles which only made the lump more pronounced. I had to clear my throat which had become suddenly very thick. “Where are you from, Karl?”

The boy looked up at me with his amazing eyes that seemed almost to twinkle. “ I am from outside the town of Stavenger in Norway.”

I sat in another arm chair, facing Karl and forcing myself to look into his eyes and not at that lump that almost screamed to be noticed. “Have you been in America very long?”

“For only one year I am here.”

“How did you get started in modeling?”

“A man came to our town looking for boys and I was shopping with my mother because she cannot drive our truck. He saw me and started telling me how much money he could make for me as a model. It took much talking by him to convince my parents to let me model but they finally agreed after I told them I wanted to try it.”

“So he brought you over here.”

“Oh, no. At first he took me to a house in Trondheim where he had about ten boys. There he taught us all about dressing right, how to care for our bodies to keep our skin good, how to walk like a model and many things we had never known before.” He blushed a little as he continued. “He also helped many of us get more comfortable with ourselves because he said that we could not be shy and be a successful model.”

“What do you mean comfortable?”

Karl paused briefly and I could tell that while he retained some of the shyness of his youth, it was mostly an abstract emotion for him at this point. “Well, we were required to remain nude at all times while inside the house so that we would not feel embarrassed about our bodies or being undressed. It has been helpful for me since coming to America and modeling underwear in front of large groups of men and women. But at the time I was not so certain that I wanted to be a model. I had never been nude in front of anyone before and being nude with ten other boys all the time was......”, Karl’s voice trailed off.

“I can imagine that was quite intimidating.”

“Yes. But it did help to prepare me for modeling. And I had my first lover while I was there.”

“What happened to him?”

“He decided he did not want to become a model. He wanted to go home and have me come with him but I wanted to be a model so he left me.”

“I’m sorry.”

“No, please do not be. It was good. It was good that I got that experience and learned that I needed to do the things that I want and not bend my will to that of someone else. And I also learned not to become intimate with someone and expect them to bend their will to mine. It was good all around and learning how to make love helped me so that when I find the right boy I will know how to make him feel well.”

“How old are you, Karl?” A thought was forming.

“I am now seventeen.”

“And what kind of boy do you think you like? I mean, do you like blonde hair like yours or darker hair, how old, just general characteristics.”

Karl smiled with a kind of dreamy expression and his eyes closed momentarily. “I like a boy who is kind and sensitive and who believes in and wants love. I guess I would prefer a boy with dark hair because I’ve been around blonde boys all my life. Dark hair seems to be very sensual, don’t you think?” Karl’s eyes snapped open, looking directly at me. “I am attracted to all types and all ages and I like to explore because it is all new to me, but if I were to get a boy for life I would want him to be close to my age, with dark hair and about my height and build, maybe just a little shorter.”


“You have someone for me?”

“Well, it sounds like you just described Jake.”

Karl blushed furiously. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to offend you.”

“No, Karl. I’m not offended. I would certainly understand you being attracted to Jake as he is amazingly beautiful. And you are as well. Obviously, as we heard, Jake thinks you’re quite cute also.”

“But he is your boyfriend. I should not reveal my feelings to you.”

“Don’t worry about it. At this point, Jake and I have not made any commitment that would prevent either of us from being intimate with others. In fact, I have a beautiful boy at home that I care deeply for who spends most nights in my bed.”

“And Jake knows this?”

“Yes, we have discussed it. And I have told Jake that he owes me no obligation of celibacy or monogamy. At this point in time we are just very good friends who may become lifetime partners should we both find that desirable.”

“Your lover at your home knows about Jake?”

“Yes. He tries to deal with it but mostly he just ignores it. He loves me and wants me to be his lover but I have not found that the feelings I have for him are as deep as I think they should be for that kind of commitment. I am working to keep from hurting him or mislead him but he is very vulnerable because he has been hurt before. Here...” I dug out my wallet. “This is a picture of him. His name is Chip.”

Karl looked studiously at the photograph I had handed him. “You carry his picture in your wallet?”

“Yes. I love him but it’s more like I would love a son. Not a romantic love, really. I’m not sure how to explain it.”

“I understand. He is very beautiful. Perhaps one day you will introduce me to him if you and Jake get together.”

“Yes, Karl. I will certainly do that. In fact, if you don’t have other plans, I think you should come out to my place for Christmas with Jake. Then you can meet Chip.”

“I would like that very much. May I use your bathroom?”

“Um...sure.” The sudden change in topic caught me momentarily off guard but as Karl stood my eyes were once again locked on that lump in his slacks that seemed to have grown larger since the last time I noticed. I turned my head to follow his movements and was duly impressed by the magnificence of his small ass as he moved across the room.

I finished unpacking and organizing my suite, hearing water running in the bathroom and wondering, after ten minutes, what was taking so long. I finally sat down in the arm chair to relax and await. I wondered if seeing the picture of Chip had aroused Karl such that he had felt it necessary to take matters in his hands, so to speak.

I began to fantasize what Karl would look like, standing naked in the bathroom while manipulating his teenaged pole, when I heard the water turn off. Less than a minute later, he came around the corner into the sitting room. His hair was slightly darker and wet, his upper body bare and still wet, his small hips wrapped in a large white hotel towel. It became obvious to me that he had been taking a shower and was now naked. God save me! This incredibly beautiful and sexy boy was naked in my hotel room. He walked toward me, a dreamy smile on his lips, and stopped in front of me. I stared into his eyes as he leaned forward and kissed me on the mouth.

