The Model at my Door

by A. Richard Hunter


Chapter Six

On Christmas morning, we were all hung over from a late night of talking, drinking and our own individual bed-parties with no indication that anyone was interested in getting up early. I slept until almost ten in the morning before finally arising to go downstairs and get a roaring fire going in the fireplace. It was both to warm the room as well as set the atmosphere.

While the others slept on, I went into the kitchen and began brewing coffee, breaking eggs into a bowl, placing sausage and bacon on one griddle while the other was busily preparing saucer sized pancakes. Once everything was prepared, I put the food in covered serving warmers and placed them along the bar so that everyone could eat what they wanted and when they wanted.

Upstairs, I looked in on Chip and was pleased that he and Karl were getting along so well. Karl had kicked off the blankets in his sleep - each room had its own temperature controls and apparently the boys had made their’s quite warm - and both boys lay on the bed naked, fully erect and they slept the sleep of the innocent. Karl’s head lay low on Chip’s chest, facing Chip’s throbbing morning erection, almost as though he had fallen asleep in the middle of preparing to give Chip pleasure. Chip’s arm was stretched out so that his hand was resting on Karl’s naked hip. I wished for a camera at that moment so that I could record this scene of two beautiful boys together.

Returning to my own room, I threw the covers off of Jake. He, too, was naked, his beautiful long legs spread wide, his morning erection equally as desirable as the two boys I had just left, and I stood admiring this young man who had so quickly and so completely become such a major and important part of my life. Gradually, the cooler temperatures of our room began to seep through Jake’s slumber and his eyes snapped open as his hands searched for the covers, not finding them.

“I never realized you were such a voyeur. How long have you been staring at me?” Jake’s voice was still husky with sleep. “And why don’t you come over here and do something to help wake me up?” He flashed his trademark grin at me as his right hand snaked down to his erection to hold it upright and wave it at me.

“Arrrggh!” All I could do was growl and leap on the bed next to him. I had planned on getting him up for some breakfast but decided to make him the breakfast instead.

Laying beside Jake, I pulled him on top of me and stroked his smooth skin. I loved the feel of his lean body, the firm muscles that weren’t bulky but were clearly solid. This was one of my favorite ways to spend time with Jake, beneath him, face to face, kissing while my hands explored his incredibly beautiful body. It was something I couldn’t get enough of. But, as much as I loved this, I pushed him to the side and followed in a rolling motion until I was straddling him, looking into his eyes as my hands found his erection and his plump balls.

That Jake loved to be touched and caressed was obvious to anyone who might watch him at moments like this. I supposed it was because he had gone without tender caresses or loving embraces for so many years of his life that it was extra special for him. And I loved making this extra special for Jake.

I broke our eye contact and lowered my face to his upright cock, lapping at the soft, spongy, arrow-tipped glans as I felt my self drifting into Shangri La with the pleasure that came from making love to my Jake. MY Jake. How wonderful that sounded. And it was official since, last night, Jake and I had declared our intentions toward one another and agreed to a commitment ceremony as soon as we could set it up and work it around his hectic schedule. I couldn’t remember the last time I had been so happy. I was actually giddy with joy and anticipation.

My head was bobbing rapidly now, and Jake was clutching the bed sheets in tight fists, his hips raising further and further off the bed allowing my hands to work underneath him and grasp those two perfect melons of his perfect ass. His breathing was coming hard and fast, short gasps and long sighs, his eyes glazed over and staring at the ceiling. I knew it was much more than any technique I had ever mastered. This was what love was all about. Just being with that one very special person in your life whom you loved beyond words was enough to produce orgasm so any additional stimulation that your partner might provide just made it that much more intense. And then it was over. For both of us.

Jake fired one volley after another into my hungry mouth while the pleasure of seeing him naked, feeling my lips around his magnificent cock, receiving his release, grasping his ass in my hands and watching the pleasure march across his face, pushed me over the edge without ever having touched myself. It wasn’t until my head cleared that I realized that my own orgasm had been assisted by the caresses of his foot against my steely hard cock. I had been so wrapped up in devoting myself to Jake’s pleasure that I hadn’t even been aware of his own attention to my needs, until I felt the slight caress on my slowly wilting penis.

