My Last Day Without You
Chapter 5: Truth or Dare

by Quinn D.K.

Henrik read and re-read the rules. The setup of the game was simple enough. There was a pouch for pink chips with truth questions on them and a second pouch for blue chips containing dare commands. They'd take turns choosing until one or both of them got fully naked. After thoroughly familiarizing himself with the game, Henrik placed it onto coffee table and leaned back on the sofa, stretching out his long legs.

I can't believe we're about to do this, he thought with a surge of naughtiness. While Henrik's dating life had been pretty bare for the past two years, he was sure most normal first dates didn't contain an impromptu game of Strip Truth or Dare.

Ezra had excused himself a moment before to change clothes (Hopefully into much less). He seemed adorably flustered and Henrik couldn't blame him. Their whole afternoon, really, had been especially surreal. He enjoyed meeting Violet and found her to be very nice but he wasn't all that sad to see her go, either. Especially now that they had a promising new way to pass the time.

"Okay, I'm ready." Ezra stepped back into the living room. Henrik frowned. He was wearing considerably more clothes than before, including a baggy sweater and a old, faded baseball cap.

"I don't think you're really getting into the spirit of the game we're about to play."

Ezra sank into the sofa cushion beside him. "Dude, I'm just trying to even the playing field. Look how much you're wearing!" He pointed at Henrik's various articles of clothing as he listed them off. "Suit vest, dress shirt, pants, two socks. Assuming you're not going commando, those are six items."

"I'm not going commando," Henrik shook his head. He returned the favor and listed off Ezra's clothes. "Let's see. Sweater, jeans, two socks, hat, and... underwear?" Ezra nodded yes. Henrik sighed greatly. "Okay, I guess that's fair. But I'm not happy about it."

"Duly noted," Ezra said. Henrik watched his handsome, boyish face brighten as he smiled. How can he have all those clothes on and still look ridiculously sexy?

Ezra skimmed through the rules, mouthing the words, oblivious to the fact that Henrik was undressing him with his eyes. "So there are rules for two players and separate rules for a group. I'm assuming we're going with two players."

Henrik ran his hand along the curve of Ezra's slender back. "Yep. Sounds good."

"Player 1 must choose either truth or dare. If player 1 chooses a truth, player 2 must select a truth chip for them from the pink pouch. Or for a dare, the blue pouch for a dare chip. Player 2 will then read aloud the question or command printed on the chip for player 1 to answer or perform." Ezra wrinkled his nose. "Does it really need to be called 'the pink pouch'?"

"Beats me," Henrik said, muffled, his mouth already busy on the back of the younger man's neck. Ezra shivered, backing into the pleasant touch for a moment.

"Come on!" Ezra playfully held him back. "Do you want to play this game or not?"

Henrik considered answering honestly for a moment. He was much more interested in tearing off Ezra's clothes, bending him over the sofa and fucking him hard and deep...

Hold your horses, Viking. It was rare that his mind drifted into such raw territory - but then again, it was rare that Henrik wasn't on the ice or training in a gym. Spending his one day off in the presence of someone he actually wanted to touch and kiss and fuck had brought out an entirely new side to him. A side that Henrik quite liked.

Ezra continued, "If a player cannot answer a truth, answers a truth incorrectly, or refuses to perform a dare, they must remove a piece of clothing. The first player to lose all articles of clothing is the loser." He looked directly at Henrik, his expression fiery. "Think you can handle that?"

"You should see the NHL rule guide, it's thick as a phone book. I've got this in the bag."

"Oh, you say that now. Who goes first?"

"I will," Henrik offered. "I pick truth."

"Wuss," Ezra teased. He picked a chip from the truth pouch and read the printed text. "Describe the last porn movie you've gotten off to." His gaze met Henrik's. "Oh, man. I don't know why but it's weird to imagine you watching porn."

"What! Why?"

"I don't know! You just seem so, like, above that kind of thing."

Henrik raised a brow. "Well, prepare to be disappointed."

"Oh no! The invincible hockey captain is just as perverted as us mere mortals. It wasn't sports-themed, was it?"

Henrik laughed again. "Hell no. After spending months on end with a sweaty, dirty group of guys who look just like me-"

"You just described my dreams," Ezra interjected.

"-it's the last thing I'd want to see. The last porn I saw... huh. I don't remember what it was called or if it even had a title. These two guys were on a bed and this other guy off camera was kind of telling them what to do."

"Oh yeah?"

"Not in a scary or demanding way, or anything. More like he was making suggestions. One of them said he was straight, the other said he'd fooled around with a buddy of his but nothing serious. They were nervous at first, but got more comfortable. More eager, you know? It was kind of hot, but..."

"But what?"