It was like I was powerless to resist. My arms were heavy and I could not raise them to push him away. His scent was overpowering, the smell of his freshly washed teenage body captivating my senses. He was moving his hand down over my chest, unbuttoning my shirt. When his hand reached my waist, he paused briefly, then continued the movement of his hand down over my abdomen until his fingers were caressing the erection that had suddenly grown large and hard in my trousers.

Karl stood back up, smiling at me with an overpoweringly seductive look and slowly released the towel from his waist and allowed it to fall at his feet. My eyes raced over his body as he stood there exposing himself to me.

He was a young god. His entire body from head to toe was virtually hairless. A small line of very light brown hair graced each of his armpits and a crescent shaped tuft of light brown pubic hair adorned the base of his maleness. His soft penis hung impressively long, about six inches in repose, while two low hanging orbs in their silky-smooth sac hung as a backdrop to his amazing pole. His tan was entirely unbroken revealing that he sunbathed in the nude. He turned his back to me to reveal his sensuous ass. The cheeks were exceptionally firm, jutting out at the base of his spine in a manner that I would have expected of a bodybuilder, divided by a wide and deep crevice, and then rolling back in smoothly at the tops of his thighs. It was one of the most perfect and beautiful asses I had ever witnessed.

As Karl continued turning around, my eyes grew large as I witnessed the length and girth of the prodigious weapon that was now on display. His erection was almost intimidating, surely at least nine inches in length and as big around as his wrists. It was like I was in a trance. He moved forward as I leaned toward him, my mouth opening, hungry, wanting, ready to experience the taste of this beautiful boy. I heard him saying my name, and repeating it. My eyes were glazing over and everything was going white.

“Brian. Brian. Brian, are you OK?”

My eyes opened to see Karl, fully dressed, standing in front of me with a concerned look on his face.

“It must have been a good dream you were having. Was it about Jake?”

I didn’t make the connection for a moment, suddenly realizing I must have fallen asleep when I sat down in the chair and had been dreaming that incredibly real fantasy. I noted that Karl looked at my lap and I looked down to see that I was erect and making quite a tent in my trousers.

“Oh. Yes. Jake.”

“Would you rather rest for a time before we go to see Jake. You must be tired from your trip.”

“No, that’s not necessary. I slept a bit on the plane. But maybe a quick shower to freshen up and a change of clothes and then we can go. Is that alright?”

I had a couple of ulterior motives for wanting to shower and change. First, because I needed to get some relief - or release - after that vivid dream so that I wouldn’t be walking around New York with a tent pole in my pants. And, secondly, I wanted to be fresh when I saw Jake for the first time in months. Yes, I was definitely like a freshman on a first date, planning strategy, primping to look my best and jacking off before leaving so that I could keep ‘things’ in check.


As we entered the large warehouse, the first thing I noticed was all of the lighting apparatus that was circled around a riser in the center of the building. What I did not see, at first, because of the number of people gathered around the riser, was Jake. Getting closer, I could see a man with several cameras around his neck and what I assumed were three assistants, each carrying two additional cameras each.

Then I saw him and my heart started beating furiously. He looked even better than I remembered and the rush of feelings that coursed through me made my knees weak to the point that I almost collapsed where I stood. How could a man of my age be so unbelievably fortunate as to attract the interests of a teenaged young man of such incomparable beauty.

The backdrop to the riser was a large panorama of a beach. The riser had been covered with white sand that allowed the beach concept to be brought forward.. Jake lay on the sand, leaning on one elbow, looking upward toward a bright light that synthesized the sun, his far leg drawn up and bent at the knee while the leg closest was stretched out, angling away from the other. His hair was wet as though having just come in from a dip in the ocean, his skin glistened with moisture. Wearing only a very small pair of white briefs, soaking wet and almost concealing nothing, the scant material was offset against a bronzed tan that heightened his sexuality and emphasized the minimalist nature of the briefs.

I stood silently observing for long minutes as the photographer moved about quickly, snapping away, frequently changing cameras, the whir of the auto-advance and rapid snaps of the shutters the only sound I could hear in the cavernous room. So focused was I on Jake, my eyes acting like cameras of my own to store these images in my memory, that I was startled when Karl took hold of my hand to lead me to another area that would allow me to be closer to the action without interfering with the shoot.

Closer now, I blushed on noting that it was easy to see the dark shadow of Jake’s pubic hair behind his wet briefs as well as be able to discern that he was circumcised and perhaps a bit aroused. My stomach lurched when an equally skimpily clad female model, beautiful in her own right, moved onto the riser and she and Jake began acting intimate, culminating in the woman laying her cheek on Jake’s thigh, her eyes looking toward his bulging masculinity. It didn’t seem to bother Jake in the least that he was so exposed. Modeling was a different world from the staid financial world in which I had spent my life.

Finally, the photographer called a break and a handsome young man in his early twenties rushed up to Jake with a robe. The way the young man ogled Jake, and tried to engage him in conversation, it was clear that he would have liked to have spent some time alone and intimate with him.

Jake looked up and saw Karl and I standing at the side and an enormous grin spread across his face. He quickly excused himself from the young man and rushed towards us. Without any hesitation or concern for who might be watching, Jake rushed up to me and threw his arms around me and planted a hard, passionate kiss on my lips, holding it far longer than would have allowed it to be explained away if it were necessary. I was surprised by his lack of discretion for two or three seconds, then even more surprised as I leaned into the kiss and wrapped my own arms around him, thinking how good this felt and not caring if it were being photographed or broadcast on worldwide satellite. All concerns that I had felt earlier for the sanctity of my comfortable closet vanished instantly as my hands, of their own accord, made their way down his back and squeezed his small ass.

