MY GAP YEAR By Nigel Dean

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The departures board showed still another two hours before take off.  I was glad that I would have to wait on my own, in all honesty I would not have wanted either of them there and yet I felt let down, sad and faintly angry that I was not important enough in their busy little lives to meet a proper good-bye.

"You do understand don't you darling ?  This is such an important meeting for the business I really can't put it off and your father simply can not miss a cabinet meeting.  So you go off and have a wonderful time, you don't really want your parents hanging around do you ?"  then she kissed me on the cheek.

My parents had never hung around !  All my life they had hardly ever been there and I learned to accept the fact.  No, I didn't want them at the airport but it would have been nice to think they cared enough to have been there. I looked at my watch - eight-fifteen, Jack was probably only just going to bed. I looked forward so much to meeting him, spending the next twelve months with him and to all the fun we were going to have together.  For the first time in my life I had something to look forward to, I didn't care if I never came back to England and did not care if I never went to university.

My father, the great and mighty man of the people, is a vocal exponent of higher education for all, in public at least praising establishments the like of The University of Luton or Slough, places where if you can write your name and pay the course fees degrees are given just for being there.  Privately, however, he only thinks there are two universities: one in Oxford and one in Cambridge.  For a man holding high office in a socialist government he is decidedly right wing.  But then isn't all of Tony Blair's New Labour Government right wing ?  I won't tell you his precise position in the cabinet, to do so would give away his identity and I'd rather it wasn't revealed in this account, but accept his position and name are seldom out of the public eye.  God I hate all that, at least in America I will be able to get away from it all and be my own person.

Jack and I have become good friends and I am so looking forward to meeting him face to face. I had come out to Jack shortly before my eighteenth birthday and his support has been the best thing to happen to me so when he invited me to spend my gap year in Los Angeles I seized the opportunity. My parents were told I was going to work with a charitable foundation and neither one of them stopped to ask enough questions to find out what I was really going to do !

If you were to ask me why my parents had me in the first place I could not give you an answer.  When I was about fourteen I came to the conclusion that it was purely as a status symbol but I am not now so sure, perhaps I was just an accident.  Who knows ?   I certainly don't !  It was at about the same time in my life that I realised I was gay.  there was a gang wank at school, lads daring one another to see who had the bottle to jerk off in front of each other.  There were six of us, for five it had been an adolescent laugh while for me it was my first gay experience.

I did not tell anyone about my sexuality, I did not come out.  God my mother would have died if she knew and my father would worry himself sick that it was a subject the tabloid newspapers could use to attack him.  So I kept me secret.

For my eighteenth birthday I was given a digital camera, quite a nice expensive and sophisticated camera.  using the time delay I started to take nude pictures of myself then after a while put them on a small website.  I was careful not to show my face but got a kick out of thinking guys in all corners of the world were wanking off while looking at my pictures.  Let me be hones, I often wanked to them myself !

Every day I go so many e-mails from guys who had found the site, I tell you opening my inbox and reading what guys said was a real turn on. Of course there were those who were old enough to be my grand-dad but I always tried to respond to every message. For most it was kind of automatic but when Jack's e-mail arrived it was different and I knew from it something special would grow. But never did I expect to be boarding an aircraft to fly half way round the world and spend a year with a guy who had chanced upon my pictures among the countless millions appearing on the World Wide Web.

An hour and a half to go but how long before the flight is called for boarding ?  Time perhaps to write a little more.  I have decided to keep a diary, or as the Americans would say a journal. It has killed quite a bit of time waiting here in Heathrow Airport's Terminal Three for Virgin Atlantic's flight VS007 to Los Angeles. That's an eleven hour flight so I guess I'll be able to write a whole load more, at least setting the background to start my journal ready for all the entries I shall make when I start my new life in America.

At Cambridge I am supposedly going to read English Literature but I have a full year ahead of me during which I intend to escape any further education, of the formal type anyway. I guess being a student would be fun but I want more than just ordinary fun in my life, I want adventure.  I want excitement.   I want to take risks, big risks. I want to take big, big, big risks. And what would I do with a degree anyway ?   Stuff me I don't have a clue !  I am certainly not going into politics like my beloved father - no way !  I would like to be an under-cover secret agent but how does anyone get into that line of work ?  In the same way a fighter pilot, formula one racing driver or deep sea diver would fulfill my need for adventure but any such desires are a little childish and would not require a Master of Arts degree from Jesus College Cambridge !  Then Jack told me what he did for a living and I knew it was something I would like to try.