"But they never kissed or anything. I know that sounds weird but I can't get off to a porn if the guys don't kiss. Otherwise it's too impersonal, too mechanical." Ezra said nothing for a moment. Henrik started to worry he'd revealed more about himself then he could handle. "What's wrong?"

Ezra mockingly waved the truth chip in front of his face. "You didn't answer the question, Viking! It said describe the last porn you 'got off to'. And you didn't get off to it."

"Come on!" Henrik raised his arms like he was objecting a match penalty. "I still answered!"

"You didn't answer correctly. And I think we both know what that means." Ezra's eyes fluttered suggestively.

Henrik covered his burning hot face and laughed. Fine, fine. Take the loss, captain. He had his inhibitions just like any good Swede, but they had faded steadily throughout the day. He was comfortable around Ezra, more than he'd ever been with anyone he'd known less than a day. Henrik removed one sock and threw it to the floor. "I'm gonna get you back for this."

"I'm so sure you will," Ezra replied with a saucy grin. He seemed to be enjoying himself - a little shy yet a little naughty, too. It was hot.

"Your turn, troublemaker. Truth or dare?"

Ezra reflected over the question for a moment. "I'm gonna match you wuss-for-wuss. Truth."

Henrik dipped into the truth pouch and read from a random chip. "What is your wildest sexual fantasy?"

Ezra drummed his fingers against his lap. "Hmm. I guess that would be two men at once. A threeway. I've never had one before."

Henrik liked how smoothly the answer came, relaxed and unfazed. "Been fantasizing about two of me, have you?"

It made Ezra laugh. "Come on, your turn."

"Wait, wait. I want to know more about this threeway fantasy. What position are you in?"

Ezra's composure slipped for a second. "The middle."

Henrik's cock thickened and he sat up straighter. "One guy behind you, one in front?"

"Yes, Henrik. Can we keep playing? Truth or dare. Come on."

The image of Ezra on his hands and knees between two men drove Henrik unexpectedly wild. He shifted slightly as his erection grew against the wool material of his pants. The revelation had him feeling a little bolder. "I pick dare."

"Ooh, now it's getting interesting." Ezra gleefully opened the dare pouch and plucked out a chip. He barely got through the first few words before he burst into laughter. "Wow. Okay. Perform a sexy lap dance for your partner."

The color drained from Henrik's face. "You're kidding, it doesn't say that." Ezra let him see for himself. Perform a sexy lap dance for your partner was indeed on the chip, plain as day.

Ezra reached the table for his Macbook. "Let's see, what's good lap dance music? There's got to be a Spotify playlist for this. Help me pick something, Magic Mike."

"Hold on, stop. I'll save you the time." Henrik took off his other sock. "That's not happening."

"But I wanted to see you and that Swedish butt pull off some moves!"

"I will gladly take the loss, both for my sake and yours. Truth or dare?"

Disappointed, Ezra sighed. "Dare."

Henrik chose another blue chip. Reading it, his eyes widened with both surprise and satisfaction. "If you're wearing pants, pull them down and let your partner spank you ten times."

It took a moment for the words to land. Ezra flopped his whole body onto the sofa cushions and howled with laughter. "You can't be serious!"

"I've never been more serious about anything in my life," Henrik said as he brushed the chip against his beard. "What do you say, sport?"

"Does it say how hard the spanks have to be?"

"I'll be the one to decide that."

"You're not seriously making me do this."

"Oh, I'm not making you do anything. You've got the choice between a win or a loss, here. It's all up to you," Henrik challenged.

A long moment, followed by a sigh. Henrik's heart sped as Ezra crawled toward him. He laid stomach-down across Henrik's lap. "Happy now?"

"You've got to pull down those pants. Don't make me do it for you, boy."

Ezra arched an eyebrow, intrigued. "He's getting bossy now."

Henrik lightly ran a couple of fingers down Ezra's back, making the younger man tremor under his touch. "I hope that's okay."

"I don't want you thinking I unbutton my pants on the first date for just any guy..."

"Trust me, I feel very special right now." That was certainly no lie. The most beautiful man in Toronto was lying across his lap. It was impossible not to feel privileged.

With a knowing look, Ezra lifted his hips to unbuckle his jeans and slid them off his ass.

"Helvete," Henrik breathed. He didn't normally swear in Swedish except under extraordinary circumstances and the mouth-watering sight of Ezra's ass in tight red briefs most definitely qualified as one. He'd been admiring that butt all day and now he'd uncovered the treasure in nearly all its glory.

"The undies stay on," Ezra was quick to note.

Henrik's gaze roamed along the outline of his plump butt cheeks. "For now."

Ezra buried his face into the sofa cushion to muffle his giggling. "Oh god. Let's just get this over with."

Henrik gripped a handful of Ezra's left butt cheek, enjoying its fleshy roundness. He raised his hand and gave it a firm whack with the flat of his palm. Ezra's butt jiggled pleasantly in the aftershock, causing the young man to gasp.