When we finally broke the kiss, I glanced around quickly and found that no one seemed to be paying any attention. No one cared. And then, looking into Jake’s eyes, I touched the tip of my nose to his and whispered to him. “It’s so good to see you. It’s been so long.”

“For me, too. Thanks for coming to New York.”

“I’d go to Timbuktoo, for you.”

“Do you even know where Timbuktoo is,” Jake laughed.

“Sure do. It’s in the Arizona desert. It’s an actual place, or at least was at one time. Last I heard, it had a population of one.”

Jake hugged me again and once more I felt that overwhelming rush of passion as I held him and was held by him.

“We should be finished in about an hour. I can’t wait to be alone with you, Brian. But first, the three of us will have to go to dinner. The restaurants in this town are fantastic. And with my picture in Times Square it seems that every maitre ‘d in town knows me so I never need reservations and I never have to wait for a table.”

I laughed at Jake’s enjoyment of his celebrity status and the perks that came with it. “Sounds good to me. I could eat a....well, you, actually.” I smiled my most lecherous grin and noted it was not lost on Karl, who stood to the side just watching the way we acted like such giddy teenagers. I actually think he was blushing.


When we were finally alone in my suite, I sat on the sofa and pulled Jake down to sit sideways in my lap. We leaned toward each other and began kissing with vigor, our tongues like swords dueling to the death, our hands roaming over each other’s neck, shoulders and chest. Because of the advantage I had with Jake sitting in my lap, I allowed my right hand to roam below Jake’s belt and gently caress the hard flesh that was pushing against the cloth of his slacks. I had dreamed of this moment for so long that it was almost as though I were still dreaming.

Pulling at his belt and releasing the hook at the waist of the dark slacks, I eased down Jake’s zipper until his white briefs bulged out from the parted flaps of his fly and I could see the moist spot at the tip of his erection. I tickled at the concealed shaft with my index finger until impatience overcame me and I pulled at the waistband and freed Jake’s stiff shaft. The moment I touched the tender, warm skin covering the steel hardness of Jake’s cock, I felt a twinge at my own center and heard a guttural moan escape from Jake’s lips.

Jake pushed away from me, standing, looking down at me with a frown. Then his mischievous smile slowly spread over his face and he reached down to grab my hands and pull me to my feet. “Let’s take this to the bedroom where it belongs. I want you naked and I want to feel you inside of me. I thought I could take this slow but I can’t.”

“I’m with you 100%!” I got to my feet and found it difficult to walk because my erection was down one pants leg and each step seemed to be trying to break it off.

Jake didn’t wait for my assistance when we entered the bedroom. He was casting off clothes with such abandon that things were flying everywhere around the room. I followed his example and within scant seconds we were naked and laying on the bed, in layers. It felt wonderful to feel his warm body atop my own, to feel his hardness digging into my stomach, his feet caressing up and down my lower legs, his small erect nipples pressed against my chest.

From the first time I saw him naked, I was entranced by his beauty of form and there was no difference now. He was stunningly gorgeous and I felt overwhelmed. But this time, unlike that first time a few months earlier, there was so much more. My heart was warmed by his playfulness, his sense of humor and mischievousness. The feel of his firm, smooth ass in the palms of my two hands was sensuous and enticing, but the thought of his personality, his caring, his human warmth were the elements that moved me more than any mere beauty could. Where I had been concerned that I might not be able to break off my relationship with Chip in order to have an exclusive and monogamous relationship with Jake, that concern had just dissipated. I knew I would give up everything I had or could ever have in order to have Jake in my life, even if that were for but a brief period of time.

I quickly rolled over, putting Jake under my control. I raised up, bent in the middle, and began kissing down his slender frame, dragging my tongue over the soft silkiness of his flesh, I wanted to become one with Jake. Just making love to him seemed inadequate. I needed to be closer than was humanly possible. But, for now, I contented myself with taking his erection into my mouth and administering as great pleasure as I was capable of to my beautiful love.

The next morning came too early. Jake was due on set of another shoot at 10am and would need an hour to get across town to the location. We were both exhausted, having made love repeatedly until almost 4am when I finally had to tell Jake that my body would not respond for an additional round. The stamina of youth was appropriately named because only the youth have it.

“What will you do today while I’m working?”

“Just sit around and rest, I guess.”

“That sounds boring.”

“I’ll probably be back by about three or four this afternoon. But that still leaves you alone for six or seven hours.”

“That’s okay. I’ve been alone before. I’m not afraid.” I winked at him.

“I’ll have Karl come over and spend the day with you. He’s pretty much free for this entire week and then he’ll be busier than anything for the next two weeks before Christmas break.”

“Oh, I invited Karl to come out and spend Christmas with us. I thought I could introduce him to Chip. Could make things easier if all works out.”

“That’s a great idea. But, if you’re going to try and get Karl and Chip together, what with you feeling like a father to Chip, don’t you think that you should get to know Karl a little better and find out if you think he’s good enough for Chip?”

“You don’t think he is?”

“Of course I do. But you need to do your own research.”

“He makes me nervous.”

Jake gave a little snort of surprise and then laughed. “Karl? Why would he make you nervous?”

“Because he’s so cute. And it seemed like he was making a point yesterday of telling me he was attracted to guys of ‘all’ ages. I don’t want to get myself into a situation that messes things up between us.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. You can’t mess things up with us. Besides, we’re not a couple yet so if you’re worried about ‘cheating’ on me you don’t have to. You can’t cheat until after we say ‘I do’.”