When Jack sent me his first e-mail after looking at the pictures on my website he had attached a full frontal nude picture of himself.  God what a hardon I achieved just by looking at it ! He was older than me with an incredibly toned body and what a cock !  I don't look too bad myself but was puny by the side of him.  I had thought that all Americans were cit, it must be a myth as Jack isn't, he has a truly delicious foreskin. We then progressed to sending one another video clips as we jerked of and finally agreed to talk together via webcam on MSN.

That first night I prepared the camera and mike looking forward to a hot session of cyber sex.  We were both bollock naked but instead of pumping adolescent testosterone I poured my heart out to my friend.  I told him about my father seeing himself as a future prime minister to the point of ignoring the fact that he had a son, I told him how my mother owned and ran a chain of designer fashion shops, how both of my parents could manage their lives better without me as a part of it.  I explained how I needed to explore my own sexuality, how I craved for adventure and how I desperately did not want to go to university.

"Wow," Jack said.

"I'm sorry to burden you with all this crap."

"Hey it's no problem, what are friends for after all ?"

"Thanks."  I was embarrassed.

"I don't have a whole lot to do with my parents,"  Jack explained.  "My father thinks I am a nelly boy and blames my mother for making me gay, as if anyone can make you gay !"  he laughed.

I already knew that Jack did not live with his parents but rented a small apartment in Orange County.

"Hey come over,"  he suddenly said.  "I mean it come over we can have fun together. we can even go to Disneyland !"

I sensed the invitation was genuine, sincere and I wanted to accept.

"Thank you,"  I said quietly.  "I would like to meet you. What about work ?"  I guess I was so familiar with my parents lives revolving round their work and excluding me I did not see how anyone would be able to make space.  "What do you do ?"  I asked.

I've just looked up at the departure screen and see that my flight has at last been called for boarding.  I'd better make my way to the gate, I'll continue writing once I am onboard the aircraft.

One advantage of having rich parents is being able to travel business class. My mother organised the ticket for me and it never occurred to her to book economy.  I have a comfortable window seat with nobody sitting next to me.  I have a glass of champagne in my hand and my new life ahead of me.  Oh dear I was about to continue my story but have been asked to shut down the laptop and all electrical equipment until after take off.  Speak again in a few minutes.

I have just woken up, fancy I have been asleep for more than an hour.  Once the aircraft had taken off I put my seat back, closed my eyes to think of the fantastic times waiting for me and I must have dropped off.   Funny that 'cos I'm not tired, isn't dozing something old people do ?  Hell I'm not even nineteen yet ! So where was I ?  Oh yes... I had just asked Jack what he did for a living.

He was a little hesitant with an answer but eventually said, "I'm self-employed."

"Really ?  That's fantastic but what is it you do ?"

Again he was reticent  then said, "I'm not ashamed, just a bit embarrassed about telling you."

"What ?"

"I am an escort."

The quality of pictures from a webcam is never good but I was sure my friend was blushing.

"Wow ! Cool !"

"You don't mind ?"

"Bloody hell no.  God how cool !"

A million and one questions then filled my brain, a million and one questions I wanted to ask my friend.  Yes, I was going to Los Angeles to visit Jim, more than that I would find somewhere to stay - I was going to spend my gap year there working as an escort myself in the Golden state of California. Starting there and then I shared my thoughts with Jack then developed a plan through several on-line sessions over the next few days.

"You can stay with me for the year," he said, "no problem.  Don't worry about trying to find a place of your own."


There is one difficulty you'll face though."

"What's that ?"

"US Immigration will only grant you leave to stay for three months, it's standard procedure without a visa or work permit."

"I see." That was bad news.

"But we can take a trip to Mexico or Canada for a few days then when we return you'll get another three months. If we do that three times during the year you'll get a full twelve months here."