"Too hard?" Henrik smirked. Ezra's locomotive heartbeat pounded against his lap, a sensation that made Henrik's mind whirl with delight. When Ezra shook his head, Henrik gave his ass another slap. Then another, then another, each whack connecting with a good, hard clap of sound.

"Fuck..." Ezra muttered. His breathing quickened to match his heartbeat.

"Told you I'd get you back, didn't I?"

Smack. Smack. Smack.

Henrik only had three more left and he wanted to relish them. The skin around Ezra's briefs was turning bright red. "Want me to stop?"

"No," Ezra shot back. "Please, no." He was out of breath and completely flushed, a trickle of sweat forming on his forehead. The spanking turned him on to the point where he was nearly begging for more. "I don't want you to stop."

"Good," Henrik growled. He slapped Ezra's ass again, a little harder than the previous seven times.

Two more.

Smack. Ezra made a noise that was practically a howl - a deep and earthy vibration from the base of his throat.

God. It was all Henrik could do not to tear those briefs right off that perfect butt. To think that there was only a thin layer of cotton separating him from that tempting, delicious mound...

SMACK. Ezra's back arched as the final spank hit him. Henrik gave his butt one more tantalizing squeeze before he helped Ezra pull his pants back up.

"You sure you can't leave these jeans off for the rest of the game?"

Ezra buttoned them and pulled off from Henrik's lap. He seemed exhausted, but still game to continue. "I earned that dare fair and square. Nothing's coming off me this round."

"Fine, fine." Henrik kissed him. He wasn't sure what compelled him to - maybe it was the dizzy, satisfied look on Ezra's face. But Henrik needed the closeness, needed to know that he was okay. Besides, those lips tasted heavenly. "We can stop if you want," he said quietly.

Ezra shook his head. "No, let's keep going."

"You're sure?"

"It'll be a little hard to sit from now on, but I want to play. And get you back."

Henrik laughed. "You're gonna do the spanking, now?"

"In due time," Ezra teased. "But my goal today is to get all those clothes off first."


A few rounds later, Ezra was nearly halfway toward his goal. He successfully answered another truth ("What was the last thing you've roleplayed during sex?", "A male nurse with a sore throat") and pulled off another dare ("Send a sext to a random person in your phone's contacts", which Ezra did to the befuddlement of a former roommate). So far, all of his clothes remained on his body.

Henrik, however, wasn't progressing as nicely. When asked to name the most embarrassing thing to happen to him during sex, Henrik failed to produce an answer and had to take off his suit vest. To Ezra's utter delight, Henrik stumbled with yet another truth in the following round.

"What is the most embarrassing thing I've caught my parents doing?" Henrik repeated the question, more than a little perturbed. "That's disgusting!"

"That's the game, Viking. You have an answer or not?"

"I don't know! If I ever saw anything, I probably repressed it immediately..."

Ezra sighed and shook his head. "Then I think you owe me some skin."

Henrik looked down at his remaining visible clothes: a dress shirt and pants. Smirking, he unbuttoned the shirt.

"Here we go." Ezra tilted his head back to enjoy the show. Today was truly a day of firsts - he certainly never made a hockey player strip before. Their spanking session had been new to him as well. For an activity built purely on degrading another person, a dark, hidden part of Ezra unabashedly enjoyed it. Sometimes pure sexual need overrode pride.

Henrik undid the last button and removed his shirt. Ezra's eyes simmered over the man's exposed torso, a perfect combination of bulky and toned. Most pleasing of all was the generous sprinkling of dark hair that rippled along the swell of Henrik's pecs. It flowed down his impressively defined eight pack abs and connected to the treasure trail that led under the waistband of his pants. His arms were just as impressive as the rest of him - muscular and solid. Mmm.

Henrik wasn't even flexing or tensing, just sitting casually, and he still looked like a Greek god statue. "Like what you see?"

Ezra bit his lower lip and tried to focus. "Suddenly a little self-conscious about my gym routine. Or lack thereof."

"Please, I could bounce a quarter off your butt. Truth or dare?"


Henrik reached into the truth pouch. Watching him do it barechested only added to the unbearable erotic tension that charged the air between them.

"Weird." Henrik pulled out a green chip. There was no text on it. "What do green chips mean? They're blank."

They combed through the rules again and found a section they had skimmed over. Ezra read, "If a player finds a green chip in the truth pouch, they have the freedom to ask their partner any truth question their naughty mind can come up with. Similarly, a green chip in the dare pouch means the player can create any dare command they desire."

"This is intriguing," Henrik's deep voice pondered. "So I can ask you any truth I want?"

"Careful now. Great power, great responsibility."

Thinking carefully, Henrik patted the chip against his strong jaw. "If we lived in the same city and I asked you on a second date, would you say yes? And what would you want to do?"