“But wouldn’t that make working together or being friends difficult for you, if I were to sleep with Karl?”

“Well, first of all, you wouldn’t be ‘sleeping’ and secondly, no, it wouldn’t make things difficult. If it makes you feel any better, I’ve thought about messing around with Karl because he is so cute and sweet and he has such a crush on me. But I didn’t want to have sex with anyone before we got together again and decided what we wanted to do about each other. But if you want to have a go with him, that’s fine, because then I’ll have one to and get it out of my system.”

I thought for a moment. Normally, such an admission would have made me terribly unsettled, perhaps jealous, but I felt secure knowing Jake loved me and that the attraction to Karl was primarily physical, and I was surprisingly unflustered by Jake’s statement. More than that, it actually kind of excited me thinking about seeing Karl naked, this time for real and not just in my dreams.

“I can see that you’re thinking it over and finding the prospects attractive. So, come one and get in the shower with me and you can wash my back and but, and maybe some other strategic parts. Then I’ve got to get moving and get across town. Today’s photographer is very much in demand with a lot of fashion houses so I don’t want to get on his bad side by keeping him waiting.”

I followed Jake into the bathroom. “I’ll tell you what. You can tell Karl he’s welcome to come over. But I’m not going to go after him. If he wants to mess around, it will have to be his choice. But, if anything happens, I’ll tell you all about it and then tonight we can invite him over and he can spend the night with us as the meat in our sandwich. Will that balance things out and let you ‘get it out of your system’?”

Jake laughed again, only this time with a slightly throaty sound of lust. “It’s a plan. I’ll call him on the way to my location.”

“Oh, and you’d better know this. He heard your voice mail message yesterday, you know that part about my really liking Karl and seeing his cute ass in a pair of briefs. So he knows you’re attracted to him. So you’ll have to be careful if he has a crush on you or he may get the wrong idea and start thinking or hoping for something more with you after I leave.”

“Okay. I’ll.......oh, god, yesss!” Whatever Jake had been about to say was interrupted when my soapy fingers ran up and down the crevice of his ass and over his small winking anus. He placed his palms against the shower wall and thrust his ass out to meet my fingers. “If only we had time for you to fuck me one more time this morning.”

“Slut,” I teased him.

“Maybe so, but I’m your slut!”

We both laughed and quickly finished our shower so that Jake could be on his way. It was already eight forty-five so he was cutting it close.

I lay down after Jake left and dozed off, being awakened by a knock at the door. I looked at my watch and it was almost noon. I’d slept longer than I had planned. Still somewhat groggy, I stumbled to the door and tried to pull it open, only to then remember that the hotel security latch was in place. So I fumbled with the latch, the remembered to unlock the deadbolt and finally opened the door to see a bright, alert and freshly scrubbed Karl standing there grinning at me.

“Having trouble with the locks?”

Don’t you just hate a smart ass when you’re half asleep. I let the barb go rather than reveal the morning, pre-coffee side of my personality, and invited him in. As he was taking a seat in the comfortable chair, I turned to the kitchenette and started fixing some coffee.

“Karl. Would you like some coffee or tea?”

“No thank you.”

As the Mr. Coffee was brewing up a four-cup pot, I walked in the sitting room to see Karl trying to suppress his giggles.

“What are you so happy about?” I wasn’t being grouchy. I was genuinely interested in what had him worked up as he was. Plus, I wanted him to stop laughing before he got me started. Nothing worse than a first-thing-in-the-morning-before-coffee-no-reason-for-it giggling fit.

“I’m just thinking you didn’t get any sleep last night and I think I know why.”

“Oh, you do, do you? And why is that?”

“You and Jake were having a party.”

“Yes we were. And we’re having another one tonight. And every night that I’m here.”

Karl started giggling again but I left the room since I could hear the Mr. Coffee spitting indicating the brew cycle was done. When I returned, coffee in hand, I almost spilled it all down the front of my robe. Karl had removed all of his clothes except for a pair of light blue bikini briefs which were bulging obscenely with his erection. The pole rose from the respectable bulge of his balls and lay along the leg seam to his hip bone. It was an exciting sight and succeeded in making me completely alert, even without my cup of wake-me-up.

I sat down slowly in the chair facing Karl, putting my coffee on the adjoining table. “I gather that Jake must have called you this morning. What did he tell you?”

Karl grinned at me, glancing down to check and be certain that he was displaying himself to his best and sexiest advantage. “He told me I should come over and keep you company.”

“That’s all?”

“He said I should seduce you.”

“Did he tell you why? Anything else?”

“Just that you wanted me to spend the night tonight as sandwich meat.”

I chortled at Karl’s comment. It had definitely lost something in the translation.. “So, you’re here to seduce me so you can claim your reward tonight and have a chance to make love to my boyfriend?” I couldn’t resist giving him just the littlest bit of a hard time.

“ you don’t want me to be here tonight....” His face had fallen and I couldn’t take the disappointment showing,

“I’m just teasing you Karl. Of course I want you here tonight. Jake wants you here tonight as well. We’re both looking forward to it. Who wouldn’t want someone so spectacularly beautiful as you.”

Karl’s smile returned, although it came back in stages as his confidence gradually returned. I smiled at him and winked. “Why don’t you come over here and I’ll show you how much you’ll be welcome here tonight.”