"Oh Nigel I am so excited that you are coming here to stay with me."

I could hear that excitement in is voice.

But there was a problem, a big problem and one I could not share with my friend.  I was a virgin !  I would have to do something abut that.

"Have you made a choice from the menu sir ? The steward asked.

I had a delicious steak in a rich wine sauce followed by fruit and ice cream Very good. I like my food, even at my age I have come to know the difference between frozen ready meals and proper cooking.  meals at school were decidedly the former but at home my parents employed a cook-housekeeper and it was she, who from my early teenage years, taught me the importance of serving a good plate.  Many an hour I spent with her in the kitchen, confiding things my parents would never have been interested in while she taught me how to cook properly.  I think she would have been kind in her critique of my airline dinner.  But my diary here isn't being written to talk about food. Where was I ?

My virginity.  I had retained this past my eighteenth year.  Girls were of no interest and I feared coming out to the other boys at school where any such disclosure would have earned me total ridicule.  My sexual experience was confined to wanking and sticking my own fingers up my own arse !  If I was really going to become an escort I would have to lose my virginity and not only that I would need to gather some extensive experience very quickly.

I had saved all the e-mails I received at my website, there were hundreds of them. Wit a spiral notepad at the side of my PC I went through them all noting down details of all where the sender wanted to have sex with me. I then crossed out all who were not from England, next disregarding any that hinted at being time wasters. Forget any that came from guys living hundreds of miles away and I was left with just five. Two were from guys claiming to be in their twenties, I thought they were probably telling the truth, one had attached some pictures to his e-mail.  Another was from a guy who was over weight, no let me tell you the truth - he was fat. I decided to keep him on my list as I may well find clients like him as I embarked on my new career.  The other two were significantly older tan me, one in his forties and the other in his fifties.  For the same reason I kept them both on my list.

I e-mailed a very carefully worded message to each, offering to have sex with them.  Three responded, one of the guys in his twenties, the fat guy and the guy in his forties.  Within the space of a week I had met with them all and shagged my arse silly.

The younger guy was first and while he was a hunk the sex was not good.  It hurt, was over quickly and I did not get much pleasure at all from it.  Better next time, I said to myself.  Next time it was the fat guy and yes it was better.  He fucked me then offered me his arse which I accepted and thank god I have a reasonable sized dick 'cos it was a long way down between his bum cheeks!

The older guy was the last in my trio of lessons and better by far than the other two put together. He invited me to his home, treated me with great respect and kindness then showed me how beautiful sex can be.  We kissed, he fucked me, I fucked him, we rolled together naked and our session lasted for more than two hours.  It was wonderful, truly wonderful.  If I can have clients like him I am going to be a fantastic escort.

I told Jack in one of our on-line chats about these three then confessed how I had before been a virgin.  I don't think jack quite knew what to say then settled for, "You horny little bugger !"

The e-mails continued to flood into my website and I accepted two more offers of sex. As I sit here somewhere high above the North Atlantic by virginity is past history and I have three notches on my, on my........bugger I don't know what word to use here !  Never mind by then end of this day there will be not five notches but six as I add Jack to my list of conquests.

Jack had considered my intent to join him as an escort but was careful in how he discussed the subject with me.

"Are you sure about this ?"

I was.

"Perhaps you could start with a couple of duo sessions with me, I have some clients who would like that"

"That would be cool."

I learned how my friend was a high class escort, no quick one hour shags with him.  He was very discrete and would not divulge who his clients were save that they included many rich and famous, several who I would recognise from film and television."

"Wow, did that mean that as an escort I would be shagging movie stars ?"

And then he told me what he charged for a meeting and my mouth fell open. It was more than my father earned as a member of the government.  Not so much as my mother made in a year but that's another story.  If I can earn like that what's the point in my going to university at all ?  I can tell you that is a question I have debated with myself many times in recent days and sitting here on this aircraft I am giving it more reflection.

So Jack had suggested I begin my working life in duo sessions with him.  "I'll be there to guide and support you," he said. "Try it out a few times and see how you get on before you go solo."  My share of any duo clients would be 500, Jack generously offered to split the fee fifty-fifty.