"Hey! Those are two questions."

"You can just answer the first," Henrik allowed. "Consider the second question a thought exercise."

Ezra had spent the entire day avoiding that exact thought exercise. But refusing to answer would not only cost him a piece of clothing, it would stick an awkward knife in their otherwise enjoyable afternoon.

So keep the momentum going, he told himself. Just think about it, hypothetically. A second date. A burning excitement lit Ezra's stomach.

God, can you imagine that? Imagine a third date, too. A fourth, a fifth, a sixth. Imagine waking up every morning cocooned in Henrik's big arms, feeling his scruff on your skin as he kisses you hello. Imagine feeling this protected and cared for all the time. Imagine sitting dutifully in the stands of all his hockey games, cheering him on, being so excited to see him play even if you have no idea what's going on.

Imagine steeling yourself as you bring Henrik home to meet mom and dad. Imagine the dazzled look on dad's face as Henrik's strong handshake catches him off guard. Imagine mom's smile when she notices how happy Henrik's made me, the lilt in her voice when she quietly tells me she's never seen me like this before.

When Ezra finally answered, he wasn't sure if he wanted to smile or cry. "I'd say yes to a second date. Uh huh."

Henrik tossed the green chip onto the table. His left pectoral flexed and jumped involuntarily. "Where would you want me to take you?"

"That depends where we're living in this little scenario. Toronto or Portland?"

"Let's consider both. What if I lived in Toronto?"

Ezra navigated the possibilities. "Hrrmm. We'll start with dinner at Pizzeria Libretto on Ossington. I already know what I want: the prosciutto pizza with the beet caprese salad. Then, depending on what's playing, we could catch a documentary at the Lightbox. And we can finish the night with a drink at 3030 Bar in the Junction. This is all on me, by the way."

Henrik stroked his palm against Ezra's knee. "I don't think I've ever let someone pay for me on a night out."

"If we end up crashing another Zamboni, I'd be glad to let you foot the bill again." Ezra enjoyed a twinge of victory as the hockey captain laughed. He loved hearing that sound. "So what about Portland? I've never been before."

Henrik didn't need to think quite as long as Ezra. "We'll watch the sunset at Skidmore Bluffs first."

"Starting with a hike, huh?" Ezra shook his head with a grin. He should have known Henrik's date ideas would be a tad more athletic than his.

"We can grab a Spanish coffee at Hubert's Cafe after. Or maybe the Swift Lounge. Cocktails in mason jars, that's a very Portland thing," Henrik said. His fingers lazily drifted up and down Ezra's denim-covered knee. "There's always some kind of outdoor movie screening. We could grab a blanket and a flask and crash one."

Ezra huffed with pretend caution. "That sounds very dangerous."

"Ah, but I'll protect you, remember? You're safe with me."

Ezra smoothed his hand over Henrik's. "If I was with you I wouldn't be worried at all."

"Good," Henrik smiled. "Because in addition to my career as a professional ice hockey forward, I'm an excellent crime fighter."

"So I've heard, Clark Kent. Where else in Portland are you taking me?"

"We'll be finishing the night up at the city's best view. Hands down."

"Where's that?"

"My place."

Heat prickled Ezra's skin. "I like the sound of that. What kind of place do you live in?"

"It's just a penthouse. Nothing special."

Ezra could tell he was being modest. Still, he couldn't resist the opportunity to rib the man. "And how many floors does this not-special-penthouse have? Three, four?"

Henrik's grin widened. "I'm gonna bend you over my knee again if you keep going."

"Five, six... private elevator included? Which bookshelf hides the entrance to your Batcave?"

"That's it." As elegantly calculated as a panther, Henrik leapt across the sofa and pounced the hysterically giggling Ezra. Their tangled bodies slipped from the cushions and took a hard fall to the floor, Henrik letting himself absorb the brunt of impact. In the chaos, a leg bumped into the coffee table and spilled the game pouches all over the floor in a spray of blue and pink plastic chips. Ezra took advantage of their momentum by forcing them to roll over until he was straddling Henrik to the floor. The position they ended up in wasn't bad at all - slender, lean Ezra perched atop Henrik's strong, solid body.

"Gotcha," Ezra whispered.

Henrik started to get up but Ezra pinned the man's hands behind his head. A daring checkmate.

"I thought I was the bossy one today," the hockey captain growled.

"I decided to even the odds a little bit."

Henrik chuckled. "You know I could very easily get out from under you if I wanted."

Feeling dangerous, Ezra bent low until his lips almost touched Henrik's ear. He spoke slowly, lustfully. "But you don't want to get out, do you?"

Another growl escaped Henrik, half-frustrated and half-aroused. His erection shifted and strained beneath his pants, threatening to tear the wool fabric. Ezra sensed it against his jeans. He was close enough to smell Henrik's scent, a wonderful and dizzying combination of pine, body wash, and man.

