My Last Day Without You
Chapter 6: Breaking News from TMZ Sports!

by Quinn D.K.

The following is an article excerpt from TMZ Sports:


4:33 pm, February 13

Talk about a two-man advantage!

Portland Knights team captain Henrik Ford, 30, was just caught in a saucy snap with a 'puck bunny' of the male variety, TMZ Sports has learned. This intimate, barechested pic (who wants to bet Henrik isn't wearing his jockstrap?) was tweeted half an hour ago from @PopViralEnt, the Entertainment handle of the notorious online social news juggernaut.

Our sources have learned that the mystery pretty boy in question is Ezra Grayson, 24. A PopViral representative confirmed that Ezra was employed with them as a pop culture journalist but was released from his job several hours before the image was posted. Ouch. Could this slapshot of an image be a scorned ex-employee's revenge?

Henrik is currently in Toronto, Canada where he led the Knights to a 3-2 victory against the Leafs just last night. The location definitely checks out, if you're still skeptical about the picture - PopViral and Ezra are both based in Toronto.

Henrik is the first and currently only NHL player to be openly gay, as he revealed during a notorious post-game press conference two years ago on Valentine's Day (which would make tomorrow the two year anniversary)! Beyond that, he's largely stayed out of the spotlight, turning down high-profile interviews and covers with Out Magazine and The Advocate. Henrik is notoriously prickly with the press and since coming out of the closet, he's refused to answer any questions about his personal life.

As of this writing, the scandalous picture has not been taken down by PopViral and has quickly amassed over 10,000 retweets and shares across social media.

We reached out to the Portland Knights and Henrik's camp for comment - so far, no word back.

End of Chapter 6

To Be Continued

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