I rolled over on my back beside my love and took his hand in mine. When my breathing returned to normal, allowing me to talk, I looked over at him with an almost Cheshire Cat grin. “I think we should get showered and get downstairs for breakfast. I made scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon and coffee and we have some fantastic Danish in the pantry.”

“You sure know how to treat a guy. But this kind of breakfast,” Jake grinned while waving my deflated cock, “would certainly be less fattening.”

“You can have that for desert, after it recovers from the great foot action you gave it.”

We hopped into the large shower and restricted ourselves to actually showering, then pulled on our large terry cloth robes and headed down to breakfast. We had just finished eating and were sitting on the hearth in front of the fire enjoying a second cup of coffee when Chip and Karl came bounding down the stairs. It appeared that they had finally gotten out of bed and showered and were too hungry to delay long enough to put on their clothes. They each were wrapped in a oversized towel around their hips and their smooth chests still gleamed with water from their showers and that dripped from their wet hair.

“Breakfast is buffet style this morning. It’s in the warmers on the bar. Help yourselves.” I smiled at Chip as he blushed, knowing me well enough to have already discerned what was going through my head as I looked at the two young beauties. “I take it you have some interesting plans for today since you apparently don’t want to take the time to get dressed.”

Karl smiled his most seductively at me. “We didn’t actually come down for breakfast. We came down to get in the spa. But, food is a good idea, too.” The boys headed over to the bar and began filling their plates then settled together on the large sofa next to the Christmas Tree.

Jake had used subtlety to work his hand under my robe and was now massaging my growing erection. I was doing my best to appear nonchalant as though nothing was going on but it was apparent that I was not doing a very good job when I noticed Chip give Karl a nudge with his elbow and motion toward us with his head. Karl, of course, looked and then giggled and nudged Chip back.

Jake leaned over and whispered in my ear so that the boys couldn’t hear. “I had to make sure that your attention was focused on me. I saw how you were looking at the two of them in just their towels and picturing what was underneath.” I turned to look at him, completely surprised by his statement and wanting to assure him that such wasn’t actually the case. He just grinned. He was teasing, as usual. And then he leaned in and kissed me.

“Get a room!” Chip grunted playfully.

“Yea, get a room!” Karl chimed in.

In response, before I could anticipate, let alone act, Jake threw up the bottom of my robe revealing my almost painful erection which he continued to manipulate in his hand. “You guys are just jealous because Brian is all mine.” With that announcement, Jake dove toward my lap and I gasped in shock and pleasure as I felt his soft lips and tongue begin to work on my overheated organ.

I was catapulted into a trance-like state, no longer aware of the two boys watching. My mouth hung open, my head fell back and I offered no resistance as Jake untied the sash and pushed the robe open and off my shoulders. If I’d had my senses about me, I would have been horribly embarrassed at being so exposed and making such a spectacle of myself. But, my mind was too overwhelmed with a rush of sensations to have any room for being aware of my surroundings for the moment.

I didn’t notice that the two boys were looking on in awe, Chip particularly transfixed and flushing a slight shade of red. I didn’t notice when Karl rose from the sofa and quietly moved toward us, nor when he threw the bottom of Jake’s robe up and exposed Jake’s slender erection and dusty colored public hair. With my eyes closed, I didn’t see Karl take Jake in his mouth and begin administering an expert blow job, nor did I see the look of lust that crossed Chip’s face.

I became aware of all of this when I felt a spongy head pressing at my lips, opened my mouth to allow it entry and then opened my eyes to find that I was sucking on Chip. A quick glance around revealed that while I was sucking on Chip’s cock, Chip was sucking on Karl, who was sucking on Jake, who was, of course, sucking on me.

My first thought was that I had to stop what was happening. I couldn’t violate the commitment I had just made to Jake. But, my second thought was realistic. Obviously, Jake was not objecting because he was allowing Karl access to his private parts and had to have been aware of what was happening before I was. If he hadn’t tried to stop this, why should I.