"What about the game?" Henrik murmured.

"Oh, the game is still on. We're just playing on the floor now."

"With you sitting on me, huh?"

"I hope that wasn't a complaint."

"Believe me, it's not."

Ezra's hungry eyes roamed up the man's Herculean torso, along his arms, and toward the wrists that were still pinned above his head. Henrik was a top, no doubt about that, but he looked unbelievably sexy while being dominated.

"Truth or dare?" Ezra asked.


Ezra finally let go of Henrik's wrists and dug through a nearby pile of fallen game chips. He fished out a green piece. "Hmm. What are the chances of that?"

"Cheater," Henrik laughed. "You were looking for a green chip."

Ezra's wicked smile returned. "I dare you to take off your pants."

"Hey, you can't make that a dare!"

"Sure I can."

"If I refuse, I have to take off my pants anyway. I lose no matter what."

"That's called being a smart player, Viking. You're trapped."

"There's got to be some clause in the rules that forbids a dare like that."

"Fuck the rules!"

Henrik's pec muscles flexed involuntarily again. "I didn't become team captain by fucking the rules, Ezra."

"Okay, okay. I'll modify it a little. I dare you to let me take off your pants... without using my hands."

Henrik's dark, furry eyebrows shot up his forehead. "Fuck the rules."

"So that's a yes?"

"That's a hell yes."

Ezra let his sweater caress Henrik's bare skin while he slid down the athlete's body, stopping at the crotch of his wool pants. It was impossible to ignore the outline of Henrik's throbbing cock.

"You said no hands, remember."

Obliging his own requirement, Ezra placed both hands behind him like he was being arrested for a particularly provocative crime. Henrik lifted his head off the carpet, breathless as he soaked in the image of Ezra gingerly clamping his teeth around the zipper's button.

The fact that Ezra's face was so close to Henrik's crotch - the closest he'd been to another man's cock in quite a while - made his heart race with anticipation. After undoing the button, he used his tongue to move the slider of the zipper between his teeth.

"Fuck," was all Henrik could say. He squirmed as Ezra's mouth gently tugged the zipper all the way down, the gentle motion faint against his cock.

Ezra softly bit the open flap of the man's pants and yanked them down. Henrik lifted his waist to help ease them off, revealing black boxer briefs strained tight over the gargantuan tent of his cock. The deed done, Ezra sat back and gawked, mesmerized at the man's bare chest, boxer briefs and thighs. Delicious. And all for him.

Henrik propped himself up by his elbows. "I'm a little under dressed."

"Only a little, huh." Ezra tried to keep it light and cool but his restraint was ever so slowly chipping away. Henrik wasn't the only one in the room who was rock hard.

"What happens now?" Henrik asked, more suggestive than curious. "I'm one very important layer of cotton from a total loss."

"I'll go for one last turn. Leave you with some shred of dignity intact."

When Henrik laughed, Ezra was able to feel it reverberate through his thighs and up his chest.

"That's very sportsmanlike. A few of the rookies in the league could learn a thing from you."

Ezra readjusted the forgotten cap on his head. "I somehow doubt that Strip Truth or Dare is an essential part of hockey training, as much as I would pay to see that."

"So what'll it be for your last round? Truth or dare?"

Ezra hummed, thinking. "Truth, I guess."

Henrik didn't even bother to pretend looking for a new chip. He simply plucked the green one from Ezra's hand.

"That's not very sportsmanlike," Ezra objected.

Henrik lay back down and drew an arm back to support his head, revealing an armpit full of dark hair. Ezra wasn't normally a pit guy, but God, the man looked so fucking hot.

Henrik used his free hand to fiddle with the plastic chip. "What exactly do you want to happen when the game is over? That's my question. If I can tell you're not being honest, that hat is coming off. And then you'll be in real trouble."

Ezra wanted to chuckle but the question caught him off guard. "Do you mean immediately after our game? Or... after after?"

"You decide."

Damn. I think we both know what I really want right now.

Ezra tried to recall the number of times he had sex on what constituted a first date. The actual number was paltry; he'd left many guys with the impression that he was frigid. Truthfully, that wasn't the case at all - Ezra just liked to take his time. The problem was that not many men wanted to stick around.

Suffice it to say, the honest answer to Henrik's question was a little out of character for Ezra. He wanted Henrik the very moment the man stood up for him that morning in the cafe. That desire only intensified throughout the day. Ezra had never felt more safe with someone he only just met. And they were adults, damn it. Ezra was ready. Nervous, but ready.

"I want you to fuck me," Ezra finally said.

Henrik's smirk disappeared, replaced by a more primal desire. "Really?"

"You can't be that shocked. Remember how we got into my apartment?"

"I just thought you were being... welcoming."