Oh god it feel like I have been on this aircraft half my life, how much longer before we land in Los Angeles ?  My arse aches from sitting all these hours.  He, he it'll ache for another reason later on if I am lucky.  I think I am going to close my eyes and try to sleep for a while, see if I can make the time pass that way.  I'll try to dream of Jack, yes that's what I'll do.

I don't think I did manage to sleep but I did manage to shut my eyes for a time and blot out some of this long flight.  It's taking eleven hours to fly from London to Los Angeles, thank god Jack does not live in Australia ! The stewards are coming round with plates of sandwiches, I am not hungry but eating will help to pass some more of the time.  I have been looking round at some of my fellow passengers, not the women, I have not given them any attention, but looking at some of the men I have tried to imagine them as my clients, undressing them in my mind and contemplating having sex with them.  I think I will make a good escort.

Since I first decided I was going to America to work as an escort I have found myself looking at guys more and more, eying tem and imagining what they would be like in bed as clients.  The clerk behind the counter at the bank, the guy driving past in an expensive BMW or 4x4, the man waiting for a bus.  I look first at their arses and then at their faces. The steward who brought me my sandwiches has a nice arse, tight bum cheeks pressing hard against the fabric of his trousers.  I wouldn't mind having him as a client.  But I guess airline cabin crew do not earn enough money to ire escorts, at least not those who charge as highly as I will.  Jack said I would recognise some of his clients from film and television, I wonder who these famous people are.  Singers ?  Actors ?  Sports stars ?

Another glass of champagne, may as well get the full value of this business class sear my dear mother has paid for.  I suppose I should admire my parents, my mother with her multi-million pound fashion empire and my father as a high ranking politician in the government. Shit I hope I don't get any politicians as clients, what if they know my father and recognise me ?

No way am I ashamed of what I am going to do but I do not want my family to find out.  But why should they ?  They don't know of the existence of my website and thousands of guys check it out every week.  I am a little porn star in my own right.

The endless hours of sea down beneath us were replaced some time ago by ice, impossible to tell if it was snow on the land or icebergs, but now we have been flying over clear land for some time. We are far too high up to distinguish anything clearly, I wonder if we are flying over Canada or America, I do hope it is the United States.

Another good thin about flying business class is that I have been able to plug my laptop computer into a power socket, without this the battery would have died hours ago.  I type a paragraph or two then gaze out of the window, daydream about my life in Los Angeles then type a little more.  Surely it can not be that much longer before we land.

There has been a distinct change in the tone of the engines and the ground looks just a little closer, we must be on our way down. Please say that we are.  The cabin crew is coming round trying to sell duty free gods, is that a sign the flight is coming to an end ? God that guy has a great arse, if he wants to be a client I would offer him a discount even buy one get one free.  I am afraid I laughed out loud as the thought came into mind and I typed it, the cute guy looked at me and our eyes met I hope he did not guess what I was thinking.  I wonder if he is gay, I could do so much with that arse of his.

I did not buy anything from the duty free, I have already got something very special to give to Jack, apart from myself that is.  The cabin crew is now busying about the aircraft tidying up ready or landing. Yes, the ground is closer now I can make out far more detail.  The wings of he plane are behind me so I can not see if the flaps have been extended or not in preparation for landing.  I am so excited, I am like a small child. Not that long now.

I have so  much to tell you, so much to type up here in my diary.  It's hours since I landed at Los Angeles International, met my friend jack and ............. Well let me try to put it all into some kind of order.  It is now half past four n the morning, the problem is back home it will be lunch time and although I have hardly slept all night I am not tired. Jetlag has me up and sitting in Jack's kitchen once more furiously typing on my laptop.  I have pulled on a pair of boxers but am so horned up I am bulging out of them.

Finally we did land at Los Angeles after hours of flying from London. It took for ever to taxi from the runway to the terminal building, I was so excited and wanting to meet Jack.  US Immigration was a nightmare, we lined up for ever waiting in turn to be quizzed by a stony faced official.  I lied about the purpose of my visit, told him it was a short holiday.  Finally my passport was stamped but the words that immigration officer spoke sent a chill down my spine.