I glanced around, watching wistfully as Jake’s cock slid in and out of Karl’s lips, a constant tempo maintained. Jake, in turn, seemed to have fallen to the beat and was maintaining the same tempo as his head plunged and retracted in unison while administering pleasure to me. I looked over and watched briefly, as best I could, as Chip mouthed Karl’s manhood, his nose brushing through the scant dark blonde public hair with each downward trust, his tongue flicking at the sensitive spot just beneath the head of Karl’s cock each time he withdrew. It was a technique I had been the beneficiary of on many occasions. Finally, I looked at Chip’s cock as it slid in and out of my mouth, most of the action the result of the movement of Chip’s hips as I debated what to do, then watched what was happening. I corrected my inattentiveness and dedicated myself to delivering consummate pleasure to this beautiful roommate of mine and noted the immediate change in his posture and response.

Chips hand ran through my hair and I could feel the genuine tenderness that his simple act conveyed to me. I allowed my mind to wander, to wonder what would have been the outcome of my relationship with Chip if Jake had not wound up sitting on my porch that night several months ago. Would I have doubted my love for Chip or would it still have been the same? Would I have eventually found someone else that took me away from Chip?

Our little daisy chain, here on the plush carpet near the fire, was beginning to produce results and I felt a tightening at my center, an instinctive effort to hold back, to resist release, and a rising heat that originated near my anus and spread throughout my body before it overcame my strength and resistance. I quickly tapped Jake’s head to alert him, knowing he did not generally like to receive a release, and he quickly withdrew and moved his hand up and down my swollen shaft, pointing it at my chest as I began to pump out the evidence of my passion and pleasure.

Jake was also going over the top. I could tell by the reflexive jerks in his abdomen and the manner in which Karl’s cheeks puffed out and his throat gulped. Chip, it seemed, was focused more on what I was giving to him than what he was giving to Karl and I felt bad that Karl wasn’t providing as great a distraction as I had hoped and intended. I so wanted Chip to be happy, and I genuinely felt he had a greater chance of happiness with someone closer to his own age. But now, I wasn’t as certain as I had once been. Lust was apparently driving him where Karl was concerned, but love seemed to be his motivator where I was concerned. Maybe it would just take more time for love to develop between them than it had for Chip and I.

On the other hand, it struck me that when Jake started this whole spectacle, the natural reaction should have been that Karl and Chip began their own tryst with each other. But, instead, Karl had come over to pursue his pleasure with Jake. Did that mean that Karl was in the same boat as Chip? Was he holding a desire to be with Jake while lusting after Chip merely on a physical level.

By now, Karl had achieved his apex and was giving off the milk of human passion, which Chip was taking like a trooper. That, and my own increase of ministrations, had caused the sun to rise white hot in Chip’s own loins and I knew release was imminent. I gratefully received what was offered and wondered if this would be the last time I would be able to taste the nectar of this precious boy who had become such a big part of my life.

Once we had all begun to breathe normally again, and had recovered from the intensity of this shared experience, we retired to the spa and spent nearly an hour soaking up the heat and relaxation. There seemed to be little focus on the gifts still under the tree for the time being. More importantly, even though we were each with our intended partner in the spa, I could see that Chip was watching me far more closely than any attention he gave to Karl. And, the same seemed to be true of Karl with Jake. This was not how it was intended to be.

Chapter Seven

We were all thoroughly exhausted Christmas night and retired to bed early. It had been a busy and hectic day but also, for me, a very confusing one. From the moment I had shown Chip the photographs of Karl, it had seemed that he was love struck. The same had seemed to hold true for Karl when he saw the picture of Chip, but the events of the day seemed to be a contradiction to those previous assumptions.

But it had been a wonderful day, just the same. Jake and I had spent some real time alone with one another, talking, enjoying each other’s companionship, and having time to let our hair down, so to speak. We had made love three times during the day and each time had seemed more special than the last. I was also aware that Chip and Karl had enjoyed their day together, using the spa at various times for both relaxation and as a playground, and seeming to genuinely enjoy each other’s company. That is, if their actions were any indication. I had gone downstairs in late afternoon and they were romping through the house, naked, each sporting a granite hard erection, chasing each other, wrestling, tickling and eventually dissolving into hard core sexual activities. It was probably safe to say that they had tried everything at this point.