Karl rose slowly and moved toward me. My eyes were glued to the center of his body as he came across the room, stopping when he was just inches from my face. I looked up, looking into his eyes that stared down at me, a clear expression of longing and anticipation on his face, his tongue wetting his dry lips, chewing nervously at the lower lip. "How long has it been since someone made love to you, Karl?"

"Since I came to America. The last time was with one of the boys at the house in Trondheim. But in America it is not like it is in Norway. We do not see sex between boys as being wrong or different. Boys in much of Europe enjoy having sex with each other for fun but they are still oriented towards women and will marry and raise families. Boys do not have to be gay to have sex with each other. But here it is a big deal. You have to be careful who you approach or they might be offended, or attack you, and it could ruin your career. I just wanted to be careful. I think that's why I like Jake because he's like me so I can talk to him about things I would not talk to others about. And because he's gorgeous, of course." He smiled.

"Of course." I placed my hands on Karl's hips which were barely, almost imperceptibly, wider than his very small waist, and let my fingers run under the leg seams. The fingers on my right hand contacted the hot flesh of his pulsing erection and I moved my hand back and forth to create a sensation on the hard tube. When I noted an expanding ring of moistness at the end of the bulge in his briefs, I decided not to tease him too long as it had already been so long for him since his last sexual experience.

I hooked my fingers in the waistband of Karl's briefs and pulled out and down, revealing first his very hard and proud erection and then sliding the briefs down his smooth thighs. The erection was not what I had imagined in my dream of the day before. It was more like six or six and a half inches in length rather than nine. And, it was somewhat more slender than the fist thickness that my dream had conjured. But it was beautiful and looked perfect on him.

What was impressive were two very loose balls hanging in a perfectly smooth sac and a small moustache of dark blonde pubic hair that grew in soft, wavy curls just above the root of his male member. I could feel my heart pounding as I just kept staring at this beautiful boy's most precious treasures and I soon found myself gasping for air.

I moved my hands up the insides of Karl's thighs, encountering his loosely hanging balls, and felt the respectably sized orbs, enjoying the sense of life that they seemed to hold, allowing my index finger to trace the ridge of skin behind the two balls back between his legs and into the moist crevice of his ass until I found the spot that made him squirm and caused his cock to jerk spasmodically.

From the blissful look on his face, I could tell that Karl had been waiting a long time to have someone touch him gently and lovingly and I resolved in my mind to give him an afternoon that he would fondly remember. I stood up, lifted him up in my arms and carried him into the bedroom, closing the door behind me with a kick of my foot. It would be a memorable afternoon for me, as well.

Chapter Five

Chip was bustling about the house naked, trying to take care of some last minute tasks before putting on his clothes. We had enjoyed the spa this morning so that we would be relaxed and our muscle tension eased after several days of hectic preparations. Jake and Karl would be arriving within the hour.

I had sent a limousine to pick up the boys at the airport and bring them to the house, deciding it would be too exhausting to drive all the way to Phoenix, fight the holiday traffic at the airport, then drive back to Sedona. I wanted to have some energy left when the boys got here so the limousine seemed a preferable alternative.

Tomorrow would be Christmas Eve and I had so been looking forward to having Jake here with me for Christmas. And, after showing Chip some photographs and having a serious talk with him, I knew he was just as anxious - albeit a bit nervous - to meet Karl and have him spend the next several days with us. I had arranged for them to talk on the phone a couple of different times in the past three weeks so that meeting would not be so strenuous and perhaps the ice could be broken in advance and I knew they had seemed to hit it off quite well. Chip had commented more than once on Karl's 'cute' accent and the fact that he seemed very nice and not at all puffed up because of his popularity or the money he commanded. So far, so good.

The crunch of tires on the gravel made both of us look up. Seeing the long black Lincoln pulling up in front of the house made Chip gasp. "I'm not dressed. They're early! I can't let them see me like this!" Then he looked at me and winked. "Not yet, at least." With that final comment, he scampered up the stairs to the bedroom to pull on some clothes.

I pulled the front door open and stepped out onto the long porch, beaming with joy as the boys climbed out of the back of the car and stretched their muscles from the two hour drive. The driver was pulling luggage from the 'boot', as Karl called it, and carrying it up to the porch where I was standing. I hesitated going down the steps to assist him as I had a good pair of loafers on my feet and the snow and slush was still fairly evident on the gravel drive. Jake and Karl, on the other hand, were each wearing a pair of Timberland boots that I had sent them a week ago just for this trip. I wasn't certain they would have footwear suitable for this cold and rustic environment.

Finally, the boys had organized all their carry-ons and packages and headed for the house, beaming widely when they saw me standing waiting for them on the porch. I ushered them into the house and motioned for the driver to bring the luggage inside. After tipping the driver generously and wishing him a Merry Christmas, I closed the front door and moved all of us toward the fireplace in which an enormous blaze was putting out a tremendous amount of heat.

I took Jake in my arms and kissed him passionately, whispering welcoming words in his ear and letting him know how happy I was to see him. Then I gave Karl a hug and a quick kiss and gave his pert little ass a playful squeeze as I winked at Jake.

Chip came bounding down the stairs, his face flushed with excitement and anticipation and stopped dead in his tracks, mouth half agape, as he took in the sight of the two young and beautiful models. He seemed to be rooted to the spot, suddenly very shy and intimidated.

"C'mon over her Chip. This is the guy you've heard me talking about for so long. This is Jake." Chip moved toward Jake and extended his hand in greeting. Jake took Chips hand and pulled him in and gave him a big hug.

"We're kind of like family, Chip. It's really good to meet you. Brian talks endlessly about you and how special you are."