"You have the same name as the British Foreign secretary," he said through a thin smile. "Any relation ?"

Christ !  I shook my head but felt the warm glow as my face blushed.

"I stamped his passport," he guy boasted, "when he visited the Governor of California a few months back. Of course that was in the VIP suite."

"He is my father,"  I said in reply. Shit why did I say that ? I had been recognised, less than an hour on US soil and I had been recognised.  I took my passport and moved away.

My heart thumped hard inside my chest as I stood in the baggage hall, what if other people picked up on who I am ?  But I am nobody ! Shit ! Shit ! And shit again !  Now I  realise I have written the position my father holds in the British Government, I must go back and change that but first let me tell you some more of my story, it will help me stop worrying.

As I emerged from the baggage area into the arrivals hall I was met by a sea of faces, frantically I searched them for Jack. Would I be able to recognise him in the flesh, would he recognise me ?  We had only seen each other on webcam and in pictures, where was Jack ?  My already rapidly beating heart pounded so fast I thought it would burst, it's thumping only exceeded by the tightening know in my stomach. I was excited yes but I was nervous, I was apprehensive, I was scared !

"Nigel."  I turned my head. "Here Nigel, over here."  Jack was waving, jumping up and waving furiously."

Thank god !  I smiled and ran towards him. We embraced in a tight hug of friendship.  I was in America and starting the adventure of my gap year.  I held my friend close to me and drank deeply of his perfume.  It was an age before I released him and we made our way out to the car park.

"Bugger me is that yours ?"

"Sure is."

I have not learned to drive myself but always thought that when I did and passed my test I would be able to tap my mother in order to buy something cool and modestly expensive in which to drive about. A BMW Mini perhaps or an Audi TT but I had never remotely considered then genre of motor vehicle my friend Jack and I now stood beside.

"What is it ?" I asked.

"A 1963 Chevrolet Impala,"  Jack smiled, "I spent a fortune having it restored.

"Did you do the work yourself ?"

"No," Jack giggled, " I don't know squat about motor engineering, I paid for the work to be done by a specialist company in San Francisco."

I slid my hand cross the red leather upholstery then moved to get into the passenger seat.

"You can drive if you want to."

"I don't drive," I blushed, "I haven't learned yet."  Then before jack could comment on this lack in my character I added, "Can we take a scenic rout ?  I am going to enjoy riding in this."

Jack folded down the top, warm air blew through the car as we sped along bringing a unique smell of balmy sweetness which I have already come to associate with my new home here in California.  Jack dismissed it as being them smell of smog and pollution but I like it and know I will become addicted to this aroma and all here waiting for me in California.

Jack had described his home to me and I had seen parts of it in the background during our on-line webcam chats.  My imagination had enhanced my view but all in all my new home was little as I had anticipated.

Jack showed me round.  "My home is your home,"  he said, "treat it as such. There are three bedrooms, I thought we could have one each as our own space then perhaps a third for sleeping."

I smiled

I didn't sleep much even when Jack's special welcome for me turned to my resting in his arms.  I have been up and writing now for perhaps thirty minutes, Jack is still fast asleep.

 I have learned that Jack is a good cook, the meal he had prepared for me was something Shakespeare would have found hard to put into words.  "Lt me help with the washing up," I offered.

"No need," Jack smiled, "I never do the dishes, I have a lady who comes in each day to do the chores."

I thought of our cook/housekeeper back home and thought also that Jack would be an easier person to work for than my mother.  My mother, I wonder what she is doing right now.  It's the middle of the day back home, I wonder if she is thinking about me ?  I doubt it.  I wonder if she cares ?

"Are you tired ?"  Jack asked. 

"Not particularly."

"Allow me to put it a different way, are you ready for bed ?"

My answer took the form of a wide grin.

There are experts in every walk of life, in every field of endeavor. There are champions in golf, there are those who can run or swim faster than others.  There are those with skills in their fingers allowing them to create works of art.  Others have technical abilities and can conceive great new inventions.  Each is a champion in their own right.  My friend Jack is an expert at sex.