When we finally got around to opening gifts at around six in the evening, there had been surprises all around. I had given Jake a Rolex watch, a fine gold neckchain, a gold ring with a diamond set in the center of an onyx field, and a Blackberry to make it easier for us to keep in touch with one another as he moved about the world. I had given Blackberry’s to Karl and Chip also, so that they, also, could more easily keep in touch with one another. I had also given a gold bracelet to Karl that I had noticed in the Jeweler’s over in town and had instantly visualized how attractive it would look on his small wrist in complement to his golden tan.

Where Chip was concerned, I had gone all out. He had been the foundation of my life almost from the first day I moved in and, although it appeared we would be moving in opposite directions as far as our love lives were concerned, he would always be my close friend, confidante and a big part of my life. And, I would continue to love him in a special way until my dying day. I showed my affection for Chip with a small box that I had handed him after he had finished opening other gifts of jewelry, designer clothes, gift certificates and the Blackberry. As he removed the top of the box, his expression changed from one of curiosity, to confusion, to surprise and to excitement. He extracted the small keyring bearing a single key and an electronic key fob. As his eyes focused on the insignia on the key, the familiar green background with the white letters that spelled ‘Land Rover’, he had flung himself at me and kissed me for several embarrassingly long minutes as Jake watched, amused I hoped, until he pulled away with tears streaming down his cheeks. It was a two year old vehicle - I might be wealthy but not reckless - that had been thoroughly inspected and reconditioned. It had a superior crash rating, superior stability and handling, four wheel drive and was considered virtually unstoppable in off road travel. I had felt it would protect my precious boy as he traveled around in this wintry weather and stop me from constantly obsessing with worry whenever he was out of my sight and driving around on icy, snow covered roads.

Jake and Karl had also exchanged gifts which were indicative of friendship and Jake had gifted me with several very expensive and hard to acquire designer shirts from Milan and a pair of custom made dress boots from Rome. He had also, very generously and, I was sure as a token of friendship and conciliation, given Chip a beautiful black silk suit from Italy and the name of a custom tailor in Phoenix who was qualified to make any necessary fittings and adjustments to the very fine and expensive garment.

What followed were seven blissful days of enjoying my time with Jake and observing the playful antics of Chip and Karl. I’m not certain, of course, but I don’t think they wore any clothing the entire seven days. Every time I saw them, they were naked, usually at least partially erect, often times touching each other by holding hands, caressing thighs, leaning together or stroking one another’s upright pole.

The night before they were to leave, Jake initiated another ‘groupe a quatre’ in a very subtle yet effective way. This one, however, was different from the one that occurred on Christmas Day and had no resemblance to the classic ‘daisy chain’ we had enjoyed on that holiday morning.

We had all been sitting watching the fire, listening to music and talking among ourselves, enjoying the last night we would all have together as a group before Jake and Karl returned to New York. Jake and I were wearing our robes while Chip and Karl wore only their customary towels. Even those towels were inadequate since both boys sat directly across from us and had their legs spread wide.

Jake had suddenly risen to his feet and crossed the open space between the facing sofas and stretched out his hand to Karl. He pulled Karl to his feet and led him over to stand directly in front of me. I looked up, wondering what this was all about just as Jake loosened the towel around Karl’s slim hips and let it drop to the floor. The he crossed back over to Chip and again extended his hand, pulled Chip to his feet, and led Chip over to stand next to Karl. Jake loosened the towel around Chip’s hips and let it drop then seated himself on the sofa next to me, facing Chip, and reached up to cup Chip’s beautiful testicles in his palm. “We need to have a final party before we leave that will assure there are no regrets.” Jake looked at me. “Obviously, you and Chip still love each other and I would never presume to interfere, in spite of the commitment we have made to each other. What the two of you have is very special. What the two of us have is very special. I see no reason that they must each be exclusive.” Then he looked at Karl. “I’m aware that Karl has a crush on me that may or may not be long term. He will have to work that out for himself. And, in return, I am very fond of him. We will spend a lot of time together in our careers and we have developed a good friendship. If Brian and Chip have no objections, I would like to feel that Karl and I are free to share ourselves with each other when the need or desire arises so that we do not stray.” Then, finally, Jake looked at Chip. “I feel a bit like an interloper, having come somewhat between you and Brian. That was not my intent. You are a gorgeous guy and obviously very special. Karl is very taken with you, which I am happy about since he needs someone that he can truly love and be loved by. I don’t know what your feelings are for him - that’s between the two of you - but it appears that you are quite taken with him as well. For my part, I would like to know you better and be close to you as well. To say that I am sexually attracted to you would be an understatement. It seems that the four of us are destined to be linked together for some time and I thought we should all get to the point where we are comfortable and at ease, without reservations or misgivings. My new Rolex is set to chime every three minutes. The first time it chimes, we stop and change partners. The second chime, we change positions. The third chime, we change partners. That way, each of us will have a chance to give and receive with each of us.”