I knew Jake was trying to soften any feelings of hurt or resentment that his presence might cause for Chip and I admired him for it. I also noticed that Chip wrapped his arms tightly around Jake and seemed to genuinely enjoy the embrace. But, what was not to enjoy when a beautiful, sexy young man takes you into his embrace. I also noted that Chips eyes seemed to be swimming a little, so there was obviously some emotional current running through him.

"And, this, is the new friend that you've been so anxious to meet in person. This is Karl Andreassen, from Norway."

Chip seemed extra shy now and moved very tentatively toward Karl. Contrarily, Karl was not having any of the shyness and stepped boldly toward Chip and wrapped him in his arms and planted his soft lips on Chip's half open mouth while Jake and I stood watching and grinning, and nudging each other as we observed each boy's hands gradually sliding down the other's back to rest on the rounded cheeks of each others buttocks. It seemed they were entwined for a long time but it was likely only a minute, although a whole minute and the passion of that minute was definitely a good beginning.

The boys were red faced when they finally broke apart and I could see the evidence of their rising excitement showing at the front of their slacks. I herded everyone toward the bar where I had prepared a choice of hot buttered rum and cinnamon apple cider for everyone. Surprisingly, everyone chose the rum.

I lifted my glass in a toast. "To love, to new friends and to the joy of having loved ones with us at Christmas." Everyone reached around clinking glasses and then took a sip at their drinks. Chip, however, took his entire drink down, clearly an attempt to steady his nerves.

"Why don't we show you to your rooms so you can get settled in and comfortable. Jake will be in my room and Karl, you and Chip will be in the second bedroom....down the hall." I emphasized 'down the hall' in hopes that he would understand that there was enough distance between our rooms that he and Chip would not need to worry about Jake and I overhearing any activities which they chose to engage in. Karl apparently understood as he grinned and winked at me, and Chip flushed a deep red as he looked between Karl and me.

Jake peeled off into our bedroom as we proceeded down the long hallway, already knowing which room it was, and I continued on to the room at the end of the hall that Chip had moved into and arranged in preparation of Karl’s arrival. Chip continued to blush with each step we took toward the room and I could sense the air of nervousness that emanated from him.

When I returned from New York, I had brought along a collection of photos of both Jake and Karl and sat with Chip for a couple of hours going through them. Some of the photos were of the boys on the modeling runways and I had intentionally used a telephoto lens to zoom in on them at certain times.

As Chip looked at a selection of Karl’s photos, I could see him becoming both anxious and sexually aroused by the photos of the beautiful blonde parading down the runner in nothing but a pair of bikini briefs. The white material was exceptionally thin and left very little to the imagination. But, as he reached the end of the runway and turned, Chip had gasped with surprise and delight that there was nothing to the back of the brief but the waistband and a small strap that transected the perfectly shaped cheeks of the boy’s ass.

“Wow! He has the most beautiful butt I’ve ever seen!” Chip’s eyes were glued to the photo and I saw him discretely adjust himself.

From that night until last night, Chip had continuously pulled out the photographs and gone through them again and again, always spending extra time on that one specific shot. From that, I knew he looked forward to Karl’s arrival and held out a desperate hope that Karl would like him as well.

“Okay, this is the room you two guys will be sharing for the next week. I hope you have lots of fun while you’re here.” I grinned at them and the looks I received in return told me that they understood my reference to ‘fun’, although Chip was blushing again. “When you get settled in, Karl, you guys come on downstairs and I’ll fix some hot cocoa. Then, maybe we can all use the spa to relax and unwind.

Chip shot me a look of mild panic. No matter how many time I told him how beautiful and sexy he was, he continued to feel somewhat inferior and was hoping that the first time he was naked with Karl would be in bed, in the dark. Karl, on the other hand, looked excited about the prospect, having been told by Jake that the spa was generally a clothing-optional location.

Returning to my own room, I was greeted by the sight of Jake, naked, standing in the middle of the room with his back to me, retrieving the last of his clothing from his luggage. I walked up behind him and encircled him at the waist in my arms, then let my hands slowly drift down his lower belly and through his soft pubic hair to tickle at his soft penis.

“I thought I would take a shower and change to help me unwind from the flight and long drive, if that’s okay?”

I spun Jake around and looked deep into his eyes. “If we’re really going to do what we’ve talked about, then you don’t have to ask anything. This is your home, too. You’re free to do as you please. But, I do have one question.”

“What’s that?”

“Would you like some company in that shower?”

“Oh, I thought you’d never ask.”

Before he had even completed the sentence, his nimble fingers were already unbuttoning my shirt and moving toward my belt. Meanwhile, my hands were busy as well, the left hand kneading and stroking at his expanding erection while the right hand caressed his smooth, shapely ass with a tremendous sense of anticipation.

Karl and Chip were moving about in their room, unpacking Karl’s bags and placing underwear and T-shirts in drawers and hanging slacks and denims in the closet. Chip thought it odd to hang up blue jeans but then he figured that Karl had to be able to look good at a moment’s notice. And, boy, he looked good right now.

The flimsy beige linen slacks that Karl was wearing were snugly fitted to his rear, reminding Chip of those many nights of staring at that same ass, naked, in the photos. He was really looking forward to seeing Karl naked in person but worried about the prospect of Karl seeing him in the same condition.

Karl turned suddenly, catching Chips gaze. He gave Chip a teasing smile, and then, when he noted the red flush that rose from inside his shirt right up to his hairline, he let Chip off the hook and asked where he should put his bathroom articles.

