"How dare you call me a homophobic prick. You lie to me, make me believe in you and want to fight your case and now that I've found out you've been lying about this whole case, that I am some big homophobe. You are ruining a young man's life because he's a closet case. You know he has everything to loose and you can get him to do whatever you want. So when he filed this case on you, you turned around and used you being gay as an excuse."

"Come on Mark leave it alone. We've taken his case now," sighed Dave, the second council on the case.

"Yeah the queer guy is always going to be in the wrong, no matter what happens," snapped Mike who sat rigidly in his seat. His usual blonde which were styled and gelled to the side, were haphazardly splayed on top of his head. His blue eyes seemed tired and sad, and his clothes rumpled from sleeping on a plastic chair for a whole night.

"FUCK YOU!," yelled Mark his face contorted in disgust and anger at the seventeen year old that sat before him. "How DARE you use that. Do you remember Stephen Wright? He was the same age as you when he died. He was raped and beaten to death, because he was gay. I was the prosecutor in that case, he was alive for nine days before he died. You know what he asked me to he begged me to put his killers behind bars. Not because they had killed him, even before he could begin his life. No because he didn't want them coming after anymore gay people. He thought that at least gay people - people like you would be safe from at least two more homophobes like them, if they were behind bars. So I did what he asked. He died before he knew the verdict but I won, I won the case for him. But you know what I want to say to him. That he should have died wanting them in bars because they killed him. Not to protect fucking fags like you!."

"I...I...You can't call me a..." whimpered Mike.

"Oh yes I can, because that's what you are Mike. You are ruining a boys life, for some quick cash. Stephen was gay and he was killed for that. He was a good man and sweet man. You Mike are fucking scum, you're not even worth the shit on the sidewalk. Remember this Mike, I'll make you pay for what you did to Peter, and believe you and me - that I'm going to make you suffer."

Picking up his briefcase Mark Davies strode over the door of the conference room, he held onto the door handle and pulled open the door. He stepped forward but not turning back first to address Mike Douglas one more time.

"Oh and that comment on me being a homophobic prick. It's a bit stupid to call a gay man homophobic don't you think?" And with a smirk he left both Dave and Mike with shocked faces.