He began by floating his hands over my body, deftly undressing me from the burden of clothing I had worn since I got up and left home for the airport.  As he touched my skin shivers of electricity raised microscopic hairs onto their ends.  I moved to assist with the removal of Jack's own clothing but somehow this was not necessary, I let myself mentally lay back and enjoy what was happening.

Jack left us naked save for our briefs, small items of clothing hiding the ultimate prize and gift we had for one another.  My friend began to peck kisses on my neck then move down to kiss my chest and navel. His tongue caressed each of my nipples in turn sending a hardness into them I had not experienced since the earliest days of puberty.

"Oh Jack what are you doing to me ?"  I sighed then added, "Don't stop."

He had no intention of stopping, his mouth was paying attention to the faint line of downy hair that leads from below my belly button to my pubic bush.  His fingers hooked the elastic of my underpants, gently lowering them to allow his kisses to reach a new area.

I as hard, of course I was hard, with a stiffness between my legs I thought would cause me to burst.  I arched my back upwards pushing myself towards Jack who eased my underpants down below my knees then as I lowered myself back onto the bed he slipped them over my ankles to leave me completely naked.

My arms reached out and began to explore my friend, my fingers rippled over his muscular chest then pulled him closer to me.  We held one another in a vice-like hold.

"You take me first," Jack whispered then pecked a gentle kiss on my ear.

We released each other to prepare for new things to come, things better and on a higher level.  Although I claimed myself no longer to be a virginal novice my knowledge f men was still limited.  I had previously had sex with a variety of men and there were hundreds of photographs guys had e-mailed me via my website but of them all my Jack was the most beautiful, the most magnificent, the most special.  The perfectly shaped curve of his cheeks was now before me and so scrumptiously inviting in the extreme but this time I was not going to have sex I was going to make love.

My right hand gently stroked those cheeks, their warmth sending waves of new and additional excitement through me.  I bent forward to kiss them, one kiss on each cheek then pressing my lips into the line dividing them.  I tipped my tongue ever so gently between them - once, twice, three times.

Very soon my fingers were exploring that same space, caressing then sliding between by friend's cheeks as they probed a way inside.  My index finger began the penetration, Jack groaned softly encouraging me to press deeper.  I added a second finger, moved them round and withdrew.  Again I kissed those handsome cheeks then made ready for the ultimate joy that was there waiting for me. Waiting ever since Jack and I had first began to talk on-line.

My cock slid in easily and I pressed until the concave of my groin so perfectly cupped the convex of his buttocks.  Jack pinched those buttocks together to hold me firmly, we were as one.  One body, one spirit, one faultless pleasure.  Any foreplay was over, any slow build up to love making was in the past, I thrust wildly pumping my cock in and out of my dear friend.  If I were leading an Olympic race I could not have brought out from within my body a greater effort.  Beads of perspiration formed all over me, rivulets coursed down my forehead and on to my face.  Faster and faster - faster and faster.  Jack was crying out with ecstasy.  the aroma of our two bodies combined to fill the room with a heavy perfume.

Such was the energy I was expending I was panting for breath, sucking all the air I could gasp into my lungs.  Adrenalin surged round my body yet never quite enough to meet the demand.  faster and faster, deeper I pressed my manhood probing ever more my friend's inner beauty.

And then I came.  Like a dam bursting under enormous pressure I drove hot jizz into my friend. More and more, more and much more.  Jack too reached a climax and shot his man-juice like a flame of napalm passion across the space in front of him.  Only when we were both totally expended did I withdraw.  My lover instantly began to kiss me.  Our tongues played in one another's mouth, moving with a will of their very own.  For how long this coda to our love making continued I can not tell you, eventually we fell asleep tight in each other's arms.

How cruel that jetlag has been to awaken me from that sleep but soon I will finish this record in my diary then I can return to my lover's arms.  But wait, I can hear him moving - he is calling to me.

"In here."

"What are you doing ?"

"I am writing my diary. I am writing down all that has happened."

"About me ?"

"Of course."

"Can I see ? Can I read what you are writing ?"

"I would like that."

Jack is smiling at me.

"Let me see and when I have read it all I will give you some more to add.  By the time your year in California is up your journal will have more words in it than Leo Tolstoy  wrote in War and Peace." be continued.........

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