"I'd like to be a little more welcoming, then." Ezra's finger painted an invisible swirl along the man's naked chest. "What do you say?"

Henrik rose into a full sit, his washboard stomach flexing with the effort. With a growl of need, he grabbed the back of Ezra's head and kissed him. Their mouths met deeply, hungrily. Henrik snatched off the younger man's hat and stood up, effortlessly carrying Ezra with him.

Ezra moaned and pressed his body harder against the man's. He loved Henrik's gratuitous displays of strength. Sensing this, Henrik clasped a single arm across Ezra's lower back and hefted him over his broad shoulders in a classic fireman's carry position.

"Hey!" Ezra was laughing so hard he could barely get the words out. "I'm scared of heights!"

"I got you, don't worry." Henrik readjusted Ezra slightly then walked out of the living room. "Where'd you say your bedroom was?


Henrik nudged open the bedroom door with his knee and entered. Like Ezra himself, the bedroom was both warm and creative, eclectic and familiar. Heavily used art supplies lay on disorganized piles on a work station. Framed charcoal sketches and watercolor paintings decorated the walls - if Henrik wasn't so preoccupied with getting the younger man naked, he'd have asked if Ezra created all the artwork himself.

He lowered Ezra to the double bed and helped him tug off his sweater. Just as Henrik suspected, beneath Ezra's clothes was a taut and defined body, slender and smooth save for a sprinkling of hair below his flat stomach. Unlike the brawny men he saw every day, Ezra had a runner's physique, a figure built for endurance.

"I need you naked and underneath me," Henrik grunted. Ezra didn't need to be told twice. He unbuttoned his jeans and kicked them off. Henrik got another eyeful of his adorably sexy red briefs before joining Ezra on the mattress. Their bodies met again, charged with the unspeakably erotic sensation of skin against skin. Ezra's arousal was so palpable he actually shivered in their hot embrace, which only made Henrik want to hold him tighter.

Fuck. He ached to be inside Ezra. While everything else about his life was so complicated, physically and mentally, being around the younger man had introduced Henrik to something entirely new and welcome. He could actually relax. Smile. Enjoy himself. It was almost magical the way Ezra made him forget about all the pressures that dogged him on a daily basis.

Henrik kissed him with everything he had, never wanting it to end. When Ezra pulled away, the world was spinning so fast that it took Henrik a moment to reorient himself.

"Henrik?" There were red marks around Ezra's mouth from the heavy friction with his beard.


Ezra reached over and softly bit and licked at his right earlobe. His voice dropped to a breathy pant. "I want to suck your cock."

Jesus. Lust ignited in Henrik's belly as if the words were gasoline. They kissed again, Henrik so amped with desire he was practically snarling. He hooked a thumb under the waist of his boxer briefs and tugged them down. The warm, mammoth girth of his erection slapped against Ezra's naked stomach.

"Holy shit," Ezra muttered under his breath. He kissed and licked down Henrik's hairy chest until he was up close against the man's cock. Ezra slid his tongue along the shaft, leaving a thick trail of saliva over the throbbing flesh. Overloaded with pleasure, Henrik closed his eyes and dropped his head to the mattress. With a firm grip on the shaft, Ezra dragged his tongue across the tip of the head, igniting sensations Henrik didn't know he was capable of feeling.

Ezra took the shaft between his lips and Henrik sighed deeply at the warm, wet feeling that enveloped his cock. Henrik slid into his mouth inch by inch, moaning and buckling under the pleasure of Ezra's curious tongue. He roped his fingers through the younger man's golden hair and guided him up and down his cock, each turn ending in a pleasantly messy smack of Ezra's mouth.

Their eyes caught each other. Henrik's rugged face was drowsy with ecstasy. "Don't stop," he groaned.

Ezra smiled. He was so goddamn beautiful it made Henrik's chest ache.

He didn't know how long it had been since they started, Henrik's concept of time had melted away with their clothes. He definitely didn't want to cum this early, yet it was hard to argue with his cock was being worshiped so enthusiastically. It almost hurt him to speak up but he knew that staying silent meant blowing his chance. In a manner of speaking.

"Hey, I've got an idea."

Ezra wiped the stray dribbles of saliva and pre-cum from his lips. "Do you want me to stop?"

"Fuck, no. But I don't wanna cum too soon."

"What do you want to do?"

"Turn around."

The formerly apprehensive look on Ezra's face became a knowing, devious grin. Henrik guided the young man's body until he was propped up on his hands and knees. With a fevered intake of breath, Henrik pulled down the red briefs. He was rewarded with the sight of Ezra's gorgeous butt, which was soft and grippable, and dimpled with the faded pink outline of his hand from their spanking session.

Henrik grabbed two handfuls of that ass and licked along the right left cheek. Ezra's whole body tensed for a moment then relaxed. Encouraged by the reaction, Henrik licked again, letting his tongue linger closer to the crack. After a third lick, Henrik popped a finger into his mouth and slowly inched the wet digit between the crevasse of Ezra's cheeks.