“The bathroom is though that door,” Chip replied, motioning toward a dark wood door at the other end of the large bedroom.

“Good. I think I’ll freshen up and change clothes before I go downstairs.” Karl paused, a mischievous expression slowly crossing his face. “Do you have a back brush?”

“A back brush?”

“You know, a brush with a long handle that you use to wash your back in places that you can’t reach with just your hands and a washcloth?”

“Oh, no. I don’t have anything like that.”

“I see. Then I guess I’ll have to ask you to help me.”

“Me? Help you what?” Chip was blushing again and clearly nervous, his foot tapping out a morse code on the floor at a rapid pace.

“Wash my back, of course. I need you to wash my back.” Karl had already started removing his shirt while kicking off his shoes. “Come on, then. Get undressed so we can shower. We don’t want to keep Brian and Jake waiting too long. Heaven knows what they’ll get up to if we give them too much time alone.” The smile widened on Karl’s face as he turned to look directly at Chip, wiggling his eyebrows.

Karl tossed his shirt aside revealing his upper body to Chip, who stood frozen in place staring at the Nordic blonde boy that had so captured his attention and imagination. As the boy unfastened his trousers, lowered the zipper and let the slacks drop around his ankles, standing before Chip in a small pair of cherry red briefs, Chip could only stare, and gasp.

Stepping out of the trousers, Karl moved to Chip, his fingers deftly moving over the buttons of Chips shirt and quickly opening the front, revealing the smooth torso of the dark haired boy who remained frozen in place. When Karl unfastened Chip’s denims and lowered the zipper on the fly, his fingers brushed across the protrusion pressing out against the inside of the blue cotton denim. “Well, I’m glad to see that my efforts aren’t wasted.” He allowed the denims to fall around Chip’s ankles.

Chips eyes became as large as saucers as he realized that Karl was aware of his erection, but his eyes closed suddenly and his mouth gaped open as Karl traced his fingers gently over the tubular shape in his white boxer briefs. When he felt Karl lowering his briefs and the cool air sensation of his erection being exposed and springing forth from confinement, Chip’s mind raced with a combination of excitement and fear. He had only been with two men in his life, both much older than himself, and he had felt cared for and wanted, which he attributed to his youth and the fact that an older man, he assumed, would not feel too choosy. But now, with a gorgeous boy his own age, and a popular model to boot, he lacked those simple assurances and was afraid Karl would not find him acceptable. His fears were somewhat allayed and his knees rendered weak, as he felt Karl’s soft hand close around his erection and gently stroke.

“Let’s get in the shower.” Karl’s voice had taken on a slightly gutteral tone and he used Chip’s erection as a handle in leading him toward the bathroom door. As they passed through into the bathroom, Karl shed his own briefs.

Chip was mesmerized. Karl was naked in front of him and he couldn’t take his eyes off the magnificent ass that he had been drooling over since Brian returned from New York with the photographs. While Karl, bent over to start the water and check the temperature, Chip stared at the smooth rounded cheeks and wide crevice and absentmindedly stroked his own erection.

“Save that for me,” Karl announced as he turned around. His own erection was now at full staff and stretching out and slightly pointing toward the ceiling. “I’ve been looking forward to this since Brian first showed me a picture of you.”

Chip’s hand moved away from his erection suddenly, embarrassed at being caught masturbating while staring at Karl’s rear end. But Karl’s words brought a sudden sense of peace and relief to his mind and his normal personality started to take hold once more. “Is the water ready yet?” He moved toward Karl and slid the palm of his hand over the blonde boy’s belly and through the dark blonde curls around his manhood, finally enclosing the fleshy pole in his outstretched hand.

Karl gasped with joy. “It had better be!”

Stepping under the warm spray, the two boys gravitated toward one another instantly, pressing their stomachs together as their arms encircled each other and their faces, somewhat haltingly, moved together. Chip would later relate to Brian that when Karl’s lips touched his, it was like magic, like an electrical spark passed between them, and Chip was left wondering if this was what was meant by fireworks going off in all the romance novels.

As they battled for dominance with their passionate kisses, Chips hands roamed down Karl’s back. He was mesmerized by the silkiness of the Nordic boy’s flesh, by the way each cheek of the boy’s magnificent ass perfectly fit into the palms of his hands, by the firmness of the muscle in those cheeks and the deeply etched dimples on the sides. He felt his passion rising as they ground their stomachs together, their hard members plowing through crinkly pubic hair, rubbing flesh against flesh, and the friction of their movements causing a soaring of lust and tingling anticipation to course through the overstimulated head of Chip’s hard cock.

Chip pulled his hips back quickly, and tried to clear his mind by thinking of something unpleasant, but he had trouble finding anything unpleasant in his life at this moment as Karl’s continued to kiss him. Finally, Chip thought of his high school principal who had treated him so badly and within moments he could feel the passion in his loins begin to retreat by the slightest amount, but sufficient to prevent his reaching the apex of his passions and climaxing before he was ready.

“What’s wrong?” Karl seemed a bit worried.

“Nothing. I was just about to go over the top and I didn’t want it to happen so soon.”

“Why not? We’re young. We’ll bounce back within ten or fifteen minutes. We can do this all night!” Karl grinned with such brilliance that Chip thought momentarily that his new friend might just be a sex fiend.