With that final pronouncement, Jake leaned forward and took Chip into his mouth and Chip quickly responded, becoming almost instantly erect. Jake’s hand’s explored Chip’s abdomen and stomach, his chest, his arms, his legs, his ass and then started their journey all over again. I watched for a few moments, caught up in the fervor of watching the two boys I loved most in the world coming together sexually and amazed at the wisdom and grace of my young lover and his ability to go to the root of a problem that I, with my mature years of experience, had been unable to resolve. As Chip sank to the floor and pulled Jake with him, turning around in a classic sixty-nine position and taking Jake into his mouth, Karl tugged me to my feet and led me to an open space of floor.

“I’ve been wanting to do this again the whole time we’ve been here, Brian. Jake was wrong about one thing. I have a crush on you. I’m in love with Jake. Kind of makes things complicated doesn’t it?”

My cock was already at full mast just from standing in front of this blonde adonis. “Not right now, it doesn’t.” I grasped Karl’s cock in my hand and began gently pulling as we sank to the carpet and turned our bodies head to foot. I paused for a moment, looking over at Jake and Chip who were obviously enjoying their first sexual experience with each other and I felt my heart swell as the love I felt for each of them seemed to multiply exponentially. Then I turned my focus to the blonde angel and set to giving him the best experience I possibly could.

That night as I lay in bed with Jake, I was again astounded by his wisdom and forethought as he offered further explanation for his earlier actions.

“I’ve watched the way you and Chip interact and look at each other. The love you share for each other is so deep it would be inhumanly cruel to try and keep you apart. At the same time, I love you so much I cannot let you go either. Then, of course, there was Karl. I became aware of his growing feelings and attraction for me just over a week ago when he had a few drinks and crawled in bed with me and started trying to start something. As much as I wanted to not hurt his feelings - as much as part of me even wanted to make love to him - I didn’t want to betray your trust when I had already made up my mind about announcing my commitment to you.”

I looked at Jake and could see the gleam in his eyes as he lay there looking at me, his palm resting on my chest and his index finger slowly moving back and forth over one very aroused nipple.

“I wasn’t sure what to do and then Christmas Day happened. Over the past week, that has kept coming back to me. There weren’t any hurt feelings, no guilt trips, no recriminations. We have all bonded so well during this week that it’s almost like we’re a family unit. Then I started thinking of practicalities. Karl and I will be away from you and Chip for sometimes long periods of time. Long distance relationships are difficult under the best of circumstances but these circumstances are far from the best ones. Karl and I will constantly be surround by some of the world’s most beautiful and desirable men. And we will constantly be pursued by some of these men. You and Chip will be together all the time. We’re all going to have needs and temptations and if we try to deny them, they will tear us apart. And if we give into them and try to pretend we didn’t, the guilt will destroy us. It just suddenly hit me. Since we’ve become very much like a family, our commitment should be to our little family, and not to just one single member of that family. That way, Karl and I can give in to the feelings we have for one another without guilt and keep each other in check, while you and Chip can do the same. We can arrange to be together as a foursome as often as possible. There will be times that Karl will be free to visit when I’m working, and vice versa. If we have a completely open relationship but within the committed environment of our little family, we will have the best chance for a successful long term relationship.”

It seemed so simple and yet so complex. It was an approach I had not thought of nor heard of before but it seemed to offer the best chance for us to deal with the myriad special circumstances that characterized this unconventional relationship. I slept on the idea overnight and Jake and I presented the idea to Karl and Chip the following morning. Both boys were enthusiastic about the plan and agreed it was the best solution.