The younger man's mouth opened in a soundless moan. Henrik slid his finger deeper into the enclosed warmth. Ezra was pleasingly tight, almost to the point of resistance.

"Oh god," Ezra moaned into his bedspread. Henrik smiled, withdrew his finger carefully and went back to licking his cheeks. His lips danced closer and closer to Ezra's crack until Henrik's tongue found the edge of his saliva-wet hole. Ezra's body tightened again on reflex.

Undeterred, Henrik's bearded mouth pushed deeper between his cheeks.


The truth of the matter was that Ezra hadn't been fucked in a good long while. It had been about a year by his count and even then, it wasn't all that satisfying. After all that time being metaphorically benched, Henrik gently working his tongue closer and closer to his hole was a sensory revelation.

After a few more moments of teasing, Henrik's tongue dragged across Ezra's hole, sloppy and greedy and wet. Ezra couldn't even begin to describe what he was feeling. But it was fucking good.

Henrik's fingers wrapped around Ezra's hard member and stroked slowly, lovingly as his tongue continued to prod his hole. Ezra had never been eaten out by a man with a beard before and now he never wanted it to stop. It was gentle but overwhelming.

"Oh god, oh god, oh god," Ezra's voice seemed to get extremely low and extremely high all at once. Before he found himself on the edge of climax, he reached back to grab Henrik's shoulder. "Okay, okay. Wait. Just... wait a sec."

Henrik eased off. His face was moist as he grinned ear to ear. Ezra reached the drawer of his bedside table and pulled out a bottle of lube and a condom.

"You're ready?" Henrik asked.

Ezra nodded and repositioned himself on the mattress. Henrik slicked the lube over his aching member with a couple of long strokes, then prodded Ezra's hole with his lubed fingers. He bent over until his hairy chest grazed the top of Ezra's back. Every pulse in Henrik's body thrummed with desire, Ezra could feel it through his hot skin.

"I'm ready."

Ezra closed his eyes and tried to relax as Henrik pushed the tip of his cock inside him. After a moment, Henrik eased another inch in. Ezra's head dropped and his body trembled, ached as it accepted Henrik's girth. Another inch in and Ezra grasped at his blankets with white knuckles. A warm, slick pressure inside him expanded, like he was being stretched out from within. It wasn't an impossible fit, but Henrik was big.

Henrik took his shoulder and gently kneaded the muscle. "It's okay. You're okay," he whispered. His low, reassuring voice was helping. He slid another inch into Ezra and the resistance lessened. Ezra's back unclenched. "Yeah, that's good. That's good, just relax."

Henrik slid back then forward, back then forward, slow and easy. Ezra's face pinched slightly then calmed. He couldn't quite vocalize how he felt - it hurt, but it was a good kind of hurt.

"You're so tight," Henrik breathed.

"Keep going. A little harder."

Henrik fucked him with a little more force, watching his cock disappear into that smooth, slick ass. Ezra reached down and played with his stiff cock, which ached from the blossoming heat inside him. "Harder." His voice escaped as a strangled cry.

Henrik started to pick up speed. His torso glistened with sweat. "You want that?"

Ezra could barely speak as the man slammed into him. "Please."

"I got an idea." Carefully, Henrik withdrew from Ezra and turned him on his back. He rested Ezra's legs on the broadness of his shoulders and then teased the boy's thighs with a series of delicate, sensitive kisses.

Their eyes connected and for a moment, Ezra's entire world melted away. He couldn't deny the truth any longer. He wanted nothing more than to be with Henrik, to feel the fullness of his chest as their bodies embraced, to memorize every detail of that rugged face, to blush before those eyes that were so piercing yet so tender. It was the purest and truest feeling he'd ever known.

Once Ezra was ready, the hockey captain pushed up inside him again. It was easier this time and felt nicer - like a deep, deep massage. Henrik let one of his Ezra's legs fall to the side as they eagerly kissed again. Moaning, Ezra thrust his tongue into the man's mouth. They stayed this way, making out and fucking, Ezra's fingers nearly tearing at the sheets under him. Henrik's massive cock repeatedly hit his prostate and Ezra's throat filled with low, guttural cries of heated bliss. Henrik pumped into him again and again, each stroke more indulgent and gratifying than the last, as sweat trickled down his meaty pecs and washboard stomach.

Ezra ran his hands up Henrik's rippling arms and felt them clench and contract with effort.

"Harder?" Henrik asked.


"Tell me you want it."

"Fuck me harder. Please. God, please."

Henrik's fingers wrapped around Ezra's member and jerked him while ramming his hole. Ezra arched his lower back as the hockey captain's girth started to expand inside him.

"Getting close," Henrik grunted.