“Yes, but right now I want to just enjoy exploring your body. You’re so beautiful I don’t think I could ever be satisfied that I’ve seen enough or touched enough.” The expression on Chip’s face during his small confession was one of absolute sincerity and Karl felt a small prick to his heart. While he had been hoping that some type of relationship might develop with Chip, he had felt so horny - the old primordial urges - since meeting the dark haired boy, that sexual satisfaction had become his primary goal of the moment. Now, however, his thoughts returned to the hopes he had held when first discussing Chip with Brian in New York and the sense that he had felt that Chip sounded like just the type of person he had been hoping he could meet in order to build a long term and caring relationship.

As Karl was re-evaluating his motivations, Chip had slowly sunk to his knees so that he was eye to eye with the hard fleshy tube that sprouted from the nest of pubic hairs at the juncture of Karl’s slender thighs. He encircled the flesh in his hand and slowly stroked it, enthralled with the feel of the soft skin sliding over a core of steel, the beauty of this male organ and the enticement that it was transmitting directly to his brain.

Unable to restrain himself longer, Chip moved his head forward and licked at the tip of the spongy head. Then again, and again. Finally, growing impatient, he opened his mouth wide and moved his lips over the shaft taking it in as far as he could manage. He was certainly not a novice to this act of lovemaking but this was somehow different, seemingly new, an experience like none that he had before. Without even thinking, operating more on auto pilot, Chip’s lips were gliding to and fro along the wet pole, his tongue doing a steady dance over the soft head each time he withdrew, only to plunge down the shaft once more.

Chip’s hands were now exploring the heavy testes that hung between Karl’s slender thighs, marveling at how hairless they were, at the feel of the pebble-grained texture of the loose sac that held the two orbs that were roiling and churning with life. He moved his center finger back along the line that ran from the back of Karl’s balls until he found the small puckered flower that was buried deep between Karl’s magnificent ass cheeks, and gently inserted his finger to the second knuckle, twisting it and squirming the finger around until he felt a small spongy gland and Karl gasped and reflexively thrust his hips forward.

Chip continued mouthing Karl’s maleness and slowly moving his deeply inserted finger around in Karl’s anus until he felt the sudden stiffening of Karl’s entire frame, the increased hardness of his cock, the balls draw up closer to the base, and a pulsing sensation pass through the small gland in Karl’s ass against which his finger was massaging. Chip knew it was time and withdrew to the head in order to allow himself the opportunity to fully partake of what Karl would be offering, as well as to further enhance Karl’s pleasure. Chip knew from experience and experimentation that a blow job terminated on the threshold of climax was nowhere near as satisfying as one that continued, focused on the overly sensitive spongy head, until the last pulse had been fired. And Chip was determined that Karl would be treated to the most intense experience he could possibly offer.

When Karl’s climax finally abated, he almost collapsed to the floor of the shower stall, and leaned heavily on Chip in order to stay upright. His breathing was ragged and rapid, his heart beating so powerfully that it felt it would rip out of his chest, and his legs shaking violently as though struggling to support him. His arms felt leaden and he let them hang at his sides weakly.

Chip stood up and reached for the soap and began to lovingly lather up Karl’s neck, shoulders, chest and arms as the blonde boy stood mutely, too drained to even respond. By the time Chip had washed the boys private parts, his legs, his back and - with great deliberation and frequent pause - his ass, and stood up to face Karl, the weakened boy had regained a measure of his strength and his composure. He returned the favor, washing Chip carefully and with equal loving movements, and then kissed him lightly on the lips.

“Your turn.”

Chip stood stock still, wondering what Karl had in mind. His cock was still fiercely hard and leaping with each beat of his heart. How could it not be when he was in this shower, naked, alone, with one so beautiful and sexy as Karl.

Karl turned around, leaning forward, his hands braced against the tiled wall, his hips thrust backward. He looked over his shoulder, still appearing a little weak but at the same time very anxious to have Chip take pleasure from him.

Chip immediately got the message and moved up behind Karl. He grabbed a small bottle of Baby Oil off the shower shelf and put a little in his palm and then stroked his erection. It had never felt so solid as this before. Now slicked up, he carefully moved forward and placed the head of his cock against the small rosebud of Karl’s ass and pressed gently. He felt resistence and pressed harder, finally feeling the passage open and allow him entry. Once the spongy head had succeeded in passing the portal, the shaft seemed to slide easily and willingly, almost of its own accord, deep into Karl’s bowels.

Karl was on fire with the pleasurable sensations that were sending signals everywhere in his body. He could feel the soft curls of Chip’s pubic hair tickling his ass, Chip’s balls slapping against his cheeks with the culmination of each forward thrust, and the entire experience had reinvigorated his senses and returned stiffness to his maleness. This was more than he had expected and the thought crossed his mind that Brian must have been a very good teacher in order for Chip to have such consummate skill in lovemaking.

An animalistic growl escaped from Chip’s throat as he thrust his hips forward one final time, remaining motionless pressed against Karl’s rear, and his entire body seemed to be emptying into Karl’s bowels in powerful pulses. It seemed it would never end, but finally it did and exhausted Chip pulled his hips back, allowing his softening cock to pop free from Karl’s ass.

When Chip recovered and Karl looked down, they realized that Karl had reached climax a second time, simultaneously with Chip. The grinned at each other, kissed deeply but with an air of exhaustion, then cleaned up and exited the shower to dress and find Brian and Jake.

Note: My apologies for the long delay in posting this next episode and I assure you it was not for lack of interest. My thanks to the many who wrote with words of encouragement and get-well wishes. I kept this a bit shorter than the first in order that your wait not be prolonged. I will now attempt to write the concluding book and bring the story to a close .... then, all things permitting ... on to the next story.