Just as we were concluding our discussion we heard the horn of the limousine out front and we rushed to carry baggage and boxes out to the limo. The boxes would be delivered to an air freight carrier so that the boys would not need to trundle from the New York airport to their hotels with all of their gifts. Chip and I stood in the doorway of the cabin, arms around each other’s waists, and waved as we bid goodbye to Jake and Karl and watched until the limo was out of sight.

Ten minutes later, both my Blackberry and Chip’s Blackberry chirped to announce an incoming message. Mine was from Jake, Chip’s from Karl. The messages were identical. “I love you. See you in February.”


It took only a year for all of us to realize that the long separations were taking their toll on us. Our feelings had not changed for one another but it seemed that Jake and Karl were pairing off more decisively, as were Chip and I. It alarmed Jake who voiced his concerns and fears that a continuation of this trend might eventually weaken the bond that he and I felt and result in a deterioration of our commitment. Again, it was not me that came up with the solution.

Chip, now nearing his nineteenth birthday, was the one to propose the solution. “Why is it necessary for Brian and I to remain here in the cabin as you guys move around the world on your assignments? You go on the same assignments only about half the time, meaning the other half of the time you’re each alone while Brian and I continue to be constantly together. That’s great for me - for us - but it’s kind of the pits for the two of you. I know Brian would like to spend more time with you, Jake, and I would like to be with Karl more than I am, so why don’t we make some changes.”

Jake and I smiled at each other, not certain what was coming but rather impressed by what Chip had said thus far.

“Okay, from what I can tell, each of you two spends about three months of the year in Milan, usually at the same time. If we buy a small villa there, you would have your own home while in Milan and Brian and I could plan to be there at the same time. That would be three months of the year that the four of us could count on being together.

“Fifty percent of the year, the two of you are apart - alone without each other - and only a third of that is downtime which allows you to come here to the cabin and be with Brian and I. I think that when you are on individual assignments, alone, that we should come to you. You shouldn’t be deprived of the benefit of this special relationship while Brian and I are having all the love. If Karl is alone, I’ll fly out to be with him. If Jake is alone, Brian can go and be with him. And if the alone time is downtime for one of you, you can come here and be at the cabin.

“This way, everyone is assured of being with someone for most of the year and we each will be able to have ten times the amount of time together that we’ve had in the past year, and at least three months of the year when all four of us are together.”

Chip grinned mischievously. “I like when all four of us get together because I have three cocks I can suck.”

After discussion, we decided that Chip’s solution was an excellent idea. We began making plans and putting those plans into motion. Chip, who was studying business administration at Northern Arizona University, proved to be a very capable organizer and administrator, handling details, making calls and arrangements, discussing and negotiating with a variety of business organizations and people, and preparing proposals that we could all discuss and agree on.

Within the year, we had purchased a spacious villa outside of Milan, Italy and arranged it for occupancy. We had also purchased an apartment in New York City. Chip kept track of the schedules for Jake and Karl and coordinated matching schedules for he and I. He transferred his studies to the internet so that he could continue his education no matter where he was in the world. The result of the planning and efforts resulted in my being alone with Jake for about three months of the year, alone with Karl for about one month, alone with Chip about four months, and all of us together for four months of the year. My relationship with Jake deepened and blossomed, my relationship with Karl became more tender, loving and passionate on a human level rather than just an animalistic sexual level, and my relationship with Chip....well, it just continued as ever except that I discovered I really was IN love with him after all.

- Fini -

I hope the ending to this story was one that everyone could enjoy, including the reader who wrote to implore me not to have an “O. Henry” ending. Quite honestly, I had no idea how it would end until I had written it. I was torn between a committed monogamous relationship, which I personally favor in my life, and an ending that would not tear Brian and Chip apart after having spent so much time developing their relationship. At the same time, since Jake was the ‘model at my door’ it seemed disingenuous to exclude that character from the final relationship strategy. This seemed the best solution to the question.

I hope you enjoyed this story overall. I will now start to work on my next adventure, a true story.

- Richard