"Me too. Fuck, keep going."

Henrik hammered away at his ass until he couldn't take it anymore. He pulled out and rolled the condom off his cock, jerking it eagerly over the younger man's bare stomach.

"I'm gonna... I'm gonna c..."

With a deep, powerful grunt, Henrik shot wave after wave of sticky hot cum all over Ezra's stomach and chest. The sensation was so powerful and surrendering that Ezra came barely a moment later with a shuddering gasp. Neither man could see for a moment; both of them were blind with warm, sleepy euphoria.

Henrik's arms buckled and he fell as gently as he could onto Ezra's warm body. They wrapped their arms around each other, not caring that they were covered in a slick sheen of cum and sweat.

"Fucking hell." Ezra couldn't stop trembling. The adrenaline of pleasure roared inside his ears, his brain, his entire body. He rested his head against the hot crook of Henrik's neck and tried to catch his breath.

"You okay?" Henrik panted.

"I'm... I don't think there's any word in any language for how great I'm feeling."

Henrik hugged him closer. It was so odd - but entirely welcome - to feel completely engulfed by another man. The comforting vulnerability of it was something Ezra could get used to.

"How are you feeling?" Ezra asked. He noticed Henrik's dark brown hair was damp against his forehead.

"I've got a few untranslatable words in mind too," the man chuckled. "Maybe even a few in Swedish."

Ezra gingerly traced a circle on one of Henrik's pecs. "Do you speak Swedish fluently?"

"Oh, of course. My parents aren't great with English, so it's the only way we can talk."

"Can you say something to me? In Swedish, I mean? I know that's corny, but..."

Henrik softened. "Of course. What do you want to hear me say?"

"Anything. Anything you want."

Henrik thought very carefully. He looked so worldly all of a sudden, a man with great experience and a lot to share. His voice lowered into a gentle, sincere murmur. "Jag tror jag älskar dig."

"What does that mean?"

Henrik's grin turned sly. "You never said I had to translate."

"Hey!" Ezra jokingly poked his chest and rolled off to grab his iPhone from the floor. "I'm asking Siri what you just said."

"No way!" Henrik shot up and playfully wrestled Ezra back to the bed. The younger man fumbled with the iPhone as he tried to unlock it, laughing as Henrik's arms squeezed around him.

"Come on, I want to know!"

A bright flash interrupted their horseplay, momentarily blinding them. Ezra turned over the screen and tried blinking the fireworks from his vision. "Ah, shit. I accidentally took a picture."

"Let me see?"

"I look terrible." Ezra's face had been caught in an unflattering snarl while Henrik was captured in a handsome moment of repose. "You look like a cologne ad, naturally."

Henrik kissed him in an effort to distract him. It worked. Ezra forgot about his phone and leaned fully into the kiss, faintly tasting his own essence in Henrik's mouth.

They gave themselves a moment to savor the silence between them. Ezra's voice fell to a hush. "I'm a big fan of what you and I just did in here."

"I'd argue that I'm the biggest fan of what you and I just did. You're sure you're alright?"

"I am. Trust me." Ezra's eyes lowered briefly to his chest. "Though I think we're in danger of being eternally glued together if we stay like this."

Henrik laughed. "How about a shower? I think we've earned it."

"Yeah, let's do it."

Henrik eased off the bed, allowing Ezra a spectacular full view of his naked body. The athlete was a delicious tower of muscle, from his broad shoulders, to his meaty butt, to his bulky, hairy calves. Damn. I can only imagine what he looks like all wet and soapy.

Ezra grabbed his phone again before leaving the bed. "Siri," he said into the device. "What does Jag tror jag..."

"Hey!" With lightning fast reflexes, Henrik spun around and scooped Ezra back into a fireman's carry.

Ezra laughed hysterically, nearly dropping his phone before snatching it back from the clutches of gravity. He caught a brief glimpse of the display - he seemed to have opened an app, but he couldn't tell which one. His fingers blitzed across the screen as he tried in vain to get Siri open again, but Henrik had started toward the bathroom and the boom boom boom of his steps made the task impossible. He couldn't tell what was happening on the screen anymore. Defeated, Ezra flung the phone back onto the bed before the twosome disappeared into the bathroom.

Unbeknownst to either man, the iPhone's screen was still on when it landed on the mattress. Displayed on the clear 4.7 inch screen was the accidental photo of Ezra and Henrik in bed together. In the chaotic jumble of Henrik ushering Ezra to the bathroom, the picture had been accidentally attached to a tweet and uploaded onto Twitter.

But it wasn't on Ezra's personal account. It was PopViral Entertainment's account.

The sound of giggling and the rushing stream of shower water cut the silence. Meanwhile, a thunderous stream of unending notifications and text messages started to flood Ezra's phone...

End of Chapter 5
To Be Continued

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